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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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day after valentine's day. look at that. i'm michelle griego. >> look at that. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30. what are you doing up at this hour? >> at least they're watching us. it's presidents day as we were referring to and it feels like the beginning of summer. temperatures will top off in the 80s today. good morning, everyone. this is the scene looking out to the shark tank in the south bay in san jose where it's 52. look at san francisco in the low 60s. clear in concord in the 50s. pick your number. 70s at the beaches. 70s at the peninsula. let's say good morning to sandra. >> good news for presidents day. holiday light. and almost all public transportation is on a modified
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schedule. we're looking at holiday scheduling similar to saturday. three men were gunned down at a popular bay area tourist spot and a shooter is still on the loose. police discovered the bloody scene at the twin peaks lookout. they found three men suffering from gunshot wounds and two have died. >> reporter: valentine's night on twin peaks, but it got ugly overnight. >> we're just trying to see the view and it's valentine's weekend. it's so unfortunate. >> two men, ages 20 and 22 were killed and an 18-year-old was shot. >> we want to apprehend whoever did it. >> reporter: this is not the first incident. there was there is a robbery in the last couple of months. >> we've had challenges on twin
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peaks, particularly auto break- ins, some violent crime. we don't have enough police officers. we need more police. >> this sounds really tragic. it makes me appreciate moments like this with people your love and trying to enjoy the weekend as much as we can. >> reporter: police are not elaborating on what led to the shooting. the gunman is not on the loose. in san francisco, two dozen people are searching for a place to liver after this fire gutted their gorgeous victorious home. all of their belongings were destroyed. residents are reeling from the loss. >> you could hear the building next door burning and i could see the fire outside my window. >> reporter: his life changed forever. >> i heard glass breaking and i
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could see the reflection of the flames. >> reporter: by the time he saw the flames, it was too late. the fire quickly spread to the home he shares with several others with no time to save anything. >> it's gone. >> reporter: the iconic homes are attached to each other. but their home was especially unique. >> the house we lived in was one of the last communal living spaces in san francisco. >> reporter: the house mates were all strangers when they first moved in. now a family helping each other at a time when they need each other the most. >> our house was a hub for creativity and essentially like that's gone. we'll figure it out. >> it could be much worse. >> reporter: and there was one injury. an 11-year-old cut his foot. the cause of the fire is under
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investigation. search crews are trying to find a bay area man who went missing during his daughter's wedding. when the family was ready to leave the walnut grove party and run to the bart, he was not around. they recall he wasn't feeling too upbeat. >> he wanted to go back to india. >> not sure what the reasons, but he was not doing well. >> rescue teams are centering the search on a canal near the wedding venue. he worked in san jose. chp will release the names a >> the two people killed in a fiery crash in bodega bay this weekend. this is the aftermath of the collision. the car veered off the road and slammed into a tree early sunday morning. the man and woman inside died. it's not clear what caused the
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crash. in oakland a driver is dead after barreling into a parked semitrailer before early sunday morning. the passenger was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. the car was headed southbound and it crashed. no word on a cause. it's 4:35 on this holiday. and kind of a go do it day. >> go do whatever you want to do. i was in los angeles and left about 1:00 in the afternoon and it's 92 degrees. that's so wrong. and the air quality was pretty compromised too. we'll have good to moderate air quality. but if you suffer from allergies, boy, that count is up. we'll have the complete report in 10 minutes from now. visibility is unlimited. this is a scene looking at to the gorgeous bay bridge. waters are calm. and no breeze to speak of. 62 san francisco. 10degrees cooler to the south
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in san jose. look at these numbers. 19degrees above average in oakland today. these temperatures are striking up to 20 above normal. 70s with the sunshine at the beaches. 70s, 80s, peninsula, and approaching 80 in san jose. 80 in antioch and discovery bay as well. 70s from bodega bay to kentfield. the fog will scrub out. and 80 degrees in ukiah. we have the rain back in the forecast coming up in a matter of minutes. great news as we kick off the workweek on presidents day. no major accidents to report and things seem to be going pretty snootily. let's take you out live. this is a look at san jose and 101 and santa clara street.
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nothing too bad. let's take a look at the drive times for the south bay. on 101 from -- or 280 to -- an 11 minute drive time and don't forget almost all public transportation is on a modified schedule for the day today. officials have determined 79-year-old supreme court justice antonin scalia died of natural causes during a hunting trip to texas. >> reporter: while the body of antonin scalia is transported to washington, debate over his replacement dominates the campaign trail. ted cruz criticized donald trump. >> anyone that writes checks to hillary clinton, does not care about conservative justices on the court.
