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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:31pm PST

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the game? >> well, look, you caught me. this is not actually live. this is a pretape we shot last week. ( laughter ). >> stephen: sir, with all due respect, i've made a really big deal about the fact this is a live show tonight. i've-- i really find it hard to believe that you are pretaped. >> all right, i'm going to prove it to you. come on out here. >> stephen: hey, man. good luck with the live show. that's a lot of pressure. glad i'm not you. >> you see. >> stephen: okay, i stand corrected. ( laughter ) so let me get this straight-- you don't even know who won the game, sir? >> i didn't say that. of course, i do. it was the denver broncos. >> stephen: what! if it was a pretape, how could you possibly know that? >> stephen, i am the president. and it turns out all the super bowl winners for the next 50 years are written on the back of the constitution. ( laughter ) that's the plot of "national treasure 3." >> stephen: sir, there is no "national treasure 3." >> that's what you think. there will be.
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the script is on the back of the declaration of independence. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: well, thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us, even by pretape, sir. now i'm afraid i'm going to need that ball back. >> absolutely. get ready. i'm going to put some mustard on this one. ooooh! uh-oh. >> all right, everybody, let's move. i want to see your very best super bowl touchdown dance. come on. skews me! who is throwing a football in the white house? >> oooooh. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: hey! >> live from the ed sullivan theater in new york, new york, it's "the late show" postgame super show." let's get it on.
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>> stephen: yeah! yeah! oh, yeah! thanks so much, everybody. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: oh, feeling good. oh, thank you. ( cheers and applause ) fantastic. all right, give it up for jon batiste and stay human, everybody. >> jon: yeah, baby! ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: jon, did you watch the game tonight? >> yeah, i was checking it out. >> stephen: i hope so because because that's what this entire show is about tonight. what a match-up man, broncos versus panthers. normally, to see a horse fight an endangered cat you have to go down to a chinatown betting parlor. and i assume right now, denver fans are celebrating by setting fire to a bunch of cars. ( laughter ) while panther fans are dealing with their grief by setting fire
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to a bunch of cars. that's actually why so many car commercials air during the super bowl. no matter what happens, you're going to need new cars. ( laughter ) and the broncos-- ( applause ) the broncos-- >> jon: the broncos are serious. >> stephen: they pulled it off with nothing more than the number one defense in football and one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game, truly. ( cheers and applause ) a sipped rella story. >> jon: from new orleans! >> stephen: what? >> jon: from new orleans. >> stephen: i feel great for peyton manning, 200th game. incredible. did you guys see the game? did you guys see the game tonight? i don't if we played it-- i don't know if we played it for you guys-- there were so many turnovers, carolina was coughing up the ball like it was made of hair and they were actual panthers. the broncos defense was such an impenetrable wall trump is asking mexico to pay for it.
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( applause ) , of course, the big play of the first quarter and the last quarter were vaughn miller's huge strip sacks on cam newt, and, yes, i am finding out i am allowed to say "huge strip sack qots live tv. let's take a look at that first play. there's newton dropping back, and boom! oh, that mauling made want bear attack in the refinant look like a tickle party. then, denver scored a touchdown on cam newton's fumble so for a minute there, he was m.v.p. of both teams. but it was peyton's night, so congratulations to the denver bronx. i am sure people-- amazing. i feel so great for him. i'm sure people all over colorado are on cloud nine, which was recently legalized in colorado. but, of course, just like getting to the super bowl, both teams are winners with the
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exception of the panthers who lost. ( laughter ) how are we doing? are we still live? >> we are live. >> stephen: are we live right now? keep going? >> yes, qeep going. >> stephen: just keep going? keep saying the words? okay, tell me when we're ready to go to satellite, okay. because i would hate to miss that. ( whispering ) i don't know who those people are. >> jon: i have never seen them, either. >> stephen: i would like to go to the guests. is that cool. do we have to go to commercial or to the guests? do you guys want to see the guests tonight? ( cheers and applause ) let's do it. well-- are they ready? there they are. well, then let's do it. my first guests tonight are the starlz of the new film "wiskey tango foxtrot." please welcome tina fey and margot robbie.
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theer( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> stephen: welcome to the show. >> thank you for having us. >> stephen: it's nice to see you again. >> nice to see you. >> stephen: margot, i've never met you before, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: you both look absolute lovely tonight. >> thank you very much. >> stephen: is this what you normally wear to your super bowl party? >> this is what i wear, the russian skating questioned'd federation, and it's very nice. >> stephen: are you growing up-- were you, a sporty type? >> i mean, as far as you know. i was. ( laughter ) i was, you know-- if you had to-- if i had to be one of the spice girls, yes, i would have been sporty spice, yeah. >> stephen: i would be ginger. >> you would be ginger you would. >> stephen: margot, growing up in australia, you have to be sporty there, right? >> yeah, yeah, they kick you out
8:07 pm
otherwise. >> stephen: just to run away from all the things there that want to kill you. >> yeah. >> i was actually thinking you you know what expression i don't think anyone has ever said is, "hey, hey about that nerdy australian guy?" there are no nerds in australia. >> stephen: yahoo serious. >> maybe, but if he was here, he would would seem so much cooler than me and you everyone is cool there. >> everyone is cooler, everyone is cool. >> stephen: does australia have a version of the super bowl? >> well, where i'm from the, the equivalent would be state of origin, which is where -- >> i'm sorry, what's the name of it? >> state of origin. >> stephen: that really sound like something from "the hunger games." >> yes, and it kind of inspires that intensity, too. the state where i'm from plays the state next door, queened land, plays new south wales and it's a massive deal. >> stephen: plays what? >> rugby. >> stephen: i wasn't sure what they were playing, or just young
8:08 pm
nen a pit with stone tools. did you play any sports? >> yeah, i played baseball and soccer and basketball and tennis. >> stephen: that's a lot of sports. >> that's a lot of sports. >> stephen: you were very sporty. >> i was. in my town, it was a working class up to and some sports they would just come around and be like, "hey, you want to learn tennis?" nobody was organically playing tennis. >> stephen: thug, thugs? >> it was like a glug hey, you want to learn tennis? ooud hate to see something happen to your shop here. >> they would come to me and be like, "we need four more girls to make a la cross team, who's in?" and we would be like, "okay, we'll try." and we just played every sport like it was baseball. >> stephen: well done. well done. we have to go to a little commercial here-- are we going to commercial now or are we going to satellite? i'm going to commercial now. you know, we're live. >> what! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: save that for the commercial break. we'll be right back with more tina fey and margot robbie, stick around.
