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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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jackie-- >> reporter: good morning, frank and because of that double fatal shooting there is a police
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[technical difficulties ] >> we have a live report from menlo park at the church now missing its leader. >> reporter: this is the mount olive church of god. so far nobody here wanted to talk about the death of their bishop. here is his picture. he is a sunday school teacher, deacon, minister, and most recently bishop.
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he was stabbed to death in san leandro in his apartment. a neighbor reported hearing a struggle and a man saying your dad is bleeding. i don't want to die. his son was arrested in the murder. the parishioners are in shock. >> very happy with his kids so i don't understand exactly what happened. >> now, the son's name isaiah bostick and he is being held without bail at the jail. investigators are not given us any information on the motive in this murder but the district attorney plans to file murder charges tomorrow. chp will release the names of two people killed in a fiery crash in bodega bay this weekend. and this is the aftermath of the collision that happened on highway 1. chp says the car veered off the road and slammed into a tree early sunday morning. a man and a woman died.
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investigators don't know what caused the crash. and in oakland a driver is dead after barreling into a semi. the car was headed southbound on 57th avenue and it crashed. no word on what might have caused that crash. let's get a check on the morning commute. >> something we don't see every day is the bay bridge looking as clear as it is right now. overall, things are looking pretty smooth. 80 from carquinez bridge to the maze. and a 19-minute drive time, perfect as we kick off our presidents day. the altamont pass, starting to see yellow arrows. but as you approach the dublin interchange you're starting to see a bigger volume of vehicles on the roadways. and currently, a 15 minute drive. and no major delays on the roadways. heading south as we go to san
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jose, southbound 680 as kidnapping road. an overturned vehicle may cause a distraction. they are bringing tow trucks out. and it's not blocking any lanes on 680. and if you're taking public transit. make sure to check the schedules before you head out the door and you do have to feed the meters if you're parking in downtown san francisco this morning. 280 from u.s. 101 to highway 85. perfect. 87 from 85 to 101, only 18 minutes. roberta, something i have no seen -- fog, rain. >> great observation. good morning, everybody. i wanted to share this view from mount vaughn taylor kanye west. and the winds there are have
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been -- mount diablo with winds up to 60. and look at the horizon. it's the morning star. we to have some temperatures in the 50s. it's 5 degrees in san francisco at the surface. the winds are under 5 miles per hour. we've been picking up winds up to 14 miles per hour in the santa rosa area. and dying down to nine. we'll have offshore winds and up to 15 miles per hour. you couple the winds are the warm air mass. and 19 degrees above average in oakland today. head west and temperatures in the 70s. 78degrees in morgan hill. numbers stacking up to 80 easily in disco bay. and mid-70s from -- all the way to san rafael. and upper 70s and low 80s from
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the lake port area. we're going to talk about rain and when you'll need the umbrella. that's coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. it's been less than 48 hours since supreme court justice antonin scalia was found dead at a texas vacation resort. and washington is already buzzing about a replacement. his body is being flown to washington today. candidates for president are weighing in. republicans are fighting for a delay until a new president is elected to make an appointment. and democrats say it's president obama's constitutional obligation to make an appointment. >> the constitution is pretty clear and that is, it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint, nominate members to the supreme court and the senate confirms. >> let's let the voters weigh in and then we'll have an appointment. the court can function with eight justices. it does all the time.
