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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PST

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>> ll cool j: congratulations to all of tonight's winners and nominees. our party is not over because here to perform his grammy- nominated song "taxi" and then he won his fir grammy a washed about to have a real rock star moment joined by some real bad men, with travis barker, joe perry and robin thicke, mr. worldwide himself: pitbull! ( cheers and applause ) >> ♪ para mi taxi i met her in the backseat ♪ of a taxi hey ♪ on my way to the club hey me lo paro ♪ el taxi me lo paro ♪ el taxi me lo paro ♪ el taxi ♪ me lo paro lo paro con una mano ♪ lo paro que yo la vi yo yo yo me paro el taxi ♪ yo yo yo yo me paro el taxi ♪ ella tuvo un accidente no me importa si ta crazy no me
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♪ importa si hace vino por ahí yo yo yo me paro el taxi yo yo yo yo me paro el taxi ♪ she like to bump like to grind ♪ like the wine all the time yes she'll blow your mind and ♪ rob your heart blind yeah she fine ♪ i'm talking caribbean queen you a bronze jamaican ♪ and colombians you guessed it in queens ♪ she's fine that's something ♪ you've never seen she's fine ♪ like something straight out of a magazine ♪ she's fine like sofia vergara i met her in the backseat ♪ i met her in the backseat of a taxi ♪ hey on my way to the club ♪ hey i met her in the backseat ♪ of a taxi hey on my way to the club ♪ me lo paro el taxi ♪ me lo paro el taxi ♪ me lo paro el taxi ♪ me lo paro
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♪ ♪ travis barker, joe perry, robin thicke, ♪ this is history in the making now say it with me ♪ oooh say it with me ♪ oooh say it with me ♪ oooh say it with me ♪ oooh say it with me ♪ oooh say it with me ♪ oooh say it with me ♪ oooh say it with me this here ain't right no more ♪ they say like lebron ♪ he ain't gotta heed no more ♪ they say he ain't street no more ♪ but like j say how sick am i ♪ with some help for show but i'm cool with it ♪ have to fool with it ♪ in my own neighborhood i'm good to school with it ♪ it's crazy baby the way the '80s spared me ♪ i thank god everyday that music saved me ♪ i thank my mom for all the vision she gave me ♪ i thank miami for the way you raised me >> ♪ i'm a bad man in an evil world ♪ and you're my type of
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goody two shoe girl ♪ baby i'm a bad man in a woman's world ♪ come on over give me what i deserve are you ready for love ♪ come and get it girl ♪ come and get it girl ♪ ♪ >> ♪ i'm a bad man i know how to move ♪ in a room full of rules baby i'm a bad man ♪ i'm a good man good guy ♪ but don't get it confused baby i'm a bad man ♪ and i still fight everyday like i got nothing to lose ♪ that's right >> ♪ baby i'm a bad man in an evil world ♪ and you're my type of goody two shoe girl ♪ baby i'm a bad man
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in a woman's world ♪ come on over give me what i deserve are you ready for love ♪ come and get it girl ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ ♪ stop clicking around! book direct at for the lowest price anywhere online. delta is proud to be the official airline partner of the grammy awards. delta, keep climbing. grammys. grammys.
