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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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,,,, we begin with breaking newsn right now are good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> i'm michelle griego. we begin with breaking news in berkeley. crews are battling a two-alarm fire on hay street. smoke and flames in the downtown area. firefighters got the first call at 11:15 and quickly called for reinforcements. right now they have several hose lines spraying those flames. so far no injuries have been record. the fire is burning in -- so far no injuries have been reported. it's in a residential neighborhood just a few blocks from the cal campus. several surrounding streets have been shut down in the area. and this picture posted on twitter shows the house on hasten, engulfed in flames heavy smoke from the pitched roof. this is another picture posted from a few blocks away and you can see the smoke rising from the neighborhood. it was supposed to be the golden cash cow but not all san francisco businesses are singing the praises of super bowl 50. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us
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as the super clean-up continues. hi, jackie. >> reporter: hi there, frank. super bowl city is coming down and coming down fast. as you can see behind me, crews are out right now. they have been out all morning. but it's not fast enough for some businesses still blocked off due to street closures and vendors have yet to return to business. but in a couple of hours supervisor aaron peskin will present an idea to pay back displaced vendors. just a cup of days ago super bowl city was set up at justin herman plaza typically home to city permitted vendors like artists and jewelry makers but for weeks it's been home to construction crews and football fans and will remain that way until thursday. supervisor peskin wants to pay these vendors half a million dollars for their sacrifice, he says. witnesses it coming from? >> a half million dollars? taxpayer money? >> hopefully it will be the new found riches that we got
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off the super bowl. >> reporter: 1.1 million tourists came to the bay area but peskin is wary of the potential tab the city will have to pay. we are waiting to hear what mayor lee thinks. he is waiting to see numbers from the city controller to tell us how the city did economically. jackie ward, kpix 5. happening now a live look at downtown denver. look at that. hundreds of thousands of people crowding the civic center park to welcome the super bowl champions. and broncos players waved to fans from fire trucks and showed off the vince lombardi trophy in the front. one girl got a front row spot. her favorite player von miller super bowl mvp. >> cam newton's famous touchdown dance is the dab. and we wanted to take that over. so start dancing now. >> she is talking a little smack, huh? [ laughter ] >> check out this aerial view of the search orange.
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officials have not released the official estimate for fans at the parade but the last time denver won the super bowl, the celebration drew about 400,000 people. >> i think there are a few more than that. developing news in the south bay. just days after taking part in the super bowl events, santa clara's mayor has abruptly resigned. the mayor matthews had nearly three years left in his term and recently he simply said it's time to focus on family. meanwhile, santa clara city manager has called city hall's work environment hostile. julio fuentes says he was part of an explosive argument at city hall just two days before the big game. lunar new year fireworks likely sparked a blaze at a south bay strip mall. kpix 5's kiet do shows us the scene from san jose. >> reporter: just a huge mess out here at the grand century mall in east san jose. take a look. we have fireworks debris that in some spots is ankle deep. as you know, illegal fireworks is normal in east san jose for
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this time of year. that over there in the corner is a new one. this is cell phone video of the wild scene last night here at the mall where you can see roman candles and mortars firing into the air. police say one of those mortars landed in a tree and then caught the tree on fire. witnesses say the crowd just watched for a couple of minutes until the flames spread to the main building. somebody called 911 and that's triggered a two-alarm response. san jose firefighters got to the scene knocked down the flames quickly and the fire was downgraded to a one-alarm fire. the building had only exterior damage to one business, century bakery. this man saw the whole thing. >> upist wondering why everybody just left midway and then i was like wow. crazy. >> reporter: the vietnamese community knows when it comes to fireworks that the city of san jose is typically lenient during lunar new year celebrations s his warning to revelers? don't overdo it and ruin it for everybody. >> if we don't tone down ourselves, i mean, the -- the, uhm, the -- the authority will -- will step up and bring people into order and line.
