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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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police shooting of mario woods. the san francisco city attorney has decided that officers acted within the law when they opened fire on woods. dennis herrera's office issued its ruling in response to a civil rights lawsuit filed by woods' family. city lawyers say the officers were forced to open fire to protect themselves and others after woods refused orders to drop a knife. the mario woods shooting just one of many cases soaking anti- police sentiment but today law enforcement across the country is trying to turn the tide. kpix 5's emily turner on the "wear blue" campaign. >> reporter: that movement is meant to honor four fallen officers who died in the line of duty in the last week but it's become something more a police protest of their own of sorts against a movement that has a lot to do with those police deaths. it comes in the form of song.
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in the form of shouting. in the form of shot fired. now racial tension and anti- police sentiment has taken a sort of fashion as the national police association asked everyone to support law enforcement by wearing blue today. it's the first time we have seen national law enforcement publicly push back against movements that they say make them the enemy. it cites the super bowl halftime show as inflammatory against police. a retired judge ladoris cordell who works with law enforcement on issues of race argues the messages have been mixed. >> beyonce performed never once did she mention the police. however, the imagery is such that and her words and her song was such that they brought up all kinds of racial issues. >> reporter: that distinction isn't clear to the national sheriffs association. their website reads, quote, the senseless killing of four law enforcement officers just this week on the heels of the anti- police entertainment at the
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super bowl halftime show reminds us that the men and women in law enforcement take a solemn over the that includes putting their lives on the line every day to protect our citizens. it shows how blurred the lives have become and shows the difference between "black lives matter" and law enforcement. that cordell hopes it won't get worse before it gets better. >> this protest represents the dreary state of conversation in this country about race and specifically about racial injustices. >> reporter: this is a hard topic for anyone. it's hard for police. it's hard for protestors who want change. it's hard as a member of the media to cover. but on the note of conversation, it's important that we talk about it because that conversation is ultimately what spurs change. live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. 21-year-old man is in police custody in san leandro tonight accused of killing his
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father. it happened at an apartment complex in the 900 block of wanna avenue. neighbors call police early this morning after hearing a man calling for help. investigators say when officers arrived, his son was at the front door covered in blood. >> they found a man believed to be in his early 50s believed to be the father of the 21-year- old person that opened the front door suffering from stab wounds who was later pronounced dead at the scene. >> police have not released the names of the father or son and no word yet on a motive. two dozen elite surfers from around the world competed today off the coast fear half moon bay. the "titans of mavericks" surf competition featured giant waves and big wipeouts. at the end of the day, the winner was a man who knows these waters well. kpix 5 reporter maria medina is in half moon bay for us to tell us who this top finisher is and how one competitor had a
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serious fall. >> reporter: well, you know, winner is a local guy. he had a huge smile on his face when he got off the boat. but they say, you know, the competition is tough out there. they take on 30 to 40-foot waves. we saw a lot wipeouts and one surfer who thought he was done. >> don't do it. >> reporter: it's the 30-foot waves big wave surfer ken collins says could have ended his life. >> i felt the whole ocean land on me. i was spinning around. i could feel water going inside my throat and head blew my eardrums wide open. >> reporter: ken relied on what surfers say is a new life- saving tool. >> i didn't know which way was up. if i didn't have this vest, if i didn't pull this cord i would have had a hard time getting to the top. >> so they are lifesavers, game changers for big wave riders. >> reporter: the fall proved just how dangerous the competition can be as 24 of the best big wave surfers took on
