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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 20, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. some serious charges levied against the nfl. the stunning accusations in a lawsuit just filed by former players here in san francisco. good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is on assignment. and we begin this noon with
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some breaking news. retired nfl players accusing the league now of illegally giving them painkillers and other drugs to numb their injuries. kpix 5's dennis o'donnell spoke with one of the players who says the nfl needs to change. >> reporter: frank, we saw this happening at 9:00 this morning when the suit was filed. jeremy newberry played almost 200 games in his nfl career. he took tore doll insections for the majority of those games. now he is paying the price. he thinks the nfl should too. >> i'm 38 years old and i got 30% kidney function. if my kidneys get any worse, i'll be on dialysis or a transplant. >> reporter: in the suit filed in san francisco federal court, jeremy newberry, richard dent, jim mcmahon, and others claim that the nfl has intentionally recklessly and negligently developed a culture of drug misuse, substituting players' health for profit. >> we have five years of health insurance and then you're on your own to deal with these
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health issues that could easily have been prevented if they were more forthcoming with what they were giving and more responsible with the drugs that they gave you in the first place. >> reporter: newberry was a two- time pro bowl center for the 49ers. he played 11 seasons in the nfl, nine in san francisco. he also worked for kpix-tv as an analyst. >> the tordol line was crazy. the general public wouldn't believe the cattle call when you have 20 to 25 guys with your habits down waiting in line for a doctor with syringes walking through, they are sticking you one at a time as you walk in. they are shooting up half the time in some cases. >> reporter: did you ever question what the doctors were giving you? >> no, because, you know, as a young kid, as a professional, you're thinking, okay, if this doctor is okay, this is what's acceptable, this is okay, why
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are you going to question a doctor like this is going to have a long-term effect? these are almost friends of yours because you have a working relationship with them. it's your doctor. i don't have a outside doctor. i don't have nobody else i see. if i got a common cold i go see that doctor. >> reporter: the former players are seeking financial compensation and extended healthcare as well as changes in how pain-killing drugs are administered. >> if i don't voice my opinion i don't stand up for what's right, i know the drug culture isn't right, i know the way they administer the drugs isn't right and i got nephews that play football. i got little guys that are coming up, my son, if he happens to play football. if i don't do something to change this game and it happens to them, shame on me. >> reporter: this is the second class action lawsuit filed against the league in recent years. the nfl settled a concussion lawsuit for $765 million. that settlement deemed insufficient by the players is now being challenged in court. >> i guess the big question, why didn't they just say no? why did he they take them? >> reporter: i asked him. that did you ever see players who said no to those
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injections? he said. >> they didn't last long. >> all right. more at 5, 6 and 11. in other news, caught redhanded on surveillance video and now san jose investigators have a leg up on the arsonist that bay area sonly torched a family -- brazenly torched a family car. kiet do reports. >> reporter: the arson investigators will be asking the police department for their help to enhance the video to give them a better look at the suspects. look at some of the damage out here, quite a mess. that attack this morning was bold, brazen and put this family's life at risk. the homeowner's surveillance cameras captured the fire that almost ended in tragedy. >> this could have burned down my home. >> reporter: the gravity is hitting him now. what kind of setback is this for your family? >> you know, you see the damage, the cars up in smoke. [ pause ]
