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tv   Daves News Magazine  ABC  February 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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it just happens. when you get your driver's license, you just get a car. bao vang: wow! pam: it just happens. it's fabulous. bao: that sounds nice. pam: doesn't it? tiffany haywood: the car fairy just comes and drops it off. pam: so i'm trying to explain to them and teach them that, no, it doesn't -- it's just not the way it works. rachel garceau: it's the entitlement factor. and that entitlement is so prevalent and it's hard. it's this keeping up with the joneses thing but we see it in our children, which i think, you know, when a lot of us were kids, i don't know that there was that much to keep up with. you know, there wasn't the technology and the phones and the cars and all that stuff. so i feel like i'm still working on this with my kids that are eight and eleven. i'm good at saying "no" but sometimes i have to think about why i'm saying "no" as well. probably need to say "yes" sometimes as well, but it is a struggle. it's a struggle to know -- yeah. jen lennon: but i don't want to keep up with sometimes. because i don't like some of the trends that i'm seeing. pam: yeah. jen: whether it's the class selections that i feel like my kids are supposed to take because everybody else is or whether it's the next new gadget. sometimes i think it's okay to want to walk your own path,
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and i've literally said -- i sound like a grumpy old lady but i've literally said the phase in my house, "well, if you want to do what so and so's parents do, go live with them." you know? tiffany haywood: i think i'm the "them." i'm the other person's parents because we have gotten to the point where we say "yes" to everything. our whole foundation was i started working when i was 13. my mother literally the day after my birthday took me to get my working papers. >> oh, wow. tiffany: 13 years old. and she had the job lined up already. >> wow! bao: she knew the guy at the store who could give me a job. so like i worked forever, my husband was the same way so when we had kids, we were like, we don't want them to work. we want them to enjoy being a kid. >> sure. tiffany: yeah. but now it's backfiring just a little bit. bao: i grew up with... tiffany: because i kind of want them to work. rachel: reign it in a little bit. tiffany: there's money behind everything you have. jen: just not enough to get everything. tiffany: exactly. they don't understand that there's a work behind it. jen: and a value to it. tiffany: exactly. so they tend to break things a little more quickly
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bao: i grew up hearing a lot of "no" in my family because there's so many of us and it was just my mom, single family, single parent raising us kids so i feel like i have to say "yes." like, you know, just to give back a little bit more and provide them a little bit more than what my childhood was but i'm already realizing with my daughter who's already 17 months, that i give her a lot of things. she's on the road to being a spoiled kid. jen: and you're starting that now. you really are starting it. pam: the problem is you get sucked in before you know it. when your kids are our kids' age, you're gonna be like, "oh, no!" bao: they're gonna have the mercedes at 16. tiffany: i have them on both ends of the spectrum so i'm trying to save the teens and avoid it with the younger ones. jen: right, and the younger ones are cute. ( laughter ) rachel: yeah, that's true. tiffany: and they have the eyes.
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alex miller: they're questions you know the answer to. andrew walker: when were you born? what is your age? alex: but for cindy walker, they're becoming harder and harder to answer. she was diagnosed with alzheimer's seven years ago after her husband andrew noticed something was wrong during a family game of sorry. andrew: she got to the point that she didn't know where to put the little pegs. alex: cindy is not alone. alzheimer's affects nearly five million people right now and it's only expected to grow. dr. scott turner: it's projected to increase to 20 or 30 million. alex: accepting the diagnosis wasn't an option. not only has he enrolled his wife in medical studies, but he's also created therapy of his own. andrew: she just got the bonus one. alex: cindy plays wii fit to work on her balance, practices counting money, and even writing her name. andrew: if you do nothing, the outcome is obvious. alex: and even though the disease is costing americans
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are not prepared for the silver tsunami that is alzheimer's. dr. turner: it falls on the family to provide a caregiver and only when you become poverty stricken do you qualify for medicaid for a nursing home placement. alex: andrew has received virtually no financial help for cindy. but has recently taken on a paid caregiver to ease the stress. andrew: if you try to do it by yourself, it would be a 36-hour day. alex: that's the reality for many. in 2014, the alzheimer's association says families provided nearly 18 billion hours of unpaid care. for now, andrew says his goal is to keep cindy comfortable and not to worry about the extra help he may need down the line. andrew: i'm thankful for today. >> reporting in washington, i'm alex miller. pam: for caregivers of alzheimer's patients, there is a huge sense of relief when they find something that will lift their loved one's spirits. but if it could also help their memory issues,
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>> so it's good to see everybody here today. i hope you've had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful week. gina green-harris: one of the things that we know is that when we bring programs into communities of color, it's very important that the community actually lead the program, if you will. >> we're gonna do a vocal warm up. >> we wanted to bring them into an experience where they could actually enjoy the process and learn from the process and help us understand if this is actually the way to go. we are one we are one leader: we are one in the spirit. arlene skwierawski: the first session we had was interesting. a woman, she stood up and said, "it's about time somebody's doing something for us." that says a lot. hallelujah gina: as the folks sing, we see them light up.
