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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we learned a powerful union leader is under a police investigation tonight. what happened at his home on the east bay hill town on and nasty unified the police believe now include someone being pushed down some stairs. >> reporter: this is a man who's been chosen to lead and to represent hundreds of thousands of service employees of healthcare workers and ironically a healthcare worker is exactly what one man needed when kensington police tell me they had a run in with dave ragan . he's accused of pushing a process server down the steps of his home refusing to be served legal documents in a dispute with the california hospital association. what's more when police got to reagan's home they say he was aggressive and tried to
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intimidate officer. kensington police chief kevin hart says the case is now headed to the district attorney's office. >> why would you need to submit an assault with the district attorney's office rather than just charge them yourself with the police chief. >> normally we would do that but there were some he said he said situation there may be video obtained and were trying to obtain the video so were getting at the district attorney and -- attorney's office. >> ragan is a vice president of the larger sci you which is 2 million members. he is known in union circles for known as a sometime combative behavior . in 2008 he was in a labor meeting in michigan that erupted into violence. in 1995 place in ohio arrested him for this really -- unruly
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conduct. lay today his attorney e-mailed me a statement saying there are zero grounds for charges against ragan end quote this is an outrageous attempt of intimidation by the california hospital association and the process server tried to intimidate is to ragan and his 9-year-old daughter and refused to leave the home when asked. >> when i talk to the attorney late this afternoon about any further information regarding of the potential of this being a crime that he will be charged with the attorney didn't want to take any further although we did say no arrest no crime but we will see if that holds up in the next few weeks when the district attorney it's the case. i did also ask the attorney for a one-on-one interview with mr. . reagan i've yet to hear back on that but i could not find mr. . reagan anywhere today and i did try and track him down at work and at home. the death of an inmate in california state prison in
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sacramento is being considered a homicide. the 53-year-old man was found unresponsive in his cell last night he is not been identified until his family can be notified but he was serving a life sentence for murder in marin county. his cellmate was serving time for assault. in at the wake of three former officials are being charged for money laundering and taking bribes the das office is launching a task force to work with the fbi to catch politicians and city officials up to no good. >> the good old boys the pay to play system that has worked in san francisco so well for so long has to end and we believe this is the beginning of that process. >> the fbi says this new corruption investigation is one of its top priorities. strong words from president obama about how we will handle the death of justice scalia. the president says he will do the job he was elected to do. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to
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happen now when there is a vacancy on the supreme court the president of the united states is a two nominate someone. >> republicans are promising to block anyone who is nominated no matter who it is. their argument it's an election year and the vacancy should be filled by the next president. with the battle lines are drawn it appears we are headed for a showdown and who will blink first and who might the present pick. >> reporter: a a lot of names being thought to be the next justice including california's on attorney general. >> i am not putting my name out there. i'm going to take that off the floor right now. it's an honor but that's not where i'm headed. >> at a san jose campaign stop in her race for senate pamela harris made her intentions clear but what if the president actually calls. >> i'm not putting my name into consideration i do not wish to
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be considered i'm running for the united states senate. >> who would like to see. >> he hasn't called me yet. >> ever since justice scalia died over the weekend there has been many questions who is next. will he or she be right or left. a person of color the senate majority leader declared republicans would block any obama nomination. >> may he rest in peace. some peace he was an advocate for was honoring the constitution of the united states. >> nancy pelosi the house minority leader says the constitution allows the president to fill the vacancy. >> when won the republican say it won't happen and that they won't go there. >> they are just saying that they don't intend to honor the responsibility in the supreme court. >> while not overtly suggesting race is a factor congresswoman anna issue added this comment adding historical racial language. >> our constitution at one time tell us that negroes were three
