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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 11PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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suits... march around campus... singing their hearts out. nats: m meet the guys of reno's phi mu alpha. for more than a decade... the fraternity has made your traditional valentine's day a little less predictable. dinadan: why are these people here? and the person who bought the valentine says 'i got you a valentine's gram because i love you so much.' these musicians have been serenading sweethearts both off and on campus to give more meaning to the holiday eddy: when you actually perform for each other and for other people, really takes away all those selfish thoughts of yourself and really just goes ahead and brings a lot to the community as well as people around you that you love. the idea is simple. you pick out three songs off their list... aldrin: they're songs of timeless love so you have can't help falling in love with you, for the longest time, my girl sign up for a specific time... ...wait until the perfect moment and then... nats eddy: it just brings so much joy
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someone anonymous, who would be my day to make this valentine's day. for rose keller... rose: oh my gosh it was very unexpected. three songs were just enough to make her day. rose: it's the best valentine's day i've ever had. and for her boyfriend kaymin sambrano.... it prprbably earned him the title of "boyfriend of the year." kaymen: i've never loved anyone more than my girlfriend in my entire life and if there's anyone who deserves it, it's her. the music doesn't stop there... all the money the group raises goes toward music scholarhships for nevada students and the lake tahoe music camp for under priveliged children. aldrin: we'll go sing at the boys and girls club, nursing homes, just trying to brighten up people's days. nats of songs at unr...cvk8nn. high pressure near the west coast will keep above average temperatures and generally light winds into early next week,
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gusts in higher elevations on sunday. a fast a return of wintry conditions wednesday and thursday with gusty winds...rain...and && .short term... high pressure remains over the dominant the southwestern us with california and western nevada on the periphery of the ridge. a passing shortwave will bring some low chances of rain showers to the surprise valley and northern washoe county today.
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wheel weddings? that's how 16 couples tied the knot today. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley has the story. "love is in the air" way up in the air... on valentines day's 16 couples tied the knot on the scheels ferris wheel with k-bull's bob richards presiding. "it seems to be growing each year, people just want to do something untraditional." the couples are selected based on their stories.. "you know a lot of them never had that real first wedding so i think its a good opportunity to kind of have that second wedding so we give an opportunity for people to do it over again and why not get married on a big ferris wheel on valentines day." for five couples, it was their first time saying i do. the christ's have known each other less than a year. "i just bought a house in silver springs last year this is my next door neighbor." "why did you want to pop the question? because i love her" "what are you looking forward
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other couples... choosing to renew their vows... "we've been married 31 years this is our third time renewing our vows." as they continue the ride ... together. "shes the love of my life." in sparks chris buckley kolo 8 news now. grassroots bookstore wants to help you find your literary soul mate with its annual 'blind date with a book' event. customers are invited to pick out their favorite book in the store... wrap them and attach a clue hinting of the contents inside. more than 300 blind date books have been chosen. the goal is to encourage people to take chance on a new book... and on love. while most readers never meet each other... grassroots say they've seen pairings come out of blind date with a book. because we set up a table this year, there's room to work together and we've actually seen blind date with a book customers exchange phone numbers, start to talk about a book they love together, so we think we might be actually
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each book will be on display until 8 tonight. the kindness crew teaming up with members of the "cinderella scholarship program" to spead some happiness this valentines day. the group is part of the "be the stone project" which was started five years ago by an eleven year old girl attempting to change the world. today - they did that - by telling everyone at the meadowood mall they are loved - with candy and a hand written valentine. they tell us that their efforts were met with smiles, hugs... and the benefit of knowing they lifted someone's spirits just by being kind. expect high wind warnings along 1-580 in washoe valley next week.... even when there isn't any wind. that's because it's part of a test by the nevada department of transportation. they will test their new wind warning system on tuesday from nine to one in the afternoon. during these tests, drivers of high-profile
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allowed to travel on i- 580. take a look at this view.... a man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after crashing his suv into the truckee river near idlewild park. this happened about 9-30 this morning.... police and fire crews called out to help the driver of the jeep grand cherokee. no word yet on what caused the driver to lose control. a decision was finally made about which tax proposal would be put on the november ballot to pay for repairs and construction at washoe county schools. voters will be asked to raise the sales tax to 8 point 2-6-5 percent in washoe county. currently our sales tax is 7 point 7-2-5 percent. according to the r-g-j, this would make washoe county's sales tax the highest in the state. right now - clark county has the highest sales tax with 8 point 1-5 percent. the tax will raise 781 million dollars for
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next nine years.## sparks police asking for help figuring out what led to the death of a man on pyramid way. the shooting happened after 11 friday night. according to sparks police, officers were responding to call about a person with an unknown medical condition. an ambulance rushed the victim to the emergency room at saint mary's... where doctors discovered they had been shot. no information about the person who was killed is being released at this time. if you have any information that can help detectives, please call the sparks police department or secret witness at 322-4900. police have found a teenage girl who was kidnapped from her home in northern california today. . folsom police department 18-year-old samantha gonzalves was found safe this afternoon. they initially sent out an alert stating she had been taken from her home by 21-year-old
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have been released regarding why or how she was taken. investigators are still looking into the incident. in mexico this morning... pope francis continued to speak out against the drug trade and violence associated with the area. at a huge outdoor mass... he reminded worshipers that there can be quote - no dialogue with the devil. the impoverished city of one-point-six million, outside of the mexican capital city has been afflicted by murders, kidnapping and extortion by criminal gangs. tonight, there is no word yet on funeral arrangements for supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia died suddenly over the weekend at age seventy-nine. as the flag flies at half-staff outside the high court -- the move to fill his seat there is already a political fight -- with president obama vowing to take on senate republicans.
