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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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the fire broke o breaking news in san jose tonight. fire erupts during a lunar new year celebration full of fireworks. >> that broke out at the grand century shopping mall. kpix 5's betty yu is there with the latest. >> hundreds of people turned out tonight for this celebration and it was a big one. check out all that's left behind from this party. we have fireworks, boxes, and red paper just about everywhere. we want to show you some cell phone video shot by a man who came by to check out all the festivities. he saw the fireworks and the flames. we're told by san jose police and fire that one of the mortars flew up in to the air, hit a nearby tree. the tree caught fire and that spread to the edge of the shopping center and the top of a bakery in this plaza caught
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fire. san jose fire department says they were able to get here within 4 minutes and they successfully put out the fire. take a look at the aftermath that's left behind. luckily we're just talking about external damage to this building and there are no injuries to report. we spoke to the man who shot the cell phone video tonight. take a listen. >> it's a little bit dangerous. we need more care for the kids. for the people around we need to keep them a little bit farther away from the fireworks. >> there was no damage done to any of the businesses inside of the shopping center. no one was hurt. the celebration did go on. a lot of people stuck around as fire crews cleaned up the mess. betty yu, kpix 5. san jose has a long and a bit complicated history with
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illegal fireworks during vietnamese new year's. it was the scene last year at a buddhist temple. parents brought their kids to watch. they believe it scares away evil spirits. fireworks are illegal in san jose so where were the police? they were there. the temple hired officers as private security. definitely did not feel like winter today. oakland hasn't been this warm since before halloween. in san francisco a lot of runners took advantage of the warm weather tonight and went for a run along the embarcadero. we're in for another warm day tomorrow? >> it is going to be warm once again. record territory perhaps again. these were the records before this afternoon for this date. 74 in san francisco. 75 in soc -- in san jose. 77 in oakland. all those shattered. it hit 78 degrees in san jose. the average high in oakland in june is 71. we were 10 degrees warmer than that today. it was in the 80s this afternoon in oakland. still a mild evening, 50s and low 60s at the botanical
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garden in oakland. what catches my eye is the monthly rainfall total for each location. about one-tenth of one inch of rain in one of our wettest months. we need the rain to come back. we'll talk about why the rain is staying away, why it's been so warm. in antioch, a carjacking victim took the law in to his own hands at a parking lot on east 18th street. christin ayers reports tonight he's under arrest for murder. >> it began with what neighbors say sounded like an argument outside this antioch rite aid. then there was gunfire. >> just boom, boom, then boom boom boom. >> reporter: antioch police say leo lopez was sitting inside his van outside rite aid when a man pulled a gun and carjacked him. as the car jacker was driving away, lopez pulled out his own gun and opened fire in to his own van, hitting the man.
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guzman says it was shortly after the gunfire stopped that he heard the crash. the stolen van careened from rite aid to this residential neighborhood, slammed in to another car and then veered on to a lawn taking out a tree and leaving a trail of fresh tire tracks. >> there was somebody in the car. i don't think they were alive. >> reporter: police say the alleged car jacker died from his gunshot wounds. leo lopez, the carjacking victim, is now behind bars, arrested for murder. a neighbor who did not want to show her face said none of it makes sense. >> he's getting charged with murder which is really unfair. >> on one side you have loss of property and on the other side you have loss of life. >> nobody wins. >> reporter: in antioch, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the coroner has identified the man killed as 27-year-old richard pereno from pittsburgh. super bowl 50 put on quite the show and it left behind quite the mess. chopper 5 spotted crews this morning
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picking up the confetti from the postgame celebration. then there's all the garbage that thousands of fans left behind. mark kelly is where super bowl city once stood. let's play monday night quarterback here. what are people saying? was it all worth it? >> honestly mixed reviews tonight as crews start to take down super bowl city, we asked the public and city leaders to deconstruct for us whether it was worth building this here in the first place. >> what an iconic shot for the hundreds of millions of people who watched sunday. >> reporter: she says it was a wild success. but on the streets, the reviews for super bowl city aren't quite as glowing. >> nothing positive to say? >> i heard they had crab fries. >> reporter: for a week one of the big complaints, traffic. today the tourists were clearing out but the no parking signs were still up and traffic was
