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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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morning, southern battleground. the race for the white house makes a turn through south carolina. the republican field narrowing as hillary clinton hopes to gain ground. breaking overnight, the armed standoff in oregon. it's nearly over. the fbi moves in and makes more arrests. the militia protesters appearing to give up. also breaking overnight, enraged cruise passengers finally back on land. what they have to say about their frightening ordeal. and wieners on the go. the hot dog coming soon to your local drive-through, but will one of the world's most popular burger chains truly relish this marriage of meats. well, good thursday morning. we begin with the next battleground in the race for the white house as republicans shift to the south. >> yeah, donald trump is still celebrating his big new
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was even possible, he sounded more confident than ever last night as he was cheered on by thousands of supporters at clemson university in south carolina. he's facing a smaller republican field this morning with chris christie and carly fiorina dropping out of the race. and that means six candidates are still in the running. second place winner, john kasich has a new burst of energy, and the others appear to be digging in for the long haul gearing up to fight trump till the bitter end. >> and as for the democrats, bernie sanders is looking to build a momentum that he picked up in new hampshire reaching out to minority voters, and hillary clinton's campaign is on the attack going after sanders' record on a string of issues. so that said, with just nine days to go before the next votes are cast in south carolina and nevada, the pressure really is on. >> and the republican front-runner still enjoying his victory lap. it's "your voice, your vote." abc's lana zak has the latest. >> we may have to stage a phony protest. that's the only way they show the size of these crowds.
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>> reporter: donald trump with even more spring in his step following his major win in new hampshire forcing two more candidates, chris christie and carly fiorina, out of the race. and now trump says he's ready to take on democratic challenger hillary clinton. >> we're going to beat her, and honestly women don't like her. >> reporter: in new hampshire clinton lost female voters 44% to 50% and lost young people 16% to 83% but nationally clinton still has the advantage over bernie sanders, who tells abc's cecilia vega he has work to do. >> if the election were tomorrow, do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no. fortunately for us the election is not tomorrow. >> reporter: and another candidate grateful for some extra campaign time jeb bush, who confirms his brother will join him on the trail hitting trump hard yesterday after his fourth place finish in new
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>> he is an entertaining person unless you are a woman, unless you're hispanic, unless you're a p.o.w., unless you're a disabled person. >> reporter: but second place winner john kasich says he's unlikely to go on the attack. >> so i'm not going to be a pin cushion or a marshmallow, but i'm also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. >> reporter: republicans will head to the polls in south carolina in nine days, but for democrats, it's a little bit more than two weeks before they'll head to the polls, however, the next face-off really is going to happen tonight at the democratic debate. reena, kendis. >> abc's lana zak live in washington. lana, thank you so much. well, another big day is on tap for ohio governor john kasich after his surprise second place finish in new hampshire. kasich expected to sign a bill to defund planned parenthood. the legislation targets money that goes to the organization through ohio's health department. the move may help kasich with conservatives leading some to question the timing of the bill. now, to a developing story that we've been watching overnight from oregon where the five-week standoff at a wildlife refuge appears to be almost
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the four remaining militia members still holed up in the office have agreed to turn themselves in this morning. the development came after federal agents surrounded the refuge and set up negotiations. among their demands, the four men want to meet with reverend franklin graham when they walk out from that refuge. and another development, a major one here, cliven bundy whose sons led the takeover, has been arrested stepping off a plane in portland and faces federal charges related to 2014 standoff at his ranch in nevada. bundy had come to oregon with plans to go to the wildlife refuge. instead he's joined his sons in the county jail. well, flags are flying at half-staff today in maryland to honoro two sheriff's deputies who were gunned down in what's being called a targeted shooting. one deputy was killed at a
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9 the second die d outside a senior citizen center. the suspect was then killed, and they were killed because they the justice department is suing ferguson, missouri, the move came a day after the city overhaul its police department. ferguson came under scrutiny when the fatal police shooting of michael brown sparked widespread unrest. the city is accused of a pattern of misconduct that includes routinely violating the rights of residents. attorney general loretta lynch accused ferguson of racial bias calling the practices egregious. in the meantime, in cleveland, the city there has sent a bill to the family of tamir rice. he's the 12-year-old shot dead by a police officer. the city wants the family to pay for the boy's ambulance ride and medical services that he received. neither the officer or his partner offered first aid to the dying boy. an attorney for the family said and i'm quoting here, this adds insult to homicide. the rice family considers this a form of harassment. some extreme weather on both ends of the country will start in the beach area in southern