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plus, welcome adele back to the grammy stage. ♪ hello from the other side. live, cbs monday, february 15. ( applause ) is. >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. we're back here with tina fey and margot robbie, but i understand if you guys are okay with is it we have jim nantz on the line here from santa clara from the super bowl stadium with a special guest. are we ready to go with that now? >> we're ready. >> stephen: excellent, jim! >> hello, my friend. >> stephen: good to see you. >> how is is everybody everybody doing? the celebration is still going on here. i'm looking around and a lot of
8:13 pm
players are still hanging around with her families and i have the super bowl m.v.p. right here, von miller. >> hey, von, congratulations. how does it feel? >> it feels great. i mean, i'm having fun with all my teammates. we broke our backs this year to get to this moment and it just feels great. it's beautiful. tbod it good. >> stephen: you had a couple of enormous plays tonight. what do you say to all the people who doubted that your team could do it, and keep in mind, we're live right now so don't say exactly what you'd want to say to those people? >> i don't have any eye don't have any problem with those guys. i mean, we're super bowl champs. i mean, we pretty much proved our case here on the dispeeld in every other game this season. i'm not really worried about those guys. i'm anxious to get back to my teammates and celebrate with those guys. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: no doubt. now, i have to ask you, how good did it feel? you were drafted right after cam
8:14 pm
newton your year, and tonight, for the entire game, you were right after cam newton the entire time. was that-- was that-- was that sweet payback, to be beaten in the draft? >> i mean, i was-- i went 30 seconds behind cam. i mean, it's really not-- it's really not a big deal. i think the media made a big deal about it all year. >> stephen: you were on him in about three seconds tonight every play. >> i mean, cam is a great player. he's my favorite quarterback after pate exxon we definitely had a hard time containing him. you see some of the tackles he broke today. he's an amazing athlete and hats off to him. >> stephen: are you going to take any souvenir from the field, like a bit of the turf or a lock of jim nantz's hair? >> hey there's not much of that left, be careful. >> i'm just going to dab on him. >> stephen: can you give us a quick dap? we have 400 people ready to dab back. ( cheers and applause ). >> you going to do it, too?
8:15 pm
>> stephen: shu, jim. thank you, von, congratulations. congratulations. thanks, jim. >> stephen, my pleasure, my friend. von miller, jim nantz, everybody. ( applause ) fun. that was fun. now, then, tina-- >> about this movie. >> stephen: you have a movie. >> yeah. >> stephen: which i have already seen called "wiskey tango foxtrot," which is an incredible movie, but it's about a-- two female war correspondents in afghanistan. >> yeah. >> stephen: and it's a comedy. >> yes. >> stephen: comedy, afghanistan, i'm in? >> yeah, exactly. i thought, what do people want more than anything? me and you in a lot of big coats and covered in -- >> with a helmet. >> drurveg. >> stephen: kind of look like mike dukakis for a lot of it?
8:16 pm
>> i do did you contact isofis really quick. >> stephen: you are in this movie-- correct me if i'm wrong-- a copy writer for something like cnn who gets sent as an on-air personality in afghanistan, and you're a war correspondent who takes her under her wing. >> and believe it goes a little something like this, jim. >> i can ask a favor? absolutely feel free to say no. >> yeah, sure. >> i hate to bring it up. i feel so rude even asking it. >> it's fine. >> i can ( bleep ) your security guys? >> oh, by all means. >> don't just say that to polite. >> i wouldn't, i'm not. >> even nick? >> no, that would never happen so, you're good. >> hey, don't say that. you could have nick. in afghanistan, you're a serious piece of ass. >> thank you-- oh, that's nice. you're like what, 6, 7, in new york? here you are a 9. borderline 10. >> what are you here, like, a
8:17 pm
15? >> yeah. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( cheers ) >> stephen: is that based on a true story? >> yeah, the movie is based on a true story, a memoir of a woman named kim barker, who spent several years in kabul, and a fair amount in the book is how when you go to a place where you're one of very few women, you suddenly become, like, super attractive to everyone. and the movie is referred to as a phenomenon 4-10-4. you're a four at home, when you ship out, you're a 10, and when you go home, you're a four again. so that is a real thing that happens there. >> stephen: where was it actually shot? it really looks like it was shot in afghanistan. >> thank goodness, we shot it here in new mexico in the united states of america. >> stephen: that took a lot of courage for you guys to go to new mexico. >> i was so worried about a "breaking bad" scenario happening. have you ever been to new
8:18 pm
mexico? >> stephen: no, no. >> a lot of missing tape. >> stephen: what? margot, you have ever actually been to afghanistan? >> no, i haven't. >> stephen: i understand you're an adventurous person. you do the sort of things that i would not probably want to do. >> yeah. maybe. >> stephen: like what? what is there to do? i mean-- >> have you been sky diving. >> stephen: no, no, i do not. i have children. ( laughter ). >> i've been sky diving a couple of time. i've been diving with sharks and things. i have a tattoo gun now, so i -- >> you have a tattoo gun. >> you give people tattoos. >> i've given 26 tattoos. i have one myself. >> did the people want the tattoos. >> there were a couple who said they wanted a tattoo. >> stephen: you say, "may i tattoo you?" at first, i had to really beg people, and then it kind of like-- it became a thing, and people ask me now, they're like, "i'll get one. that will be funny." >> stephen: that is actually even worse than the girlfriend who says, "can i cut your hair?" >> i cut people's hair, too.