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backed up. >> happy to see super bowl city go? >> yes. there were a lot of tourists in the city. it's good for the economy though, right ? >> reporter: 42% gave the super bowl events an excellent rating. but asked if the financial benefits outweighed inconveniences like traffic, half said no. >> i don't know if it was worth it or not, but i can tell you one thing. if the city had actually negotiated better, it would have cost taxpayers in san francisco $5 million less than it actually did. >> reporter: the mayor has gotten a lot of heat for the $5 million of taxpayer money san francisco chipped in to build super bowl city. >> i still think it's worth it. i think we all had a good safe time. >> reporter: but supervisor jane kemp wished that $5 million went elsewhere. >> the public funds should be spent dealing with issues like affordability. >> reporter: the mayor is banking on the windfall outweighing the $5 million
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investment to build this. with all the flack surrounding super bowl city, the poll also found 60% support another bid to bring the super bowl back to the bay. >> do you want super bowl to come back to the bay area? >> absolutely. >> reporter: clearly some critiques, some wishing it was built elsewhere and not in a congested area. overall, a lot of people happy with the amount of energy that a big sporting event like the super bowl brought to the bay area. mark kelly, kpix 5. just a day after his city hosted the super bowl, santa clara's mayor announced he's stepping down. jamie matthews put out this brief statement. it has been the greatest honor of my life to have served as santa clara's mayor. now it's time for me to focus on my family and look forward to the next chapter of my life. houston is the next chapter. they're officially on the clock tonight for super bowl 51. the ceremonial hand-off
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took place this morning in masconi center in san francisco. in houston the space city put its own spin on the event. it had some astronauts take part in the ceremony. nearly 112 million viewers tuned in to the super bowl. that is the third largest tv audience ever in the u.s. >> backlash tonight over beyonce's super bowl halftime performance. her new song "formation" makes references to police brutality and the black lives matter movement. her backup dances wore outfits paying homage. here's what beyonce said after the show. >> i want people to feel proud and have love for themselves. >> legal analyst paul henderson said it's unlikely beyonce will face any consequences for her political message. >> i don't think it's going to be in violation either in her contract or shocking in a way that the nfl or the super bowl
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would be seeking a repercussion, damages or fines from her. >> protesters at a black lives matter gathering in san francisco today say they're proud beyonce is spreading their message. super bowl fans had no idea what was flying overhead. a north korean satellite. north korea says it launched the satellite in to orbit late saturday night. a technology watchdog tweeted the satellite zipped over levi's just before 8:30 last night. our security analyst says it's nothing to worry about. >> so it's not uncommon for a country to launch a satellite. i think it's coincidental that it was over the game sunday though. >> tonight u.s. officials tell cbs news that satellite is now tumbling in orbit. it was literally highway robbery for one bay area couple. they were driving through one of the most scenic parts of the bay area when andria borba says it all went south. >> reporter: once the sun fades in to the pacific, there's no light on this stretch of highway
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1 between half moon bay and san gregorio state beach except headlights. >> this location is poorly lit. it's somewhat rural so it is a concern for us. >> reporter: around 9:30 last night a couple driving on highway 1 noticed in their rearview mirror a car tailgating just a few feet off their bumper. >> the couple became concerned so to be safe they pulled over to let the car pass. >> reporter: the tailgating car turned from nuisance to menace. pulling over and boxing them in along the shoulder. two people in masks believed to be men hopped out, one with a gun, the other with a knife. >> they rolled down the windows and at which point the suspects demanded money. >> reporter: the couple handed over a purse, a wallet, and two cell phones and the suspects fled south on highway 1. the only clue, the suspect's car, a black crown victoria with tinted windows and no license plates. >> it's what older taxi cabs look like. it's also what older police cars look like. >> reporter: much like this
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unmarked white cruiser from the san mateo county department, many crown vics end up at auction and in civilian hands. san mateo county detectives are checking surveillance cameras at businesses along highway 1 to see if they find the suspect's vehicle anywhere before the crime. in san mateo county, andria borba, kpix 5. a group of bay area nuns need a hail mary tonight. they might be evicted. those nuns from the frat of notre dame have dedicated their lives to helping the homeless in san francisco but now their landlord wants to raise their rent 50% to $5500 a month. the nuns say they simply can't afford it. >> the people who are suffering, struggling on the streets, we have to make money [ inaudible ] so we have to find
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the right balance. >> these women have been serving food to the hungry in the tenderloin in the past eight years. we learned this afternoon the landlord put the rent increase on hold for now. we'll talk to the nuns on thursday. on to campaign 2016, voting has begun in the new hampshire primary. the first in the nation. danielle nottingham is in manchester. donald trump and bernie sanders had the big lead going in. >> polls show they both are holding on to double-digit leads leading in to tuesday's primary but what we learned in iowa is the polls aren't always right so the candidates hit the campaign trail hard today, making their last minute pitch to voters. >> reporter: the first votes in the first in the nation primary were cast in a town with nine registered voters. >> four votes cast for bernie sanders. none for hillary. >> reporter: hours earlier the