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up to 40-foot waves today. despite santa cruz's nic lamb's major wipeout, he won. >> that's the best wave in the world. it's like niagra falls meets mount everest. so i'm elated. >> reporter: the event attracts crowds who watch parties from the shore. >> it is an international event. it's the best of the best. and, you know, to see people do what they do best is -- is phenomenal. >> reporter: although the waves weren't as big as previous years, the monster waves did not disappoint. >> these guys are the best in the world. so feels good to be on top. >> reporter: congrats to him. just another example of just how dangerous the surf is out here. deputies just for today were telling people to stay away from the bluffs and far from the water. live in half moon bay, maria medina, kpix 5. it's not the kind of car crash you see every day. a pickup truck ends up on top of another car and then propped up against a muni bus. take a look. looks like a scene out of a
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movie but this happened in san francisco this afternoon on ocean avenue near city college. how this crash happened is still unclear. the driver of the pickup tells us what led up to it. >> i decided it was a red light and i felt like the truck started going up. and i started smelling gasoline. >> to get the mess cleared the decision was made to pull the bus out first, then lift the pickup off the car. took about a half-hour. no one in any of those vehicles was injured. other bay area headlines now. san jose police have the car they believe was in a deadly hit-and-run crash. but they are still looking for the driver. the empty car was found today in a parking lot outside a mexican restaurant about a mile from the accident. around midnight. witnesses saw a red honda hit and kill a bicyclist on south winchester boulevard and speed off. petaluma police have identified one of the suspects
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in a violent home invasion robbery. 26-year-old elena wilson is one of five suspects who ran from police on tuesday night and broke in a home. they then tied up the homeowners, slashed one of them with a knife and demanded heroin. they took a tv and speakers. then stole a pickup and mustang parked out front. we are getting our first look tonight at the man who allegedly killed an off-duty richmond police officer. he has been identified as 30- year-old robert vega of fairfield accused of shooting to death officer augustine gus vegas. the gunfire followed an argument inside the officer's vallejo home early thursday morning. authorities say that vegas was shot multiple times and died at the scene. the motive and circumstances under investigation. the suspect is the father of the officer's six-year-old grandson. vegas was a 15-year veteran of the richmond police department. he leaves behind his wife and ten children. a woman looking for her cell phone makes a gruesome
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discovery in san jose. she found a human skull and other bones along 280. kpix 5's devin fehely on the mystery police are now looking to solve. devin. >> reporter: yeah. witnesses say that it appears that body had been there for some time. it was found in the underbrush across the street and they say that there was little left than a skull and some bones. it was a discovery as shocking as it was random. >> found a skeleton, then a body. it was skeleton, just bones. it was just like a fossil. >> reporter: the body was in the underbrush on the other side of this fence. it's not clear how long it had been there. but it was only found after a woman hopped the fence to grab her phone. >> the female in question here was in some kind of an argument with a boyfriend or a friend who in turn threw her phone over the fence. okay? she went to go ahead and retrieve her cell phone hopped over the fence and happened upon what appears to be a human body.
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>> reporter: investigators believe the body may have belonged to a homeless person whose death went unnoticed and unreported. they are hoping the medical examiner's office can help them figure out how this person died and if they were the victim of a crime. >> we are waiting for the coroner report at which time hopefully we can get the cause of death. a lot of time the report gives us an idea if there was foul play involved. >> reporter: until then that unnamed unclaimed body is at the heart of a mystery. investigators say they have spoken to some of the homeless people who live and frequent this area. but they say that they will really be guided, their investigation will, by the findings of that medical examiner's report. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. some bay area scientists want to turn thousands of people's cell phones into earthquake sensors. new at 6:00 kpix 5's len ramirez shows us the app that could make it possible for a quake warning to happen sooner. >> reporter: high definition surveillance cameras now
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routinely record the terrifying moments when an earthquake strikes. but what if the technology that's already in your hands could be used to warn that an earthquake is coming? seismologists at uc-berkeley say it's here now in the form of their new android app called my shake. >> we want to use the sensors on your phone to record the impacts of an earthquake so that we can understand them. >> reporter: the app uses the phone's motion sensors called accelerometers to record the shaking sending it to the berkeley lab. researchers hope when enough phones are networked into the system, my shake will be able to send alerts to users in outlying areas giving them a few precious seconds to duck and cover before the shaking starts. >> if there's a chance it can predict if a big quake is going to happen, i think it's worthwhile. >> reporter: students at san jose state were concerned about privacy issues since their phones could be constantly tracked. but said they would probably still download the app. >> if you can know within three seconds before it happens, you