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tonight: we're backstage with the stars, at the gram awards. kpix 5's betty yu is live ae staples center in los angel with the hits.. and the miss of tonight's show. betty: "sound of music and chains walking p to microphone " the set began with kendrick lamar in handcuffs, with ch around his ankles, then he
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unleashed - full throttle " you hate me don't you you hate my people your plan iso terminate my culture" the rapper who has emerged the voice of the black lives matter movement delivered an intense, politically charged performance "a lot of energy man and a t of representation of the alm and where i come from " those behind the scenes prod it was going to be emotional "we live in challenging tim and i think people will be pround of hte music and the statements that are being me tonight "the way social media and t world is we don't have enou platforms to celebrate our c culture " " but perhaps the biggest controversy was adele. hell- - where did her audio go? t broadcast feed went silent a few seconds - and her performance seemed off. "lady gaga singing " the night featured tributes the late david bowie, the es glen frey, blues great b-b- king, and to maurice white earth wind and fire. stevie wonder took the opportunityo speak up for the disabled. "we need to make eveything accessible to every living person " taylor swift took a swipe ae haters. " " and the queen bey = beyonce made a statement at the endf the show perhaps addressing those critical of her superl peformance "art is the unapologetic celebration of culture throh self-expression. it can impt people in a variety of ways different reasons at differt times. some will react. some will respond. and some wille moved," 'i m treating myself to an n out. so maybe it was worth'
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betty, thanks. we'll see you in
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a few minutes. let's take a live look outse in oakland: definitely doesn't feel like winter rit now. in san jose in the afternoo these people soaked up the n at the municipal rose garde this february heat wave sete records in the bay area tod. and paul: it's not gonna cool down just yet. a triple shooting at a popur bay area tourist spot.. twin
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peaks in san francisco.. le men dead. tonight.. a big break in the case. our camera was there as the swat team surrounded a gas stati on the other side of the ba mark kelly shows us. the suspected murderer corn and arrested tonight at a g station on san pablo avenuen richmond. san francisco police also focused on this nearby home...which may be e the suspect was living. bac twin peaks -- the scene of e crime -- tonight a memorials growing for the two homicide victims. mk--"what did you think to there was a double homicide here? nancy, lives in sf--"i think i was very concerned it can happen any time and are here." police say the shooting happened two a.m. sunday. still visitors say on the surface twin peaks f like a let your guard down of the city. juan cruz, visiting from pu rico--"i really do feel
12:13 am's a good place to ce visit." but the fact is twin peaks has seen a spate of rt crimes -- a woman pepper- sprayed and muged, car brea- ins, a robbery, and now a double homicide. supervisor scott wiener, sf board of supervisors--"we nd more police, we need more pe on patrol. we have some ser safety challenges that we a trying to address. following this weekend's murders...we saw several sqd cars keeping law and order twin peaks. but locals say this many officers is unusu. sigout as for the third shooting victim.. an 18-year-old man- he's still in the hospital h shooting victim.. an 18-yead man -- he's still in the
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hospital with life- threate injuries tonight. and tonight police do say that e suspect knew the victims. a skydiver who died in the central valley.. is identifd tonight. turns out, he's from concor the 49-year-old crashed to e ground at the lodi airport the weekend. christin ayers on what went wrong. ramiro sainz was an experie skydiver. the concord man's facebook feed is full of pictures like this. he was a photographer for the red do skydiving club. here they a skydiving last year. (natso but saturday, something went terribly wrong as ramiro was jumping at the skydive lodi parachute center...a malfunn mid- air...san joaquin she's deputies say the problem...s parachute. the owner of the parachute center now says he believes ramiro packed his n parachute that day. as far s having contributed to the fatality, other than furnise plane ride, that is all we authorities say ramiro crasd into a cinder block wall and fell into a drainage ditch. the faa is investigating his death. his bay area friendsd me by phone they were not r to talk about ramiro...but facebook...tribut es are pog in. (insert graphic) one message from a fellow red ds skydiver: "today we lost a friend, comrade and communi member. our love and prayere with family and those close (harry parker) (end graphic) tonight...the focus is on t lodi parachute center. the r doesn't keep track of the nr of deaths but defended his company. you can expect to a malfunction every 2,000 j. we make thousands and thous of jumps every year but no problem at all. christin ay kpix-5. this is not the first fatal
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this is not the first fatal accident at the skydive lodi parachute center. in 2012, a veteran skydiver lost control and fl to his death in a nearby vineyard. rescue at sea. the coast guard plucked 2 fishermen from thr capsized boat, 6 miles off e coast of san francisco in t morning. the fishermen suffered mild
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hypothermia, but tonight t'e both safe. a battle ahead.. over air-bn the east bay. city council members in danville will hold a final meeting and vote tuesday.. short-term rental ban. this comes after months of conten between homeowners, renters businesses in the city. call it the uber effect. tonight cate cauguiran fount how ride- sharing is actual putting more new cars on our roads. californians are loving the car smell sot: loi nguyen/toyota marin for us sales guys, wee it. 2015 was a great year t a car salesperson. accordin the california new car deals associations, new-car sales jumped to 11- point-1 percen the state... that's twice t u-s average here at toyota marin... new car sales weren higher... at 30 percent. so loi nguyen/toyota marin i jt think the stock market was t last year and you know peopn the bay area have money to d so i think that's what it is sot: terah menke/new car owi think the economy is up in area in particular and gas going down so it's time to buy... i bought an suv terah menke and jeffery french dre away with a new highlander's cheaper to fill it up now as but...loi tells us the spik new car sales has also to do with the growth in ride sha apps like lyft and uber soti nguyen/toyota marin becausef uber we did a little more traffic and more sales toyo san francisco... which selle most priuses in the bay area told me tonight...10 percen prius sales were thanks to and lyft drivers. but toyota didn't get all the glory la year... standup: cc/marin t honda civic was the best-seg new car last year, with neay 80- thousand sold. overall. two million cars left deal's lots late year... and the state's new car dealer association says... this ye could be another good one.
