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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 28, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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anybody going to the thanksgiving day parade? look out for the obama care balloon. it's the one that never gets off
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sglnchts it's a day of celebration. it's a day of giving thanks. sgl they are thankingful that the the winds never materialized. some of the the wind gusts are high. 3.5 million people lining the
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parade. route. they are excited that the balloons are included in the parade. >> thank you. parade coverage begins at k pacific time here on cbs. many stores are catering to customers who want to eat and then shop before the traditional black friday rush. and if you really can't wait, there's always kmart. this one in california opened at 6:00 this morning. however, not everyone is on board with thanksgiving shopping. >> reporter: this thanksgiving day more retailers plan to be open for business but this sears in new hampshire won't be one of them. >> it's just against everything i believe in. >> reporter: this owner is furious when she ze received a memo saying she was required to open at 7:00 p.m. tonight so she fired off a letter to her corporate bosses telling them her store would stay closed.
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>> for us to bypass this and say that the dollar is more important than our families, it's unacceptable. >> sears defended itself in a statement saying we have encouraged all our dealers and franchisees to be open because we believe that is what many consumers want. according to a recent survey an estimated 33 million people plan to hit stores this holiday. still a handful of retailers including nordstrom costco and lowest are holding out. >> how many days do families come together and be thankful for something. >> reporter: she isn't the only one taking a stand. pizza hut manager tony says he lost his job after refusing to his employees work today. >> thanksgiving and christmas are the two days that they are
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closed the whole year. there are only two days those people are guaranteed to have off to spend with their families. >> pizza hut says the decision is up to the independent franchises. the company is evaluating an unfortunate situation and in a statement said we respect an employee's decision not to work on a holiday if they so choose, which is why the vast majority of pizza huts are closed on thanksgiving. for cbs this morning, carter evans, los angeles. >> the national retail federation estimates up to 140 million people will shop this weekend. stores are banking on it. jill is here this morning. good morning to you. i find myself really upset because i feel like i'm already behind the curve. is the backlash worth opening the day before? >> it depends. it's estimated that 33 million people will be shopping today. we won't be one of them but that's okay. the key is retailers are trying to get us into the stores
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earlier and earlier. the more we are in the stores or online, the higher the potential to spend money. i talked to retail analysts. they say this is silly. all we're doing is stretching the holiday season out this first weekend. doesn't matter. but the results will tell us that 33 million people spend a the lot of money today, it will be a good thing. >>. if they wouldn't be open if they weren't making money. overall from the holiday sales, what are you expecting? >> the national retail federation says we should say a rise of 3. 9% over last year. but there's something really interesting. six fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. as a result the stores are bringing out the bargains earlier and earlier. 40 to 50% discounts earlier this month. deals that would have been saved for next week. so some retailers think this is going to be a great season.
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macy's said great season. other end of the spectrum best buy and walmart warned this is going to be a weak holiday season. >> what will make or break the season. >> it always comes down to confidence. two readings on confidence this week. they showed different things. on one survey people are feeling awful. another one they were feeling better. so if we feel confident about our own financial situations then we'll go out and shop. this confidence is tied to the job market. it's like a straight line. so if we find out that jobs are becoming more plentiful, people are getting wage increases, they will feel like they want to spend money. there has been something interesting. we see high end retailers seeing much better business than the lower end. i think that speaks to the jobs situation. people who have made money and continue to hold jobs and get wage increases are spending. the middle to e lower not so much. >> jill, thank you very much. have a good thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you.
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so much. and happy thanksgiving. >> and happy thanksgiving to you. >> this morning we're two months from to start running. the web hosting duties are being switched from verizon to hewlett-pa a delay in how small businesses can purchase health insurance online. as he toured the country pitching the benefits of the affordable care act, president noted the perks in the law for small businesses. >> if you're a small business that's providing health insurance to your employees, you can get a better deal through these skbanchs. >> reporter: just like individuals, small business owners were supposed to purchase plans through on so-called shop exchanges. the ability to use it has
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already been delayed once. >> we will institute the shop component at the end of november. >> reporter: now it's being delayed again, this time till the end of next year. it's working to get the individual users working by this saturday. the administration says that has [ their focus. >> it was important for them to prioritize their functionality. that would enable consumers individually to shop and enroll online in coverage. >> reporter: republicans were quick to pounce on the news. speaker john boehner said it was important for us. they're concerned about what it might mean for them. >> we've had
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small business owners have to go to insurance or insurance agents. jeff vinita. >> jeff, thank you. this morning this morning the "uss georgia" took part in a drill. the u.s. navy said the exercises were planned before china's decision. the growing tension now involves ambassador caroline kennedy. >> the united states established its priority over the new zone when it through two b-52 bombers through it. they were outlined by the chinese government over the weekend. it touches airspace claimed by south korea and taiwan and
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overlaps with an air defense zone controlled by its rival jachlt at the center of all this is a cluster of tiny islands believed to sit above rich mineral sources. they're call eded senkaku by japan and diaoyu by china. the controversy has thrust caroline kennedy, the new u.s. ambassador to japan into the middle of this dispute just about two weeks into her ambassadorship. >> interlateral actions taken by china undermine security and constitute to change the status quo in the east china sea. this only serves to increase tensions in the region. >> reporter: a spokesman said china allowed the u.s. to fly
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through the zone for more than two hours earlier this week and defended its zone. it's the right of self-defense, the spokesman said. it targets no particular country. therefore we hope the relevant countries need not be alarmed or take it personally. the fallout around the zone will likely become the focus of vice president joe biden's trip to japan, china, and south korea next week. for "cbs this morning," seth doane, beijing. we have dramatic new images of this month's devastating midwest tornadoes. now, security cameras at an indiana school show a scene inside look at that as one of the twisters hit. the walls of the gym are ripped open at the middle school in lafayette. debris flew around light fixtures ripped down. no one was at the school. it happened on a sunday.
