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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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and good evening. ord temperatures and people asking what happened to el nino. a strong start to the rainy system and now a long stretch of dry weather. two reports to get to. first kpix joe velazquez predicting the rains will return. joe. >> reporter: gorgeous night veronica, the kind of night you make plans to bring your family and sit outside and eat. for el nino, too early to celebrate. >> that is beautiful. >> reporter: february in the bay area. >> perfect. >> reporter: it is beach weather. >> this is a nice break. >> t-shirt weather. >> reporter: picnic weather. we need rain but these types of beautiful days are bittersweet. >> i feel guilty for being happy about it because i know we need the rain but el nino doesn't mean rain every day.
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>> el nino is in the pacific says the meteorological professor at san jose state. it is influencing our weather pattern adding more rain this winter. this will be more. consider this a break. >> we have a mild spell in february. it lasts for one or two maybe even three weeks and then it will get cool and rainy again. i have been telling my friends enjoy it while you can because cool rainy weather is around the corner and it can go on until april. >> reporter: so for now, give thanks because in fact this is the warmest weather since before thanksgiving. joe vasquez, kpix 5. let's take a look from our camera in mount vaca. gorgeous. the perk of the mini heat wave and we get to enjoy the outdoors and we get to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. so question tonight. how long will this stretch of
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dry weather last? meteorologist paul deanna has been tracking it for us. >> reporter: we have gone 18 days without any rainfall. we had a great start in september and a nice follow through in january with six-and- a-half inches of rainfall and now we are dry and certainly we are warm. if you would have thought we did live weather in february you would think we are talking about floods. but it is about the record high. the old record in san francisco 74 and the old record in san rafael 72 and the old record in oakland 77 and the new records, new daily record in oakland 81 degrees! san jose 78, san rafael 74 and san francisco 75. up to 20 degrees warmer than average. so it is sunny and warm. hope you enjoyed it because things will change but here is the problem with a sunny and warm day. look at the rainfall totals. january 5th through january 22nd, six-and-a-half inches of rain over 17 day period. the past 18 days have yielded
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one-half of one inch of rainfall. we need things to change. the question can fairly be asked. where has el niño gone and the answer is nowhere. within an el nino winter we can't get dry spells but we have one now and we will be dry for the next 6 or 7 days and we will have more in the full forecast. paul, we will see you then. tonight watching san francisco and the rest of the bay area try to return to normal after super bowl 50. super bowl city in san francisco taken apart. the center of the activity. it is estimated more than a million people came to the bay area for super bowl 50 and the host committee raised 13 millions for charities. we asked that the financial benefits outweighed inconveniences, 49% said no and 36% yes and 15% weren't sure. for whether the bay area should
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bid on another super bowl, 60% said yes and 30% no. new at six, it may take awhile to see if san francisco really came out ahead here. phil. that's right. and in our background as you see they are packing up super bowl village. next stop houston. when it will return to the bay area remains to be seen. here is the story. no sooner was the next super bowl handed over to houston than mayor ed lee launched the city's next big event. the chinese new year parade. >> when asked for a super bowl bid no one was ready to commit at least not yet. >> you know again let's wait until the numbers come out. >> we will see what the numbers come in at. >> it is not because the party flopped. >> a lot of people had a great time here and that's what events are supposed to be safe and successful. >> and it was seen around the world. >> how do you value this international air time that we gotten. >> for the fun and attention in
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the end the big piece of hosting the super bowl comes down to whether or not the city got a good bang for the 5 million-dollars in tax money it put in for hosting the event. >> we feel we weren't hosting the super bowl but hosting the traffic for the super bowl and in the process we paid for it. >> and not everyone made a lot of money. >> embarcadero center and china town and fisherman's wharf lost a lot of the business. >> and now the city ordering more money to help the street vendor. >> how much are you going to ask for. >> a half a million dollars. >> from the city. >> over the rich from the super bowl. >> and hopefully however won't be known for a couple of months but in typical san francisco fashion, we are already spending the money, whether we got it or not. in san francisco, phil matar
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kpix 5. members of the broncos were float og sky 9 as they returned to the mile high city and left for denver less than 24 hours after their victorious experience in super bowl 50 but one player was noticeably missing. what did peyton manage do after winning the super bowl? he went to disneyland. mickey and minnie mouse held a parade in his honor. all of the fans in san francisco and the south bay headed back home. it was a busy day at sfo where airport officials say they had 25,000 more travelers than on any normal day. >> never been to san francisco. so we got to do sightseeing and it was a blast. it was so much fun. and to help da fuse the crowds 12 flights from sf oand charlotte were add to the schedule. levi stadium undergoing a
