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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the bay area cleanup after rain and wind swept through the bay area last night. it triggered multiple car crashes, including a number of spinouts, a lot of hydroplaning. a ward, a wind sent a sign trump balling down onto a -- tumbling down onto a pickup truck. >> this is the first wind. >> that wind was too strong at fremont too. a big gust took out a large palm tree leaving a neighborhood in the dark there. and in san leandro the wind partially uprooted a 7-foot tree damaging several powerlines. and of course every significant storm comes with a number of power outages. at one point pg&e -- and the peninsula as well. this storm has caused quite the mess, roberta. >> certainly has. and it was predicted, though. down to the timing. we kept saying the evening
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commute would be virtually affected with the rain. it was the morning commute which we experienced the very gusty winds and then the winds carried on over all day long, 61-mile-per-hour wind gusts yesterday. that's pretty significant so down go the trees. i wanted to put together our time stamp map for you so you could see the bands of rain. did you see any of the lightning strikes or hear in the overnight hours? it caused a burst of hail in the city of san francisco after 3:00 this morning and that's pretty much the case. we are going to continue to see a scattered shower throughout the day today. this is all wraparound moisture with the passage of the front. temperatures are much cooler than just 24 hours ago. in fact, at this time yesterday we were at 66 degrees in livermore, right now 16 degrees cooler so you will feel the difference heading out the door plus you couple that up with the wind that's been blowing up about 15 miles per hour, 20 now in oakland, 16 san francisco, sustained winds today 10 to 20 miles per hour, but not as
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aggressive as what we experienced yesterday with the winds over 30 miles per hour. currently a wind speed at 13 in napa so here's the deal. a scattered shower today, breezy conditions, temperatures under 70 degrees everywhere. i am tracking storm number 2. and i've got those details, 18 minutes after the hour. and i am tracking the roadways right now. we've got a pretty serious accident northbound 680 at ignacio valley road, a series of cars involved in this wreck. one of the vehicles overturned, now stuck on the through with the two left lanes down for the count. fire crews and chp on screen. a lot of activity. traffic coming in hot through there so expect delays as you approach the scene. other accidents, eastbound 80 at highway 4, this one is in the clearing stages out of lanes but still may cause a bit of spectator slowing as you work your way past the scene. heading to the south bay, north 87 around kirtner avenue, still got the right lane blocked for this wreck. chp and activity still on the scene in the area through the south bay. the rest of the southbound
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quiet, no delays along 101, or 280. we have reports of an accident eastbound 580 around flynn as you work your way through the altamont pass, a couple of cars tangled up. we are hearing maybe three and four lanes blocked as you work your way through there so the two right lanes may be shut down because of this accident. delays on that eastbound side, westbound, though, the bubble of your delays coming out of tracy, as you work your way coming away from mountain house and 205 it eases up a bit at the top of the pass and then stop-and-go conditions right at 680 where you connect over to the dublin interchange. drive times still looking okay, 15 minutes between the altamont pass and 680 and still pretty windy out there. they have kept the wind advisory for some of our bay bridge areas. breaking news in vallejo where an overnight apartment fire claims the life of an infant. kpix5 anne makovec is live at the scene with more on this tragic story. >> reporter: because this was a fatal fire, the whole area
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behind me is considered a crime scene. you can see significant damage when you're looking at the balcony and fire also spread partially to that second story unit next door, but it is the first apartment where that baby died overnightly. check out the flames you can see in the window, around 11:30 last night. this is on kathy ellen drive here in vallejo. when firefighters got here they found that first apartment fully engulfed in flames. the flames spreading to the apartment next door, a couple and a 4-year-old child were able to escape the first apartments but we know between the two apartments at least 13 people are homeless this morning. it took firefighters almost two hours to get this fire under control. >> due to the fatality, there's a joint investigation being
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conducted by the vallejo fire department and vallejo police department. the conclusion will be available at a later time. >> reporter: and investigators are really going to begin their work at first light. they have already just been in to do sort of a preliminary investigation in which they say it looks like the fire started toward the front of the apartment, which is the living room-kitchen area. live in vallejo, anne makovec, kpix5. the man accused of killing two people and wounding a third in san francisco's twin peaks area earlier this week will be in court today. 25-year-old richard contreras will be arraigned in san francisco for two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder. police say he shot and killed 21-year-old julio phrasea -- ferasa and 19-year-old renee mora on valentine's day. an 18-year-old victim still being treated at a hospital with life threatening injuries. contreras fled the scene in the stolen gmc. is also is facing carjacking charges. the man accused of killing an off-duty richmond police officer made his first court appearance on wednesday.
