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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> and you'll need an umbrella wednesday. >> thanks for watching everyone. >> enjoy the day and we'll see you at noontime. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, february 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the moment of truth in iowa. caucus day is finally here. we'r on the campaign trail. plus interviews with hillary clinton and donald trump. the zika virus may be declared a global emergency. we have a report from brazil, the epicenter of the growing pandemic. and the nominees for country music awards. but first, today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> you have a lousy record. 16 years and you haven't picked
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a winner. please pick a winner this time. >> the candidates make their final pitch to iowa voters. >> your campaign is based on the the idea that you're a winner. does that mean you don't have to win iowa? >> no, i don't have to win it. but i would like to win iowa. >> we can't be burned again. the stakes are too high. >> i hope you'll go and stand up for me. i hope you'll fight for me. >> sounds like you want to make a political revolution. [ cheers and applause ] >> a major winter storm has got its eyes set on iowa. important to note how this will affect your caucuses. the bulk of the snow starts beyond midnight on tuesday. >> the world health organization is meeting over ways to battle the growing zika virus outbreak. the group could decide to declare the virus a global health emergency. >> virginia tech students charged with the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> you never get over something like that. >> amtrak investigating objects
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that struck a train near new york. >> everybody said, my god, it's a gunshot. >> the broncos and panthers are in california. >> all that. >> ted cruz is hoping to it a little love from his daughter. she wants nothing to do with it. >> nearly struck by lightning. >> oh, my god! >> all of that matters. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> idris elba summed up the screen actors guild award with that one-liner. >> i've often been told i'm not thin enough, i'm not white enough. damn it, i am enough. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i joke, i say, if you're sick, if you've got 104 temperature, right, i've been doing this, if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. get up and caucus. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" brought to you by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." the first votes are about to be cast in one of the most of the heated presidential contests in modern history. iowa holds its presidential caucuses tonight. voters will gather in libraries, school gyms, and private homes. they will decide two very close races. and turnout will be key. >> democratic rivals bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck. and we'll talk with the former secretary of state shortly. 12 candidates are in the republican race with donald trump and ted cruz fighting for first place. first time caucusgoers could decide the outcome. our correspondents and political director are on the campaign trail in iowa. we begin with major garrett with the political showdown. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and welcome to camp cruz. this is one of two dormitories the campaign has rented here in des moines. i'm keeping my voice down
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because everybody is still asleep. more than 130 volunteers from 31 states have come to iowa to campaign and mobilize voters for ted cruz. and they do it the old fashioned way. one voter at a time. >> ted has been consistently conservative. no flip-flops. >> reporter: volunteers at ted cruz's iowa headquarters hit the phones sunday. >> we have a lot of leadership in washington who are kowtowing to the president. >> reporter: part of a mobilization effort considered second to none. >> wow! >> reporter: on the stump in des moines, cruz implored his supporters to show up. >> 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, stand with us. caucus with us. if we stand together, we will win. >> reporter: the cruz campaign also sent this flier, which looks like a government document, highlighting voting violations, to boost turnout among undecided voters. iowa's secretary of state questioned the hardball turnout
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tactic. so did donald trump. >> it's like an official document being sent to people in iowa that they have to get out and vote because they're in violation. i said that's a fraud, it's really terrible, as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: cruz supporters called it a typical maneuver. a less typical one. >> let's call donald duck and try to get him to do a debate. >> reporter: deploying "duck dynasty"'s phil robertson to attack your rival for skipping a debate. trump uncharacteristically downplayed the iowa caucuses. do you have to win in iowa? >> no, i don't have to winner it. we have a fairly substantial lead in iowa. i would like to. >> reporter: trump has relied on personal persuasion. >> if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. get up and caucus.
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>> reporter: trump has no dormitory for volunteers, but he does have sarah palin, who will campaign with him later todayinn cedar rapids. 71% of trump's supporters say they're totally committed to him, that's the highest in the field. but trump is almost no one's second choice. that could give cruz an advantage among caucusgoers who could still change their mind. >> major, thank you very much. the "des moines register" poll has predicted eight of the last nine iowa caucus winners. a lot of focus is on who will finish third. marco rubio is currently in third place in the latest poll. dean reynolds is in the state capital in des moines with mainstream republicans trying to overtake him. dean, good morning. >> reporter: well, if the polls are right, the big loser tonight will be the republican party establishment. and the big question is what impact that defeat will have on
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the race going forward. >> i've got terry branstad at home. i look at it for inspiration. >> reporter: governor chris christie shared the stage with iowa governor terry branstad, a republican legend in this state and an icon of the party establishment. >> i can't wait to get into the white house and call terry branstad and say, help me fix america the way you fixed iowa. we'll do it together. >> reporter: senator marco rubio in cedar rapids implored the crowd. >> vote for someone who gives us a chance to win. >> reporter: polls say neither he, christie, jeb bush, nor john kasich have much of a shot in iowa. >> you've got to have a winner this time. you're going to have a winner. >> reporter: with iowa republicans more inclined toward donald trump or ted cruz. >> god bless the great state of iowa.
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>> reporter: rubio and the rest are pinning their hopes on the next contest in new hampshire. >> we'll be leaving as soon as the caucus is over and we'll be in new hampshire tuesday morning, ready to work. >> reporter: so for them, iowa is a scramble for third or fourth place. >> you don't have a great record of picking presidents, though. >> reporter: governor branstad has not endorsed any candidates but has appeared with the ones he likes and not appeared with the ones he doesn't. >> we have more candidates than we've ever had. i think we'll have a record turnout. i respect the outcome from the iowa republican caucusgoers. >> reporter: now, losing iowa is not always politically fatal. of the many losers here, ronald reagan was one who lost in 1980, but went on to win the presidency later that year. >> an important reminder. dean, thank you so much. when voter turnout means everything, snow can really disrupt the caucuses. a blizzard is moving across the plains toward iowa this morning,
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making some candidates nervous. the latest poll of democrats shows hillary clinton with the 3-point lead over bernie sanders. nancy cordes is at a caucus site in des moines where caucusgoers will make their choice tonight. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's hard for even iowans to believe the day is finally here. take a look at the newspaper, "caucus: let your voice be heard." this is one of those places where the voices will be heard, in this middle school 6 to 800 voters will gather and try to convince each other to switch sides, making an already tight race even more unpredictable. >> we can't afford to make a mistake. >> reporter: look for redemption in a state she lost eight years ago, clinton boiled down her message to its essence.
