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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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hour wind gust. the rain gets steadier and more widespread this evening. look at 7:00 tonight. futurecast here comes the steady stuff. slicing through the bay area, heading toward new hayward, redwood city, palo alto and san jose. by 9:00 tonight, with the steadiest rainfall leaving by midnight. and yes, there is snow in the mountains. they need it. snowpack is below average but will probably go above average because we have two feet of new snow heading to the higher elevations of the sierra tonight and tomorrow. wind, rain and snow, for how long? we'll talk about that coming up. the national weather service is saying don't give up on el nino just yet. although we have enjoyed a pretty good break here, scientists say warm ocean temperatures at the equator are still in place and that means the heaviest rain, the big stuff, could still be on the way. >> what we have seen in the past is the 1982-1983 el nino in particular, the month of march did provide the bulk of
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the precipitation in that january through march time frame. >> and right on cue forecasters including paul deanno as you just heard see a more active storm pattern developing for march. a man who at one time trained to become a police officer made his first court appearance this afternoon. he is accused of killing his son's grandfather who was also a richmond cop. kpix 5's da lin was in the courtroom. >> reporter: videocameras weren't allowed inside the courtroom. but the judge allowed to us take pictures with shackles around his waist and hands, the cop-killing suspect robert vega appeared calm. the hearing only lasted a few minutes but during that time, robert turned around and look at his sister and also spent several seconds looking at the victim's daughter as if he wanted to say something to her. >> this has been a tragic incident for both families. the suspect has been part of
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the family for quite a while. >> reporter: some richmond police officers came out to support the victim and the victim's daughter. >> gus has not been sent off yet and yet you have to -- the justice system which is working which is fantastic, the family just wants the justice system to go through. >> reporter: police say robert vega shot and killed off-duty police officer gus vegas last week over a domestic dispute. robert was in a relationship with one of the officer's daughters. the suspect and the officer's daughter also have a 6-year-old son together. the victim's family says gus treated robert as if he was his own son. even though the family is still grieving, they have forgiven the suspect. >> they are so loving. and i don't think there's -- there's hate out there. it's just a lot of forgiveness so far. >> reporter: robert's sister cried in court but walked out without saying anything. the victim's daughter also declined to speak to reporters. once the court hearing was over, the suspect asked the judge if he could say something
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very quickly and just about when he was going to say something, the judge said no. and they quickly escorted him outside of the courtroom. the suspect robert vega will be back in court next month march 2. he is facing kidnapping and murder charges. he could face life in prison. live in fairfield, da lin, kpix 5. scary scene at drop-off this morning outside dublin high school. a boy on a bike was hit and dragged by a car outside the dublin high school parking lot on village parkway. kpix 5's anne makovec spoke with the man who hit him. >> i didn't see him. that's why i hit him. >> reporter: he had just dropped off his granddaughter at dublin high school and made a right turn out of this parking lot when he hit a 12- year-old boy riding this red bike on the sidewalk. >> it's an accident, yeah. it was not intentional. >> reporter: you can see the marks on the road where the boy was dragged under the car for
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about 50 feet while other students tried to flag gregorios down. >> i jump out of the car and -- the back and saw the kid underneath the -- >> reporter: the boy who was biking to nearby wells middle school has broken bones but is expected to be okay. >> he was conscious and talking to the first responders as they were on scene. >> reporter: the fire department lifted the car off him and he was airlifted to children's hospital as police continued their investigation. >> it is a scary feeling. >> reporter: the school district is making counselors available today to any student who may have been traumatized by what they saw here this morning. in dublin, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> late word on the boy's condition, he has a broken arm but he will be okay. not clear if the driver will be cited. a high stakes legal showdown shaping up between the feds and apple. the cupertino company is being ordered to help the fbi access data that's locked away on the san bernardino shooters' iphone. but as kpix 5's len ramirez
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tells us, apple's ceo tim cook says the move could jeopardize customer privacy. len. >> reporter: the federal government has been going out of its way to point out they are not trying to get into everyone's iphone, only the iphone of a known terrorist who has already carried out a deadly attack but apple's ceo is already saying that this is not going to happen. inside these cupertino offices apple's ceo tim cook is making his stand on the apple website today cook posting a message saying why he will not help terrorists investigators hack into the iphone of san bernardino mass killer syed farook. the u.s. government has asked us for something we simply do not have and something we consider too dangerous to create. they have asked to us build a back door to the iphone. in a recent "60 minutes" interview, cook explained it this way. >> the reality is if you put a back door in, that back door is
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for everybody, for good guys and bad guys. >> reporter: no one knows for sure if farook and his wife had help from worldwide terrorist organizations when they planned and murdered 14 people. why they picked this target or if more attacks are planned. but investigators think farook's iphone, which was found inside this suv, after the couple's fatal shootout with police, could hold the answers. >> we still have one of those killers' phones that we have not been able to open. it's been over two months. we're still working on it. >> reporter: a federal judge has ordered apple to help the fbi break into farook's encrypted phone. apple would have to write special code that would disable a security feature that erases the phone if too many incorrect passwords are tried. that would let the federal government launch a so-called brute force attack in which every possible password combination would be used until the phone is unlocked without losing the data. some apple customers are siding with the company. >> everywhere we're being forced to give up more and more in the name of "security."
