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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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pacifica. a dramatic rescue operation after a man tries to save a woman who was swept out to sea. it happened about 2 p.m. along the beach in pacifica. kpix 5's andria borba talked to some witnesses about what they saw happening. >> reporter: the initial call came in around about 2 p.m. of an older couple she in her swimsuit and a man pulled into the ocean by a wave. a beach witness called 911. that's when someone from north county fire showed up. they quickly realized they were in over their heads and called in the coast guard. two choppers one with a rescue swimmer long line into the pacific ocean from the helicopter and grabbed the man but witnesses say the strong current was even hard for the experienced coast guard swimmer to handle. >> one of the rescue guys who was amazing, he tried to get in with the flippers and all that, but he wasn't even able to. that's how strong the waves were. and that's what that guy was up against. >> reporter: it took 20 minutes
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for the coast guard to pull him out and he was find quite a way down the shore from where he fell in. witnesses say the woman didn't try to fight the rip current and floated on her back and came into safety eventually . the man was placed in a rescue basket, taken to an ambulance and they started cpr as they took him to seton medical center. there is no worth at this point on his condition. >> don't fight the rip current, best advice. thank you, andria borba. new at 6:00, we were first to break the story and now confirmation on bart's decoy cameras. 77% of the cameras are fake or broken. juliette goodrich on bart's stunning admission and one lawmaker who is outraged. >> reporter: we have the hard numbers now. bart is admitting that the majority of their cameras aren't working. they are either fake or broken. 70% are dummies, the other 7% are inoperable for some reason
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and that has some state lawmakers fuming mad. the majority of bart cameras pointing at passengers are decoys. fake! >> so you're saying 77% roughly are decoy cameras? >> or nonfunction nam, yes. >> reporter: to be exact, 198 cameras are real. 669 are fake. >> the decoy cameras operated on sort of a principle of uncertainty. you didn't know if they were real or fake. and that's how they prevented crime. >> reporter: but now, the secret is out! even though many bart riders say they still can't tell which is which. >> it could be real. but i feel like it's safe. >> reporter: turns out there was no surveillance video of the actual killing of a passenger on a bart train last month because the four cameras mounted on the ceiling are dummies. if there had been an operable camera that could have helped so much more, correct? >> it's not at all clear that more surveillance could have helped find the murderer. >> reporter: aside from the trains, bart has cameras on platforms and in station lobbies. cameras in the west oakland
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lobby did catch the murder suspect running away after shooting the passenger. bart sis it is getting new trains start -- says it is getting new trains starting in 2017 and all new trains will have working cameras. >> we are working to outfit all 669 train cars with working cameras. >> reporter: but state senator steve glazer of orinda said this about the lack of working cameras on trains, bart's recent promise to add working cameras is a hollow cover-up for years of bad choices. passengers we talked to say it's time to get them all working. >> i'm kind of scared to ride at night. i only ride during the day. but it would be nices to have them all on. >> reporter: the cost to get all of these cameras working by 2017 will cost approximately $1.4 million. in dublin, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect in the
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deadly bart shooting. we have new video tonight of lake county police chasing and nabbing a serial bank robber. the pursuit happened sunday on the a winding road in the fair lake oakes area. the suspect tried to make a run for it but police stopped him. and he surrendered after tossing his gun. 31-year-old wesley allen krohn of antioch was taken into can you see did i. investigators say he is the suspect the fbi dubbed the hefty heistster. police say he targeted banks all over the area. let's get you now to campaign 2016 and some breaking news from new hampshire! donald trump and bernie sanders have their first victories of the election season tonight. both are coasting to easy victories in the new hampshire primary. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is monitoring the results from derry, new hampshire, for us.