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mastiff transformation. the clean-up began. crews were hard at work sweeping up the confetti but the most daunting task take down this 14 story structure. crews say it is the largest the nfl has ever built. south bay business owners had pretty high hopes of cashing in on the biggest sporting event of the year but as glen rameriz explains, some are saying that super bowl was a super bust for them. lend. >> reporter: that's right. businesses here in the south bay were expecting big things out of super bowl 50 because that's what they had been promised by a lot of the politicians in the organizing committee. but many businesses did not share in the wealth and some went in the opposite direction. >> original joe's is a downtown san jose institution and well placed to catch super bowl action but the expected spike in business never came. >> the super bowl actually didn't pan out to what we
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thought it would be. it was a lot slower and we had no foot traffic at all. >> in fact this chef says the opposite happened. >> it was probably the slowest week of the year. it was total less business. >> they areelated with the super bowl. >> i think it is a balance thing. some restaurants their businesses were slower and other restaurants their business was off of the chart and we have heard more of that. >> o j says less than a block from the carolina panthers hotel and across the street from a pop-up merchandise store it was one of the store's busiest days but only because the merchandise was half off. crowds were sparse and the carolina panthers did not come through. >> they didn't come through,
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they went around. >> they slipped in the hotel through a loading dock. for most fans there was nothing to see. >> we were expecting mayhem. >> to many in the south bay this super bowl was a super bust. >> 50th one, you would have thought that the crowd was great but it was a ghost town. >> the big question hanging around the south bay right now is whether or not the bay area will put in another bid to host another future super bowl. that has not been decided yet but we have been told that levi stadium is actually interested in hosting super bowl 506 because the initials for that game would be lvi. reporting live in santa clara, lend rameriz. it may end up being a mixed bag. for example, the napa valley and monterey did benefit from super bowl 50. daily city police shot a man involved in a domestic abuse after he tried to outrun
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them. this is the video of st. francis neighborhood. the police were called out to the home at one p.m. witnesses reported seeing the suspect chasing a woman and they thought he had a knife. when officers arrived minutes later, he made a run fourth. they caught up to him a block away and not clear why the officer opened fire or if the suspect was armed. well the san jose police department will no longer use chokeholds as a way to control suspects. the department made that change today to its use of force policy after public outcry but officers can use the choke technique if their lives are in danger. it was recommended by an independent police auditor. it came unfire in 2014 after the death of eric garner in new york at the hands of police officers. his last words were i can't breathe. which led to a nationwide rally cry against police brutality. no murder charges will be
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filed against the man accused in the stabbing death of a popular dj. 29-year-old joseph razzo tied after being hospitalized for a week. they were attacked by a mob last month. prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to file murder charges against the man they arrested. the attack happened outside of the seller nightclub at seller and taylor creek on january 29th. extra seconds that could save lives in an earthquake but a money fight has stalled a money system in southern california. tonight the change that could get the ball rolling. a century old tourist attraction. how el nino is taking a toll on this bay area ship. a pop star gets political on the super bowl stage. tonight the fiery reaction to
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beyonce's half-time show
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message. tonight's primetime lineup sponsored by the california lottery. scorpion and ttis leaning. student on kpix 5. north cal honda's president's event in session. hurry in for historic deals on every month. through president's day. the push for an earthquake
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warning system in california. >> earthquake, earthquake, those alerts could save lives but there is a problem that needs to be solved before the big one hits. kpix devon says it comes down to the money to pay for it. >> reporter: that's right. the science has been around for decades. why doesn't california have an earthquake warning system available to the public. the answer regrettably is money. but one local lawmaker hopes to change that. the system scientists say could have provided precious time warning the public 20 seconds before. the first shock waves were felt during the devastating napa earthquake. >> it is like thunder and lightning. you hear the thunder before the lightning sometimes.