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from the caregivers saying, "my mom is singing at home." "my dad is doing new words." stephanie houston: i see self-confidence in many of them from when we first started. what i'm hearing from the caregivers with their loved ones, they see how they're more verbal, they see them singing the songs at home. other caregivers feel the support. i see rhulene: when the thought of the choir was first presented to us, i really kind of hesitated but certainly i am super glad that we were willing to step out and try it and then it's become way more than i would have thought. i think it's helping her with her memory and that of course makes us feel good. lonnie: it brings back to memory things that occurred in my life a long time ago, and i have a lot of fun with it, with my children.
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willie: it lifts the spirit, and i'm so glad that it helps my wife a lot. she can be pretty down when we leave the house but when we get here and start singing and especially if i lead a song, she joins in and helps me without being asked, you know. so it's very helpful. james: i feel free when i sing. i feel happy. ella: singing and then listening to others sing in the group is uplifting. we can't wait to get here for practice and when we leave, we are feeling good. it keeps us going all during the week. ( singing ) sue: after you've been here for a while, you actually feel the therapy
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it helps you with your mind, body, and soul. it really do. kevin williams: it's a family thing. you know, and they look forward to coming now. it's rain, sleet, or snow. some of them come aching, but when they come here, seems like the aches and the pains all go away. ( clapping ) coming up on moms everyday -- rebecca: a frozen party that won't break the bank. and enjoy valentine's day at home. next. meet our panelists... pam tauscher... writer, producer, and mothererf two. bao vang... journalist and mother of two. rachel garceau... moms everyday host in boise
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tiffany haywood... blogger at the mrs tee and mother of six. jen lennon... moms everyday host in colorado springs
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look at me! hey. raymond, look at mommy. dad: maybe the light hurts his eyes. mom: maybe she's just not hungry. maybe he can't hear us. look. maybe we're not stimulating him enough. maybe it's a phase. announcer: avoiding eye contact is one early sign of autism. learn the others today.
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>> hudson, do you love swinging? what happens when we stop? ( crying )
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you love to swing? how about when we stop? ( crying ) okay. i guess we're not gonna be able to go home. you want to go over by your sister and go play? ( crying ) i'll take that as a no. rebecca: all right. today we are pin testing a frozen party. not only a frozen party but some ways to do it on the cheap. save some money. doesn't look cheap, just is cheap. mancey: exactly, that's the goal. rebecca: all right, mancey hartson is here. she's the mother of three. also you own a business where crafting and all this kind of stuff is part of your business, you're the expert.
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for your daughter? mancey: i decided on a theme early. rebecca: so why is that important? mancey: it allows you time to when you're just in the store grabbing dog food really quick, you see something on the shelf that's on clearance, you can snatch that up, put it in the bag. rebecca: part of our party. mancey: yes, put it in a bag, put it in the back of your closet. rebecca: her party was in the end of the summer, but she did a bunch of buying right after christmas because that stuff was on clearance. mancey: i did. rebecca: so the other thing is you're picking a venue early too. how do we save on a venue? yeah, to save on a venue if you're not able to have it in your home or a family's home, community centers and churches a lot of time will offer you their space even if you're not members. another really good option is a park. rebecca: a park's little shelter house, always a great idea. mancey: yes, yes. rebecca: then before you went out to the store, you went out to house, right? mancey: i did, i went shopping in my house. specifically in my children's toy boxes. rebecca: okay. mancey: whatever they love, you know that they have like 1200 items. rebecca: okay, okay. mancey: find what you can use already in your home. you can use it just as a display. it makes things festive.