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can probably get under a table or something and save your life. >> reporter: it could have the greatest impact on users in developing nations where there are no earthquake early warning systems but there are millions of smartphones. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. with the drought near california, we are all supposed to be extra careful about saving water right now. >> that's right. so why is bart dumping millions of gallons into the sewer system? kpix 5 investigates. coming up. >> many bay area beaches are going to be in the 70s coming up this weekend but if you are heading there, please use caution. you heard about it in maria's story. we are looking at 12 to 15-foot seas through saturday a high risk of rip currents. don't turn your back to the beach but enjoy it if you're going. find out who hits 80 and when coming up. ,,,,
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firefighters were able to k down the fire in about an h this is one fire in pacifica today at a home on palmetto at 2:30 this afternoon. firefighters knocked it down in an hour. this is a red-tagged house because it's near a crumbling cliff. investigators still trying to determine what sparked that blaze. even though we're in a drought a lot of precious water is being wasted. >> in fact, mark kelly found out bart is dumping millions of gallons of it right into the sewer system. it's a story you will only see on five. >> reporter: powell street is bart's busiest station. it's also one of the deepest. >> in the powell street station you look something like this. >> reporter: building the station in the 1960s was no small task. >> the water table lying only 20 feet below street surface makes san francisco tunneling something less than a picnic. >> reporter: crews worked deep underground to build the train
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station which crosses one of san francisco's original underground waterways the hayes valley creek. for more than 4 decades through california droughts that precious underground water an average of 65 million gallons every year is dumped into the bay of the. >> so we are constantly having to pump water out of that station. if we didn't it would flood. it's going into the san francisco sewer. >> reporter: manufactures gallons treated and dumped into the bay even though for 20 years, the city has promised to find a use for it. and powell station not the only example of water waste. the u.n. plaza fountain on market street was built on top of an underground creek. but that water isn't used for this fountain. it gets dumped into the sewer. >> it's not pumped out. it's going to end up messing with the machinery that causes the fountain to run. >> reporter: from city hall to moscone center sump pumps divert thousands of gallons of underground creeks to the
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sewers. but now a texas company called nrg is seriously considering piping the water from powell street bart to their steam plant on jesse street a few blocks away where they produce steam heat for downtown buildings including city hall and nordstrom. bart would give them the water for free and the city offered a grand to help pull the water out of the tours but there's a hitch. that free water would still have to be treated when they pull the water out of the sewers. >> the water quality has to be modified to allow that to take place for steam. >> reporter: or they can continue doing what they have already done buy water from hetch hetchy drinking water which is low cost. >> drinking water is still a bargain in the u.s. >> reporter: even if nrg moves forward with the plan they will only use 100,000 gallons a day. that's only about half of the water that bart has to pump out of here every day. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. uber is paying millions to move on from class action suits
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regarding rider safety. the ridesharing company is paying $28.5 million to settle two suits. those suits claim uber charged a safe ride fee meant to go toward background checks. the issue uber doesn't do the same fingerprint checks required of taxi drivers. uber plans to call the charge a booking fee. a judge still has to approve that arrangement. new at 6:00, a major milestone today for a bay area woman family and friends gathering to mark helen chase's 107th birthday. kpix 5's da lin takes us to the celebration. more than a century in the making. >> reporter: it's a trip helen chase has made for years. going to her favorite chinese restaurant. holly's mandarin on piedmont. except this time, it's to celebrate her 107th birthday. her movement might be a bit slow but oh, boy she is sharper than most people. i asked her what's her secret it a long healthy life.