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>> but the early warning system has languished. currently california has 400 earthquake censors and would need more to work reliably. the problem is when lawmakers lit the project it did not have money hoping the feds or the business community would chip in. >> look at the damage we could prevent and the billions we could save, not just the lives but the billions we could save. >> state senator hill is introducing legislation for the state to pay the 21 million- dollars needed for the earthquake censors. it could provide the public emergency respondsers and transportation systems money. even a few seconds of warning could open a firehouse so the fire trucks can go rescue people and enough time to stall a train. senator hill says investing
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in the program is self- preservation. >> we have a vibrant economy and we want to maintain that and we know theearthquake is coming. >> we know that bart system is coming but they need more systems to be robust and reliable for the public to count on. the cfu faculty is threatening an unprecedented strike. the union announced that it will walk off of the job for five days in april if an agreement is not reached on a new contract. teachers are demanding a five percent pay hike and administrators are offering two. the strike would start april 13th. nearly half a million students on 23 campuses could be impacted. an amtrak train struck and killed a man in berkeley. the train was on its way to san
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jose when it hit the man on 4th street. no one on board the train was injured. the track was shut down while crews investigated. the deadline is tomorrow for people that want to claim money over the odors from a south landfill. it was filed over the landfill on dixie highway in santa fe. people complained about it for years. and and a historic ship is getting battered. we show you what is left of the vessel before it sinks out of sight and it sea. >> reporter: the cement ship has been a tourist attraction for decades. >> i used to go out on the end of the boat and fish out there.
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>> but it is getting renewed attention as it crumbles. >> the back end is tilted in this direction that we have never noticed before. >> and slips into the sea. >> the front has taken a tilt to the right. >> and hard hitting watches from el nino has battered the ship and broke it apart and carrying it away in different directions. >> i can see them sliding home. >> michael came to take pictures of the ship and remembers it as a kid as inexpensive alternative to the boardwalk. >> the palo alto was built before prohibition and because of a steel shortage it was dismantelled in 1929. >> people could dance and enjoy it but in the evening where the engines were at one time, that is where the gambling and good times roared below.
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>> until a few years ago people could walk on it. because of the storm damage the pier leading up to it has been closed down. no plans to rescue the ship so it will be a matter of time before it slips completely under water. it is sad. >> to become a permanent home for sea life. still no word on when the pier for the ship will reopen. new word on el nino but record heat. paul has more of what is going on. >> reporter: allen it is ironic because we got word over the past couple of days that this el nino is the strongest one on record. right now in february it has never been stronger in the month of february in 1993 and 1998 and not a guarantee it will be chilly and certainly mother nature reminded us of that. 81 in oakland and 80 in berkeley and 78 in san jose and 70 in napa and wine country san
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francisco and the financial district 75 and san rapheal 74 and all six cities experienced a record high today. now why is this happening? isn't there supposed to be a storm coming through? remember we numbered them in january. we had 11 in 22 days. you can't get storms here if there is a big blocking ridge of high pressure and even in el nino winter it can happen. the ridge of high pressure is in control and will weaken and flatten a bit allowing temperatures to cool and more in the way of cloud cover but it will be a gradual process, the next 7 days are looking mainly dry. we are mostly clear and comfortable evening and patchy fog in the north bay and sunny and warm. perhaps only a few degrees cooler. more cloud cover and it will be not as warm. later this week into the weekend. look at the highs. oakland 73. san francisco 70 and san rafael 72 and san jose 78 and fremont tomorrow, 73 degrees. we will lose a few degrees on wednesday and a few more thursday and a few more on
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friday, by the weekend on saturday it will take that long before everybody stays shy of 70 degrees and sunday and monday we will still stay above average. a couple things i want to point out in 1970 and 1998 the second wettest years it did not rain in the middle of its winter for 17 days, for us day 18. we are entering uncharted territory. for folks wondering is this it for el nino are we done and back in the pattern with no rain? very likely wet ter than average the second half of february and march and april. we have a lot of the real estate to go. i prefer this rain comes back sooner rather than later. >> but enjoy the sunshine while it lasts i guess. >> why not? nothing wrong with enjoying a nice sunny day in winter. >> you look like your enjoying it paul. there are worse assignments than this. we will take a break this is not a bad way to take a break from the rain. >> go big or go home. >> there you go. we are going big. >> don't go home we are coming