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where do these line lay? what's the future for him? >> reporter: while others say apple should make an exception for this one phone. >> nobody wants to be in a position where we're giving away private information. but here we need to know who this terrorist was in touch with. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that apple intends to appeal the judge's ruling in a court filing next week and they will take this all the way to the supreme court if they have to. in cupertino, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> coming up on kpix 5 news at 6:00 the results of our exclusive kpix/surveyusa poll about whether apple should or should not create this back door for the iphone. we'll have that straight ahead at 6:00. today government and trade officials from southeast asia gathered in san francisco to share what's working in their respective economies. the keynote speaker was indonesia's president. his visit comes amid
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controversy in his country. some leaders there are calling for a ban on gay and lesbian activities. we asked san francisco mayor if host offing indonesia's president sends the wrong message. >> there's a lot of issues in every country and we're no different in our country, as well. i think that through trade and through relationship building, we can discuss these other humanitarian issues that challenge all of us. >> indonesia jailed a leader on charges of sodomy. the company's communications and information ministry has asked facebook to block lgbt content saying that it is harmful to child development. and new at 5:00, a neighborhood crime alert. >> coming up, the crime scene this man is accused of running from and how an alert neighbor could help police catch him. >> plus, two people walking the golden gate bridge hit with blow darts. new details in the investigation and the search for the suspect. >> and how a north bay school
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district is reacting today after a school beat-down goes viral. ,, ,,,,,,
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that wounded three teenager the young me and 19 -- were police in berkeley spent the day searching for some new clues in a shooting that wounded three teenagers. the young men ages 16, 18 and 19, were shot in the 1100 block of parker street last night. police say the 16 and 18-year- old victims suffered serious injuries. the 19-year-old man suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. a neighbor described what he heard at the scene. >> how many shots? >> about three. about three shots. boom, boom, boom. >> very loud? >> yeah, loud. >> all three of the victims remain in the hospital this evening. so far, police do not have any suspects. other bay area headlines right now. a dead end in the search for the person who shot blow darts at pedestrians on the golden gate bridge. it happened last friday. two people were hurt but not seriously injured. investigators studied hours of
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surveillance video but did not come up with a suspect. in alameda county a driver was killed after a car crash that left his car in flames. the wreck happened this afternoon between pleasanton and livermore on stanley boulevard. police say the driver who was killed was trying to make a u- turn. and we are getting a look at a man police say is suspected of arson in the belmont hills saturday. witnesses say he was standing and watching as flames scorched a hillside. the man was seen running from the fire when this photo was snapped. around 300 yards of west village drive were burned. police found a lighter at the scene. new developments tonight in a school brawl caught on camera. >> coming up, how the school district says it's dealing with a fight fallout. >> and i'm julie watts. parents and privacy groups are sounding the alarm tonight about a judge's order. some are worried kids' private information could be exposed. a reality check coming up. ,,,,,,
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went viral. this video f the sonoma valley school district says it has taken action today after that video of the on-campus fight went viral. you probably have seen it. the video first made the rounds on saturday. it's been viewed now by more than 14 million people. and you can see the girl there knee the boy in the head twice. then she takes off running. the girl is from creekside high
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school. the boy from sonoma valley high school. school district says both schools immediately took appropriate disciplinary action but did not go into detail. >> the lesson that comes out of this is that students would definitely think twice and if it's not nice, not to post it. >> we're working with our community, our students to talk about social responsibility, digital citizenship, to understand the effects of social media. >> letters have also been sent to parents about the fight and what was posted online. new at 5:00 a long-standing fight over whether california is providing adequate education to students with special needs suddenly getting a lot of attention. >> as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, it's pitting some parents against others and raising questions about student privacy. >> reporter: it's trending on social media and the talk of the pta. a california judge is ordering the state department of education to turn over information about ten million public school students to a
