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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the very latest on the case and the string of repeat crimes as well. jackie-- >> reporter: this is where family and friends are remembering the two men from santa rosa killed early sunday morning. and a memorial has been set up at the murder scene before police announced they caught the suspect. police cornered who they believe is the suspect in richmond last night at a gas station. and they focused on this home which may be where the suspect was living. police believe the suspected killer is off the streets but the issue of a lack of police is still out there. >> the police are focused on violent crime and we need to do more with respect to all crime including property crimes and we need more police officers. we're very understaffed with police. >> twin peaks is known to attract a lot of tourists and also car thieves. break-ins happen regularly. and when police announced that they had a suspect in custody,
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they only did it on twitter. and they kid not release a name. from twin peaks. jackie ward, kpix 5 news. this instagram picture is believed to be the last known shot of john beck who disappeared a week ago. and now the search is focused near the coastal trail. he was due for an appointment in oakland. and he owes the feds more than $100 million for a scam but his daughter says she has a lot to live for. >> of course it's a factor but not the only factor. he has so much love in his life. >> his family insists he is not hiding from law enforcement. the sum he owes is $113 million. the feds are zeroing in on a bay area city for a high suicide rate among teens. kiet do is live in palo alto with the investigation. >> reporter: good morning.
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we're talking about a five member team from the cdc and they'll hit the ground running today. they are experts in suicide prevention and they'll be meeting with doctors and community leaders. the goal is prevent suicide in santa clara county. they've done a lot of data gathering and found the county averages 20 suicides per year of young people up to age 24. they'll track trends, identify risks and come up with recommendations for prevention. palo alto has been grappling with the problem for the past couple of years. and they've offered more counseling, and installed train fencing, and have started school later to allow more sleep. >> a colossal wound which is like an earthquake that's come through the community. and the fault line is still there. and still active.
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>> reporter: and the cdc team will be here for two weeks. and when they're done they'll issue a preliminary report and a more detailed report in a couple of months. let's get you outside and check traffic with gianna on a tuesday. we're getting rid of an accident in san mateo. and that may cause problems. all lanes are blocked. and eastbound 92 as you approach 101, all lanes are blocked. no word of injuries and chp is headed to the scene. and we'll bring you more details. southbound 880 seeing slow and go conditions as you work your way out of hayward. and on the flip side of 92, the san mateo bridge is doing okay between 880 and 101. the bay bridge metering lights are on. and starting a backup on westbound 24. 680 at 780, this accident won't
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go away. it's causing a backup on the benicia bridge and the carquinez bridge. and just a heads up. , tiburon there's no service for the next couple of weeks for maintenance. there are buses in place. no delays for bart, ace, caltrain or muni. a little bit under the weather. a little. >> well, i thought it was all spring fever. that's all i thought it was. spring is 34 days away. and feels like spring has sprung. morning, everybody. look at that. we're brightening up earlier. sunup is at 6:29. and i'm loving the longer days. right now we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s, rising to highs. boy, up to 20 degrees above average. san francisco, you have to go back to 1930.
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that's what i'm forecasting today. san jose had a record high of 80. richmond for the second day in a row. you should have a record high temperature. full sunshine on the coast. and 70s and 80s on the peninsula. and topping off at 80 in morgan hill. and numbers 70s, 80s, discovery bay, get the boat on the water. it's in the low 80s today. offshore bridge northeast rotating -- 10 to 15 miles per hour. and 77 degrees in novato. bested by cloverdale in the upper 70s. and rain is coming. we'll track it at about 18 minutes after the hour. alameda city leaders will vote on a plan that aims to protect tenants from unfair evictions and sharp rent hikes. they would be prohibited from raising rent more than once a
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year. and they'll also consider requiring landlords to pay moving costs under some evictions. harris is a superstar in the democratic party. her name was obvious to come up in a situation like this because she's electable and amonthable. >> tony brass is a former u.s. torn who worked for harris in the district attorney's office. and he warns that the nomination could be tricky. and to further that cause, attorney general harris heads to the south bay this morning. she's hosting a meet and great in san jose. it's the 8th spot on the running for results tour. a familiar face joined a candidate on the campaign trail for the first time days before the critical south carolina primary. it was a bush family affair
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yesterday. former president george w. bush spoke hoping to give jeb bush's campaign a boost. >> ted cruz is the most dishonest guy i think i've ever met in politics. i think he's an unstable person. i really do. >> reporter: they responded by saying that he's lashing out with name calling and false hoods. cruz was born in canada to an american mother. polls show that trump remains in the lead in south carolina. it's 6:07 on this tuesday. it was a night of star studded performances. we're going to discuss the biggest and the most talked about grammy moments with fernando and greg with 99.7 coming up. and a deadly storm system hits the eastern u.s. with everything from tornadoes to ice storms. what's that in what's that? you know what that is? that's rain.