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back to you. thanks, paul. who would evict a group of nuns that dedicated their life to feeding the hungry but a landlord says they have to go. how popular are the warriors, the player that caused a mob scene at a bay area
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coffee shop. it appears that most people are not liking driverless cars. 51% of those that responded to a poll says they would not ride in a car where there was no driver in control. 63% said they would never buy one. the results indicate that car makers have to do more to earn the public's trust with the autonomous car ideas. the pirates will unveil a pitcher of gaylord perry at 2nd and king street. they started to work on the
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design. this is going to be the 5th statute of a former giant to go outside the stadium there is the willie mays statute. chopper 5 with a long line this afternoon at a coffee shop in berkeley. maybe they didn't go for the coffee but the person serving it. the warriors draymond green behind the counter and raising money for charity. very nice. coming up in our next half hour. beyonce's super bowl half-time show making way not just for her move but her powerful message. why the diva and her dancers crossed the line. less than 24 hours until the first presidential primary and the race is tight. the attacks are getting fires. who donald trump called a spoiled child. and where you can fill up
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with gas for less than two
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bucks. you are watching kpix news. our top stories tonight. the bay area seeing record warm temperatures for this time of year. but meterologists say el nino is out there and driving the weather pattern and they
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predict there will be more rain so consider it a break. >> in daly city police shot a domestic suspect. witnesses called in saying a man was chasing after a woman with a knife. when they arrived they took off. they caught up to him later and it is not clear why officers opened fire. >> beyonce's half-time performance at the super bowl gets political and now it is causing a stir. critics say it crossed the line. maria at the stadium with why cops are disturbed about it. >> some are offended by beyonce's performance especially after she requested police help. >> the half-time formation that makes references to police brutality and the black lives matters movement. >> it is creating a lot of the controversial. >> they are there to perform
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for the people and some people don't want to see that. they want to see the performance. >> for noreen. >> i agree with it. >> she believes the super bowl was the best stage for the political message but worked on the stage. >> what do you think about the people that are saying she shouldn't have done that. >> they got them talking. >> and there were photos for the black panthers and saying justice for mario woods. >> black lives don't matter in san francisco. >> protestors at a black lives matters in san francisco say that they are proud beyonce and alisha keys talked about woods during a presuper bowl show are spreading their message. >> beyonce as big as she is and dancers are representative of the cause. >> paul says beyonce's performance is controversial and she will likely not face consequences. i don't think it will be in
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violation either of her contracts or shocking in a way that the nfl or the super bowl would be seeking a repercussions, damages or fines from her. >> beyonce not the only one with a message. cold play made a reference to marriage equality in his performance. a group of nuns dedicating their lives to the homeless near a miracle. they are from not ter dam and for the past 8 years they have been serving food to the hungry in the tenderloin and tonight facing the hike in rent. the landlord wanted to raise their rent to $5500 a month. >> the people who are suffering on the streets and we have to make money for the people. so we have to find the right solution. >> the landlord put the rent
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increase on hold and le speak to the nuns on thursday. the sellout continues on wall street and the dow plunged 400 points but regained half of its losses by the closing bell. by the end of the dow the dow was off 178 points. >> big losses. skittish traders looking beyond the borders and don't like what they see. >> a lot of concern about the hold of the global economy that saw oil prices drop below $30. big worries in europe and the tech sector was hammered and twitter down five percent and trading $15 for the first time and sales force dropped 7% and facebook off four percent and tesla plunging nine percent. oil prices are tanking and so are gas prices in the bay area. hearing from drivers in several locations say they can fill up for less than two dollars.