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>> funeral arrangements have not been announced to the public yet. and scalia's death may have an impact on several big cases and the justices need to rule on states rights to restrict abortion, a case on affirmative action. a case on undocumented immigrants and to decide if the california teachers association can force all teachers to pay dues. he worked for police department for 30 years. and police say he was shot and killed by the father of his grandson. the service will be held friday at the richmond memorial auditorium. and the search continues for a missing alameda man. he was due for an appointment in san francisco. and has not been seen since his wife dropped him off. his millions to the feds for
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get rich quick informational scam. they are searching for him starting at san francisco's seal rock inn. a dangerous cold snap gripping the eastern u.s. and causing all kinds of problems. and things are only going to get worse. and we'll get to watch the grammy awards live on the west coast for the very first time tonight. we'll talk with the host, l.l. cool j about what to expect. >> i cannot wait to see rihanna. and i dance to every single song and dance around my room. that's the one i'm looking forward to the most. ,,,,,, ,,
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alex lieuy. a beautiful view from twin peaks this morning as he works with jackie ward. thanks, guys, that's gorgeous. we'll talk about the clouds and the impact on the presidents day forecast coming up in six minutes. dozens of skiers are now on solid ground after the traffic jam got stuck. it was a tight squeeze while they waited for a rescue. the traffic jam stopped 40 feet up at a new hampshire resort. crews had to use a cable to get the skiers to the ground one by one. record low temperatures in the east coast. and the cold snap is not over yet. new york city saw the coldest temperatures since 1916. temperatures reached far below zero in much of the east. in manhattan, new yorkers were not going to let the cold get in the way. >> if this is not love, i don't know what is. to get married in 1 degree
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weather, it's crazy. >> reporter: what does it actually feels like. >> feels like, well, i don't know, hell. in boston, the railway workers used fire to keep the tracks from freezing. freezing temperatures are expected for the rest of the week. a drug bust in australia unlike any other. a drug known as ice was stashed inside thousands of boxes of bar inserts and art supplies. all the ice worth a billion australian dollars and $7.5 million in american money. the haul traced back to hong kong. it's a big night for cbs and all the music lovers out there. it's the grammys. >> we went out and got the inside scoop on the awards from l.l. cool j and our own fernando and greg. >> i'm ready, i'm ready. i'm excited. >> l.l. cool j will host music's
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biggest night with 30 performances including adele. >> adele is an amazing story. her new record has broken all kinds of records. the grammys is not only about sales, it's about artistry. >> and that crosses all the musical lines. from kendrick lamar who could win album of the year and be the first rapper to do so. >> taylor swift is up for seven grammys with the smash album 1989. >> the night will be filled with tributes to jackson brown will join the eagles to honor glenn frye. >> lady gaga will honor david bowie. and gary clark jr. will slate the late, great b.b. king. and expect music with a message. beyonce's performance gave light to the black lives matter
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movement. he says that's inspired others. >> that's what artists do. they challenge certain sectors of society to look at themselves. artists are not always right. and they're not always wrong. that's what music and art is about. >> reporter: our friends fernando and greg from 99.7 -- let's get their take. who are you most excited to see perform? >> adele. >> taylor swift. >> what do you think about kendrick lamar. >> i think he's going to win a lot. >> i don't get it. i've listened to the album once or twice. >> ed sheeren will get it for thinking out loud. >> girl crush wins almost everything it's up for. i think it's going to win song of the year. >> reporter: who do you think was snubbed? >> kanye west, he will say
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kanye west. he's always mad so let's go with kanye west. >> i'll agree. >> who do you think will have the craziest outfit? >> it might be gaga thing. let's go back with her with gaga. >> a space rocket or something. [ laughter ] >> or go out that way. who knows. >> i think it's going to be adele in a see through suit. >> with nothing underneath. >> let's bank on it. >> we'll all pray. >> they have different views on everything. >> that's why they're so good. >> one thing they agreed on was bruno mars. >> i think jackson brown joining the eagles. i like the tributes that are going to happen. a lot of fun. and lady gaga, you never know what she'll come up. we have exclusive reports from the staples center.
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and a special i addition of the news airs at 3:30. and you can catch the red carpet preview at 4:00. i like the outfits and the live at 5:00 grammys. >> i think betty yu covered every super bowl party and she's covering the grammys. livin' large. >> obviously, the boss likes her. >> she's good at what she does. >> i would like to see -- who looks like david bowie. and i'm with you with the old school. looking forward to the eagles. >> do you think cher might make an appearance? >> maybe. >> how about best dressed? >> taylor swift always looks so good. >> she's up for seven or eight. she's amazing. going from country to pop. >> and as long as lady gaga
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doesn't show up in a bacon suit. >> she might come as an astronaut with ground control to major tom. >> how about traffic. >> we started light but things are picking up. the bay bridge, no major delays. it's looking picture perfect from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and the sunrise looking beautiful. if you're eastbound on the bay bridge this morning. we got word of a bumper in the fast line. right now we are not seeing any major delays. just keep it in mind and be extra caution. they are working on getting that cleared out. there's a crash. westbound 84 at 680. we are not seeing any major delays. and they are working on clearing that. and that's another thing to keep in mind as you head out the door. and we're seeing mostly green on the sensors all the way to
