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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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after they say he rammed in several civilian cars breaking news. a man who led officers on a wild chase in the east bay is caught after they say he rammed into civilian cars and police cars. the suspect allegedly rammed multiple cars in east oakland.
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the path of destruction continued through west oakland then on east bay freeways. [ choking ] >> police caught up to him at hearst and virginia in berkeley and kpix 5's anne makovec has more of today's chase and arrest near the spot where the suspect was taken into custody a couple of hours ago. anne. >> reporter: they ended up taking him down with a beanbag gun. he was unarmed and on foot at the time. police are still looking for the handgun used in this morning's wild ride. police say this is the man that went on a wild rampage through east bay city streets this morning hitting dozens of cars. >> he would look at the driver and intentionally drive his vehicle into that person's car. >> reporter: and, police say, he pointed a gun at many of the drivers including a pregnant woman. among the cars rammed, at least 4 oakland police cars and 2 from the berkeley pd. >> this incident was extremely dangerous. >> reporter: police sources have identified him as 37-year-
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old darrell blackman of berkeley. the first report of a rammed car came in at around 1 a.m. on high and east 23rd and then a lull until 8:30 a.m. when he is accused of ramming a yet unknown number of cars on the way from east to west oakland on the freeway and through berkeley. he was caught near hearst avenue at 10 a.m. where one of his victims tried to chase him down. >> these people drove up in their cars going at break neck speed. they screeched to a halt. they all jump out. they're yelling running over to the park and the police stopped it from happening. >> reporter: the suspect car was found at delaware and sacramento streets showing the damage from playing bumper cars with dozens of unwilling participants. >> wondering why he did it. >> reporter: that's one of the many victims from this rampage. police say there are probably a lot more that will be coming forward maybe throughout the next day or two. maybe people didn't even know that the car had been rammed
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but right now their main priority is finding that gun. live in berkeley anne makevoc, kpix 5. kpix 5's da lin is also following this story and he tells us what happened to the suspect's car. >> reporter: police say the suspect ditched the car at the corner of acton and virginia streets. you can see a lot of damage on the car. both sides the front, the back, the front passenger tire, you can see the tire has come off the rim. now, police say the suspect had a gun, they did not find a gun inside his car. so now they are canvassing the neighborhood for the gun. by the way, police say this car was not stolen. this is actually the suspect's car. in berkeley, da lin, kpix 5. chp and berkeley police were involved in arrest the suspect. hawaii has called off its big wave surf competition because the waves weren't big enough. in fact, conditions haven't been right there in the islands for six years. but kpix 5's kiet do shows us surfers are still heading to
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half moon bay for the titans of mavericks and spectators are bringing in all kinds of business. >> reporter: dude! mavericks is happening in 48 hours. what did you say when they said it's go time? >> my stomach went into a knot. >> reporter: the old princeton landing restaurant will be ground zero for the titans of mavericks competition. since spectators are no longer allowed on the treacherous rocky shoreline the restaurant with its five flat screen tvs will be the place to watch the live broadcast. mavericks on all the screens celebrating the culture. >> reporter: the owner is scrambling to stock up on food and drink. >> we'll have the beer cooler room packed full. we're beefing everything up times ten. >> reporter: two years ago thousands crammed into outdoor lots with big screen projectors. that won't be happening this year. but they are calling in extra servers and cooks to handle the tsunami of customers. >> it will be crazy all day, nuts. [ laughter ]
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>> is it time to go home yet? [ laughter ] >> reporter: the oceana hotel like many in the area were already near capacity because of valentine's day. whatever remaining rooms that were left were snatched up with the mavericks green light. you have the road at the moss landing distillery all this combined with the president's day holiday means this weekend is shaping up to be the perfect storm of economic activity. it's going to be nuts on friday? >> it's going to be nuts. it's going to be nuts. we expect it. >> reporter: the forecast for friday calls for sheet glass smooth water with wave faces 36 to 38 feet. certainly not the 50-foot monsters that we're all used to but should be a good show. in half moon bay kiet do, kpix 5. tonight, president obama arrives in the bay area to attend fundraisers. air force one is expected to touch down at moffett field in mountain view at about 7:30. one of the president's stops tomorrow will be at the atherton home of venture capitalist steve wesley. the last time the president was in atherton, the city was on the hook for nearly $10,000 to
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cover extra security. this time, the mayor and the police chief say the city will not foot the bill. they say they just can't afford it. >> we have a finite number of overtime dollars to spend, and they should be spent on emergency situations, not preplanned fundraising events. >> the residents are very wealthy, but our, um, our budget is very small comparatively speaking. >> last summer the city council tightened its special permit ordinance. now anyone hostings a large event must pay for the use of public resources. senator bernie sanders is getting a boost from the sillicon valley. he raised about $105,000 last month from staffers at five of the largest tech firms there. that's $10,000 more than hillary clinton got from the same people. the 2016 campaign is now shifting to south carolina after yesterday's new hampshire primary. cbs reporter weijia jang with