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danielle. >> reporter: well, veronica, what to look out for right now is the race for second. you take a look at this graphic we have some numbers from the "associated press." 19% of precincts reporting on these numbers. trump of course in the lead with 34%. kasich 16%. jeb bush 12%. and ted cruz at 11%. and on the democratic side, we have bernie sanders at 58%. hillary clinton at 40%. so again that race for second very important. john kasich spent a lot of time here in new hampshire banking on having a good showing in this primary. and also worth noting as far as voters who -- admit polls, voters that supported donald trump it shows that they were conservative. they were angry with washington. and they were looking for a candidate who was outside of the political establishment. >> and danielle, what's next on the calendar for both the
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democrats and republicans here? >> reporter: next on the calendar is south carolina for the republicans. a lot of -- ben carson i should say in particular who has not had a good showing already heading there. the candidates will be heading down south tomorrow and starting this whole thing all over again. and then of course we have the nevada caucuses for the democrats. >> all right. danielle nottingham on that horse race there in happens for us, danielle, thank you. san jose is trying to draw up a wish list for billions in transportation projects. the city is hoping voters will approve a half cent sales tax in november. the money would generate $6 billion for roads, extending bart to downtown and improving caltrain service. the tax would remain in effect for 30 years. it would cost each resident about $40 a year. the city leaders met today to hash out priorities for where
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all the money would go. tonight a leadership fight over the future of our shoreline. will it stay rugged or be turned over for real estate? >> speaking of the coast if you are planning on head there is in this pleasant weather to get outside watch out for rip currents continuing into tomorrow and beyond. take a live look outside. a little cloudier but it led to a gorgeous sunset. this is the view from mount vaca this evening. how long do we stay in the 70s? the answer coming up.
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santa clara city hall is in turmoil. mayor, jamie matthews has suddenly retired. and now, city manager is cl just days after hosting the super bowl santa clara city hall is in turmoil. mayor jamie matthews has suddenly retired. now the city manager is claiming city hall is a hostile working environment. new at6:00, devin fehely joins us with what's going on. >> reporter: long before the super bowl and likely long after it, there has been tension and friction between two factions. city council. one squarely in support of the team, the other concerned that the 49ers may be strong-arming
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and taking advantage of the city and the mayor's resignation pulled back the curtain on this political infighting. it didn't take long for the afterglow of a successful super bowl to fade in santa clara. >> i will be retiring as mayor effective tomorrow morning. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after the game, santa clara mayor jamie matthews abruptly resigned a move that shocked the public and political insiders alike. >> it took me completely by surprise. >> reporter: santa clara city councilwoman lisa gillmor questions the timing of the mayor's departure. >> just having a press conference, to really almost bask in the glory of the success of the super bowl. and when i heard that he was resigning his position, i almost thought it was a joke. >> reporter: we tried to contact mayor matthews at his home today. but no one answered the door. and close on the heels of the mayor's announcement, the future of yet another city leader who was instrumental in the super bowl bid is now in question. the city council has scheduled a closed-door meeting to discuss the job of city manager
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julio fuentes, who reportedly alleged he has been the victim of discrimination because he is latino. the mayor's departure leaves his job in the hands of a deeply divided council one still trying to find out how the success of the super bowl gave way so quickly to the turbulence of small town politics. >> instead of folks in our community really talking and celebrating about the success of the super bowl here in our city, everyone is, you know, contemplating and speculating as to why the mayor stepped down so abruptly. >> reporter: the city council can appoint someone to the mayor's office or hold an election. the 7th seat on the council and the 7th vote will likely hold the difference for the balance of power here in santa clara. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. it is on! organizers have given the green light to the mavericks surf contest. the announcements was made today on the event's official website. the contest is set for friday. chopper 5 caught the surf as
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half moon bay this afternoon. it doesn't look like much but the fame owes monster waves are expected to start rolling in. 24 of the best surfers will participate. many are in hawaii for a contest tomorrow. new at 6:00 a showdown tomorrow over the future of california's coastline. some worry the pristine areas that have been protected could eventually be developed. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us those untouched areas may fall into some infighting at the coastal commission. len. >> reporter: the coastal commission is one of the most powerful agencies in california, virtually nothing gets built on the coastline without its approval. even clean-up projects need the approval of the california coastal commission. but as you say, there may be some changes coming to the coastal commission that could reshape it for decades to come. the california coast is one of the most rugged and scenic
