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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> pelley: the last push for the first votes. >> if you're in bed, if you're sick, if you can't walk, if the doctor says you cannot leave, i don't care. u will fight for me. >> stand for us. >> let's go get 'em. >> pelley: it's caucus night in iowa. also tonight, we're at ground zero of the zika outbreak, now an international health emergency. the last thing the engineer remembers before the fatal philadelphia amtrak wreck. and peyton manning on the super bowl and h.g.h. >> i welcome that investigation. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. edition, and we begin with breaking news from iowa where the caucuse caucuses are under .
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this is a caucus at a middle school in des moines, where democrats are making their presidential preferences known on the republican size, cbs news estimates that donald trump is the leader in an early three-way race with marco rubio and ted cruz nipping at his heels. now for the democrats, hillary clinton has the early lead over challenger bernie sanders. keep in mind, it iss very early in the counting, and these are estimates that are based in part on questions we asked voters as they entered the caucuses. we have a team of correspondents covering the caucuses tonight. first we'll go to major garrett with the republicans. major. >> reporter: scott, indications are from across the statue a very high republican voter turnout. there were long lines seen in ancoony, a fast-growing suburb north of des moines, and a survey taken indicated 43% describe themselves as angry
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with the federal government. 37% of those said they came to caucus on behalf of donald trump, far more than did so on behalf of any other republican. now, large turnout could can't a wave for trump, and trump right now is speaking to supporters at a caucus site here in west des moines. now, trump's campaign has always dependedepended on brings tens f thousands of new voters to the caucus sites this evening. republicans who had given up on the process and their party, independents and even cross-over democrats, and, scott, there are anecdotal indications that's precisely what's happening tonight. now, it is worth pointing out cruz has mobilized lots of voters and his campaign's top viewerses still insist their mathematical models seine vision a path to victory, even if turnout tonight rises to something unpress departmented, 170,000. keep in mind, the roartd was made four years ago about 122,000. i must tell you, scott, those mathematical projections for the cruz campaign are already under
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severe test. the other storyline tonight could be marco rubio. enthusiasm for his campaign built in the closing days, and he's looking for a strong third-place finish and could sneak into second if cruz plummets in the caucus turnout. there is no indication of that at this early hour yet, scott, but it's clear, unquestionably clear, the dominant story lines tonight are donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. >> pelley: ted cruz, marco rubio, stronger than had been anticipated at this point. major garrett, thank you. now to the democrats in iowa. again, cbs news estimates clinton has the early lead over sanders. nancy cordes is covering that race for us tonight. nancy. >> reporter: scott, it will come as no surprise that among those democrats who told us in the entrance polls that experience is the most important qualification in a president, hillary clinton is leading among those voters overwhelmingly, among voters who say that honesty and trustworthiness, however, are among the most
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important qualifications, well, they are going for bernie sanders. women favor clinton but not by an enormous expaiment men by a slightly smaller amount seem to be going for sanders tonight. young voters, scott, are going to be key to sanderce' success. nine out of 10 voters under the awj of 30 say they favor bernie sanders. that is really an astounding number. but we are already seeing signs that the proportion of young voters is not as high tonight as it was eight years ago when president obama won here in iowa. still, sanders has managed to do something very remarkable-- he has closed a 40-point gap with clinton over the past six months. won or lose, he will have pierced her aura of 97 tablght. and i asked him about that when we caught up with him today in des moines. what was the point that you thought, "i could really be a contender here?" >> well, when we starteed to bring out really, really plarnlg turnouts, you know, in des moines and iowa city, we had,
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you know, just plane, many, many hundreds of people coming out. and people said, "you know, bernie, for iowa that's a really, really big turnout. other people are getting 50 people. you're getting 500 people." and we began to think that our message was resinating well here in iowa. >> reporter: clinton came into this race with all the advantages-- money, staff, years of planning, and tonight, we'll find out if it's enough to fend off this former underdog, scott, with his message about change and income inequality. >> pelley: nancy cordes. thank you very much, nancy. now, it's worth remembering that only 30 delegates are at stake tonight. it takes many hundreds to win either party's nomination in a process that will continue into june. john dickerson is our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation." he's in iowa tonight. john, iowa's conservatives are about as conservative as they
