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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 2, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, this says it all. no snow. zero in the latest snow survey. we are in such dire straits, the governor did something that has never been done before. a mandate for all of us tonight. use less water. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. nearly all of us in the state are in a drought. the areas in red are extremely dry. the areas in brown, exceptionally dry. governor jerry brown would normally need snow shoes to walk on this section of the sierra. >> we are standing on dry grass and we should be standing in
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five feet of snow. >> surveyors are seeing a record low snow pack. 6% of normal. the melting snow is supposed to fill the rivers and reservoirs providing a third of our water. >> we are in an historic drought. >> his mandate will include a plan to replant california lawns with landscapes that don't need a lot of water. golf courses, cemeteries, and campuses will need to reduce their water usage. brown is asking water agencies to raise rates to discourage waste. >> we are in a new era. the idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water everyday, that is going to be a thing of the past. >> reporter: i'm joe vasquez in burlin game. i talked to the gee family. for the gee family, long
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showers are a sacred habit, but 15-year-old tanner found out he has to cut back. >> i was like, my shower? that is all of my relaxation time. >> now what are you going to have to do? >> sit on my bed or do homework. >> how will you save 25%? >> it will be tough. >> reporter: his mother amy says it will take some effort, but they will start with the easy habit. >> we will have to cut back on turning off the water when brushing our sink. >> reporter: the dishwasher is more water efficient. so is the dual flush toilet. the gees have have been cutting back some time, so cutting back should have some imagination and work. >> we put off landscaping our yard because of the drought last year. so, for us to cut is going to be a little harder than people who have a yard. >> reporter: amy says she has
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lived through a couple of droughts including a big one in the 70s . so her family will sacrifice again. >> heartbroken. >> reporter: yes, even if it means shorter showers. in burlingame, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> to see how ken bastida recycled more than 300 gallons of water at his house in five days, check out his post on our facebook page. and to give you a little more perspective on this drought, check out this photo from nasa. wow, not a lot of white. >> snow pack nearly nonexistent. this is a drought emergency. it has built up over four years but hit the climax today where you have the governor standing where there should be five feet of snow. instead, nothing. zero. we had zero rainfall in january, add up january, february, and march, these are the numbers. 13% of average in san francisco. 30% in livermore. we were hoping this would end the drought. this winter has made the drought worse. reservoirs are up.
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why is that happening? well all that rainfall we got in december did not fall in the sierra as snow. it was rain. that hit the reservoirs early. so it is ironic as the drought getting worse, our three main reservoirs are actually higher than they were at this point last year. but it is kind of like a bank. we add to the bank in the wintertime so we can withdraw it in the summertime. you can see it with these numbers here. we don't get much rain in april, may, an june. it is time to start withdrawing from the bank. the problem is the bank account is empty and we can't withdraw from everywhere else. that is the pickle we are in. there is rain in the extended forecast and we will talk about that coming up. >> that is good news. tonight, one of the chauchila kidnappers is getting parole. after 40 years behind bar,
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schoenfeld and two others kidnapped several children in a bus and held them captive in livermore. the men were caught and sent to prison. the governor still has to approve the parole board's decision. now if he is released, he will go live with his mother and brother in mountain view. we are hearing from friends of andrew getty who said andrew had not been eating or sleeping well before his death. the 47-year-old grandson of jay paul getty had been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. he had a restraining order against his girlfriend. but right now, police say there isn't anything criminal going on. the toxicology report could take several weeks. kamala harris is in san francisco tonight for an event that is hyped as a kickoff for her senate campaign. mark campaign tried to ask her what she would do if she won. >> reporter: well, liz, she was here in san francisco for this
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big kickoff. where does she stand on the big issues facing our country? isis? the economy? the keystone pipeline? she hasn't given us specifics on those just yet. i wanted to ask her tonight. but she seemed more interested in raising money than laying out her platform. outside this valeted event. black car after black car rolls up. but the woman of the hour, kamala harris went in through a back door avoiding our camera. we had to go to twitter to get pictures of her inside. we asked her supporters why the silence? >> we are here raising money for her. she is our attorney general. >> reporter: harris is the only democrat to have thrown her hat in the rink. critics say the california democratic establishment has anointed harris. leaders in particular say
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potential latino candidates including former mayor regosa have been snubbed. >> do you think that is right? >> i don't think she has been anointed. she has earned it. she earned it the hard way. >> reporter: but an election means hard questions. here is harris in february shying away from san francisco chronicle columnist at an official event in silicon valley. >> no questions right now. >> i would love to talk to you about the campaign. let's figure out a time to do that. >> now mark, you spoke with a close friend of the attorney general who was inside tonight's event. what do they have to sigh? >> reporter: well liz, that close friend says that kamala harris intended for tonight's event to be strictly for supporters an colleagues. the people who have been with her since the very beginning when she was a young prosecutor starting out here in the bay area. >> all right, so it begins. all right mark, thank you. well, jeb bush is back in the bay area tonight. he is raising money for his superpac and likely run for president. he was in palo alto today.
