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tv   Good Morning Reno 5am  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am PST

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"you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno." an elderly man was injured during a home invasion and police say the suspects are still on the loose. local law enforcement says vehicle burglaries are easy to prevent. what you can do to avoid becoming a victim. and two dogs were abandoned at a local dog park -- a trend animal control says is becoming more popular in the area. how you can legally surrender an animal. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez. dave lawrence is off today, lindsey matherly
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temperatures across northeast california and western nevada will be well above average through friday before easing down slightly for the weekend. it will be breezy friday, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 friday night and early saturday. another weak system is possible sunday night followed by new this morning... sparks police are looking for two suspects in connection
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police tell us the incident happened yesterday around 4:30 in the evening at the intersection of greg street and spice island drive after a minor traffic accident. they say a woman reported being hit by another vehicle... a dark green early 1990's chevy or g-m-c s-u-v. according to the woman... when she went to check out the damage a man jumped in the drivers seat of her vehicle... demanded money and then left the scene in her car. the other vehicle involved -- the dark green s-u-v -- also left the scene. police say the first suspect is described as a white man with a bald or shaved head in his 30's. they say he has a tattoo on the left side of his head, near his ear -- and full sleeves of tattoos on his arms. the second suspect is described as a white woman in her 30s with blond hair. the stolen vehicle is described as a grey 2000 g-m-c yukon with a u-n-r sticker in the rear window.
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theft call the sparks police department or secret witness at 322- 4900. reno police are searching for two men who they say were involved in a home invasion on foster drive, near hunter lake. police are looking for an older, white two door car, that has a black stripe down the driver's side door and a sunroof. police say the two men walked in the home and attacked an elderly man during the burglary. he suffered non-life threatening injuries . but police believe these suspects could be involved with other burglaries. "just due to circumstances that will come out later, we do believe they are armed and dangerous so we ask the community that if you do see this vehicle, contact the authorities. don't approach it and let's keep our community safe. " the suspects are described as either hispanic or light skinned black men. one is six feet tall, with a thin build. the other is described as five foot eight inches tall, with a heavy build and a tattoo on one of his forearms. if you have any
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police or secret witness at 322-4900. local officials have reported a string of recent vehicle burglaries in our area. and they say they're easy to avoid -- just remember to lock your car. deputies say unlocked cars in sun valley played a role in some of these recent burglaries. they say thats how ryan brogan and another juvenile broke into at least four cars and, they believe there are more victims. deputies say they rely on residents to report these crimes in order to catch who's responsible. "in this instance, we really need to thank the public for alerting us to something suspicious in their neighborhood. no matter how small it may have been, something didn't look right to this person and they let us know." deputy jeff mccaskill from the washoe county sheriff's office says you should also never leave valuables in your car, so burglars will be less
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a local woman found two abandoned dogs at the hidden valley dog park early tuesday morning. the nevada humane society says it's a trend thats becoming more common in our area and they want to remind you that it is illegal. you can face fines or even jail time for abandoning your animal. remember there are resources available to help you properly surrender a pet you can no longer care for. if they do have to relinquish their pets to the humane society, we do do it by appointments just so we can get as much information about the pet as possible and also give the person going through this difficult situation, the time they deserve to get one on one time with our counselors jessica branton with the nevada humane society says the dogs were in danger being left at a park frequented by coyotes at night. there's a 25-dollar charge to surrender an animal, but they will
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can't afford the fee. it's debate night for the republicans -- the first since the nevada caucuses...the final before super tuesday. this morning, gop frontrunner donald trump is in a new battle... a supposed bombshell hiding in his tax returns. abc's kenneth moton has more. script: nat trump entrance hours before severe weather ripped through virginia overnight, donald trump was on the ground rallying supporters, talking running mates. sot donald trump "i do want somebody that's political because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed" trump was a no show for a republican town hall on fox news...hosted by megyn kelly who had a very public feud with the gop frontrunner. the candidates lined up as they work to take down trump. sot marco rubio
