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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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until they help the government break into the terrorist's iphone. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the all-out battle for turnout. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the desperate rescue tonight. strangers diving into the water to save the tourists on this chopper. one passenger trapped. the extreme weather coming this weekend. the dramatic fire whorls and whipping winds in chicago. your money tonight, are you passing up free money? the simple step, without even getting rid of your card. and america remembering harper lee and her work, read by generations of american students. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with the showdown just hours away in the race for president. and breaking developments on both sides tonight. in south carolina, the republican rumble, and the new
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donald trump at 28%, but his lead not as large as before. ted cruz closing in. five points behind. rubio in third, with 15%. and tonight, donald trump at the center of another headline. 24 hours after taking aim at the pope, tonight taking on another giant. telling people to boycott apple until they help the fbi break into that terrorist's iphone. we have it all covered. including apple's response tonight. tom llamas leads us off from south carolina. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump with a new target. the billionaire now declaring war on apple. >> how do you like it? i just thought it. boycott apple. >> reporter: trump fuming as the tech giant refuses to help investigators unlock the cell phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> first of all, apple ought to give the security for that phone. okay? what i think you ought to do is, boycott apple until such time as they give the security number. >> reporter: tonight, senior apple executives telling abc news the company has no sympathy for terrorists.
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the door. but this case is not about those terrorists. those executives adding, this is not apple versus the government. this is the people versus the government. saying they're out to protect their customers. apple, the second giant tangling with trump this week. the first? pope francis, who suggested trump was not christian for wanting to build a wall on the mexican border. [ speaking foreign language ] >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> reporter: but today, an olive branch from the vatican. the pope's spokesman saying his comments were "in no way a personal attack or an indication of how to vote." trump's tone softening, as well. >> today, he was very nice. you probably heard. he put out a message that cleared things up. i will say the pope was great. and he's a very nice man. >> reporter: but the south carolina front runner's problems don't end there. trump now under fire for claiming he is the only
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the war in iraq. >> i was against the war in iraq. i said, it's going to totally destabilize the middle east. i told the truth about iraq. i say, the war was a disaster. we shouldn't have done it. we did it. i should get points for vision, because i was totally against the war in iraq. >> reporter: but today, trump confronted with this recording of a 2002 interview with howard stern. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> reporter: on the stump, the candidate trying to explain. >> the first guy that ever asked me about iraq was howard stern. i said, i don't know. yeah, i guess. then i started looking at it, before the war started, i was against that war. i was against that war. i said don't go to iraq. i said it strongly, and i said it loud. >> reporter: but trump's campaign, unable or unwilling to produce any evidence that he was ever a vocal opponent of the war before it began. on the other side of south carolina today -- senator marco rubio, surrounded by the state's top republican leaders.
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plane with senator tim scott and governor nikki haley. >> it's going to be a great night in south carolina. >> reporter: do you feel a lot of pressure? >> no pressure, we feel a lot of momentum. it's in god's hands tomorrow. we feel great about the work we've put in. >> if we work together, we win. >> reporter: but tonight, cruz with some problems of his own. new lawsuits in at least six states challenging whether cruz's name can appear on the ballot because he was born in canada. >> all of this on the eve on south carolina. tom llamas live from that state. how is cruz responding to the lawsuits? >> the cruz campaign says it's no coincidence that all the lawsuits are being filed around the time of the south carolina republican primary. they have lawyers fighting back, saying he is an american because
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he was born in canada. david? >> tom, thanks. and in nevada, the neck and neck battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the latest poll showing a dead heat. this will all come down to turnout tomorrow. and the national poll, clinton leading sanders, 53% to 42%. and on the eve of nevada, hillary clinton getting a gift, an early endorsement that could be crucial in south carolina. and bernie sanders confident, saying he was once made an honorary woman. cecilia vega from las vegas. >> reporter: tonight, the final push looks like this. >> how you doing? >> we're doing well. how are you? >> reporter: bernie sanders racing across the state. barely time for a pit stop with his wife. >> but i hope we have a very large, very, very large voter turnout tomorrow. >> reporter: hillary clinton already looking ahead to the next state up -- south carolina. where today she got the boost
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that coveted endorsement from the state's most powerful democrat. congressman jim clyburn. >> my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> reporter: clyburn saying nevada's neck-and-neck race pushed him to endorse now. >> i need you to caucus on saturday morning. >> reporter: here it is. a fight to the finish. clinton met with both boos and cheers in the final forum before tomorrow's caucus. >> senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. [ applause ] he doesn't know what the last two democratic presidents did. [ booing ] well, it's true. it's true. you know it's true. >> reporter: sanders, drawing laughter after this. >> gloria steinem, one of the leading feminists in america, made me an honorary woman many years ago. i don't know exactly what that meant, but i accepted it. >> reporter: it all comes down to the ground game. clinton opened her first campaign office here months before sanders.