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fifths of a person now thankfully it has changed but nowhere in the constitution does it say that a president's term can only be served out three quarters of that term. >> obviously she used the term there that is while not a racial slur is not entirely appropriate in this day in age and clearly the context there was he was referring to lingers that she believed was in the constitution but strangely we checks and actually the language that she used that term is not in that clause. >> a justice scalia's chair and the bench in front of a cedar draped in black tonight . the memorial a supreme court tradition that dates back to 1873 . the courtroom doors also draped in black. students say it is not the
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first hate crime on it uc davis campus. what to the school is doing about it. >> i'm shocked it happened here. >> it uc davis junior lives in the apartment complex where police are investigating a hate crime. >> i think it was a targeted assault. >> officers were called out to the west village apartments around 3:00 a.m. monday by a female student reporting an assault. >> the suspect in this case through items at the victim at the same time harassing her with the racial slurs. >> police were able to find the suspect is still in the area and made three arrests. 22-year-old jake lee and 20 -- 24-year-old lonnie doily of sacramento were charged with public intoxication and two were charged with assault and hate crimes. taylor award also lives in the complex. >> it definitely surprises me. i haven't experienced anything
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like that personally. >> she applauds campus police for the quick action but like other a map -- african-american students we spoke to know that this kind of hate crime still occurs. >> you for going to be honest it's not that surprising in the scheme of things. california now part of a bigger effort to reduce greenhouse gases. they joined the 17 state alliance working together on clean energy policy and planning . priorities include transportation and the electrical grid. they will meet soon to put together a game plan how to meet their goals. rising level of mercury in our food chain. a scientist found the amount of mercury in rain is increasing in the western and central part of the u.s. researchers say it is likely being caused emissions from coal burning power in asia. the pollution traveled here and then can wind up in seafood. stop mercury is a neurotoxin
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that affects the brain. predatory fish such as tuna and swordfish have the highest level of mercury. looking outside another beautiful evening. easy to forget we are we're in the middle of february . the bay area enjoying another day of warmth. stop the cherry blossoms are confused and in full bloom now . several cities record high today. this is the last day of heat we switch things up. >> reporter: i hope soak -- folks got outside today because where i'm standing at the berkeley rose regarding this time tomorrow it is going to be raining it will be windy we will see wind gust in the higher elevation about 40 miles per hour. forget to the 80s forget to the 70s we will be in the low to mid 60s at this time tomorrow. so a weather change we're going back from summer returning to winter 24 hours from now . that said another very warm day today we shattered on record at san francisco international airport 72 oakland 82 degrees at breaking the old record by seven
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seven. san jose you hit a record high with a temperature of 80 degrees this afternoon and mountain view 78 for high. look at what will happen tomorrow were talking about rain and cooler weather and the one thing you'll notice tomorrow morning will continue saturday is the went. about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon we will look at wind gust in excess of 30 miles per hour and napa and it certainly also in the berkeley hills. weather changes coming we will talk about how long they will last and how much rain we will receive its coming up in a few minutes right now it's a gorgeous tuesday evening in the beautiful berkeley hills. a bay area house party gets out of control. a man brutally beaten a suspect on the run tonight what's complicated the investigation and how it could change the rules for home rentals. a pharmacy handing out free drugs to be area patients. stop the life-saving idea that's been ten years in the making. a bay area firefighter knows how to bring the heat in the kitchen. stop now he's cashing in on a hit recipe. wait till you hear how he's doing some serious good in the
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process . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it happened over the weekend outside a short term rentale in orinda. a man of fighting for his life after brutal beating. it happened on the weekend outside a short-term rental home in orinda. take a look because this grainy cell phone image is the only thing police have to identify their suspect. investigators are reports of trying to track him down. how the incident couldn't change the rules on a short-term rental. >> this short-term rental turned into a crime scene and what cities like orinda and others in danville and throughout the east bay want to do to regulate these short-term rental facilities specifically air he envies. >> this to million-dollar five bedroom home was listed as a
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short-term rental. $875 a night . the owner advertised it as being used for filming even hosted music stars. when the owner rented it out friday night it was to someone claiming to be having a family get-together and barbecue. but that's not what neighbors in this quiet area heard and saw it late at night and into the morning. >> what i drove out in the morning i saw the police. >> this neighbor saw more and didn't want to be identified. >> there was crime scene tape of blood in the parking lot. >> we learned the rental transaction was never made through air be and be. instead the renter offered cash to the owner claiming her credit card wasn't working. >> a party spilled out onto the street were a fight broke out police say this man captured on a cell phone video severely beat another man from florida who is now in the hospital with