8:19 pm
>> it's forever. >> stephen: do you have a tattoo. >> no, not yet, but i'll take one from margot, yeah. >> stephen: i'll take one from margot. >> i spelled one wrong. i was writing a word and i spelled it wrong. >> a good time to be pretty! ( laughter ) >> stephen: what-- what was the word? let's see if i can spell it. >> well, it is-- it's squad. when we were shooting suicide of "suicide squad" we got tattoo s. >> stephen: whose body did you misspell "squad on." >> simon, and his cafta, siftant is this epic dude. his name is simon. and he put his hand up first to get the first "squad" tattoo. >> stephen: is it appropriate for me to ask where on simon's body-- >> it's pretty big. it's on his arm. >> stephen: oh, wow. >> how did you spell it? >> well, everyone was -- >> it's i shord word.
8:20 pm
>> everyone was spelling it s-k-w-a-d. but i went straight from the "s" to the "w." >> swad? ( laughter ). >> stephen: remind me mott on let you tattoo. >> but if you still want one. >> stephen: tina, marg oh, thank you so much for coming. >> thanks for having us. >> stephen: and for stick around for von miller, too. the movie is amazing. "wiskey tango foxtrot" is in theaters march 4. tina fey and margot robbie, everybody, we'll be right back. , yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me
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♪ this is my fight song ♪ take back my life song (music) toanna kendrick, adam devine,wl "late late show" with zac efron, ♪ take back my life song plus carpool karaoke with sir elton john! ♪ la la la la la ♪ la la la la la ♪ oh, yeah ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my next guest is the star of the "anchorman" movies and "talladega nights" among many others. now he's appearing in "zoolander 2". >> prison changed me!
8:24 pm
i am bad to the core now! talk! where's my damn latte? >> stephen: please welcome will ferrell. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: well, thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me, stephen. >> stephen: always a pleasure. >> so great. so great to finally be on the
8:25 pm
show. >> stephen: did you get a chance to watch the game backstage? >> which game. >> stephen: the super bowl. >> no. there was a three-hour "downton abby." >> stephen: oh. i was so worried about lady mary. >> oevment! and she got caught in a giant, silver, super bowl. >> stephen: can i ask you one quick question? i want to get to the movie in just a second. >> yeah. ( laughter ) >> stephen: i'm curious-- i'm curious about your outfit tonight, what that's about. >> oh, yeah. these duds. you know, i've justinoid your late show is kind of new. >> stephen: yes. >> and you don't really have an animal expert yet. >> stephen: we don't have one yet. we don't have one yet. we're hoping to get one. we're hoping to get one, yeah. >> i thought i could step in and fill the gap. >> stephen: that would be amazing. i thought we were going to talk about "zoolander 2."
8:26 pm
>> not really focused on that right now. it's all about the animals. gr whatever you want to do. you're the guest. in fact, i've brought some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the world, and i'm very excited to share them with you and your audience. ( cheers and applause ) thank you. thank you. >> stephen: what do we have here? >> this is mulan, easy, easy, easy, mullan. mulan-- i wouldn't oooh, and aaah, when you hear about what she is. she is a short-spined peruvian mongoose. she looks so calm and cuddly, but she can be very aggressive and will charge. so please, no sudden movements.
8:27 pm
>> stephen: she look likes -- but i cook wrong-- she looks like a kitty cat. >> stephen, who is wearing the vest. this is a highly endangered species. >> stephen: i didn't know there were any mongootion in peru. >> no, there's just one, this one. and you know why? they're just so damn delicious. ( laughter ) we're hoping to get an indoor breeding program. >> stephen: i don't know a lot about animals but how do you have a breeding program when there's only one of them. yeah, huh? >> well, we're going to have to cross it with something, something cool, like a wolverine, or possibly a dirt bike. so-- ( laughter ) yeah gr so was it-- was it fun working on the movie with ben. is ben back? >> which movie? >> >> stephen: "zoolander?" >> i haven't seen it. this is kayak, this is a
8:28 pm
mongolian bush tiger. ( laughter ) and i can tell it's a boy. he has a huge strip sack. ( cheers and applause ) can i say that. >> stephen: we can say that. we can say that. okay, yeah. >> and he's just a year old, believe it or not. he's going to grow to be 11 feet long. and he's going to weigh over 600 pounds. >> stephen: wow, wow. >> mongolian tiger could take down a full-grown moose. >> stephen: really. i was not aware there were moose in mongolia. >> no, in my backyard. yeah, i shipped in a couple of moose to see if they could do it and won a whole lot of money. >> stephen: can i ask you something? why do you have a gun? >> if the bush tiger escapes, this one, i have to take down. >> stephen: it's that danger. >> it's the last one in existence. >> stephen: really, there's only one of these, 22. >> there's only one of these, too, so it's got nothing to
8:29 pm
lose. ( laughter ) >> stephen: so it's a desperate-- it's a desperate animal. >> it's a desperate, desperate animal, ready to rip your face off. >> stephen: who do we have here? >> get wings. >> stephen: let me ask you, was it fun to inhabit the character again? >> yeah, yeah, it was a lot of fun. yeah. so-- gr and what's this fella? i'm sure you've heard of a duck-billed platypus? >> they have the bill of a duck. >> stephen: this is a duck-bodied platypus. >> stephen: let me ask, are they rare? >> they're so rare. this is the only one left right here. >> stephen: where did you get this fella? >> this fella has the duck bill and the duck feet and also the
8:30 pm
duck body. and i got this one-- i got this one down in chinatown. won him off a rooster playing tic tac toe. >> stephen: and what is his name? >> his name? silapt row. >> stephen: are you sure that's his name? that's not a garnish or something? >> i'm pretty sure it's cilantro thank you. >> stephen: thank you. are they your helpers? do they come with you, too? >> they travel the world with me. >> stephen: okay, all right. now, what is that? ( laughter ) >> haven't you ever seen a chicken before stephen? >> stephen: okay. why do you have a chicken here? >> oh, we're feeding this chicken to the next animal right here. would you put on those protective glasses, please.
