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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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and the cases before it -- r the passin scalia. now at 6:30, questions about the future of the supreme court and the cases before it after the passing of justice antonin scalia. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. there's no doubt the new justice will become the swing vote but first somebody needs to be nominated. kpix 5's anne makovec talked to bay area experts about what's at
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stake. >> the power is going to shift. it's just enormous. you can't overstate the importance of the change. >> reporter: right now it stands with no liberal or conservative majority, leaving a strong likelihood the justices will split four to four. some of the big cases, states' rights to restrict abortion, affirmative action, president obama's plan to defer deportation for undocumented immigrants, and the california's teachers association right to force all teachers to pay dues. in a 4-4 vote, the opinion of the federal appeals court stands. >> there are very important cases that need to be heard that are not going to be determined if we do not have a ninth member of the supreme court. >> president obama says he will nominate a third justice to the high court but republicans are promising to filibuster anybody he names. >> we should not allow a lame duck president to essentially capture the supreme court in the
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waning months of his presidency. >> reporter: an issue that's quickly becoming front and center in the presidential race. >> all of us democrats, we have a responsibility to make sure a republican doesn't win in november and rip away all the progress we've made together. >> reporter: conservatives are mourning the loss of their long held majority. >> by and large it's been what one would call supportive of criminal justice and law enforcement. >> reporter: san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaff spoke on kpix 5 sunday morning about upcoming cases the court may see involving the death penalty and victims' rights. >> who's on the bench will be crucial in deciding which way it goes. >> reporter: the president hasn't given a timeline on his next nominee but we can expect an awkward dynamic when he does. >> i assume he'll appoint somebody who under normal circumstances would be broadly acceptable but he'll allow the republicans to kick the person around for a while. >> reporter: anne makovec, kpix 5. >> by the way, the supreme court is usually in session until late
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june or early july. following campaign 2016, last night's republican debate proved to be a win for senator marco rubio. cbs reporter craig boswell explains how the victory came at a very critical time. >> reporter: florida republican senator marco rubio was out looking for votes sunday in south carolina. >> if you nominate me, we are going to unify and grow this party but we're also going to unify our country. >> reporter: rubio is riding a wave after saturday night's debate. 32% of republicans and independents in a cbs news poll declared him the winner. >> i thought rubio did a very nice job. >> reporter: donald trump finished second in the poll. the billionaire businessman clashed with rubio and senator ted cruz. >> right now today as a candidate he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. i disagree with him on that. >> you probably are worse than jeb bush. >> reporter: for the democrats, bernie sanders made the rounds on the sunday morning news programs while hillary clinton
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campaigned in nevada. craig boswell, cbs news, greenville, south carolina. new video tonight of a fire that tore through an apartment building. this is from a kpix 5 viewer. if you listen closely you can hear the crackling as the flames rage through the building on fulton street. more than a dozen people were forced out of their homes in the area because of the fire and smoke damage. as intense as it was, everybody made it out with no major injuries. the cause of the fire still a mystery. we're still learning new details about a man murdered in san leandro. police say the victim was a bishop and community leader from a menlo park church. early friday morning a neighbor called police saying she heard him yelling that he didn't want to die. he was stabbed to death in his own home allegedly at the hands of his son. police identified the victim as 54-year-old temen bostick and when officers arrived to his home friday morning, they found his son, 21-year-old isaiah
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bostick covered in blood. they arrested him on the spot. neighbors say they are shocked. >> he's a very nice guy. very happy with his kids. so i don't understand exactly what happened. >> isaiah bostick is being held in jail in dublin. his arraignment is scheduled for wednesday. two people are dead following a fiery crash on the north bay. this is the smoldering aftermath along highway 1 in bodega bay. chp says the car went off the road near harbor way and hit a tree. the man and the woman inside the car died. investigators say it's too early to tell what caused the crash. one person is dead after this crash in oakland overnight. police say the honda was heading south on 57th avenue when it slammed in to a parked semi trailer near international boulevard. the driver died. the passengers expected to survive. both are from san francisco. it's not clear what caused the crash. a bizarre story out of fremont. a man's truck was hit by an arrow fired from a crossbow.