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life-threatening injuries. police are now actively searching for the suspect. >> as you can imagine when officers arrived there were many people coming and going so there were some confusion as two who was who but we tended to the injuries first. >> we should have a system of registration or the city at least knows where that is a possibility so police are making their rounds on any given night there aware this activity could go on at this location. >> that issue of regulating the short-term rentals would be addressed at tonight orinda city council meeting and in danville as well on that same issue. as for the suspect the suspect is still at large and the victim is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> town leaders in danville expected to make a decision tonight on the short-term rentals you see residents are really complaining about the influx of strangers they bring in. the town council may decide to impose a strict regulations or
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could abandon short-term rentals altogether. a political consultant has changed his plea to guilty for possessing a deadly toxin. ryan chamberlin was a suspect of a three day at nationwide manhunt in 2014 after authorities found biological toxins a homemade bomb and a gun in his apartment . he was arrested. in exchange for the plea agreement other charges were dropped. he faces ten years in prison. taxing medical marijuana just got closer to reality . mike mcguire introduced a bill today that would tack on a 15% tax. the money would go to local law enforcement neighborhood improvement programs as well as drug and i'll call treatment programs . they say they already pay for -- a sales tax . mcguire says his official tax would generate $100 million annually for marin county.
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a new pharmacy in san jose is handing out free medications and two those with prescriptions who can't afford to pay for them. they call it the better health pharmacy. the meds that come from nursing homes or hospitals were patients have changed medicines or have died. >> before surplus was legally mandated to destroy even if it was unused. this medicine was good enough to go to the patients at the health facility why cannot be reused at a safety net pharmacy like this one. >> $5 billion worth of prescription drugs are thrown every year. >> tonight a move to make a powerful coastal transmission more transparent. warren county assembly member mark levine is one of three people introducing a bill to hold the commission more accountable. it would require lobbyists to report to the workforce their pay and there insurance with
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the commission. >> we can't just walk away after what happened last week and not continue to be engaged . this legislation and their continued effort working with commissioners will help protect the coastal acts in california's coast. >> last week hundreds of people from across the state flooded a meeting in morro bay to defend charles wester. the commission still voted to fire him. a move a supporter state was influenced by lobbyists and developers. crab a season won't open this weekend. state officials say crabs caught the south of south ray is safe to eat. they are worried people may get sick from a toxic asset that's already delayed the season by three months . the earliest commercial crab season could start is late next week. it could be el niño has created an unprecedented surge
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of people buying flood insurance in california. more than 55,000 policies have been purchased an increase of 25%. fema has changed its maps to include more properties in the flood zones but fema says it hasn't seen this kind of increase in the national flood insurance program which started in 1968 . will be getting more rain . there is some rain in the forecast right paul. >> yes we will see a big change here in the berkeley hills at this time tomorrow it will be in the 70s it won't be clear it will be the most beautiful day to get outside although we need the rainfall. stop we will see rain we'll see wind we will see much cooler weather coming up tomorrow. let's enjoy the beautiful view from the book the rose garden looking down toward the city lights in san francisco bay . it is always a magical view regardless of the weather we are coming off of a high of 82 degrees in oakland. so many folks out and about in
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mid-february enjoying sunshine and abnormally warm weather. we're talking 20 degrees warmer than average. eighty-two at morgan hill redwood city in the 80s napa almost at 80 fremont's 79 concord a 76 san francisco 74 degrees for high today. the radar is clear for now but we are expecting a change at this time tomorrow with a band of heavy rainfall impacting the evening compete -- commute. we need every drop of rainfall and we will receive some tomorrow. as a matter of fact the mountains where we need the snow to fall with the snowpack is now below average for the first time since late november there is a winter storm warning in effect we're talking about the snow level dropping 5,000 feet and eight to 18 inches of fresh power. above 7,000 feet elevation this is all wonderful news. the ridge of high pressure that gave us the heat is moving out of low pressure is on approach and temperatures will be markedly cooler tomorrow. no '80s on this map no 70s on this map. sixty-six for a high in concorde tomorrow.