8:31 pm
>> stephen: i have to put on glass? >> yes. >> we're going to feed this chicken to this upper nile skull badger. >> stephen: you're going to feed the chicken to the thing? ( laughter ) >> this badger is going to eat that chic chicken. >> stephen: go ahead, go ahead. ( laughter ) >> did you already feed him back stage. >> i'm sorry, sir. >> i told you not to. >> stephen: why do i have to wear the safety glass. given half a chance this thing will burrow through your eye socket and nest in your brain. they lay eggs in your brain pan. when they hatch, they eat their way out your mouth and scream for you. >> stephen: because they've eatep your tongue? >> exactly. >> stephen: okay. well... ( laughter )
8:32 pm
what's his name? >> his name? peyton manning. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: will ferrell, "zoolander 2" opens february 12. peyton manning, everybody. we'll be right back with key and peele. this is a chick car. this is a gay car. this is a short man's car. this is a cute car. slow car. this is a single, young, professional's car. this car has no street cred. this car ain't hip hop! kidless. cute. small. this car doesn't care what you call it. ♪
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( applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! you know, cam newton is famed for his touchdown celebrations. but everyone knows the true master of the end zone dance is hingle mckringleberry, now of the portland tigers, whose career has been chronicled by sportscasters key and peele for years. well, this season, mckringleberry was joined by a promising newcomer, kimble mathias. and it looks like mckringleberry has not been a good influence. let's take a look. let's go to the tape. >> welcome back to the sports channel network where said the san antonio spartans face the port land tigers. tigers on the spartan's 25, fourth and two. looks like they're going for it. >> stackhouse takes a snap, play action fake, and float one out to mckringleberry. >> avoids the tackle, shakes another defender, touchdown
8:39 pm
tiger. >> that is mckringleberry's eighth for the season. >> now, h needs to watch it on e celebration here. this ref enforced a strict two hip-pump limit. >> there's one, there's two. third pump and a flag. >> third and 10, and here's a snap, handoff to that mias, he seems in no hurry to get to the touchdown. matthias still effective despite the hip and knee replacement and they appear to be barb coug the ball. >ball. >> this is going to draw the ref's attention. >> he's facing a 15-yard penalty if he pushes this too far. >> it looks like he's done. >> he's taking his helmet off, i'm not sure-- and now he's eating it. >> the ref is going for the flag. but it's to offer it to
8:40 pm
mckringleberry who dabs his mouth ( whistle ). >> and there's the penalty. you just cannot eat the ball at this level of play. >> a high snap and a handoff to matthias. he's going to drive through the spartan defense. he is really savoring this run. that looks like fun. and touchdown matthias. >> why did he fall down, dick? i did not see a tackle. >> that's a big play for matthias, he's fired up and ready to celebrate. what's this? it's some sort of pretend celebration and he'sula sewing mckringleberry, but wrlz the rope. >> he's miming, he's drawing mckringleberry in, who is shimming in it in, throwing it over a tree limb, and frontier justice. >> that took a dark, dark turn, not sure how that is a celebration. >> the ref mimes a flag, and the players are upset. it appears they're looking for an invisible box. >> and the ref is miming a
8:41 pm
shower. >> the ref has pantomime soap in his eyes. it might put him back in the ref's good graces. nope, it draws a flag. and touchdown matthias. he is pumped about that one. does a little quick hot potato with the ball. >> that's a classic. nothing wrong with that. good to see. >> spoke too soon. here's mckringleberry in a full hazmat suit. >> is that a tank of liquid nitrogen? >> apparently so. it look likes -- yes, he's cooling off the hot game ball, and he presents it back to matthias who had a hammer in his pants. that's a new way to spike the ball. >> the league is going to make him play for the replacement ball. >> the ref has the flag out. what's going on here? it was prefrozen. touchdown, mckringleberry, what a game he's having. and there's the spike. and he's pulled something out of his uniform. >> what's he doing now, dick? it looks like he's inflaight something.
