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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. >> tonight, a shocking twist in the search for this missing bay area man. tonight, we've learned he owes the feds more than $100 million. veronica de la cruz in the newsroom and we just heard from the missing man's daughter who lives in cypress. >> that's right. john beck from alameda disappear from oakland tuesday. the family is trying to retrace his steps and figure out where he went. this surveillance photo posted on facebook show him at a bart station the day he vanished. he appears to have boarded a train to san francisco and then dropped off the map. >> well, the ftc says he made a fortune running a get rich quick scheme. >> reporter: he was behind this
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one, the promise to consumers, pay $39.95 for the free and clear real estate system and make tons of money by learning how to buy homes at auctions and immediately flipping or renting them. according to court records, the feds say in a majority of states, it's almost impossible to simply walk in to a government tax sale, pay a few hundred dollars in back taxes and then walk out with a free ask clear deed to a home, because those laws dictate otherwise. he scams hundreds of thousands of other customers. in 2012, a california district court ordered beck to personally pay $113 million, beck appealed the case. according to the san francisco chronicle, his most hearing was scheduled for tuesday. the same day he disappeared. >> you've never, ever disappeared in his life. >> reporter: tonight, beck's daughter talked to kpix 5. >> all we know is he was going to the meeting, which had to do
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with the court case, but he has a million of these meetings, this has been ongoing for year and years. no new developments or nothing, my mom dropped him off. it was 9:00, and then we never saw him again. >> thousand, the family -- now the family told us they've hired a private investigator and planning to do searches this weekend. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. watch your back on the goenld -- golden gate bridge, someone is taking aim with blow gun darts. you just talked to the chp -- do they have any idea who it is? >> reporter: driving across the golden gate bridge, so investigators plan to pull any video nearby to try to catch whoever is responsible. we do have a video that we can, or a photo we can show you. it's one of the darts or the blow darts the chp says a dart was about four inches long. officers also showed it to us in person, the chp says around 2:45, one man stopped a chp bicycle patrol officer at the
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vista point parking lot and said a dart hit hims ease -- him as he was walking northbound, the dart went through his jeans, two inches in his thigh. the first victim was talking to officers, another woman came up to them claiming she was hit with the dart in her knee as she was walking in the same direction. the person responsible might have shot them going in a car on the bridge. >> based on where the pedestrians were when they were struck, we figured out that the individual must have been travelling across the bridge any time between 2:00 and 2:40 p.m. >> the chp says the man and woman were treated and released at the scene, both appear to be fine. both darts will be tested to make sure they are not coated or were not coated with chemicals. now, this is one of san francisco's top attractions with thousands of people visiting every single day. >> reporter: chp is asking people to be careful, but also asking if you see anything suspicious to please call them. reporting live by the golden
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gate bridge, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. a group of nuns facing eviction got the miracle they needed and betty yu says it came from analikely -- an unlikely power. >> reporter: from this kitchen. the nuns at the notre dame mary of nazareth live in this turk street building and have been serving food to the hopeless for eight years. -- homeless for eight years, they were looking at $5,000 a month, easily presed out of -- priced out of a san francisco neighborhood. but tony robbins scooped in. he happened to be in the bay area for an event, after learning about the possible eviction, had a meeting with the nuns, the lawyer and the landlord's lawyer. in the end he handed over a
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$25,000 check and the parties agreed to a truce. the nuns can stay for a year at their current rent. tony robbins knows today's gift is a temporary solution, he plans to give another $25,000 in the next year to help them move to another location. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> is so -- so the story goes when he was you know, he was homeless, so he has a soft spot for anyone who helps out the less fortunate. a crazy crash in san francisco, two cars, a truck, and an muni bus piled up near city college. you can see the pick up endeded -- ended up on top of one of the cars. no one was hurt, the truck driver tells us what led up to it. >> just started slowing down because it was a red light and i just felt like the truck started going up. and i started smelling gasoline. >> yeah, to get this mess cleared, the decision was made to pull the bus out first and then lift the pick up off the car. took about half an hour to
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untangle it all. a house teetering on the edge of an eroding cliff goes up in flames. andria borba says the house in pacifica had been red tagged when the fire broke out. >> reporter: as this fire on palmetto reached a third alarm, little they can do but stand back and make sure it didn't spread to otherbles -- buildings. as red flames pulled out, firefighters from all over san mateo county had to work very carefully. >> because it is a tow yard, certain vehicles to contend with, there are some power lines that were down, you have the structural integrity of the building that was questionable. >> reporter: when salinsky talks of integrity, he's talking about this, the home sits on one of pacifica's rapidly crumbling cliffs. >> fts red tagged -- if it's red tagged it shouldn't be inhabited. >> reporter: whether anybody
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call lived inside, it's unclear but animal control was called about pets in the property. pipes on this red floor, where there's nothing but air supporting the deck. with firefighters on the edge for a city already bracing for the possibility of a hillside tumbling down. the sound of thousands of gallons of water soaking in to the unstable ground made corazon cringe. >> like the deck, yeah, pretty scary. >> reporter: arson investigators are looking, albeit carefully and with light feet at the structure to see what started the fire. firefighters will be monitoring for hotspots until 8:00 this morning. in pacifica, andria borba, kpix 5. >> firefighters had that under control in about an hour, tho injuries reported. for the second time in two days, human remains have been found in the south bay, one set spotted near interstate 280 in san jose, the other in gilroy.