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>> reporter: illegal fireworks first got on our radar back in 2000. celebrations at a temple on mclaughlin avenue spilled into the street and san jose police had a huge response calling in officers in riot gear about 16 years ago. but over time, the city learned to dial back the police response trying to figure out how to walk this delicate line between enforce, the law and allowing the vietnamese community to celebrate the new year. then the recession hit. officers quit. and that left the department shorthanded to respond to fireworks calls which are low priority within the department. the celebrations at the grand century mall are an annual event where people traveling from all over to see it. it's always rowdy here at night. people have gotten injured and had several fire calls here over the years. so you really come here at your own risk. the city has known about these celebrations here for at least a couple of years. we're live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. councilmember tam nguyen says he will start working with the community now to make sure celebrations are under control next year. lunar new year celebrations
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in hong kong turned violent this morning. demonstrators clashed with police as officers attempted to stop people illegally selling food on the streets. police were pelted with bottles, trash and garbage cans more than 60 people arrested. and checking bay area headlines for you, chopper 5 overhead as protestors blocked tech buses. this is at 25th and the valencia in the mission. just yesterday, san francisco extended the contract allowing the shuttles to use muni bus stops. a woman is in critical condition after being shot at a san jose apartment overnight. the gunfire broke out about 1 a.m. on the 400 block of worcester avenue. investigators have arrested a man in connection would the shooting. they say the couple knew each other. and in just about an hour, we'll know if the mavericks surf competition will take place this week. organizers were prevented from starting it last week because of the super bowl. now conditions look good and they will make the announcement at 1:00 whether to hold the competition this friday. new hampshire voters are casting their ballots today in
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the nation's first presidential primary. reporter weijia jang on the long list of candidates desperate for a shopping showing. >> reporter: voters are lining up to cast their ballots in the first of the nation primaries. >> new hampshire never lets you down. >> reporter: the candidates are out early shaking hands as voters head into their precincts. >> going to vote now. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: jeb bush is hoping time spent in the granite state will pay off but says he will head to south carolina anyway. you're going there no matter what? >> yes. and we have a great organization in nevada, as well. this is a long, long process. and a lot of things can happen in a very volatile year. >> reporter: fellow floridian marco rubio is also hoping to have a strong finish. >> i feel great. we have great energy. a lot of great support. so we're looking forward to the results tonight and moving on to south carolina. >> reporter: donald trump is the clear front-runner in the polls but also led the polls in iowa, only to finish behind ted cruz once the voice were -- once the votes were tallied. for the democrats, it would take a major upset for senator bernie sanders to lose. today's votes are all about expectations moving forward. [ yelling ]
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>> reporter: hillary clinton is pushing for every last vote. if she can close the gap on sanders, she can claim momentum like bill clinton did with his second place finish in 1992 got him the title the comeback kid. bernie sanders will probably say the win is that voters want a political revolution. weijia jang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. and bernie sanders already holds a lead claiming all four democratic votes in tiny dixville notch in new hampshire's white mountains. they cast their votes at midnight. assault with an alligator. we'll tell you about the prank that ended with felony charges for a florida man. >> and the northeast getting hit by another winter storm. we are going to show you how the coast is getting the worst of it. >> and a winter storm way out over japan and also causing some waves in hawaii. it could cause mavericks to call the green light. we are looking at blue skies,
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what's believed to be a long-range rocket fired by h korea... south korea found e debris offshore new video of what's believed to be a long-range rocket fired by north korea. south korea found the debris offshore after the weekend. some think it's part of a long- range missile test but they say it launched an observation satellite. u.s. defense experts say whatever was launched, it's in orbit and useless. a train crash in germany. don champion has the details. >> reporter: hundreds of emergency responders carefully sifted through the mangled scene where two trains collided in southern germany.
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here, one of the train cars is barely recognizable. investigators say the train crashed head on just as the morning rush was getting under way. the impact derailed several cars. at least 150 people were hurt. a steady stream of ambulances was seen rushing to the scene. some of the more severely injured were flown to hospitals. german news agencies report the rail line is used by commuters who work in munich. the accident happened on the single line that runs along the river which officials said complicated the rescue efforts. no word yet what led to the collision. don champion, cbs news. german news agencies say schoolchildren often ride the rail line but they are now on winter vacation. a close call in clangs county. surveillance video shows the roof of a torrance gas station collapsing yesterday with two workers on top.
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no injuries. a bizarre prank at a florida fast-food restaurant. josh jaynes is accused. taking a three foot alligator and hurling it inside a wendy's drive-through window. >> he is not a bad kid. he is a stupid kid. he had no problem with turning himself in. >> this all happened in december. josh just learned the charge is assault with a deadly weapon, a felony. the gator was not hurt and was release need a canal. people in the northeast are bracing for a big blast of winter. the nor'easter brought powerful. that whipped up monsters waves 26 feet high on the seaside homes on the coast of massachusetts. rising water flooded streets in nan tucks. several parts of new england also saw blizzard conditions and close to 10" of snow in a matter of hours. >> you get that in the east and here it's gorgeous. roberta. >> so that's what winter looks like. >> we have been dry for so long here in the bay area we could
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go at least another week without any rain showers. good afternoon. let's take a look at our weather watcher. yesterday we had a dozen record high temperatures for the 8th day of the month of february. 85 degrees in santa cruz. that was a record. 84 degrees, that was monterey. 81 at the museum in oakland. right now, frank, he is reporting in novato 63 degrees. let's take a look at a reading in the microclimates. 70 degrees in san francisco. so says george hughes. and george has to say that he has a gentle breeze and he has some high clouds. i have confirmed that with our live weather camera looking outdoors, the coast is not so clear. we do have lots of blue skies. but we also have the high, thin cirrus clouds that are working their way into our forecast. i'm going to show it to you where those are coming from. across the board, 63 santa rosa to 67 degrees in san francisco. a beach hazard statement is in effect for west southwesterlies to 8 feet. periods of 13 to 15 seconds. and this is why we believe we could see a green light for
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mavericks for the surf contest on friday. we'll be notified at 1:00 this afternoon. then we'll let you know at blue skies today with a few thin clouds. the pollen has been increasing. and yet another day with near or record warm temperatures with rain arriving perhaps on the 18th of february. there's your pollen report. 6.4. medium to high side. if you have been sneezing or eyes are itching it's because of that. all those clouds outside is from an area of low pressure. it has rain associated with it. it's taking a sideswipe of the bay area. it's butting up against this huge ridge of high pressure and it's blocking it to the north of us. that's why it's high and dry for 8 to 14 days. we are talking about that blocking ridge of high pressure not going anywhere soon. 70s in sacramento, stockton, merced and modesto. 74 degrees. currently 63 in fresno. right now in the 30s going up to 55 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area.