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a dramatic standoff is finally over this morning. it happened in englewood, in los angeles. as reported the siege went on for more than eight hours. >> reporter: it started shortly after noon wednesday when police were called into this neighborhood. >> it was a family disturbance. we were told it was a male dragging a female by the hair. >> reporter: a family disturbance that quickly escalated into violence, captured on this home video. >> there was an exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: an officer was hit but saved by his bulletproof vest. he was carried away by a female officer. she was not shot but reportedly sustained injuries trying to help her fellow officer.
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>> she staggered and fell and she was out cold. they put her on her shoulder. >> she was hospitalized and released. the male is in the hospital but expected to recover. the hostage situation continued into the night. >> there was a female adult that is the girlfriend of the gunman. >> reporter: police say the gunman, a 45-year-old male with a criminal history was also holding his girlfriend's p14-year-old happened with this chaotic gunfire. >> all right. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. now the "washington post" says afghan president hamid karzai facing growing pressure to sign a security deal with the u.s.
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it would allow 15,000 troops to remain after 2014. they fear losing billions in military al aid. "the wall street journal" says the proposed merger of airlines has been approved. it allows the formation of the world's largest airline. >> the san jose mercury news says the ceo of the genetic maker 23 and me has ordered a demand. but on the company's blog anne wojcicki wrote we stand behind the data we return to customers. britain's "telegraph" said a rare dinosaur sold. the nearly intact remains were found four years ago in wyoming. the buyer is an unnamed institute that will put the
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bones on display. and we love this story. it should whip around the sun today. if it avoids a close encounter, we should be able to see it. will be visible to the naked eye in early december. happy thanksgiving. a few clouds making their way across our skies right now. but looks like we have a decent day ahead. over the bay, yup, we have some clouds there and that low spinning off the coastline going to continue to track southward so we'll see some occasional clouds and a mixture of sunshine today and the temperatures going to be mild into the 60s. next couple of days, return to more sunshine and warmer weather over the weekend. but some cold weather moves in maybe some showers toward next tuesday. >> announcer: this national report sponsored by jcpenney. jingle more bells for the best christmas ever.
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a sea change leads to an amazing show. >> california's monterey bay is dealing with an unusual number of hump back whale bus the whales should be long gone on their way to mexico. why are they sticking around? that story ahead. cbs sports announcer jim nantz is getting ready to announce raiders/cowboys game. this morning he shares stories of the legend. called into question this
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thanksgiving, why plymouth rock might need a new name. the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by project sunlight. help create a brighter future. there's [ female announcer ] the day best foods and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best.
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, everyone. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. time for some news headlines here in the bay area on this holiday. two people have major injuries after a high-speed crash up in santa rosa. police trying to stop a car for a traffic violation last night lost control and slammed into a pole, a fence and part of a home there, as well. highway 92 at 35 near skyline open after a car went over the embankment. four people were rescued. one passenger was pulled up the cliff safely in that cage. and in san francisco, nearly 500 volunteers are showing their thanks by serving thanksgiving day meals to the needs meals for the needy starting at 9:00 out glide
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memorial. traffic and weather coming up after the break.
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liza battalones here. light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza wide open all morning and on this thanksgiving you can park for free in the city. meters are not enforced of. in the silicon valley 880/237 interchange moving well. new accident just cropping up on the guadalupe parkway. and mass transit there is no ace train service today. bart is operating on a sunday schedule. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> a lot of clouds of moving across our skies now. looks like we'll see that on and off throughout the day but it should be a decent day ahead over san jose, you have some clouds there. that cutoff low spinning off the coastline. still we'll mix in sunshine this afternoon. 60s for a high. the next couple of days will be nice and warmer, chance of showers though next week.
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ladies and gentlemen because it's that time of year we have a special segment of the thanksgiving news roundup. are you ready? take it away. thanksgiving news roundup. >> gobble gobble turkey day. >> gobble gobble. >> gobble gobble. >> gobble gobble. >> gobble gobble my friends. >> gobble gobble. >> for thanksgiving 73 degrees. >> gobble gobble. >> thank you, paul. >> ooh, gobble gobble. >> gobble gobble gobble. >> gobble gobble. >> i'm waiting till thursday. >> gobble gobble? >> yeah. >> awesome. comprehensive coverage. coming up this half hour so many will enjoy football today including jim nantz of cbs sports.
7:31 am
he's calling today's cowboys/raiders game. he tells us about today's game and pat sommer al and more. >> we'll show you how another town sets out to prove it was the launch point for the pilgrims. that's ahead. when people think about turkey whales and other sea life are stealing the show off the coast. >> the sight seeing is better than ever. ben tracy shows us what makes this year so special. >> reporter: whale watching normally involved a lot of whale waiting. not here not now. california's monterey bay is teaming up with over 200 humpback whales. nancy black is a marine biologist and captain of the whale watching boat.
7:32 am
tourists have been packing the boats. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. i'm taking photos. i'm just trying to tell the people how lucky they are to really witness this. >> reporter: they are also seeing dolphins orcas, and sea lions, aka killer whales. but the humpbacks are getting all the attention. >> the enormous flukes and the breaching, it's fabulous. >> reporter: there are about 2,000 humpback whales that feed off the coast of california, but this time of year they should be well on their way to mexico where they breed, but there's a reason they're sticking around. food. there is a record amount of anchovies in the bay. so many, in fact they show up as a big red blob on radar. >> it's so amazing. for miles you'll see layers of fish like this. >> reporter: the scientists
7:33 am
can't help be see the explosion. they're swallowing up to 2 tons a day. sea lions help chase them into balls. it's such a feast the whales have seemed to have forgotten it's time to head south to breed. >> reporter: is this a question of which biological need wins out, breeding or food? >> it's a struggle. >> reporter: we'll see. until then a show of sea life could be called a huge attraction. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, monterey bay, california. jim nantz is the lead play-by-play announcer for the nfl on cbs. he joining us from texas where the cowboys host the raiders this afternoon. mr. nantz, good morning. >> happy thanksgiving. you're right, man. football family feasting it's all part of the day.