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>> if there was a secret, i would tell you. [ laughter ] >> it would be a secret. >> reporter: all jokes aside she says it's about happiness and having a supportive family. also, she has never smoked and never had a drink. >> i have wonderful children, grandchildren. and, um, they keep me young. >> reporter: helen has two daughters, five grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. she spent pretty much her entire life in oakland and has seen the changes through the years. she remembers before the bay bridge was built it would take hours to cross over to san francisco. she to be a street car and a ferry just to get to the other side of the bay. these are some old pictures of her and a simpler life. no cars, no tvs and no internet. she says what's important is the family. they are surrounding her today for the big celebration. the mayor of oakland declared today helen chase day
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celebrating one of the city's oldest residents. i asked her to share with us her birthday wish. >> yeah. i wish i could hear better. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. >> i'd say the same damn thing! [ laughter ] >> can't hear anything. > she is looks amazing for 107. >> man. hope i look that good at 80! >> doing all right. >> yes she is. happy birthday! >> all right. you know, she probably wants people to get outside hang out with the great grandkids. do it this weekend. anything outdoors is a thumbs- up. i know we're in a drought and we need the rain. mother nature says wait until next week. so the weekend is here. look at this beautiful new shot we have looking south from the pyramid. there's all the glistening lights of the financial district and look south over the city of san francisco the san mateo bridge bridge off in the background, as well. oakland 73 degrees downtown today. san francisco 69 degrees. concord san rafael you hit 70. overnight tonight, another
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coolish night. we'll see some 50s. low 50s santa rosa healdsburg napa ukiah. concord 49 degrees. let's compare the last big phoenix with the one that we're in right now. we did have a dry stretch in january and february of 1998 which lasted 17 days. we have eclipsed that this is day 21 of not much rainfall. i want to show you that the el nino weather pattern is still here. but it's a relative term because it's not here in san francisco. it is here in seattle. it doesn't guarantee we are going to get rain every day. we want an active storm track aimed toward us. is there still an active storm track? absolutely. storms have kept coming over the past 21 days just not here. this ridge should be down to the south. instead it has parked itself too far north now steering those storms to the pacific northwest. the storms are coming. we just need this ridge to move to allow the supercharged storms by el nino to make it back to the bay area. that sounds so simple. here's the problem. not going to happen over the next week. we have one rain chance.
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that's it coming up next wednesday. doesn't look like much. look what happens sunday and monday. we are getting warmer. some of you away from the water may hit 80 on president's day. we do have a chance of rain wednesday and somewhat cooler weather by the middle of next week. so the pieces of the puzzle are all still there. just the fire hose from mother nature a little too far north. we have to kick it back this way. >> i have noticed all the flowers are starting to bloom. >> everything is blooming. we got the rain now we got the sun. >> thank you. well, new at 6:00 san francisco investing big in landscaping technology. >> we have been able to do things which we never have been able to even contemplate on the mowing crew before. >> how these robotic lawnmowers work. coming up. >> and dungeness crab season in the bay area finally in full swing. but it's not all smooth sailing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mowing san francisco's park two very different challeng. r so there is mowing your lawn and then there is mowing
6:24 pm
san francisco's parks. two very different challenges. and as kpix 5's wilson walker shows us, the city has rolled out a new weapon. [ beep beep ] >> when we first got it we were afraid of it. we didn't want to break it. >> reporter: when it comes to mowing san francisco's public lawns the future is here. >> it's agile. it can go anywhere. it doesn't slide. powerful. >> reporter: it's also really hard not to stare at the thing. >> there's a lot of people always asking about it. how it works and usually how much it costs. >> reporter: this is it. this is the spider ild2 radio controlled slope mower. ask for it by name. it's made in the czech republic and costs about as much as a german luxury sedan about $50,000. so let's get right to the why. why do you buy this? well, it's all about the city's famous hills. some. >> some of the sites are extreme inclines. out in the front where the tree is i slid from that tree all the way down to the wall.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: over the years work the city's hillsides with line cutters and push mowers cut down more than just the grass t also spit out repeated injuries and even workers' compensation payments. >> the this addressed all of those issues. he will accomplish work that's taken other groups of people, you know, days to do. >> reporter: that doesn't mean anyone will lose his job. instead it's more of a force multiplier allowing the existing staff to do more work in less time. >> we haven't begun to explore the possibilities. >> reporter: there's no denying it's cool. >> throttle control. this raises and lowers the height of the cut. this is if there's a drone or something that is interfering with my signal. i can switch to another radio channel. >> you have drone defense? >> yeah. itch drone at the fence. >> every park i go to there's always at least three or four people who stop and take pictures. i'm surprised i haven't caused any car accidents yet. people slow down, as to be. >> reporter: so beyond the cool
6:26 pm
factor and the steep price tag this machine is about getting the most of out of your increasingly precious park space by solving a problem as old as the hills. >> reporter: it's got credibility in the land of sourdough and cracked crab. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> got to get one. the city started with one quickly decided to buy another. you can expect to see them around town more often come springtime. >> cool. well, coming up in our next half-hour, the new warnings tonight about the rapidly spreading zika virus. as more cases are confirmed right here in the states. >> plus, pope francis has arrived in mexico. his first visit as head of the catholic church and we're live in mexico city with what the pope has planned.