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>> stick with ideas that will actually work for our country. >> reporter: just like 2008, a one-time underdog is nipping at her heels. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: promising major change. >> here's a radical idea. together we're going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just for 1%. [ cheers and applause ] >> in this first column we've got age and gender. >> i'm calling with the hillary clinton campaign. >> reporter: the campaigns have invested heavily in their get out the vote efforts. >> we're going to walk it three times before monday. >> reporter: the sanders team told cbs news 4,000 volunteers knocked on 112,000 doors this weekend. >> i will be caucusing tomorrow. >> for bernie? >> yes. >> excellent. >> reporter: a poll out this weekend found 83% of clinton supporters say their mind is made up, compared to 69% for sanders.
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both of them pulled out all the stops this weekend to charm voters, even serenading their supporters. ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley is at 3% in the polls, and in a primary that would make him a non-factor. but in a caucus, where neighbors can horse trade, they can switch allegiances halfway through, that 3% could make the difference, especially since clinton and sanders are separated by about 3 points, charlie. >> thanks, nancy. cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in des moines. john, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what should we be looking at and what could be the consequences of iowa? >> on both republican and
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democratic side, we're looking for turnout. if it's bigot r on the republic side, that means donald trump and ted cruz's supporters have come out to caucus. on the democratic side, it means bernie sanders has created an actual organization that can turn out voters to the caucuses. those are the first two big things i'm looking for. what we'll learn tonight on the democratic side, we'll learn if hillary clinton's structure, which she's been working on for months and months, before bernie sanders was a threat, she was building an organization here to handle a threat that he has become. and we'll find out if that organization beats the enthusiasm that he's been able to build. and on the republican side, we'll find out if ted cruz has been able to have an organization that can do better than the polls are showing. that will tell us not only about how well he can do here, but if he can launch the conservative revolution he's been saying he'll launch. >> donald trump told you yesterday, john, that he doesn't
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have to win iowa. a, does that surprise you, and do you think he's trying to lower expectations? >> two things you do on caucus day here in iowa. one, you try and turn out your voters, and two, you try to manage expectations. he's just like every other politician in that sense. he doesn't necessarily have to win in iowa. but it is the center of his argument, that he's a winner. and so that would be a big blow. but the one thing that would save him is there's not a clear alternative. there's an alternative in iowa but it's not necessarily the case that all republicans think ted cruz is the alternative to donald trump. >> and there's also the point that he says if he wins in iowa he might be able to run the table. >> yes, he might be able to run the table, although, you know, things change after we get out of iowa. we'll see how marco rubio does and whether he becomes the alternative in new hampshire, which is a much more favorable state for him. >> thank you, john. ahead, more of john's one on one
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interview with donald trump. and hillary clinton will be with us from des moines, we'll talk with you, coming up on "cbs this morning." international health officials today could declare the zika virus a global emergency. the world health organization is meeting in geneva to discuss an action plan. there are at least 31 cases in the united states. all are related to recent travel outside this country. >> reporter: good morning. brazil has been hardest hit by the zika virus. it may have arrived here in 2014 at the world cup soccer tournament and since then has exploded, infecting up to 1.5 million people in brazil alone. the fear is it could spread to another 4 million people across the americas in the next 12 months. it's become an all too common scene. health officials spraying insecticide in the hopes of killing this, the mosquito aedes
7:15 am
aegypti, responsible for the zika virus sweeping through latin america and the caribbean. the virus has been suspected of causing an increase in cases of microcephaly, children born with unusually small heads, often with brain damage. more than 4100 suspected cases of microcephaly have been reported so far in brazil, and pregnant women fear other side effects from the virus. >> the public doesn't know everything about the zika. we don't know exactly the consequence of the virus, only the microcephaly. >> reporter: tourism will also likely suffer, despite officials downplaying risks to visitors. rio's famed carnival festival begins on the 5th. health workers took to the streets, armed with instruments and information. events like this wrestling match are already under way and athletes are taking precaution,
7:16 am
using bug spray and staying indoors. >> kind of scary. there's nothing you can do, if you get bit, you get bit. >> reporter: if the world health organization declares the virus a public health emergency, it will be only the fourth time the organization has done so, meaning zika virus could join the company of h1n1 influence and ebola. >> john, thank you. john will take us into the center of the zika pandemic tonight. the acela express was traveling yesterday from washington to new york. passengers reported hearing objects smack against the train in philadelphia. the train was on the same route as a deadly crash last year. part of the federal investigation focused on whether an obstruct the train minutes before the accident. parts of california are cleaning up this morning from a
7:17 am
deadly winter storm. high winds ravaged the state. one driver in san diego was killed on sunday when a tree toppled onto her car. ben tracy in los angeles shows us all the damage. >> reporter: high winds uprooted an 8-foot-wide oak tree in san diego, killing a woman driving this honda. three other cars were also damaged. trees fell all across southern california because the ground is soaked by recent storms and winds were howling at up to 70 miles per hour. gusts topped 115 miles per hour in some areas and some trees stood no chance. >> i heard a pop, like slow motion, it was down. >> reporter: the winds also downed power lines, leading to widespread outages. late sunday, 41,000 people still had no power. >> i've lived here 15 years and never saw it blow so hard. >> reporter: a worker was trying to reduce the wind resistance
7:18 am
when this tower collapsed. thankfully he wasn't hurt. this car slid off an embankment. the driver walked away. >> it was stable inside the vehicle. i had my hand on the steering wheel and the roof of the vehicle and kind of went with the car as it rolled over. >> reporter: despite the damage, california desperately needs the rain. after four years of punishing drought, i wiel niño fueled sto are taking us into spring. cam newton and the carolina panthers looked stylish as they stepped off the plane in san jose on sunday after a cross-country flight. the broncos landed a few hours earlier and buses carried peyton manning and their team to their hotel. neither squad will have much downtime between now and
7:19 am
sunday's game. players and coaches will meet with fans and media as part of super bowl opening night. cbs is your home for super bowl 50. coverage begins sunday with "super bowl today" at 11:00 p.m. pacific time. and we interview president obama and the first lady live from the white house, just before the game. how about those cam newton pants? >> i'm trying to get a pair for the president. i think they'll be a conversation starter. but i hear they're tough to get. >> do you think the president and first lady are ready for you? >> i don't know. i don't know. we're working on it, charlie. >> i know how hard those questions will be. >> we're working on it. hillary clinton's first loss to barack obama came in iowa eight years ago. we'll ask the,, from the kpix weather
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center. i'm we have temperatures on the coolside. and northwest wind 10 to 20. and sunshine isolated for today. a high in santa rosa of 58. same in san jose. and heading to super bowl city in the mid-50s. and the extended forecast. rain this time tomorrow. and rain wednesday afternoon. and sunny skies for the super bowl. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay.