7:34 am
>> tony romo has take an lot of flakover the years. i'll tell you sunday he looks pretty good. what are you expecting today? >> i don't know why he's such a lightning rod guy. he's always seemed to be a guy under the mike rows cope more than the other quarterbacks. i would have to say some of these years where he threw an interception the cowboys would not have been in position to make a playoff run if it wasn't for tony. he's having a great year. i would expect today, i think a lot of people are going to see why i say that. >> jim, you're in dallas right now. you're in irving. >> there you go. you know then how this city -- it's all cowboys, 365. got to say this year -- and i've been around this team for years -- that win against the new york giants was a big one, one of biggest ones they've had in a
7:35 am
long, long time and it's create add lot of optimism here. the cowboys, they feed off that and make a big run toward the playoffs 678 they're currently tied in their division. big fafrmts against oak land. things are coming together. mr.'s some really positive signs. >> there's go to be a special moment coming up. i grew up watchling him. you watched him. i know you were a student of this business as much as anyone. what did pat mean to broadcasting? >> first off i was lucky enough because cbs decided one year to hire a kid broadcaster and i got ride his coattails for ten years hchl e he remained it. we're going to open up the broadcast with pat stitching together some of his
7:36 am
thanksgiving commentary. it's our opening tees and a tribute to pat. what did pat mean? i'll put it this way. he was on our side of cbs. he was our walter cronkite and he was just a tremendous presence. he really helped build the brand of cbs. he's a very important voice in the history of the network and as far as it is f goes, i think some people would say the greatest of all time, clearly with the national football league he was the voice of the nfl. i think of him every day. i'll think of him every week and think of the profound fluns he had on my life and my career. >> you mentioned pat's busy schedule. you're alps business. on sunday the broncos and kansas city chiefs. how is that one you've got the two teams tied
7:37 am
for the best record in the afc. they are both in the afc west division. they met in denver and the broncos beat them by ten. they had heartbreaking losses last week by a field goal margin at the end. arrowhead stadium is raucous. they had the world book of records there recently and he certified it as the loudest stadium in the world 137.5 decibels. i cannot hear anything in my head set. as much as our producer tries to feed me a few cues to commercial, it's impossible. it's just a wild scene. and i know it's going to be at its best on sunday. >> you're the best my friend. appreciate it. >> happy thanksgiving to all of you. enjoy the game later today. >> don't work too hard. >> jim nance, thank you.
7:38 am
cbs spores coverage begins at 1:00 pacific. then raiders and cowboys at 1:30 pacific here on cbs. football isn't the only thing drawing visitors to at&t stadium. we'll show you how the family of jerry jones is turning the arena into a modern art gallery. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." did history get it wrong when it comes to the mayflower? >> thanksgiving might never have happened without this town. we'll have the story coming up later on "cbs this morning."
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hi. this is captain sara hanson in
7:43 am
kabul, afghanistan. i want to say happy thanksgiving to my family back in florida. >> i'd like to say happy thanksgiving to my friends and my family, especially to my son nicholas in ft. worth, texas. i love you. >> hi. this is captain tara in kabul, afghanistan, i want to say hi to my family in kennebunk, maine. >> happy thanksgiving from kabul, afghanistan. it's a thanksgiving lesson many of us were taught in school. the may flower arrived here after setting sale in england. but as charlie d'agata reports people in another british coastal town believes it's time to rewrite the story of our birth. >> reporter: this thanksgiving you might want to give a little thank to the town of harwich on england's east coast. >> they owe a lot to this place. >> you exaggerate. >> i'm allowed to exaggerate.
7:44 am
i'm irish. >> reporter: he's irish but he's been there longer than that dub lick lynn dublin lilt sulgs. so why harwich? >> because it it is birthplace that brought pilgrims to america. >> point blank. >> point blank. it was only a twist of history that put those brave souls there at all. the story goes the mayflower set off from plymouth on england's southwest coast in 1660 on its journey to the new world but sporters say sim harwich was the mayflower's original home port the journey began there. the pilgrims boarded in london, made a couple of stops on the
7:45 am
south coast and returned briefly to pick up people because the sister ship sprang a leak. mayflower was a popular name with more than two dozen sailing the seas back then but there's no doubt its captain christopher jones came from harwich and it was his mayflower. we were shown the town charter dating back four centuries. >> >> it was a twit who married -- >> reporter: twits? >> twits. they connected him. >> in a manner of speaking. >> yes. >> they're pretty serious about staking harwich's claim. >> no mayflower, no thereaftering. >> absolutely. turkeys would be safe. >> reporter: they're hoping to
7:46 am
be put on the map if they can fupt $4 million to turn this pile of oak into a 100-foot vessel in the next three years. they plan to sell places on the voyage maybe to direct descendants of the original pilgrims. >> the question, are you going to be on the maiden voyage? >> definitely not. it's going to feel way too rough. >> reporter: it's a good thing they didn't feel that way or the original may flower might have never set sail. for "cbs this morning," i'm charlie d'agata. >> their claim to fame before this was an oak tree. maybe they need this. >> maybe there could be a happy thanksgiving. a few clouds making their way across our skies right now. but looks like we have a decent day ahead. over the bay, yup, we have some clouds there and that low spinning off the coastline going to continue to track southward so we'll see some occasional clouds and a mixture of sunshine today and the temperatures going to be mild
7:47 am
into the 60s. next couple of days, return to more sunshine and warmer weather over the weekend. but some cold weather moves in maybe some showers toward next tuesday. up between thanksgiving and christmas, and studios are taking more risks this year. we'll look at some of the best holiday films with critic tony scott. that's ahead on "cbs this morning" on this thanksgiving morning.
