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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 28, 2016 3:12am-4:01am PST

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the ceo said fund-raising should and can be included in the programs and services. your response? >> i would be curious to know how asking people for money equates to the assistance of wounded veterans. >> steven nardizzi has been ceo since 2009. in 2014 he was paid nearly $500,000 in line with similar sized charities. many former employees told us they thought it was too much. nardizzi defended his salary to or norfolk affiliate. >> less than 1% of the donations that come in. i am running an organization
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that is helping hundreds of thousands of warriors. >> last year, wwp gave $150,000 grant to a group that defends higher spending on overhead executive salaries and fund-raisi fund-raising. nardizzi says the more money the charity raises the more it can spend on veterans. >> if your only fixation is spending the most on programs, that's feeling good, not necessarily doing good. you can run program activitieac. >> but daniel says his biggest concern is the group is sitting on $24 million surplus and not enough is being spent on veterans. >> is w ould be helpful if hundred of millions of dollars were being spent to help veterans in the shorter term, year or two, rather than being held for longer term. wounded warrior project told us it is committed $100 million to a new mental health care initiative and hope to raise
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another $500 million for long term care for severely wounded veterans. scott, it could be years before most of the money makes an impact on the lives of wounded service members. >> chip reid with our cbs news investigation. chip, thank you very much. a lawsuit today its demanding all the lead pipes in flint, michigan's water system be replaced. at least 100 children there have elevated levels of toxic lead in their blood. the lead came out of the pipes for more than a year after flint failed to add standard anti-core roe corrosion chemicals to the water. adrian diaz is back in flint. >> time to act. >> reporter: michigan governor, rick snyder told flint to have faith. it will take months before he knows if the tap walt r is clean. flint residents want their lead pipes replaced before they drink the water. when is the soonest one of the lines will be replaced? >> a lot of work is being done
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to understand where the lead service lines fully are. >> reporter: for now, anti-corrosion chemicals in the water are patching up protective coating in pipes to help keep the lead out. the state tested a sample of 2,500 flint homes. 93% had less than federal limit of 15 parts per billion. 85%, below 5 ppb. 160 homes had dangerous levels of lead. professor marc-edouard of virginia tech was the first to detect elevated lead levels last summer when state officials tried to discredit him. now the governor tapped him to help oversee the recovery. edwards says current lead levels are three to four times lotter than this summer's highs. do you think people here are week as way from being able to drink unfiltered tap walter. months. >> more likely, realistically, two, two and a half months. >> reporter: until then, flint's 99,000 residents like rose and
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dennis richmond have to drink bottled and filtered walter as water bills pile up. >> it is not right. it's not fair. so we will just have to see what comes of this. >> as residents depend on bottled walter many are refusing to pay their water bills. some joined a class action lawsuit to get their money back. scott, the mayor requested $3 million from the state to keep the city's underfunded water utility afloat. >> a tornado swept through broward county, florida today. trees came down. roofs tore up. trucks and cars were tossed. florida's turnpike was closed north of fort lauderdale. but there was only one injury. and it wasn't serious. there was a little more worrying news about the economy today. the federal reserve said that growth began to slow at the end of last year. and so it kept interest rates unchanged today. but that helped send the dow
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a new case of zika virus reported in minnesota today. that makes ten cases in five states. the mosquito borne infection is a threat to fetuses developing in the womb. the u.s. cases are in people who traveled from south of the border, but dr. jon lapook is looking into the likely hu llik an outbreak here at home. >> reporter: brazil is fighting zika virus trying to control its mosquito population. so farther zika virus has not been found in mosquitoes in the u.s. the types that could carry the virus are found in this country. in fact, in warmer months those mosquitoes can be found in regions where 60% of americans live. that's about 200 million people. the zika virus has been linked to a birth effect, microcephaly where babies are born with small head. and dr. tara shrazian says