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robert vega was only in court for a few minutes. he spent most of it looking at the victim's daughter. the two have a 6-year-old son together. investigators say vega shot officer gus vegas last week over a domestic dispute. the funeral service for officer vega at friday at 10:00 a.m. at the richmond auditorium, the burial and reception private. showdown between apple and the fbi continues dispied despite a federal judge's ruling that apple must help fbi agents to break into a phone of a shooter. we are live outside apple's headquarters with how apple customers are responding to apple's position. >> reporter: it looks like apple got exactly what it wanted, a very public debate over privacy versus security and it looks like both sides of this issue are digging in their heels getting ready for a long legal battle. yesterday dozens of apple supporters lined up outside in
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the rain in the downtown san francisco stores to write thank you notes to the company and with stickers on their iphones that say i do not consent to the search of this device. the court order came on tuesday and by that night apple's ceo tim cook called the demands chilling and said it could lead to the tech giant being forced to build surveillance software to intercept your messages or even access your phone's microphone or camera without your knowledge. the fbi says they still haven't been able to crack the iphone in question after two months of trying. senator diane dianne feinstein says if apple doesn't help she is prepared to put forward a law to make sure it does. >> the national security of this country makes eloquent testimony as to why this should happen. >> it's a terrible precedent to set that any of our devices can have back doors that can be created for any number of purposes. >> and apple sources tell cbs news they are prepared to take this fight all the way to the
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supreme court. we are live in cupertino, kip doe, cbs 5. the group will be at the state capital urging lawmakers to pass a bill that forces drunk driving offenders to install ignition locks in their cars. they require drivers to blow into a breathalyzer in order to start their vehicles. four california counties have a pilot program like this but the group wants to see it statewide. tonight santa clara's county heritage commission will discuss the fate of a cubed shaped tower in the santa cruz mountains. it was designed to detect enemy planes during the cold war. now people hoping to save the five story tower say it should be designated as a landmark on heritage resource inventory. that could spare the tower from demolition currently planned by an open space agency. the democrats are making a final push in nevada which holds its democratic caucuses on saturday and new polling
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indicates a very tight race. bernie sanders is hoping to build momentum following his win in last week's new hampshire primary. the polls all show that the race is too close to call. both were on the ground in nevada ahead of the caucuses rallying their bases. >> everything in my political gut tells me that we have the momentum here in this state. >> we are going to go out and we are going to convince people to caucus on saturday, then we are going onto south carolina. >> all eyes will turn on south carolina next. both clinton and sanders are ramping up their push for minority voters there. meanwhile some of the g.o.p. presidential candidates took to the stage in south carolina at a town hall meeting on cnn last night. >> what we really need are people who know how to solve problems, not people who know how to talk. >> we are seeing an assault on religious liberty and we need a president who will stand up unambiguously and protect those
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values. >> last 15 years of experience turning conservative ideas into conservative action. >> donald trump appeared at a separate town hall on msnbc. >> i will have states that nobody ever thought of getting in terms of a republican. >> trump has a sizable lead in the south carolina polls. the state's primary is on saturday. time now is 5:10. a rally for affordable housing, exactly what activists will be asking for when they take to the streets of oakland today. and a mystery from the sky. a tarlike substance found on homes, cars and driveways too. you're going to hear from the residents asking for some answers this morning. and it's no mystery. we still have rain in the forecast. we still have some isolated thunderstorms and we have storm number 2. we will track it together. and that rain means some slick surfaces on the roadways so we've got a couple of accidents, especially one causing big delays in the altamont pass.
