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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 18, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. what a difference a day makes. a record-breaking heatwave.>> paul deanno is tracking the radar. >>'s spots in the bay area were sunny yesterday. today, 51 and sopping rett. the -- wet. the rain has moved out for the most part. still pouring in morgan hill and gilroy. showers are exiting san jose and for your -- fremont. how much rain? in less than
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three hours we got an inch and a half of rainfall, nearly an inch in santa rosa, three quarters of an inch in walnut creek ann livermore. half an inch in san francisco and half an inch and sunnyvale. all this coming after a very windy start to the day where mount diablo had a 62 miles an hour wind gusts. the wind advised not done yet. the weather service has extended until 4:00 tomorrow morning. wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. rain, wind, we'll talk more about mountain snowfall and a second storm heading our way in about 10 minutes. rain, win, damage on there. we have team coverage starting with on the aboard the.>> reporter: -- andrea borba. >> reporter: it has been --
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been not el niño like it has been 29 days since we have seen half an inch of rain fall. in mill valley, two thirds of an excel in 2.5 hours during this commute hour storm. it traveled through san francisco into clan it -- santa clara, reading the clouds of desperately needed water here on the ground. the storm has moved out of this portion of the bay, leaving behind gusty and uncomfortable winds. andria borba, kpix 5. pg&e is scrambling to get power restored all of the bay area. you can see over my shoulder crews working on getting a tree that nearly toppled over onto llewellyn boulevard, they are planning to take that tree down tomorrow. this is just some of the property damage we saw from
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wendy weather i parked it they are. -- wendy weather.>> i parked in there.>> reporter: a burst of wind unhinged his sign. it was sent toppling onto the truck.>> this is the first good wind. i think we did it wrong or something were the wind is too mac strong. >> reporter: the wind was too mac strong in fremont. this was all that was left after a gust took out a palm tree, leaving the neighborhood in the dark.>> i was working in my shop in the power went off.>> reporter: in san leandro, walgreens shut down. firefighters shut down part of llewellyn boulevard after a 70 foot tree was uprooted. the pressure took out several power lines.>> we are worried about the tree falling over. we have the street shut down
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for that.>> reporter: thousands of customers without power tonight. 365,000 -- 365 homes without power -- 2365 power outages in south bay, 780 in eastbay, 230 on the peninsula. crews are trying to take down that tree. that closure may remain until tomorrow morning. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix. sources say apple has the capability to write the code that the fbi needs to hack into the san bernardino terrorists encrypted iphone. but the company is reluctant to do so. apple is willing to take the fight all the way to the supreme court if it has to.>> apple says if it complies and helps the fbi access this iphone, it's not a question of if the tool will end up in the wrong hands but when.
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dozens of apple supporters stood in the rain outside san francisco's store, writing thank you notes with stickers on their iphone says that i do not consent to the search of this device. >> the goal is to make sure apple understands that we appreciate them standing up for us. >> a magistrate ordered apple to help the eye -- fbi to break into mass killers farouq's iphone. the tech giant could be forced to build surveillance software to access your phone without your knowledge. >> it is a terrible precedent to set. any of our devices could have back towards bill that could be used for any number of purposes.>> key clues could be in his iphone to his whereabouts. it could show the that farouq
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was in communication with victims who were later killed. diane feinstein says if apple does not help, she will put forward a lot to make sure it does. >> the national security of this country makes eloquent testimony why this should happen.>> reporter: one victim died shielding a coworker.>> we are terrified and worried that other families are going to have to experience this.>> according to our survey usa poll, 54% of respondents think apple should comply, 32% say no. as to weather's consent a dangerous precedent, 60% say they are very or somewhat concerned. apple has five days to appeal. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. construction on the bullet train connecting san francisco the la will start in the bay area.