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the man was driving along millmont drive when he heard something hit his vehicle. he stopped and got out to see what it was. that's when he saw the arrow sticking out of his truck. fremont police say they have no suspects or witnesses in the case. some people in the east bay might have felt a little bit of shaking this afternoon, maybe triggered by the concord fault. a small earthquake magnitude 2.8 struck at 4:17 this afternoon. it was centered near concord. no reports of any damage. it's one way to show love to your friends this valentine's day. hundreds in san francisco gathered for a public pillow fight. >> kpix 5's joe vazquez is live at justin herman plaza with the story of a lot of feathered friends. >> right? you can look behind me at justin herman plaza. you can see what appears to be feathers flying. that's because this is the 10th annual valentine's day pillow fight which means for 10 years we were coming out here and wondering aloud, why exactly are
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they doing this? >> why are we doing this? >> because it's fun and everyone is coming together, man. >> a lot of us don't have dates. >> who's going to pick up all the feathers? >> us. >> no, you're not. >> we're supposed to pick it up. [ laughter ] >> why are we doing this? why are we doing this? >> it's fun. >> so there are about a thousand people out here. so it's fun. i'll buy that. as for who's going to pick it up, no, they're not going to pick it up, which leads us to the other annual tradition, guys, right after this is over, somebody's got to pick this up and somebody's got to pay for it and it's taxpayers so this will be the annual grumbling about the valentine's day pillow fight because it costs about $5,000 to
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clean it all up. >> i would have thought the answer to the question of who will clean it up would be blowing in the wind. still ahead, record cold temperatures on the east coast. the icy and dangerous conditions there. >> plus, cliffs collapse as a strong earthquake hits new zealand. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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temperatures have dipp lows.. and it can new yorkers are bundling up and braving the cold tonight. >> temperatures have dipped to record lows and it can be seen all over the city. a fountain in bryant park completely frozen over. the mayor says parts of the city are feeling 20 below zero temperatures and he's advising resident to stay inside. >> here's a look at what's happening in the harbor. lake michigan is turning in to a mosaic. >> turning to boston, look at the sea smoke that's forming. steam that forms when cold air moves over relatively warmer waters. in as many as 18 big cities across the coast experienced record breaking cold today. >> new zealand was rocked by a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. surveillance video caught this truck swaying back and forth in
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a driveway. the force of the quake caused the christ church cliff to collapse. no one was hurt. still ahead, just one day away from music's biggest night. we have a sneak peek at grammy rehearsals and the hardware the winners will take home. >> speaking of records, we're setting some. but it won't last. the return of rain. ,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5's john ramos caught "i do" on for some people, today is the most romantic day of the year. >> john ramos caught up with couples say i do on this valentine's day. >> most sundays the san mateo county is closed because rules are rules but this wasn't just any sunday. >> it's a day we celebrate love and romance in our counties so
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what can be better than that? >> whenever valentine's day falls on a weekend, a bunch of softies at the clerk's office volunteer to come in on their day off to help others tie the knot. couple after couple march down the narrow hallway to the county's wedding chapel. >> i david take thee brianna. >> reporter: david ochoa married his sweetheart brianna chavez on valentine's day because he thought it would be perfect timing. >> are you one of those romantic guys who likes this kind of thing? [ laughter ] >> reporter: david may not be a romeo but he's no fool either. >> it's an easy day to remember. like david said it's a two for one deal. you'll get a valentine's day and an anniversary gift at the same time. [ laughter ] >> reporter: whatever their reasons, 10 couples united on this day. opting for a simple civil ceremony complete with dvd recording. but you could see the feelings still ran deep and even though this place is supposed to be
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closed on sundays -- >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: i'm proud to report on this sunday, love broke all the rules. in redwood city, john ramos, kpix 5. the biggest names in music are getting ready for tomorrow night's grammy awards. suzanne marques caught some of the rehearsals and a sneak peek at what the artists will take home. >> reporter: four-time nominee alabama shakes is preparing for monday's grammy awards. the southern rockers are up for the big prize. album of the year and lead singer and guitarist brittany howard admits they're star struck. >> we come from a little town. it's crazy to be shaking hands with people like adele and prince. wow. >> reporter: a diverse lineup of performers across musical genres. host ll cool j says the closing act is still under wraps.
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>> the appetizers will be amazing and dessert will be spectacular. >> reporter: this year the trophy is outfitted with a grammy cam which will capture video from the winners circle. >> when the grammy award is given to an artist, you'll literally be in the hands of your favorite artist. >> reporter: even if they don't take home a trophy, every nominee is invited. >> they get to come through this gift lounge and fill this trick or treat bag. >> reporter: two-time nominee miguel will take the stage to pay tribute to michael jackson. >> meg ellis is celebrating the 1989 album "off the walls." >> you can watch the grammys live here on kpix 5 tomorrow
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starting with the red carpet preview at 4:00. before that a special edition of kpix 5 news at 3:30. and our own betty yu will be in los angeles to bring us exclusive grammy reports. she loves that red carpet. she owns it. >> so thrilled to be down there. >> it will be great to see. forecast highs are going to be topping what we had today and today we had record highs in the bay area. napa and almost got to a record in oakland. 72 was not a record but santa rosa tied one and concord hit a record at 77 degrees. going to be warm as well as we overlook san jose. the numbers right now, still 70 degrees in concord and the middle of february. 63 in oakland and livermore. 69 in the city. out the door tomorrow morning, numbers come down to the low 50s with sunshine around except for patchy fog at the shoreline. by tomorrow afternoon we'll be back in the mid 70s to near 80