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the national sheriff's association is asking everye to wear blue to support law enforcement. it's part of an effort to push back at ti-police sentimen the national sheriffs association is asking everyone to wear blue to support law enforcement. it's all part of an effort to push back at anti-police sentiment that makes them look like the enemy. >> i'm maria medina in half moon bay where the 2016 "titans of mavericks" surf competition just ended not too long ago.
6:30 pm
the winner, nic lamb of santa cruz, says he is elated to be at the top of 24 big wave surfers who took on 40-foot waves today. deputies told people to stay away from the beaches and the bluffs to keep them away from the high surf. >> reporter: recreational crab fishermen are now allowed to track crab south of point reyes. the season has been delayed for months due to toxins. the question tonight, what happens to the commercial crab season? skippers who have been out of business for months are not sure how to proceed. kpix 5's don ford has the story. >> reporter: word is spreading quickly amongst the bodega bay skippers that the dungeness crab season may be open. the fishermen are getting ready to go crabbing. tony is removing fishing gear off his boat to set up for crab
6:31 pm
pots. he says the surprise announcement opening the crab season caught everyone by surprise. >> had everyone wondering what's going on? you get different reports from one guy, different reports from another guy. i found it on the internet. blah blah. and then here it is, what do we know? >> reporter: amateur recreational folks can set traps immediately while commercial boats with their thousands of traps must wait seven days. some skippers are worried that it's just all too late. >> you have other problems with the females moving in. the crabs going to mating. so whether it be worth it or not, who knows. >> reporter: most boat owners have released the crews long ago and the skipper of the night winds says his team is scattered from long beach to seattle. no one is expected to make much money and many just want to feed their families. >> get ready to see what's going to happen. we don't want to be caught, you know, unprepared. >> and then there's this. a regional buyer tells me by phone that they expect to see
6:32 pm
samples of these crabs to determine quality and price before the fleet goes rushing out into the ocean. in bodega bay, don ford, kpix 5. the zika virus causes serious birth defect. global health experts gathered in washington on the harm to babies. an official from the world health organization said zika is guilty until proven innocent. the mosquito-borne virus is spreading through latin america and thousands of women have birth defects. there are nearly 80 cases in the united states. testing for vaccine could begin this summer. excitement is building in mexico tonight for the pope as historic visit. during his six-day stay the pontiff will be address some of the major issues facing the country including immigration. adriana diaz in mexico city
6:33 pm
where crowds are gathering to welcome the pope. >> reporter: veronica, it is official. pope francis is on mexican soil s he was greeted at the airport by a mariachi band traditional mexican dancers and children. now, on the way from rome he did make a stop in cuba where he made history. pope francis made a quick stop in cuba on his way to mexico. at the airport in havana, he sat down with the head of the russian orthodox church, the first such meeting in nearly 1,000 years. the historic discussion comes as extremist attacks grow against christians. while in mexico the pope will try to tackle challenges including drugs, violence and poverty. his popemobiles are waiting for him in mexico city where they were blessed by a priest. francis will be the first pope to visit border. his last stop will be the city of juarez which borders el paso texas. hundreds of thousands of people
6:34 pm
will see the pope say mass on this altar. workers put the finishing touches on the altar which can be seen from texas. >> it was insistence that the site for the mass be right close to the border. another site was offered to him that would have accommodated more people. >> reporter: an american bishop will travel with the pope. his new mexico diocese received tickets for the juarez mass. has your phone been ringing off the hook with people looking for tickets. oh, yes. they have, for the past three months. >> reporter: juarez resident hopes to see the pope in person. what can the pope's visit bring to the city? fanduel. >> reporter: unity, she says, even for those who aren't catholic. tomorrow the pope has a jam- packed day full of speeches meetings and at least five trips around town in his popemobile.
