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tv   Good Morning Reno 5am  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am PST

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of hollywood's biggest night. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. we want to get straight to some breaking news this morning. a shooting at a casino in downtown reno. kolo 8 news now's rebecca kitchen is live with the details. good morning ..... the shooting happened here at siri's casino in downtown reno... here on virginia street near the arch.... reno police tell us it happened just before midnight..... inside the casino.... what exactly led to the
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investigation, but i was told the two men were having some sort of argument.... we haven't been told if one of the men was an employee.... or if they were both customers.... the victim has been taken to the hospital... and his condition is unknown at this time.... police tell us the shooter is in custody and they are not looking for anyone else at this time.... the casino is closed to the public right now... but is expected to open back up later this morning. ... good morning ..... the shooting happened here at siri's casino in downtown reno... here on virginia street near the arch.... reno police tell us it happened just before midnight..... inside the casino.... what exactly led to the shooting is still under investigation, but i was told the two men were having some sort of argument.... we haven't been told if one of the men was an employee....
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taken to the hospital... and his condition is matherly with a look at the forecast. above average temperatures continue upcoming week. breezy conditions return by late tuesday as weak low pressure moves across the pacific northwest, with light showers possible in extreme northeast california. another weak low pressure may bring showers mainly near the sierra by thursday. we now know what caused a massive power outage in south reno last night... which resulted in many viewers missing the
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n-v energy tells us a breaker at one of their sub stations failed... at one point more than were left in the dark. our transmitter which signal. the first 2-hours of the oscars did re-air just after midnight. abc's lauren lyster has from hollywood's biggest night. a thoughtful film about a newspaper --investigating sex abuse by boston's catholic priests--took oscar's night--winning best picture. sot - chris rock: if they nominated hosts--i wouldn't even get this job. but it was oscar host--chris rock--who really owned the night--addressing the academy's diversity controversy--right out of the gate. nats: film parody: i'm the danish girl. placing black actors in parodies of several nominated films... nats: film parody: you should get me. don't worry black astonaut. we will.
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sot - chris rock hollywood is sorority racist. it's like we like you rhonda. but you're not a kappa. after five acting nominations--leonardo dicaprio's losing streak--finally ended. his gritty performance as a wounded frontiersman seeking retribution--winning him gold for "the revenant"--his impassioned acceptance speech--a dire warning-- sot - dicaprio climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. best actress--as predicted--went to room's bree larson. the biggest upset of the evening--the supporting actor to "bridge of spies" mark ryance--in a category chock full of hollywood heavy hitters. and "the danish girl's" alicia vikander took home best supporting actress. but the most awarded film of the night--not the sensitive, serious films that dominated the awards--but instead--mad max fury road--with a six win oscar haul. lauren lyster tag: and as the oscar scene
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what moment stuck with viewers? well, on social media leonardo dicaprio's best actor win generated more than 440-thousand tweets per minute - that was the most tweeted moment of an oscar telecast ever -- beating the previous record set when ellen deneneres tweeted that star- studded selfie when she was host. lauren lyster, abc news, hollywood. and though she didnt win an oscar, lady gaga stole the show with her impassioned rendition of "til it happens to you". the song, addressing sexual abuse, brought the audience to it's feet. "til it happens to you, you won't know how i feel..." a very moving perfomace there. for a full list of oscar winners... just go to kolo tv dot com. anim now to some new developments in the search for two missing men out at donner lake. crews have recovered the bodies of 34-year- old lucas johnson and 33-year-old joshua patterson. the search started out as a rescue effort friday night with a 9-1-1 call about a capsized canoe on the lake.