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tonight, both cases are still a mystery. in san jose, investigators say a woman hopped this chain linked fence near richmond and moorpark avenues to retrieve her cell phone. >> the female in question here was in, some kind of an argument with a boyfriend or a friend, who in turn threw her phone over the fence. she went to go in and receive, retrieve her cell phone, hopped over the fence and happened upon what was a human body. >> saw the skeleton, didn't find the body. it was a skeleton, just bones. just like a fossil. >> well, tonight, santa clara county coroners have the remains in their office. investigators still working to determine the identity and cause of death. coincidentally, two days ago in gilroy, a pg & e crew found a skeleton in the ditch, they could not link it to sierra
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lamar. she disappeared in 2012, her body has never been found. tonight we're getting our first look of the man accused of killing an off duty richmond police officer. he's 30-year-old robert vega. he's accused of killing his child's grandfather, augustin gus vega. authorities say he was shot inside his vallejo home yesterday because of a dispute, he had been with the force for 15 years. he was the father to 10 children and foster children. brentwood is giving the green light to license plate readers, the plan to install 18 of them around town. the devices will take pictures of passing cars and store data. the police department is expected to draft policies on how the information can be udz -- used. tonight a surfer from santa cruz is the champion of the mavericks surfing competition. he beat out a bunch of big wave riders who braved walls of water off half moon bay. one surfer told maria medina, he
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almost died when he wiped out. >> reporter: it's the 30 foot wave ken collins said could've ended his life. >> i felt the whole ocean on me, i spilled out, the water inside my head, i blew my eardrums. >> reporter: before it could get tragic at the contest, ken relied on what surfers say is a new life saving tool. >> oh! >> i didn't know which way was up, if i didn't pull that cord, i would be having a hard time getting to the top. >> those inflatable vests are game changers. >> reporter: the fall proves just how dangerous the competition can be. as 24 of the best big wave surfers took on up to 40 foot wave today. despite santa cruz's nic lamb 's major wipeout, he came out on top as this year's winner. >> niagara falls meets he have
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rest. -- everest. >> it's the best of the best and to see people do what they do best is phenomenal. >> reporter: although the waves weren't as big aprevious years, the monster waves did not disappoint. >> these guys are the best in the world. so it feels good to be on top. >> reporter: and just another example of how dangerous the surf is out here, deputies just for the day were telling people to stay away from the bluffs and far from the water. in half moon bay, maria medina, kpix 5. >>. the largest internet radio company could be on the market, pandora is working with morgan stanley to reach out for buyers. pandora reported 4th quarter earning that missed the mark and struggling to keep up with spotify and apple music. shares have sunk nearly 50% this past year. tonight a bay area man wants to give away a bunch of pot. $32 million worth. we sent kpix 5's sharon chin to find what's the catch and is
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this even legal? >> it's called weed for donations. >> reporter: dave hodges said he'll give away free weed if you help legal eye marijuana use in california. he promises a dwram for giving your -- gram for giving your contact information or signing two initiatives, donate monday sxwri it -- money and it starts with an eighth of an ounce. >> possibly giving away more than 10,000 pounds. >> reporter: the san jose activist says it's an expensive campaign but worth it to have voters decide the future of pot use. >> every city has a different set of rules. on top of that we have cities and counties banning it throughout the entire state. >> reporter: but some voters say they're not too high on hodges giveaway. >> it's like a bribe. to get people to get his vote. >> i would make my own opinion regardless of whether or not i was going to be rewarded one way or another. >> if he's doing something like that, sounds like he's breaking the law. >> reporter: santa clara prosecutors would not talk about weeds for votes, the supervisor
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deputy da told me any opportunity to circumvent the law we will take seriously and prosecute. hodges insists he will give it away if the law passes. >> i won't be giving it away unless it's legal for me to do so. >> reporter: in one week, million people have viewed his video and 40 supporters have signed up. in san jose, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> here's how it would work. hodges plan to distribute certificates in san jose next friday, to people who contribute or sign up. on the campaign 2016, tonight donald trump is threatening to sue another presidential candidate. trump tweeted if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act and stop doing negative ads, he has standing to sue cruz for not being a natural-born citizen. cruz was born to an american mother in canada. trump says he's not eligible to run for president. >> i'm going to take your house