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7:52 am
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. happy thanksgiving, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 7:56. get your updated on some bay area headlines. football of course a big tradition on thanksgiving. one of the biggest annual turkey day games is down in san jose. it's the annual big bone game. and it's been going on since the '40s pitting lincoln against san jose, the city's two oldest public high schools. game time at 11 a.m. check it out at city college. it looks like the worst is over for people traveling over the holiday. the nation's airports and highways mostly back to normal after a pretty messy winter storm blanketed much of the east coast and brought heavy rain and snow forcing flight delays and cancellations but hopefully, everyone is home sweet home. we have your traffic and weather coming up after the break.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, everybody. happy thanksgiving. if you are heading for 280 in san jose, watch out for an accident now being reported in the southbound direction at winchester. at least two lanes of traffic are closed with this accident involving a couple of trucks. so expect a minor delay getting through there. it has been "holiday light" over at the bay bridge toll plaza. very light traffic leaving oakland heading into san francisco. and remember, no ace train service today and tomorrow. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> all right. a lot of clouds moving in across our skies. good news is, no rain in the forecast today. looks like we'll just see passing clouds. out toward ocean beach sun trying to breakthrough there, as well. and it is going to be a nice day although we'll see passing clouds today. temperatures fairly mild. that low pressure system going to continue to drag to the south. plan on 66 degrees in livermore today. 64 in san rafael and 63 in san francisco. chance of showers though next week.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the nation's biggest thanksgiving parade nearly lost its most famous stars, but this morning, millions are celebrating as the giant balloons take to the sky. the new "hunger games" sequel is tops at the box office, but we'll show you some other movies that are worth a look. and the dallas cowboys stadium has more to see than just football. it's become a major destination for modern art. we'll show you why owner jerry jones can thank his wife and daughter. but first, here's a look at today's "eye-opener" at 8:00. 3.5 million people lining the parade route in frigid temperatures will get to enjoy not only the floats and marching bands, but the balloons. six fewer shopping days this year between thanksgiving and christmas. the stores are bringing out the
8:01 am
bargains earlier and earlier and there are deep discounts. >> opponents of the health care law are seizing on this delay for small businesses as another reason they believe the law is failing. a dramatic standoff is finally over this morning in california. [ shots ] california's monterey bay is teeming with an unusual number of humpback whales but the whales should already be long gone. >> they're right here. i mean it's crazy. did history get it wrong when it comes to the "mayflower"? >> no mayflower, no thanksgiving. >> absolutely. turkeys would be saved. >> happy thanksgiving from kabul, afghanistan! >> you're right, man, it's football, family feasting. it's all part of this day. >> the balloons are flying. sonic the hedgehog behind me here. snoopy's lined up getting ready to go. >> thousands of people will line up along the parade route to watch. of course, half of them are people who are still passed out from the st. patrick's day parade, but still.
8:02 am
happy thanksgiving everyone. i'm jeff glor with vinita nair. charlie, gail and norah are off. one of thanksgiving's best traditions dodged a threat from nature. >> high winds threatened to ground the giant balloons in new york's big thanksgiving parade but instead, it is all systems go. don dahler is near the starting point at central park west in new york city. don, this is just one more thing to be thankful for. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and jeff and good morning to our viewers out west. as you can see, our balloons are up in the air, they're out of the nets and they are going to be taking part in the thanksgiving day parade. we have sonic hedgehog over here. you can see behind him is my daughter's favorite hello kitty. snoopy, the new snoopy balloon, actually. this is the first year for this one with woodstock riding on his back over there. there was a lot of concern over the last couple days that this big storm that came from the west would produce such high winds that the balloons would
8:03 am
not be safe to fly. that announcement was made a short time ago, the winds did not, in fact materialize and they were able to do that. people have been injured in the past from balloons that have knocked over lampposts and things, so they really want to be careful about that. and 3,000 people are lining the parade route today in new york city. it goes down along central park and broadway. it's pretty frigid out here but they started lining up for a good spot as early as 5:00 a.m. the nypd as you can see, is out in force. there are security checkpoints along the route to make sure no one wants to disturb the proceedings, but also there is a police officer, sergeant along with every balloon carrying a wind-detection device to make sure that the winds are not dangerous. they'll lower the balloons if they do get too high. jeff vinita? >> don dahler thank you very much. we'll bring you coverage of the thanksgiving day parade in about an hour right after "cbs this morning." millions of travelers are at their holiday destinations this morning. some had to get through heavy rain along the east coast.
8:04 am
new york city got 2 1/2 inches wednesday. other parts of new york state saw several inches of snow. but conditions were unexpectedly smooth on highways and at major airports along the east coast. >> that big storm is gone this morning, and most of the country can expect good weather for thanksgiving, although very cold here. airlines delayed more than 6,000 flights yesterday, but only about 300 were canceled. that's less than 1% of the airlines scheduled. it may be thanksgiving, but it is also less than four weeks before christmas. that is why more stores than ever will be open at some point today. some people already are shopping this morning. the national retail federation predicts 140 million americans will visit a store during this four-day weekend. 69% of those are expected to shop tomorrow the traditional black friday. and 33 million people are likely to spend part of their thanksgiving day at the mall. hundreds gathered at a park near the white house for the lighting of the national menorah menorah. the ceremony marks the start of the first day of hannah.