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as the weather turns from do stormy... san francisco good morning. 5:13. it is thursday. cloudy skies, scattered showers around sfo but so far no reports of any local airport delays there. yesterday over 2 1/2 hour delays due to the wind. i'll talk about this current storm and storm number 2 coming up and how it will impact your
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thursday as the news continues. it is 5:13. as the weather turns from dry to stormy, san francisco hopes its homeless population will seek shelter at pier 80. the temporary shelter there boasts 150 beds, costs the city $1.5 million, but as of tuesday it was only at half capacity. recent storms have city officials encouraging the homeless to check out the pier 80 site. they say it welcomes couples and pets and allows residents to store their belongings. later this morning, a grand opening for an affordable housing develop in menlo park. it's called willo housing and it's a combination of public and private projects for at risk veterans. the complex has 60 units on the edge of a va campus. the project is part of a federal initiative to make use of va property for veteran housing. in oakland there's also an event this morning related to affordable housing. marry libby schaap and more than 100 people from east
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oakland are holding a rally. they want the state to honor a commitment to fund 500 affordable rental units at a waterfront apartment complex. it happens at 10:30 at the brooklyn based site near the oakland effect wary -- evident wary estuary. yesterday fire officials came out to collect samples from outside several homes and the fire chief says it's not bird droppings but it's hard to tell exactly what it is. >> there was a concern that it was a flammable liquid and it wasn't. it's more of an ash type consistency that has a little bit of -- it seems to have an oily type consistency as well. >> concerns. i don't know what it is. don't know if it's hazardous. >> some of the locals think it could have come from an airplane since the international guard base is nearby but the air base says there is no sign the substance
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came from any type of military aircraft. >> very strange, though. >> car wash business is doing well there. >> mystery. 5:16. get a check on the roads with gianna. >> we go straight to walnut creek, an eye on this accident involving three vehicles. one vehicle overturned. two left lanes are blocked by fire crews. north 680 at i can 98 centsio -- i ygnacio valley roads. you might start seeing some delays as you work your way through there. try to avoid the area if you can. eastbound 580 at north flynn, we had a couple cars tangled up here. at one point the two right lanes blocked. chp says all lanes are now clear. we still have a bit of slow-and- go conditions on that eastbound side as well as westbound, we are seeing some red on our sensor so that indicates speeds under 25 miles per hour. so very slow-and-go conditions as you work your way westbound 580 out of tracy this morning. your drive time to get to 680, about 16 munns. once you get to the top of
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altamont pass you are doing okay. a lot of volume on the roadway especially on the westbound side and slick surfaces out there so be careful. eastbound 80 at highway 4, this accident in the clearing stages not blocking any lanes but it's still stuck out there so maybe some spectator slowing working your way through there. high wind advisory stays in effect for the bay bridge so be careful across the span into san francisco. 19 minutes east shore freeway. looks like chp just cleared this accident northbound 87 near curtner avenue, right lane was blocked for quite a bit -- quite some time this morning, everything seems to now be cleared over to the right shoulder and the rest of the south bay off to a very good start this morning. no delays along highway 17, 85 or northbound 101 as you work your way out of san jose. 880 both directions near the coliseum, traffic is light. drive time 60 minutes northbound 238 to the maze, no trouble there. >> incredibly busy this morning, just turning 5:18.
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weather watchers, everybody is up and checking in and they are talking about the rain. let's see how much rain has fallen in many of our locations this morning. looks like over half an inch to just about 7/10 of an inch of rain in santa rosa according to john miller. the air temperature is much cooler than 24 hours ago by a good 16 degrees in many of our locations and i really wanted to share this with you, 52 degrees so says george but what he observed this morning is right after midnight he said that he had some hail and thunder and lightning around 3:15. that's notable, george because at 3:15 when you had that thunder and lightning, i actually took a photograph of some hail right here in san francisco and you can go to our kpix facebook page and check that out. we have also been detecting lightning bolts within the past 10 minutes to the north around the willets area. don't know if -- look at the lightning that just developed, right there. according to that cell that's moving towards golden gate bridge, we are going to have to keep an eye on this because this is live radar. we have some hit-and-miss scattered showers around the
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bethel island area. that just popped up so i'm concerned with that and we will try to keep a watchful eye on the lightning right here just off the san francisco coast. a lot of this looks like it's cloud to cloud lightning. if it's cloud-to-ground lightning it can be very dangerous. wind speeds right now up to 8 miles per hour in hayward, 20- mile-an-hour winds in oakland, 8-mile-an-hour winds in nevada. obviously the winds are beginning to die down, but will blow today, 10 to 20 miles per hour. i took a look at the golden gate bridge, i wanted to see the flag flying the direction of the wind. pretty variable at this hour but still a blustery morning commute. temperatures much cooler than it has been in the past 24 hours. this is the core, the center of low pressure, the front slid through yesterday during the evening commute. now we see the wraparound moisture in and out of the rain showers all day long. you can't say it's going to rain at a particular time. it's just going to pop up. this is a secondary front that will impact your friday afternoon into the evening commute. modest amounts of rain associated with that as well and then clears out just in time for the weekend.