6:35 pm
live in mexico city, adriana diaz, kpix 5. he is a lot more than just a big brother and is setting an example that will change his family. our student rising above coming up. >> it is the biggest night in music and you will see all the action live right here on kpix 5. a preview of the 58th annual grammy awards is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
it's the 58th annual grammy awards, right here on cbs. taylor swift is scheduled to open t monday night the music industry's night to shine. it's the 58th annual grammy awards and it's right here on cbs. taylor swift scheduled to open the show for the third year in a row. she is up for 7 grammys including album of the year. lady gaga slated to give the night's most anticipated performance a tribute to david bowie. >> she has something very cool planned and, um, she has been rehearsing off site at a undisclosed location. it's going to be an amazing night. i think people will be, um, i think they will be blown away. >> we'll have live coverage of
6:38 pm
the grammys monday right here on kpix 5 at 4 p.m. you can catch the red carpet preview at 4:00. then at 5:00, ll cool j will host the big show. if you miss the performances, we will have an encore presentation the entire grammys at 8:30 p.m. our own betty yu will be in los angeles to bring us all the excitement from the grammys. watch betty's exclusive reports starting monday at 3:30 right here on kpix 5. upping the ante in his push to legalize marijuana. a san jose man wants to give away 10,000 pounds of free pot. the offer and the catch. i'll have details tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. the view from chopper 5 is often amazing and today it was especially amazing. let me show you this. there it is. that's the coastline of the bay area. there's the fog. and the sunshine all wrapped up in the one the beauty of the
6:39 pm
bay area right there. we're talking temperatures in the 70s at the beach. but for how long? and when does rain come back? your forecast next. >> straight ahead, spring training right around the corner. is this the year for the giants? >> we are halfway home of the pebble beach pro-am and the nba is about to hit all star weekend. we are giving it our best shot in sports right after wendy tokuda's students rising above. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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few minutes... a teenager who became a man... overcoming an abusive childhood... and making the honor roll at the same time. celebrating our student rising above in a few minutes. a teenager who became a man overcoming an abusive childhood and making the honor roll all at the same time. check in with paul now. pretty nice in half moon bay for the surfers. >> really nice temperatures in the 60s. we had morning fog and it burned off. it's going to be a beautiful weekend at the beach if you watch out for those rip currents and sneaker waves. two columns. our live neighborhood network.