8:05 am
jewish cantors accompanied the air force band in cold damp weather wednesday. the last time hanukkah coincided with thanksgiving was 1888 so some are calling it thanksgivukkah. and the holiday mash-up inspired a new line of greeting cards as well. thanksgivukkah will not happen for another 79,000 years. >> you just want to say it when you see it there, don't you? thanksgivukkah. also at the white house, a turkey tradition. president obama was joined by his daughters for the annual turkey pardoning. the president said 80 turkeys competed for the chance to stay off the thanksgiving table. it came down to two. >> caramel and popcorn went head to head together for america's vote as top gobbler. the competition was stiff, but we can officially declare that popcorn is the winner. proving, there you go proving that even a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. as for caramel, he's sticking
8:06 am
around and he's already busy raising money for his next campaign. >> popcorn and caramel will spend the holidays at george washington's mt. vernon estate. then they'll go to their final home, a farm in leesburg, virginia. in his speech yesterday, president obama also took time to thank american troops for their service. thousands of u.s. military members are celebrating thanksgiving far from home. troops stationed in afghanistan lined up for a traditional feast at the airport in kabul. they sat down for lunch of turkey and all the fixings. more than 40,000 americans are still serving in afghanistan. a tiny business in a small alabama town made more than 500 thanksgiving pies this week. the owner has done so much more than that. as mark strassmann reports, residents are thankful for this nonstop entrepreneur. >> reporter: pam roe into greensboro when it was on life
8:07 am
support. even the catfish moved on. >> 70% of the businesses downtown were vacate or abandoned. >> but she has a special gift using whatever is lying around to build possibility. so, this is bamboo. >> this is an engineered bamboo tube lined with carbon fiber. >> reporter: wild bamboo was a local nuisance. and this stuff grows all over. >> everywhere. and it turns out it's great for building bikes. >> reporter: but until you came along, it was just an annoyance for a lot of people. >> no one liked it yes. there was a lot of complaining about bamboo. >> reporter: in 2008 she opened a bamboo bike business. how much of a learning curve was that? >> for us, it was a long learning curve. it takes a while to figure out how to cure bamboo properly and how to build a bike that's going to last. >> reporter: hero bikes has gone global. adam fowler manages 24 people in what was an abandoned building. >> we've sent to japan, belgium, france, germany, spain. you name it we've sent it. >> reporter: surprising? >> i would say yes. >> we ship out tomorrow.
8:08 am
>> reporter: dore visited greensboro in 2003 loved it and never left. her non-profit development group, called hero has become this community's one-woman stimulus package. >> mm-mmm. >> reporter: she baked this pie business from scratch with a few local recipes. where'd you get the oven? >> we actually found the oven in a dumpster. >> reporter: a dumpster. >> yeah. everything in the pie shop was free or found. >> reporter: most people they think to themselves, okay i need a business plan i need investors, and you had none of that. >> we didn't need it because we had pie. >> reporter: pie lab now takes in $25,000 a month and helps get 24-year-old nikita pelley off welfare. >> i provide a good living for my family. >> reporter: dora has created 11 small businesses and $50 million in profits since 2006 has built affordable housing for hundreds of people in seven counties. it's almost as though wherever
8:09 am
you look you found an opportunity. >> it's amazing, yeah. i have all kinds of ideas to do more. >> reporter: what was it that you discovered about yourself once you realized you could do it? >> that there's a lot to do yeah. >> reporter: dohr has a new business idea quilts selling together patches of new life. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, greensboro, alabama. >> i would say that's what you call a win-win. >> yeah. they've also turned a kick-starter now so they're raising more money with such smart ideas. >>
8:10 am
are you still looking for the perfect wine for thanksgiving dinner? well wine expert richard betts is in our toyota green room. he has a simple test that will find the right bottle every time. in fact, he says turkey goes with anything! >> are we starting already? plus all that mattered on this day in 1974. no one could imagine this live performance would be his last.
8:11 am
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it is our great privilege and your great privilege to see and hear mr. john lennon! >> all that mattered 39 years ago today, john lennon delivered his final onstage performance. elton john made the surprise introduction during his 1974 thanksgiving day concert at madison square garden. the duo sang three songs together, including lennon's hit "whatever gets you through the night." following the concert, lennon reunited with his wife, yoko ono ono, backstage after an 18-month separation. their son, shawn, was born nearly a year later. >> pretty wild to see those pictures. >> he said he intended it just to be a five-year hiatus. in other words lennon never knew that was his final performance at the time. will "the hunger games" catching fire be able to catch the number one spot again this weekend? tony scott is here in studio with us. spot again? tony scott is with us in studio 57. studio 57.- he says there are other movies you shouldn't miss this morning. that is coming up later this morning on "cbs this morning."
8:16 am
somebody is drinking wine in the green room right now no question about it. right back after this. ♪ i'm gonna do this... no... no... no... i'm gonna beat you this time ♪ yes... (laughing) yes!! ♪
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8:19 am
you came to see me? in the district. he says they don't believe our luck. >> you should have told me that before i went out there and tried to get their money.