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coastlines in the world much of it untamed and undeveloped. but sarah newkirk worries that could all change starting tomorrow. >> the future of california's coastline is at stake here. >> reporter: for the last 40 years the california coastal commission has strictly enforced the california coastal act of 1976 but now a battle in the agency may force a change in leadership and a change of direction. executive director charles lester could be fired tomorrow after criticism by some commissioners that he is not an effective leader. but environmental groups worry that's just a smoke screen to bring in someone else who may be more developer-friendly. >> i'm afraid that what's happening right now is an assault on the integrity of the commission. >> reporter: from small projects to large, the coastal commission must approve any plans for development on the coast, but the process has been called a black hole. developers say the commission drags its feet, causing unnecessary and costly delays. >> i do have friends in the development business and i
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think they have the patience of job because it takes them forever to do their development projects. >> reporter: but for people like paul wilkes who loves the beauty of the california coast, protecting it should be the top priority. >> we all know business has its place in the state of california. but so does our future. and i think we should be looking 1,000 years in the future instead of 20. >> reporter: tomorrow's meeting of the coastal commission will be attended by thousands of people. we will also be there. we'll be setting back reports on kpix 5. reporting live from seaside, len ramirez, kpix 5. governor brown is asking the federal government to help out beleaguered crab fishermen. the governor made the formal request today for a disaster declaration of the opening of crab season has been delayed now for nearly three months because of a toxic acid. the port of san francisco going to provide some of its own relief, waiving docking fees. the governor says the delay has already cost the state about
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$49 million. tonight, new calls for people to tone down their celebration of the lunar new year. it comes after this fire last night at the grand century mall in san jose's little saigon. firefighters say illegal fireworks lit this tree on fire threatening several businesses. the fireworks continued even as the tree burned. >> i beg the community to be respectful. i hope people would tone down. please have a good time but in moderation. >> fireworks are illegal in san jose but there is little enforcement. a smoky two-alarm fire destroyed a vacant house in berkeley. flames were spotted in the back of the house on haste street near shattuck about 11 a.m. this morning. a pet hospital next door was evacuated as a precaution. you can see why from this picture posted to twitter. heavy snow cover pouring from the structure for more than an hour. you can also see it from blocks away. no injuries and no word yet on a cause. turns out california's
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crippling drought is also costing us big on your utility bills. researchers at the pacific institute say that our four- year drought is costing consumers an extra $2 billion in utility bills. why is that? well, without enough water to power hydroelectric dams, the state has had to supplement with natural gas. it's not cheap. greenhouse gas emissions from power plants are up 10%. on that note we're looking for rain. >> searching. >> right. >> searching. there's a near miss and then there's a don't even worry about it. it's really far away. we need it. come on back. couple week break it's fine. kind of maybe wanted that pause button for a little bit in the wintertime to catch some sunshine. now we are talking up to 19 days. it's time the pattern flips back but mother nature is on her own timing not yours and mine. look at the highs to the south today. santa cruz on the boardwalk in santa cruz today, which is very
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susceptible to warming up way northeast wind. 58 degrees today. monterey a record high of 85. the one record we set here in the bay area is san jose with that gorgeous sunset in the south bay right now. san jose 7 6. fremont 73. radar is looking. we have gone dry. we'll stay dry for a while. the mavericks forecast if you are hanging out near half moon bay, you can't see much. you might just want to be close to the action see what's going on maybe grab some good food over at the chowder house. sam's chowder house. in the morning it will be partly cloudy 52 degrees friday when mavericks is going to happen in the afternoon. it will be cooler along the beach. the 70s will be gone. we'll be closer to 60 degrees if you are heading to mavericks on friday. it is happening. it is storming offshore. and that's where we get those waves. they are not generated right here. then generated back here and we get those huge swells moving thousands of miles. it's active to our west but all that activity, literally hitting a wall and forced to go
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up and over that wall. problem for us because the wall is blocking any precipitation from making it here. the ridge is beginning to weaken. it's beginning to move but it has to move more than it's forecast to in order for to us get the rain back so the storm track is way up in canada right now. futurecast says that path of least resistance in the atmosphere will be closer to us but still in central and southern oregon by friday before it moves back to the north over the weekend. so it will get closer but nowhere close enough to give us any widespread rainfall. we'll be dry at a minimum. tomorrow low 70s so amazingly not as warm today but still well above average. fremont 70. san jose 71. vallejo, san rafael, concord, walnut creek, all in the mid- to upper 60s. we stay mild mid-60s near the bay, low 70s inland all the way through next tuesday. >> wow. >> so february historically our second or third wettest month. this february, it's certainly, um, off to a slow start. and that's putting it very nicely. >> a nice valentine's day weekend. >> well, you know what?