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kpix 5 on the nightbeat i'm. san jose is getting an infu of cash to help fix roads in san jose is getting an infu of cash to help fix roads in desperate need of repair. many are cracked and dotted with pot holes. the is getting 24-million dolla
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for fixes. most of the money comes from gas taxes, federal grants and car registration fees. but the transportation department s. it's not nearly enough. "we need about 100 million dollars every year to maintn our system in good conditiod only 24 million dollars do't get us close to that." the 24-million will be enouo repair 80-miles of road. muni is considering cutting fines.. for young people who don't give up their bus sea for elderly riders.. or peoe with disabilities. right now: muni riders under the age of 18 face criminal penalties and fees up to 380-dollars. adults pay up 112-bucks. the m-t-a's board of directs will vote tuesday night.. whethe slash fines for youth.. dow just 56-dollars. a clue tonight in the disappearance of an alameda, who owes the feds more than- million dollars. veronica d cruz shows us the ghost-like photo.. that shifted the se to san francisco.
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(nats tape) john beck's family posted these flyers around 'land s end' this morning. (instagram photo) they believe this instagram photo is the last known pic of the 73- year-old.. on a l there.. before he vanished. laura beck/daughter: 'he hao much love in his life' he ao had some serious money trou (nats infomercial) his infomercials claimed customs could get rich, buying hous for almost nothing. too good to be true? the feds say - yes. a california district court ordered becko pay 113-million dollars, for deceiving thousands of customers. laura beck/daugh 'of course that s a factor t that's not the only factor (flashcam tag) beck's family told us: they believe john is in trouble, not hiding out. beck disappd in oakland, on tuesday. vera de la cruz, kpix 5. the high-rate of teen suicis teen suicides in palo alto s caught the attention of the feds. since 2010, there has been a series of deaths, many of tm
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on caltrain tracks. the c-d-c is sending a team of mental health experts to the city tuesday for a 2- week assessment. they'll then release a report on their findings. there's lots of talk tonight about who might be on president obama's list to replace juse antonin scalia. kpix 5's andria borba says: one name on that list is familiar to californians. president obama could make s nomination as soon as next - among the names bandied a thus far -- a wildcard from francisco -- former district attorney and current state attorney general kamala har tony brass\former u.s. attoy kamala harris is superstar in the democratic party. her name was obviouso come up in a situation likes because she's electable and she's appointable tony brass a former u.s. attorney and worked for harris in the d' office -- he says any poten nomination is complicated be fact she's running for retig senator barbara boxer's seas of the beginning of this moh -- harris has two million dollars in her campaign war chest. kamala ha is someone who there is no ceiling for on the kind of future she could have in politics. so, i don't know this is something that she'd want to commit to at this p in her career from the republican perspective, mike madrid says a harris nomina is a long shot for three reasons. mike madrid\gop ant 01.17.20 a woman, a woman of color and very liberal. the are plenty of justices and jurists who meet that crite who are frankly better well known in washington, d.c. a very importantly who have bn approved by the u.s. senate, namely loretta lynch the attorney general with a pro from senator mitch mcconnell that any white house nomina will be blocked until after election...the possibility harris would shy away from a supreme court nomination isl as well. whether
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that's something that obama could get through a senate committee and whether it's something that kamala harris would want five days before the south carolina primary --- jeb bus
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the south carolina primary - jeb bush is bringing in his brother to boost to his struggling campaign: tonigh former president 'george w. bush' backed jeb during a ry in charleston. i am so honored my brother here. there is no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the expere and the character to be a g president. south carolina helped propee elder bush to the republican i'm so honored that my brother's here. >> there's no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience to be president. >> comcast service is mostly out across the east coast as well as san francisco, denver, and houston.