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a college track lete accused of killing a 13-year-old girl. >> ahead, why police believe he had help in this murder. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." k here in the morning on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by panera bread. food as it should be. and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. there's no reason to cry over spilled cabernet. all you need is some persil proclean. oh! thank you! don't thank me. thank the detergent. [laughs] i'm serious. thank it.
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what the heck was that? ahead, the fireball spotted across the country. tomorrow the this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good monday morning. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what is happening. crews in l.a. are on the scene of a fire in an industrial building. there are reports of a partially collapsed roof but no reports of injuries. the carolina panthers and denver broncos will address the media for the first time tonight. super bowl opening night. formerly known as media day begins at 5 p.m. at the sap center in san jose. a conversation with hillary clinton hours before the iowa caucus begins. that story, traffic, and weather too coming up right after the break. ,, ,,,,,,
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good morning from the traffic center. let's head to the south. we have a couple of accidentses. northbound 87 at capital. four cars involved, blocking the left lane. and traffic is slow as you approach the scene. and delays on 101 this morning. the accident is in the clearing stagings and the damage is done. and pretty slow and go as far as the drive times go. not a lot of options. 101, 28 slow and go. >> san jose bright sunshine and crystal clear skies and a little bit of wind swept skies. air temperature is 44 degrees in san jose. and sfo reporting mid-40s. winds gusting up to 13 in redwood city. later today, northwesterlilies 10 and highs in the 50s and 60s. and at super bowl city. lots of sunshine in the mid- 50s. close to average temperatures
7:29 am
today. and rain this time tomorrow morning. ,,,,,,,,
7:30 am
♪,,,,,,, the united states of america, sioux city. may god bless this ship and all who sail on her. >> the u.s. navy launched its newest warship on saturday with a huge splash. the ship slid into the water sideways after a christening in wisconsin. the sioux city is okay and still faces up to a year of testing before it is commissioned for service. the combat ship is the first to be named for the iowa city. it went listing back and forth, you think that could go not so great. >> we are all talking about iowa today! >> perfect timing. welcome back to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton is in iowa to make final appeal to voters
7:31 am
before the caucuses. she is with us this morning. hello, secretary. we will find out how she plans to beat bernie sanders. a university of virginia student is accused of killing a 13-year-old girl. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" agency officials deliberately transmit memos that contain false information to protect secrets. critics say official records can be tainted because there is no clear way to label the documents. the cia declined to comment. "the san francisco chronicle" reports on plans by the justice department to review the san francisco police department. this comes in the wake of a deadly shooting after black man by police. the december incident was caught on video. police say the 26-year-old mario woods was suspected in a stabbing earlier that day and refuse to do drop his knife. the orange county register reports on the dramatic capture of escaped california prisoners.
7:32 am
here is police audio as officers swooped in on one of the suspects. >> after police found nayer inchts, they discovered tieu at a whole foods parking lot. a third fugitive vended on thursday. a fireball scene in the sky. hundreds reported sightings. no official word to what it was but nasa says a fireball is usually a bright meteor. a weekend poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by three points. that is within the survey's margin of error. >> the candidates made their final pitches on sunday in iowa. clinton urged voters to come out to the caucus and, quote, stick with me.
7:33 am
sanders predicted he will win tonight if there is a large voter turnout. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is with us now from des moines. secretary clinton, good morning. >> thank you, charlie. good to talk to you and norah and gayle. >> it's intense out there as the final countdown takes place. the sanders' campaign, over the weekend released a commercial that suggested were in the pockets of wall street and said that, in fact, the e-mails could render you unelectable. >> well, that has been the trend the last few weeks. the sanders' campaign has gotten more negative and more personal, which i regret, because i thought we were running a really good campaign based on the issues, what we would do and how we would do it, and i'm drawing contrast with senator sanders because i think voters deserve to know where i stand on creating jobs and raising incomes and making sure the affordable care act continues to work, and produces the results
7:34 am
that i want to see it do, and so many of the other important issues, like affordable college and paying down student debt. you know, i have a long agenda, because i think that is what voters expect. i want them to know what i will do as president and i want them to hi've done throughout my career. >> on the campaign trail, how do you answer that charge that senator sanders has made that you're in the pocket of wall street or beholding to their interests? >> well, look. anybody who knows me know i'm not in the pocket of anyone and anyone who thinks they can influence me certainly doesn't know me. but what i do think is interesting is i've laid out the most comprehensive, toughest, defective plan to make sure wall street never wrecks main street again. don't take my word for it.