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>> sorry. we have to go through the agony when you look at the car. [ crying ] >> reporter: look closely along the top of the screen and you will see the arsonist slowly drive by and case the house. a short time later one of them creeps up along the palm trees wearing a hoodie thinking no one can see him but he is on camera the whole time, one that's equipped with night vision. the arsonist empties a whole bottle of lighter fluid on the windshield and uses an aerosol cane and lighter as a makeshift blow torch. he grabs the bottle of lighter fluid and makes his getaway. within minutes the car is engulfed. the heat heavily damages a second tried. vince tried to put it out himself with a extinguisher but called 911. firefighters knocked down the flames. but not before it melted the garage door and burned some of the palm trees. he has this message for the arsonist. >> you're on camera. and san jose pd has your images. and now, they will look for you. >> reporter: it's not the first incident. a few weeks ago, surveillance
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cameras captured video of someone dumping paint on his car. back in november, the house was burglarized, his car tires were punctured. vince says his family is being targeted. >> the people, you know, they're very hateful, you know, they have either vengeance on their mind or, you know, they are trying to do harm to us. and, uhm, at this point, uhm, i don't know why. >> reporter: as far as a suspect or motive goes, we have heard from the family that it might have something to do with a friend of a friend of a victim's son, something to do with a stolen iphone. investigators are looking into it. in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you. san leandro high school students head to class this morning grieving the death of senior brittney silva. an amtrak train struck and killed the 18-year-old last night just weeks before her graduation. she apparently didn't hear the train coming or shouts from onlookers because she was wearing earbuds. mark kelly joins us from the
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scene with more. >> reporter: frank, the memorial has been growing this morning. let me show you friends and loved ones stopping by all morning adding flowers and candles here to the crash site. it's still in the works but family wants to hold a vigil tomorrow night at brittney's school and start a memorial fund in her name. this morning, we are at san leandro high school and students are struggling with brittney's death. at san leandro high, brittney silva is remembered as well liked, smart and enjoyed the theater department. to eric patterson, brittney was a good friend. >> it was hard waking up this morning. waking up this morning, i wanted to -- i wanted to know, uhm, if it was a bad dream or something. >> reporter: brittney is a known face to kpix 5. last month, we interviewed brittney after she witnessed and explosion near her home. >> this lady walks in and she's got all this skin hanging off of her and she is screaming like help me and jumps into my bathtub. >> reporter: one man tried to warn brittney the train was
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coming but it was too late. she had headphones in her ears. the family says likely talking to her dad on the phone and couldn't hear the train. brittney was dead when police arrived. her body thrown 50 feet from the crash site. >> in the name of the father, and of the son and the holy ghost. >> reporter: monday evening the family started a recommendation. >> she wasn't ready to leave me. she loved her mama. >> oh, she did, she did. >> she talked about me all the time to her friends, she loves mom. >> reporter: back at san leandro hi staff had grief counselors on hand and when faculty sum up her life in the classroom, the first words are often student success story. >> she came from a loving mother but tough home life. some of that affected here at school but she had turned things around to the point where she had gotten into three colleges. >> she was a very smart girl. she will be missed. >> reporter: brittney's mom also tells us she always told
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her daughter not to wear those headphones in both ears so she could be aware of her surroundings. of course, that not to do happen in this situation. brittney lost her life from this amtrak train. mark kelly, kpix 5. some breaking news in oakland right now. chopper 5 is over the port of oakland a big rig crashed into a power pole. that's near 7th and maritime streets. that's knocked out power at the port closed streets leading to the terminal there. the crash also left wires dangling near the bart tracks headed to the transbay tube. bart trains are being slowed as they pass through the area. so expect delays. the port authority's spokesman says all the terminals at the west end of the port have lost their power. pg&e crews are working to restore power, no estimate when it might be done. no injuries reported. hi-def doppler tracking rain in parts of the bay area right now. let's check with our meteorologist lawrence karnow, who has an eye to the sky right now. lawrence? >> yeah, frank.