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>> that's the flip side of things. >> that brings up an awesome point because now the restaurant gets bigger because you can choose the indoor or outdoor tables. >> there you go. >> so if your favorite restaurant says they are booked, alfresco! the outdoors. maybe they have an extra table now. that's a great way to look positive. >> the glass is half full. paul, thank you. well, it is a sign of how far the housing crisis is spreading. the fierce competition for an affordable apartment. >> it's a welcome sight in the sierra. but tonight, the hidden danger buried under the snow putting skiers and snowboarders at risk. ,,,,,,,,
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ends presidents day at sleep train. commute. that's because express lanes ill be openin in few weeks people can choose to cut down on their commute time. it's because express lanes stretching 14 miles will be opening at the end of the month in both directions of interstate 580 between dublin and livermore. drivers will need a new fastrak that's called fastrak flex to
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use those lanes. new device requires to you indicate whether you are a solo drive or have passengers. the idea is to cut down on carpool cheaters. drivers who are carpoolers van poolers or clean air vehicles will be able to use the lanes free of charge while solo drivers will have to pay. it is hard to think about snow when it doesn't feel like winter. right? but el nino storms will return. when they do, there's a hidden danger in the sierra snowpack. emily turner reports. >> reporter: there are a lot of things different this year about the sierra. mostly the amount of snow. but what matters to avalanches is the quality of the snow. >> oh!! >> reporter: this video is from a couple of weeks ago near sugar bowl. a backcountry snow border went into a closed area and caused an avalanche. it swept him down the mountain. he was fine but lucky. >> i have one victim within five meters, two victims within
6:23 pm
20 meters. >> reporter: these victims are fictional. and this is just for practice. but the prospect of an avalanche rescue is very real in the sierra. >> it's happened before. it will happen again. for us to be safe in our response, we need to train. >> reporter: that's why the north tahoe fire protection district is on the top of mount rose training for the possibility of an avalanche rescue. so far this year there haven't been any rescues of that kind but the chances are higher than normal. >> any year we have snow we have avalanche danger, this year we are dealing with more snow, i mean, higher avalanche potential. >> reporter: there's another layer to the danger it's buried deep inside the snowpack. it's a type of snow called surface hoar. january 5 it got buried under several layers of snow. it shears easily creating a slip joint for a slab of snow
6:24 pm
to slide off the mountain. >> very strong but once it gets buried, um, if it has a trigger, it can become very weak and create avalanches. >> reporter: it's an ever present invisible threat to unsuspecting skiers and snowboarders. and it will be causing problems for the rest of the season. it may have fallen in january, but it will be hidden under there until it melts. north lake tahoe fire says there are several avalanches a day in the sierra many mound made to avoid catastrophe. but there are plenty of these caused by people in the backcountry. so far no one has been injured. rescuers are prepared. they know it's only a matter of time but someone isn't this lucky. in the sierra, emily turner, kpix 5. coming up, spotting terrorists on social media. controversial balance between your privacy and national
6:25 pm
security. only on "5," i asked president obama how he is put pg the pressure on sillicon valley -- putting the pressure on sillicon valley to help thwart potential attacks. >> he moved to san francisco to find tolerance but tonight a man claims he was viciously beaten for being gay. his message to the attackers. >> donald trump, bernie sanders cruising to victory. now a battle for second in the gop. a live update on the results from new hampshire.