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neither were wearing life jackets. captain rob left-wich with the truckee police department released a statement saying in part.... "our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of lucas and joshua." everyone how important personal flotation devices are. these situations are always extremely tragic and we prevent similar incidents in the future." ### it was an emotional day at sparks high school as hundreds of people came together to honor democratic state senator debbie smith. she died last sunday after a battle with brain cancer. kolo 8 news now's paul harris shows us how the community honored her memory. nats at sparks high school the honor guard lined the entrance and the bagpipes played amazing grace to honor debbie smith... a democratic state senator from district 13 which includes parts of reno and sparks. those who served with her in the legislature spoke about their colleague and friend. naomi duerr, ward 2, "she was a hero to all of us, she was a mentor and inspiration. she encouraged me to run for
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and her colleagues from across the aisle also came to pay respects ben kieckhefer, nevada senator district 16,"her compass always pointed north and i hope that you will try and carry on i will always try to carry on that yours points the same way." smith spearheaded major pieces of legislation like brianna's law... which requires d-n-a testing for people arrested for a felony and also a law that now requires nevada schools to stock epi-pens... a medical device that can possible save a student reaction. "she did not want any kid to die due to anaphylactic shock. she made sure every school has just a few of her achievements. really go over them. but perhaps some of the most emotional and
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from her children. erin smith, daughter," my mom spent the last year fighting this disgusting disease and my dad was there every moment, he would not leave her alone a moment and he loved her and took care of her and he is heroic. she meant something to everyone but she meant everything to my dad. so i want everyone in this room to take all the love you had for my mom and now give it to my dad because he needs it right now. thank you all for being here and loving her and caring and now you need to love my dad. paul harris... kolo 8 news now.
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tahoe have struck again. this time-- they damaged a statue of the virgin mary in king's beach. it happened back on valentine's day at the "lady of the lake church." vandals broke the head and fingers of the statue off. you may remember last september when vandals spray painted the statue and the plaque below it. investigators believe it's linked to a hate crime of church vandalism that spanned from last april to september... targeting churches in incline village, kings beach and tahoe city. members of the church fear... the crime may be escalating. lorena: and it just keeps on happening and i don't understand why. the church is raising money to buy a new statue. the placer county sheriff's office is working with the f-b-i to try to catch the vandals. they're offering a 1- thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. a jury has found the silver springs man-- accused in the death of his girlfriend's 2-year old son-- not guilty of first degree murder and manslaughter. cody wallace though, was found guilty of child abuse causing substantial bodily harm.
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prison. it was back in november of 20-10 when wallace was left alone with his girlfriend's son. wallace called 9-1-1-- and said the child stopped breathing. the boy, later died. ### spring break is almost here... and washoe county health officials aren't taking any chances when it comes to the zika virus. they're offering advice for people who might be traveling to zika infected countries. since february 5th, eight people have been tested for the zika virus in washoe county. none of those cases tested positive for the virus. the c-d-c and washoe county health district recommend pregnant women do not travel to the infected countries. but if you do, make sure you protect yourself from mosquito bites. they also recommend to use protection, since there have been numerous cases of zika spreading through sexual contact. ### this could be black monday for some of the presidential candidates... we'll have a preview of super tuesday... which
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campaigns this time around. and there are so many potential dangers when you're behind the wheel. a look at what to be alert for... and tips to keep you safe. coming up, lindsey matherly will have your complete forecast. that's next on kolo 8 news now. "you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno with dave lawrence, amanda sanchez and lindsey matherly
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super tuesday is almost here. 11 states are up for grabs and the candidates are still throwing punches. so how are the candidates positioning themselves in this fight? abc's stephanie ramos has more from washington. they don't call it super tuesday for nothin? on this one day?the fate
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decided?.and how we got here has been anything but typical? the gop frontrunner?donald trump taking insults from all sides?. rubio sot - trump "doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged with the spray tan cruz sot - if we nominate donald trump in all likelihood hillary wins and if that happens we lose this country. trump has racked up support from some of the loudest names in politics.? an endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie ?and a first senate endorsement from alabama's jeff sessions. trump is leading in most states and is now set to have more big wins on super tuesday?. but he spent the weekend answering questions about an endorsement he may not want?from klu klux klan former grand wizard david duke. djt >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him, and i just don't know anything about him. " on the democratic side - hillary clinton has more delegates and more momentum than bernie sanders after her victory in this weekend's south carolina primary? and sanders knows it?teeing george stephanopoulos on this week. sot sanders this week we got decimated, george.