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degrees in some spots. there is rain on the horizon as we'll document shortly. wind in our future for tonight. the brighter red color shows you through 8:00 tomorrow morning, especially in the upper elevations, we've got fairly gusty winds. as the day goes on, the winds cease up. tomorrow should be warmer than it was today. storm tracker remains well to the north. seattle gets a rainy day every day this week. high pressure parked off the california coastline is blocking. bronco neg ursky like. futurecast is showing clear skies. let's roll it through tuesday. tuesday morning, tuesday afternoon we begin to pick up high clouds and that sets the stage for the next dose of rain that comes in wednesday. in the afternoon, first favoring the north bay. late wednesday early thursday, a little bit of rain for the bay area. not a big rain maker. near record highs tomorrow. rain will return by late
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wednesday. then by next weekend indications are it will dry out by next weekend. redding, 81 degrees. 62 at eureka and at the monterey bay aquarium, 73 degrees. sun up at 7:00. forecast highs tomorrow, still plenty warm. mid 70s will do it. warmer at cupertino. 80 degrees there. north bay, plenty warm as well. mid to upper 70s for tomorrow. at ukiah, 80 degrees tomorrow. extended forecast, we're going to be looking for president's day to be sunny and warm. most readings in the 70s. then for tuesday, more sunshine. wednesday and thursday we get a little rain. not a lot. then friday, saturday and sunday we'll begin to clear it out. rain and the at&t common but not this year. >> it was nice. all throughout. first round through the final round today. somebody got a valentine's day gift today that they never
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imagined. a lot of love and tears of joy just off 18th green. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on top of the world... whatt must be like to be vaughn . few had a better golf up top. ranked 447th in the world, but man, he is right on top. what it must be like to be vaughn taylor. few had a better day than him against the backdrop of pebble beach. you see the beauty shot for the final round. par 72 layout to 8. phil mickelson, coleader at this
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point, approach shot like he drew it up on the board. gave him the outright lead for about a cup of coffee. because at 10:00 blitx tied. then vaughn taylor at 14. started the day at six shots back and went on a birdie bonanza. pulled within a shot of mickelson and blitx to 11. mickelson missed the par putt. third bogey of the day. opened the door for blitx to take over. taylor, a grown man shot here. the qualifier cozied up within eight feet. this hole tied for the lead. next hole for taylor. how about four straight birdies, and he grabs the lead. he had a 7 under 65 today. the clubhouse leader.
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at 17, mickelson with two shots went after him. pulls within one shot of taylor with par 5 18th coming up. mickelson from 5 feet to tie him. the lip out. almost brought him to his knees. gave taylor the win. his first in 11 years. $1.2 million winner. bring home to momma on valentine's day. taylor edges mickelson by a shot. blixt finished third. >> vaughn taylor didn't even know he was going to be playing in the tournament. he ends upbeating phil mickelson in dramatic fashion. >> biggest win of your career? >> yes, definitely. no doubt. i was first alternate at the deadline and standing here right now, i can't believe it. this place has been good to me. >> my husband, last year he got to play in 12 pga tour events.
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this is the guy who was on a ryder cup team at one point. he made 11-12 cuts. we missed conditional stats by .053%. that's pretty hard to swallow. >> this was so much fun for me to get back in the thick of it, to feel the pressure to make a couple clutch putts. it never crossed my mind that one on 18 wouldn't go. just tells me i've got a little bit more work to do. >> 1.2 today. nice to swallow. >> i'm not worried about the money. it was points at that point. he missed it. he was planning on playing webb this whole year. and we're trying to have a second child. this will make it a lot easier. >> just a great story for the entire taylor family as he wins here at pebble beach. we'll be on game day tonight with a lot more coverage from the at&t pro am. reporting from monterey, dennis
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o'donnell, kpix 5 sports. >> ms. taylor, we love you. baseball spring training. as and giants pitchers and catchers report in three days. cueto and samardzija, two of the biggest free agent pitchers along with madison bumgarner gives the giants on paper one of the best 1-2-3 rotations in baseball. brandon crawford and the team have bought in. >> we like it. we definitely picked up depth for our whole roster. we've got probably two of the top agents. to be able to add another number one pitcher and probably on most teams it would be a really good number 2 pitcher. on our team he's going to be a number 3 and samardzija. then we have peavey and cane at the back end. that's a pretty impressive staff. that's cal coach lindsey gottlieb, home standing, and her
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team in full strength in pink against arizona. inside move, chris cain scored a game high 24. bears win it 75-56. just their third pac 12 win. stanford in moments against arizona state. >> game day, please get vaughn taylor's wife on. i could listen to her forever. >> we're trying to do all we can. >> really like her. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you later tonight. 60 minutes is coming up next. ,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> is isis coming here? >> i think isil does want to eventually find its mark here. >> you're expecting an attack in the united states? >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, the material or whatever else they need to do. >> the man who was supposed to stop that attack is john brennan, the director of the c.i.a. tonight, in a rare interview, we talked to brennan about a world of trouble. does isis have chemical weapons? >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> john buretta used to run the organized crime section of the u.s. attorney's office in the eastern district of new york, with a specialty in the mafia.


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