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after being rescued from our top stories tonight, a man is in critical condition after being rescued from rough surf in pacifica. he was trying to save a woman who had been swept out to sea. she managed to make it back to shore. the man had to be rescued by helicopter and was russia to a hospital. i'm juliette goodrich. we first told you some of the cameras on the bart trains don't work. they are fake. now we have learned just how many. 77% of the cameras on board trains either don't work or are decoys. bart says by 2017 they will have all new trains with operating cameras. until then, some are real, some aren't. now tonight the fbi says it is unable to get into the cell
6:29 pm
phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. investigators believe that it holds some valuable clues but will can't get at it because of the encryption on cell phones. the president is stepping up the push to get more cooperation from tech companies. today he unveiled his final budget which includes $19 billion for cyber security an increase of 35%. he also announced a formation of a commission to examine cyber security problems. while in washington, i asked the president his plan for getting sillicon valley to cooperate. >> good to see you. >> reporter: in washington i specifically asked the president about his plan to fight terrorists' user social media. >> groups are getting more sophisticated and using encryption technology to make it much more difficult to detect plotting that may be taking place. >> reporter: i asked about his top adviser's recent summit in san jose to discuss cyber
6:30 pm
security with tech company executives. what became of that meeting? what's going to come out of it, and what is your message to those companies about being more transparent with the government when it comes to national security? >> we hope to get cooperation from the tech companies. they are really smart and they should be able to figure out how to protect legitimate use of the internet and, um, social media that's being used by ordinary folks, but that where there's probable cause, where there's serious suspicion, that we can potentially figure out and disrupt plots ahead of time. >> the terrorists use it to reach their audience because they have a broad distribution. >> reporter: this retired fbi agent and now kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says one reason osama bin laden was difficult to track and locate was because he specifically stayed off social media and the internet. but harp says today terrorists almost have to use the internet to reach as many potential followers as possible. he believes tech companies will have to be monitored, possibly
6:31 pm
by a government watchdog. >> allow this person to kind of be an independent third party that reviews requests and information that the government is seeking. that just creates another layer and in exigent circumstances that layer can sometimes be the difference between life and death. >> reporter: but the president acknowledges any government involvement in people's online presence is a sensitive issue. >> we want to make sure that we're preserving privacy that people feel confident that the government isn't snooping on their emails or their texts or what have you. >> facebook has said it will aggressively remove terror propaganda and just this week, twitter claimed to have suspended more than 125,000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts. a new law requiring sex offenders be identified on their passports is already being challenged. a civil rights group filed suit in san francisco saying such identifiers put individuals and their families at risk. president obama signed the
6:32 pm
international megan's law bill into law yesterday. a crackdown on sex trafficking during super bowl week netted more than 500 arrests nationwide. here in the bay area, san francisco police and fbi arrested a dozen pimps and seven juveniles. hayward busted three johns and one trafficker. and in santa clara 30 johns were arrested. one of those caught in the south bay sting denver bronco ryan murphy, his brother and a woman were detained at a san jose hotel last tuesday. murphy's brother and the woman were cited, murphy was not. but he was sent back to denver days ahead of the super bowl. only on "5" tonight, something you rarely hear about happening in the bay area. san francisco man says he was profiled and beaten for being gay. kpix 5's mike sugerman on what happened and who came to his rescue. >> i just wanted to go home. [ crying ] >> i was covered in blood. >> reporter: 28-year-old jeffrey lafayette moved to san francisco from michigan six years ago to get away from
6:33 pm
exactly what he says he encountered outside the high five bar in the marina saturday night. >> when i looked around it was like a huge group of guys and they started calling me girlie, um, and they started calling me f -- [ censored ] -- and approached me. he called his mother at home. he sensed trouble was coming and he wa right. >> they started punching: i couldn't take it. so i fell and i cradled my face in the fetal position. >> reporter: he doesn't know how long it lasted. it seemed like forever until rescued by a friend. >> through legs i saw my coworkers he started running and swinging and he broke all of them up. he is 6'3". >> reporter: jeffrey was so upset he wanted to go home and didn't file a police report nor did he check with a doctor. advocates say it's important he does to get it on the record.