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tomorrow, he will be in san francisco for a private event. >> tonight, a teacher is recovering from first and second degree burns after a science experiment went wrong. the fire happened this morning in a classroom at palo alto high school. no students were hurt. books and papers were damaged. burns cover 18% of the teacher's body. >> two united airlines flights had to turn around after takeoff from sfo today. the first plane was on its way to calgary. 30 minutes in, passengers smelled smoke. the plane landed and everything was okay. the second plane was on its way to boston. a flight attendant got so sick. she had to be taken to the hospital. in san jose, police say this is the woman who snuck onto the airfield at mineta last night. 20-year-old deanna predoehl. a ups worker spotted her sneaking inside the fence and called it in. this is the fifth security breach in less than a year at mineta. >> do you feel like this is the new normal?
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in terms of people jumping fences all the time? >> this is detecting and deterring people who want to scale our fence line is something that is always a primary concern for us. >> the current fence is six feet high. the airport is pushing for a taller one. it is also testing the use of cameras, radar, and motion sensors. >> the san jose police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest tomorrow. officer michael johnson was killed last week. he was responding to a call about a suicidal man when that suspect shot and killed him. the procession will go through three cities. los gatos, campbell, and san jose. police officers from across the country are in town. we will have live coverage of the funeral procession as well as the services beginning at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. tonight, backseat beating caught on camera. this is what happened when a bay area cab driver tried to do a passenger a favor.
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>> girls forced to eat dirt. to be part of the softball team in one california high school. >> the warriors have been on fire this season. tonight, we found out these high-tech shorts might have so
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>> a massive explosion and fire on a mexican oil platform in the gulf of mexico. four dead and 16 are hurt. 300 workers managed to escape.
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the oil was kept from spilling into the water. there may have been a mechanical problem. >> do you remember the video of a berkeley ambassador attacking homeless guys? we learned the two homeless men won't face charges. a video popped up on youtube showing the ambassador clocking one of those guys right in the face. and it only got worse from there. the two homeless men were going to face charges until the da saw this video. now the ambassador is out of a job and he could be facing charges. tonight, video of a san francisco taxi driver taking a beating from his passenger. ryan takeo tells us the cabby was just trying to do the guy a favor. >> what do you have going on back there brother? >> reporter: a surprise attack that happened just after midnight tuesday morning. at seventh and market in san francisco. it was even after the driver offered to save the passenger some money. >> actually, you know, if you are just going to bart, there is a bart station closer. >> reporter: the passenger repaid him with this assault and attempted robbery. >> hit him in the back of the
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head repeatedly. >> reporter: there have been other attacks like this when this woman stabbed a driver in san mateo. and a passenger who didn't want to pay a fare and attacked him instead. as shocking as these crimes are, many in the industry think there are fewer acts of violence because of the cameras on board. there are two cameras inside the cab. one looks back at the passenger and the other one shows what the driver sees to help accident investigations. >> any complaint, they can review the camera. >> reporter: either way, drivers like juan lima like that the video settles disputesful it is irrefutable evidence for what happened. and a big hunt for the suspect. ryan takeo, kpix5. >> the attacker try today steal the cab drivers electronics on the dashboard. hazmat crews were in dublin cleaning up a toxic spill.
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the white substance was spilling into alamo creek nearby. there was about 15 to 20 gallons of it. the dublin public works department has been cleaning up that could take several days. sim brular about to sign with the sacramento kings. he will be the first nba player of indian descent and the kings could use him. they can't announce the signing until tomorrow. he might make history friday night in sacramento. well, forget fit bits. >> andria borba has the story. >> one, two, paul goes down. curry knocks down the jump shot. >> reporter: where does steph curry get the moves to do this to chris paul? the secret might be in his shorts. the warriors are using new
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wearable technology, compression shorts. they are not just lycra, they are wired to tell you how you are working out. >> we make sure you work out correctly. >> reporter: it is electromyography. >> these have been around for years. >> the color scheme works like a heat map. blue, yellow, orange, red. >> reporter: here is how it works. the shorts have sensors built in along with a heart rate monitor. those sensors send a blue tooth signal that snaps into the shorts to your smartphone. >> how much you moved around is one thing. did you use both sides evenly or use your glutes or quads enough? in terms of the hamstring, we want to see nice even distribution through the hamstring. >> reporter: the start-up just had its second round of funding and is getting ready to release
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a smart shirt as well. finding a market not only in the average joe, but the elite athlete. >> the ability to track what muscles are doing is such an advantage for injury prevention for efficiency. for muscle fatigue. the pro sports community has come out and supported us tremendously. >> scott's muscles are activating. >> reporter: a steph curry spin may be only a few perfect squats away. andria borba, kpix5. >> the price of the shorts, $99 and the core device to power it, $199. great. not only hack my smartphone, they will hack my shorts. >> exactly. >> be prepared. [ laughter ] >> i think the warriors may want to attribute their success a little bit to steph curry's jump shot as well. just saying. >> his ankles are holding up. >> good team. >> fun team to watch. >> it is fun. >> great game the other night. >> playoff soon meaning it must be springtime. heading to summer.