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candidates turned up the heat at their final rallies to win over new hampshire voters. hillary clinton accused senator bernie sanders of also taking money from wall street to fund his campaign. >> bernie sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms. >> reporter: sanders has repeatedly criticized clinton for accepting millions in speakic fee -- speaking fees. >> her super pack got $15 million from wall street last quarter. >> donald trump, who has a commanding lead in the gop race, spent a good part of monday attacking jeb bush. >> jeb is a lightweight. jeb bush, a total stiff. >> reporter: bush sounded off on trump during his evening town hall event. >> we have the front running candidate. it's all about him. there's no servant nature in his heart. >> reporter: bush, marco rubio, john kasich, and iowa caucus winner ted cruz are all in a tight race for second. >> it's about turning out conservatives. >> reporter: snow is in the
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forecast tuesday but state officials expect record crowds at the polls. >> there are two other towns with populations of less than 100 people who also opened the polls at midnight. live in manchester, new hampshire, danielle nottingham. >> someone else might be coming in to the race as an independent? >> yeah, it's the person we know well, former new york mayor michael bloomberg told the financial times that he's considering a run as an independent. he said he listen today the debate on saturday, the gop debate, and he didn't hear anything he liked. so he thinks it's time for him to enter this race at some point perhaps. >> another interesting character. that's for sure. pretty wild ride on wall street today. at one point the dow plunged more than 400 points. at the end of the day it gained back half those losses. the tech stocks got
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hammered. twitter, sales force, facebook, they all had a rough day. tesla dropped nearly 9%. one reason for the sliding stocks, oil prices. once again they've dropped below $30 a barrel. veronica de la cruz says drivers aren't complaining though. >> that's right. gas prices here in the bay area haven't been this low in a long time. from concord to san jose, some gas stations are selling gas for less than $2 a gallon. it is $1.95 at this arco station in east san jose. and according to, the average in san jose is $2.42 a gallon. $2.40 in oakland. here's a tip. enjoy it while it lasts. aaa says refineries do maintenance this time of year which will usually lead to a 50 to 70 cent increase from february to june. so fill her up. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. here's some surveillance video out of southern california. shows the roof of a gas station collapsing.
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two guys up on top. remarkably the one on top of the chevron sign came down with only minor scratches. the other guy, completely unscathed. not a mark on him. no one was inside the cars that got crushed. extra seconds could save lives in an earthquake. tonight there's a new push to get an early warning system for california funded. there are about 400 sensors already in place. another 700 are needed to cover the entire state. estimated cost, $21 million. the original plan was counting on help from the feds. now lawmakers have introduced legislation to get the state to foot the bill. a napa assemblyman is pushing to improve earthquake safety in schools. this comes following the 2014 earthquake that did extensive damage in that region. the bill would require schools to secure classroom furniture and lights to keep them from falling during an earthquake. hard to think about snow when it does feel like winter.
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feels more like summer. but el nino storms will return and when they do, emily turner found out, there's a hidden danger very deep in the sierra snow pack. >> reporter: there are a lot of things different this year about the sierra. most obvious is the amount of snow. but what matters to avalanches is the quality of that snow. this video is from a couple weeks ago near sugar bowl. a back country snowboarder went in to a closed area and caused an avalanche. it swept him down the mountain. he was fine but he was lucky. >> i have one victim within 5 meters. two victims within 20 meters. >> reporter: these victims are fictional and this is just for practice but the prospect of an avalanche rescue is very real in the sierra. >> it's happened before. it will happen again. for us to be safe in our response, we need to train. >> reporter: that's why the north tahoe fire protection district is on the top, training
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for the possibility of an avalanche rescue. so far this year there haven't been any rescues of that kind but the chances are high, higher than normal. >> at any year where we have snow, we have avalanche danger. this year we're dealing with more snow. that means there's higher avalanche potential. >> reporter: there's another layer to that danger. it's buried deep inside the snow pack. it's a type of snow called surface orr. it got buried under several layers of snow. that layer is a weak foundation. it sheers easily, creating essentially a slip joint for a slab of snow to slide right off the mountain. >> very strong but once it gets buried if it has a trigger, it can become very weak and create avalanches. >> reporter: it's an ever present invisible threat to unsuspecting skiers and snowboarders and will be causing problems for the rest of the