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virginia stand as the biggest opportunities for clinton to dominate among african american voters, and to test sanders' early strength among hispanics. ramos tag: no candidate can wrap up the nomination on super tuesday but it may be the end for some. the frontrunners are expected to separate themselves from their closest competitors. stephanie ramos abc news alexandria virginia above average temperatures continue through much of the upcoming week. breezy conditions return by late tuesday as weak low pressure moves across the
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light showers possible in extreme northeast california. another weak low pressure may bring showers mainly near the sierra by thursday. wind, rain, and snow is possible for the weekend into the early part of next week as we return to a more active winter pattern. not much has changed in the forecast for the
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week with high pressure remaining in control, bringing predominately warm and dry conditions. ridge flattens late tuesday in response to a shortwave pushing through the pacific northwest. however, with the best moisture and energy remaining well to the north, precipitation chances will be limited to near the oregon border with totals a few hundredths of an inch at best. the main impact for the sierra and northwest nevada will be an increase in winds tuesday afternoon and evening. have you heard of the new movie "the gods of egypt?" if you haven't... you're not alone! and there are some leap
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good morning. topping "america's money" -- starbucks in italy. >> a gutsy move. it will open its first cafe in a country with some of the most particular coffee drinkers in the world. >> its ceo howard schultz says starbucks owes its success to italy. he was inspired to create starbucks when he visited milan in 1983. a major flop at the weekend box office. "the gods of egypt," which cost $140 million to make, took in just $14 million. >> wow, "deadpool" again the favorite. "kung fu panda 3" appropriately was third with $9 million. for those of you celebrating a birthday on this leap day, there are deals out there for you. you can get a free dessert sampler at olive garden. >> pizza hut is offering a free personal pan pizza. and there's a special deal on a
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dad: hey haley, break a leg, huh? girl: that's rude. that means you're going to do fantastic. oh! well, thank you. are you nervous, honey? a little. buena suerte, mi hija. i'm gonna rock this thing! vo: now that's the good stuff. the sonoma collection. only at kohl's. is she after our liquid gold? oh, she better not be. our claim runs straight down to the glut'n free stuffin'. it's gluten. there's gold in them thar shells. liquid gold. get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. happening today.... local hydrologists will take another measurement of our snowpack.
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month...the snowpack measured at 125-percent of normal on mount rose. that boost came from a strong january storm... however february has been a dry that number could go down. surveyors hope this measurment will give them a better idea of what our water supply will look like this summer. there are many dangers on the road. including objects coming off other vehicles...putting your life in danger in a matter of seconds. so how can you protect yourself? here's abc's linzie janis with more. script: they come out of no where? nats objects - like this mattress - or this tire- flying straight at you?sometimes crashing straight through your windshield? amanda mcdonough was driving with her two month old on a highway near detroit saturday when ice flew off the car in front of her?
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windshield" luckily no one was hurt... but tom kotenko - driving on an indiana highway last week - came inches from death? "it's still a little sore" ...when a five pound metal spring came off a semi?sailing through his windshield and knocking him unconscious for a few seconds. it happens more often than you think? debris triggering roughly 50 thousand crashes a year ?claiming nearly 450 lives. to prevent accidents - like this one - nats caused by a mattress landing in the road -- nats -- experts say the best thing you can do is be aware. sot: "trust your instincts, increase your flowing distance. make sure nothing beside you, you can have an escape route.
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in the battle of the burgers, one made a "declaration of delicious"... ...jack. he set forth, armed with artillery no one saw coming. so that everyone could taste history-making burgers. and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack.
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above average temperatures continue through much of the upcoming week. breezy conditions return by late tuesday as weak low pressure moves across the pacific northwest, with light showers possible in extreme northeast california. another weak low pressure may bring a scary few hours for a
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rescue crews worked nearly 6 hours to free the 4 year old after his arm got stuck in a vending machine. the boy's father said he was just being a curious toddler. "we live up in territory and i don't think he's seen a vending machine before. so he saw the oreos and the biscuts.. he was being inquisative so he put his hand in the vending machinge obviously... but he's good now. " leo is said to be doing just fine after the ordeal. when you are sitting on a plane, do you feel like you are packed in like a sardine? how one senator is taking on the issue in hopes of giving you more leg room. a virginia policewan gunned down her first day on the job. her alleged attacker goes to court today. you're watching kolo 8 news now. for news while you're on the
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"you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno."
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it's monday, february 29th. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. above average


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