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you went to the dollar stores. mancey: i did. i went to all the dollar stores. i'm actually already in there. so i kind of peruse. rebecca: all right, so let's talk about some of the dollar store items, you wound up with plates. mancey: yes. rebecca: not just one color but multicolor. you don't have to have just blue for frozen. it really looks fantastic. you found these little doily situations. mancey: yes, yes. and i got those on clearance actually after winter last year, those snowflakes. rebecca: and you ordered the party favors from a dollar type store-- dollar tree, dollar general. whatever it is, really take a look there before you go to the main... mancey: it's great to look online because your store may not have those items but it doesn't mean that the corporate store doesn't offer it. they'll also usually ship to their store for free. which saves you money. rebecca: so you won't even have to pay, a really good tip. all right, another big tip that you did is you re-purposed these -- they're candlesticks so you used chalk paint or spray paint. you took them from blah to these gorgeous little pedestals in the color that worked for you. mancey: yes.
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and now here's a really-- another great tip. a big cake's a lot of money. mancey: it's a ton of money. it takes a lot of time to make it. rebecca: and a little cake is not a lot of money. so you did like the -- your daughter kinsley's big cake is this gorgeous little thing. you got it all decorated. mancey: has her name on it and you can get the pictures that moms love. rebecca: and then kinsley's friends all got... mancey: cupcakes, which we changed up and around and we popped these little suckers in there. there's rock candy suckers and swirly suckers and these are also things that i just found. i went with a color scheme instead of making everything say "frozen." rebecca: what did you do with these guys to decorate? mancey: well, i just had my daughter figure out what her favorite characters were and honest to goodness, i just shoved them in the cake. rebecca: well, and if you watch the movie, i mean, she's gonna marry this guy or this guy so there's that. oh my gosh. so that's all you did for your little daughter's cake, right? mancey: i did.
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rebecca: okay. mancey: i had several of these, i glued them onto any old wire you can find and, look, you can put it right in there rebecca: and all of a sudden you have a much more fancy decorated cake for the kids. mancey: yes. rebecca: so if you've seen it on pinterest and you want to save some money, here are a few tips. we also have all those tips on for moms everyday, i'm rebecca regnier. josh elledge: how about a perfect home-centered valentine's day this year? now i have some ideas that will work well, whether it's just you and your significant loved one, the whole family, or even a great group of friends. i call the first one "everyone's favorite dinner." this is where you allow each person to pick what they'd really love to have for dinner. then revel in the interesting clash of flavors when you basically create your own buffet. the next one... movie marathon. when was the last time you laid around
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take turns picking the features, make or buy really good popcorn, and have plenty of favorite theater candy. next option... camp out. move furniture out of the way and pop up a tent or make a good old fashioned blanket fort. ban electronics and play board games or card games and read stories. have typical camping food like hot dogs and smores. even if you just use the microwave. and of course, don't forget the flashlights for shadow puppets. next is the home project. now, this may not seem very romantic but sometimes the best gift you can give is to finish a lingering home project. get up early and tackle one and then order takeout, curl up on the couch, and bask in the glow of finally getting that project completed. i know my wife would like that one. and finally, what i'm calling "a world away," choose a location you'd love to visit and then simulate being there.