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concord and mill valley and san jose. experts say a combination of factors driving the prices down. they point to overproduction as well as concerns about the local economy and the cheap gas could be around for a while but californians paying more than the rest of the country. why? industry experts say the state government panel says gouging by oil companies is a possible reason and the high state gas tank and rigorous regulations. drivers pay more because of the fuel blend standards to meet air quality rules. on the eve of the new hampshire primary, the attacks are heating up. cbs reporting danielle noting ham joins us in manchester, new hampshire. danielle. >> reporter: veronica candidates have use the every minute of the day to campaign. now voters in new hampshire are known for making last minute
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decisions so every event counts. and with the republicans jockeying for positions, the back and forth continues today. >> you wouldn't hire him to do anything. >> donald trump was back to taking flights at his favorite target jeb bush. >> and donald trump is holding on to a double digit lead with less than 4 hours to go until new hampshire casts its ballots. >> he is like a spoiled child spent 110 million-dollars and nowhere. >> bush slammed donald trump and called him a liar. bush is in a tight place with john kaisch and marco rubio and ted cruz. >> barbara gelner was undecided but says the town hall changed her mind. >> not republican or democrat but people centered and that is
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what i am. that's the kind of president i want. >> while tuesday's primary could make or break some republican campaigns, the democrats could be in for a close race. >> our government belongs to all of us. >> the polls show bernie sanders keeping a comfortable lead. >> reminding voters of differences. >> i believe what i am putting fort in this campaign has a far better chance of actually producing the results that will give people confidence we can turn it around. >> both candidates have events for the evening and the first poll opens at midnight. >> snow is in the forecast for tuesday but state officials are still expecting a record turnout at the polls. live in manchester, new hampshire, danielle nottingham. any word that anyone else may be getting into the race
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this late in the game? >> well, veronica a new development today, former new york mayor michael blueburg told the financial times that he is considering entering the gop race and made that decision after hearing the debate on saturday. he didn't feel any of the candidates had anything substantive to say and so he is considering throwing his name into this race. all right. danielle nottingham live for us in manchester, new hampshire. president obama will be in town to raise money for a democratic candidate and scheduled to land in the south bay on wednesday. on thursday he is scheduled to attend fundraisers. a popular tool to measure whether you are in shape. how the bmi could be misleading millions americans about their health. >> burrito fans may be out of luck for lunch. how the chipotle stores closed
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6:38 pm
nationwide for lunch. no burritos or bowls or lunch service today at
6:39 pm
chipotle. the chain chose to close all of its stores so the employees could attached a four hour company wide safety briefing detailing the response to the e. coli and e norovirus. there was introduction of paid leave for employees and offered free burritos to folks that sent a text to the company at the restaurants when they were closed. forget what you learned about body mass index. >> from an early age jeannette says she was told she was unhealthy because her bmi says she was overweight. >> it was very painful. it was very alarming and i remember walking out of the doctor's office feeling a sense of panic like this is a death sentence and my life is over. >> instead of focusing on her
6:40 pm
health patty went on a long road of crash dieting. >> it was the idea i have to be skinny to fit into society and taken seriously by the doctor. >> now a group of researchers at ucla have found that bmi the ratio of a person's height and weight is not accurate way to measure held. about 54 million americans considered unhealthy by the bmi are. that includes more than 34 million people labeled overweight and more than 19 million labeled obese. >> they are not a convenient number that you can shove in to a formula but a lot of data that shows people that sleep well and manage stress have good social relationships and exercise and live better and heavier lives. >> the study analyzes the link between health markers like blood pressure and other health levels and 20 million people
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considered healthy by their bmi are not. tonight talk about highway robbery, a couple forced to full over on highway one after two mass men pull a gun on them. what happens next? >> i will have more. join us at 10:00 on our sister station 44 cable 12. iphone fails and why there is flack on this super bowl photo. >> this is historiously our wettest week of the year but not today. it was 80 degrees. any hope for rainfall coming up is next. straight ahead. how this carolina panthers fan took the loss. would you believe not one vernon but two?
