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tv   KOLO8 News Now Special Edition  ABC  February 20, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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out a crucial victory in nevada's democratic caucuses... overcoming a strong surge by bernie sanders. we are bringing you the latest results with live team coverage from the democratic caucuses. good evening, i'm kendra kostelecky. thanks for joining us. just four hours after the nevada caucuses open... hillary clinton has pulled off a victory here in the silver state. this is a map of the results from the nevada state democratic party's website. you can see here which candidate took which county. the margins very narrow in clark and washoe county.... bernie sanders came out ahead in washoe county with 981
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elementary school near renown hospital. ed, we understand the turnout was impressive and the results generated some controversy. both true, but all resolved in the end. 00-:47 :47-:51 :51-1:01 the all purpose room at this suburban school began filling a
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caucus was due to start. some wearing their intentions literally on their sleeves, all determined to voice their choice. as the doors closed and temperatures rose it was determined to move precinct 5056, representing downtown residents outside. it began with a head count, then paper ballots were collected. a problem. the two counts didn't match. everything came to a halt as calls were made to the state party. the decision: hold a second head count. final result 61-46. bernie sanders over hillary clinton. pearce: "it brought out the passion on both sides." debbie: "it definitely did. people are passionare about politics and i think that's wonderful. and i think people passionate people." what's often missed in the numbers is that the caucus is really about electing delegates to the county convention. it turns out the dispute over the counts wouldn't have changed that outcome. in this precinct at least it was for clinton.
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race is that caucuses are really about electing delegates to the county convention as it turns out that disputed count wouldn't have changed that outcome. it was 6 sanders delegates to four for clinton. one other potential problem surfaced at this location. if you look up libby booth school on google maps, it lists a location on 9th street--actually the school district offices. the party apparently left signs there directing caucus goes to this location a mile or so away. whether it caused any actual confusion, isn't known. for many this was a first time caucus. that was the case for 17-year old jesse allison was able to participate because he will be 18 in november. kolo 8 news now terri russell introduced us to jesse yesterday. today, she followed him
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warner elementary. he is a hillary clinton supporter, made calls and canvassed on her behalf. this morning he arrived at his precinct to be counted. "my name is jesse allison." 17 year old jesse allison signed in before noon today at his precinct at grace warner elementary school in northwest reno. easily one of the youngest in the crowd he sat next to fellow hillary supporters in the cafeteria. at noon, computers down, doors closed, and the caucuses began. after introductions, and a precinct chair was selected. residents were asked to move to two sides of the room, one for bernie, one for hillary. from the looks of it, there were
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a count was done more than once, to make sure. and then, with the help of math, delegates were awarded. sanders six, clinton 5. but for a disappointed jesse, his job was not done. jesse signs up to be a delegate to the county convention. jesse allison/17 year old: i think that would be really exciting. i thought the process went fine, i met people who were liked minded. whoever wins this afternoon, i will be voting democrat this fall. i think this is one of the most important things we can do, is vote for president. so jesse is on his way to the washoe county democratic convention as a delegate in april. who knows, could a state or national delegate post be in the offing? we will keep you posted. terri russell kolo 8 news now. thank you terri. at the university of caucus goers were also first time participants.
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rebecca kitchen is live from the university... and becca... sanders may have lost the state... but at your location and across much of northern nevada ... he seemed to be the clear winner. and i don't think it was a suprise to many people knowing this caucus was held on a college campus... but what was a suprise was how many people turned out... many precints started late becuase so many people were in line.... but over all the student's message was clear. nats...who's feeling the bern?.. wooo!! at the university of few scattered clinton supporters could be found... she's a standup person, and i give her a lot of credit for bill's success. but overall... nats.... bernie! bernie! bernie! bernie sander's was the students' choice. ... bring to an establishment candidate. she's been in the system for a long political machine. bernie sees a machine he wants to dismantle.
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revolution. i think his policies are going to make a difference also the fact that he's bringing in a lot of young people. so many young people in fact... the caucus started late and more rooms were added to accomodate everyone who came out it's fabulous. it's absolutely wonderful wer're alwasy talking about how we want to see young people involved and their the future. they're the one who have the greatest stake in who's elected to public office. in precint 5027... the majority of the people.... were students... and when it came time for the caucus to start....the winner was clear... only 19 stood behind clinton.. significantly less than the 32 need to make her a viable candidate. sanders supporters say he speaks to them because their views on social issues match their. his social plateform is the best thing i've every seen. it not only aligns with my views, but my friend's views. it's really progressive in every way. while hillary's social views are good, but not as strong.
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observers who say they expected this kind of support for sanders on a college campus. clinton supporters tell me though they have their own preference.. should sanders become the parties nominee... they will stand behind him. large turnout at the democratic caucus sites led to some problems both here in northern nevada and in las vegas. lines delayed the start locations. caucus sites were still trying to register would-be voters long past the scheduled at first, democratic party officials said the caucus would begin while people waited in line. a few minutes later, officials began to rush everyone inside-- saying they would register voters during the actual caucus. the overcrowding even pushed some precincts outside.
