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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the results are in -- and new hampshire has picked its winners. donald trump and bernie sanders running away with the wins in the nation's first presidential primary. abc's marci gonzalez reports. pkg script: natsot - donald trump / presidential candidate "oh wow!!" tonight - a "huge" victory- for donald trump? sot - donald trump / presidential candidate "we're not going to
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started it." and a long-anticipated win - sot - sen. bernie sanders / presidential candidate "thank you new hampshire!" for bernie sanders- sot - sen. bernie sanders / presidential candidate "together we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington." hillary clinton - who won here in 2008- still confident. sot - hillary clinton / presidential candidate "now we take this campaign to the entire country where we will fight for every vote in every state." john kasich now projected by abc to come in second on the republican side? natsot - gov. john kasich / presidential candidate "there's magic in the air
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reporting. while the g-o-p candidates now put their focus on south carolina, chris christie says he's going home to decide whether he'll stay in the race. ?so what do the results from new hampshire, mean for us here in nevada? the caucuses in nevada could be a game changer for the front runners. as kolo 8 news now's catherine van explains...the key groups that will make an impact in our caucuses are college students... latinos... and women. two households... nats: bern: thank you new hampshire nats: trump: we are going to make america great again. ....looking for a win that could set a precedent for the next primary in south carolina and caucuses in nevada. fred: nevada is incredibly important. it will likely preserve some campaigns, certainly damage or end some campaigns and may have one of the great surprises of the entire primary caucus season. sanders, clinton, trump and cruz have all
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looking at nevada... which will likely influence the rest of the nation. starting now, we can expect the presidential candidates to fight hard for silver state votes. fred lokken a political science professor at tmcc says the key issues for voters are immigration, the economy and race. issues the clinton campaign will need to focus on, to win. fred: this is a state where she should do better than bernie sanders. if she doesn't, in my opinion, a devastating blow to her campaign. lokken says trump will have a harder time earning votes in nevada. fred: he's not working with the ground game so far in the primary caucus season, so in caucus state he'll always be at reporting. keep an eye on both party campaigns over
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craft their messages to the nevada democratic caucus is february 20th the 23rd. bernie sanders will be in northern nevada this saturday. the vermont senator will speak at the "real solutions, for real people" summit. the event will be at the jot travis student doors open at 7-30 in the morning. advance registration is required. and, republican presidential candidate carly fiorina will also here in reno. she'll be here next wednesday, at the atlantis resort. doors open at 11 in the morning -- lunch is at 11- 30. just a reminder, if you want to participate in the democratic caucuses, you can register at the door on the day of the event. for republican caucuses, you need to pre-register. the deadline is this saturday. it's recommended, you go to the washoe county registrar of voters by friday. the office is open until 5 o'clock in the evening. a hand-gun was confiscated at spanish springs high school yesterday.
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spokeswoman, says there were no shots fired-- and there was no act of violence. tammy hart, the principal of spanish springs high school, released this statement... "i want to let you know about an incident on campus. there was a report of a handgun at school that was confiscated by school police." "as school police continue to investigate this case, i want to stress that we encourage all students, staff and families to be alert of what is happening around them." "please call the school secret witness number at 329-6666 to anonymously report any suspicious activity." sad news to report this lake. the body of a missing yesterday. according to the pyramid lake police department, 26-year-old michael anthony beaton of las vegas was reported missing on monday. beaton was an active duty member of the u-s air force. police say he was wearing a life jacket. if you want to help parks in reno, all you have to do is get a new
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"wingfield park, idlewild, terra sports complex, the soccer fields at moana, the money would go to support that, also city programs like sierra kids, senior programs etc, all supported by this plate" the reno city council approved this plate design last year. david bobzien from the reno city council says the city has to have at least 1-thousand registrations in 2016, which is the minimum number required for a specialty plate. if they reach the minimum number of registrations, reno would earn 25-thousand dollars in the first year-- for parks and recreation. the nevada department of motor vehicles is putting more money into a virtual line system-- blamed for long wait times last summer. the state board of examiners voted to expand a 5-year contract with vendor "q-less"--- by about 300- thousand dollars. 'q-less' offers services such as dash-pass, which allows customers to check into a virtual d- m-v line and walk to the window, when a technician is ready.