8:20 am
>> sorry. i didn't know what to do. >> what were you thinking? >> please, just help me get through this. help me get through this. >> wake up. this trip doesn't end when you get back home. you never get off this train. >> this weekend "the hunger games: catching fire" will try to keep its hot streak going. the film brought in more than $161 million in the u.s. alone. $307 million around the globe. but the competition could be heating up as the holidays begin. with us now, tony scott, film critic for "the new york times." tony, good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> nice to see you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> you receive it. >> it's got better critics. it's a better movie. they switched out directionerors. it's tighter, moves faster and gives you a more satisfying and moving experience. think fans would have gone to see it anyway. this is quite a phenomenon noncoming off of the books and
8:21 am
their popularity and really building and i think driven by the star dom of jennifer lawrence who is really, i think one of the great movie stars of our moment. i mean she's terrific when she goes out and publicizes these moves. she's a great interview guest. and she plays a great heroine that i think they can relate to and identify. >> are you recommending "nebraska" instead because you can't get into "hunger games"? >> i wouldn't say bring your 12-year-olds to see "nebraska" which is a black-and-white move a little bittersweet melancholy about an older guy played by bruce stern. he's an older guy who thinks he's won a million dollars. he got a sweepstakes letter. he's a little out of it and he drink taos much and he thinks
8:22 am
he's won. he convinces his son to drive him to nebraska to pick up his money. they get stalled in his hometown which is this little town in nebraska, and it's this wonderful, very complex, very rich, very funny and also very touching kind of look at small town life. it's about fathers and sons it's about family about aging, about whether you can or can't go home whether you should even bother trying to go home. really good movie directed by alexander payne who i think is one of our best filmmakers. >> so spielberg had that criticism a while back. everyone's making blockbusters and cg and everything else. is that changing at all now >> well, i don't know if it's changing. it's hard to figure out what's going on in the movie business but it does seem to happen that every spring and summer, people are complaining about the blockbusters and sequels and all the action movies and grown-up
8:23 am
people are just more curious audience members do a lot to go and see. but then in the fall -- this happened last year you know when there was spielberg's own "lincoln" and "django" and "argo." this fall we have a ton of really interesting, good movies of all different kinds to see, from "gravity" to "12 years a slave" to "nebraska." so, it does seem like it's possible. i think it's hard sometimes for these movies to find a big enough audience. i think that's really the challenge. they do seem to get made. >> i surrender that i'll ever see a romantic comedy in the theater any time soon, but i want to ask you about three other movies getting a lot of buzz. "the wolf of wall street," "saving mr. banks" and "american hustle." >> yes, these are all movies coming up. we're getting ready for the onslaught of december, you know sort of oscar-aspiring movies and these three are definitely in that category. "wolf of wall street," martin scorsese sort of doing
8:24 am
"goodfellas" on wall street in the financial industry with leo dicaprio. "american hustle" is david o. russell's follow-up to "silver linings playbook" with an amazing cast bradley cooper jennifer lawrence, again, amy adams and a lot of '70s hairstyles. >> amazing outfits. >> and then "saving mr. banks" looks like it's trying to be the kind of family feel-good movie. it's a disney movie about the making of a disney movie with tom hanks as walt disney and emma thompson as the author of the mary poppins book. >> quickly, five seconds, best picture front-runner right now. >> right now, i would say "12 years of slave" is probably still in there, but these movies coming out in december could change it all. >> all right, thank you very much. the dallas cowboys' record this year is no masterpiece, but that doesn't mean fans can't appreciate the finer things. >> in texas, they talk a lot about the art of football, but here at the home of the dallas cowboys, they talk a lot about art. i'm jan crawford. coming up on "cbs this morning,"
8:25 am
how america's team and your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning. 8:25. time for some news headlines here on kpix 5. two people have major injuries after a high- speed crash up north in santa rosa. police tried to stop a car for a traffic violation last night. the driver lost control, slammed into a pole, a fence and part of a house. highway 92 at 35 near skyline back open after a car went over the embankment. four people had to be rescued. rescuers were able to pull one passenger to safety in the cage. in san francisco nearly 500 volunteers are serving 5,000 meals to the needy at glide memorial on this thanksgiving morning. we have the traffic and
8:26 am
holiday forecast coming up right after the break. ree financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend.
8:27 am
good morning. happy thanksgiving! 280 in the san jose area better news, finally one lane is open southbound 280 at winchester, there have been several accidents out there but expect delays because at least three lanes of traffic are shut down, take stevens creek as an alternate. the rest of the commute is quiet, "holiday light" at the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:28 am
once you're in san francisco, parking meters are not enforced today for the holiday. all other bridges also looking good. mass transit bart on a sunday schedule, only running every 30 minutes. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence. >> we can park wherever we want! >> wherever! >> how about that. happy thanksgiving, everyone. if you are headed out the door today, we have a good day ahead, a couple of passing clouds working their way across our skies now. a cutoff low spinning off the southern california coastline. a few days ago we thought that might bring showers. now just a few clouds and a nice day. so enjoy if you can. the temperatures will be mild. plan on some mid-60s into san jose. about 65 in oakland. 66 in the napa valley. about 64 degrees in san rafael. as we look toward the next couple of days, more sunshine on the way and some warmer temperatures. then cooling off, maybe it looks like some showers beginning to move into the bay area on tuesday into wednesday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> thanks for watching "cbs this welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour it is a shrine to one of america's most storied football teams but the home of the dallas cowboys is also fielding another kind of entertainment, modern art. the family of owner jerry jones takes us inside the stadium that became a canvas. >> also, if you're having trouble picking the right wine for thanksgiving dinner, you may be going about it all wrong. we have a master a sommelier in our green room right now. they've made a scratch n' sniff wine book. we're going to talk to richard about that. >> right now it's time to squloi
8:31 am