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eminent domain. >> yeah, trump is angry about tv ads like this one running in south carolina ahead of next week's primary. >> there's more than a little irony in donald accusing anybody of being nasty, given the amazing torrent and insults and obscenities out of his mouth. >> trump hold a big lead in south carolina. cbs news hosts a republican debate tomorrow night in greenville, south carolina. pope francis spending the night in mexico. his first papal visit there. he arrived early this evening after making a brief stop in cuba. as he stepped off the plane, he was greeted by a mariachi band, people waited for hours hoping to get a glimpse. thousands also lined the streets to welcome him as his pope mobile passed by, a man interrupted by running across
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the street but police acted quickly to stop him. the pope has a busy schedule during his six-day visit, including a trip to the u.s. mexico border where he will hold mass. the san francisco city attorney says officers acted within the law when they shot and killed mario woods. officer opened fire on woods in december when he refused orders to drop a knife. dennis herrera's office issued a ruling in response to a civil rights lawsuit filed by the family. city leaders say officers were forced to shoot to protect themselves and others. one bay area woman tells us she's terrified the same could happen to her son, who is mental illness. devin fehely gets a look at the special training now required of all police officers. >> hey! how are you? >> reporter: police officer lily patrols san francisco's hate street. >> we do have a transient pol laigs -- population. >> reporter: she says many they
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meet are struggling will mental illness. >> i try to pay attention to the signals they give me. >> reporter: things can go quickly but they don't have to. >> i try to engage people on a level that's respectful. i think if you show people that respect and that you're paying attention to them, trying to get to know them, they really kind of show you a different side of themselves. >> reporter: that skillset is more relevant than ever. in a week of a series of police confrontation. the mother of petrof says he has a documented history of psychiatric problems. family members of mario woods shot to death by police says he too was in crisis. cut backs in mental health services have forced police officers on to the frontlines of the crisis. in the past, crisis intervention training had been voluntary, but starting this year, it's mandatory for the san francisco police department. so far about a quarter of the force has gone through the 40 hour training. including the newest batch of
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graduates. in this session, we watched as had he got a real life demonstration of how hard it is to obey a police command when you're obeying voices in your head. >> i want to thank you for taking this training, it will make a huge difference. >> reporter: the class is taught by family members of those with mental illness like diana. her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and since then in and out of jail and treatment centers. >> my biggest fear i'll get a call that he's dead shot by police or in an all tr indication -- altercation with some stranger. >> reporter: the way an officer makes the first contact is critical. >> in a way that doesn't aggravate the situation like, for example, i'm going to have to put handcuffs on you, here is why and go do it. >> c.e.t. is another tool, that's the biggest weapon they have. >> reporter: lieutenant molina organizes the training, saying 80% of calls in the city are
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people who are in crisis. he estimates the police have to forcibly take at least 4,000 people a year to psychiatric facilities. >> time versus distance. so slow things down. he's not a danger to anybody else, but probably just a danger to himself, he may just be waving a knife, waving a bat. we want our officers to get that information and to slow the response down. >> reporter: dominic coin, fresh out of the academy was taking it all in. >> from what i've learned from this training, you think the big thing is build a rapport, be in the moment and see what they're asking of you. >> reporter: don't hurt them. >> i haven't met you before, what's your name? >> reporter: it's officer lily's goal as well too. >> maybe they need resources, but at the same time, not coming from a place of, you know, harsh judgment but rather, like, okay, how can i best identify with
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this person? so that i can sort out the issue at hand? >> reporter: in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> turns out more than a third of the 168 police shootings in california last year involve suspects who showed signed of mental illness. one more note, an autopsy revealed that mario woods had meth and antidepressants in his system at the time of his death. a new app developed at berkeley aims to turn your cell phone in to an earthquake sensor. it's called "my shake". uc berkeley seismologist says the app called accelerometers to detect the shaking then send it to the lab. >> we want the sensors to record it so we can understand them. >> we're aiming to build a global network, that fills in the gaps where there's not traditional seismic network coverage. >> researchers hope when enough phones are networked in to the system, my shake will be able to