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680. that's not something we typically see on a monday morning. if you're taking public transit, just keep in mind this is a holiday schedule for bart, east train, caltrain, and muni. check ahead to check the schedules. let's get a look at the forecast. >> i'm so loving the longer days. and i love when the sun sets at 5:48. we have two minutes and 15 seconds more of visible daylight. get out and guy every minute of it. temperatures 20 degrees. 20 above average. we're currently very mild in the 50s. the winds are under 10 miles per hour. and when they increase up to 15. if you sneeze and you wheeze from allergies, be prepared. we have high counts of pollen in the air today and tomorrow. here's what you need to know on presidents day. we'll see record high
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temperatures. it is likely. the rain will return on wednesday. and then we dry out by the weekends. seeing a couple of glitches on the satellite and radar image. the satellite itself. here is the jet stream. it's steering all the clouds in the area. and here's future cast. and this time tomorrow clear skies with the offshore flow. and then comes the wednesday and we begin to cloud over. and by wednesday at lunch hour we see the light rain falling north of the golden gate bridge. and scattered showers on thursday. and it's going to be warmer in san francisco today than merced and fresno. temperatures 70s and 80s. record highs tuesday. and rain on wednesday, thursday, and dry for the weekend. and that's your presidents day forecast. >> time now is 6:20. a bay area man suddenly vanishes in the middle of his
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daughter's wedding. we'll have the investigation into his bizarre disappearance. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. how is that coffee going? hey, i only got a minute but it's a quality 60 seconds. off the shores of the monterey peninsula. pebble beach pro am finale. story of vaughn taylor. ranked 447th in the world and he's doing this. led the pebble beach pro-am after 16. the only one to catch him was phil mickelson within one at 17. he stood 5 feet away from forcing a playoff. and this happened. oh, man. the lipper.
6:25 am
vaughn taylor became the 2016 champion, got a spot in the masters, and a $1.2 million check. kobe bryant high flying all night. and here's lebron james. jamming it home. steph curry passes up a three. a one handed baseline rip. and the west won it 196-173. the highest scores all star game in history. nice sendoff for number 24. that's sports at this hour. everybody have a great monday! i'll see you around. >> i wonder if verne has come down. he was fired up. during a time-out 3rd quarter, that's the pro-dunker, his name is jordan kilgannin and he throws down the scorpion dunk. the players can't believe their eyes. up he goes, over the player,
6:26 am
grabs the ball. behind is back for the flush. amazing. your play of the day. ing the 6:26 right now. the bay area will be well represented at tonight's grammys. we'll introduce you to all the local nominees. >> reporter: two men are dead and one seriously injured after a shooting here on twin peaks. the shooter is still out there. bringing you the details in a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a local bishop is stabbed to death. i'm live in menlo park where his parishioners are trying to
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figure out how his son might have been involved. and dozens are forced to scramble for safety when a fire erupts inside a famous victorian home. are you sneezing? i'll have the pollen report. and a fire on northbound 101 at alexander avenue. and it may be impacting traffic. we'll have details on that straight ahead. good morning, everyone. monday, february 15th. and i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. and the time is 6:30. a horrific crime in one of san francisco's most romantic sites. three men were shot at twin peaks. two of the men died. >> reporter: police opened this area here at twin peaks just around 4:00 this morning and were here until 20 minutes ago. there was a police presence.
6:31 am
the shooter is still out there. and that's why they're monitoring the air. a 20-year-old and a 22-year-old man were killed when a gunman opened fire just after 2:00 yesterday morning. and the shooter hit an 18-year- old man who is now suffering from life-threatening injuries. all three men were targets and still the area is known as a tourist destination. and it's had a string of problems, this murder being the most serious. >> this sounds really tragic. it makes you appreciate moments like this with people your love and trying to enjoy the evening as much as we can. >> reporter: this is not the first incident up here recently. there was a robbery a couple of months ago actually. and the lack of manpower is the problem. there are not enough patrols to monitor all sorts of areas around the city. police are looking for the shooter. if you have information, give police a call. from twin peaks, jackie ward,
6:32 am
kpix 5. in san francisco, two dozen people are searching for a place to live after a fire gutted their gorgeous victorians. all of the belongings were destroyed in the fire. maria medina spoke with the residents. >> i could see the fire outside my windows. >> reporter: his life changed forever. >> i was reading and i heard glass breaking and i heard glass break again. and i went to my window and i could see the reflection of the flames. >> reporter: by the time he saw the flames, it was too late. the fire spread to the home he shares with several others with no time to grab anything. >> basically lost it all. >> the iconic san francisco victorian homes are attached to each other. but their home was especially unique. >> the house we lived in was
6:33 am
one of the last communal living spaces in san francisco. >> they were all strangers when they first moved in. and now a family helping one another at a time when they need each other the most. >> it's unfortunate. our house was a hub for creativity. and essentially like you know that's gone so we'll figure that out later. >> it could be much worse. >> and there was one injury. an 11-year-old who cut his foot. the cause of the fire is under investigation. it's 6:33 and let's get a check on weather. yesterday was beautiful. >> was it breezy. >> it actually felt good because it was warm. mount diablo this morning, 60- mile-per-hour wind gusts and at the service we've seen winds 10 miles per hour. during the day, 10 to 15.