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come, tailor made for ted cruz. but in these early numbers rubio and cruz are locked in a battle for second place. what's your take on this. >> reporter: well, if ted cruz doesn't do well in iowa that would be a real blow. as you said, iowa was the place where his campaign was going to start, have a big spark, and that's because of the conservatives who vote in the caucuses and evangelicals but it's also part of his bigger campaign theory. if he can't do it in iowa he will not be able to do it in other places. he has $20 million still on hand he can use and there are future contestcontests in south carolid the contests on the first of march in the southern states where he could recoup. but iowa was the place where it was all supposed to start. >> pelley: well, iowa liberals are tailor made for bernie sanders, and he'll do well in new hampshire next week because it's next to his home state of vermont. but what about later primaries for sanders? >> reporter: those are harder
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those are states in which hillary clinton has a good, strong organization. so it would be hard for bernie sanders to ride a wave of enthusiasm in those later states. that's why iowa is so important for him because if bernie sanders can't win in iowa, it's that much harder for him to win in those later states states. >> pelley: what about the turnout tonight? what are you seeing? >> reporter: my e-mail is burning with stories from people in various place always over the state who are saying they've run out of ballots. they've been take hours to sign people in. that it's basically a big turnout everywhere. i talked to some senior republicans who are very close to the party who say that they've been getting lots of calls over the last several weeks of people asking how to register to vote. some are admyth to having been democrats at one point. they have assessed this as that trump turnout that they have been watching for, seeing if it would actually lap, and that's what they think is happening now with these big turnout numbers. >> pelley: john, there are still 12 republican candidates. you would expect some to drop
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out after tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. what may delay them if they don't do well here in iowa is they will try to make dweelz whoever did do well to burnish their credentialaise little by giving an endorsement. >> pelley: john dickerson, thanks. now, we are thrill to welcome back to the evening news a man who has covered every presidential election since 1968, our very own bob schieffer. >> reporter: thank you, scott. i have to say, primary campaigns are like weddings, they bring out the best and worst in families. if this campaign were a wedding, un would be half-way through the weird uncle's long, unfunny and embarrassing rehearsal dinner toast. the difference here is all the participants in this campaign appear to be stone-cold sober. that may be the scariest part of all. people are madder than ever, the partisan divide is wider than ever, and we're seeing a campaign reflecting the changes in our culture brought on by
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social media. nasty, illogical, ill-tempered, strong on attitude, light on issues. too many times people have arrived at this wedding with not just opinions, but their own set of facts. the campaign narrative has gone from inane to profane, more like a thread on a blog post than the usual campaign rhetoric. you're a jerk. well, you're a bigger jerk. no, you're a blank, blank jerk. inspirational? not just yet. but there is light at the end of the church. in iowa tonight, as the candidates finally begin their long walk down the aisle of the caucuses and primaries, we'll finally start to hear from another group -- voters. and scott, that's a good thing. >> pelley: and you'll be with us on the long walk to election day. bob, thank you. we will have updates for you tonight on the caucuses during prime time programming. stick with us right here on cbs. and "cbs this morning" will have
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the latest latest, including reaction from the candidates first thing tomorrow. snow is on the way tonight in iowa, but not till after the caucuses. california got hammered by weather the past two days. in san diegan ability-foot-wide oak fell on a car and killed a woman. wundt gusts were reported as high as 115 miles an hour. to the north i-80 was shut after a pile-up of 29 vehicles. this system could dump a foot of snow on denver. in another major story tonight, the world health organization took the rare step today of declaring zika virus and its suspected link to severe birth defects an international public health emergency. the outbreak started in brazil and our doctor jon lapook is there tonight. jon? >> reporter: scott, i spent the day at this hospital in recife, which has seen the most number of cases of microcephaly in all of brazil. the couple i spoke to was
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anguished as they tried to figure out what this condition means for their baby. alice bezerra depaz had a healthy first baby, but two months ago her second child, joao heitor, was born with microcephaly, a birth defect linked to the zika outbreak. babies with microcephaly have an unusually small head and developmental delays. "we never expected to have an infant like this," she said, "but we will care for him the same way." today the parents came to the oswaldo cruz hospital in recife where doctors have seen about 300 infants with microcephaly since september. before that this region only saw an average of nine cases a year. dr. angela rocha heads up the effort here to understand and manage the crisis. in her four decades as a pediatric infectious diseases expert, she has never seen anything like it. "this is different," she said.