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fruits and croissants and then tour paris via video. later, create the vibe of a french cafe with dim lighting, candles, music, and french food. no matter what you do, the important thing is to take the time and make the effort to show your love this valentine's day. for, i'm josh elledge. looking for a quick, healthy dinner idea that the kids will enjoy too? eat at moms everyday. we have great ideas for picky eaters, feature a recipe of the day, and for moms on a budget, yummy meals you can make for less than $10. you'll find party inspiration and how to pack a delicious school lunch. the app is free, just search for moms everyday
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rachel: so when it comes to holidays, there are a lot of holidays that i love but the one i don't love is the one that has to do with love. ( laughter ) bao: that's great! rachel: valentine's day is just not my favorite. jen: that's sad. rachel: i know. pam: you don't love love? rachel: i don't love love. bao: you don't need a day to declare your love to someone. rachel: that's kind of how i feel. that's kind of how i feel about it. jen: so why? why don't you love the love day? rachel: because it sounds really cliche, right, but i feel like you don't need that day to buy your spouse flowers or to go out to dinner. >> i completely agree. tiffany: it should be spontaneous. >> absolutely. pam: i don't like anything about it. i don't -- i just don't. i don't like making the little valentines,
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i don't like pasting on the little things and putting the sucker through the thing. tiffany: see, i'm the opposite. i love making the valentine. pam: god bless you, dear. jen: you're that mom! yes, at my kid's school, i'm that mom. and i'm actually a "d.i.-don't" on a normal basis. but on valentine's day, don't come near me because it's not gonna come out how it's supposed to, but valentine's day -- jen: so why valentines? tiffany: i don't know, maybe it's the candy. i just really like it. i like making them look special and adding something that wasn't there before but the let down is when i send my kid with these handmade little things and they come back with a lollipop. pam: those are mine. jen: that's me. jen: we're the pencil. tiffany: yes, yes, or a pencil. i'm like, you just took all the fun out of it for me. pam: we're sorry. bao: i don't remember the last time i even celebrated valentine's day. jen: what do you want from me? tiffany: i'm the parent who sends the little valentine's mailbox for her to collect her stuff and it comes home empty or with a pencil. jen: okay, but you know what, i'm the parent who when their boys made the valentine's box,
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it was like six years old up in the closet. rachel: still there, yeah. bao: i really don't remember the last time i celebrated a valentine's day. the last two years, i was pregnant, nine months pregnant and you don't want to go out. >> not at all. pam: your days are coming though. just wait. you've got all this to look forward to. bao: i'm okay. i can tell them i love them today and -- pam: you can. until they go to school. bao: there's this anti-valentine's day. there's singles awareness day on the 14th of february. jen: singles awareness day? bao: have you heard that? bao: they're like anti, like, who cares. all the single people, what about their day? jen: wait until your kids in high school because valentine's day is the one time when the tables turn and the girls are supposed to ask the guys to the dances. >> really? jen: and they have sadie hawkins dances and they have morp which is prom backwards so then the shoe's on the other foot and the girl is supposed to ask the guys so i think that's kind of at least a fun thing that can happen at the high school level. tiffany: at times, because when my son was a teenager, like early teenager,
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like he bought her a bear and flowers and a cup and a bag and, ma, do you think she needs a bow? pam: you're 12. tiffany: i'm like, you're setting yourself up for failure, trust me. jen: but he looooved her. tiffany: yeah, not for long.
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it's midnight, do you know where your mom is? >> well, she is my life.
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and she makes me want to rip my hair out daily. for more, visit tiffan whether you're cutting out valentine's cards or e-mailing your college student, we hope you find a true valentine treasure this week. thanks for watching moms everyday.
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welcome to "world news tonight." remembering justice antonin scalia and now, the battle to replace hi the conservative titan of america's highest court. brilliant, sharp, provocative. his sudden death in an election year. obama vowing to appoint his successor. the republicans saying no way. the new justice could shape the supreme court for a generation. southern brawl. the fiery republican debate in south carolina, the next primary state. the rowdiest, loudest, and angriest yet. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. arctic express. the bitter blast of sub-freezing cold.
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the accidents. and the w winter storm on the move. 100 million people in the way. and, deadly stunt? the zooming car. then the fiery accident, killing three young women. did a new social media trend, an app that clocks yourpeed, encourage the young driver to go too fast? good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the developing news after the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he was a powerful conservative voice, dedicated to defending the constitution against what he saw as the nation's liberal drift. now, eight justes, often evenly divided on highly-charged issues.


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