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pacifica 63 livermore 68 fremont 67 it will be windy it will be cooler will be west by tomorrow evening. your extended forecast even cooler thursday and friday still unsettled part -- showers possible we will see rain and by saturday and sunday and then monday we're back to where we have been which is sunny and dry. the beautiful view in the berkeley hills will be beautiful for a different reason tomorrow. rain returns with some wind and cooler weather all 24 hours from now. it started with some extra peppers in the backyard and now bay area firefighter has a hit on his hand. coming to a target store -- the store near you a change in the shopping card could make a world of difference for some parents. ,,,,,,,,
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international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect. well crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. that's kind of what a firefighter did -- except wh something much hotter. kpix 5's john ram you know the saying when life makes leavened drink
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emanate. >> a bay area original recipe helping kids through college. >> the garden it doesn't look like much but in 1995 when he was a firefighter the garden he planted behind palo altos station five was another story. >> it exploded i had way too many peppers and i wasn't sure what to do. >> as of the firehouse cook we discovered when life gives you peppers make pepper sauce. >> the recipe was all done in less than an hour. >> really. >> yes at that was it i tasted it and that was good. >> that's how palo alto firefighters pepper sauce began. originally only made it for his fellow firefighters but he got the idea to begin bottling it for public sale driving his old toyota corolla to deliver bottles to stores. the sauce was ahead and twice
6:25 pm
won first place honors at the national fiery foods convention. it's been a lot of work at least say he does it to raise money to support his real passion. >> i started a charity find it to give scholarships away. every penny of profit goes to charity. this kitchen philanthropist has raised enough so more so far to create 108 scholarships for palo alto kids . he is retired but his son now runs the company and he's created a new ghost pepper sauce for those who like things even hotter . how can -- a far could this actually go. >> i think weird kind of to the limit on hot sauce but there's barbecue sauce there's other things we could make. >> of the story of these accidental entrepreneurs are enough to warm anyone's heart or maybe that's just the hot sauce talking. >> last year the charitable fund provided $71,000 scholarships and donated $2,000 for
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community childcare at the ronald mcdonald house. the new ghost pepper sauce is now available for purchase. target is rolling out new sharp -- shopping cart -- a big enough to carry adults and children with disabilities. they are called carolines card and features a front seat with the buckle parents say the card is improving the whole shopping experience. >> these cards are changing everything for us. she's enjoying it she likes to be in view of everything. >> by march 19th all target stores nationwide will have these specialty cards. coming up a fight to stop trains from hauling potential harmful coal through the bay area. tonight a first look at the proposed a solution to protect public health. the first look of a man accused of a double murder on san francisco's twin peaks.
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a tiny cold rescued from the bottom of the ravine the generosity helping valentine get back on his feet and the latest word on positive development in his recovery. thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles.