6:34 pm
>> many people see san francisco as a place where we like to believe that we have concord homophobia and transphobia. >> reporter: maybe they were here for the super bowl from out of town. he doesn't know. they are just white men maybe 20 of them. he does know what he would say to them if he could. >> i'm sorry for whatever drives the hatred in you. if you can forgive yourself for that hatred, you can move on. and become a better person. >> reporter: mike sugerman reporting tonight. >> now the chp officer slashed across the throat by a homeless man in san francisco is outof the hospital. officer andre sirenko is resting with family. he was cut during a struggle on the essex street on-ramp to 80 last week. today 45-year-old noel corpuz pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. his attorney trying to get that $5 million bail reduced claiming corpuz has no prior record.
6:35 pm
back now to campaign 2016, as expected, donald trump and bernie sanders notched wins tonight in the new hampshire primary. both won by big margins and can now look ahead to the nevada caucuses. danielle nottingham is in derry, new hampshire, tonight, monitoring the results. >> reporter: yes. it's a big win for donald trump tonight. it gives a lot of credibility to his campaign and some momentum as this race moves south to evangelical voters. let's check the numbers. this is 34% of precincts in new hampshire reporting on the republican side. trump is at 34%. kasich at 16%. ted cruz 11.7%. jeb bush 11.5%. on the democratic side you have bernie sanders in at 58%, hillary clinton 40%. let's listen in now to bernie sanders addressing his supporters.
6:36 pm
>> i am overwhelmed and i am deeply moved far more than i can express in words by the fact that our campaign, financial support, comes from more than 1 million americans. >> whoo! >> who have made more than 3.7 million individual contributions. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the crowd was also really revved up. he told them that they beat the political machine and he also got a big round of applause there, veronica. >> danielle, on the flip side i understand that hillary clinton just gave a concession speech. what did she have to say? >> she certainly did. she told her supporters she is going to bring her campaign out to the rest of the country and she is also looking forward to -- she mentioned african-
6:37 pm
american children being harassed. she mentioned her trip to flint, michigan over the weekend. so she is definitely targeting the voters that are coming up in future primaries. also made mention of immigration. so she said that she is taking this campaign to the country and she is not stopping here in new hampshire. >> danielle nottingham live for us in new hampshire. danielle, we appreciate it. thank you. well, a super celebration in the mile high city. we'll take you to denver where fans celebrate the broncos victory. >> how a woman learned she was pregnant all thanks to her fitbit. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at hundreds of thousands of fa lined the downtown streets r the parade... plaza in front denver celebrating its super bowl victory. hundreds of thousands of fans lined the downtown streets for the parade then packed the plaza in front of city hall. the broncos beat the panthers on sunday to bring home the third vince lombardi trophy. schoolkids were begin an
6:40 pm
excused absence from school with their parents' permission. peyton manning remained mum on whether the fans have seen the last of him as a bronco. well, if your fitbit is giving you some odd data, take a pregnancy test. she was getting high heartbeat readings. she logged 10 hours in the fat burning zone impossible based on her activity level. the user told him he may be in for more than a product replacement. pregnancy can raise a woman's heart rate so his wife took a pregnancy test and the next day the man shared the big news on reddit posting, i'm going to be a dad! it's one of the wealthiest enclaves in the bay area. but tonight, it is passing the buck. the tiny town that's tired of picking up the tab for the president. i'll have that and more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. not often in the month of
6:41 pm