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more rain still will be noted, nearly 3/10 of an inch in pleasanton. already seen over an inch in many of our north bay location, at least another 1/2 inch, 4/10 in san francisco. 67 degrees at the state capital today, rain in monterey bay. we have had that winter storm warning in effect for the high sierra until noon. 2 feet of snow above 10,000 feet. heavenly, go, be there but be safe driving. by the weekend in squaw it's bluebird skies with nothing but sunshine. 60s, under 70 for our high today, a bit of a breeze up to 20, unsettled weather through friday and then we are talking back into the 70s by the beginning of next week. have a great day. coming up, are the warriors players worried about today's trade deadline and why spring training brings back some real nightmares for one new giant. his reaction straight ahead. you can e-mail your nominato us at: cool schools at kpix- dot-com. we may come and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination
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effort to try and catch up with the warriors. golden state is off to the best 52 game start in nba history. you would think the warriors with going to stand pat at the billion but center andrew bogus says those four losses may cause the team to make drastic moves. >> we did lose a couple of games, never know. i've been on teams that were playing very, very well before the all star break and blew it up and been on teams that were doing horrible and didn't do anything. when is the deadline? tomorrow? >> tomorrow at noon. >> check hoops when i wake up, make sure my photo is not on there. >> i have a feeling bogit's picture will be on his locker. report to scottsdale with the remaining roster reporting next tuesday and for one new giants, spring training means he's got to relive one terrifying moment. new outfielder denard span was playing for the twins in 2010 when he fouled a ball off and
5:25 am
hit a fan that turned out to be his mother. she was okay but even span can't believe of all the fans in the crowd that that ball found his mom. >> it hit my mom in the collarbone, you know, the odds of 20,000 people and that ball to find her, so that was definitely an odd day. i don't think a day that i will ever be able to not relive. you know, everywhere i go, people ask me about that. thank god she was okay. thank god -- i would say thank god i was the one hitting. >> and would you believe it was mother's day? not. that part of the story was not true. but the giants pitchers and catchers underway today in scottsdale. the as a little bit later on this week. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. we are live at apple headquarters in cupertino where the company is facing backlash from lawmakers for not helping the fbi hack into an iphone. and a fatal fire overnight
5:26 am
in vallejo. coming up we will tell you what's next for this building which is blocked off until investigators can get a good look inside. ,,,,,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ for the ba live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. plans for the high-speed rail changing and spells good news for the bay area. and a lot of wind and rain returning to the bay area leaving damage behind. more on the destruction from the latest storm. and right now we have lightning strikes over the city of san francisco. i'll tell you just how long this severe weather is going to stick around. and it's a busy drive out there on this thursday morning, we've got a traffic alert in walnut creek. details coming right up.
5:30 am
thursday, february 18th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. we begin with breaking news out of vallejo. an overnight apartment fire turns deadly there. kpix5's anne makovec is live at the scene of vallejo with word that an infendt was skilled -- infant was killed -- was killed in that fire. >> reporter: the fire started in that second story unit right here behind me. three people escaped that apartment, but the baby did not and that baby died in this fire. check out the flames coming from this second story apartment here on kathy ellen drive. firefighters got the call at about 11:30 last night. it took them almost two hours to get it under control. and that is when they made the terrible discovery. >> during the primary search an infant fire victim was located, confirmed as a fire fatality. 13 residents were displaced by the fire and are being assisted by red cross.