6:43 pm
>> we're almost halfway through the month of february our third wettest month and we're talking like one eight or 1/10 of an inch of rainfall. we are dry at the golden gate this evening. traffic not bad. livermore you're sitting at 62. oakland a mild 67. santa rosa 64. san francisco the cool spot at 59. at the oakland airport, which of course is right on the bay, you were cooler but well above average. 66 is 6 degrees above normal and the chilliest day of the week. on monday you hit a high of 79. lots going on this weekend. if you are a giants fan you may be at at&t park tomorrow for fanfest. perfect weather. mainly sunny warm close to 70. if you are a golfing fan maybe you're going to pebble beach, perfect weather. mainly sunny and mild mid-60s tomorrow, low 70s along the water. coming up on sunday, maybe you're doing something outside for president's day i'll say it again, perfect weather to get
6:44 pm
outdoors. mild to warm, some of you hitting 80 degrees for the third day of your holiday weekend. so what's going on? it is mid-february. we should be talking about how many storms rather than how many outdoor opportunities you have to do something in 80- degree weather. it is what it is. we have the el nino pattern. active storm track but not here. it will often waiver from north to south. remember back in 1997, 1998 it bounced from northern california to los angeles back up here back down there it was all california. this time it's here and north. los angeles is seeing very little rainfall. it's been the bay area north and right now for the past couple of weeks it's been north. we hope is comes back. middle next week, that ridge of high pressure if anything gets closer and seconds the storm track farther away from us into british columbia. so the storms keep coming but they are are not coming here. moving forward we are partly cloudy tonight with areas of fog. we'll see sunshine over the weekend. it's going to be toasty warm. there was a little bit of rain
6:45 pm
in the forecast. i stress a little bit and that's wednesday. upper 60s tomorrow for you in concord and san jose. nearly 10 degrees above average. sunnyvale 69. san mateo 68. san ramon 67 with sunshine. sunny daly city. 66. morning fog. san rafael 68. cloverdale tomorrow 71 degrees. it's not a typo. 80 in some inland spots on monday with sunshine. one rain chance next wednesday and cooler weather coming up by the end of next week but warm this weekend. that's your kpix 5 forecast. >> wow. all right, paul, thanks for that. many of our students rising above have grown up with the support of fantastic parents. but it's not always the case. sometimes it's worse than that. there's neglect, abandonment or even abuse. not many can talk about it openly. and as maturely as tonight's student rising above. kpix 5's wendy tokuda is here now to introduce us. >> reporter: you know, there are three million cases of child abuse reported in this country every year and those
6:46 pm
are just the reported cases. to overcome that kind of childhood is difficult sometimes impossible which is what make tonight's student rising above so exceptional. [ non-english language ] is much more than a big brother at home. >> his job was to take care of his younger siblings, to change the diapers, to make sure that they had breakfast and were ready to go to school and to support his mom. >> reporter: he and his mom became a team after his father left. his mom has a new boyfriend now. but he still has big responsibilities. at school, too. >> i kind of decided to take the role of the mature man in the family and me just getting good grades was the one thing that actually helped my mom be happy. >> reporter: he is an honor student at riordan high in san francisco where he attends on scholarship from a nonprofit
6:47 pm
called "achieve." it sends promising low income kids to private college prep schools. it's a very different world here than his life at home where money and space are tight with five kids. but it's easier now than before when his father was home. >> he abused my mother. he would choke her. i remember instance where he chock her. he would make me hold up my arms for half-hour like that. um, if i cried or put my arms down during that time he would extend it for 10 minutes. >> reporter: eventually, his mom made his father leave. but the pain and anger simmered and evolved into depression. one day, talking to his mom -- >> i asked my mom a question. mohave you thought about suicide. >> no, have you? i said yeah. she cried for a long time in the car and then i was crying for a long time in the car. and then -- >> reporter: what saved him was talking with his mom and later a counselor. >> therapy was a place where i
6:48 pm
learned how to be open about the subject of my father. it was a place where i knew i could get relief for the pain and anger i felt. >> it's like a weight that's been lifted. he is not a victim. absolutely not a victim. >> reporter: and next year, he will take his family a step further to college. >> it just means that i will be able to do something great with my life. >> it will break a cycle of both the poverty, the abuse. >> if i can go after the dream i want to the go for that maybe my family or people in my family didn't get the chance to do. >> reporter: he will not be able to get through college without financial aid. if you go to, you can find out how you can help him and kids like him get an education and sra is taking
6:49 pm
applications right now from high school juniors. now's the time. >> pretty amazing. in your track you said he is going to take his family to college. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> that kind of says it all. >> he will. >> they go with him and everything he has -- the kid's had to grow up quickly. >> it opens up that possibility for them. it changes everything when the first one goes off to college. >> absolutely. >> good for him. >> great program. >> hopefully people will turn out and students rising above does this all the time and so i have faith they will do it again. >> yup. >> all right. wendy, thank you. all right. want to get you some live pictures now. pope francis on the popemobile right now in mexico. we are looking live right now. sports is next. stay with us.