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and i'll tell you when the expect it. let's enjoy the dry robberies while we can. it's back to work and busy on the roadways. ,,,, hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah...
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at there is it is. levi's stadium which was the center of the universe just a week ago. look at the sky. we can see the morning star. we can see it because the visibility is unlimited and the air quality is good. and the temperatures will break records again today. we'll talk about that in less than four minutes. today communities in the south are recovering from severe storms. in alabama, debris all over a fire station after a suspected tornado hit johnsonville. another apparent twister plowed through another town. and one alabama man describes
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the wild storm he faced. >> we got in the house and covered up. and we heard all the rumble. and then just like that it was all gone. >> and in baltimore, the ambulance flipped over as it responded to a call. everyone inside survived and flooding fears across the northeast as the weather is expected to get warm quickly after the weekend cold snap. and an attorney who helped defend sonoma county is missing. the wife of steven mitchell reported him missed saturday night. his car was found parked in bodega bay. . >> >> may ed lee and first lady anita lee will be a part of the celebration at city hall. and they've participated in past parties. it's the year of the monkey. several supervisors will be there at 5:00 tonight to
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celebrate. a little traffic and weather at 6:12. and first out of the gate. who wants it. >> i'm thinking of the year of the monkey. is that a good thing. [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] mono-keys are always a good thing. >> let's monkey around on the freeways. we'll jump to 680 and 780. and this has been a problem all morning long. it's over to the side of the roadway. 27miles per hour in some spots is what you're seeing. it's causing a backup on the benicia bridge and the carquinez bridge. give yourself a few extra minutes. and this one turned out to be a bust. eastbound 92 at 101. we had reports of a serious accident. and everything is now completely cleared and all lanes open at 101. south 880 got some stop and go conditions. heading to the san mateo bridge, just south of there we
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have reports of an accident. that's newark to fremont. and this one is blocking a couple of lanes. bay bridge metering lights are on. and all approaches are slow and go. and the carquinez bridge to the maze is 27 minutes. and westbound 24 sees delays. and the san mateo bridge is starting to stack up. 15 minutes between 880 and 101. a little tough and the weather is going to deliver. >> i know you haven't been feeling your best and i wanted to give you something that will cheer you up. look at the running on time. see it there. the waters are calm. and the visibility is incredible. we're in the 40s and 50s as you get ready to step out or get the kids ready for school. in san francisco, a wind up to 8 to 10 miles per hour. and that's been ushering the
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temperature to 58 degrees. the pollen remains on the medium to the high side. we'll see another day today with record high temperatures. we had five yesterday including san francisco at 76 degrees. clouds begin to gather tonight. and then we have rain tomorrow afternoon through thursday. this is it right here. the leading edge of an area of low pressure that's going to cause the huge dome of high pressure parked over the state of california for 2 1/2 weeks. so let's go ahead and take a look together. first off the huge dome of high pressure has kept us dry. and now we see the area of low pressure. look at that formation. and the jet stream is going to begin to collapse. and we'll see rain returning. and see the clouds increase for wednesday. hit and miss splash and dash showers. and the afternoon commute will be affected by the rain. and thursday, scattered showers until we clear the slate and begin to see the sunshine
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return on friday. by thursday night, 3/4 of an inch in the ukiah area. and 3/10 to 4/10 and a half inch of rain in san jose. and it's going to be warmer in san francisco than fresno. there's the sunup and slowdown. 83degrees in saratoga and los gatos. a big night for taylor swift at the 58th annual grammys. she took home three awards, including album of the year. and kendrick lamar walked away with five grammys. and bruno mars for uptown funk. lots to talk about including adele. >> and who better to break it