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"it's a generation of babies with disabilities, which is a huge social, economic and public health problem." tell me what it's like to have a conversation with a mother and tell her that her baby has microcephaly. "it's a situation with a lot of stress, panic, worry and insecurity," she told me. that's because these parents and even health experts here are trying to figure out what services these infants will need. today the president of brazil gave public health officials the right to enter any home or business to try to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds. and scott, we'll be reporting on this in the days to come. >> pelley: jon lapook in brazil for us tonight. jon, thank you. amtrak is trying to figure out what hit a high-speed acela train last night in philadelphia. whatever it was, it gashed a window and the train was taken out of service. nobody was hurt. this is eerily similar, though, to last may when a commuter train was hit by something just before an amtrak regional train
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crashed in philadelphia. that crash killed eight and injured nearly 200. and today, federal investigators gave us an update on their investigation. here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: newly released pictures taken from train 188's dash camera show the moment the speeding train left the tracks. engineer brandon bostian told investigators about a minute before the accident he realized he was going ten miles too slow and began accelerating. his next memory was "feeling as though i was going too fast around a curve." the train's event recorder found bostian applied full throttle approximately a mile and a half from the curve. the train reached 106mph before bostian hit the emergency brakes. he said, "i remember holding on to the controls tightly and feeling like, okay, well, this is it, i'm going over." toxicology reports found no evidence of drugs or alcohol in bostian's blood, and he was not using his cell phone at the time of the crash. lawyer tom kline represents several of the hundreds who were injured. >> the train was being operated
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at 106mph and there was a system that could have been in place and in fact was in place going the other way on the tracks which could have prevented it. >> reporter: that technology, positive train control or p.t.c., is now active along amtrak's heavily used northeast corridor linking boston to washington, d.c. >> i'm going to try and put full power on the train here and see how fast i can do. >> reporter: amtrak's chris jagodzinki showed us how p.t.c. prevents a train from going too fast. >> now, what happened here is this. traction blocked. it's taken away all the power in the locomotive. now it's applying the brakes. >> reporter: so regardless of what you do... >> i can't do anything. the computer has taken over. >> reporter: investigators found no issues with the train, the tracks or the signals. scott, we still don't know definitively if and when an object may have struck the train's windshield and if that could have contributed to the crash. a lawyer for bostian declined to comment. >> pelley: at 106, that was double the speed limit on that curve. kris, thanks very much.