6:50 pm
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home... where the enetertait world...and the pga mix... ng they have a retai golf up top. 2016 pebble beach pro-am halfway home. where entertainment and the pga mix. a good thing they had retaining wall at the 18th hole. whoa! look at that. you want celebs we got them. actor producer mark wahlberg third hole tee shot monterey
6:53 pm
peninsula club and bubba watson partner, within inches. world's number one jordan spieth also at monterey peninsula. the putter failed him. failed him at 15, kenny. tied for 36th eight back of the leaders. phil mickelson serious game today. cat box shot at number 2. carded an eagle and six birdies today a 65 got him one behind fella named hiroshi awati. no problem. he tied for the lead with sung kang. if you had sung kang on your board you're feeling pretty good. fairway shot for the monterey peninsula's 18th. shot a course record 60. >> whoo. >> both at 11 under par. nba. boy, it takes a break for all star weekend in toronto. here are the western conference warriors for sunday's game. self steph curry, draymond green, klay thompson. now with the midseason record of 4-4, the w -- 48-4, the ws are the talk of the weekend there. asked whether they can do this
6:54 pm
and pass the 95-'96 chicago bulls with a record of 72 wins, klay thompson said -- >> that's not our main goal. we want to win a championship. but if we're right there we might as well try and get it because it's a record that you can always thought was untouchable growing up. we might as well try and take it. that's something that would be special to all of us for the warriors to reach heights like that, surreal. you got to pinch yourself sometimes thinking we're 48-4. if we make a run at it we might have a chance. >> hey, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow, the annual san francisco giants fanfest at at&t park. virtually the entire team will be scattered all over the stadium. please leave early if you are going. you see one of the acquisitions, johnnie cueto there, the giants had quite the busy off season. jeff samardzija joined the team. they have defense and depth.
6:55 pm
it got shortstop brandon crawford's attention. >> it's exciting. we like it. we picked up some depth know of our whole roster. our pitching staff, we got two of probably the top five free agents in the class of the season. to be able to add another number one pitcher and probably on most teams could be a really good number 2 pitcher on our team he is going to be number 3 in samardzija and then weave peavy and cain at the back end of the rotation, that's an impressive staff. >> how many times have you gotten the, well, brandon it's an even numbered year and now what that means, question. how many times have you heard that? >> a few times. >> what do you say? as a player, it's not like we weren't trying in the odd year. >> exact ily. i think the injury bug has got us in those odd years but you know, hopefully, i think the goal for this whole team is to stay healthy and if we can do that, i think the sky's the limit. >> when you have made the run you have made and come as far
6:56 pm
as you've come, being homegrown on top of that playing for your hometown team, you ever sit back and go, man! is this really happening to me? >> i think this off season i did that a little bit just thinking about the extension and, you know, what kind of -- winning a couple of awards. at the end of this contract i'll be a giant for 10 years. i think that's something i never dreamed of as a little kid wanting to play shortstop for the giants. >> how about that. brandon crawford had good numbers coming off, then he had the extension. a lot of fat contracts and he has a new kid. >> and a man bun. >> and a man bun. >> got it all. >> got that going for him. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado whatever.
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate you. thank y'all very much. yeah, i do. thank y'all, folks. i appreciate that. thank you, now. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,915 bucks, from queens, new york, it's the "a" team! [cheering and applause] and from summerville, south carolina, it's the ridenour family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and
7:00 pm
the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold ford edge right there, folks. let's go meet the ridenour family. joe, how you doing? joe: i'm doing awesome, steve. how are you? steve: wow, all men on the team. joe: that's right. steve: billy, what do you do? billy: what's going on, steve? i am a student at the college of charleston. steve: ok. what do you do, joe? joe: i'm a student at the university of south carolina. steve: well, that's pretty good. traditionally, all-men team, i can't seem to get one to the championship round, so what i'm asking you fellas to do is show up for me today, represent the fellas, man. come on, joe, billy, daniel, dan, and bill. let's show up for the men. let's get a win for the men... and then let's--let's get in that circle. this would really stun america, if we could get you in that circle and win


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