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the state plans to build the first 250 miles of track between san jose and bakersfield according to a report set to be released friday obtained by the contra costa times. the california high-speed rail authority originally planned for the first segment to connect her bank in the central valley. the authority says a new plan will keep costs down and hopefully attract private investors. it's now estimated to cost $64 billion instead of $68 million. we're learning prosecutors want former sen. lee learned -- lee legge sent to prison for a long time. they are asking for an eight year sentence for his role in a political corruption scandal. he pleaded guilty last july to felony racketeering. it was accused of trading lyrical favors for bribes. he is supposed to be sentenced next wednesday. a new woman is in charge of santa clara tonight. she is determined to shake things up.
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betty yu tells us she is not afraid to come down hard on the the 49ers.>> congratulations lisa gill more. >> reporter: for a divided government, this vote happened swiftly. this -- lisa gill more was sworn in immediately, ending a week of uncertainty in center klara. since matthews abruptly resigned a day after the super bowl. >> that is what's been happening lately. we can't make decisions in a back room. we have to do them all out in public. that's going to be my style.>> reporter: mayor gilmore says she will be transparent especially when it comes to big development deals. she has been an outspoken critic of the 49ers, posing their plan to buy the youth soccer field by the stadium and calling for alcohol sales to end at halftime after violent attacks on fans.>> how with the city's relationship with the 49ers change now that you are
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mayor?>> there will be a lot more discussion, interaction, community exposure to what's happening.>> reporter: the 49ers congratulated the mayor tonight on her appointment. they look forward to working with her as mayor. she will finish matthews term, ending november 2018. betty yu, kpix five.>> the city council could have opted for a special election but decided it was too mac costly. it looks like crab lovers will have to keep waiting. the department of fish and wildlife made the call today to keep the commercial crab season closed indefinitely. traces of a potentially deadly neurotoxin are still present along some parts of our coast. tonight nancy pelosi is stepping into the fight over dogs in the golden gate national recreation area. the park service will release a
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dog management plan this month. it would restrict dog walking areas and require dogs to be leased at all times. nancy pelosi wrote a letter today asking for an extension on the public comment period. she also says any plan must balance protecting wildlife and visitors and letting dogs play. san francisco wants to fix one of the most dangerous movie lines in the city. the l caravelle lines runs from west portal to the beach but neighbors and business owners tell mark kelley the upgrades are not worth it.>> it seems like a lopsided approach. >> reporter: albert champ says the proposed changes will not be good for his hardware shop or customers. orr now is going to be my customers fighting against residents for parking spaces.>> reporter: movie wants to get rid of dozens of spots to make room for brand-new boarding platforms.>> we will have a decrease if not a lack of
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business. if you can't park, you don't go.>> reporter: at a packed meeting, paul rose said the parking spots are not going away entirely. they are just shifting.>> we will remove parking in the front of some of the stores and adding parking on site streets. there will be no let -- net loss of parking. this is an important project to maximize safety and reliability.>> reporter: the plan is to cut several stops so the train can shave a few minutes off it's time.>> this travel time improvement will help a lot of people.>> reporter: many say taking stops away won't improve anything.>> a cop my stop is going away. that will not help me when i walked two extra blocks.>> reporter: this will still -- the train will still get stuck here at the west portal station. mark kelley, kpix.>> the next
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step for the board is to take a vote. construction would start in 2018. a boy is recovering after being hit and dragged almost 50 feet this morning as he was biking to wells middle school in dublin. the driver was pulling out of the high school parking lot and didn't see him.>> i got out of the car and i saw the kid underneath. it's an accident. it was not intentional.>> the boy suffered a broken arm but is expected to be okay. the driver will not face charges. a mistrial for a former police officer accused of raping a woman on dirty. did jury deadlock 9 to 3 in favor of up little. a conviction could have resulted in a life sentence. graves had offered to plead guilty to a lesser charge but the santa clara county da declined to make that deal. no word yet on whether the case will be retried. the man
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accused of killing an off duty richmond police officer made his first court appearance today. robert vega was only in court for a few minutes. he spent most of it looking at the victims daughter. the two have a six-year-old son together. investigators say vega shot officer gus vegas last week over a domestic dispute. the firm -- funeral service for officer vegas is set for friday at 10 service for officer vegas is set for friday at 10 am at the richmond memorial auditorium on civic center plaza. the burial and reception will be private. a california hospital paralyzed by hacker. they hijacked the computer system, demanded ransom. veronica de la cruz tells us the cyber criminals got what they wanted.>> tonight we learned the la medical center paid the hackers $17,000 to put an end to the plot. inside hollywood presbyterian,