february that we can say that it cools down to the 70s. oakland today your high was 70 degrees. 11 degrees cooler yesterday. coming up how much more it will cool down and if we have any rain in the forecast next in the seven-day forecast. straight ahead, a lot of orange near the rockies. giants set to make noise, after all it is an even year. >> and big love below the mason- dixon line. >> when you're from the south, you guys, they have a little extra mojo. >> good times in sports right after weather. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5's john ramos on the there is some fierce competition tonight at an affordable housing complex in the east bay. >> kpix 5's john ramos on the desperate demand at the new development in san leandro. >> reporter: if you want an example of supply and demand gone crazy, look no further than the new more raya alleged
6:45 pm
that housing project in san leandro. built on bart property the complex offers underground parking with affordably priced apartments on top. but for the 115 units available, they got more than 18,000 applications. that works out to 156 people competing for each apartment. >> since there's no middle class any more we're all struggling fighting for the same jobs and apartments. >> reporter: at the bart station across the street was this single working mom. she has been living in a domestic abuse shelter but recently found a new apartment. in stockton. >> it's anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours commute. >> reporter: one way? >> one way. >> reporter: it's a common story in the bay area. and the nonprofit developer building this complex knows it. so bridge housing is using a new modular design with prefabricated units built off site and lifted into place to form the larger complex.
6:46 pm
the units already have cabinets, fixtures, even appliances already in place. it saves a lot of time and money and makes this place possible. >> there's no way we would have closed financing or started without this transition to modular construction. >> reporter: when morea alta opens in june 150 families can have a place they can afford and thousands more will not. it's the dark side of the bay area's booming economy. >> there's no stopping it. the growth is here and it's coming here and what we're trying to do is it to look at different ways to build so we can really accommodate that growth. >> reporter: in san leandro, john ramos, kpix 5. unbelievable. paul a lot of reason for people to come. the weather, can't get any better. >> after what we saw this past weekend with 76 degrees the kickoff there may be a more of a demand here. thank you to all the hard working parents working around here trying to make ends meet. we appreciate it. temperatures today:
6:47 pm
the crazy thing is, most of those readings are actually two to five degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. let's look at the evening temperatures outside is, cloudy and humid and holding the heat more efficiently this evening. most of you in the mid-60s above average for an afternoon high and we're coming up on 7:00. i love this great shot from the pyramid looking down on the bay and the new relit bay lights. they are going to be on permanently. it's 65 in san francisco and oakland, 67. here's the problem with the sunshine. january we did great. we talked about the 150% mark as the benchmark for maybe talking about ending the drought. we got there in january. i don't think we are get there is in january. 10% of normal and no rain in the immediate forecast. a ridge of high pressure which
6:48 pm
has been blocking all the rainfall providing for temperatures in the 60s, 70s, 81 in oakland yesterday, it is beginning to weaken and slide to the south of the that's good news but it's not going to weaken or slide to the south enough. i'm showing you what the atmosphere what the jet stream will look like friday afternoon. several days from now, the storm track is slowly returning. that's that orange and red you see right there. the path of least resistance wrapping around that low. it's getting closer. nowhere close enough to give us a widespread rain chance. so the rain will stay to the north. there will be a tremendous amount of rain. there are storms out there. they are just not coming here. three to five inches of rain for western washington. very little crossing the border from oregon into california. valley fog in the north bay and east bay. sunnier tomorrow. the cooling trend continues but we are still going to stay above average. the average is the right column. for concord that's 59. tomorrow you'll have a high of 68.