8:42 pm
>> ref clearly warning him he's on thin ice. >> mckringleberry asking fair moment while he finishes whatever he's doing. the ref is ready with that whist expel hand on flag. mckringleberry better watch it here. what is happening-- is that really? it's a bouncy castle. and he's going to celebrate with a big old bounce around that bouncy castle. >> can't blame him. that looks like fun. here comes matthias joining him. >> the ref has to flag this. looks like we're going to hear the whist nel any second. no, he's in the castle him. >> he better be careful. i rented one for my daughter's birthday and half the girls got a staph infection. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: key and peele's new movie "keanu" oppose april
8:43 pm
29. we'll be right back back with megyn kelly, everybody. what the internet did for buying music and plane tickets and shoes? you would turn an intimidating process into an easy one. you could get a mortgage on your phone. and if it could be that easy, wouldn't more people buy homes? and wouldn't those buyers need to fill their homes with lamps and blenders and sectional couches with hand-lathed wooden legs? and wouldn't that mean all sorts of wooden leg-making opportunities for wooden leg makers? and wouldn't those new leg makers own phones from which they could quickly and easily secure mortgages of their own, further stoking demand for necessary household goods as our tidal wave of ownership floods the country with new homeowners, who now must own other things and isn't that the power of america itself now shrunk to fit the hands of a child, or, more helpfully, a home-buying adult. anyway. that's what we were thinking. ♪
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what could be hotter than a new mom? nothing! how about special guest joe manganiello? my life's a mess, and i have nothing to offer anyone. i love him. a new mom, cbs thursday. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my next guest is the host of "the kelly file" on fox news, the second most-watched show on cable news. please welcome megyn kelly! ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> stephen: now, then,
8:47 pm
mms. kelley, why is fox news feuding with donald trump? what do you have against that good man? he's just a billionaire who also wants to have the nuclear launch codes. >> now, crump has been on fox news 140 times in the last year. so we are not feuding with him. but he does have a beef with me. >> stephen: another yes, he does have a beef with you. he has-- he has tweeted some things about you. >> i'm familiar. >> stephen: he tweeted this recently. he said-- this is the tweet-- "i refuse to call megyn kelly a bimbo, because that would not be politically correct." is there anything you'd like to refuse to call him right now? ( cheers and applause ) anything? now, remember, you're not calling him these things. blowhard, second-place loser? anything? >> the only thing i really wanted to ask him was, you know, he recently said that his supporters are so devoted to him that he could go in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot
8:48 pm
somebody and he wouldn't lose a single voter. in response to which i wanted to him ask, "were you talking about me?" >> stephen: exactly. i bet you're on 5th avenue fairly often. >> i never go there anywhere. >> stephen: this sort of, what he perceived as a conflict between you and donald trump became the 0 and you in some ways became the story. do you like being the story? >> oh, yeah, it was delightful. it was terrific, twitter and paparazzi. no. >> stephen: really? were people following you around to see whether-- >> yes, which was such a bizarre situation. because when you're margot, you're used to that. when you're megyn, you don't want that. you know, i want to go outside without my makeup on and not have to worry about that. >> stephen: it's not like you're never the story, megyn kelly. i mean the cover of "vanity fair." >> that was okay. >> stephen: you are sometimes-- sometimes it's okay to be the story. >> that was okay. no, but it was a surreal experience for me because really what made him so angry was i
8:49 pm
asked him a debate question he really didn't like. >> stephen: right. >> and i thought it was a very fair question and i to this moment think it was. >> stephen: you're going to be the moderator of the march debate. >> march 3. >> stephen: he has agreed to be in. >> yeah. >> stephen: do you have a first question for him? >> i do, but i'm not going to tell you. >> stephen: here's my recommendation-- first question, "mr. trump, boo! ." >> i'm anything to start with, "apology accepted." >> stephen: oh! that would be lovely. >> no. no, i'm looking forward to him coming. i feel like all the questions i had for him the last go-around i'm just going to move over to the march 3 debate rundown. and then we're anything to have at it, just like i've had at it with all the other guys and carly who has been up there and i think it's going to be a robust exchange and i think he's going to walk away thinking, what was my problem? i think it will be fine.
8:50 pm
>> stephen: how do you feel for the way it was split up between the kids' tables and adults' table. these are elected officials who devoted their lives to doing something for our country, and donald trump is like the lead at the big boys' table. >> trump has electrified the republican base. he has earned his place in the center. although last time we knot word he might come late to the debate because he was doing the thing for the veterans thing, and we got word he might show nupt middle of the debate. >> stephen: just come roaring up on a jet ski? >> what will we do? maybe we have to bring a podium to the side. he's earned his place in the middle. >> stephen: who is it like to moderate one of these debates? is it like puppies in a box? how do you control them? especially on the republican side they're attacking each other so much now. >> you think sort of you send the message once you're prepared and you're not going to let them get away with too much breaking
8:51 pm
the rules. and, you know, you sort of send that nej a strong way first time around and the other guys get it. like, trust me when i tell you we have videotape. and then they learn. oh, maybe i shouldn't challenge because they're going to roll out a videotape. >> stephen: that sound more like blackmail, actually. >> i mean, seriously, some of them will try to beat up the motterators and some of them will try to break the expriewlz you just have to make very clear that this is a debate, that you're running it. they've agreed on these rules, so it's disrespectful to the audience if they coapt abide by them. it's are 15 for us to look like the bad guys. it's our job not to be liked but put on a good debate. see you need to be liked. >> stephen: but look people do like you. ( cheers and applause ) actually, i want to talk about that. i want to talk about the people who like you. >> oh, good. >> stephen: would you stick around? >> absolute, with that tease. we'll be right back with more megyn kelly. ♪ ♪
8:52 pm