5:31 am
>> reporter: and the full investigation into this fire will begin at first light back out here live, you can see this whole area is now technically a crime scene meant to preserve any evidence. this is very common in any sort of fatal fire. as for the damage here, those top two units have a lot of fire and smoke damage. the bottom two units have water damage, but as you just heard, 13 people total displaced by this fire. live in vallejo, anne makovec, kpix5. the thick, gray clouds brought a welcome sight back to the bay area. that's rain. we hadn't seen any for 15 days until last night. showers stretched from the north bay to santa clara and you can see mill valley got pretty soaked with 2/3 of an inch in less than three hours during the evening commute. many signs, trees and powerlines were no match against the strong winds that pummeled the region. in hayward, a violent burst of wind sent a new by built sign toppling onto a pickup truck
5:32 am
outside a detailing shop. a worker had finished welding the sign two days earlier. >> this is the first good winds, i guess it couldn't take it. i think we did it wrong or something or the wind is just too strong. >> the wind was too strong in fremont too. a big gust took out a large palm tree leaving a neighborhood in the dark and in san leandro the wind partially uprooted a 70-foot tree, damaging several powerlines. and every significant storm comes with power outages. at one point pg&e reported more than 2000 in the south bay, nearly 800 in the east bay and roughly 200 in the north bay and peninsula. >> not over yet either. roberta is over there. the last few minutes lightning strikes as well? >> i called the national weather service to make sure this is not cloud-to-ground lightning which could be extremely dangerous. this is cloud-to-cloud lightning, essentially the lightning bolts are right offshore of the golden gate bridge right now and we have been rolling on our kpix
5:33 am
weather camera. so far i have picked up at least 24 lightning strikes this morning in the san francisco area and our skies have been lighting up this morning. let me zoom in and take a look at this information again. this is live data. it's our live high def doppler radar and see those lightning bolts just immediately offshore the golden gate bridge? that's less than 2 miles offshore lighting up the sky and as i zoom in a little bit closer, if you're in the richmond district, surely you're starting to hear the moderate to almost heavy rainfall on your rooftop and this is going to continue to slide across the city of san francisco within the next several minutes. again, more lightning strikes offshore. the frontal boundary pushed through last night and the overnight hours, that's when we started picking up the lightning. i did even pick up some hail just after 3:00 this morning. i ran outside our san francisco studios, took a picture, take a look at our kpix facebook page and you will be able to see the pea sized hail in the city. now, meanwhile, scattered showers with a wraparound moisture, this is -- okay., look at this. this is what we are talking about with those lightning strikes.
5:34 am
can you see the bands and bands of rainfall at the golden gate bridge, it's bouncing off the pavement there. i'm looking at the flag. it's over in this direction and it's in a variable direction. the winds are all over the place, about 20 miles per hour. temperatures are much cooler at this hour than yesterday, 40s and 50s, the winds continue to blow up to about 20 miles per hour. we are going to talk about this system, how long it's going to stick around and track storm number 2 that's coming up in less than 10 minutes. gianna. >> thank you, roberta. jump over to a traffic alert. we have been keeping an eye on this accident in walnut creek, northbound 680 at ygnacio valley road. three cars involved in this wreck. one vehicle ended up stuck on its roof. a lot of activity on scene and injuries reported, emergency crews have the two left lanes blocked until further notice. they've got the traffic alert in place. no word yet as to when those lanes will open. we are starting to see delays, though, on northbound 680 as you approach the scene. southbound 680 is the commute direction so you might see spectator slowing there as well. chp says to use an alternate route, in meantime may
5:35 am
definitely slow you down cutting over to highway 24. eastbound side at north flynn, cleared this accident out of lanes but sluggish on that eastbound side. westbound is where you're seeing a lot of brake lights as you work your way out of tracy. we will take a look at the bay bridge coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. cupertino based tech giant apple digging in its heels says it will not help the fbi break into the phone of syed farook who was involved in the terror attack in san bernardino. we are at apple headquarters and how apple is helping start a conversation about technology and personal privacy. >> reporter: good morning. apple's stand against the fbi is firing up lawmakers like senator dianne feinstein who is vowing to do something if the company does not budge. this is shaping up to be a defining moment in the debate over privacy versus security. dozens of apple supporters stood in the rain of apple's downtown san francisco store writing thank you notes to the tech company with stickers on their iphones that said, i do