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does. and is spending more on tv ads, too. but clinton's volunteers, 7,000 strong. sanders' team says he has more than 2,000. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: today i was there as clinton's army hit the streets. >> we've been knocking on doors since late august. going out seven days a week. >> reporter: so why is this race so close? if you've been knocking on all these doors. >> i think it's expected. >> reporter: clinton, her eyes now on south carolina, hitting the airwaves there with this ad today. starring one of america's most famous voices, actor morgan freeman. >> she understands our country can't reach its potential, unless we all do. >> cecilia vega with us live from las vegas. you were telling us, both of the campaigns acknowledged that this is very close. >> that's right. bernie sanders feeling very
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saying if the turnout is big, could actually win. a much more measured approach from hillary clinton. saying it's going to be close. >> and back in nevada, they had ties in some of the precincts. they flipped a coin previously. and you told us, they're going to use a deck of cards in nevada. >> they have them ready. david? >> we kid you not. cecilia vega, thank you. and as we reported at the top, donald trump taking on apple, calling for a boycott. and tonight, the justice department taking new action as well. but senior executives standing firm. revealing what they say authorities did with syed changing the apple i.d. on the saying once apple could help, it was too late. >> reporter: tonight, the justice department turning up the heat on apple, calling on a federal judge to compel the tech iphone. the potential legal threat, that
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in contempt and issue hefty fines against the company if it does not comply. the fbi says opening farook's phone is urgent because it could hold critical clues about the san bernardino massacre, including whether others were involved. but senior apple executives suggested the government's new filing has no legal merit and sets a dangerous precedent. tonight, those senior officials saying they plan to fight, because complying would create a master key that could unlock millions of apple phones. the net effect, they say, of a nuclear bomb for software, making customers vulnerable to hacking. apple says if it complies, requests from law enforcement could come for another phone an hour later, opening a pandora's box. they pointed to a manhattan district attorney who says he has 175 iphones with potential evidence from serious crimes, including murder, that he cannot open. he's lashing out at apple. >> they are acting like teenagers, saying you can't tell us what to do. >> reporter: apple officials say that right after the phone was
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phone's apple i.d., making it even more difficult to retrieve all that information from that phone. apple claims it was in the hands of authorities at the time. the government says the change was made by farook's employer in the hours after the attack. >> pierre is with us live. i want to get back to that point you made. apple saying authorities changed the apple i.d. on the phone while they had it? >> yes, they say they may have information had the password not been changed. by the time they had access to the phone, they said it was too late. >> pierre, thank you. now to the rescue near pearl harbor in hawaii. new images of the desperate effort to safe passengers after the helicopter crash. the tour chopper plunging from the sky right into the water. strangers jumping in to help. struggling to cut loose a young passenger.
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>> reporter: tonight, new details about the dramatic and terrifying crash caught on camera. >> when someone screamed, we turned and ran. didn't have much time before it hit. >> reporter: seconds later, shocked bystanders plunging in to help. the water just ten feet deep, but murky. new video showing the confusion on the surface, nobody realizing that for three minutes, that teenage boy was still trapped below. >> i could hear them say they have ahold of his foot but they couldn't get to him and they couldn't get him out. >> reporter: the teen was entangled in his seat belt. bystanders using a knife and taking turns cutting the boy free. he was rushed to the hospital where he's in critical condition tonight. three other family members are okay, but the pilot, identified as ryan roner, a former marine, has had to undergo two
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david, the helicopter is still in the water behind me, just a few feet away. the navy is expected to haul it up today so the ntsb can continue the investigation. david? >> kayna, thank you. overseas tonight to libya. u.s.-led air strikes targeting an isis training camp. and a tunisian terrorist leader, tied to isis. he has been tied to terrorist attacks, killing dozens of people. officials say a leader was likely killed, along with dozens of foreign fighters at the camp. and the flag-draped casket of justice scalia carried in to the court today. president obama and the first lady paying their respects. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: justice scalia's former clerks, nearly 100 of them, lining the steps as the casket arrived. scalia, the sharpest and most quotable supreme court voice. inside, father paul scalia, his
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on to the platform that once held abraham lincoln's casket. scalia's nine children and 38 grandchildren were there. the president and first lady offered a silent prayer. among the thousands that paid respects, judges sri srinivasan. republican leaders said again today in the "washington post" that scalia's replacement should wait until after the presidential election. outside a makeshift memorial, including items invoking scalia's colorful dissents. one slamming the majority opinion as pure applesauce. and another, likened to the mystical aphorisms of a fortune cookie. >> jon, we understand the president is working on his shortlist over the weekend? >> yes, the president's staff has given him materials of several potential nominees. and he's called senate leaders
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he's begun the process. >> jon, thank you. we'll move on to the powerful windstorms across america tonight. in missouri, the wind whipping flames into fire tornadoes. look at this, powerful gusts in chicago blowing over an entire row of bicycles. a rough evening commute there. let's get right to rob. the winds and the warmup this weekend. >> chicago just got clobbered, 60-plus-mile-per-hour winds. over 100,000 without power in northern illinois. detroit, cleveland, lansing, gusty winds tonight. some of the debris in chicago will be blown around. this is all powering up a huge warmup. look at the numbers for saturday. 77 in dallas. 56 in new york city. enjoy this weekend, because next weekend will have several systems. going to be busy. >> storms coming back. rob, thanks. much more to come on "world news tonight." a stunning demand at an american airport. shape up your security, or you're out.