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nonprofit! >> i'm just surprised by the judge's order. >> reporter: justine of the california pta says that information could include social security numbers, addresses, medical and behavioral records. >> we don't know what it's going to be used for, what would be collected. >> reporter: but the group requesting the information an advocacy group for disabled children is now scrambling to set the record straight. you don't want names and social security numbers? >> well, we never asked for them and we were trying to get the information in a format that didn't have them. >> reporter: concerned parents of california says for years, the state has denied its request for redacted data that the group believes will prove the state is not living up to its legal obligations to properly educate children with disabilities. >> it does concern us that the negative propaganda has been created because it's nothing at all what we're about. >> reporter: she says since the state refused to hand over the redacted data, a judge intervened. but she insists whatever is now
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handed over will be protected. >> less than eight people who will have access to the information. >> reporter: she says they will be overseen by a court- appointed monitor. in the meantime, parents have until april 1 to opt out their kids' information from the data dump. but for now, parents are divided. >> i can see where that would be very helpful that the information is shared. >> i would have concerns about it. >> reporter: the department of education got back to us late this evenly and said it opposed turning over any and all personally identifiable information but when we asked why it won't just turn over the requested information without names and socials, a representative said, quote, i don't have a good answer for you. meanwhile, statement lawmakers announced new legislation today that will prevent schools from collecting those social security numbers to begin with. bottom line they don't need them. you don't have to give them to a school. but often times they are requested on forms and parents automatically fill it out. >> or do like the last four numbers. >> there's no reason to give them any of it, frankly. if it's not required, then always opt not to provide a
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social security number and in this case, the nonprofit is saying we don't want that. we don't want the names. just give us the redacted information. >> good point. thank you. well, this afternoon, pope francis is showing his support for migrants or his last day in mexico. he is saying mass in a border town where many mexicans have tried to get into the united states. cbs reporter adriana diaz is in mexico city. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: pope francis became the first pope to visit the mexican border. in juarez across from el paso texas, the pope met with prisoners. later he says mass before 200,000 just 50 yards from the u.s. border. people started pouring in before dawn to get a good spot. >> hey, papa! >> reporter: some came on foot from texas. more than 50,000 people crossed this border between el paso and juarez every day. some want to see the pope but won't risk leaving the u.s. [
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speaking spanish ] >> reporter: i would have loved to be there with my fellow mexicans said this catholic but she can't. she is illegal and has lived in el paso, texas, for 26 years. she asked us not to use her name. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: my kids and i feel all alone here, she said. her husband was deported 13 years ago. they haven't seen each other since even though he lives 2.5 miles away in juarez. she cried speaking about her divided family. does the pope's visit give you hope? [ non-english language ] >> reporter: yes, she said. above all else, i have my faith. some american-born children of illegal immigrants are crossing the border on their own to see the pope. this little boy's sign says he wants to be a priest. [ pause ] >> reporter: the pope not only spoke about migration into the u.s. but global forced migration. he leaves mexico tonight heading back to rome.
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live in mexico city, adriana diaz, kpix 5. back here at home we have rain in the forecast. and first time in several weeks, huh? >> it has been -- we had 11 storms in 22 days to start january. and then like magic it went away. >> nothing. >> finally starting to get some rain back. it's good stuff. we have some rain moving into the bay area right now. i want to show you live hi-def doppler. the north bay marin sonoma napa counties saying yeah, i can hear that rain outside my house, i can see it outside my window. san francisco, san mateo county knocking on your door. it will arrive before 6:00 a few showers hopping over the santa cruz mountains. that's you redwood city. also woodside, palo alto, you'll be getting rain soon. and here's a two-hour time lapse. a three-hour time lapse showing you the advancing rainfall moving in ever so slowly into the bay area but plan on an hour or two of steady rainfall wherever you are in the bay area this evening. we have been cloudy all day long. some interesting cloud formations. many of us have sent us pictures of clouds, clouds at
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two levels moving in two directions. a little tropical feel today, humid, windy but not as warm. no 80s and 70s today. 66 in concord. down to 59 degrees in san francisco. about 90 more minutes of a wind advisory. if you spent anytime outside now what we're talking about strong south to southwest west wind especially in the hills up to 30 miles an hour, could see gusts up to 55 miles an hour. with the rain overnight tonight, another mild one. mountain view 50, san jose and livermore 51. so what's happening? this is a wholesale change. two days ago, sunny, no wind whatsoever. and highs in the low 80s. today, the whole different ballgame. we have rain in southern california where they need it, as well. we were looking for that active storm track to return the the el nino rainfall quote, unquote was still there just sent way up to the north by a ridge of high pressure. that ridge snow where to be seen. we're kind of back to where we were mid-january where storms came along. the storm track piled into california. we got rainfall. it sounds simple.
