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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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,,,, a grainy picture of a missing man on a bay area trail, just one bit of everyday that his family is holding onto. good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallika.
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>> and i'm michelle griigo, and we have a major piece of the puzzle as to why he may have taken off. >> reporter: we are here at land's end, and john has not used his bank account or credit card. john beck's family said this was beck on land's end, taken and posted on instagram the day he disappeared. >> that's definitely my dad. it's his posture. you can have tell. >> reporter: it's one of the few clues she's gotten since john was dropped off by his wife at a bart station supposedly to see his lawyer on tuesday. he never showed up. >> we're grasping for anything. >> reporter: the reason he was seeing his lawyer in he was ordered to pay $113 million over a get rich quick
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informercial scam regarding flipping homes. but the government sued beck saying it was all a scam. in total, beck made $9 million off his informercials and more than $175 million on personal coaching services. >> of course it's a factor but it's not the only factor. >> reporter: john beck is a father of 3 and a grandfather of 4. >> he had so much love in his life. >> reporter: the morning of his disappearance, beck googled public transit directions from oakland to land's end. searchers found a photo posted at land's end at 12:08 that day by an instagram user. >> dad, we miss you and love you. so matter what, we want you to come home. we'll work whatever it is out. >> reporter: and searchers are
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scouring around the legion of honor hoping to get dogs in the area to help out. and people searching in the areas are worried about what they might find. still no sign of a bay area man whoever went missing during his daughter's wedding saturday in walnut grove south of sacramento. police say that 55-year-old prasad moparti went for a walk but they couldn't find him later that day. friendsand family say he has been depressed. and a major out origin from coast to coast including the bay area, but the cable internet giant is slowly restoring service to an estimated 17,000 customers. happening today, look out your window if you aren't already. the sun is shining. break out the shorts and flip flops. the bay area is enjoying
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unseasonably warm weather considering it's only february. roberta is watching the temps go up, and the changes, they're coming? they are a 'coming but not today and we are in looking at a heat wave, about 20 degrees above average. you want to know what an offshore flow looks like? that's it. in san francisco, we had to go back to 1930 forward record, 76, and today, we're forecasting 74. we'll have a big-time change coming up midweek and details are coming up later in the newscast. thank you, roberta. new details on a shooting at twin peaks.
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two people killed were from santa rosa. and the yukon denali seen at the scene is believed to belong to the suspects. >> reporter: despite the weekend murders, tourists feel safe here bet people of the bay area do not. sunday morning, 21-year-old julio peraza and 19-year-old renee mora were killed by a gunman still on the loose. an awn named 18-year-old was also shot and suffering from life-threatening injuries in the hospital. police say that the suspect carjacked a dark gray gmc yukony denali, plate 5 tju 851, a california plate. the fatal weekend shooting didn't bother tourists. this couple from sweden wanted to come to see the views on the
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last day of the city. >> as far as we know, it's a sunny morning and doesn't feel dangerous. >> reporter: lorraine jackson grew up in san francisco and said she is scared of the rising crime especially at the serene, picturesque places like twin peaks. >> this is kind of mind blowing. coming to take pictures early in the morning and i hear this. >> reporter: for the people in the bay area, this is concerning especially since security was heightened for events like super bowl. >> i seen tons of cops walking around with rifles, and here, i don't understand how that could have happened. >> it's increasing revenue for the city but increasing crime and violence with all the money known to come into the city. >> reporter: car break ins are known to happen here but this double murder is the most violent crime that twin peaks has seen in a while.
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police say that a lack of manpower is to blame. >> i think it's beautiful and people shouldn't be robbing each other and creating mayhem. >> reporter: with the shooter on the loose, police are asking for information and if you know anything related to the investigation, you are asked to call police. >> police believe that the gunman deliberately targeted the three victims. six people are without a home after a fire in san jose. flames broke out at 8:00 this morning. the house sustained major damage. of those displaced, three are thrn. >> the fire started in the back bedroom. no injuries to firefighters and no injuries to residents. >> the red cross is on the scene assisting the family with temporary housing. in bay area headlines, santa clara county is getting help to address a rash of teen
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suicides along the tracks in palo alto. 10 teens have taken their lives. the team has been analyzing suicidal behavior of young people throughout the county. tuition breaks are nearly gone for in-state students going to law or business school at u.c. berkeley. tuition and fees have more than doubled for state residents in the past decade. at the same time, prices for out of state students rose by far less even as their enrollment numbers soared. the annual pillow fight has left the usual mess and a cost of clean up to taxpayers has some not feeling the love. the annual valentine's day pillow fight had hundreds involved yesterday, and it cost about $5,000 to clean up. battle lines are drawn and heels are dug in.