7:35 am
that is what paul crudman and barney frank and others have said. the republicans have now run about 6 million dollars of ads against me and billionaire hedge fund guys, karl rove and others are desperate to diffuse democrats who has the best plan and best understanding about how to get this done. so i take it, as kind of a perverse compliment. people who know what needs to be know know i'm the person to deliver to make sure we don't end up with the kind of problems we faced back in 2008. >> bernie sanders says that a large voter turnout today, madam secretary, works in his favor. what do you think works in your favor in terms of the turnout and the type of voter that needs to go today to caucus for you? >> well, i really want a large turnout, because we have knocked on 125,000 doors this weekend across the state and we got a great response. i'm really pumped up and enthusiastic about the way my
7:36 am
campaign has been moving toward this day. and it really does come down to who turns out. i've been telling people the weather forecast today that the blizzard won't get here until after the caucuses, so don't be deterred. we really do want everybody to come out and to be part of this, because these -- this comes only once with. the people of iowa get the unique opportunity before anybody in the world to decide who they think should be the next president, and commander in chief. and i'm urging everybody who wants to go and caucus for me and stand up for me to please do so, so i can stand up and fight for them through the campaign and into the white house. >> you got a big endorsement from "the new york times" saying you are one of the best qualified people to run for president in a long time. there is also the tough competition and success of bernie sanders. do you believe that he, who suggests needs to raise taxes for some of the programs he would like to see the country have, and because he is a democratic socialist, can be
7:37 am
elected? >> well, charlie, a lot of democrats are worried about that. they are speaking out. they are worried that, you know, it could be difficult and we certainly want to take back the senate. we have got great candidates running across the country who want to make progress in the house and state houses. i think it's fair to say that the differences we have, they really go, not so much to the goals. we both want universal health care coverage, for example. i believe we should build on the affordable care act. we are at 90% coverage and it's one of the great democratic party achievements and i was thrilled when president obama got it done. i want to improve on it, but i don't want to rip it up and start all over again and throw our country into a very contentious national debate, which i think will result in gridlock. i don't think the people of iowa and america can wait. so i'm going forward on what i believe is my obligation. i'm a progressive who likes to get things done, that make a real difference in people's
7:38 am
lives and that is what i'm offering to the american people. >> let me go back to politics. suppose you lose tonight and suppose the margin that he has in new hampshire stays. do you have a firewall after that in south carolina and the states that follow that, the s.e.c. states that will give you a strong finish? >> well, look. i'm very excited about our on prospects here tonight in iowa and i'm going to work as hard as i can until all of the votes are tallied in the caucuses and then i will immediately, tonight, go to new hampshire. i'm going to campaign hard in new hampshire. i know that usually new hampshire votes for a neighbor and he is their neighbor. so i get that. but i think i have the better plans. i think i have the better understanding of what it will take to beat the republicans. i'm tested. i'm a little bit scarred up, but i'm still standing and i think that kind of experience will really do me well in this campaign and i believe that i'm
7:39 am
the democrat who can make sure we keep the white house in the right hands going forward. >> all right. secretary clinton, thank you for your time. it's wonderful to watch democracy in action on both sides of the aisle and thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. yes, we do. >> we will be right back.
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,,,, in connection with the murder of a 13-year-old girl. nicole lovell's body was found
7:44 am
saturday near the virginia/north carolina border more than 50 miles from her home and the about 300 tips sickening feeling this could have very easily been one of my children. it really hits home. >> reporter: authorities believe virginia tech freshman david eisenhauer abducted and murdered the girl and another student natalie keeper has been charged with helping him get rid of
7:45 am
lovell's bot. >> body. >> eisenhaw you're used to his advantage to abduct and kill her. >> reporter: pmissinthere, you come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. >> reporter: lovell's facebook page shows she was a member of at least one teen dating group but it's unclear whether she met eisenhauer online. last march a local news agency recognized the track and field champion from maryland as a student athlete of the week. >> i will personal not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: sunday, virginia state police searched a pond of virginia tech's campus and it was unclear for what. online, lovell's father shared his devastation writing, i'm ti
7:46 am
nicole's disappearance and death. >> jan, such a disturbing story. thank you very much. i was devastated to read about this story.ed to hide questionable money from abroad. we will talk to steve kroft about this undercover video. >> the zebra s stripes thahat im newton's style points.. we are allll talking about the. boy,y, he has got the legs to sw them. >> yeah, he does. >> he does. >> fashion swagger right there. >> gayle hat inside scoop, right? >> fashion swagger right there. right there. >> colorful and bold i can afford to be?
7:47 am
>> and he knows it. he knows it. from the kpix weather center, i'm roberta gonzales with the forecast. bundle up. temperatures on the cool side and a sustained wind out of the northwest, 10 to 20. ask a breezy day with sunshine slated for today. a high in santa rosa of 58. same in san jose. and the extended forecast, rain this time tomorrow. and rain wednesday afternoon. and then sunny skies for the super bowl. nbc news nbc news cigna. ahh... yeah! ahh... announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by cigna. together all the way. ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go.
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7:52 am
to call dontella yourself. >> i don't know if i can get a pair of pants but i'll make a call. if i can get them, i'll bring them tomorrow. >> norah, we would pay money. >> $8 hin hundr00? >> hello! $800! >> $800 if you wear those pants tomorrow. >> oh, my goodness! e. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq. that's myr-be-triq, the first and only treatment... its class for oab symptoms of urgency... ...frequency, and leakage. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase blood pressure. tell your doctor right away if you have trouble emptying your bladder, or have a weak urine stream. myrbetriq may cause serious allergic reactions. if you experience...