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down than our friends fernando and greg from 99.7. we've been talking about adele. and that was the most anticipated performance. how disappointing was it? i know she had audio issues. >> there's all kinds of theories. this is the biggest conspiracy out there. it could have been justin bieber tuning his guitar that messed it up. there could have been a microphone on a wire. and something grabbed adele and messed her up. >> and everything was looking forward to adele. and it was a disappointment. i thought she was going to stop at one point. >> i would have and said hey, what's going on with that? >> millions of people watching. do-over. >> exactly. >> do that again. anyway-- >> i thought taylor swift came across looking really bad
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that's night. she went in for the kanye feud. and i thought she looked juvenile going after him. it was her moment and she made it about him. >> she did. but she was responding to something he said. but i think you're right. she should have taken it and forget about kanye west. >> and she won album of the year. she did have a big night. >> that was a great accomplishment. >> i'm sorry, live tv and we have a little bit of a delay here. bear with us. >> i feel like we're in afghanistan or something. we have to give you a little bit of a second. >> you're about 40 feet below us. >> just downstairs. >> what did you think of justin bieber's performance? >> we were -- it was i wanted him and the weekend to blow it
6:19 am
up like really go in on it. and they both kind of stripped down a little bit. and i felt like randy jackson on american idol. dog, you need to bring it a little more. >> i thought a lot of the performances lacked energy right from the get go. i expected more from taylor swift. it was -- but she was doing the zoo lander two, bugging for the camera. >> and lady gaga sang every song that david bowie ever did and they were all terrific. your thoughts on that? >> i thought lady gaga was the performance of the night. although her hair was a little ronald mcdonald. but other than that i loved what she gave. i thought she did a great job. and she loves david bowie and
6:20 am
you could tell. >> she came off very authentic. and she had the producer of let's dance. and they were having fun. and it was a great performance. >> she had a great performance. i really liked stevie wonder. bonnie raitt city brings it. and who else? >> hamilton. >> that was phenomenal. >> oh, yeah. >> when i was in new york i tried to see that. i wanted to see it and tickets were $800 on the resale market. this is the hottest show in new york right now. and i know it's coming to san francisco next year. i know that because michelle told me. >> and you said you'd buy us tickets. >> fernando and greg, thanks for joining us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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l... chicago and toronto... period... blackhawks turn it good morning, everyone. a little over a week ago. vaughn taylor arrived at pebble beach as an alternate for the at&t pro am. and he left the monterey peninsula with the first win in almost 11 years. he started a seven under in sunday's final round and won when phil mickelson missed a 5- footer. and mickelson goes down. and taylor wins the at&t pro am. >> i was first alternate at the deadline. and i'm standing here now. and i can't believe it. this place has been good to me. i played well here last year. and just fed off of that. and it's been a great week.
6:25 am
thank you, phil. >> what a great four days of golf for the at&t pro am. and pablo sandoval had a rough first season in boston. and one fan invaded, trying to get the panda's old team to take him back. >> as a red sox fan, will you please take back pablo? >> no! >> he of course did not answer the question. >> pitchers and catchers showing up to scottsdale where they get ready to set up the 2016 season. see you tonight. play of the day, we have some hockey. chicago at toronto. second period, blackhawks turn it over. and they're in and the maple leafs out. super man there. spreads out wide and makes a nice glove save.
6:26 am
the blackhawks went on to bury them 7-2. that's the save of the day. it's 6:25 now. and muni is considering reducing the punishment for bad behavior. while punishments for young people will likely be slashed. and we know the name of the man suspected of killing two men from santa rosa and seriously injuring another. we're live from the murder scene at twin peaks. ,, ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. we're live in palo alto where a special team from the cdc arrives to help out with suicide prevention. the grammys feature
6:30 am
memorable performances and others fell a little flat. betty yu will join us with all the excitement. one more day of record warmth. and then rain returns, i'll tell you when to expect it. and new reports of an accident in marin. it's tuesday, february 16th. i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30. a san francisco tourist spot is losing a peaceful reputation. twin peaks has been plagued by violent crime. a man suspected of a triple shooting there is now behind bars. jackie ward has the latest on the case. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. and we now know the name of the man taken into custody for the suspected killings of two santa rosa men. richard contreras was cornered at a gas station on san pablo avenue in richmond and arrested around 6:00 last night.