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>> he voted in favor of obama care. he got there because ted cruz pushed him like wild. >> jeb bush took a more measured tone. >> i think president obama is going to submit a nominee. and in all likelihood this person will be out of the mainstream and will rejected by the senate. >> marco rubio dismissed concerns about the supreme court working with only eight. >> let's let the voters weigh in. >> the court can function with eight justices. >> i don't think that mitch mcconnell has it right on this issue. the constitution is pretty clear. and that is, it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint, nominate members to the supreme court. and the senate confirms. >> president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing, and leader
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mcconnell should follow the constitutional process. funeral arrangements for scalia have yet to be announced with four conservatives and four liberals remaining, the nominee would tip the balance of the court. the elder bush will appear with jeb at a rally in south carolina. jeb bush beliefs his brother could help save the sputtering campaign. he hopes to gain a little momentum. the primary is saturday. big name musicians are crossing their fingers because their grammy fates are decided tonight. you'll get a sense of how it feels to clutch the top prize. a grammy cam inside each trophy will capture the winners circle. >> when the grammy award is given to an artist you will
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literally be in the hands of your favorite artist. you'll see their point of view and perspective. >> alabama shakes took the stage and they join a lineup of musicians from several genres. and l.l. cool j won't know the final performer until they take the mike. >> rapper and nominee pit bull will rock the grammy stage with a diverse mashup of musicians. >> joe perry, aerosmith, doesn't get more rock and roll than that. >> reporter: it partners artists from different genres and generations and rising stars. this soul singer will meld her voice in a duet. this year's grammys is different. the show will be filled with
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tributes to honor the long list of music legends who have died recently. album of the year contender chris stapleton will lead a tribute to b.b. king. bonnie raitt will also performance. >> he's had more influence than i can think of in the blues and rock and roll. >> lady gaga's homage to david bowie. >> this is very personal 'cause it feels like a wonderful way to say goodbye. >> the biggest spotlight may belong to taylor swift. and for the full scope on the grammys, don't miss our interviews with l.l. cool j and fernando and greg.
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catch hose right here on kpix. and we have exclusive reports from staples center. the special edition of the news airs at 3:30 this afternoon. and then you can catch the red carpet preview at 4:00 and the grammys live at 5:00 on kpix 5. time is 4:42 on this monday. life-threatening cold temperatures coming to the northeast. with people being warned to stay inside. we'll take you to the sights and sounds of the record cold snap when we come back. stay right there. ,,
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it was a tight squeeze insi while skiers waited to be rescued. their tram stopped dozens of skiers are on solid ground after a traffic jam got stuck. it was a tight squeeze while they waited to be rescued.
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crewed had to use a cable to get the 48 skiers back to the ground one by one. a brake problem was to blame. record low temperatures and it's not over just yet. new york city saw the coldest temperatures since 1916. temperatures reached far below zero in much of the northeast. and in manhattan new yorkers were not going to let all the cold get in the way of the valentine's day love. >> if this isn't love, i don't know what is, to get married in 1 degree weather. >> what does it feel like? >> hell, i guess. >> in boston, railway workers used fire to keep the tracks from freezing. freezing temperatures are expected from -- for the rest of the week in the northeast. this is the belmont harbor. huge ice chunks are turning lake michigan into a mosaic. and steam forms when cold air moves over the warmer waters. >> i own a cottage in new
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hampshire and i called my tenant yesterday. it was 10 below at noontime. >> they can't relate. >> when i lived in chicago i lived close to lake michigan. and i used to love watching the ships cutting up the ice. >> good we're in the bay area where it's warm. >> and we're experiencing record heat. this should be it as far as the hot weather is concerned. i'm banking on el niño to return by the end of the month. after march 7th we get back in the rainy period. i found it very, very mild overnight. kicking off the sheets. 62degrees in san francisco and 52 in santa rosa. the rain will return on wednesday and then we'll be drying out by next weekend. and this is the satellite and
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radar. and sure, we do have the clouds and the storminess. and high pressure continues to build into the state of california. it's diverting the storm track. you can see it right there. we'll see a little bit of erosion in the dome of high pressure and allowing rain to return by next week. and the snowpack is still okay. we've seen temperatures in the mid-50s in the greater lake tahoe area. but it's time to get more snow. with the temperature at 56 degrees today. it's cold enough to make more snow. we're pushing 80 in monterey. back into caramel and pebble beach. wasn't it gorgeous for the classic. 70s to 80s today. there'll be record high temperatures. 81degrees in santa rosa. and about 82 and cloverdale. and otherwise, the beaches in the 70s. don't forget the sun block. knocking back the numbers by