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our report. a hearse carried the body of justice antonin scalia to the airport for a final flight home -- as a battle for his seat on the supreme court is brewing. obama: "i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor ...." replacing a legal giant.. adding another bitter divide in this election year.. not only in congress but also on the campaign trail.. sot sen. ted cruz: "we should not allow a lame-duck president to essentially capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency." sot hillary clinton: "it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates." scalia died in his sleep saturday.. at a texas ranch during a quail hunting trip.. sot john poindexter owner, cibolo creek ranch : "he was totally peaceful. he's a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up." sot judge cinderela guevara presidio cty., tx: "they assured me they did not
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the scalia family objecting to an autopsy after talking to investigators on the scene.. back in washington.. with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell declaring "this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president" -- president obama is forging ahead.. and on the short list of his potential candidates.. judge sri srinavasan.. considered the frontrunner. and the stakes could not be higher.. on major issues like affirmative action and climate change policies -- without scalia.. the court remains divided 4 to 4. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. a close call when a man fell into a running woodchipper..... how it happened in the first place.... and how he escaped certain death. here's a kolo 8 sports break -- what a game for former reed star gabby williams -- she goes for 19 points on 9-of-9
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rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals, in just 23 minutes... as #1 u-conn beats temple 85-to-60 outcue = 85-to-60
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this is the moment i knew... ...his future had no boundaries. there are some moments only the forest can inspire.
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near state road 32. it started when snow moved in around 1:00 this afternoon. limited visibility and slick roads causing cars to slip... slide... and several people were taken to area hospitals, but none of the injuries are believed to be life- threatening. high pressure near the above average temperatures and generally light winds into early next week, except
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elevations on sunday. a fast moving storm will bring a return of wintry and thursday with gusty winds...rain...and mountain snow. && .short term... high pressure remains over the dominant weather feature for the northeastern california and western
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the periphery of the ridge. a passing shortwave will bring some low chances of rain showers to the surprise valley and northern washoe county today. elsewhere, conditions will remain unseasonably mild with generally light winds. the exception will be some stronger easterly ridge gusts resulting from a tighter gradient between the passing shortwave and strengthening thermal low over the central valley of california. gusts 50 to 65 mph will be possible over the ridges with the stronger gusts occurring from alpine county through mono county. otherwise, temperatures remain warm with highs in the 50s to near 60 for sierra valleys
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western nevada. there is potential for some locations to approach 70 on tuesday, but it will depend on how well valley inversions mix. winds will decrease as the intended for use while driving? questions surrounding the popular messaging app "snap chat" - and whether it was responsible for a deadly accident involving speed
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numbers... here's a kolo-8 sports break -- vaughn taylor wins the at&t pebble beach pro-am, his first p-g-a tour victory since 2005, when he won here at the reno-tahoe open... taylor finishes at 17- under par, one stroke better than phil mickelson -- with the win, taylor qualifies for the masters outcue = for the masters trt = 0:18 an oregon man who fell into a running wood
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running, is expected to be ok. it happened friday in leaburg, oregon. the tree trimmer was yanked into the chipper when his harness caught on falling limbs. at the last minute, his leg tripped the safety bar, shutting down the
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within inches of the chipper blades. the victim broke his leg and suffered a head injury. michigan's governor is asking the federal government to expand medicaid coverage to some flint residents. he wants help for people under 21 and pregnant women who have been exposed to flint's lead- contaminated water. governor rick snyder says about 15-thousand more flint residents would benefit if the government approves the request. the governor says the state would line up doctors and provide other services. disturbing questions about a feature on one of the most popular social media apps, and whether it led to a fatal crash. a feature on snapchat allows users to record their speed, even in cars and some say it encourages speeding. as abc's eva pilgrim tells us, one family wants to know if it was partly to blame for at least one