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everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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a local union leader is accused of assaulting a man. he's being investigated by the kensington police. that will then be passed to the district attorney's office his name is david ragan and he argues that this is all just a message for the california hospital association and to intimidate him over union issues. a short term rental home in orinda is now the scene of a crime. over the weekend renters through a house party a fight broke out leaving one man fighting for his life. police are searching for the suspect caught on a grainy cell phone photo. will cold trains be allowed at the port of oakland. protesters are gathering outside city hall . the city council is considering whether to bring in a consultant to determine what kind of risk
6:31 pm
of those trains pose. city leaders has also balked at the idea environmentalists are saying no way. new at 6:00 the company behind the coal train proposal is showing us it's plan . the terminal would go in at the port of oakland where the old army base stood. how the developers the city will address the health and safety concerns. >> reporter: a private transferred yard in richmond were neighbors clean coal dust blows from the cars into the home. this is currently how millions of tons of coal are exported from the east bay every year. environmentalists have been trying to put the brakes on a plan to move it 3 million more tons of coal every year from utah through a new terminal in west oakland. >> we want to raise the bar. >> jerry bridges president and ceo of logistics solutions it says he will revolutionize the way it's done and for the first time he gave us detailed design plans for a terminal unlike any
6:32 pm
other. >> we plan to require all shippers of coal to our fertility is -- facilities to cover encapsulated railcars. >> covered railcars that are currently used for other shipments. bridges says it to just the beginning. he says the railcars will be empty from the bottom directly into a pit. >> once that product is dumped there is a giant vacuum cleaner type of machine that basically sucks all the dust into the machine so that it's not released into the atmosphere completely unlike anything that's done today. >> all this to combat the community fears of the coal dust pollution. added extra cost ridges says of up to $100 million. >> we have the cash to do a we want to do. >> from the underground pit a conveyor belt takes the coal to
6:33 pm
a storage dome it. it's distorted that way in the midwest but never that way here . finally pours into the ships whole through a loader like these used in long beach for other board items. the entire operation enclosed and surrounded by ear monitors to detect pollution. it's not cutting edge technology but it's never been it used at a marine port. >> officially you are not bound to make these changes. >> officially we are designing the terminal with the specifications that we talked about and as far as i'm concerned i'm bound to do that and if we don't do it we can't open. it's as simple as that. >> bridges says he's written to the mayor acknowledging if he doesn't keep his promise she and the city council can shut him down. >> it's unclear whether the city council will have the final day on this project however just a short time ago the mayor issued a statement saying she is opposed strongly opposed to transporting coal through oakland and urging the city council to postpone an
6:34 pm
environmental review. police lined up in richmond to pay their respects to a falling also -- fallen officer. the 58-year-old police force a veteran was shot and killed last thursday at his home. police say he was shot by the father of his grandson after a dispute. funeral services are set for thursday. the pittsburgh police department is mourning the loss of one of its own. twenty-two year veteran officer donnie parent died suddenly of a heart attack yesterday evening. he collapsed while working at his second job at the concorde mall. the circumstances of his death aren't clear but the officer had chased a suspect earlier in the day. >> new details for a man arrested in a double homicide in twin peaks . we found out he had run-ins with the law before.
6:35 pm
police believe the man they arrested is responsible for another high-profile crime that we covered here in 2014. who is this guy. he's 26-year-old man in richmond. he's been gunning down three men before fleeing in a stolen suv. police spotted the car last night at a richmond gas station . law enforcement quickly swarmed the area they called and swat teams are so he wouldn't get away finally they had their man. he was nabbed outside of a richmond gas station but this is it his first crime. stop after running a criminal history search we learned he was also responsible for a felony hit and run back in 2014 . he ran into an transit bus which sent it flying into home. it narrowly missed a three-month-old baby. passengers on the bus including children were badly injured. he fled on foot but was later apprehended. two years later we are seeing him again . he is being charged with two counts of murder one count of
6:36 pm
attempted murder of one count of carjacking as well as possession of a firearm it aggravated assault with a gun. a husband and wife have been arrested by concorde police by a series of robberies. the first what happened last month at leslie's pool supply in walnut creek. most recent was a baskin- robbins unclean road. the couple is responsible for at least six other robberies. the mio always the same as the man was going going to the store his wife is the getaway driver. the mta held the first public hearing to discuss potential fare hikes across the board. under a new proposal in 2018 single fares could go up at quarter to $2.50. monthly many passages -- passes is -- made go from 70 to $75. a decision isn't expected until
6:37 pm
april. you will soon be able to five from the u.s. to cuba. today both country signed an agreement to resume commercial flight. the deal allows up to 110 daily flights to nearly a dozen destinations in cuba. united has already submitted an application to operate some of those flights. roots it will be set up in a matter of months. she's known as princess protigi music world remembers vanity. plus not impressed how do david bowie son is taking aim at lady gaga's tribute at the grammys. [music] ,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: through sunday at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday. matthews, better known as "vanity." the 57-year-old sr died yesterday in fremont. music fans are remembering singers -- singer of vanity. stop the star died yesterday in fremont. matthews was a protigi
6:40 pm
of prince she was part of vanity six and 80s a girl group known for the head of nasty girl. she appeared on tv and on film included the last dragon . after her music career she became a christian evangelist and an ordained minute -- minister. >> [music] lady gaga performed a number of salt -- songs including the fame . then she did under pressure and space oddity. but duncan jones acted overexcited or irrational excessive enthusiasm and mentally confused what is that word. a vicious brawl on a high school campus goes viral. we asked the principal for explanation. will have details on that story plus a whole lot more. join us at 7:00 for a area night on our sister station.