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sandoval announced the new state superintendent of public instruction. and the job goes to steve canavero who was serving as the interim state superintendent. canavero took over as chief of the department over the summer after the then superintendent dale erk-ee-ah-ga erquiaga took a job in the governor's office. a new medical marijuana dispensary is coming to washoe county. kahn-na kanna is scheduled to open this fridayon sun valley boulevard and fourth street. the dispensary gave kolo 8 news now a tour, before the product actually arrived. kahn-na kanna is the third dispensary in washoe county to date. it took the owners about two years to satisfy the nevada licensing requirements. the dispensary's manager says--- community response is encouraging. "actually the phone rings off the hook there people in the parking lot. every time i am in the parking lot going back and fourth moving stuff in. during the construction phases the neighbors have been very friendly 'when are you opening?' seem to be really excited." they'll offer delivery service, and accommodate walk-ins.
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feature traditional marijuana, but will also try to capitalize on the growing edibles market. kahn-ah kanna will receive medicine from a sparks grower called 'silver state trading' until its
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sporting goods store, 'sports authority' could be filing for bankruptcy in a matter of days. the company missed a 20-million dollar debt payment a month ago. experts are expecting the company to default on all of its loans. if it does, it could close half of its 450 stores-- across the nation. and struggling retail giant, 'sears' will be closing 50 stores sooner than planned. the retailer says it plans to accelerate the closing, of what it calls its most "unprofitable" stores. the retailer originally planned to shut the stores over the next few months. but poor holiday sales have sears speeding up its timeline. no nevada stores are part of the planned closures.
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pressure continues with light winds and above average temperatures through the rest of the work week. valley inversions will become less established each day with improved mixing by the end of the week. slight chance for precipitation across northern lassen and washoe counties by the weekend. &&.short term...
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from a trough moving into the pacific northwest will continue to stream across the sierra and western nevada today. persistent ridge of high pressure is blocking the precipitation associated with the trough and keeping it north in oregon/washington. ridge will continue to dominate the weather in the west keeping a
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inversions will continue to form overnight, but there are new guidelines for the treatment of major depressive disorder. and they may surprise you. doctor timothy johnson has more. antidepressants? are among the most commonly prescribed medications in this country? past statistics suggest that more than one in ten americans take them. but now? a new treatment guideline from the american college of physicians, one of the nation's top doctors' groups? suggests that a specialized form of talk therapy -- called cognitive behavioral therapy -- may be just as good against a type of depression known as
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disorder. depression is a common disease. the national institute of mental health estimates that nearly seven percent of the adult population has experienced a major depressive episode in the last year? making this potentially delibitating disease one of the most common illnesses treated by physicians. the new guidelines? are the result of an extensive review of research conducted
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take: 1shot the wolf pack is back at home tonight... going for the season sweep of air force but they're going to be
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lucas stivrins... he broke his right shooting hand during practice last week... he missed the loss against colorado state, and won't play for at least the next two games against air force and fresno state... and will likely be out next week as well... his hand is in a cast, but they hope to have him back at some point this
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musselman: "i don't think he's looking at it like it's over. i think he's looking at it like in a week or ten days they'll cut it off and look at it and see exactly where it is. i mean we haven't talked to him like his season is over; we don't feel that way right now." stivrins is averaging nearly 4 points and 2 rebounds per game, playing just about 7 minutes off the bench..
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have reversed course, and decided to not fire head coach george karl... the kings are 21-and-31 overall, five games out of the final playoff spot... karl still has two years left on his original four-year deal the wolf pack baseball
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-over: my new mom and i have a lot in common. ahh...the great outside... son, voice-over: we both love the outdoors.
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that's not a flower. son, voice-over: we both love geology. oh, look! an igneous one! that's not a rock. son, voice-over: and she knows a lot about wildlife. a labradoodle! [baying] that's not a dog. son, voice-over: hanging out has been kinda fun. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of kids in foster care will take you just as you are. persistent ridge of high pressure continues with light winds and above average temperatures through the rest of the work
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less established each day with improved mixing by the end of the week. slight chance for precipitation walgreens stores in nevada will soon have new kiosks where you can safely get rid of your medications. this is part of a national effort to curb the misuse of prescription drugs, and the rise in overdose deaths. nevada is one of the states, where these kiosks will be installed. installation should be finished--- sometime this year. music publisher 'warner-chappell music' is settling a copyright lawsuit for 14-million dollars that challenged their claim to "happy birthday." a ruling in september stated the company did not own the lyrics to the song and had no right to charge for their use. the lawsuit called on
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the money they collected for use of the song and reimburse licsensing fees. the deal still needs court approval. if you need a gift idea for this valentine's day stick around... kolo 8 news nows rebecca kitchen will be
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"thank you new hampshire." bernie sanders and donald trump cruising to early victories in the new hampshire primary. south carolina. a high speed chase forces three local into lockdown. the suspect still on the loose this morning. and new developments in two violent crimes against cab drivers in reno and sparks. how police say they're
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