6:34 am
and boy, those winds are usualing the -- ushering the pollen around. this is a bird's-eye view for the you. isn't that gorgeous. and you can see all the way to mount diablo this morning. the coast is clear. san francisco 58 degrees. and we're in the high 50s in san jose. and here is your pollen report. if you suffer from allergies, perhaps sneezing and the itchy eyes today and tomorrow. extremely uncomfortable until rain is back in the forecast. up to 20 degrees above average today. head to the beach. pack a lunch. temperatures in the 70s. approaching 80 degrees in cupertino. and san jose high 70s. and 80 in brentwood back to disco bay. and north bay numbers in the 70s to low 80s all the way to the lake port area. we'll talk about rain and when
6:35 am
you can expect it. if you're planning on heading north out of san francisco this morning, just keep in mind northbound 101 we may see a slight impact in traffic because of an earlier brush fire that's been extinguished. they are out investigating. we are not seeing any major delays on the sensors so that's good news. and they have cleared this away and the investigation may take over one lane. here's something you don't see every day. beautiful sunrise on the bay bridge and a lack of major delays on the bridge. it looks gorgeous. 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and a 19-minute drive time. on the san mateo bridge lots of brake lights and no major delays or accidents on the bridge. 92 to u.s. 101 in the green and 14 minutes on this presidents day. here's a look at the drive times. 580 from -- currently 15 minutes to 680.
6:36 am
and we started to see slowdowns and that's cleared up. the green arrows are back on the map. and in sunol. that's off to the side of the road. happening today, this free shuttle in mountain view is getting more reliable for riders. route changes and scheduled tweaks are set to improve on time performance. the electric buses are shifting two stops to weekend only options. and the fixed internationals for weekdays and weekends. a bay area pastor was killed in his own home. and police believe the attacker was a family member. a congregation is mourning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nobody here at the mount olive church of god wants to talk yet about the death of their bishop. here is his picture.
6:37 am
the 54-year-old sunday school teacher, minister, and bishop was stabbed to death. a neighbor reported hearing a struggle and a man saying your dad is bleeding. i don't want to die. his son was arrested in his murder. the parishioners are in shock. >> very happy with his kids so i don't understand exactly what happened. >> here is a picture of his son isaiah bostick who is being held without bail. the motive is a real mystery. the district attorney plans to file murder charges tomorrow. >> ann, do the police have any idea why this happened? >> reporter: it is a real mystery and nobody at the church wants to talk about it. a lot of neighbors were really quiet. we'll have to wait for the early court proceedings.
6:38 am
investigators seem pretty sure that they have their man. the bishop's son. search crews are trying to find a bay area man who went missing during his daughter's wedding. he went for a walk during the reception on saturday and when the family was ready to return to the bay area, he was not around. now, relatives recall he wasn't feeling too upbeat before his daughter's big day. >> sounded like he was i mean a little different and he wanted to go back to india. >> for the last few days a little bit -- not sure what the reasons -- but not doing well. >> rescue teams are centering the search on the canal near the wedding venue. the 55-year-old worked in san jose. a man's truck was hit by an arrow fired from a cross bow. the man was driving wednesday and heard something hit his vehicle. and there it was.
6:39 am
he saw an arrow sticking out of his truck. fremont police have no suspects or witnesses in the case. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia will have a ripple effect for years to come. we'll discuss all the fallout. a host of bay area musicians are hoping to bring home the gold at tonight's grammys. we'll hear from some of the artists. i like taylor swift. and i teach a class here and i play it all the time and it's
6:40 am
one of my favorites. i can't imagine that anyone is going to beat her. ,,
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golding. i'm obsessed with her. and i love her whole persona. >> the bay area is rich with talent. and no surprise we have topnotch nominees in tonight's grammy awards. >> we sat down with the local performers hoping for a grammy tonight. >> reporter: from latin rock to a poem put to music. >> there's a little bit of everything for everyone in this year's grammy nominees. ♪ [ music ] >> klani is up for best contemporary album. and the 20-year-old is from oakland. up for best improvised jazz solo, joshua redmond, born in berkeley. >> and best latin rock urban or alternative album.