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computer screens went dark after hackers took over the network two weeks ago. anyone who called the hospital got this voice mail recording. >> we want to assure you that patient care has not been compromised as we continue to address this incident.>> the hackers used ransom where, malicious files that can only be locked with a software key after the ransom is paid. during the attack, the medical center staff used pen and paper, even fax machines communication. operations at the hospital resume monday. officials say they have no idea who the hackers are. the attack did not affect patient care, and there's no evidence the hackers compromised patient data. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. campaign 2016, tonight, some gop candidates to the stage in south carolina at a town hall on cnn. >> what we need are people who
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know how to solve problems, not people who know how to talk.>> we are seeing an assault on religious liberty. we need a president who will stand up unambiguously and protect those values.>> 15 years of consider -- experience and turning ideas into action.>> donald trump appeared in a separate down all on msnbc.>> i will have states that nobody ever will have thought of getting.>> trump has a sizable lead in south carolina. the primary is on saturday. tonight, we learn obama will visit cuba next month. he will be the first sitting us president to travel to cuba since calvin coolidge in 1928.>> post -- pope francis is heading back to the vatican after five day tour of mexico. he wraps up with an outdoor mass in warez or thousands of mexicans have died trying to reach the us. the pope says we cannot ignore
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the humanitarian crisis. manny pacquiao got knocked out by nike. he posted this apology on facebook. he said he is sorry for saying gay people are worse than animals. nike says it strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting in standing up for the rights of the lgbt community. neighbors and sunnyvale tell us they have been hearing strange noises in their neighborhood and if anyone goes to investigate, they are confronted by security. what's the big secret? only on five, len ramirez follows the trail of clues.>> reporter: the buildings on san gabriel drive are unmarked, the driveways with security screened. neighbors hear weird sounds late at night. >> three in the morning, they
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had deliveries. it's very dark over there. they are very secretive we don't know what's going on. almost every night there is noise that woakes the dogs up.>> reporter: whatever is happening is mysterious and sensitive. after i arrived to shoot these pictures, guards question me in the street.>> how are you doing?>> good, how are you? >> why are you here? >> i am a news reporter.>> reporter: the guard tried to shield the logo on his shirt. it says apple security. >> if you walk down the street you will have security guards following you. >> reporter: neighbors say the guards tailed them they walked their dogs. jim and joann say it's a 24/7 noise that bothers them. >> you will hear sheets of metal slamming, almost a grinding sound. a humming noise. i'm not sure what all it is.
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>> reporter: a blurb in the 2014 sunnyvale city managers blog offers a clue. it says apple was granted a building permit for an auto testing facility. could it be that apple is building its rumored autonomous electric vehicle here? neighbors say one sound in particular makes them wonder.>> it's a home, a high-pitched calm.>> like an electronic motor?>> sometimes it can go all day.>> reporter: apple has now responded to my email asking questions, but apple has been dodging a lot of questions on that topic lately.>> how hard is it to say apple will be in the car business? >> reporter: charlie rose did not get an interview -- answer in an interview with tim cook. >> we probably have more secrecy than the cia.>> reporter: the bbc was told he is almost certain -- a person
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was certain that apple was building a car. >> is apple serious about it? >> yes. it is an open secret.>> anything we can help you with? >> yes, some noise complaints, 24 seven construction, people that live across the street are very upset about it. >> very interesting, sir.>> can you shed light on that?>> myself? no, sir.>> reporter: whatever's going on, neighbors say it's changing their neighborhood, not for the better. err this was such a nice, quiet neighborhood. now it's an industrial area. very frustrating.>> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. a transformer explosion has the point bonita lighthouse in the dark. does anyone use lighthouses anymore? it turns out yes. the beacon in the headlands is both a lifeline to sailors and an automated ship tracking system. the coast guard will soon award
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a contract to replace the transformer. until then, they are working on a temporary fix. a lot of clouds, a little rain on the water tonight. >> it was a stormy day on land and on see. diseas angry and the skies yielding rainfall. i want to show you this image of what's coming up next. rain right here in morgan hill. gilroy, moderate rainfall. a pocket of rainfall across san francisco, at richmond, sollecito. look what's behind our front? three lightning strikes in 10 minutes, 30 miles offshore. there is an isolated thunderstorm risk tonight. the steadiest rainfall has moved out. we received half an inch of rain in san francisco, the first time that has happened since january 19. where does the rain go? 29 days in between soakers. look at the temperatures outside. 40s, santa rosa, 48. san francisco, 51.