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>> pelley: six days before the super bowl, one of denver's team buses got into a minor accident after practice. nobody hurt. broncos' quarterback peyton manning also addressed a documentary last month that linked him to human growth hormone, a performance-enhancing drug that's banned by the nfl. manning spoke with cbs analyst bill cowher of the nfl today. >> you have vehemently denied the allegations with h.g.h. >> right. >> i know the nfl is doing an ongoing investigation. have you talked to them and do you plan on fully cooperating with them? >> absolutely. and as far as i know, that's going to start after the season as far as my role. and i welcome that investigation. and i understand when an
5:48 pm
allegation is made that the nfl has no choice to investigate it. i get that. but i can tell you what they're going to find, a big fat nothing. it's been completely fabricated as far as the allegations of what they suggested that i did. it's been nothing but pure junk, and i welcome that investigation. so i think that will start right after the season. >> the quarterback on the other side on sunday, cam newton, describe his style? >> oh, boy, he's fun to watch. >> do you know that last week his longest run was 14 yards and yours was 12? >> the difference is it took him, you know, 1.2 seconds the make 14 yards. it took me ten seconds to get 12 yards. >> you had to use the clock. >> i'm glad you pointed that out. it sure felt like i ran a lot longer. it felt like a 30-yard run. i only got 12? >> pelley: you can see the interviews with peyton manning and the panthers' cam newton
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>> pelley: if you google "most valuable companies," you will find google's parent at the top of the list. after trading today, alphabet was worth $571 billion, $33 billion more than apple. today chipotle restaurants got the all clear from the c.d.c. over the last few weeks at least 60 people in 14 states got sick from e. coli bacteria linked to chipotle. now the government says there hasn't been a new case in two months. and this cargo ship loaded with wood, construction equipment and fuel started listing off of france. rescuers couldn't reach it for five days because of the weather, but today they towed
5:53 pm
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if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. how it led to a 5 car crash kpix 5 news weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor the take special >> pelley: the modern iowa caucuses date back to 1972 when democrat ed muskie of maine finished second to uncommitted. dean reynolds found a place where the start of the presidential race always ends in a photo finish. >> reporter: winners and many losers adorn the walls of this exhibit at grandview university in des moines. photographs chronicling iowa's caucuses from jimmy carter to ted cruz. there's john kerry on the floor and the bench, al haig with a piglet, john mccain, back and front, two marco rubios and two joe bidens 20 years apart,
5:57 pm
bushes father and son and son, and the clintons, then and now. >> the thing about iowa is it can really make a candidate. it can bring somebody like jimmy carter to national prominence or even obama when he was here. and with dean it was the opposite. it sort of doomed his campaign. >> reporter: this is your picture? >> this is my picture. >> reporter: former "des moines register" photographer doug wells captured howard dean hitting the highest note at his lowest point. >> and then we're going the washington, d.c., the take back the white house. yeah! >> reporter: today wells is the curator of this exhibit. >> we started shooting. we knew something was different. we knew something was happening. >> reporter: he didn't ask for a copy of this picture, did he? >> not that i know of. >> reporter: mike huckabee visits a barbershop and jams with the king. michelle bachmann beholds a side of beef. >> i think we were wondering why she decided to visit the meat locker.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: there are protests and arrests, and a flag is here in abundance. mitt romney the candidate always seemed freshly pressed, and on caucus night four years ago, so was the flag from at his premature victory rally. photographer christopher gannon spotted it. >> this gentleman came out and plugged in an iron, and i'm thinking to myself, "what is going on here?" >> reporter: it's a question you can ask about a lot of these amazing photos, and one of the great things about the caucus is that there will be many more to come. dean reynolds, cbs news, des moines. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs and that's the western edition of the cbs evening news for tonight. we'll be back with a prime-time update on the iowa caucuses. until then, for all of us at cbs news all around want world, i'm scott pelley. see you again soon. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
5:59 pm live from our exclusive home in super bowl city, this is kpix5 news. >> and good evening from super bowl city! i'm allen martin! >> and i'm elizabeth cook in for veronica de la cruz. we're coming from inside super bowl city all week long. let's give you a live look at all the action from our positions here at sin's restaurant directly above super bowl city. the justin herman plaza has been completely transformed. more from here in a moment. but two breaking stories we're following now. first, new details in a shooting in concord. and this is how it ended, in a massive wreck. started when an off duty b.a.r.t. police officer saw three men in a gray nissan pull up alongside
6:00 pm
another car and then started shooting. the nissan then sped off. but as they try to make their getaway, they fashion to four other cars. those four drivers were all rushed to the hospital. and the three men in the nissan, we're told, were also hurt. but it's not clear if anyone was hit by gunfire. more breaking news now in east san jose where a tree came crashing down, killing one person. kpix5 reporter mark sayre has just arrived on scene what. can you tell us? >> reporter: -- on scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: what san jose police tell us is about 3:15 this afternoon, they received a call that a big tree came down in this park. and there was a man down. we do have some aerials from chopper 5. when police arrived, they confirmed a man in the park was hit and unfortunately was killed in the park by the falling tree. the big question is, is this in any way related


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