6:31 am
they focused the search on the home where they believed he was living. police believe the suspected killer is off the streets. >> we don't have enough police officers. we need more police on patrol. and we have serious public safety challenges we're trying to address. >> reporter: of course, twin peaks is known to attract a lot of tourists. and police try to monitor the area as best they can. the family of the victim has set up a go fund me account to raise money for funeral costs and a memorial as been set up at the murder scene. from twin peaks, jackie ward, kpix 5. why are so many palo alto deeps with bright futures taking their own lives? it's a serious problem that has the feds involved. kiet do joins us live from palo alto where a group from the cdc
6:32 am
will begin an investigation today. >> reporter: it's a five member team and they have a lot of experience in the area. and they can do it in a fraction of the time it would take other agencies to do so. they are experts in suicide prevention. the goal is to prevent suicides in santa clara county. county officials have already down -- done a lot of the data gathering. and the county averages 20 suicided her year of young people up to age 24. they'll identify trends and come up with recommendations for prevention. palo alto has been grappling with suicides for the past couple of years. and they are now offering more counseling and starting school later so kids can get more sleep. a youtube video was posted. she was tired of classmates taking their lives. >> i'm trying to raise
6:33 am
awareness, mostly for the parents. we love our moms and love our dads, but calm down. we'll do just fine even though we got a b minus on a test. >> the cdc will issue a preliminary report and more details report in the next couple of months. kiet do, kpix 5. people are shedding layers and umbrellas for shorts and sunglasses. presidents day looked more like memorial day. people were flocking to the beaches. >> can you believe it's february? >> it's awesome. especially after the cold january. >> reporter: got the barbecue all stoked up. and i guess things are going to change. >> we have a little rain coming. and i just refuse to turn on the ac. and it was 82 degrees at my house. just like i won't turn the heater on.
6:34 am
we shouldn't have to use the heater. but we'll have one more day of averaging 20 degrees above where we should be. here with the records. 76 in san francisco. i'm going to ride that number today to tie the record back in 1930 when frank was just a little boy. oakland, we'll shatter that. san jose will be a new record. and this is your tuesday. we're off to a clear start. and the visibility is unlimited and no reports of local airport delays. we were in the 40s and 50s. and from the coast through the peninsula, 81 cupertino. and 83 in los gatos. and pollen count on the high side. and rain is coming. the morning commute is in
6:35 am
full swing. delays south 101 out of marin county. and getting word of a four car pileup. a couple cars in the center divide and one stuck in the left lane causing delays as you work your way out of novato. once you get past the mess, traffic is free flowing from 580 to the golden gate bridge. tub ron sf no service for the next couple of weeks. and back to you guys. i'll get you soon, roberta. many roads in san jose are about to get a little less bumpy. the city has been given $24 million for street repairs. most of the funding will come from taxes, grants, and car registration fees and the city
6:36 am
says more money is needed for the makeover. >> we need about $100 million every year to maintain our system in good condition. and only $24 million doesn't get us close to that. >> but it does help. the money they've been promised will be enough to repair 80 miles of roadway. muni riders could face lenient fines. the mta's board of directors will vote on whether to slash fines for youth to $56. muni riders under the age of 18 face fees and penalties if they don't give up their seats to elderly or disabled passengers. some of the grammy performers made political statements. >> betty yu is live in los angeles with the electric performances. and other parts of the show
6:37 am
just fell flat. >> reporter: good morning to you. so last night the show was filled with dramatic performances and moving tributes. and there were a lot of planned surprises for audience. and unscripted moments that come with live tv including technical difficulties. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the set began with kendrick lamar in handcuffs with chains around his ankles. and then he unleashed full throttle. >> reporter: the rapper has emerged as a voice for the black lives matter movement delivered a politically charged performance. >> a lot of energy and a lot of representation -- where i come from. >> we live in challenging times and i think people are going to be very proud of the music and the statements that are being made tonight.
6:38 am
>> the way social media and the world is we don't have enough platforms to celebrate our music culture. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest controversy was adele. hello? where did her audio go? the broadcast fee went silent for a few seconds and her performance seemed off. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the night featured tributes to the late david bowie, the eagles' glenn frey, blues great b.b. king. and maurice white of earth, wind, and fire. >> we need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability. >> a swipe at the haters. >> people will try to undercut
6:39 am
your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> and beyonce made a statement at the end of the show, perhaps addressing those critical of the super bowl l performance. >> art is the unapologetic celebration of culture through self-suppression. it can impact people in a variety of ways for different reasons at different times. >> last night there were a lot of provocative moments and a lot of bold statements made on stage and on the red carpet. we're talking about the fashion. frank and michelle -- >> who were the best dressed last night. i saw a picture of you. you looked beautiful, betty. >> beautiful. >> reporter: oh, thank you so much. you know, i saw a little bit of everything. everything from elegant to stunning and a little too much skin. my favorite -- actually i have two. we'll start with taylor swift.