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will continue today with many people coming down for a dip. extra lifeguards are being called in for a rare midwinter work shift. somehow we don't think that anyone is complaining too much about this one or the heat in general. and just the opposite extreme in the midwest. more snow expected this morning in the cleveland area, which would make for another enjoyable morning commute. the lake-effect snow across that region expected to continue for several days. look at that. and the tough winter weather doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon. >> so for a look at the forecast we turn to accuweather's meteorologist justin povick. good morning, justin. >> reena and kendis, thanks, and good morning to you, as well. it's a cold start to the day and, well, it's going to be a good finish, as well. we add the wind to the chill and a couple of snowflakes and snow showers. we're not really concerned about accumulation unless you're very close to the great lakes. this is very concerning, though, later on saturday night, record low temperatures in jeopardy and some of these go way back into
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close to zero. reena, kendis, back to you. >> wow, 2 degrees in new york city. >> it's always appropriate to wear sleeveless on days when parts of the country are below 10 degrees. >> you're in the california mind-set. >> i am, you're right. coming up, hot dogs coming to a drive-through near you. and the passengers of that cruise ship that gave them the scare of their life returned home. what they had to say about their captain. and did you see this, an image of an american servicemen in distress aired on iranian television. the u.s. calling this propaganda. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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signal once their small boat began taking on water. the chopper safely took them to dry land. the u.s. is condemning iran after it released video of a detained american sailor who appeared to be crying broadcast on iranian tv. the sailor was among the group of ten briefly held last month after straying into iranian waters. the state department expressed disgust at the use of those images for propaganda purposes. some more automakers are recalling vehicles with those defective air bags. volkswagen, audi and bmw now recalling 1.7 million vehicles. they all have the takata air bags that can rupture and send shrapnel at people in the vehicles. we've put all the models on our website. so far, by the way, 24 million vehicles in the u.s. have been recalled due to these air bags linked to 11 deaths worldwide. well, it's tax season, and the irs once again grappling with identity theft. the agency says that hackers tried to claim tax refunds for
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security numbers. authorities say a virus was found in the e-file system. the irs is notifying taxpayers by mail if their personal information was used. and hot dogs will be served at burger king. the chain says its national rollout of 100% beef flame grilled dogs will be the 23rd of this month. the new item easily makes burger king the biggest restaurant seller of hot dogs in the country. a classic dog will cost you $1.99. a chili cheese dog $2.29. the heartburn will cost you however much pepto-bismol is. >> yeah. when we come back, the hollywood a-lister portraying donald trump. and kobe, there you go, kobe and lebron hugging it out as
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okay, so it was not a quiet arrival as many passengers who endured a storm-battered cruise finally got back to dry land. royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" pulled into port in new jersey last night. the 6,000 people on board suffered through a strong storm which the captain claimed was more powerful than he expected. passengers said they feared for their lives. one of them even calling for drastic action. >> that guy should be thrown in jail right now. >> royal caribbean is backing the captain's actions and says it has already made changes to its storm avoidance systems. federal transportation officials are considering an investigation into that cruise. overnight, the u.s. olympic committee revealed that it will hire two infectious disease specialists to advise potential olympians worried about the zika outbreak in brazil, this after high-profile athletes like hope
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top doctor tells lawmakers on capitol hill it could be the summer of 2017 at the earliest before a vaccine is developed. a new study finds that rates of dementia among white americans going down. researchers say the change is most likely due to decreasing rates of heart disease. the most common form of dementia is caused by damage to the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the brain. the study also found a link between higher education and lower risk of dementia. well, an 18-year-old florida student has been arrested after police say he carry a loaded gun on a school bus. students on the bus noticed the gun and texted a relative who then called 911. deputies stopped the bus and found a pistol, a magazine loaded with 12 rounds and a black ski mask. they later said that the gun had been stolen. okay, so police here in new york have a little bit of a mystery on their hands. they're looking for a man who showed a gun during a live broadcast on tv. you can see the smiling man in the background here appearing to wave a silver gun before running
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the incident very seriously. an indiana man is behind bars for allegedly passing out during an attempted robbery. that's according to police. jerome johnson says he doesn't remember anything. police say that johnson forced his way into the house and once inside he fainted. johnson says that he woke up with police surrounding the house. he's now charged with burglary. >> i'm sure he'll remember his time in prison. all right, so many of the world's best golfers are in california. today's the start of the famous pebble beach pro-am tournament. sunny skies expected throughout the event. and as for last night's nba action, some stars you'll recognize were in the action. details now from espn. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. he's neil everett. kobe/lebron james? >> warriors. come out and play. what, 48-4, and unless you --
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showing a bunch of suns making baskets, you can guess the warriors did, steph curry had 26, 9 rebounds, 9 assists, his splash brother klay thompson, 24 points and 5 steals. the warriors are 48-4 at the all-star break. kobe bryant, final time on the court in cleveland, he's retiring after this season. tyronn lue's former teammate with the lakers. together, of course, lebron james there. kevin love left in the second didn't play in the second half, has a stinger. expect him to be okay. lebron was more than okay. farewell from the folks in cleveland. cavaliers won the game, 120-111. those two will face off one more time in los angeles next month.