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a very interesting day develop around the bay area. we have some clouds moving through now but our hi-def doppler radar has been tracking some scattered showers. so far it's been light and the focus has been a little bit further to the south. you can see some of those showers sliding across the discuss mountains but we have reports of showers in northern san jose also into fremont. in the meantime we have that system that's swinging across from the sierra nevada bringing in some snow to the high country. what a beautiful sight. they had some snow developing there early on. they could see two to five inches of snow above 7,000 feet. it is amazing we are going to go for some more wintry weather to maybe some hot summer weather coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. frank, back to you. >> sounds good. thanks. a sudden shutdown of a south bay college, students and teachers kicked out of the building right in the middle of class. brieman college in san jose closed by eviction notice yesterday students left wondering about the class and the thousands of dollars who paid tuition. the for-profit education
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company provides medical training to students. the other bay area campuses are in hayward and san francisco. they remain open. some other bay area news now. sonoma county mother is due in court thursday on felony child abuse charges. delia garcia-bratcher is accused of grabbing a 12-year- old boy at the neck at santa rosa' olivet elementary school on friday. she claims the boy had been bullying her daughter and used antinative hurricane slurs. her attorney says they will fight those charges. transit leaders in san francisco will discuss a plan to close the crooked section of lombard to cars for a few weekends over the summer. they are worried about safety with crowds and traffic. a final vote is expected today. if the four-week trial period is approved, the weekend closures would start on june the 21st. students at san francisco's sacred heart prep school will get their yearbooks on friday without the controversial picture of their classmate
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jessica urbina in a tuxedo. the school apologized to her. her picture violated the dress code. the yearbook won't be reprinted. up next a community reliving a deadly nightmare. how survivors of an ef-5 tornado remember and now are rebuilding a year later. >> a frightening weather phenomenon. the formation of a super cell storm. >> sir paul mccartney, what the rock legend just announced coming up when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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devastating tornado. (bell rings three times)
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a bell tolled for each of t people who d people in oklahoma are marking a year since a devastating tornado. [ bell chimes ] >> a bell tolled for each of the people who died in the storm. cbs reporter omar villafranca shows us how survivors who lost their homes are now rebuilding their lives. >> pretty much it was half a house. >> reporter: kevin and della pickens are rebuilding their houses in moore, oklahoma. they survived a monster tornado a year ago huddled in their closet. >> power went off, glass started busting. >> no roar. they say you hear a train? there was no train roar. it was just dark and then light and then gone. >> reporter: now they want to make sure their new house is stronger. in april, the city passed new building codes to make sure homes in this area can withstand an ef-3 tornado with 135-mile-an-hour winds. marvin hayward is a builder who lives in moore. he is now required to build homes with stronger walls, more
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nails, hurricane clips to security roof, and a stronger garage door. it will cost homeowners about $4,000 more. but hayward says it's worth it. >> in can save the homeowner a lot of money because your home is going to still be standing when the f-3 comes by. >> reporter: since last year, the city has issued almost 2,000 permits for storm shelters more than 5 permits a day. the pickenses had one installed in april. would you feel safe if you had to use it? >> yes. they have them everywhere and they were still around. >> reporter: but the family says they never considered leaving moore. >> we love the neighborhood. it's quiet. people are good. it's home. >> reporter: omar villafranca, cbs news, moore, oklahoma. >> last year's tornado in moore killed 24 people including nine children and also destroyed more than 1,000 homes. and some stunning new video of what's known as a supercell
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thunderstorm. check it out. time lapse video shows sunday's towering cloud formation in wyoming as it takes shape there. storm chasers took the footage of the weather phenomenon. you're looking at this thing, oh, my gosh. >> that is amazing. under that you see that wall cloud and usually from that wall cloud that's where the tornado comes from. very scary stuff. we have snow in the sierra, we have clouds over us. >> we had a little rain, now maybe a few thunderstorms in the bay area. it could be an interesting afternoon. out the door we go. hi-def doppler radar has been tracking some light showers today and widely scattered so far but look at this, we're just beginning to see some of those popping up further to the south but still, we are going to see those clouds rotating in and out through the bay area this afternoon. and the temperatures well they're still on the rise here and that could be just enough to help lift those thunderstorms developing those a little bit later on today. temperatures in the 60s and the low 70s right now. as we head throughout the afternoon, the core of the low just really pretty spreading across the state as this late