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you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. it's fan appreciation day. and wearing 49ers of raiders gear gets you a $5 discount off tickets. and a 10,000 square foot warehouse in san francisco is turning into a temporary homeless shelter. the city hopes to clear out a tent city in potrero hill. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
welcome back. let's go live to the bay
7:58 am
bridge. metering lights are on and you have slow and go conditions as you approach the maze. over an hour across the east shore freeway. carquinez bridge to the maze, slow and go speeds on westbound 80 as well. northbound 880 stacked up 238 to the maze. a 35-minute ride. southbound getting word of an accident near tennyson. and 30 minutes as you work your way westbound between 880 and 101. still working on an accident 8 at capital. looking at the transamerica pyramid. winds are breezy around the sfo area, up to 15 miles per hour. air temperatures 39 in santa rosa. and otherwise in the 40s. and with the abundance of sunshine and breezy northwest winds, 10 to 20. everybody is settling in to the 50s and 60s. heading to super bowl city. sunshine and 56 degrees. and we have rain this time
7:59 am
tomorrow morning. and rain wednesday afternoon and dry for super bowl l. kpix 5 salutes campbell, a small town with charm and history. campbell is named after its founder who brought the fruit growing industry to the area. today visitors enjoy well maintained landmarks and welcoming neighborhoods. >> people like campbell because it has that smalltown feel. and people are very attracted to that. they like that they can walk to the downtown or the farmers market. >> a place for family together. and where friends can shop and dine. >> hello. >> hi. >> and for dessert, frost cupcake factory with 22 cupcake flavors offered daily. come see for use why we're
8:00 am
sweet on campbell. a message from kpix 5 and the super bowl host committee. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, february 1st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including the countdown to today's caucuses. presidential candidates make their final pushes in iowa ahead the first voting in campaign 2016. first, here's today's "eye opener." well, if the polls are right, the big loser tonight will be the republican party establishment. >> hard even for iowans to believe the day is finally here. take a look at the front page of the "des moines register." >> two things you do on caucus day here in iowa, one, you try
8:01 am
to turn out your voters and two, manage expectations. >> the blizzard isn't going to get here until after the caucuses. don't be deterred. we want everybody to come out and be part of this. brazil has been hit by the zika virus. it may have come since 2014, since then it has exploded. >> how about those pants. >> i'm trying to get a pair for the president. >> if i can get them, i'll bring them tomorrow. >> i'd pay money. >> $800? >> yes, i would pay $800. >> hello. $800. >> stand up. >> $800. what have i gotten myself into? >> cue charlie. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
we're just hours away from the first votes in the 2016 presidential race. iowa will hold its caucuses tonight. when iowa democrated caucused in 2008 they sent barack obama on his way to the white house. he defeated hillary clinton with almost 38% of the vote. >> eight years later, hillary clinton faces a similar challenge. bernie sanders, another candidate promising change is just three points behind her in the latest des moines register poll. nancy cordes is covering the democrats in des moines. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the caucus process is so unique, come tonight you'll have hundreds of people here in this middle school gym iness minutes and they will be horse training, trying to bring their neighbors over to their side. i was just talking to a social studies teacher here at the middle school. he said the most powerful people on any caucus night are the undecided. the die hars will come armed with their toughest messages, the clinton folks will be
8:03 am
arguing she has the plan. she's been tested in every way. the sanders folks will argue we need revolutionary change. the status quo isn't good enough when working families are falling behind. obviously what matters most is getting your supporters here in the first place. the sanders team told us that their volunteers knocked on 112,000 doors just this weekend. clinton told you a short time ago her team knocked on 125,000 doors just yesterday. are these numbers accurate? there's no way for us to know, both teams are sort of thumping their chest. obviously a big win for sanders would be a game changer for clinton, though, a win is crucial because she's way behind in new hampshire, the next contest up. if she loses in both states it will be hard to argue she's still the front-runner. >> nancy, thank you so much. this weekend's poll shows donald trump leading ted cruz by five
8:04 am
points. cruz said he doesn't view any state as a must-win. he and his campaign have made a huge effort in iowa. major garrett is in des moines. >> reporter: what you see around me is camp cruz. we're coming to you from the ground floor of one of two apartment complexes where about 130 cruz volunteers have been rotating through since early december. if cruz wins tonight, organizational muscle like this will be the reason why. the cruz campaign tells us it's identified every potential likely caucus attendee tonight. not only contacted them personally once, twice but many times. even built a mathematical model it believes will ensure victory. it breaks down like this. about four years ago, 122,000 republicans showed up at the caucus. estimates are turnout tonight could rise to 150,000. cruz's campaign manager ensures
8:05 am
me that they will win even if it reaches 150,000. if it reaches beyond 170,000 trump will win because he's attracted so many new caucusgoers. >> thanks, major. donald trump said he doesn't need to win tonight's iowa caucus but he told john dickerson in a "face the nation" interview he's confident he can. >> in iowa, your campaign is based around the idea you're a winner. does that mean you have to win iowa? >> i don't have to win it and right now you and i are sitting in new hampshire. i have a substantial lead in new hampshire. i think it would be really good to win iowa. i'd like to win iowa. i'm doing really well with the evangelicals. i have a fairly substantial lead in iowa. i think we have a good chance of winning iowa. i'd like to. >> your rallies, the people
8:06 am
attending like you are uncompromising. i talked to washington insiders, some lawmakers who are overcoming their skepticism about you by thinking he's going to compromise. he's going to make deals in washington. which one is right? >> i think everyone's right. honestly, i think they're both right. i'm a dealmaker but we have to make deals. it's sort of funny. when i see ted cruz standing in the senate and nobody else is with him, he's standing all by himself and you have all of these other politicians, senators and congressmen generally and he's trying to -- he's by himself. they're not going to get anything done. you've got to be able to get things done. ted doesn't have an endorsement from one united states senator. >> he'd say that's great. >> no, no, it's bad. >> you've said such terrible things about them in washington. >> they're not bad people. a lot of them are good people and some are people that won't get it done. when ted doesn't have one senator, like a mike lee who is a conservative guy, good guy, why isn't he getting the endorsements. >> there's a lot of drama around
8:07 am
your campaign. you're occasionally in twitter wars. is that presidential? >> i've been in twitter wars before i was a politician. i went to great schools. i was a great student, all of that stuff. i'm capable of slowing down twitter. >> you talked about how you'd like to be unpredictable. is that unpredictability? >> yes, our enemies know what we're going to do, whether it's battle, war, finance. >> if you're president, people have this anxious feeling about you. you have to fix that. >> i don't think they do, i really don't. once they know me, in fact i was listening to to one of your co-horts last week. they said they've never seen favorables go up so fast as my favorables, especially for somebody so well known. it was almost unheard of. my favorables are very good now. they said they've never seen anything like that. >> i think you'd have to agree,
8:08 am
you went to a church service. the sermon was in part on humility. >> they didn't know i was coming because of security reasons. we just sort of showed up. maybe they changed quickly. or maybe it was coincidence. >> it was humility. >> a lot of people don't think -- your name is on everything. you often talked about -- you sometimes brag, it's part of your pitch. >> there's more humility than you would think. >> hidden humility. >> we're all the same. we're all going one of two places. i have much more humility than a lot of people would think. >> and he says so. he says so. >> fun to watch. only on "cbs this morning," dierks bentley is here in studio 57 to announce top nominations for the academy of country music awards. dierks bentley, steve kroft is always looking for a good story.