this morning's headlines. "the san francisco chronicle" says if you have leftovers and want to donate them, there's an app for that. they promise to dwibt leftover turkey meals to the needy. >> the "los angeles times" says a toy maker is backing down with the beasty boys. it's pulls a song from ids ad campaign. the promo became an internet sensation but the band does not allow its music to be used in commercials. >> the "washington post" says plum bers will be extra busy after thanksgiving. that's because all of the holiday cooking causes sinks to get clogged with grease and toilets to overflow. roto rooter expects to see a 50% jump in calls makewide. >> that's a pleasant thought. how jason kidd spilled his drink on wednesday possibly on purpose. take a look at this. he attempts to mouth the words hit me to one of his players who then bumps the coach. the drink goes on the court. that buys the nets a much needed time-out while the mess is
8:32 am
cleaned up with only a couple seconds left. however, the apparent soda strategy fizzled. the nets lost. >> that was creative. >> yes, and probably illegal. there's a shortage of pecans depending where you live. the reason, record drought. there's more demand from china which consumes one third of the u.s. crop. the pecan prices are 30% higher at the grocery store. the astronauts do have turkey. it is sliced irradiated, and warmed in a pouch. they also have green bean casserole and freeze dried cornbread dressing. it's all prepared for the mission. it's almost time for the thanksgiving day parade on cbs. kevin frazier and thea andrews of "omz insider" are this year's
8:33 am
hosts and they join us from the front seats. i'm so happy you're both bundled. welcome to you both. >> we're here and ready and like the balloons we're ready to fly. the thanksgiving day parade is a go, and here's the thing. there is concern because if the wind was gusting past 23 miles an hour or there were gusts over 34 miles per hour the balloons wouldn't fly but snoopy is ready to rock and roll with his buddy woodstock on his back and the crowds are out here. we're on sixth avenue avenue of americas, and already big crowds excited to see all these balloons. of course, remember, it's not just about the balloons. there are so many floats and marching bands and performers in this parade. that's what makes it the premier parade on all of thanksgiving day. >> and we're going to have special performances right here on cbs. we have a holiday serenade from the country group lady antebellum. they're heading out on tour but
8:34 am
you're going to see them here first live exclusive with us and also some broadway plays. "cinderella," "first date," and, of course, some special guests. we're going to be really busy at the corner of 53rd and 6th. >> it's a little gusty in. >> a little wind. the balloons are going to look fantastic, they're going fly high, it's going to be a great day and you can see it only on cbs right here. >> i have to ask you. i see all the crowds behind you. when they made the announcement did people go nuts also what are the balloons that people are lining up to see? >> every year there are new balloons. when came to work at 5:00 in this morning there were people already on the street. that's how excite they'd are. it was the happiest group of people i receive at 5:00 in the morning at the temp we've seen. it's really cold out here. we've got about six layers of clothing. snoopy is a big one.
8:35 am
spongebob square pants. >> by the way, that snoopy is the sichbeventh version of snoopy, it's a little different. he ditched the aviator glasses and the doghouse. it's now two guys snoopy and woodstock rolling down the road. >> old school. >> kevin frazier and thea. thea, your hair looks great but i'm sure you're going to need a hat at some point. >> there's a lot of hair sprail holding it, i promise you. >> you can watch it at 9:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. central right after "cbs this morning." >> afterward you can watch the dallas cowboys right here on cbs. but their city home is more than just football. also a gallery. jan crawford shows us how the family is inspiring a whole new group of fans. >> reporter: this is what you expect from the nfl. power and finesse.
8:36 am
football, you could say, like an art form. but at the home of the dallas cowboys, here's what you also get. real art by world-renowned artist even on the massive video board. >> disappointing. you yourself. >> reporter: that's called a truism. more than a dozen pop up during a any cowboys game. cutting-edge modern art in a football stadium is the inspiration of jean jones, wife of cowboys owner jerry jones and their daughter charlotte. >> for me, it's the ultimate. >> reporter: you, of course have to say it. only in dallas. whose idea was this? >> i really was passionate about doing this. i wanted to have more than a football stadium. i wanted it to be a great architectural and wonderful gift to the community. >> you realize this is really a
8:37 am
wow kind of venue and we have the opportunity to do something very unique and to blend culture with sports and entertainment, that we should make that leap. and when mother suggested it it was like that's the missing piece. >> reporter: some of the art has a football theme even if you don't realize it. >> this is an incredibly unique piece because these are individual l.e.d.s, and this is an individual expression of art and what he did was actually film our art. he took the live game and translated it into art. if you step back you can actually see the play evolving. >> reporter: and sure enough, there's number 22 emmitt smith, charging down the field just like in the glory days. the newest piece is also one of the biggest statements. it's called "sky mirror," the artist who's known for the beam. sky mirror stands for unlimited possibilities. not a bad message when you're
8:38 am
backing a football team. jerry jones says it's his favorite piece. >> i know enough about it to say it. jones, quit worrying about the art and how about a good blocking offensive line. i know exactly what you're thinking. >> reporter: okay. we weren't going to say that. well, not out loud but when you walk through the stadium, the combination of art and football starts to make sense, especially when you hear about school field trips, children expecting to see tony romo and instead get an introduction to art. >> they see the art on these big walls and then they'll have them go back and duplicate that. then they'll say now let's see your version of what you think the solar system is. >> reporter: one of the first pieces to be installed is called "blue field explosion" by artist gary simmons who painted it just before the stadium opened. >> he came in on the scaffolding, he's scared of heights. as he does it he puts his hands in the paint and throws it on
8:39 am
the medium. he's doing this incredible work while he's chained to this whole construction piece and the music is blaring. i think it's what he felt, you know happens on a field. >> reporter: and that maybe is where for cowboy fans art and football can come together, "an explosion of blue," blowing up a team's offense. for "cbs this morning," jan crawford, dallas. >> it really is some beautiful art. and 1-800-cool piece of information, you can actually get an audio tour through the stadium on mondays and wednesdays so you can see. >> you're dallas native. >> i am. >> very cool. aisle i'll check it out. finding the right line can be child's play. one of the top wine experts richard betts is here in studio 57 around he'll show u house
8:40 am
woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. force base. i just wanted to give a quick shout-out to my parents and sister for thanksgiving. miss you guys. i'll see you soon. hello. i'm staff sergeant bernard from fofrt hood, texas. i want to say happy thanksgiving to my wife and kids. i love you miss you. happy thanksgiving from afghanistan. >> stationed in kabul, afghanistan. i want to say hi to my wife and