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livermore, 50. last night, around 70. tonight, 54 in oakland. a winter storm warning for the sierra. snow will continue until tomorrow afternoon, up to two theaters -- feet of snow. we could use the rain and snow. we will get both. yesterday, 82 in oakland. today we had heavy rainfall and gusty winds because the storm track is back. the section in red is the fastest section of the jet stream. it's right over northern and central california. let's enjoy the showers why we have -- while we have them. isolated thunderstorms possible tonight, isolated storms tomorrow morning mainly for the north a. a break tomorrow night, but a second front will arrive around lunchtime friday. it's another rain -- round of steady rainfall. tonight, scattered showers, slight chance for thunderstorm
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along the coastline. you saw the thunder out there now. scattered showers tomorrow morning, more wet weather with a different front right a. highs tomorrow, low 60s. concord 61, 63 for san francisco. scattered showers tomorrow morning. again friday afternoon. we will dry out. the weekend looks good if you want to get outside. another monday with record highs. let's enjoy the rain tonight. the rain was pouring for a while. a cargo shift nearly plows through pedestrians. we will show you the moment it smashed through the walkway. on the late show with steven colbert, kate hu,,,,
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for the captain.. this bad parking job was caught on camera. the ship was in the port of bangkok when winds picked u the massive ship w t itself.. and plowed every captains nightmare. a cargo ship missed the mark by a whole lot. >> unfortunately, this bad parking job was caught on camera. the ship was in the -- in the port of bangkok. the ship was not able to write itself and plowed into a pedestrian boardwalk. the ship's whole sustained damage that was able to stay afloat until coast guard came. no one was injured. are the warriors worried about the trade deadline? why spring training brings back,
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and catch up to the warrior at 48-and-4 golden state is best 52-game start tomorrow at noon is the trade deadline for the nba. some teams will make a deal to try to catch up with the warriors.
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you would think the warriors are going to stand pat at tomorrow's deadline, but andrew bogan says those four losses may cause the team to make some drastic moves.>> we did lose a couple of games. you never know. i have been on teams that were playing very well before the all-star break and i have been on teams that were horrible and didn't do anything. when is the deadline? tomorrow? i will check hoop site when i wake up make sure my photo is not on their.>> i think he is okay for now. the giants pitchers and catchers reported today. for one new giant, spring training means he has to relive the terraforming moment. in 2010, he fouled a ball that turned out to be -- off a fan that turned out to be his mom. span cannot be the -- believe that that fall now -- foul ball
2:08 am
found his mom. >> it hit my mom and the collarbone. the odds of 20,000 people and that ball to find her. that was definitely an odd day. i don't think a day that i will ever be able to not relive. everywhere i go, people ask me about that. thank god she was okay, thank i had i was the one hitting. >> at least it wasn't mother's day. toledo goalie jeff lured, look at that incredible saves. that saves the game for toledo. that was a great line.>> bill king, holy toledo. the fort wayne tied in overtime. toledo wins 3-2. iraq -- i can always tell paul is a little excited when there is a weather function.>> he is getting.>> function.>> he is getting.>> and i have a lightning ,,,,,,,,,
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