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>> stephen: we're back with megyn kelly. megyn, you're live every night. >> every night at 9:00 we are live. >> stephen: do you like it? >> i do, i love it. i think it adds a lot to the show. i miss being at home with my babes, i have three kids under seven but it's hard to find the balance-- the shows before me and after me are taped-- you lose a lot. >> stephen: it's oriley and hannity, you're in an oriley and hannity sandwich. >> that's right. >> stephen: and those guys just phone it in. >> let's say they tape earlier in the day which is an advantage to us. >> stephen: all right, wow, okay. ( laughter ) as i was saying before the commercial break, it's interesting sompt range of people who enjoy your show and like you, parentally because you have been attacked by people like donald trump. you are a reluctant feminist icon. some people on the left see you as a hardworking woman working
8:58 pm
in the boys' club, and being attacked by the boys, and people on the right might not want you to accept that feminist statue staus. how do you feel? do you feel like you represent a form of feminism? >> well, i don't like that word "feminist." >> stephen: why not? >> i think it's alienating and the reason i think that is because it's been co-opted by some people who don't want you their club unless you see certain women's issues the way they see them. i like more the cheryl sandberg approach, had is take the most divisive issues and table those and see what we can agree on as women. but my own brand of feminism, if that's what it is, is not to talk about it. it is just to do it. i like the steve martin motto, "be so good they can't ignore you." i was never lined up outside my boss' office, give me an opportunity. give me an opportunity. there's not a woman in prime-time or whatever it was at the time. i was just trying to be so good they couldn't ignore me. and i believe the best sort of answer and the best way forward for young women out there who
8:59 pm
want to get ahead is work your-- work your tail off. work harder than everybody else. be better than everybody else, do better, try harder. >> stephen: what about things like, no matter how hard you work, there are feminist issues like the united states is the only western country that does not have paid maternity leave. i believe we should have that. >> i actually took this up. i actually took this up on my show with mike galler ger ger who when i was on my maternity leave called it a racket. and we had to have a heart-to-heart that it was not a vacation. there are certain things on which we can all agree. i had it made because i had a boss who gave me paid maternity leave by contract but a lot of people don't have that, and you should never have to choose between your baby and your job. >> stephen: i totally agree. thank you for joining me. "the kelly file" is weekdays at 9:00 and megyn kelly is anchoring the new hampshire primary coverage at 9:00 p.m. on this saturday.
9:00 pm
we'll be right back. isuave professionalsof is a beautiful blend. moroccan infusion for shine, keratin infusion for smoothness, sea mineral infusion for volume, and discover new coconut oil infusion for repair. find the blend you need for the hair you love. suave professionals works as well as salon brands. ♪ live beautifully suave
9:01 pm
show. good night, everybody. area celebrate the team's sr bowl 50 win, in santa clara. t's take a loo . denver broncos of fans celebrated the teams super bowl 50 when in santa clara.
9:02 pm
>> this is live tonight lots of broncos fans returning to the marriott hotel where the team is staying. >> a live look at levi steve tonight were the denver broncos be the carolina panthers 24-10. we've seen coverage of this evening maria medina is at one of the big parties going on. first christian air is at levi stadium. >> reporter: it was electric on the field tonight and in the stadium. in no small part to do to the fans. we had the bronco fans who were among the loudest in the stadium but we also had a local bay area fans. 4049 are fans of raider fans where they're not necessarily rooting for another but it adjusted they are to celebrate a historic super bowl in the bay area. in a sea of orange and blue and blue and black look closely. a
9:03 pm
splash of red here a bit of black and silver there. with a smattering of bay area football fans who came to super bowl 50 came wearing local team colors. >> i feel isolated on the island. i'm the only guy here i feel like it. >> have you seen any other reader fans out there. >> no. i think one may. >> you're the only one here. >> that's it. >> outnumbered by the broncos and panther fans of this is perhaps the only place on earth where you can see a raiders of fan and a 40 niners fan set their differences aside and embrace. >> how often do you see this right. >> bay area love. >> outside the stadium some niners fans who couldn't get tickets found a spot where they could catch a sliver of the action and the sound of the crowd. >> it's enough. i think hearing it is better than watching it on tv because we are right here. >> back and side most local fans told me tonight just to this once it's not about who wins or
9:04 pm
loses being here is a victory in itself. >> i can't lose. if i walk away and happy either way today. >> we definitely found quite a few out there the broncos and raiders and 49 fans made eye contact gave each other high five a little bay area brotherhood going on. >> that's great. we really lucked out with the weather . no rain but it sounds like a levi stadium lived up to its reputation of getting hot out to their. >> it was hot out there for sure. we were sweating inside the stadium itself it does get warm in there. one side of the stadium shaded the other side bases in the sunlight and have to tell you some of these fans were coming from places like chicago new york denver obviously which is like 80 degrees there right now but they weren't used to this kind of he. we talked to some people in the concourse today and they were taking shelter in the concourse in order to get away from the hot sun. >> i'm sure they were selling a
9:05 pm
sunscreen i'm sure they sold out immediately. >> yes we heard a lot of complaints about people who did not even think to bring sunscreen. there were tons of watch parties all around the bay area tonight and again this year a lot of super bowl buzz about the commercial -- commercials. >> reporter: quick question yes or no to the commercials this year. >> yes. >> okay . yes on my part to you. the downtown bars here are packed either with people celebrating or crying over denver's win and a pretty heavy police presence just to make sure that everything goes well here. a couple hours ago we got to hang out with hundreds of people at a watch party here in san pedro square to watch the game and of course halftime show in the commercials. >> he's eating doritos on my ultrasound. >> there is a super bowl commercial many are buzzing about this year. what to do you
9:06 pm