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state picking a presidential candidate this weekend. republican primary voters sizing up the candidates in south carolina today - we'll take a look at who came out ahead. and here's a look at photos from the caucuses today, sent in to our newsroom. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the results here in the silver state. a ridge of high pressure will slowly
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and western nevada this weekend, becoming more pronounced early next week. it will remain dry through most or all of next week. afternoon temperatures warm to above average by sunday
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to 14 degrees above average by the middle of next week. && .short term... very few changes made to the inherited short term forecast today. a mid/upper wave moves through tonight with increased high clouds during the evening. these clouds should thin out by sunday morning. another weak short wave moves east just north of the forecast area sunday evening into monday morning. while forcing
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this feature there could be sufficient lift to produce a few sprinkles or flurries near the oregon border sunday evening. elsewhere...conditions should remain dry. an amplified ridge starts to develop just off the west coast by monday morning. with this ridge building inland through tuesday much of the region will see clear to partly cloudy skies with light winds. mixing may be the best on monday as winds off the surface remain northwest through much of the day. by tuesday winds become light through
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closed just about 15 minutews ago... ... we will bring you the results of that state's republican primary as they become available. here's more photos from our kolo 8 viewers of today's caucuses. there were huge lines as volunteers rushed to get many first-time voters registered. south carolina voter may be suprised by some new research... dave could the secret to longevity be poker or a book club. amanda the thing they have in common that researchers say could be a key factor to a long, happy life. dave
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morning r may be suprised by some new research... dave could the secret to longevity be poker or a book club. amanda the thing they have in common that researchers say could be a key factor to a long, happy life. dave join us monday on good morning rtoday in the state's republican presidential primary. that includes governor nikki haley, who voted for senator marco rubio, who she endorsed a few days
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"i am very excited, it is a great day in south carolina. we are seeing a lot of turnout at the polls. the weather is perfect, people are excited. we make presidents in south carolina and we think it's going to be a great day for marco rubio." the polls are now closed in south carolina. we will bring you the results of that republican primary as soon as they are available. now that the south carolina primary has wrapped up... the g-o-p candidates are turning their focus on nevada. right now, all the candidates, except john kasich, are planning trips to northern nevada. ben carson will be in virginia city monday. the republican candidate is holding a public town hall at piper's opera house at 9-30 in the morning. jeb bush has a town hall event planned for monday evening... ... at huffaker elementary school. that gets started at six o'clock. ted cruz is holding a rally monday afternoon in elko. after that he'll be at the boys and girls club in reno for a rally at seven o'clock.
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minden and carson city, tuesday. marco rubio will be in elko for a rally monday morning... ...before heading to reno for a rally at the peppermill. that begins at 12:30. he will then be in minden for another rally monday afternoon. and donald trump will speak at a rally... ...tuesday at the nugget casino resort. doors open at ten in the morning. you can stay up to date with the latest election information anytime at kolo-tv-dot-com. thousands said farewell today to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. the 79-year-old conservative icon passed away last weekend. justice scalia's funeral mass was held at the nation's largest roman catholic church-- the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. justice scalia's sons carried his casket up the aisle in a final farewell. there was a reading by fellow justice clarence thomas-- closest
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ideologically in the court. in his homily, justice scalia's son paul, a priest, talked about the importance of his father's christian faith... and his love for his large family. "sure he forgot our names at times or mixed them up
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rigget pampered. thousands of women - stopping by the grand sierra resort this morning... for the annual "diva's day out" celebration. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley has more. a very long line outside the summit pavilion saturday morning... some of theses ladies waited for hours. "we got here at 8" it was free feather boas
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"its my first time here i'm so excited i get some free stuff of course, look at this wonderful boa." and a short line to meet chad duell and bryan craig from abc's "general hospital." "i watch these two men their whole careers on gh i'm a big fan." it's both these actors first time in reno... "we've never been here before we were reallys surprised opened the windown here in the hotel and saw the snow in the mountains we don't see that in la" "we love meeting the fans and we're learning a lot from them the sometimes know more about the show than we do so they ask questions and sometimes we don't know the answers." the expo featured more than 100 local businesses... offering everything from clothes and jewelry... to health and wellness products. this is the events fourth year... and an annual tradition for many. "its our second year here we had so much fun last year we decided to bring the mommy. i didn't get to come last year i was broken but i'm so glad i'm here and i will come again."
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resort chris buckley kolo 8 news now. the democratic caucus wasn't the only thing going on at the university today. an event was also held to prepare students for graduation and beyond... that's the idea behind "family access day," a collaboration between the washoe county school district and u- n-r. about a hundred families got to learn about preparing for college. that process starts as early as pre-k. experts say "home learning" is a big component along with community resources like the washoe county library system. twelve library branches, offers access to online resources... including a children's learing program called "tumblebooks" "tumblebooks reads the book to the child and points to the word its like the old style first grade listening centers with the headphones basically it does that on the computer now."
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through the washoe county library system... are free to anyone with a library card. we'll be right back with a final look at the results from the nevada
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caucus results. this is a map of the results from the nevada state democratic party's website. right now, 84-percent reported. you can see here which
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clinton is being declared the winner. she took clark county... nevada's most populous state. while bernie took many of the northern counties. you can download the kolo 8 news now mobile app... to get the most up-to-date election information right in the palm of your hand. it's free for both apple and android phones. welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." breaking news on this showdown saturday. election battles on two fwronts. hillary clinton with a much-needed win over bernie sanders in nevada after a tense neck and neck fight. but sanders trouncing her on the issue of trust. tonight the long lines and the celebrations. showdown in south carolina.
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the very end. >> so, it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. >> ted cruz and marco rubio with their last-minute push. can they still catch trump is this >> it's in god's hands and in the voters' hands. first test for republicans in the south. the results coming in right now. this is abc news "world news tonight." good evening and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. tonight, candidates on both sides coming one step closer in this race for the white house. just minutes ago, results of the democratic caucuses in nevada coming. based on our analysis of the vote, abc news projects hillary clinton will win that contest with more than 75% of the vote already in, clinton holding about a four-point lead. hillary clinton tweeting out. the caption, the feeling is mutual, nevada. take a look at the voters turning out for the caucuses. the lines wrapping around this


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