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doctors are bracing for likely arrival of the virus. in america, about 4 million women get pregnant each year. >> out of five only one exhibits symptoms. the other four don't have symptoms and may have been exposed but may still develop microencephaly in their fetuses transmission from mom to fetus we think is relatively high. >> nurse practicing ter, safiyyah okoye is pregnant and decided not to vacation in the caribbean this year. >> even countries that weren't on the travel ban list, i felt like by the time of our trip in march seemed like the list was rapidly growing. >> reporter: today united and american airlines, issued new policies alug pregnant women to postpone travel or receive full refund of flights to zika infected countries. zika spreads through mosquito
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bites and more is needed about sexual contact and blood transfusion. a vaccine could be three to five years away. jon, thank you very much. jon answered question as but zika virus in a facebook chat this evening. you can find his response on our face book page. the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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customs officials have been confiscating knock-off hoverboards. in chicago they showed off 16,000 counterfeits. authority say the fakes are more likely to overheat and catch fire than the real ones. in washington, the big storm led to a blizzard of tickets for parking on snow emergency
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routes. nearly 5,000 were written. that is a snowfall wind fall for the city. $1.25 million. by comparison, new york gave parkers a pass during the emergency. florida is coming to d.c.'s rescue sending 15 trucks to help pe pick up the snow with signs that say visit florida. in canton, ohio, officer ryan davis has a new partner, steve hartman reported the officer's former partner, jethroe was shot and killed by a suspected burglar and given a hero's funeral. he flew out, and saw a german shepard tuko it was a match. in a moment, a super bowl match up for the generations. ,,,,,,,,,
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the vice president of the united states, joe biden with us from washington. >> the economy has gotten worse for many americans. >> is there a disconnect here? we end tonight with an epic battle of the ages. a 20-something against a 30-something in a game that should be something else. peyton manning's candid moment with bell belichick after sunday's championship game. is adding more drama to a game that already features the most diametric division of team leaders in suls bowl history. manning, 39, most prolific passer the game has ever seen. but perhaps the least mobile. cam newton, just 26.
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>> for the touchdown. >> the best running quarterback today. he rushed for more yards than any of his peers. 636. manning, negative 6. >> is it possible to put into word how different the styles are? >> opposite end of the spectrum. >> ray lewis played quarterback for four teams during his career. look at peyton manning. the typical old-fashioned quarterback. look at cam newton. running and passing threat. >> reporter: the extreme style split extend beyond game plays and age gaps. on the sideline. manning never takes his eyes away from the printouts looks like he is constantly cramming for the s.a.t.'s. newton is demonstrative, hyperemotional, smiling and soaking in every moment like most rambunctious kid on the playground. only thing they do share is stifling defenses two. best in the nfl. >> picked off by coleman. >> think this is a defensive match up. people want to see, 49, 4. don't think it will be that way.
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it will be fun. awesome. >> one of two walks away with the ring. the bronco riding the last rodeo or young panther likely on the verge of many more. >> and, of course you can see super bowl 50, sunday, february 7th. right here on cbs. that's the "overnight news for this thursday." for some of you the news continue thousands. for others check back with us later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley.
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>> this is the cbs overnight news. hi, everyone, welcome to the overnight news. there are more questions than answers in or gun after a deadly gunfight involving authorities and gunmen occupying a wildlife refuge. several occupiers and their leader, ammon bundy were heading to town when they ran into the fbi shots were fired. one of the men, a spokesperson for the group was killed. one witness said he attacked the cops. another said he was running away. and another claims he was cooperating. eight occupiers are under arrest. one is hospitalized. dave ward got emotional at a news conference. >> the occupation at the refuge and the actions of some of the folks down there have created a
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lot of stress in our community. it hasn't just been, isolated to the refuge. i think that is a point that gets missed quite a bit. some of these folks, spent a lot of time in town trying to stir issues within the community. if it was as simple as the waiting out some folks down there to get out of some buildings. we could have waited a lot longer. but this has been tearing our community apart. it's time for everybody in this -- in this illegal occupation to move on. there doesn't have to be bloodshed in our community. we haver use with the way things are going in our government. we have a responsibility as citizens to act on those in an appropriate manner. we don't arm up.