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replacing antonin scalia could be president obama's biggest challenge yet. >> reporter: flags are flying at half staff outside the supreme court in honor of judge scalia. a white hearse carried his body on a return home to virginia. scalia tied during a hunting trip in next next. -- texas. the report is the 79-year-old passed in natural causes. >> i asked the marshall there if there was sign of foul play. >> what did they say? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: scalia ruthlessly defended his interpretation of the conconstitution. >> be charming and combative at the same time. >> reporter: he maintained relationships with the other justices including ruth bader
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ginsburg who said they were best buddies. this will leave 4 liberal and 4 conservative judges. the president said there is enough time to replace scalia, but many, including the passengerrity leader mitch mcconnell believe they should wait until after a new president. >> it's called delay, delay, delay,. >> reporter: cbs news, the supreme court. >> scalia's doctor revealed he suffered from a number of chronic conditions but his family turned down having an autopsy. and rescuers help a stuck moose but you won't believe how he paid them back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hundred thousand catholics mexico... the pontiff condemned the exploitation mexico's indigenous people.e happening today, pope francis is addressing 100,000 catholics in mexico and condemned the treatment of those in mexico. huge crowds lined the sidewalks to see him pass. this is the third day of the pope's 5-day visit to mexico. 22 people are dead and another 8 are presumed dead after airstrikes blasted syria this morning. this is what's left of the hospital. witnesses say that the hospital worker were evacuating wounded women and children after the first strike shortly after they were hit with another. and down the road, a school
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housing displaced refugees was struck with mortars. the prime minister blames russia for the attack. and in australia, police discovered a drug called ice stacked in thousands of boxes of bra inserts. four people were arrested and tracked back to hong kong. they say no good deed goes unpunished. >> and that goes for a man in canada who found a young moose with his leg caught. and it was heartbreaking. so he grabbed a pair of wire cutters and freed the animal, and that's when the moose turned on him. >> you're okay. you're okay. you're okay! it started walking towards me and used his front hooves and got me on my shoulder and lower back. i was able actually to turn in time before it hit me in the back. >> you can see the hoof marks, and most of the attack was off camera, but the man will be okay. and the moose is, too.
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[laughter] >> doesn't seem right, does it? >> no, but he was scared, a scared moose. weather wise, what a spectacular day, roberta. >> i'm just disturbed over that. >> i know! >> those are big creatures. if you have two of them, do you call them "meece?" mooses? >> just moose. >> that's why i do the weather. [laughter] we have winds very slight, 77 at 10:00, andy with have another 2 plus degrees here with the microclimate. thank you for checking in for that there, dane -- dana. this is what we have, gusty conditions over mount diablo. 25 around the twin peaks area, and look at these temperatures, 78 in santa rosa.
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the pollen count is off the charts. okay. not off the charts but getting there. and if you suffer from allergies, today is uncomfortable and more of the same tomorrow. but this is what we can expect. near record warmth today and tuesday and rain on wednesday, and then dry on friday through next week. the storm track to the north and here is the futurecast. you can see that we have a bit of a buildup of clouds late tonight. there's your tuesday morning commute. watch it throughout the day on tuesday, increasing mid and high level clouds. mostly cloudy skies on wednesday and this is very light precipitation. and by the time it's done, we will have the much-needed precipitation that would tally up to .50", and on thursday, tell taper off. but look at santa rosa, over .50". healthy numbers there. 76 in sacramento and warmer
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today in san francisco than in fresno, mid-50s in the greater lake tahoe area and yes, we'll see snow there by midweek. there is the sunset and tomorrow morning's sunrise and, yes, you have to back to 19 escape to find 82 in santa cruz. record warmth today and tomorrow and the rain cools things off on wednesday and thursday, and, boy, it feels like spring break. it looks like fort lauderdale in ocean beach right now. [laughter] >> you had a hard time getting to the beach yesterday? >> yes. we were trying to get to stinson beach. >> yeah. beautiful. you claims he is millions in debt. you won't believe who kanye west we -- tweeted and what he wants. >> we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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world. that's kanye west s new pla. the rapper claims he' when you're deep in debt, what better to ask for a loan than one of the richest men in the sphwhoarld. >> kanye west claims he is $53 million in debt and asked zuckerberg saying he is, quote, the greatest living artist of all time. i don't think zuckerberg has
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responded yet. >> not yet. and no surprise that the best musicians from the bay area are up for grammys. >> several local performers are hoping to bring home grammy gold tonight. >> reporter: from latin rock to a poem put to music, there is a little bit of everything for everyone for this year's batch of bay area grammy nominees. this 20-year-old singer is from oakland. up for best improvised jazz solo, joshua redmond, born in berkeley. and best latin rock, urban or alternative album. >> to win the grammy award would be an amazing honor. >> reporter: and the first nicaraguan band ever to get a nod at the grammys, and many of
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the musicians live in the bay area. >> i'm glad i to be part of this and see what happens. >> reporter: two bay area audio legends are up for an award. >> i got pretty close to what i was hoping for with it. >> reporter: the second album recorded by leslie ann jones in marin county. >> we recorded the orchestra here over a few days. it was really fantastic. >> reporter: the piece was based on a poem and the musicians included the san francisco ballet orchestra. >> for me, it's really wonderful to be part of this project. >> reporter: finally, some legendary bay area bands are up for special merit award. >> grateful dead, american beauty honoring john hooker for
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boom boom, a classic record and jefferson airplane. >> reporter: bittersweet since the airplane's paul kantner passed away. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> and bet is in los angeles and will be offering special reports from the staples center. >> and you can catch the red carpet preview at 4:00. prosecute --for the first time, the grammyss grammys -- grammys will air live across all time zones. and it's easy to add taste to any recipe. >> tony tantillo is shopping for green onions. >> reporter: on the west coast, they are green onions, on the east coast, they're called scallions. use the whole green onion, the whole length of it. the flavor profile changes in
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every inch. it's incredible. stronger to the mild and when you buy them, the straighter the better. as a matter of fact, with they start to age in the store and been there too long, they'll turn. they'll be almost like a "u." so squeaky, straight, and nice and fresh. bring them home and store them in the refrigerator right away, 3-4 days at the most. and i have cut small pieces like chives and sprinkle them like on a pasta dish. the flavor? incredible. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,,,,,,
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plural of moose is? >> a heard of moose. >> okay. okay. >> what do you call the hair on their chin in. >> chiny, chin, chin. >> no, a beard. >> whiskers. >> now you're up to date.
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