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season storm moves on through. not a whole lot of energy with it but enough we get that afternoon heating we could see a few more scattered showers and thunderstorms. so we have that in the forecast for the afternoon. looks like tonight, maybe a lingering shower, partly cloudy then some slow clearing after midnight. and then some much warmer weather coming our way for the weekend. low continuing to swing through and we'll have some breezy conditions out toward the coastline. and some unsettled weather throughout the afternoon hours here and in the high country, as well. of course, we've seen the snow already. in fact, can you believe it at this time of year? they have still got the snow advisory up there! could see 2 to 5" of snow across the high country above 7,000 feet or so, although we have already seen some snow all the way down to lake level for today. computer models picking up on ther is sliding on by. watch what happens as it rotates through. a cell moving through at 11:00 tonight. then the system heads out. we'll clear out and leave just patchy fog tomorrow morning. temperatures today mainly in the 60s and 70s in the south bay. east bay temperatures running
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up into the 70s. and as you get inside the bay, we're looking at a lot of 60s out there so yeah, we're going to watch those temperatures stay a little bit on the cool side, breezy, too. sunset 8:17. sunrise 5:55. next couple of days a return to sunshine and even some very warm weather for the holiday weekend but this afternoon, keep your eye on the sky. it could be very interesting outside. >> a little bit of rain would be nice. >> very nice. we'll see. >> thank you. triple crown contender arriving in style in new york. the next conquest as he gallops hopefully into triple crown history when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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arrival of the horse who cod make history next month. californ . happening today the grand arrival of the horse who could make a little history next month. california chrome arrived just a few hours ago at belmont park in new york. a victory there on june 7 will make him the first triple crown winner since affirm did it way back in 1978. he is the early favorite since his trainer got the okay to let him wear those nose strips during the race. paul mccartney is feeling under the weather so he is canceling four shows in japan. the 71-year-old former beatle is battling a virus under doctor's office and has to rest a bit. he has a 19-city tour coming up
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in the united states including of course that farewell to candlestick concert on august 14. well, it's one of the healthiest foods you can eat. our fresh grocer tony tantillo has picks for picking the perfect bunch of broccoli. >> reporter: we are in the produce market this morning to see what's going on. beautiful broccoli, i saw it on display here. look at this loaded with flavor and nutritional value. but selection and storage are very important. make sure it's green all the way around. a little purple is okay but it has to be green. make sure the stems have no cracking. open up the plastic back at home and store them for no more than 3 or 4 days. as a matter of fact, buy them and enjoy them because broccoli is a superfood 240% of the vitamins you need for the day, loaded with nutritional value. the longer you keep it home the
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more it depletes. great for us, tastes delicious, especially with pasta. oh!! pasta and broccoli is one of my favorite. orecchiette pasta! i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free,
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all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. years old-- a bay area golf phenom has just landed in t history books. and it's not just her talent on the gre 's grabbing atten coming up tonight at 5:00 she is only 11 years old. a bay area golf phenom has just
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landed her in the history books. it's a great story coming up tonight at 5:00. well, she saved a little boy and now she is taking the mound. tara the cat chased off a dog attacking a boy, the video went viral and now the bakersfield blaze plans to honor the cat at the night game. cat scheduled to throw out the first pitch. they have the purr-fect fix to turn this four-legged feline into a pitcher. >> have to tune in. >> find out tomorrow. ,,,,,,
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>> brooke: ridge, please. just give me my ring back. >> ridge: you can't do this. you can't marry spencer. >> brooke: that is not up to you. >> ridge: of course it's up to me. it's our son! i don't want spencer influencing him or -- or you. come on. you deserve better. i can't let you go. >> brooke: [ sighs ] >> hope: [ sighs ] god, i cannot stop thinking about it. >> wyatt: what? about our parents? >> hope: i mean, it's crazy, right? >> wyatt: yeah. but it's not exactly a surprise. they've been -- they've been working hard to be together. i mean, it makes sense that a proposal is the next step. >> hope: [ chuckles ] >> wyatt: spencer man, logan woman. talk about a match made in heaven, right? >> hope: [ chuckles ]


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