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the 2013 movie "blackfish," is planning hotels, roller coasters and aquariums in a bid to save its lagging tourist business. to the world's busiest airport, atlanta's hartsfield-jackson. and the warning for the tsa tonight. the airport demanding, give us more tsa screeners, or we'll go private. 96 million passengers go through atlanta's airport every year. and a harrowing piece of cell phone video, taken from the backseat of a houston school bus. the bus barely made it across railroad tracks. a freight train hurtling by just inches away. 42 children onboard this bus. none hurt. the driver suspended tonight. when we come back, we remember a famous american author, and a classic you likely read in high school. when we come back. like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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finally tonight, remembering harper lee. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: early this morning, the angels took home a piece of monroeville, alabama. harper lee will always be a symbol of the south, with her pulitzer prize winning novel about a white lawyer defending a black field hand who was falsely accused of rape. gregory peck would win an oscar for the movie. >> in the name of god, do your duty. >> reporter: lee just hated the spotlight. seen here in a rare appearance, receiving the presidential medal of freedom. in july of last year, she shocked the literary world with a sequel to "to kill a mockingbird," where the courageous lawyer is portrayed as a racist. but it's his words from her
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forever. >> you never really understand another person until you consider things from his point of view. >> reporter: harper lee was 89 years old. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> i hope to see you on monday. good night.tonight on kolo 8 news now... one day before nevada's democratic caucuses... the candidates and their campaigns are in town, making their last minute pitches for your support. and, the republicans are right on the democrats heels; planning several stops in the silver state before the republican caucus. plus-- "i think it's trashing the words of the founders to just slush over it and do what we want to do."
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the question, whether hillary clinton--or any other woman--belongs on the ballot or in the presidency. thanks for joining us. i'm noah bond. and i'm sarah johns. we begin with weather... and strong winds right now here on the valley floor. chief meteorologist jeff thompson is here with a check of your forecast. jeff... high pressure will rebuild over the weekend and into next week. while nights will stay chilly, afternoons will warm back into the 60s for western nevada valleys, with 50s in the sierra. expect occasional high clouds, with light wind through monday. stormy weather is not back in the forecast until at least the next weekend. -jeff saturday: mostly sunny, with a high near 53. calm wind becoming east around 5 mph in the morning. saturday night: partly cloudy, with a low around 30. southwest wind around 5 mph. sunday: sunny, with a high near 57. west wind around 5 mph. sunday night: mostly clear, with a low around 32. monday: sunny, with a high near 60. monday night: mostly clear, with a low around 34. tuesday: mostly sunny, with a high near 62. tuesday night: partly cloudy, with a low around 34.
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wednesday night: partly cloudy, with a low around 36. thursday: mostly sunny, with a high near 63. into the 60s for western nevada valleys, with 50s in the sierra. expect occasional high clouds, with light wind through monday. stormy weather is not back in the forecast until at least the next weekend. -jeff saturday: mostly sunny, with a high near 53. calm wind becoming east around 5 mph in the morning. saturday night: partly cloudy, with a low around 30. southwest wind around 5 mph. sunday: sunny, with a high near 57. west wind around 5 mph. sunday night: mostly clear, with a low around 32. monday: sunny, with a high near 60. monday night: mostly clear, with a low around 34. tuesday: mostly sunny, with a high near 62. tuesday night: partly cloudy, with a low around 34. wednesday: mostly sunny, with and bernie sanders made an appearance in sparks. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley is live at the nugget with more tonight. chris?


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