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nominee who isn't a conservatives all 4 republicans promised to week? after mitt romney called on them to do so. the 2012 gop nominee even said he believes there's a 'bombshell' in trump's taxes. sot mitt romney phoner when people decide that they don't want to give you their taxes, it's usually because there's something they don't want you to see trump went on the attack. the billionaire tweeted "mitt romney,who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool, is sot hillary clinton alpha kappa alpha! fewer fireworks on the democratic side. hillary clinton made her case to the sisters of aka ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. bernie sanders who is struggling with black voters there moved on to super tuesday states drawing 9000 people to his rally in tulsa, oklahoma. as for trump's taxes, he says there's no bombshell other than he pays a lot. the republicans will debate tonight on cnn in the super tuesday state of texas where the governor just endorsed his
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kenneth moton, abc news washington. now that the nevada caucuses are over, we're taking a closer look at the new lessons learned -- and, what the future of nevada's caucuses, could be. kolo 8 news now's ed pearce has more. ask officials from either party and you'll hear something along the lines of "well, we pulled it off." that's a fair statement from their point of view because for all the stories of long lines, running out of ballots at a few locations, the usual confusion, they did pull it off. and republicans could point to a record turnout. more people, in fact, voted for donald trump years ago. democrats registered thousands and both parties updated their mailing lists and identified their most but was it enough? from the moment harry reid convinced the national democratic party to bestow an early spot on the calendar to a nevada caucus and
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everyone understood the challenge. unlike iowa, we'd never done a caucus on this scale, one that mattered nationally before. if you talked with iowans back then, as i did, they would have told you we probably weren't up to the task. after three tries it's fair to ask if they weren't right. turnout is still low. confusion and frustration continue. those problems could be addressed with a primary, but though we've flirted with the idea, our lawmakers have been reluctant. if we want the national attention to continue and it's likely we do, we may have to take another look at that alternative. because with reid and his influence exiting the scene. a caucus culture in nevada still a work in progress, it's likely the national parties could be taking a long hard look at our early spot on the calendar. and it's not hard to conclude ed pearce kolo 8 news now. from the deep south to the northeast... violent and deadly thorugh several towns. we have a look at the aftermath.
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matherly will have your complete forecast. that's next on kolo 8 news now. "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly
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a horrific scene is playing out across several states. deadly tornadoes and dangerous weather from the carolinas to the northeast. and if that's not enough, blizzard conditions are moving in -- more than a thousand flights have been canceled coast to coast. abc's linzie janis reports. script: tonight - those deadly storms - barreling up the east coast. nats a suspected tornado striking waverly virginia...shredding homes and leaving at least three dead.
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least 3 dozen tornadoes hitting the gulf coast. nats-siren many striking at night as people slept... nats ... youtube in pensacola florida - campbell gares and his girlfriend making to their driveway riding out the tornado inside his pick up truck ... more nats screaming "it sounded like freight train" the ef-3 tornado?packing 155 mph winds damaging more than a hundred homes here ... sot sheriff david morgan escambia county, florida these people didn't have very much time to react at all? sheriff: very little, very little. including these apartments bridge 074258 // look at this, the entire second floor of this apartment complex ripped off. you can see right into people's living rooms. nats-rv park tornado 0009 holy cow look at that thing twisters claiming the lives of a least three others... including two at this louisiana rv park...where ashley east and her family were huddling together. sot ashley east what were you thinking? just god let us be ok, let us get through this. pensacola, florida
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home, but you can see a stack of books still sitting on top of piano and this refrigerator still standing. temperatures across northeast california and western nevada will be well above average easing down slightly for the weekend. it will be breezy friday, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 friday
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system is possible sunday night followed by dry conditions to start next week. little change to the forecast through saturday. high pressure will remain over northeast california and western nevada through friday morning before a glancing blow friday night from a modest disturbance moving into the large-scale western ridge. afternoon temperatures will remain very mild through friday, with highs in the mid to upper 60s for the lower valleys today followed by a few
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afternoon. friday afternoon and evening, it will become breezy as the upper disturbance moves over far northern california and oregon. winds do not look overly strong but could gusts to 30 or 35 mph for many areas with local gusts 40-50 mph in wind prone areas in the lee of the sierra, especially friday evening as the trough axis nears. lake tahoe will certainly develop chop by late friday afternoon or early evening and a lake wind advisory is possible. and western nevada will be well above average through friday before easing down slightly for the weekend. it will be breezy friday, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 friday night and early saturday. another weak system is possible sunday night followed by dry conditions to start next week. little change to the forecast through saturday. high pressure will remain over northeast california and western reno is reportedly one of the hottest up-and- coming vacation destinations, according