6:40 am
she showed up with a coral bandeau. i thought she nailed it. and she debuted the faux bob with the classic red lip. my second favorite of the night. chrisy-- she whizzed by me with john legend in a beautiful beaded white caped dress. up close to -- she's a mom to be. and not bad for a baby's first grammys. >> she looked good. >> and adele not sounding pitch perfect. i kept going really is that her? what about her sour notes? >> reporter: social media reacted instantnessly to the
6:41 am
glitches. the recording academy addressed it and said first of all. the grammys are a live event. it's a complex technical show. and these things do happen. he said the microphone inside the piano dropped off the strings and that threw off the sound. and adele as we know handled it like a pro. she tweet this had not long after it happened because of it though i'm treating myself to an in and out. so maybe it was worth it. i think she deserves to much more than in and out. she left us breathless. >> an in and out burger is brett good. >> that's a pretty good award there. >> i don't sing like adele. and i wanted it. >> there's a few around there at staples center. maybe that would be a good breakfast. and super bowl parties and now
6:42 am
the grammys. what a week you've had. it's been a lot of fun. >> always ready for a party. >> betty yu live for us down in anticipation. job well done, thanks, betty. time now is 6:42. the long awaited crab season officially opens this week. why some are saying it should be pushed back again. and a horrific sky diving accident claims the life of a bay area sky diver. we'll have the latest on what went wrong when we come back.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. good tuesday morning. time is 6:45. these are the numbers you can expect. it's not warmer to the south.
6:46 am
and cooler to the north. 83degrees in los gatos. and coastal temperatures west into the 70s. and approaching 80 degrees in brentwood. and 73 on the coast in stinson beach. and good morning sonoma. we'll see a high near 80 degrees. and same in ukiah. 6:46 is the time. things could be stabilizing on the oil markets. >> joining us is financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning michelle and frank. and that could be good news for the stock market. coming off a three day weekend and the stock market closed on a strong note. dow adding 300 points. the market moving higher today after saudi arabia, russia, and a couple of other key opec members agreed to freeze oil production levels at the
6:47 am
january levels. oil prices have fallen below $30. and that's eating into the economies of the major oil producers. and that could prop oil prices back up. the countries say several others need to join in before they make the move. a big merger underway. a private equity firm is buying adt for nearly $7 billion. a good sign in that there are mergers taking place despite the stock market volatility. let's take a look at the big board and see how we're doing so far. the dow is up 150 points and the nasdaq 74. and the s&p 500 21 points. michelle and frank back to you. >> could be back to back good days. >> hard to believe. >> we'll take it. california crabbers have waited months for the season to
6:48 am
begin. >> and some are willing to wait a little longer. crab season was officially supposed to open on friday. there are still high levels of -- acid in other parts of the state. some crabbers would rather wait for a complete all clear. >> i would like to see the state closed until whole state is clean. >> it would be the chipotle situation all over again. the crab season has already being delayed three months. let's talk about traffic. the north bay is getting cluttered up. >> we have a couple of accidents out of petaluma. word of two separate accidents and one blocking lanes and one to the right shoulder. and we have slow and go conditions. yellow and red indicating slow
6:49 am
speeds. heading south of there you'll run into another problem at marinwood. it's still stuck in the center divide. and they have to get this off the freeway. it's causing a bit of a backup this morning. and southbound 101. traffic looks better heading to the golden gate bridge. this is for half moon bay commuters heading eastbound into san mateo. traffic control is in place. and one way traffic control is on scene. that's east 92. heavy delays in the area. heavy delays across the east shore freeway. and a couple of problems, one at ash bee. and traffic is slow. and once you get to the bay bridge. the metering lights are on and you are stacked up. it's a beautiful day. >> what time is it? weather watcher time? >> good morning, everyone. if you have a weather station, you could become a weather
6:50 am
watcher. all you have to do is visit us online. 47degrees to the north. and 47 to the south. 50degrees so says steve in los altos. and it's clear and mild. and he thinks it's going to hit 78 degrees. i think you're spot on. that's keeping with the south bay theme. this is looking towards downtown san jose which established a record high yesterday of 80 degrees. right now 52. and we're going for another record in san jose of 80, breaking the record set back in 1930. in addition to the warm weather. the pollen counts are on the medium to high side. if you suffer from allergies, be mindful of that. and we have rain returning tomorrow. this is the scene at the satellite and radar. we have bands of clouds beginning to erode the high pressure that's kept us dry for three full weeks.