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we don't arm up and rebel. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen any more. this can't happen in america. it can't happen in the county. thank you. >> carter evans has more. >> for weeks authorities have taken a hands off approach to this occupation. but that changes on tuesday. bundy and his followers were headed to a town meeting when they were stopped by police. it is unclear who fired first. this video shows fbi agents and police intercepting militant leader, ammon bundy and militia members on an oregon highway not far from where they occupied federal land since the start of the year. sthots were fired. bundy was arrested. his brother ryan was shot but has nonlife threatening injuries. >> this its about your freedom. >> lavoy finicum, a spokes wern was killed in the shootout
3:33 am
according to him. >> ryan bundy had been shot in the arm. >> in an interview recorded monday. finicum described a change in how authorities were approaching the 25 day occupation. >> they had become more hardened. when they stepped out of their vehicles now they're stepping out with their -- with their, their rifles. >> last night, heavily armed officers stood guard outside a hospital believed to be holding one of the militia members. at least eight people connected to the armed protest were arrested tuesday on federal felony charges of conspiracy to impede officers. >> this is the constitution. that's what we are up here for. the constitution. >> january 2nd. bundy and armed followers took control of the national wildlife refuge they claim the federal government is forcing rangers to sell their land. why are you armed? >> we are serious about being
3:34 am
here, defending our rights. and we are serious about getting some things straightened out. >> reporter: just days ago, oregon governor kate brown stepped up pressure on federal authorities to end the occupation. >> the situation is absolutely intolerable. and it must be resolved immediately. on the campaign trail, republican presidential front-runner donald trump sticking to his guns and will boycott the gop debate, because he has issues with fox news mod moderator, megyn kelly. the billionaire insisted fox dump kelly from this debate. fox chairman refused. trump remains way atop the national polls. meanwhile in iowa he hold a slim two point lead over ted cruz. mayor garrett has the the latest from des moines. >> the feud between donald trump and fox news simmering for months is now on. means the final debate before the iowa caucus is off at lest for trump and at lest for now.
3:35 am
a saga that played out in press conferences, rallies and of course, on tv. >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. so let them have their debate. and let's see how they do with the ratings. >> reporter: it all started when fox news released a statement early yesterday mocking future president trump for cowering to putin and ayatollah saying trump would replace the cabinet with twitter followers. trump was not amused. when they sent out the wise guy press releases, done by some pr person along with roger ales, i said bye-bye. fox returned fire claiming the trump boycott was rooted in one thing megyn kelly whom he has viciously attacked since august. >> welcome to the megyn kelly file. >> the debate will go on with or without mr. trump. >> fox stood by kelly against what it said were unspecified threats of trouble from trump
3:36 am
campaign manager. we can't give in to terrorizations towards any employees, fox said. trump's rivals pounced. >> apparently, megyn kelly is really, really scary. you said something mean back in august, i am taking my toys and leaving. >> it is time that somebody plays grownup. then when i see a press release written by a child, like i just saw, i said, what do i have to do? what do i have to make fox rich? >> trump supporters we spoke with didn't seem to care if their candidate took the primetime stage? >> personally, eh, don't matter. >> ohhing i don't care. they give him a hard time anyway. >> reporter: cruz eager to stay in the spotlight. challenged trump to a debate. different moderators or none at all. bernie sanders spent the day at the white house chatting with president obama. the latest poll has him with the four-point lead over hillary
3:37 am
clinton in iowa. nancy cordes reports. >> my god, what a turnout! [ applause ] >> the optics were impressive. 14,000 cheering supporters, waving future to believe in signs that looked strikingly similar to the obama campaign signs from 2008. >> people are sick and tired of establishment politics and stab lshment economics. at the same time, clinton was telling a more intimate crowd of 500 in cedar falls she is the one with substance. >> i am not just shouting slogans not just engaging in rhetoric. i thought this through. i have a plan. >> that is similar to the case sunny made against her 2008 opponent. >> i'm offering 35 years of experience making change. the results to show for it. >> reporter: now he is in the white house and will greet sanders there today. two days after he lavished praise on clinton in an interview. she returned the favor tuesday when asked if sunny would appoint mr. obama to the supreme
3:38 am
court. >> wow, what a great i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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the wounded warrior project is the nation's most recognizable veterans charity. invested heavilien fund-raising with stated purpose to honor and empower wounded warriors. a cbs news investigation found a lot of the money raised to buy the group is going to pay for lavish parties and expensive conferences. now for the first time, employees are talking about some veterans programs themselves are falling short. chip reid has the story. >> many service members have said wounded warrior projects programs have positively affected their lives. but now, for the first time, former employees of the charity are speaking out about their concern that it is strag from its mission. >> the job of helping thousand of our warriors rebuild their
3:41 am
lives is massive and growing every day. >> their commercials are easy to recognize. and hard to miss. >> with a pledge of $19 a month. you will receive the wounded warrior project blanket. >> the charity's heavy investment in fund-raising has paid off bringing in more than $300 million in donations in 2014. retired army staff sergeant eric millette came home from iraq in 2006 with a bronze star and purple heart along with a traumatic brain injury and ptsd. >> on the morning of october 2nd, 2006. i was in iraq. >> reporter: wounded warrior project enrolled him in warriors speak which provides important life stills that help warriors succeed. in 2013, the charity hired him as a public speaker. but, millette quit last year. he says warriors speak is less like a pre gram to help veterans and more like a fund-raising
3:42 am