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who came out on top. >> oh, wow! >> reporter: donald trump dominated the new hampshire republican primary winning 35% of the vote. he appeared on "cbs this morning" saying his popularity will continue to grow. >> tonight i'm going to south carolina. we're going to have at least 10,000 people. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich placed second with his largely positive message. but he says he will fight back if attacked. >> i'm not going to take a pounding. i'm not some kind of a pin cushion or marshmallow. >> reporter: ted cruz came in third followed by jeb bush who says he is ready for a long fight. >> i think the field will winnow down eventually. i'm a patient person. >> reporter: and marco rubio, who stumbled at the last debate. >> i did not do well on saturday night so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trying to recover from a brutal loss to bernie sanders. he won across the board, especially with young people. >> because of a huge voter
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turnout. >> huge! >> and i say huge. >> huge!! [ laughter ] >> we won. >> i know i have some work to do particularly with young people. >> reporter: the clinton camp quickly released a memo explaining why she is expected to do better in southern states where there are more communities of color. sanders is reaching out to minorities. he met with al sharpton this morning in harlem. weijia jang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. >> after a disappointing sixth place finish with seven percent of the vote, new jersey governor chris christie is expected to drop out of the race. we want to correct a story from earlier. we said that the president will be in the bay area at 7:30 tonight. it's actually at 5:30. he will be landing at moffett field. in her semi-annual report federal chair reserve janet
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yellen weighed in on the threat of lowering growth. >> partly attributable to a range of persistent economic head winds such as limited access to credit for some borrowers, weak growth abroad and a significant appreciation of the dollar that weighed on aggregate demand. >> the market on this wednesday has been down all year long and it's up not a lot but we'll take up it some 20 points now. twitter shares taking a big tumble falling to historic lows ahead of today's quarterly earnings report. the shares have lost over half of their value since jack dorsey took over as the ceo back in july. the price was around $15. twitter had 307 million active users in september. still ahead, a danger to dogs at one bay area park. it looks like someone put them there on purpose. >> and new projections on the threat of the zika virus and how long it would take for a vaccine. >> the plus, ditching traditional banks. how millennials are handling
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their money instead. >> and we saw record temperatures yesterday. are more in store today? your warm weather forecast coming up. ,, ,,
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we're just hearing after a poor showing in new hampshire carly fiorina is dropping out of the race for president. she was a republican trying for the gop nomination but just got word she is out. 3, 2, 1 -- and liftoff. a fiery scene at this santa barbara county airbase. the delta 4 rocket launched before dawn carrying important cargo. it held a classified spy satellite for the national reconnaissance office. the rocket has two strap-on
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boosters for extra liftoff power. danger in a bay area dog park. police say more than 200 tacks were scattered around a hercules park. officers found tacks where dogs walk and in a nearby creek on saturday. somebody spread them once before. today federal health experts are holding a hearing on capitol hill to talk about the zika virus, this as officials confirm at least 66 cases in america. cbs reporter don champion has the story. >> reporter: the mosquito-borne zika virus even caught the attention of the director of national intelligence tuesday during a hearing on global threat assessments. >> the zika virus first detected in the western hemisphere in 2014 has reached the u.s. and is projected to cause up to 4 million cases in this hemisphere. >> reporter: there are now 66 cases in 17 states and washington, d.c. one of the latest is in indiana. >> the patient did have a travel history to haiti which
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is an area where we know that there is documented zika virus transmission occurring. >> reporter: the vast majority of zika is spread by a mosquito seen primarily in southern states. wearing insect repellent is one way to avoid zika. consumer reports recently tested 15 kinds. >> we found the insect repellent most effective against the type of mosquito that carries the zika virus contained 20% picaridin and 25% deet. >> reporter: the world health organization calls zika a global health threat. don champion kpix 5. >> the director of the u.s. national institute of allergy and infectious diseases says a vaccine against this virus is unlikely to be widely available for years. today through friday, dentists in santa clara county are offering free screenings for students at 45 elementary and middle schools. volunteers from the county dental society are taking part in the annual give kids a smile
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program. kids with oral health issues can get help securing dental insurance and follow-up care. an estimated 25% of children in the county have untreated dental problems. when it comes to millennials and their money, traditional banks are missing out. cbs reporter danielle nottingham on their approach to handling cash that could disrupt the banking industry. >> reporter: 32-year-old surgical resident travis sheba hasn't walked into a bank in years. >> everything is online. pay my bills online. money transfers. everything. >> reporter: more young adults like sheba are finding less use for them. millennial expert says 30% of millennials don't have a checking or savings account. >> between their student loans and the great recession and the crash of the price of their parents' house and its value, they have come to be extraordinarily distrustful of america's banks. >> reporter: hidden fees from the big banks are pushing technology-dependent