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eight u-s cities expected to see big visitor numbers in the coming years. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley has more. according to thrillist, reno is one of eight u-s cities listed as an up and coming travel destination... and recent visitors numbers are up. "we're seeing a lot more and especailly havig the fantastic winter we're having we're getting a lot of traction and having people in from all over the country for the skiing." taxable room revenues are up 14 percent and average room rates are up ten percent...and that trend is expected to continue. "the thrilist mention we just got is great they have 16 million viewers a month and they're comparing us to cities like boulder and they talked to orbitz, talked to travel experts people who run the airline app hopper." reno saw the seventh- highest increase in demand for flights last year. the thrillist article mentions the areas craft brewery movement as a draw.. and tourism officials
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art movement "the nevada museuem of arts tahoe exhibit brought in a tremendous amount of people from out of state so that was good for our region and good to expose us to a whole new segment of people." and the midtown district. "midtown is getting a lot of attention the feel is its a cool, unique, authentic vibe and the younger generations, millenials and gen-xers really are enjoying that." that was chris buckley reporting. the r-s-c-v-a is working with an integrated marketing firm to craft a new campaign aimed at promoting tourism in specific markets across the country. the fight between apple and the fbi is a big talker on capital hill with talks on changing legislation. and costco and nordstrom get high marks from customers. here's america's money... good mornin good morning. topping "america's money" -- an
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>> the number of companies with shares trading for under $1 is at its highest point in 20 years. >> around 360 stocks open this morning at less than a buck, that's up 38% this year. >> a new survey of customer satisfaction in the u.s. gives high marks to nordstrom, costco and amazon. >> despite its low prices, walmart ranked second to last in the survey. america's least favorite retailer, that would be abercrombie & fitch. and finally the u.s. is no longer home to the most billionaires in the world. >> that distinction now goes to china, a new list says 90 new chinese billionaires moved china into first place, 33 more than the u.s. beijing is the city with the most billionaires. new york city is second. >> and that's "america's money." >> have a great day, everybody. make it a point to shop kohl's... this thursday through monday!... because yes2you rewards members take an extra 20% off!... and earn triple points - no matter how you pay! get a $5 reward for every 100 points. plus - everyone gets $10 kohl's cash for every $50 spent! you can earn and redeem
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first up it''s a day for dads to spend time with their daughters n virginia city. the annual father daughter day and dance features a full day of lunch, treats and of course a dance at piper's opera house. get your tickets now.. the event is this saturday i the annual jack t. reviglio cioppino feed will help raise money for kids in our community... the feed and auction is saturday at the boys & girls club of the truckee meadows 9th street location. if you an dodge a ball.. you can help raise money for charity. the 5th annual dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge for lila will help raise money for three loal girls with cerebral palsy... teams of 6 to 8 people still have time to register.. or just come and enjoy the fun,,,,the fundraiser is this saturday at the northern nevada juniors volleyball. country star chase bryant will be at the cargo concernt hall. you can see him tomorrow starting at 7. and if you're looking for some laughs
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stopping by the laugh factory in the silver legacy... his show is tonight through saturday. more laughs are coming to reno. comedian brian regan is making an apperane at the grand sierra resort tomorrow night rock guitarist joe satriani.. will also be at the grand sierra.. his show is saturday night. and finally cheech and chong are back in reno.. their show is saturday night at the silver legacy. those are your 8 things to do and you can always find more ideas by heading to kolo tv dot com and clicking on kolo cares. dave and amanda toss to break toss to break
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temperatures across northeast california and western nevada will be well above average through friday before easing down slightly for the weekend. it will be breezy friday, with a chance for showers mainly north of interstate 80 friday night and early the breakfast cereal industry is struggling, with sales tumbling almost 30 percent over the past 15 years. experts say there are
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happening. many people eat breakfast away from home opting for breakfast sandwiches or yogurt while others choose not to eat breakfast at all. but one of the biggest reasons may be that 40 percent of millenials surveyed said cereal was an inconvenient breakfast choice because they had to clean up after eating it. debate continues over the supreme court seat now vacant following justice antonin scalia's death... what senate minorty leader harry reid says about governor sandoval being a possible appointment. burns oregon occupiers plead not guilty in federal court yesterday...what the judge is demanding of the government to turn over to defense attorneys. you're watching kolo 8 news now. for news while you're on the move, listen to our news partner
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