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but for the past three weeks it was elusive. tonight, 9:00 look at futurecast. that's some steady rain slicing through the bay area. hayward, fremont, livermore, dub, tri-valley moving south out of here by midnight but replacing that steady rainfall will be scattered showers which will last beyond sunrise tomorrow roads will be wet for the drive to work tomorrow and still some scattered showers until lunchtime. we get a break thursday evening. there is another weather system that will move through and here comes another line of showers and some steady rainfall and that's for friday afternoon. so we have two different storms to get through before we get to the weekend where we'll begin to dry out again. showers likely tonight even a rumble of thunder is possible as this front moves through. scattered showers tomorrow especially tomorrow morning. we get a break tomorrow afternoon. more wet weather moving in friday. look at the highs tomorrow cooler breezy still. fremont 63. san jose 64. san francisco san rafael and vallejo only the low 60s.
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scattered showers friday. sunny saturday, milder sunday. another chance of some record highs on monday. so what we would love would be a pattern change where we go back to the weather stuff again. we'll have to enjoy the three days of rain today being day one before we dry out again. >> all right. thank you. >> i know somebody trying to put a roof on next week. >> aha. >> thank you. paul. a blow to boxer manny pacquiao outside the ring. >> what pacquiao said that is now costing him a lot of money. >> but first, another good day for the markets: manny pacquiao's mouth land him a major blow *outside f the ring. ,,
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landed him a major blow *outside of the ring. nike announced that it's drd pacquiao as a manny pacquiao's mouth landed him a blow outside the ring. nike has dropped him as a
5:25 pm
spokesman after he made controversial remarks during a tv interview in his native philippines. he said gay people are worse than animals. nike calls the comments abhorrent and the company strongly opposes discrimination of any kind. pacquiao later posted an apology on his facebook page which said, he was not condemning members of the lgbt community. if you are drinking coffee because you think it's healthier than soda, think again. a new study found some flavored drinks could contain more sugar than sodas. the group action on sugar analyzed more than 100 hot drinks from stores including starbucks finding that flavored drinks contained up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. that's three times the amount found in one can of coke. apparently rain will not prevent some folks from camping outside overnight all for a pair of kanye west shoes. check out this photo posted on twitter showing several
5:26 pm
customers lined up outside of nice kicks on haight street to get limited shoes. they sell for $200. the popular nerf gun is going high-tech. the toy's maker revealed the nerf's rival chaos at the new york toy fair. it promises to fire foam bullets at 68 miles per hour and it comes with a 40 round magazine to cut down on reloading. now, nerf says despite the higher velocity the foam bullets will not hurt or cause weltz and the $70 toy gun will hit stores this fall. and we are back right after this quick break. stay with us. ,,,,,,,
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deputies.. caught brutally beating a man with batons. bu hey haven't new at 6:00 tonight a video sparked outrage. bay area deputies caught brutally beating a man with batons. but months later they haven't been charged. tonight, the complication delaying the investigation. >> and cash only. the challenge for medical marijuana businesses trying to pay their bills. how it's creating a strange and smelly problem for the state. we'll have those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> and a little bit of rain in the forecast, too, huh? >> it is raining outside now. let's get to the live hi-def doppler radar is showing you the rain just about to move into san francisco. it's got you, marin and oakland hills and out by the caldecott tunnel, berkeley, el cerrito
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and concord. rain moving in this evening. >> the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: the battle lines of privacy are drawn. apple refuses a court order to hack the phone of the san bernardino terrorists. also tonight, criminal hackers have seized a hospital's computer system, and they're holding it for ransom. trump talks up torture to fight terror. >> torture works, okay, folks? >> pelley: and a veteran who saw so much death gets the gift of life. >> probably the best wake-up call in the history of wake-up calls. >> pelley: so why won't the v.a. pay for the treatment? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the war on terror and the right to privacy have collided tonight. the f.b.i. got a court order


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