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millennials to do their banking with online startups like chime and affirm which give out debit cards and small loans. mobile payment service allow peer-to-peer transactions and process hundreds of millions of dollars a year. >> they just don't see any purpose to all the costs associated with banks when so much can be done online. >> reporter: sticks 63% of millennials aged 18 to 29 don't even have a credit card, they estimate. >> you have to think about trying to maximize your limited financial power so that you're not putting yourself in the hole for the future. >> reporter: analysts say the big banks need to pay attention. a recent survey by viacom found millennials would rather go to the dentist than listen to a banker. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. our digital devices can help us do all sorts of things but doctors say the blue light coming from phones and computer screens reaches far deeper in our eyes than standard lamp light. more and more tech savvy
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patients are now suffering from headaches and dry eye and blurry vision. we need blue light in the morning to wake up but doctors stress the downside of using devices at nighttime. >> the worry with blue light is that it could cause reactions in the retina that cause damage over a period of time. >> so now apple is testing software that makes the light in its devices change in blue to warmer yellow as the sun sets. you can also use blue light blocking lenses for protection. today i think we're going to need sunblock. >> definitely some sunblock today. in fact, we are in the midst of -- well, as you know, an extended warm period. in checking in with our weather watchers that talk about how warm we are, 71 now from dana in novato. partly cloudy skies 71 there. let's check out down south what we have, 64 in redwood city with plenty of sunshine there, as well. so our weather watcher clearly already showing what you probably know is going to be
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another warm one today. let's go ahead and take a look outside at our current conditions. as you can see blue skies a mixture of sun and clouds today. still going to warm up probably not as warm as yesterday. but definitely warm and above seasonal norms. right now, temperatures are in the 60s areawide. 69 livermore. 64 in san francisco. 66 san jose. 63 in concord. once again today we'll be warming up into the 70s for our warmest locations. temperatures gradually decreasing as we move into the weekend. here's why. our ridge of high pressure beginning to weaken. as it does, it flattens out a bit our temperatures will start to cool. rain will stay north of us to the pacific northwest. no rain for us in the foreseeable future not through the extended forecast at least. what to expect throughout the day? mild afternoon once again with a mixture of sun and clouds. partly cloudy tonight with patchy fog. and then gradual cooling as we head into the weekend. still going to be sunny and mild just not quite as warm as we saw yesterday. if you are heading up to the
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high country, t-shirt weather. we are looking at about 10 feet of bay so no new snow in the foreseeable future at alpine meadows or heavenly. partly cloudy conditions today it highs in the 50s on the slopes. still, though, some great skiing for you with plenty of snow packed powder there, the base nearly 10 feet kirkwood. so conditions will still be good for skiing just no powder for ya. here's a look at the temperatures around the bay today: >> we warm back up after the weekend, early next week another ridge building in. the extended forecast is hinting maybe by wednesday we'll get our first rain. not promising anything yet. but maybe wednesday. >> we have a little golf at pebble beach this weekend. it will be perfect. >> fantastic! fantastic weather. pretty much for anything you will do outdoors. >> great.
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thank you. well, check this out. an interesting sight on lake superior this morning. weather experts call this steam fog. below zero temperatures caused fog to form. they could see more scenes like this as it could be 13 degrees below zero friday morning. >> glad we're here. check out this stunning view from outer space. an astronaut captured dozens of lightning storms. this is over north africa from about 250 miles up. the astronaut posted the time lapse video to twitter saying it's amazing how many times lightning can strike in such a short period of time. still ahead, the flowers, the candy, the dinner. it all adds up. how much some americans will be shelling out for their sweethearts this valentine's day.
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special well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with bananas the number one selling produce items in the store. let me tell you, because they are superfood and they are great for us, but selection and storage is very important especially this time of year where it gets a little cold and if you store them where it's a little too cold, they become gray. let's talk about selection. when you buy it, a little bit of green is okay but primarily 75% yellow. it has to look clean just like this hand does right here. when you bring them home, never put them in the refrigerator or where's it's cold. you have to keep it on the under core and store at any time out core. once the green will start to go away, store it on the counter,
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a little bit of brown specks is the sugar coming out that's when they are at their best. loaded with -- loaded with potassium, a superfood. they are great for you every day. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that's a beautiful hand of bananas. well, this sunday means something very special to millions and men say their valentine's day plans will not disappoint. nerd wallet survey shows millennial gents instead to spend over $370 on valentine's day. it covers everything from gifts to meals. take care of your lady. we'll be right back. ,,
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now pursuing some other meal options. that's it for the k-p-i-x 5. news a lunchtime. how does a hot dog sound? the fast food burger giant now pursuing other meal options. tonight at 5:00. >> 80 in santa cruz. >> known about that. but definitely warm. i don't know about that. >> a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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