6:44 am
>> to win the grammy would be an amazing honor. >> reporter: the first nicaraguan band to get a nod at the grammys. many of the musicians live in the bay area. >> i'm glad to be a part of the group and see what's going to happen. >> keith johnson with his son sean engineered this symphony. >> i got close to what i was hoping for with it. >> the second album was engineered and recorded by leslie ann jones. >> we recorded the orchestra here over a few days. and it was really fantastic. >> reporter: the piece was based on a poem written by langston hughes. the musicians included the orchestra. >> to me it's wonderful to be a part of the project. >> reporter: finally, some
6:45 am
legendary bay area bands are up for special awards. grateful dead, honoring boom boom. also jefferson airplane. >> bittersweet since the airplane's paul kantnor recently passed away. and betty is going to hop a flight to l.a. and offer exclusive reports from the staples center. our special edition airs tonight at 3:30 this afternoon actually. and catch the red carpet preview at 4:00 and the grammys live at 5:00 right here on kpix 5 which means we get to watch too. >> it's so cool. let's get a check on the roads. >> good morning. actually wanted to take you to the golden gate bridge. not because of traffic. take a look at the sunrise. and also notice not many cars on the roadway. that's because it's presidents
6:46 am
day. and looking holiday light 101 all the way to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. and a 14-minute drive time. if you're heading northbound out of the city. keep in mind an earlier brush fire that has been extinguished may cause a distraction on the side of the road. this is northbound 101 at alexander avenue. the fire is gone and it may cause a little distraction. another crash, eastbound 80 at month vista. a lot of people are probably traveling back from tahoe. we might begin to see slowdowns. that's something to keep in mind. another thing to keep in mind, speaking of holidays, the public transit system currently looking at holiday scheduling. looking at different schedules and you'll want to check that before you step out the door this morning. and here's something you don't see every day. the bay bridge is looking light as the sun is rising in the
6:47 am
background. the metering lights are off for the holiday. and currently looking at a 20- minute drive time. roberta, good morning. it's weather watcher time. time to check in with people who have weather stations around the bay area. you could be a weather watcher. and what you do is check in with me. and let's see what linda has to say. 50degrees. no winds at this hour. and we have layered colored bands and calm winds and mild temperatures. i don't know what that looks like. this is live from twin peaks. thank you, photo journalist -- and also reporter jackie ward for providing that gorgeous view. take a look at that. that's beautiful. we do have a bit of a wind in the san jose area and pretty much at the surface from the golden gate bridge. we now have 59 degrees. and in the mid-50s throughout
6:48 am
the valley. oakland at 56. the wind has been ushering the pollen around. and the counts remain on the high side. if you sneeze and wheeze, today and tomorrow will be uncomfortable days. we'll establish record high temperatures. we dry out for the weekend. two glitches in the satellite and radar. we're having maintenance done on the satellites. future cast illustrates tuesday a clear offshore day. and wednesday we cloud up. rain by the lunch hour north of the golden gate bridge and the peninsula. and a secondary front wants to move through on thursday with light amounts of rain. 75 monterey. and it will be warmer in san francisco than in fresno. the pristine spring skiing. longer days, 70s and 80s, 81 degrees in santa rosa. and 82 in cloverdale. equally as warm tomorrow, just
6:49 am
about. and rain on wednesday and thursday. make it a great holiday. enjoy. the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has sent shock waves through the world. >> with us is melissa caen. >> the loss of justice scalia was huge. he was such an original jurist. his opinions would be littered with vivid insults. he would call the opposing arguments tutti-frutti and -- [ indiscernible ] his rulings are really fascinating. and he was 79 years old. so his death was a surprise. there's no replacement waiting. president obama has said that he is going to nominate someone and whomever he picks has to be approved by the senate.