8:09 am
feel free to share. rising stars like maddie and tay, they were here.,,,,
8:10 am
steve kroft is here with his report last night on a major undercover investigation. we'll show you what happens when american lawyers were asked how to move millions of dollars of suspect funds into the u.s. the undercover video. that's next on "cbs this morning." if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business.
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dude, dude, dude. (group chatter) this is bad. i think we're stuck.
8:14 am
we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? ♪ last night "60 minutes" aired a report using hidden footage that raised questions about how far some american lawyers might be willing to go to help bring questionable funds into the u.s. this story showed what happened when an investigator for global witness went undercover 19 months ago. while posing as the representative of a phony african official, he met with more than a dozen new york law firms to get advice on moving tens of millions of dollars into
8:15 am
the united states without the minister's name being revealed. he secretly recorded the conversations. here is part of steve kroft's report. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> reporter: the undercover investigator who called himself raffle kayser told the lawyers the minister used his official position to collect tens of millions of dollars in special payments from foreign companies to help them obtain valuable mineral rights. he wanted to move the money to the united states to buy a house, a jet and a yacht. >> he wants to bring the money into the u.s. >> yes. >> started with a brownstone and buying a jet, he wants to commission the building of a yacht and buy more property. >> reporter: the story was intentionally devised to raise red flags and lead the lawyers to believe the minister's money was dirty. during the meetings, only one of the 16 lawyers, jeffrey herman, told him no. >> this ain't for me.
8:16 am
my standards are higher. >> reporter: the rest expressed varying degrees of interest with most of them offering advice on how it could be done. >> we do everything, soup to nuts. there's no limitations. we don't say, oh, we don't do windows or deal with the financial money manager or whatever. we orchestrate and organize the entire thing. we're happy to take that responsibility. >> reporter: what's important to point out and it cannot be overstated, is that none of the lawyers we've shown you broke any laws, in part, because the african minister didn't really exist, there were no hundreds of millions of dollars and global witne witnesses said no money ever changed hands. >> this is a morality test. >> it wasn't -- it was a test on the system. >> you know, people could make the argument, all these guys did really was listen to this person that came into their office. they didn't make a deal. they didn't sign up.
8:17 am
they said we need to do more research. >> and you know what, they'd be absolutely right to say that. they need to say something else with too, those lawyers laid out in often considerable detail a myriad of different ways to bring money into america. >> reporter: none of the lawyers agreed to take on the african minister as a client nor were they asked to. it was a preliminary meeting. that ended with most of the attorneys expressing interest in continuing the dialogue and some enthusiastic about landing the business. >> steve kroft joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> incredible piece to watch. none of these lawyers technically broke any laws. how is that possible? >> there was no crime. everything was fake. so no money changed hands. there was no minister, no millions of dollars. so there was nothing to prosecute. >> commissioner bratton has a saying in new york, i've heard him say, it could look awful but it's lawful. when i was looking at that last night i was thinking that.
8:18 am
when you air the recordings, aren't those attorney/client privilege? how are we aible to see that? >> it's strange. i didn't know this before we had done the story. the privilege is mr. to protect the client, not to protect the lawyers and the klein the which in this case was global witness they control the privilege. if they said we want to release the contents of this conversation with our lawyers, it's their right. >> one of the lawyers was james silkenat, head of the bar association. >> was the head of the american bar association. >> you know, because he was head of the bar association and representing lawyers in the united states, i think that was the main reason. he was a different category. because he was specifically selected. and also, he was much more suspicious of the african minister than some of the other people. he was much more cautious in his part about moving forward. they said they didn't participate in which any
8:19 am
criminal activity was involved. >> only one lawyer, mr. herman, he said this ain't for me, my standards were higher. was that surprising to you. >> very surprising. >> that there was only one. >> all of the other lawyers expressed concern they didn't want to get in trouble, they knew there were legal issues. >> eventually they came up with ideas after expressing concern. >> then they went on to give advice. >> what do you think the end result of this is? do you think legislation will be proposed? there seems to be a gaping loophole. >> i think the bar association will probably step in and do something. i think they need to tighten up some of their own regulations. they have a bit of a pr problem here. the other thing is, there is legislation. the reason it's so easy, it's $300 billion of money gets laundered in the united states every year. it's because it's the easiest place in the world. >> why is that? >> you don't have to list who the beneficial owner is of the company. when you file incorporation. you don't have to say who actually owns it. you could put down the names of
8:20 am
the secretaries in the office. >> when people buy real estate, they do that often. >> they do it. there's nothing illegal about setting up a limited liability corporation slngs you're doing it to protect yourself against liability or protect your privacy. if you do it to conceal a criminal act, then it's money laundering. >> eye opening indeed. thank you, steve kroft. >> always good to have you here. >> always a pleasure. a police dog is listed as city property that must be auctioned off. oh, no. ahead, how the public is rushing to help a retired officer to keep his faithful okcanine companion. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. t the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste.