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people with big hard to jump into help a heart -- horse and need. a baby cold rescued from a ravine. how his recovery is going better than expected. a mobile mobile weather is alive tonight from the berkeley hills . coming up with disciplining -- rosebushes and lemon has to do with this winter. that in a forecast coming up. a stunning admission from one of the courts most popular female athletes. >> i'm nothing what to do anymore. >> a giant outfielder who want to hit his mother with a baseball. >> gin -- and jim harbaugh's words of wisdom for parents. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 pm
fremont... on... of all day valentine's day. not only was the colt saved... but i hour y's you couldn't ask for sweeter ending to horse rescue in fremont -- fremont on valentine's day. in 24 hours of more than enough money has been raised to get him back on his feet. >> not even two weeks old this
6:45 pm
fuzzy full manage to get a whole heap of trouble. >> he was about 100 to 150 feet down a ravine. >> a hiker spotted him back in morrison canyon east of mission boulevard north of 680. getting them out was going to require firefighters rope and a wish. >> he's not a like it was pretty steep and the ground was very loose and wet. it was pretty slippery we had a rope we are trying to hold onto while you're caring him up. >> luckily the injury isn't it to a leg luckily is the day he was rescued at the day he's now named after. here's a sarah again. >> on a sunday valentine was reported as a baby horse in a ravine. >> they named him valentine. maybe that's why they have already raised enough money to pay for his recovery. >> we were able to where -- raise $10,000 with some awesome people donated money right and left . every $10 counted and we
6:46 pm
are well over ten grand to pay for surgery. >> with money into the bank and milk to persuade him valentine was loaded onto a trailer and taken to uc davis to be examined examined. it was expected he would need surgery for a broken pelvis and broken rib but now the vets say he's growing so fast surgery may not be necessary . as of now we don't know the owner is. time for look at whether. >> it's tough to see the whole rose garden an hour past sunset. but roses it will be earlier than normal this year because we were super west which is good for the soil and then it would been super warm so the poor rosebush thinks it's april or may and do you have citrus trees in your backyard. for crop of oranges and lemons this winter has been fantastic once again because we had a wet followed by the warm.