6:49 pm
san jose 71. sunnyvale 71. union city upper 60s. upper 60s for pittsburg and antioch. san ramon and pleasant hill. upper 60s and low 70s for san leandro, sausalito, san rafael, 70 in santa rosa and lakeport your high tomorrow 72 degrees. the extended forecast, staying dry through the weekend through valentine's day into next week. 60s near the bay. and 60s and 70s inland. vern has sports coming up next. with once-in-a-lifetime performances by: plus: and say "hello" when world superstar adele
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6:52 pm
rolling in oakland... hed the nba up top and the warriors best team in sports not named the broncos he could. they just keep rolling on in oakland. >> teams don't go 46-4, have you ever had a chance -- >> two teams have. [ laughter ] >> the warriors smashed the 76ers for the league's best start through 50 games. they host the rockets tonight and steph curry is having his own record-breaking season and some of the trendy analytic based peel back the onion advanced statistics that even curry has trouble deciphering. >> give me an advance stat. like what? >> like shooting percentage. >> i have heard that before but
6:53 pm
i don't know like in comparison to other great seasons that people have had. i don't know about all that. [ inaudible ] >> i water fishing for a compliment. it clip versus expended blake griffin -- clippers have suspended blake griffin four games for punching a person on the staff. he is expected to be sidelined another month, especially with a broken hand. when the 49ers face off with the san francisco giants, throw the previous records out the window. today matchup settled in a five hole tournament at pebble beach. >> there's nothing more uncool than a bad golfer and nothing cooler than a good golfer. >> oh!! [ applause ] >> never went to class at clemson. >> he has been taking shots at me for five years. so i got to come up with some new material. >> we are ready to go because
6:54 pm
we have the white [ indiscernible ] >> oh!! >> whoo! ! >> way to go. >> out of bounds. >> he is at 3% and i wanted to do my homework greatest greek golfers ever. he said to me, are you kidding me? [ laughter ] a win for the giants community fund. it's in! >> the chevron 2016 charity -- >> it's an even year, after all? >> after all. >> we are trying to get prepared for what's going to happen the rest of ther. no pro-am tomorrow and then the first round is on thursday. nfl, always an uncomfortable time to get down to business right after the super bowl but rough decisions have to be made and the raiders released veteran safety nate allen after
6:55 pm
one season in oakland. five games, 11 solo tackles, and an interception in an injury-marred season. overhead shot ground level shot, who doesn't love a parade? especially when it's a super bowl celebration. i know my news brothers showed you this about 10 minutes ago but we felt we needed to show it to you again. denver broncos nation downtown estimated near a million people gathering to catch a glimpse of the nfl champs and while they were celebrating at this scene of jovial times -- ♪[ music ]♪ >> who are you to say that your way is right? we got all these person that's condemning and saying oh, man he should have did this, that and the third but what makes your way right? i have been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser and i'll show you a loser. >> carolina panthers quarterback cam newton back in charlotte speaking to the media
6:56 pm
for the first time since walking out of his post-game press conference. while some have been critical of newton, it's clear his teammates still have his back. [ yelling in the background in support of cam newton ] >> hooray for cam he is a horse's ass. >> having fun with cam newton. it's funny if peyton manning walked out, look at the competitive fire. if cam newton does it, unprofessional. oh, my gosh. we have been here three days talking about it. >> oh, yeah. good luck on public beach. >> can't wait. >> for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. you can see us right back here tonight at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how y'all? thank you very much, folks. i appreciate that. yeah, i do. thank y'all. thank y'all. i appreciate you. thank y'all now. yeah. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 21,785 bucks, from h-town, houston, texas, it's the champs, it's the nelson family. and from right here in atlanta, georgia, it's the van matre family. everybody's here trying to win
7:00 pm
theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the van matre family. hey, whitney. how you doing? whitney: i am excellent. steve: introduce everybody. whitney: this is my handsome husband of almost 5 years-- jordan. steve: jordan, what do you do? jordan: i'm a criminal defense attorney. got my own law practice here in mcdonough. i'm gonna give a quick shout out to all my clients who are watching in jail, i'll see you on monday in court. steve: but here the cold part, though. he know they in jail. shout out to my clients out there that's in jail. i see you on monday in court. do the best i can for you. wow. how long you been an attorney? jordan: 5 years. steve: ok, that's pretty good.


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