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season. it may have fallen in january butt it will be hidden in there until it melts. there are sevl avalanches a day in the sierra, many are manmade by mountain resorts to avoid catastrophe. but there are plenty of these. so far no one has been injured but rescuers are prepared because they worry it's only a matter of time before someone isn't this lucky. in the sierra, emily turner, kpix 5. >> it did snow a lot earlier in the winter. snow snow when it's 81 degrees in oakland. the irony is just a few days ago we found out this is the strongest early february el nino in modern history. stronger than february of 1998, stronger than february of 1983. what does that mean for us for rain prospects? absolutely nothing. the long range outlook, all the way out to february 22nd is calling for drier than average conditions with the bullseye right over
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northern and central california. it will eventually change, just not any time soon. we're comfortably in the 50s outside. if you're outside this evening, maybe leave the windows open. san jose, 56. concord, 51. tonight, up per 40s, low 50s. concord, 44. san jose, 49. san francisco, 53, off of a high of 75. what's going on? it's el nino . not a guarantee it's going to rain every day. in 1998 we did have a 17-day dry stretch. we're now at 18 days. there's a ridge of high pressure centered over you, the storms will avoid that area. and they're hitting that wall going up and over the wall and missing us by 1,000 miles. until that ridge moves, our forecast is not going to change. we'll slide to the south over the next several days. a little bit cooler, a little bit cloudier. the rain nowhere close to us for a while. mainly clear tonight. a little bit of valley fog for the north bay. tomorrow not as warm but
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still record territory. it will get cloudier and milder but no time soon. oakland, 73 degrees. that's 8 degrees cooler than today. san jose, 78 tomorrow. redwood city, 74 . napa, 73. and san francisco , 70 degrees. we'll cool down a few degrees each day but we're so far out of normal that it will take till saturday before we get back to average which is the low to mid 60s and we'll stay mild and dry for a week. we still have a long way to go. we have march, april, may. ken is reaching for it. i've kept it out of your reach. this is not good but there is time to recover. >> that's great. tonight we'll show you where beyonce stays in the bay area for $10,000 a night. >> coming up on the late show with stephen colbert, bill o'reilly, eddie george, and macklemore. and ryan lewis.
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protestors started throwing boxes and other items at .. and at a lunar new year celebration ending in rioting in hong kong. protesters started throwing boxes and other items at the police. apparently this all started when local
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authorities tried to prevent street food sellers from operating. tonight we're getting a good look at the spot where beyonce stayed after the super bowl halftime show. the pop star posted this photo on facebook and wrote it was a super weekend and tagged san francisco-based startup airbnb. on instagram she shared this view of the backyard and infinity pool. according to tmz an airbnb posting called the five-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 11-acre estate a, quote, masterpiece. rental price, $10,000 a night. was beyonce paid to plug abnb? we reached out but have yet to get a response. broncos forgot to do one thing when they took home the trophy. the team tweeted out this photo of football's ultimate prize on the plane. but take a look at the seatbelt,
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it's not fastened. we'll assume the trophy is safely back in the mile high city tonight. straight ahead, the daddy or grandpa of all meltdowns. and the nba coaching merry-go-round. wait till you hear who locally might benefit. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...doors of opportunity are starting to pile up for warr luke walton... nba news and notes. the doors of opportunity starting to pile up for warriors assistant luke walton. reportedly the sacramento kings are set to say adios to head coach george karl. earlier today the knicks fired derek fisher after less than a couple seasons on the job. walton went 39-4 as golden state's interim head coach. warriors would not be surprised to see walton running a team. >> i told him today, we were all joking, once he heard that news obviously coaches getting fired, luke's number changes next year and he's in a different city, i hope he sends me his new one and stay in touch. let's go ahead and put super bowl 50 to bed. peyton manning will get all the disney trips, endorsements, talk shows, oldest quarterback to win a
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ring. he and brother eli now have two. but on a local note, tight end vernon davis won his first super bowl at levi stadium just three months after being traded by the 49ers. >> vernon davis, super bowl champion. [ laughter ] because everywhere you go now, that's the tag. >> i love it. i love it. it's great. it couldn't be any better than this. great story, great chapter in my life. how did this panthers fan take the loss? look at this. charles green. they call him the angry grandpa. look what he did to the flat screen. he's just hating on it. i can think of cheaper ways to stress frustration. just an epic meltdown by the angry grandpa. he just kept on going for a
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whole other minute in the 4th quarter of the game. he had just had it with his team. >> not happy. >> there's always next year and i guess he's got the funds to go out and get another flat screen. >> not the tv's fault. leave the tv alone. the tv is your friend. >> we like the tv. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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