6:51 am
you see the core of the center and that's going to impact the weather forecast. and we could time it out together utilizing the future cast. look at the clouds on increase. this time tomorrow it will be dry. by the evening commute it will be wet. and we have a secondary system that rolls through on thursday. and by the time that moves out. we'll see up to 3/4 of an inch of rain. nearly a half inch to the south and stuck in between. three to 4/10 of an inch of rain. warmer today than in fresno. full sunshine and 80 degrees. 70s, 80s today. and here with the extended forecast. wind up to 15. record breaking highs, rain wednesday and thursday. the sky diving community is mourning the loss of a 49-year- old who crashed to the ground at the lodi airport over the
6:52 am
weekend. christen arizona on what went -- christin ayers on what went wrong. >> reporter: he was a photographer for the red dog sky diving club. saturday something went terribly wrong as he was jumping at the parachute center. a malfunction midair. the san joaquin deputies say the problem was the parachute. the owner believes he packed his own parachute that day. >> as far as us contributing to the fatality other than furnishing a plane ride, that was all we did. >> reporter: he crashed into a wall and fell into a drainage ditch. his friends said they were not ready to talk about him. but on facebook, tributes are pouring in. one message from a fellow red dog sky diver. today we lost a friend,
6:53 am
comrade, and community member. our love and prayers are with family and those closest. >> the owner doesn't keep track of the number of deaths and defended the company. >> you can expect to have a malfunction every 2000 jumps. and we make thousands of jumps every year with no problem at all. >> this is not the first deadly accident at the parachute center. in 2012, a sky diver lost control and fell to his death in a vineyard. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. oooh, i think i saw dessert! hey! steven stay strong!
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what's that? want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! don't fight your instincts! with each for 150 calories or less, try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ republican presidential contenders are stepping up r attacks ahead of the south carolina primary. former president george w bush joid his brother jeb yesterday -- taking a v republican presidential contenders are stepping up attacks ahead of the primary. george w. bush joined jeb yesterday taking a vailed swipe
6:57 am
at donald trump for name calling. trump called ted cruz unstable. and severe weatherer to through area homes and structures in florida and mississippi. and the same system dumped snow and freezing rain in the northeast. >> a big night for taylor swift at the 58th annual grammy awards. she became the first woman to win album of the year for a second time. and rapper kendrick lamar walked away with five grammys. and alameda city council will vote on a plan to protect renters in the city. a missing man's family believes this instagram photo is the last known shot of john
6:58 am
beck. he disappeared in oakland a week ago. he owes the feds more than $100 million for an infomercial scam. i'm jackie ward at twin peaks where two men were killed sunday morning. and police believe they have the man who did that in custody. his name is richard contreras. and he was cornered at a gas station on san pablo avenue in richmond. and they also focused the search on this home. the police believe the suspected killer is off the streets. but the issue of a lack of police is still out there. >> the police are focused on violent crime. and we need to do more with respect to all crime including property crime and we need more police officers. we're very understaffed with police. >> twin peaks is known to attract a lot of tourists, all times of year. and car break-ins have
6:59 am
escalated in the area recently. a memorial has been set up with flowers and candles at the murder scene in memory of the two men killed. jackie ward, kpix 5. let's head to the roadway. 101 at east washington. there's an accident to the side. very slow and go. past there you're dealing with delays. and traffic control east 92 out of half moon bay, a serious accident. the sun is officially making an appearance. that's stunning this morning. 40s and 50s as you step on out. 51 in san jose. climbing to a record high of 80 degrees. we're forecasting 70s and 80s everywhere. and a bit of a breeze. much cooler tomorrow. and cloud cover and rain developing during the day. and rain tapers off by thursday evening. yay! >> thanks for watching, everyone. >> restaurant. enjoy you day everybody. we have updates throughout the morning. and we'll see you again at noontime. cbs this morning coming up
7:00 am
next. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, february 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of spanking, shoving and luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom? kendrick lamar makes a powerful political statement and taylor swift makes history. we begin this morning with a look at "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you have to be careful. we have an unstable guy in nuts. he's an absolute disgusting


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