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8:23 am
8:24 am
i really i really do appreciate it. and i don't know how i can ever repay the people. i'm very touched by their enthusiasm. their enthusiasm. >> that's ohio police officer matt hickey who just retired last week and now donations are pouring in to help him keep his k-9 partner ajax. he wants to adopt the dog but the city calls the animal city property that must be auctioned off. nearly $60,000 has been raised to keep the duo together. marietta council member said the city would only accept bids trained to work with police dogs which would help officer hickey in the bidding process. one of those things where you
8:25 am
have to figure out something for the man to keep the dog. country great this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good monday morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 8:25. here are some headlines. this afternoon, the us justice department will lay out the plan to investigate the san francisco police department. it follows the outcry over the shooting of mario woods. powerful winds uprooting trees. one tree fell in redwood city. and another caused a sidewalk to buckle in san francisco. and coming up this morning, cbs this morning has an exclusive with a singer who reveals the nominees for the upcoming country music awards. traffic and weather coming your way after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. still a busy monday morning westbound out of oakland to san francisco. the bay bridge is stacked up. almost an hour westbound carquinez bridge to the maze. and all approaches to the bay bridge are slow. northbound 880, the nimitz freeway ride will take 35 minutes. and slow through hayward. 26 minutes across the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster
8:28 am
city. pretty windy this morning. and northbound 101 once you get on the peninsula, 92 to the 80 split is a 37-minute ride. 280 is looking a little bit better. and northbound 87 is clear from an accident at capital. and traffic is slow in the south bay. i've been enjoying looking outside the windows and seeing the white caps on the bay waters. right now according to the live weather camera we're looking due east and you can see the ripple. a small craft advisory is in effect. and outside the bay, a gale warning in effect. wind speeds as we take a look t up to 12 in san francisco. twelve in novato. and the winds will be northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. and temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. super bowl city in the mid-50s. the extended forecast, rain returns tuesday and wednesday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i'm a riser i'm a get up off the ground don't run and hider ♪ pushing causes shoving ♪ ♪ hey i'm a fighter >> dierks bentley this morning is a early riser. welcome back. he is in our toyota green room to reveal some of the biggest nominations for the academy of country music awards. we will see if he has a reason to cheer. also in studio 57, meagan good and devon franklin. their new book discovers celibacy.
8:31 am
data centers contain thousands of servers everything from social networks to e-mail. rhode island start-u-- a meatball was produced from animal cells and hopes to be the first to sell so-called cultured meet in three to four years. cells can be collected from animals without slaughtering. "variety" reports on the diverse winners in saturday's screen actors guild award. idris elba took home two awards. queen latifah was on for her role in "bessie smith." more than 116,000 votes for the awards, less than 6,000 voters
8:32 am
that picked 9 all-white acting nominees. dirks bently has sold more than 5 million albums world wild and 13 number one songs and brings the 13 grammy singer and songwriter will coast the country music awards on cbs and only on "cbs this morning," dierks bentley is here to reveal the nominees for the biggest acm category. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> first up entertainer of the year, right? >> that's right. a big one. >> nominees are? >> i have them here in my hand. jason aldean, garth brooks, luke ryan, eric church and miranda lambert. >> second category? >> second category acm vocal duo of the year. brothers osborne.
8:33 am
dan shea. joey and rory and matie and tate. >> they were here. you remember them? >> i do. >> you toured with them? they are great. >> so much fun. so proud they are nominated in this category. >> me too. >> really great people. >> gayle, you want to go next? >> no. he has another category. >> i have one more. vocal group of the year. eli young band. little big town. old dominion. rascal flatts. and the zac brown band. >> we haven't heard from rascal flatts for a while. >> old dominion is bringing in old blood. the band has been around a long. >> fourth category is album of the year. i'm looking forward to this one! >> we take pride in the records we make. eric church with "mr. m
8:34 am
misunderstood." and sam hunt, thomas rhett and chris stapleton. >> chris is amazing. >> he is a great singer. awesome to get recognized like this and makes me smile when i see his name for an awards show. pretty cool. >> female vocalist of the year award? >> kelsea ballerini, jane that kramer and miranda lamb bered and kasey musgraves and carrie underwood. >> and i have one more. male vocalist of the year. jason aldean and eric church and
8:35 am
brett eldredge and dierks bentley! we couldn't let you announce this since you were nominated. and also chris stapleton in that category. >> we walk on stage and get that connection with them and applause. you want to be recognized by your peers and everybody in the biz. it means it's a big party that might, really! >> it's time to drag out "getting drunk on a plane." the lyrics on that song is so great! a party on the 737! you're co-hosting? how do you feel about that? >> i talked to luke bryan and that element of the drinking and being in las vegas. you want a party but you have some responsibilities. luke had some advice that once you get past the owning monologue, then you can kind of have the drinks flow a little bit and loosen up. >> a good time will be had by
8:36 am
all. >> win or lose, it will be a great night. >> the title is "black" because you love black people? >> i do love black people. >> but that is not the real reason. i know you like black people but not the real reason. >> no. i love what goes on after the lights go down. my wife named it popular. >> i can't wait to hear it. the good and bad relationships? >> being in a long-term relationship. mostly the good. you have a license to delve into the lonesome side of life and rough patches and i think that is a responsibility as a songwriter. it kind of explores those ways as well too. mostly positive relationship. >> you don't know this about me but more than anything, i wish i could sing. i can't sing.
8:37 am
i love music so much. i think about you guys on stage when you have thousands of people who know you and know your lyrics. what is that feeling like when you're on stage and everybody goes crazy? >> we had a show with luke in cancun and i was singing a song "michael hold on." and friends in the crowd were watching and a good looks over and says this song means more to me than you possibly know. he broke down and started crying. the songs get woven into the fabric of people lives and mean a lot. the country lyrics the story telling is so powerful. >> do you write some of your own? >> most of them. most of the number one's you were talking about before, i wrote. we got a great song writing community in nashville and try to draw on them more than my past. the song i have out, i never wrote it and new blood wrote this song and i'm honored to be the voice of the song.
8:38 am
>> i love your music and i'm cheering for you and i love you, dierks bentley! >> honored to have you here and cbs is honored to host the acm awards. you can watch the 51st academy of country music awards from las vegas sunday, april 3rd, at 8:00/7:00 central on cbs. their new book compares sex to a formula one race car. you know about that? >> sex, too! >> yes, he do! but actors meagan good and devon franklin decided to slow things down a bit. could,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:39 am
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8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ i don't know. might be getting it from somewhere else because the only guy i know to wait six months to have sex would be on the low down or the down. >> uh-huh! that is what i think too! actress meagan's views on sex is different from on set where she first worked with her then husband devon franklin. they believe saving sex is the key to a successful marriage. it meant to secelibacy until th tied the knot in 2012.