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no word on what caused the interruption. tonight's grammy awards not all about the music. >> the glitz and glamour. >> reporter: also, a lot of risk-taking. >> the stars come to really push the limit. >> i saw a lot of skin, elegant gowns, and i guess you can call them costumes. >> tell me about your outfit. >> reporter: at the grammy's, there was a lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly. >> mermaid on a cloud maybe. >> reporter: as for the best dressed, taylor swift and her bestie se lee that gomez.
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the men were just as stylish. tell me about this beige ensemble. >> i don't know. i feel like it matches my skin tone. >> reporter: some of the guys sparkled more than the gals. >> these glasses are a japanese designer from like the 80s. >> reporter: forget the stilettoes or evening wear. comfort for these stars took center stage. >> these are tennis shoes. >> reporter: but they got sparkle, so you nailed it. a lot of jaw-droppers. i'm wearing a slate and willow gown. the most functional part is
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that there are pockets, and they've come in really handy. i've stuck two phones in this, ear piece, cash. >> i'd put like trail mix or something in there. you, for me, were the best dressed of the evening, but who do you think was the best dressed. >> reporter: well, i am not a model, but chrissy tegan looked great coming down the carpet. she just looked so glamorous with the slick ponytail, and you know she's going to be a fun, sexy mom. she radiated all the way down the carpet. >> as did you, that's for sure. >> reporter: thank you. >> see you soon.
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>> paul, what are you wearing tonight. >> this old thing? oh goodness. yesterday was president's day, and in honor of that, san francisco's record high for tomorrow, herbert hoover was president. we'll 86 that. 64 degrees right now in santa rosa. got to be some very strong forcing mechanisms to get strong temperatures into the 70s and 80s. >> see the clockwise flow around it. >> look how slow the storm is getting. it's heading in our direction.
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a day removed from 80 degree temperatures. rain returns on wednesday evening. wednesday morning, we're still cloudy. it's the drive home that comes the first round of rain. a few rounds of rain. nothing too terribly heavy. rain possible on wednesday, thursday, and friday. we will end the week with three rather cool days and showers. those big changes will arrive wednesday. highs tomorrow, 78 in livermore. even at the beach, 73. look how much cooler we are on wednesday. nobody even hits 70. scattered showers each day. highs in the 60s and 70s. that is your forecast. we will be right back. find fantasy shows.
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paying. mere pennies! it happened after two gas stations got into a bit of a price war. if you think gas has been pretty cheap lately, this happened after two places got into a price war.
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vaughn taylor and his wife the winner's trophy into thp room and celebrated by pouring champagne into the crystal taylor, the 447th ranked pl in the world coming into the tournament, carded a seven- under 65 in yesterday's fin vaughn taylor and his wife coming into the tournament. won when phil michelson won this 5-footer. somebody else dropped out. won his first tournament in almost 11 years. >> i was first alternate at the deadline, and i'm standing here right now.
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i can't believe it. this place has been good to me. i played well here last year and just kind of fed off of that. it's been a great week. thank you, phil. thank you, buddy. >> my interview with former 49er coach jim harbaugh when he climbed a tree at the home of a player he was trying to recruit. >> i like to climb trees. get your kids to climb trees. if my wife saw me climbing trees, the thing would be cut down the next day. >> i'm just advising it's a great athletic rep for kids. balance, strength. >> his wife was right there off camera shaking her head.


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