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midweek. and light rain developing wednesday and thursday. beautiful weather to get outside. good news on the roads as well. we're starting things off holiday light. things are looking beautiful. no major accidents to report. here's a live look at 101 and santa clara street. and you can see several people on the roadways and plenty of headlights coming towards the came. and no major delays to report. let's take a look at the drive times. it's close to the san jose airport. and 45 miles per hour on 85 this morning. year all, things looking great. 280 from 101 to highway 85. an 11 minute drive time. and 87 from 85 to 101, right now just about eight minutes, not bad at all as we kick off the workweek. here's a live look at the bay
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bridge. we're seeing a few headlights and nothing bad. from the carquinez bridge to the maze is a 19-minute drive time. and all the transit systems are on a modified schedule. and if you're parking in downtown san francisco you have to feed the meter. john ramos was there as they tied the knot. >> reporter: most sundays the san mateo recorders office sits empty because well, you know, rules are rules. but this wasn't just any sunday. >> it's the day we celebrate love and romance in our county so what could be better. >> when valentine's day falls on a weekend, a bunch of softies volunteer to come in on their day off to help others tie the knot. couple after couple marched
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down to the wedding chapel. >> i take thee brianna. >> david ochoa married his sweetheart on valentine's day. >> are you one of those romantic guys who likes this kind of thing. >> no. [ laughter ] >> he's not a romeo, but he's no fool. >> it's a two for one deal. valentine's day and anniversary gift at one time. [ laughter ] >> whatever the reasons, 10 couples united on this day, opting for a simple civil ceremony complete with dvd recording. but the feelings ran deep. >> i know pronounce you husband and wife. congratulations. >> i am proud to report that on this sunday love broke all the rules. in redwood city, joe ramos,
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kpix 5. pope francis continues his historic trip to mexico with a wit to the southern border. we take you inside the huge crowd surrounding the trip so far. i love kendrick lamar because he's so soulful. and i'm excited. >> i like taylor swift. when she's singing and with her songs it's like she has a window to everyone's lives and the things she writes about are real life sings. >> i'm watch it for taylor swift and adele. and anything adele does -- she's amazing. and she's the only person who every single age person, every person in the world can like adele. if you don't like adele. you have no soul. ,,,,,, ♪ music
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kids will spend 15 minutes watching online videos like this one. brushing for two minutes now, can save your child from severe tooth pain later. two minutes twice a day. they have the time.
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good morning. almost 20 degrees above average in oakland. 75 in half moon bay. and to the east, 80 degrees. and discovery bay, i see water sports. 72 in bodega bay and 80s in cloverdale. enjoy the beautiful weather. good news on the roadways. we're looking at lots of green on the maps this morning. expect holiday light conditions as we kick off the workweek. time is 4:54. and pope francis continues the mexico trip heading to the southern border after a jam packed sunday that included an outdoor mass. adriana diaz has the latest out of mexico city.
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>> reporter: pope francis visited a children's hospital in next city and gave a sick boy medicine. he asked the children to pray for him. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a young girl serenaded the pope with a rendition of ave maria. >> he's here for many people. >> reporter: the holy father traveled by helicopter on sunday. there he celebrated an outdoor mass before more than 300,000, the largest event on the six day historic visit. in his homily, the pope urged mexicans to build a society with equal opportunity for all. an estimated 2 million people lined the motorcade route. many waving vatican flags and balloons. >> amazing, amazing. >> did you like his white car?
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>> si. >> he traveled to chiapas to visit with indigenous people living on the border. mexican officials started spraying to protect the pope from the zika virus. a weekend earthquake in new zealand. the 5.8 magnitude quake struck the town of christchurch. huge chunks of sea wall toppled into the ocean. and on the mainland, no one was hurt. and the quake occurred days before the anniversary of a deadly 15 years ago. in fremont. a man's truck was hit by an arrow fired from a cross bow.
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he stopped when he heard something hit the vehicle. and he saw the arrow sticking out of the truck. no suspects or witnesses in this case. a quirky tradition could cost someone a lot of money. hundreds of people flooded justin herman plaza to join the pillow fight. and we saw people trying to pick up the mess. the annual event usually costs about $5000 for city workers to clean up. it's 4:57 on this holiday. chilling new details in the case of a church bishop allegedly murdered by his own son. more on the investigation as the community mourns. two men are dead and one injured after a shooting that happened at twin peaks. ,,
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> and good monday morning, everyone. rise and shine. a beautiful shot atop the transamerica pyramid. looking down on the bay and the gorgeous bay bridge at 5:00 in the morning on a holiday. hi everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. >> a deadly shooting at a popular tourist destination. and police are looking for the gunman who shot three people on twin peaks. two of the victims died. jackie ward is live at twin peaks with more on the investigation. >> reporter: of course, twin peaks is known for the postcard views. a double murder is the last thing on anyone's mind. a 20-year-old and a 22-year-old were killed when a gunman opened fire. and the shoor


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