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>> yeah, the final game between lebron james and kobe bryant. >> you got tickets? >> no. >> ground pass. >> i can probably make that happen for you. >> press pass. >> we'll talk about that after we toss it back. back to you. >> thank you, guys. coming up next in "the pulse," swimsuit revolution. the iconic "sports illustrated" issue now getting a makeover. the older and curvier women making a very bold statement this morning. and meet iron boy, the special young hero called upon by ironman himself to help save a city and live out his in bridal and fashion, i have drawn my inspiration from around the globe. jared's commitment to quality and craftsmanship has helped bring my designs to life. each hand set ring in... the vera wang love collection is my modern interpretation of timeless classics. like all the most beautiful cities around the world...
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depp, donald trump. >> comedians at funny or die released a shock mockumentary based on trump's book "the art of the deal." we see a 1980s version talking about new york city of the '80s. >> new york should be a place where everyone no matter their race, religion, creed, color can be priced out of the wrong neighborhood. >> that's no way -- it doesn't even look like johnny depp. remarkable. >> transformative. >> you know, they were able to actually keep this project secret for months until trump won the primary in new hampshire then they made their big announcement. >> they had a lot of star, henry risk ler in it. i think even alf, christopher lloyd, alf was in it, huge '0s stars. "sports illustrated's" annual swimsuit issue hitting the newsstands next week and has lots of pluses this year. >> well, swimsuits for all which
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swimwear has an ad that features ashley graham who also appeared last year but she's also joined by fillphilomena and finola and named graham rookie of the year. >> good job. >> beautiful women. next up a little fella calling the iron boy and another great event put on by the make-a-wish foundation. >> a couple years ago back when the charity helped a boy become batman for a day in san francisco. well, the group's australian arm has done something similar. >> so it started with a tweet from robert downey jr. and said he sent a very special boy an a top secret mission today go get hemnani dominic domenic suffers from cystic fibrosis. >> and he was iron boy today saving a reporter who had been taken hostage before winning a final showdo you on the steps of sydney's famous opera house for
4:24 am
c was awarded a medal by the police chief. great going by him and everybody involved in that. involving you robert downey. very nice. so like father like son on the red carpet in new york city. >> well, take a look at ben stiller's son skillfully strikes his dad's famous blue steel pose at the premiere of "zoolander 2." that gorgeous kid is 10-year-old quinlan. he's showing up as strong entertainment genes mimicking the character and there's mom too also playing along. >> stiller says his kids don't find him cool but quinlin, i think clearly is very proud of his dad's character in "zoolander" series. >> he's got it. look at that. puckered lip. you got to tilt your head to the side. >> is that what it is? >> and squint your eyes. >> more news next. from the lindt master chocolatiers. a hard outer shell with a smooth center. welcome to the best time of your day.
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the democrats are battling over minority voters. the five-week standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge appears to be at its end, the remaining militia members agreed to leave the office this morning providing certain conditions are met. thousands of passengers who endured a storm battled cruise are back on dry land. royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" must be cleaned up before its next departure saturday. cold across the east with snow in new england and lake-effect snow around the great lakes. warm for most of the west. some rain in the northwest, as well. well, the federal government has just moved to redefine what it means to be a driver by green lighting google's self-driving cars. >> okay, so this morning we're meeting passenger one, a blind man who's the first person to give the car a test ride.
4:28 am
>> reporter: for steve lives two miles from the nearest bus stop and relies on the vta's paratransit. >> i have to make arrangements the day before. >> a required he took three years ago is so magical. for the first time since he became blind he sat in the driver's seat and that's about all he did. >> the vehicle was the driver. the car was the driver. >> reporter: but california rules say autonomous cars still need a licensed driver. steve can't get a driver's license. >> if it is required to have a licensed human driver in the car it means i could not go anyplace in that vehicle without someone accompanying me. >> reporter: it would throw on the brakes for google's next project. >> isn't that cute? >> reporter: cars without regular controls. >> no steering wheel. >> reporter: but now in a letter to google federal regulators made a key clarification where the law refers to a driver, that driver doesn't have to be human. >> is this a green light for autonomous vehicles? >> i think it's the absence of a
4:29 am
>> reporter: paul safos says it doesn't clear up other requirements. robotic cars still have to have mirrors. >> it was unnecessary for me. the side mirrors were unnecessary for me. >> reporter: if california follows the federal government's lead it means people like steve could have more independence. >> i love this. >> he doesn't miss the pedals or staring wheel one bit. >> it's like riding with a fabulous driver. >> anybody who spends five minutes in frfk will realize the danger of the humans personally i can't wait for the robots to start driving. >> reporter: in san jose, jonathan bloom, abc news. >> you know, i'm a florida girl, i hate driving in snow. this could be life changing. >> you would like something like that. >> what a deal. >> that's what's making news in


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