8:44 am
kids in killeen, texas. happy thanksgiving. hi this is lieutenant devin reading from pennsylvania. i wanted to say hello to my mom and dad, grandmother and grand father and my cousins back there in p.a. happy thanksgiving and go army beat navy. >> happy thanksgiving from kabul, afghanistan. >> love you. >> thank you all. finding the perfect wine can be a time-consuming chore this thanksgiving but author/ author/sommelier has more. there really is a scratch n' sniff guide to becoming a wine expert. richard, good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> where does an idea like this come from? >> you know, for your me, i think the whole -- wine is fun, but in america our tradition is very, very young. you put it on a pedestal with a fancy old guy with a cup around his neck. none of that is interesting to me. knock it off the pedestal, make
8:45 am
it fun that's where the scratch and sniff part comes in. >> tells about your background. you were original going to become a lawyer. you were on your way to law school. how did this come about in your life? >> yeah. i was finishing grad school on my way to law school and one afternoon after a very long day in a hot dark roon with a scan electron microscope, i thought, you know what? i need a glass of wine. i went across the street to a friend's wine shop. i didn't know anything about wine but i kind of recognized it. picked it up all ten bucks in my pocket, took it home, poured the glass, and the first sniff -- i have a big nose. that first sniff told me back to milan almost four years ago. i remember where i sat where my friend sat. i said, beth that was really compelling compelling. i think i don't want to go to
8:46 am
law school. i said i want to do food and wine and my friend bobby said you should. so i did. >> grow to school or train yourself? >> you can train yourself. it was important. it was compelling. you needed to stay alive and we don't depend on it as much today as we much did but my dad's great example. he says, gosh i can't smell anything. now he's an expert. he's gone from wine in a box to having a real habit. >> what you do is basically break down red and white wines into major groups. wood, fruit, earth, and other. >> yes. >> how does recognizing or understanding those help you pick a good wine? >> the idea is that alweins can be broken down. if it's a red wine it's going to have predominantly red fruits and predominantly black fruits and what's a good wine? it's the wine you look. it's not the one i tell you. it's the wine that makes you smile. you work through the book and say i lied red fruit, not black so much. i do like oak, not so much when
8:47 am
it's not there. i like thor think thing. if you figure out your preferences, you know what a strawberry smells like and a blackberry. so by saying this is what i like, then we have this really interesting chart that says choose euro intervention. i want the red fruit and the earth. then drink this. >> how do you know what to pair with the food? >> well, that's totally -- my only rule with that is there's really no rules. pair what you like. eat what you like drink what you like. as long as you're smiling that's all that matters. >> vinita has been scratching all morning. the smells are wafting through the studios. it's a very cool idea we haven't seen before. how you do come down on screw caps? >> when we were younger the only thing that came with a screw cap was those big jugs that weren't associated with paz activity in the wine world. today they're okay. you don't need a wine opener. >> as you mentioned your goal
8:48 am
was to change the way americans think about wine. i love that you said wine is a grocery, not at a luxury. as people today are sitting around trying to plan what they're going to have with their turkey. it sounds like you're saying go with what you like. >> absolutely. if it's cheeseburgers and chardonnay, knock it out. >> do cheeseburgers work with chardonnay? >> whatever makes you happy. >> the scratch n' sniff guide is on sale now. tomorrow on "cbs this morning" meet the food scientists behind a new kind of steak. it's called the vegas strip. why it could be called a cash cow for the industry. that's tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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i'm here at the bull, in california. 'd like to say hi to my wife my family, my step kids. merry christmas, happy thanksgiving. i'll be home as soon as i can. love you guys and miss you. >> chief mcnorton, headquarters. i want to say happy thanksgiving to everyone and season greetings and i'll see you soon next year. love you. >> hi. i'm lieu i'm lieutenant colonel eric. i'd like to say happy thanksgiving to my family back in colorado. >> that was really nice to see. >> happy thanksgivingukkah. >> to you as well. i have to go home and bake a
8:53 am
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. we got your kpix 5 headlines on this holiday. highway 92 at 35 near skyline back open after a car went over the side of an embankment there. four people had to be rescued of the rescuers were able to pull one of the passengers up that cliff safely. football a big thanksgiving day tradition. one of the biggest annual turkey day games right in san jose. the annual big bone game has been going on since the 1940s. it pits lincoln against san jose. the city's two oldest public high schools game time set at 11:00 this morning at city college. and it looks like the worst is over for people traveling over the holiday. the nation's airports and highways are mostly back to normal after a messy winter storm blanked much of the east
8:56 am
coast. it brought heavy rain and snow forcing flight delays and cancellations but hopefully everyone has reached their destinations. as for the turkey day forecast, mr. karnow? >> good day to check out the big bone game. maybe just check out the raiders on channel 5 today as we have some great weather ahead. some passing clouds moving out there now. going to see more of that on and off throughout the day. low pressure centered off the coastline right now but continuing to sag to the south. so we'll see some passing clouds throughout the day but it will stay dry. temperature about 65 degrees in mountain view, 66 san jose, 66 degrees in livermore, 63 in san francisco. i think as we look out over the next couple of days, return to more sunshine and some warmer temperatures expected over the weekend. in fact, some of these numbers getting near 70 degrees as we head in toward sunday. but that all changes on monday. more clouds headed our way. there's even a chance of some showers on tuesday. we are going to check your "kcbs traffic" coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. happy thanksgiving! if you are heading for 280 we have great news. all lanes are now open. this is southbound 280 approaching winchester boulevard. there was a major accident had all lanes closed so with the lanes open traffic now moving well in both directions. the bay bridge commute leaving oakland heading into the city, it is still "holiday light" at the pay gates. once in san francisco, parking meters will not be enforced today.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: live from new york city, it's the 2013 thanksgiving day parade on cbs. the spectacular celebration begins right now. along with the millions of people lining the streets, get ready to experience larger-than-life balloons colorful floats, thousands of talented entertainers and an exclusive holiday concert by grammy-winning country superstars lady antebellum. that, plus musical performances from the broadway shows "cinderella," "first date," and "a night with janis joplin."


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