think about the commercials so far. >> i think there pretty good this year. the doritos one was interesting. >> i think a little higher. >> and although some wondered whether coldplay would put on a good halftime show. >> i'm interesting to see them pull it off. >> this was the crowd and he took the stage. but who really stole the show this year. we measured of the volume of the screams when bruno mars and beyonci came out. >> it was slow at the beginning but it got more exciting a couple minutes later. [music] >> that was a hot halftime show . a lot of people skeptical about coldplay's performance but a lot of them did change their mind
9:07 pm
once they started singing and they started honoring those past halftime performances. let's look what's happening in denver tonight. fans are celebrating in the streets after watching their team win super bowl 50. the crowd kept getting bigger by the minute. broncos fans are also celebrating in san francisco tonight orange was the dominant color at the san francisco athletic club. fans took over the bar and cheered their team on and then it was pandemonium as the clock ran out and the denver had a third super bowl championship. we were outside the santa clara marriott which was the team headquarters for the broncos. >> reporter: tempers flared as celebrating fans class in a parking lot a short distance from levi stadium thankfully this fight would end with a view bruised egos but no serious
9:08 pm
injuries. and most fans managed to use words not fist to express their joy or disappointment with the games outcome. >> colorado is broncos nation we live and breathe orange and blue. we thank god that we are here. >> they came all the way from denver for the game and were overjoyed that the broncos could pull up one last win for quarterback peyton manning. >> he did it. he proved it. >> fans lined the streets around levi stadium savoring the sweet taste of victory. by and large the celebrations have been peaceful we have mostly seen broncos and the other fans interact peacefully here. down the street from levi stadium we also saw at least one person who obviously had much too much to drink and had to leave with the paramedics and
9:09 pm
ambulance a short time ago. just outside levi stadium in santa clarita kpix five. no messing around in the super bowl when it comes to security. chopper five showed heavy police presence and a variety of military vehicles around levi stadium. further away a military compound set up leaving nothing to chance. we we're live at levi stadium. >> reporter: we hear about it with been telling about it security security security. there will be a lot of security of the super bowl. okay i know that . we show up man you can't believe it. it's so different to see it then it was to hear about it and i talked to a lot of fans who said the same thing. it was most -- both chilling and comforting. this plot of land it doesn't belong to levi the niners a santa clara or california.
9:10 pm
>> it belongs i think to the united states of america. >> and the people who made it safe. >> and a square mile have you ever seen this much military security. >> now. >> maybe in wartime but this is a wartime super bowl in the way wars are thought these days and it's in her home. >> for the city of santa clara this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. >> levi stadium and santa clara today is ground zero for people who want to hurt america and it has changed even the past year. >> last year super bowl was good as well but it wasn't as highlighted if you will. to show a deterrent. >> it certainly shows we've heard about how it would be different from -- different from month but to see it is entirely different. >> but to see it is entirely different. >> and therefore tactical swat military gear the military is here the mlps are here i think it's an incredible sight for us and to make everybody feel safe like that it's a wonderful thing. >> fifty-five different police and military agencies they have machine guns they have hummers
9:11 pm
they have a dog they have the gratitude of fans who are constantly stopping to take pictures with them. they are friendly to the mall. -- to them all . this day isn't over but so far all is good all is calm all safe. >> you see how important it is to the nfl and the federal government in terms of how they secure during game day. they say the super bowl is one of the safest places in the world on super bowl sunday and i think you see why. all the money spent all the personnel here it is seemed to work there were no incidents. we couldn't even find any rest -- arrest. the turf once again a bit of an issue it levi stadium several players change their cleats after they were slipping on the field. crews were busy picking up a difference throughout the game . it should be noted the nfl is the one that handles the turf for super bowl 50.
9:12 pm
the side was brought in and installed last month. a better view of the turf trouble all the people wearing black or patching up the turf right before the halftime show started. let's get back to the game itself the broncos defense was unstoppable tonight. let's get right to the highlights . donald is at levi stadium. >> reporter: you are right if they were unstoppable. you heard of the beginning of this newscast the broncos quarterback peyton manning was a sentimental choice at the question was could of the denver defense stop the mvp of the national football league that b becam newton. that -- that being cam newton. von miller hits newton jackson scoops of the fumble touchdown in denver newton was sacked
9:13 pm
seven times. fourth quarter four minutes left the broncos were up ice x miller again off the edge he tripped newton the former dealer cell start tj war will track it down before panther turnover and the broncos beat carolina 24-10 and in all likelihood the final game for peyton manning he goes out with the second super bowl win. >> this has been a very emotional week and emotional night. and i have a couple of priorities in order i want to go kiss my wife kiss my kids want to go celebrate with my family and teammates. i'm going to drink a lot of. tonight. -- here tonight. >> did denver change anything defensively to take away your running lane. >> no.
9:14 pm
>> von miller was named at the super bowl mvp. he had to have sax that led to both broncos touchdowns safe to say he made himself the money as he gets set now to be a free agent. i just came out of the denver locker room peyton manning was hosting the question of this was the best defense of the history of nfl specifically the super bowl he wouldn't go that far he talks about pittsburgh steelers defense that one thing is for sure. he knows that denver broncos defense one this super bowl and most likely his last game. we showed you what happened at halftime beyonci rocketed then she shook the twitter roof. tonight the pop stars surprise announcement. rare acts inside the secretive test club plant at the moment the car becomes a test
9:15 pm
plot. oakland hit a record high today of 74 degrees. very warm for the super bowl 76 degrees they are at kickoff but super bowl 50 is it done let the get of the rain back. we will talk about any rain chances for the bay area coming up. ,,,,,,,, ♪ of technological wonder.