6:47 pm
we are heading back to the west tomorrow. we have one more warm evening which are mild outside a high of 82 degrees it is still 75 in oakland concorde 68 livermore 66 still 72 agrees in the financial district of san francisco. sixty-eight in santa rosa. a mild night tonight because it was warm today and it is cloudy tonight. lows in the mid 50s. changes coming tomorrow. the first thing you'll notice to our morning is the wind. before the rain gets here the wind will be here. it will be 15 to 20 miles per hour for all of us . all of bay area hills sustained winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour we're talking 30 to 40 miles per hour . now that many of the trees have it leaves they will act like small sales and we may have a couple downed trees and our higher elevations tomorrow. the ridge of high pressure is
6:48 pm
moving to the south and east allowing something new to move in which is a front associated with the l you see on your television screen . the low pressure of area approaches. 1:00 showers begin to invade the north bay. we make it around -- we may get a band of heavy rain at this time tomorrow. italy much cooler windier and wetter tomorrow. let's talk about what to expect. partly cloudy tonight cloudy by tomorrow morning and it will become breezy. a wet and windy day tomorrow is ashley the second half of the day then we will stay unsettled thursday and friday with scattered showers . highs tomorrow still above average but way cooler than we have been. sixtys in a san mateo campbell 67 fairfield 65 mid 60s for daily city only the low 60s with evening rain in sonoma. clearlake 68 windy for you
6:49 pm
cloverleaf 61 degrees. shy of 71 degrees for four straight days. scattered showers thursday and friday temperatures rebound a bit saturday and sunday mainly dry them back to the warm stuff next monday. that's the view of the twinkling lights from the berkeley hills it's a great view 24 hours a day looking gorgeous warm tonight what tomorrow. sports is next. ,,
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these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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league commissioner roger goodell better find some write-offs... the nfl 2014 filing was leaked by the usa today. roger caddell better find some write-offs. filing for the nfl showed roger caddell made a $34 million for 2014 which is more than any player and in nine years as commissioner he's made over $180 million. good held salary is a tied it to the league growth not his handling of the fleet gate. you want more outrageous spending michigan spent over $136,000 to fly jim harbaugh and his staff in a private jet for
6:53 pm
his first two weeks of the job last year. he took a deep -- brief break from football last week to pay the pebble beach pro-am but even that paled in comparison to how much he enjoys recruiting. >> i remember when walsh left the nfl up at the stanford he said i will -- your climbing trees or sleeping on floors it you've got brady coming back to michigan. is that something you enjoy. >> i get a lot of enjoyment out of it. i enjoy going to people's houses i love having cooking from houses. >> did you take on the basketball coach is that true. >> yes we played one-on-one. i got challenged he challenged
6:54 pm
me. we are both in our churchgoing shoes and is there any video of that one on one game. [music] >> get your kids to climb trees. it's a good athletic thing. >> if my wife saw me climb trees the thing would be cut down the next day. >> it's a great athletic rep for kids balance athleticism straight. >> rhonda rossi is one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts. she was on the cover of the new si swimsuit edition . don't let that tough exterior ask -- for you. on the calendar generous show she admitted she played two sides. >> i was in the medical room down in the corner and i was
6:55 pm
like a what am i anymore if i'm not this and i was literally sitting there and thinking about killing myself in that exact setting -- a second i thought it was nothing . what i do anymore . no one gives any worry about me anymore. to be honest i looked up and i saw my man i was with travis standing there and i looked up and i thought i need to have his babies any to stay alive. >> rossi is seeking a rematch against homes. scottsdale will reach 92 to -- degrees tomorrow when the giants arrived for spring training. it will be denard spans first training in scottsdale. back in 200010 fans lined a foul ball into the front row that ended up hitting his mom. >> hughes was pitching and he threw a fastball outside and i
6:56 pm
reacted and it hit my mom in the collarbone. the odds of 20,000 people and that ball finding her. everywhere i go people asked me about that . but thank god she was okay thank god i was the one hitting because if it would have been anyone else maybe it would have been worse. she's all good though. >> finally viking safety andrew's a day have spared no expense for this special lady on valentine's day. that's right those are the golden arches. he took his valentine to mcdonald's. but i have a confession to make i took my wife to denny's for valentine's day breakfast. >> was she happy. >> very happy. the grand slam was a winner. >> doesn't get any better than that. have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you all doing? ha ha! how you doing? thank you. i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. thank y'all, man. i appreciate you, folks. thank you, man. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from birmingham, alabama--it's the champs--it's the ragland family... [cheering and applause] and from lancaster, ohio, it's the young family. [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there, folks. give me teresa. give me ronny. folks, here we go. we got top 6 answers on the board. besides "hooters," give me another word or words for breast that-- ronny: "boobs." steve: "boobs." [applause] besides "hooters," give me another word or words for breasts that a bar might call itself. teresa: um, the chest. steve: ha ha ha! [applause] she's a pastor. she's a pastor. that's a good answer from a pastor. the chest. teresa: ha ha ha! [buzzer]


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