vehicle. and they will tell you it is not. but it is. i see how an organization that rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars a year is not helping my brothers and my sisters. or at laes not all of them. >> cbs news has interviewed more than three dozen former employees of the wounded warrior project. and nearly all of them have told us, their concerned that the organization has become more focused on raising money than on serving wounded veterans. many of those former staffers believe that after raising more than $1 billion, since 2003, the charity should be providing more comprehensive services to wounded veterans. >> i think they want to show warriors a good time. i think they get the warriors out on the events. but where is the follow-up. >> these two former employees didn't want to show their faces fearing retaliation. >> a lot of the warriors that i saw needed mental health treatment. they don't get that from wounded
3:43 am
warrior project. >> what happens when you make a suggestion that there is a better way to serve vet rands? >> if you have a brain, use your brain, come up with an idea in a matter of time you are off the bus. >> off the bus. >> it is their way or the highway. >> i would raise issues. why aren't we doing follow-up. case management? >> how would they respond? >> we don't call warriors, warriors call us. >> they don't call warriors. >> warriors call them. and it -- again as a disabled veteran it makes me sick. >> thank you, it is a pleasure to be here. >> wounded warrior project declined our repeated request to interview ceo, steven nardizzi, they offered captain ryan kules, its director off lum nigh. >> we have heard multiple times that people go to -- to soldier bike ride, or project odyssey. and then they never hear from
3:44 am
wounded warrior project again. is there mental health follow-up. >> there is multiple times over the course of the year. we call each and every one of our alumni. on their birth month. to be and check in, see how they're doing. see if they need any of their program services. then also have multiple opportunities for, for, them and us to pull out to see how they're doing. >> the former director of tax-exempt organizations at the irs. what was your biggest concern in reading these forms? >> that i couldn't tell the number of people that were assisted. i thought that was truly unusual. >> reporter: they do put some numbers on the website. >> yes, they do. >> what's the difference. >> signed under penalties of perjury. >> reporter: penalties of perjury. got to be careful on there? >> you have to be certain. >> eric millette says he expects
3:45 am
ret retaliation from wounded warrior project. but that won't stop him. >> as a veteran, i feel other veterans need a voice. i am in a position where i can be their voice. i feel if i don't stand up and do what i feel is right. and, voice their concerns. how i feel, then i am leaving them behind. >> captain kules' wounded warrior project representative, said mental health services are very important to the charity and it is committing $100 million over three years to a warrior care network. it will be in a partnership with four hospitals nationwide. that will provide out patient mental health services to post 9/11 veterans. >> all the snow in the west this winter made slopes dangerous place. colorado avalanche information center says this month has been the deadliest january in nearly 20 years. last week alone, three people died in avalanches in washington state and wyoming. meanwhile, a snow boarder in tahoe faces criminal charges for
3:46 am
starting an avalanche in an area that was off-limits to skis and snow board. >> reporter: this is what an avalanche looks like from the inside. [ bleep ]. >> had to go find fresh some where and have fun like we usually do. and got caught in the avalanche. >> reporter: snow boarder christian mayer nearly swallowed up by tons of fast moving snow. now facing an avalanche of criticism and potential prosecution for what officials are calling his reckless decision. the sheriff's office and the da have chose tine prosecute and to go press charges. they need to be aware that, it is not just, oh, i can get away with this. it has much farther reaching ramifications. >> reporter: mayer trying terd the avalanche riding with friend, a popular ski destination northwest of lake tahoe. mayors was riding in a closed
3:47 am
area of the mountain off-limits and the avalanche put other skiers at risk. >> those signs are there for a reason. this is all about safety. us wanting to make sure, ensure we always keep our skiing public as safe as possible. >> all righty. >> i would never -- not because it is illegal. because the it is dangerous. not trying to go out there and die. who want to go out there and go, we can die today on purpose. that's silly. >> sugar bowl resort says they won't toll late any action that endangers their guests and staff. mayors says a recent incident on the mountain that could be causing resort officials to everreaceve overreact. >> what happened. he works for them. he is missing they can't find him. this has happened. they have to protect themselves in order for them to not look bad to the public. >> mayors is referring to 23-year-old carson may, a ski instructor who disappeared skiing the mountain. re
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3:51 am
on the streets of havana. >> action. >> but this is different. hollywood has come to town. >> do you have any idea where we are? >> showtime's house of lies spend a week in cuba. >> welcome to havana. shooting season five, season finale. restored american cars proved to be irresistible props. don cheetle staufr tstar of the show. the first scripted u.s. show to shoot in cuba, how meaningful is that to you? >> amazing. takes the finale of the show to a place we couldn't imagine possible with a completely different look and, and, idea, and -- different focus and tone. >> it was director matthew carnahan with wife, actress, director helen hunt who wanted to bring the show to cuba. that's much easier said than done. the u.s. embargo is still in
3:52 am
place. so the money to finance the shoot had to be wired through canadian banks. u.s. credit card don't work here. wif tich w wifi nearly not existent. production equipment had to be sent in from germany. and the not so matter of government censorship. >> i imagine the government here wanted to know what you were going to shoot and what you were saying about cuba. how much hand on do they get on a script on a show like this. >> you don't come to cuba and shoot whatever you want. they are very protective of the culture they have here and system that they have here. so in order to, to be here today, we submit aid script and outline month as go and reviewed the cuban government. and we were given approvals at various stages. the producers also had to get permission from the u.s. government. ambassador de la rentas is in charge.