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sound / broadcastify one car involved and people are still trapped in the vehicle three young women? their car.. slamming into a tractor trailer filled with herbocide.. bursting into flames.. the driver.. and two passengers? killed. philadelphia police.. blaming? speed..surveillance video showing the girls speeding by.. moments before the crash. abc affiliate w-p-v-i.. now reporting.. investigators are looking into whether the popular app snapchat.. also played a passenger... her uncle believes it did. victim's uncle chatting all night / in the car they were showing, their speed how fast they were going, he says his niece was using a special filter on snapchat.. which snaps.. or records their a popular trend he believes encourages people to drive fast.. online.. sot jimmy abgarian, victim's uncle on there seems irresponsible
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mother "if that happened, it helped to kill my daughter," gfx a snapchat spokesperson telling abc news..they .. "take distracted driving seriously, including a "do not snap and drive" warning message when this geofilter is first accessed." gia's family.. now warning others..... sot jimmy abgarian, victim's uncle i'm not blaming snapchat, but hope someone gets something from this and puts it down while they are in the car gia's family is planning to subpoena her final snaps? in hopes that it helps give them some closure. ben ross is here now with a preview of sports. a record-setting nba all-star game tonight in toronto: spoiler alert -- defense plus -- why did fresno nevada deserves no
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people call valentine's day singles awareness day? well i've decided to
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defense awareness game this was certainly a rough night for fans of defense -- hello to kobe bryant, playing in his final all-star game... there's a little vintage kobe -- that thing spun around the rim about 19 times... kobe finished with 10 points, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds... stephen curry -- one of six 3's on the night -- 26 points for steph... 3rd quarter -- john wall -- between the legs to lebron james... lebron had 13 points... paul george nearly broke wilt chamberlin's all-star game record for points -- comes up 1 point short with 41 on the night... last year's m-v-p russell westbrook -- he earned m-v-p honors again tonight -- 31 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals... kobe bryant gets his farewell, as the west beats the east 196-173 -- highest scoring all-star game of all-time well count fresno state head coach rodney
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impressed with nevada's win yesterday... terry told the fresno bee after the game that nevada deserves - quote - no credit - due to the fact that his bulldogs were missing 3 of their top 4 scorers... nevada absolutely dominated the boards, outrebounding fresno 57-32 -- cam oliver had a mountain west record 24 rebounds to go with his 20 points... and d-j fenner tied a career-high with 24 points, as the wolf pack improved to 15-9 overall, 7-5 in the mountain west next up for the pack -- a trip to san jose state -- the spartans just 3-10 in conference play -- tied for last place -- tipoff wednesday at 7 pm meanwhile -- the wolf pack women facing fresno state today... 1st quarter -- nysasha lesure -- nice move inside... game-high 15 points for the reed grad -- she goes over 800 points for her career... bulldogs answer -- nice interior passing -- leads
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then it's bego faz davalos inside -- she nearly had a triple- double... 11 points, 10 rebounds, 9 blocks... wolf pack steps up the defense -- riana everidge sends that one to clovis... later -- everidge getting it done on the offensive end... but too much fresno state in this one... bulldogs win 65-56 well a big day for south tahoe snowboarder jamie anderson -- she wins the big air event in quebec city -- anderson won a gold medal in the 2014 winter olympics wolf pack softball team closing out the kajikawa classic today with a 2-1 win over east carolina... pack now 3-2 on the young season
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high pressure near the west coast will keep above average temperatures and generally light winds into early next week, except for some stronger gusts in higher elevations on sunday. a fast moving storm will bring a return of wintry conditions wednesday and thursday with gusty winds...rain...and mountain snow. && .short term... high pressure remains over the dominant weather feature for the
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california and western nevada on the periphery of the ridge. a passing shortwave will bring there are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people--psychopaths and mystery writers. i'm the kind that pays better. who am i? i'm rick castle. castle. castle. i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i? every writer needs inspiration, and i've found mine. detective kate beckett. beckett. beckett. nikki heat? the character he's basing on you. and thanks to my friendship with the mayor, i get to be on her case. i would be happy to let you spank me. and together, we catch killers. we make a pretty good team, you know? like starsky and hutch, turner and hooch. you do remind me a little of hooch. (man) burning bush burning rubber burning thirst
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