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must be the rainy season? what? there is more rain in this forecast than there has been in any forecast all winter long. at least when it come to days with rainfall. no rain tonight. we are clear. bill moon, one of the weather watchers took this great shot of the giraffes enjoying the sunshine today. some high thin cloud cover at the oakland zoo. earlier today. thank you bill. 43 in napa tonight. 43 in san rafael. that is chilly for early april. livermore, 42. redwood city, 45. your number one take away from this forecast, inland lows, not tonight, but tomorrow night, into friday morning, will be in the 30s . one of the coldest nights of the year is also coming up in april. so, 70 tomorrow. a breezy 70 degrees and beautiful san leandro. friday, 72 after a chilly start. so afternoons are still mild. we are still sunny, but the pattern is different and going to get more different. all of our ridges of high pressure which blocked tough rain for three straight months are down to the south. high pressure has gone quiet.
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we have storms comeing in from the north. the past couple of storms merely kicked up the wind, have not given us any rainfall. another one passes by tomorrow. so we will be breezy once again throughout the day. high pressure is way off to the west. this would have been perfect in january. didn't happen. now, it is april. it is off to the west. systems are going to come down. sliding down the coastline. starting on sunday. easter sunday. showers. next monday, showers. next tuesday? rainfall. three straight days with the rain chance. i have not been able to say that since december. now it is going to happen in april. we are clear with gusty winds tonight. sunny and mild through friday, but the big changes come in on easter weekend with easter sunday having some rain in it. concord, 72 degrees. san jose, 72. we are talking 69 in san ramon, pittsburgh, in san francisco tomorrow, 69, petaluma, 70 with sunshine. less wind on friday. we increase the clouds on saturday. and check this out.
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three straight days with the rain chance. wonderful news because now we are being asked to cut 25% of our water use. wouldn't it be nice if all april long you didn't have to water your lawn? >> it would be great. >> can't remember the last time you had three days of rain. >> it was december, three months of rain. four months. >> no wonder i can't remember. it wasn't what i had for dinner tonight. [ laughter ] coming up, girls on a high school softball team forced to eat dirt isn't hazing. we have the video. you decide. >> we have the story
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>> tonight, dozens of billboards are popping up on california freeways marking the 100th anniversary of the armenian genocide. the armenian genocide centennial funded the billboards. harmless bonding or a horrific hazing ritual? check out this video out of southern california making waves on social media tonight. it shows members of a high school softball team eating dirt from the field. you can hear someone, possibly a coach, egging them on, making them swallow it. >> there are other ways to bond besides licking the ground. and the dirt. have them eat dirt. a lot of other nicer ways to bond than that. >> i don't think the incident
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amounts to hazing. i think it is just a team building exercise. something that a lot of teams do little things like that. >> well, the district confirms the woman at the beginning of the video is an employee and they are investigating thes incident, well, it is april 1 for a few more minutes. >> april fools stunts have been taking the internet by storm. >> introducing the selfie shoe. no gnatter where you go. you will be camera ready. raise your foot to the perfect angle and click the button with a tap of your toe to take the photo. >> that is a high end prank. the selfie show. what do you think, better than a selfie stick? [ laughter ] an nba player tries to spoil steph curry's mvp party. >> and the as are in se
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>> coco crisp needs surgery to remove bone spurs from his elbow. he is expected to miss six to eight weeks. ouch. todd needing to run the tables to have a shot at the playoffs. they got a statement win against the avalanche. shot to bret burns. logan coture. the sharks are five points out of the final playoff spot. remember, the name iran rabb. his coach thinking he might become a household name. >> in the bay area. think he mentioned jason kidd, leon poe, rabb. >> he scored ten points at the mcdonalds all american game in chicago.
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but he did not announce if he wants to go to cal or arizona next year. chris mullen was announced at saint john. it is his first coaching gig and he asked if he spoke to some of his peers who have recently gotten into coaching. >> yes i have. i have gotten a lot of support. you know, when i was mulling this over, over the weekend, i didn't do it on purpose. when i was thinking about this. >> he will be here all week. the nba mvp race will likely come down to steph curry and james harden. curry turned heads with some dribbling last night. tonight,, harden respond t. >> anything you can do, i can do better. >> harden came out hard against the kings and scored a career high 51 points. this is his second 50 point game of the season.
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the last 13 days ago, houston beat sacramento. it is your move curry. i have in my hand the wednesday night top five. france and england. rugby. look at. [ speaking foreign language ] the pirates, jong ho kang has been voted a number one talent. number three, i would hire a maid. >> oh come on. >> that is not cool. >> number two, i want to get away moment for thomas bryant. this could have been worse. i would say that was a pass. but he will never tell you that. he could have been this guy. or brown. number one. no, no, no, not again. down goes frazier. but i tell you what, they brought out the ambulance for this guy and he gets up and he walks away. that was only his fifth
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professional mount. gets up and walks away. >> fifth and last? >> how many times did he flip? three times? >> a triple. that was a nine out of
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>> david letterman is next with senator al franken. >> i'm good enough. >> i
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