6:42 pm
from one vernon to another, congratulations. and ways marshawn lynch up to now. >> i'm coming to get you all. that answer is straight ahead. after weather.
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people around the bay celebrating the lunar new year. >> long ropes of firecrackers lead dancing dragons and little monkeys marking the year of the monkey. the mayor says the monkey is clever and mischievous. the parade is on february 20th. nfl fans lined up for the chance to stock up on super bowl 50 gear at a very discounted price. the 49ers team store at levi stadium wrapped up its fan appreciation sale just about 45 minutes ago. plenty of shirts and cap" super bowl 50 logo left over the game and all the remaining super bowl gear at the stadium was marked 50% off. apple boss tim cook getting grief for a pick he took during super bowl 50. tweeted out this blurry picture from the field at levi stadium.
6:46 pm
social media quickly jumped on it of course. one person asking if cook was using an ipad when he snapped the shot. he redeemed himself with much clearer pick capturing the post game celebration. time for a look at the weather. paul, still loving it in berkeley. paul. >> it is not a bad night to be outside. plenty of folks enjoying an outdoor table in february. instant gratification world. a great shot on 4th street in berkeley. a lot of folks emailed us in the weather department after three or four straight days of rain saying is the drought over? absolutely not. now folks may be wondering is el nino over and the answer is once again absolutely not. we are only halfway through winter and the rain will return but it is not going to return for the next week and will continue to be above average. warmer than normal for the foreseeable future. temperatures outside the shop from the airport looking towards the financial district and 74 in oakland.
6:47 pm
the average high this time of year is 60 and coming up at 7:00 and 14 degrees warmer than the average high. 72 in san francisco, the water is keeping you warmer. to get away from it 70 in concord. and it will get cool tonight. nights are long. san jose a low of 49 degrees. high pressure in control. at its strongest today. closest and strongest and that's why we saw the widespread record highs and we will see that high pressure ridge flatten and move to the south a bit and get weaker but the overall theme is as long as it stays short the storm track will be stunted to the north five to seven days. tonight it will be mainly clear. some patchy valley fog for the low to mid-40s for the north bay and sunny and warm conditions on tuesday. and so tomorrow we may not see as many record highs but it
6:48 pm
will be near record territory and as we head toward the end of the week as the ridge moves and weakens cloudier and not as warm but likely above average through the weekend and next week. let's talk about high temperatures for your tuesday. palo alto 75 and last gattis 79 degrees. san ramone 70 and kentfield 71 and san leandro 75 and windsor 74 and lakeworth 73. let's look at the seven-day forecast. a cooling trend and so far above average that even if we shave four degrees off of these highs every day, we will still be above average on saturday. where highs will be in the 60s. a mile week and sunny week and cooler and cloudier as we head toward the weekend. back out here live a restaurant call esra, great food and it smells amazing and look how
6:49 pm
many folks are enjoying a february monday night for a table for two outdoors under the stars and clear and it is mild in berkeley. we got sports coming up next.