8:43 am
their new book is called "the wait." they both join us at the table. >> hello! >> good to see you both. >> good to see you too. >> you get the book and snickers and look at the two of them. you were celibate ten years before you met her. you say deliberately not having sex is a foreign concept to men. >> it is. >> to every man i know. >> for ten days sometimes it's a foreign concept. but for me, it started a spiritual practice. my other life, i'm a preacher and i didn't want to live two lives. i wasn't practicing celibacy but talking about ten he said i have to have the man god called me to be and part of that is taking this vow and waiting until marriage. when i started doing that it gave me discipline to help me in every other discipline of my life. i told men you want to be successful get victory over this area and there is nothing in life you can't do. >> why was the wait important? >> it was very important. because at the end of the day,
8:44 am
what i found is when you're dating and you have sex on the table, things get cloudy. >> you said it clouds your judgment. >> it's almost like dating under infatuation. the infatuation period you don't know who the person is. >> yeah. i think the truth is a lot of times it takes us years down the line before we realize who we are dating because we are a little bit blinded and making excuses here and there for the person because we are so physically coopinion dependent on them and when you take that out of the equation you get to know the person across the board in every other way, except the physical way, which comes later and it's icing on the cake. >> sexual compatibility is an important part of marriage. >> absolutely. >> a lot of marriages break up because people are not sexually compatible. if you don't have sex before your marriage, how do you know if you're not compatible and that part of your intimate relationship will work? >> here is what we found and even in our own relationship. where you have a foundation of love and friendship and trust and then you get into sex, you now have a foundation to explore
8:45 am
each other. what we have also found is you say, hey, i want to find out if we have sexual chemistry right now. it could create sex but no love. we wanted to find out can we love each other without letting our sexual prowess in the being the thing to determine if we like each other and we found out it was very strong. >> was there a gateway to other things, so to speak? when it came, it gave you an opportunity to -- >> i'm sorry? >> in other words, how do it change your life after? >> oh, yeah. >> was it worth the wait? >> yes, it was worth the wait. it was worth the wait. >> so great and because you knew each other and because there was no sexual dynamic? >> right. >> able to explore everything else? >> there is so much trust and there is so much confidence and there is so much, like, just a knowingness that we have, because the foundation of what it was built on to us is just so solid and everything else, that is additional and icing on the
8:46 am
cake. but i just don't know how to explain it. >> i thought it was interesting because you had a label of being a party girl. you had a lot of different high profile boyfriends, a lot of high profile relationships. and so when people heard you are now celibate, people are saying, what? what is it that you want people to know? was it a big change in your life for you? a big change in your way of thinking or did it happen after you met him? >> no, it happened after -- it happened after jumping the broom. i came home and prayed about what i needed to be doing because i felt like i was a mess and i felt i had hit rock bottom in terms of emotionally and spiritually and in that prayer time i came to the conclusion i needed to be celibate and doing something different than i had been doing the years before and every relationship i came out of, i felt a conviction about wanting to be celibate but the person wasn't on the same page with me or i would get fearful i would lose them and we would break up, whatever it may be and it wasn't until i just decided this is what i need to do for me because i need to heal and focus on myself and i need to advance
8:47 am
myself in every area of my life without the distraction of, you know, feeling like i need this, man, whoever it maybe. >> some definition of celibacy? if you march up to sex and if you -- >> celibacy is about purpose. it's about, you know, abstaining from sex with purpose. a different between celibacy and abstinence. abstinence is i'm not doing it. you can be abstinent because you don't have options. we define sal bassey abstaining from sex because a higher purpose and higher calling and specifically related to marriage. >> what can you do that does not violate your vow? >> it's about remaining pure. >> there are other things you can do? romantically. >> hugging, kissing. >> hugging, kissing. >> holding each other tight! >> hugging isn't what we are talking about here! >> right, right. >> but you're saying there are other ways of being intimate than the actual act of introduce
8:48 am
is what we are saying. >> yes. >> definitely. >> i don't think we are saying what you're saying. we are saying that physically, there is a line. and anything that would put you over that line where it's like, okay, technicalically, you're kind of doing it but not and something we avoid. >> people want to have sex because i like you and you like me, is that a terrible way to live you're saying? >> in our experience, we just feel at the end of the day you have to decide what you want out of life. what do you want and where are you going and make the decisions to help you get there. >> thank you both so much. >> thank you. "the wait" goes on sale tomorrow and it's published by simon and schuster, a division of cbs. ,,,,
8:49 am
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♪ recyclining robot octopus here. winners team usa vermont says it shows a teenage science whiz here. they used blocks of ice to carve their vision. it will remain on display through sunday in breckbreckenr >> artistic. >> that does it for us. tune into the "cbs evening news"
8:53 am
with scott pelley tonight and for tonight's iowa caucuses,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good monday morning. i'm frank mallicoat. 8:55 the time. some of the headlines, a temporary homeless shelter set to open in san francisco this week. the warehouse at pier 80 will house up to 150 people and provide them a mattress and a hygiene kit. school leaders will consider whether to hand out condoms to middle school students. and today the panthers and broncos will address the media for the first time since landing in the bay area yesterday. super bowl opening night starts at 5 p.m. at the sap center and it's open to the fans. and we've got a little rain in the forecast too. let's check in with roberta. >> and that's a good way to say
8:56 am
it. it's a little bit of rain. it will return tomorrow. and right now wind swept blue skies and winter is slowly beginning to subside. the northwesterlies at 12 miles per hour. and temperatures cool. santa rosa 39. 44 san jose. and in the bay in the 40s. the winds have been gusting up to 30 miles per hour. and now they're dialing back. 7-mile-per-hour winds in ran ramona. and northwesterlies 10 to 20 miles per hour with the sunshine in the 50s and low 60s. if you're heading to super bowl city in san francisco, mid-50s. a little on the cool side. rain returns tomorrow morning. and a chance during the day. and then cloud cover wednesday morning. and then an afternoon shower. dry skies thursday and friday and much warmer but it's the sunshine through super bowl sunday. we've got the traffic up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning from the traffic center. if you're commuting on the nimitz freeway. stop and go conditions all the way into downtown oakland. the drive time 37-minutes from 238 all the way to the maze now. and the bay bridge is still busy and metering lights remain on. the good news is looks like a little bit better drive time. and the westbound side of 80 -- a little slow. san mateo bridge is improving
8:59 am
out of hayward to foster city. the drive times busy on 101.
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