6:50 am
and republican leaders are not going to approve anyone nominated by obama. the president is going to pick someone and the senate republicans will say no. and we'll watch this dance until we get a new president, a new senate, or both. well, the candidates wasting no time on the presidential trail. they are already positioning themselves. how is that going to impact the race itself? if you can believe it. one of the most bizarre races in modern political history is about to get crazier. in the presidential election there's the prospect of appointing a supreme court justice. it's in the abstract. and now it's a real thing. candidates will have to name names and say exactly who they would appoint and why. so while president obama's nominee is being vetted in the senate. the public will be checking out the candidates' nominees. and this is a whole huge new issue to fight about among the
6:51 am
candidates. for obama look for him to nominate someone voters will like. maybe a woman, a minority, or someone from a swing state. when republicans block that person. hillary clinton and bernie sanders can use that against the republican candidates, hoping to stir up back lash. >> what happens at the supreme court in the meantime? >> life goes on. and the first thing you should know is that eight is enough. i'm sorry, i couldn't resist. with four or five months left in the session. the eight justices still on the court can decide all the remaining cases. or-- big or -- they could put aside some cases and once there's a new ninth justice they can redo the whole thing and hear arguments and go through the whole process. in the coming months, we'll find out what the eight justices plan to do with all the remaining cases. >> and there are a number of
6:52 am
important cases that are pending, right? >> this is really a bad time frankly to be dealing with this. the court is sitting on huge cases, abortion rights, immigration, and one from california that could have sweeping and negative impacts on public employee unions. these cases look like good candidates but until we get a new justice. these are the kind of cases that the justices might decide to wait on that new ninth justice before they decide. so stay tuned. if you didn't think this year's election was important before, the stakes just got much, much higher. >> melissa cane on a monday. 6:52 and a dangerous cold snap is causing serious problems in the eastern u.s. and things are only getting worse. twin peaks is back open after a triple shooting that
6:53 am
took place over valentine's weekend. the details are next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ justice antonin scalia is bk in the washington area. ear-old died of natu five things to know. the body of antonin scalia is back in washington now. the 79-year-old died of natural causes during a hunting trip to texas. and it's now up to the president to name a replacement. some republicans have vowed to delay the process until president obama is out of office. pope francis continues his visit to mexico. he celebrated mass in one of mexico's most dangerous towns and the pope visited a children's hospital. and a blast of wintry weather hitting washington, d.c. all the way up to new england. they are expected to get snow,
6:57 am
sleet, and freezing rain, and record low temperatures have knocked out power for thousands. a fire at a home in san francisco has lost two dozen people without a place to stay. one building caught fire and the flames spread to a neighboring home. some tenants tell us all of their belongings were destroyed. gus vegas worked for the police department for 30 years. the public service is friday at the richmond memorial auditorium at 10 a.m. i'm jackie ward live from twin peaks where a triple shooting happened over the weekend leaving two men dead. the 20-year-old and the 22-year- old were killed. and the shooter also hit an 18- year-old man who is suffering from life-threatening injuries. all three men were targets and
6:58 am
this area is known as a tourist destination and has had a string of problems lately. >> we've had challenges on twin peaks, particularly auto break- ins, some violent crime. and mostly auto break-ins. we don't have enough police officers. we need more police. if you recall there was a robbery a couple of months ago. as you heard a lack of police patrols available to monitor the area. and that may be the reason for the incidents occurring. and police don't know where the shooter is. if you know anything about the investigation, call police. from twin peaks, jackie ward, kpix 5. a lot of people are heading back from tahoe on this presidents day. and one thing that may cause a bit of a dismissed traction, 80 eastbound at monte vista. still only debris in the roadway and it's not causing any major delays. we're on a holiday schedule for the public transit.
6:59 am
most of them on a saturday schedule. and something you don't see every day. the bay bridge -- look at how light the traffic is. 80s from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and only a 20-minute drive time. head west, young man. the coast is clear. isn't that gorgeous. what do you think of when you see that? >> vacation. >> i think of hooky. [ laughter ] >> temperatures now in the 50s to 60 degrees. and it's so mild. if you suffer from allergies, a little bit on the uncomfortable side today and tomorrow. and the rain moves in on wednesday and otherwise, today, near and record warmth. temperatures arching up to 20 degrees above normal. oakland, 79 degrees. and outside number will be 82 degrees. 70s and 80s and a slight breeze offshore to 15 late day. there's the rain on wednesday and thursday. and dry skies and seasonal by next weekend. >> all for it. thanks for watching, everyone.
7:00 am
>> wow, twin peaks. >> it's a hooky day for sure. >> that's alex -- providing us with that. >> wow. lindsey graham. orin hatch. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west, it is monday, february 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the supreme court loses a conservative titan, justice antonin scalia's death triggers an epic battle over his replacement. donald trump has a commanding lead in south carolina, but former president george w bush hits the trails today hoping to give his brothers a boost. the grammys are getting political. what to expect on music's biggest night. we begin with your world in 90 seconds. >> simply i cannot think of what i would do for an encore. i can't


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