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nissan sports report coming up
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next on kpix 5. there was this little football game yesterday. >> that denver defense. they took carolina's heart and showed it to them and spiked it. all afternoon. >> hey, we got nfl up top. why not. this is where we dot the is and cross the ts. denver broncos and a lot of people i work with got their storybook endings. y'all understand what happened. >> we made world history. >> we just made world history. we won super bowl 50. denver defense rolled up 7 sacks and got to cam newton six times and hear is one of newton's three turnovers. if this is it for peyton manning he rides off to the sunset with a second super bowl win and vernon davis did not catch any passes but a successful return to levi
6:53 pm
stadium for the former 49er tight end. >> vernon davis super bowl champion. how does that hit you. >> makes me want to dance. >> say it one more time. >> vernon davis, super bowl champion. >> everywhere you go now. that's it. that's it. >> i love it. i love it. it is great, man. it couldn't be any better than this. great story and chapter in my life. >> seth curry banged the drum when he let his panthers out yesterday. here is the post on twitter with the michael jordan crying likeness. jordan the nb a's owner curry staying loyal and came to cam newton's defense after newton's highly crit ta sized performance. >> everybody could say you can handle the situation better but having not been in his shoes i
6:54 pm
can't really tell you how i would respond in that moment. i would try to do my best but i'm sure he will say the same thing going into it and expecting to lose. it is tough. how did this panthers fan take the loss? look. took the flat screen and bam. grandpa went all postal on the flat screen. and i don't think he can claim it on his homeowner's insurance. >> grandpa in a blind rage. >> look at that. >> here are the odds for the next super bowl where the seahawks and patriots and steelers all have 8 to 1 odds. we will tell you that the broncos were at 14 to 1. 49ers 60 to 1 odds. a backup center. fess'tis see lee us after
6:55 pm
indefinitely and out because of knee soreness. derrick fisher a one time gourden state warrior is out. they lost nine of the last ten games which brought the team president phil jackson to less his patience. curt ramus is the interim coach. speaking of interim. luke walton reported that he is at the top of the wish list. steve curry said that is inevitable. he will be a candidate for lots of jobs whether it is this year or next year. whatever. but he is going to be a head coach at some point. i told him we were all joking. once we heard that news. obviously luke's number changes next year and in a different city and hope he send me the new one. >> oakland native bestmo and running back marshawn lynch is in the news. you know why i am here?
6:56 pm
>> i am here so i won't get fined. >> he hung up his cleats on his twitter page. no flowery press conference satisfying he is ready to retire after nine nfl seasons. two months shy of his 30th birthday. in fact i know lynch's agent doug henderson so i am sure he is set with the green backs. >> didn't he open a store in oakland? but he had an injured year and maybe the writing was on the wall. >> a big parade in denver. >> after a trip to disneyland. >> for the latest news go to our and you can see up at 11. have a good night. whatever.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: all right, now. how's everybody? i appreciate it. how are y'all? thank you very much. thank you, sir. yes, sir. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of $20,910, from houston, texas, it's the champs, it's the nelson family. [cheering and applause] from avoca, iowa, it's the becker family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win
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their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the becker family. hey, taylor. taylor: how's it going? steve: ok, now, where y'all from? taylor: we are avoca, iowa. steve: avoca? taylor: yeah. steve: avoca, iowa? >> yes, sir. taylor: i didn't name it, steve. i don't know. steve: i know, taylor, i know. you ain't responsible. what, uh... taylor: i feel guilty. steve: around where is it, though? taylor: it's, uh, about 40 miles east of omaha, nebraska. [laughter] you know, what made the steaks. steve: your--your closest city is in another state? taylor: unfortunately, yeah. steve: ok. say the name of the city again. taylor: omaha, nebraska. steve: not that one, taylor. [laughter] i know what the hell omaha, nebraska, is. taylor: i don't know. you look confused. steve: i'm talking about the place ain't nobody never heard of, where y'all from. taylor: avoca, iowa. steve: ok, so what do you do?


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