9:16 pm
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9:17 pm
♪ shoot 'em in the back now ♪ what they want, i don't know ♪ they're all revved up and ready to go ♪ coldplay may have kicked ofe half-time show at super bowl 50... but arguably, the next two performers stole coldplay they had a big job at halftime show for super bowl 50 but you might argue the next two performers made their way into the spotlight as well. [music] song, "uptown funk" - and dazzled us with his dance m. then: came queen bee.. and her ladies.. performing her >> bruno mars performed uptown funk and dazzled with his dance moves then it came beyonci and her ladies performing her new song information -- formation. [music]
9:18 pm
beyonci had a minor slip but recovered nicely. they danced saying and wild -- wild crowds. >> shortly after her stellar performance beyonci announced a massive world tour which led to the twitter universe on fire. overall they were pretty good reviews for the halftime show but most were in favor of beyonci and bruno mars. one person commending beyonci for not following saying if beyonci can save herself from falling during halftime wearing heels you can do anything . actor nathan tweeting that was the best halftime show i've ever seen i'm not to cry by like some people but was the best. and coldplay said you know beyonci and all your team thank you we love you so much love coldplay. the majority people
9:19 pm
also seem to like the montage of super bowl halftime shows past and don't forget join me in 15 minutes i'll i have much more super bowl coverage with a special edition coming up at 9:30. a certain amount of admission jury -- mystery surrounding teslas cars. tonight for the first time in five years of tesla what a television crew inside its plan . it was kpix five who got the exclusive inside look. >> these are -- aren't tourists their customers who cars already purchased are being assembled on the line right now. before these in newly minted tessler owners can go inside of they have to surrender their smart phones or cameras or any device that can take a video or picture. except for kpix five
9:20 pm
we are giving an exclusive look at the mile long five million-square-foot factory so big we needed a golf cart to get around and we discovered at almost every stage of the manufacturing process there is a while moment. this factory looks more like a surgical ward then an auto plant. stop these robots behind me are the biggest in the world and they have nicknames a cyclops they can do five different things at once they can well that they can rivet they can lift of a vehicle all at the same time. >> this thing i find fascinating is that most of the components are made right here in this factory where at other car companies they bring their stuff and from suppliers. >> that's very true . we have a 20,000 pounds of aluminum we roll them and stamp the sheets from the very
9:21 pm
beginning all the way through the finished production. >> virtually everything is made on site including the 17 into dashboard screen and electronics. >> it's a computer factory inside of a car factory. >> and then we get a peek at something almost never seen by anyone outside tessler. is the installation of a cars battery pack. each weighs just over 1300 pounds. the battery sits under the entire floorboard of every sedan and allows it to go over 200 miles on a single discharge. >> every single car we have here is custom-designed. >> including the new model ask. >> the first all electric suv ever built. >> and the next to down the assembly line tessler says it will introduce the model three. thirty thought five -- $35,000 electric car for the masses which may mean that they will need more trolleys to take all the owners on the factory floor. however it has been a rough ride in the last two months . wall
9:22 pm
street apparently is not very happy that tessler is taking so long to crank out the model three the affordable car. >> you bring up a good point these are american jobs it's not imported out it's all done here . it's very unique. >> and they are building this big battery plant outside reno and they are employing thousands of people there. they are not as able to sell as many vehicles in china because the economy there has taken also the price of gas. gas under $2 a gallon. but they are great cars. we have your forecast coming up. later on the late late show can elizabeth i haven't seen you guys since we were on the boat that's for another time.
9:23 pm
can you dirty dog. we have a special late late show tonight after your post game coverage . zach efron and anna kendrick will be here positive a carpool karaoke with a none none other than mr. . elton john. and will check in with my mom and dad who have been in the bay area for a week. that had a blast can style. -- can style. he set forth, armed with artillery no one saw coming. so that everyone could taste history-making burgers. and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack. history never tasted so good. when it comes to the fithings you love,.
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you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where
9:25 pm
i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. we broke the weather high it was 76 degrees at kickoff. warmer than -- in santa clara than it was in south florida and it's still mild tonight. oakland 62 san jose 63 degrees in santa rosa 53 the pyramid lit up for your world champions denver broncos. the doppler shows it will be dry for a while zero rain in the 70
9:26 pm
forecast. the 17th a stretcher from the fifth to the 22nd we get half a foot of rain in san francisco 70 day since we've had half inch of rain. we've gone seriously dry and unfortunately will stay that way for a while. san jose tonight 50 napa 45 san francisco 51 degrees. big ridge of high pressure let me use a football analogy a very solid offense of line there is moisture that wants to make it to the bay area but it is hitting this wall and forced up and over the ridge into british columbia. nowhere close because of the huge strong ridge of high pressure. the ridge is back for the next several days. wednesday the storm track is beginning to work its way in our direction it will likely stay in the pacific northwest and they get the rain we will stay dry for the next several days. we're talking about a lack of rainfall as a matter of fact tomorrow will likely be warmer than today with record highs likely monday afternoon. the second half of the week the
9:27 pm
storm track works its way back we will be cooler and cloudier and dry stretches are likely to continue for the next seven days. this is simply i do believe show you in may. it is a february 8th tomorrow. 71 degrees. we will cool down although gradually through the end of the week we will be cloudier by friday and into the weekend the dry streak continues there is no rain over the next seven days. that is your forecast will be right back. -- we will be right back. ,,,,,, find fantasy shows.
9:28 pm
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hey guys... we've got much more coming up. join me for a special edition of bay ar nightbeat. we'll be back int a couple minutes. good night. we have got much more coming up. a very special edition we will be back in just a couple minutes. it was nice having you along things for joining us on the special edition of kpix a five news. have a good evening. we will see what 11:00.
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avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! [sheep in unison] i just can't get no relief...ieving you.


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