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there's your sunset at 5:41. tomorrow morning sunrise at 7:05. it will be clear tonight. and overnight lows will dip into the 40s to even a few low 50s. here's a look at your temperatures. yesterday it was 78 degrees in san jose for a record. another record anticipated today at 77. 76 will be another record in the oakland area. mid site of around the peninsula. again overnight lows very mild and your extended forecast, here we go! a string of sunshiny days each and every day. no, el nino is not gone. it's not over. it's just taking a little vacation. >> a little break. >> it's on winter retreat. it should be back. when i look at the long-range computer models it will be rainy in the last week of february especially. >> thank you. let's take a look at the big board and see how the market's doing right now. it's up 64. well, looks like human bumper cars. we are going to show you a new sport sweeping the nation. coming up. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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show. ============b r e a k ============== ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[marching band] lots of beads, mar and floats for parties, drinking and parades are in full swing in the big easy. [ noise ]
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>> lots of marching bands. lots of beads and floats for the annual mardi gras parade today in new orleans. mardi gras is french for fat tuesday. the weather was a little chillier and windy too this year but didn't stop thousands of people from going there. and there's a european sport taking off in the united states. and it proves -- >> that nobody is too cool to play soccer from inside a plastic bubble. reporter mark albert has the story reporter: when these players face off, they get knocked off their feet. it's a new sport called bubble soccer and it's a big hit. >> it's hilarious. >> this is a great game. >> if there was a league i would for sure be signing up for it. >> reporter: after seeing it on social media, steve put a team together. >> they have these videos of people getting knocked out and who doesn't want to do that on a saturday? [ laughter ] >> reporter: like traditional soccer the goal is to get the
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ball in the net. although at times, it looks less like soccer and more like bumper cars. despite appearances, organizers say it's mostly injury-free. >> they just get up laughing and no holds barred going at it. >> reporter: ryan schuman and john mill haus en bought their first bubbles in 2014 and now average 30 to 40 rentals a month. >> we have had eight-year-olds up to 80-year-olds play. and these are corporate events. little kids parties. >> reporter: now, playing soccer while wearing 20 pounds of plastic is not quite as easy as it looks. this one is see-through but not all are. >> it's impossible. you can't see anything. i'm identifying the teammates by their shoes. so that's about all you can do. >> the balls are very hot. you can't really breathe in them. it's like being inside a thermos. >> reporter: the short burst of play gives everyone the chance to catch their breath, a crash
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course of fun bubbling up in cities across country. mark albert, cbs news, washington. >> i could see you doing that. >> looks like fun. >> buy a bubble. >> why not. it's got a strange look and strange name. tony tantillo checks out swiss chard. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with swiss chard. this time of year, the wintertime swiss chard most cooking greens are at their peak. they are at their best. the cold temperatures at night enhance the flavor and adds more nutrition. but the flavor this time of year is beautiful. and look how beautiful this is with the nice white here. white all the way through. the veins have to be white. the green has to be green. free from any yellowing whatsoever. squeeze it. you can feel the freshness. that's when they're at their breast. store them in the refrigerator when you bring them hope. open up the back so they can breathe. it's a superfood. it's loaded with nutritional
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value. i justike to par boil them and then what i like to do simply put them in a cold bath, cook them for two minutes, hot salted water then a cold bath then saute it extra virgin olive oil chopped garlic, cherry tomatoes, red pepper flakes and that's it. ah! that's lovely. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. they feel nice and fresh! [ squeak, squeak ] ,,,,
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national chain is thanking beyonce... that story and me at five.
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coming up at 5:00, sales are surging at red lobster. why the national chain is thanking beyonce for that. that story and more coming up tonight at 5:00. all right. and before we go, we have to give it up for a very nice day out there. >> lovely day. >> yeah. very lovely day. and we also have to give it up for mavericks, let's hope they get the green light at 1:00. we have the eddy competition on wednesday. surfers over here hopefully for mavericks. >> have a great afternoon. bye! captions by: caption colorado ,,
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