3:53 am
>> what is the significance of a u.s. television show filming in cuba? >> culture is a bridge builder as we forge this new relationship. personally i think it is very important. we are receiving a lot of calls and a lot of visitors from different elements of the industry. expressing interest. >> reporter: universal picture is trying to get per motion to shoot a portion of "fast & furious 8" in cuba. but "house of lies" got here first and actress christen bell has seen a lot of curious cubans. >> it is a curious thing we are doing. people are walking around with flight of the navigator on their heads and cars attached to other coors and a bunch of blonds. it is interesting. people they stare. and they're, they're quiet and cooperative. and so hospitable. i asked this woman what she
3:54 am
thought of it all? see said she likes it because of relations between u.s. and cuba and glad the show cam to her town. and cubans weren't just watching. they were hired as extras. and misdemeanor berz of t-- and members of the crew. and took their cast of job as ambassadors quite seriously we found actors ben schwartz and josh lawson working on their language skills. mi espanol is muy bueno. muy bueno. >> very good. >> casa. >> house. >> you know the words for rum and cigar. >> think it is rum. >> and cigar. >> cigar. >> kidding aside the cast and crew seemed aware though they were shooting a tv show the role they played with cute ban people was much more significant. >> there are many ways to sort uh bridge that cultural divide.
3:55 am
it is nice that we have been honored with being the,,,,,,,,,,
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the sun dance film festival hasn't handed out award yet. already netflix and amazon winning when it comes to buying. sending shock waves through hollywood outbidding traditional studios for many of the most coveted films. their shopping spree can change the way we all watch movies. >> reporter: amazon and netflix didn't spend a dime on films at sundance last year. this time around they reached into their deep pockets and spent millions on quality films. all part of a bigger effort to make the term direct-to-television a blessing not a curse. >> i saved your life. >> netflix shocked the movie industry last march, paying $12 million for "beasts of no nation." turns out it was just getting started.
3:58 am
this week at sun dance, netflix did binge spending. snapping up the movie starring ellen page, and fundamentals of caring with paul rudd and selena gomez. and bid for rights to "the birth of a nation" about nat turner's slavery volt which ended up at fox search light for $3 million less. >> netflix, amazon, dominated. targeted good movies. >> amazon beat out fox, universal and focus features for the buzzy drama manchester by the sea, starring kyle chandler and casey affleck and love and friendship. >> the major studios are at disadvantage. when they bid, they have to take into account how many tickets they sell. n netflix and amazon have deeper pockets don't have to worry selling tickets, offering original content to their
3:59 am
survivors. >> amazon is expected to roll out acquisitions the way it did spike lee's movie, chi-raq, debuted after its theatrical release. netflix model is more radical. bee beasts of no nation was released in theaters and online. >> up-ended the business coming in trying to get original content and cut out the middle man, movie theater owners. think we are getting closer where you can have a big movie and not necessarily release it in movie theaters. the movie studios still have prestige that comes with releasing movies in theaters. variety says the filmmaker behind "birth of a nation" turned down netflix, with a studio. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
4:00 am
from the broadcast center here in new york city. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, january 28th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." donald trump tries to steal the spotlight from his republican opponent. the gop front-runner won't be at the final debate before the iowa caucuses because of his ongoing feud with fox news. the standoff between armed protesters and federal authorities intensifies in oregon. three more members of the group are arrested, while others remain on the disputed wildlife refuge. a crash landing is caught on camera. a helicopter pilot and his


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