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send alerts to users in outlying areas that would give them precious seconds to duck and cover before the shaking actually starts. you'll like this. hey, paul, what's shaking with the weather? >> oh! segue alert! a plus, you're going to like it. any outdoor activities, barbecue for the weekend, thumbs up. heading to the beach, enjoy it with caution. up to 15 foot swells, looking at a high surf advisory through the day tomorrow. high risk of rip currents, sneaker waves, it will be choppy at the beach tomorrow. the kids are with you, make sure you keep them close by. san francisco still in the low 60s right now, beautiful shot in emeryville, nearby oakland, san jose 57 and santa rosa 55. there's a guy in line already right now for tomorrow's fan fest. it's going to be packed! and the weather can could not be better. 68 degrees at at&t park. maybe you're heading down to pebble beach for a little golf to witness some of the best
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golfers, mid 60s with sunshine, look at sunday, 73 degrees, can't get warmer than that, oh, yes it can. president's day, away from the water here in the bay area, we'll see isolated low 80s. we should be talking about rain, not record heat. but we're talking about record heat and not rainfall. it's a fair question to ask, where has all the el nino rain gone? and the fair answer to that is, it's up north. the pattern is still there, the storms still coming, one every other day but this ridge of high pressure is too far north, it's taking all that rain, sending it in to british columbia, the pacific northwest, not here. and if anything, before we get our next rain chance, the ridge is zbg to be closer -- going to be stronger and closer, still in canada. we will have record heat coming up on monday afternoon. for president's day. your holiday weekend will be a warm one, sunny and warm all three days, next rain chance in the seven-day forecast but not until next wednesday. does not look like the super soaker. vallejo tomorrow, 70, that would be the coolest of the three
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days, warmer for valentine's day, warmer still on president's day, rain chance coming up on monday and slightly cooler weather after that. so the el nino pattern is still there. things are still happening, the storms are still strong, they're just not here. >> yeah. just taking a little vacation. >> hopefully it comes back soon, we miss it. >> thanks, paul. the future of landscaping here in the bay area, we'll show you how this thing works. >> and "late show with stephen colbert", patricia heaton and others. the biggest night in music almost here, live coverage of the grammies on monday, here on kpix 5. betty yu will be on the live carpet, catch the report starting at 3:30 p.m. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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public lawns in san francis. all right, mowing your lawn and then there's mowing all the public lawns in san francisco. >> yeah, the city has rolled out a rather interesting new tool. remote control lawn mowers. the spider radio controlled slope mower, to be exact. wow! they're made in czech republic, $50,000. they can tackle the city's hillsides with ease, allowing the existing staff to do more work in less time. >> wow! >> that's nice. i don't have a yard, but that's cool. >> sit on top and just go for a
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ride. >> so much fun! except, i'll control it if you're sitting on it. [ laughter ] >> well, more than that! straight ahead, where are six of the top 10 golfers ball striking, with hollywood's elite? and you see these three guys, well, these warriors have changed uniform for sunday for a dwood reason. -- good reason. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pro-am, is half-way home..'s where we sent dennis for the weekend...for the rest of it...on up top, 2016 pebble beach pro am is halfway home where we sent dennis for the rest of the weekend on kpix 5. second round moving pictures. why they need a retaining wall along pebble's 18th fairway? phil mickelson, serious short game, what a save, second hole. former champion carted an eagle, six birdies, 65, one off the lead. he's chasing awada. bernie plotted 16 at pebble. yeah, no problem. he shares the lead with sun keng who fired a court record 60 on a monterrey peninsula club course, so the two at 11 under par, leading mickelson by a single
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shot. hey, nba, warriors steph curry, green, thompson, all getting jerseys they play sunday for the conference. doves record is 48-4. they got a chance at the best regular season ever! sounds good to thompson. >> that's not our main goal, we want to win a championship. but if we're right there, we might as well and try to get it. it's a record that you always thought was untouchable growing up. if we're right there at the end of the season, we might as well go and take it, that's something that would be very special to all of us and tort warriors -- for the warriors to reach heights like that, it's surreal. >> stanford fans, ready for home, cooking in arizona. 13th ranked winner, look at lily thompson! baseline buckets, scoring 11 and clinched arizona 82-58. they got a rematch with ninth rankeded arizona state here -- ranked arizona state here on sunday. look at that, out of time, a
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three shot and a toss to the commercial break. >> got stuff in there. looking forward to this weekend. >> need a little more wind to make it interesting. those scores. >> great weather. >> great. dennis will love it. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and pebble beach pro am. awesome weekend! >> with dennis, 75. >> look at that gorgeous shot! >> time to lay on the big five. good night. >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing "late show" theme ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey, hey. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show." >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much. ( cheers and applause ) inspirational. >> jon: yeah, yeah. s


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