5:36 am
not consent to the search of this device. >> the goal here is to make sure that apple knows we appreciate that we understand they are standing up for us. >> reporter: all this less than a day after a u.s. magistrate ordered apple to help the fbi break into san bernardino mass killer syed farook's iphone. apple's ceo tim cook called the demands chilling and says it could lead to the tech giant being forced to build surveillance software to intercept your messages or even access your phone's microphone or camera without your knowledge. >> it's a terrible precedent to set that any of our devices can have back doors that can be created for any number of purposes. >> reporter: since the shooting, the fbi has not been able to get into farook's iphone provided by his employer, which could provide key clues about his contacts and whereabouts. in court papers, the fbi says the phone may show that farook was in communication with victims who were later killed. senator dianne feinstein says if apple doesn't help, she is prepared to put forward a law to make sure it does. >> the national security of
5:37 am
this country makes eloquent testimony as to why this should happen. >> reporter: mandy piper's fiance died shielding a coworker during the san bernardino attack. >> the little i can stand for isis but we are also terrified and worried that other families are going to have to experience this. >> reporter: and apple sources tell cbs news they are ready to take this legal fight all the way to the supreme court. we are live in cupertino, kiet do, kpix5. a mistrial declared for a former san jose police officer accused of raping a woman while on duty. the jury deadlocked 9-3 in favor of acquitting geoffrey graves. graves had offered to plead guilty to a lesser charge but santa clara county prosecutors declined to make a deal. there's no word yet on whether that case will be retried. we are going to find out more details about the first phase of the high-speed rail system that will connect the bay area with southern california. that will happen on friday. we now know the first major stretch of that railway will
5:38 am
start in the silicon valley. state plans to build 250 miles of track between san jose and bakersfield. california high-speed rail authority originally planned for the first major segment to connect burbank and the central valley but the authority says the new plan will keep costs down hopefully attract private investors. it's now estimated to cost some $64 billion instead of 68 billion. santa clara has a brand-new mayor and the woman taking the reins says she is all about transparency. lisa gillmor was sworn in yesterday in a 6-0 vote, santa clara city council decided she was the best fit to fill jamie matthews' spot. he resigned the day after the super bowl. now gillmor says she will keep the public in the loop when handling development deals and levi's stadium operations. >> there's going to be a lot more discussion, a lot more interaction, a lot more community exposure to what's happening. >> the city council could have opted for a special election to replace jamie matthews but
5:39 am
decided that plan was too costly. the president will become the first president in 88 years to travel to cuba next month. the white house has confirmed that mr. obama will travel to the island country in mid- march. president obama's trip has long been expected since he normalized relations with cuba in 2014. the two republican presidential candidates close to the issue of cuba say the president should think twice. >> something as president you would ever do? >> not if it's not a free cuba and i'll tell you the problem with the cuban government, it's an anticommunist dictatorship. >> i think the president ought to instead be pushing for free cuba. >> both marco rubio and ted cruz are cuban americans. the white house will release more details about the president's trip later today. for those who spend far more than they save, we've got a reality check for you. >> i guess we do. monday marks america saves week and cbs news business analyst joe schlesinger here to tell us how we can maximize our
5:40 am
savings, and i guess i'm afraid to ask but what is the state of saving here in america? probably not so good, right? >> reporter: hey, this is surprising, it is good. in fact, the savings rate stands at 5 1/2 percent. now, i know that's about half the level of the recession high when we were scared out of our wits, but, hey, it's a lot better than the less than 2% rate that we saw back 10 years ago. to improve your savings effort, the easiest thing to do is to automate it, instruct your bank to pull money from your checking account every month. it doesn't matter how small. just get in the habit of doing it. if you've already set aside your emergency reserve fund and you're saving for retirement a lot of plans have a great feature that automatically increases your contribution level every year. even a percentage point a year can add up to significant savings for the future. >> are there any alternatives? >> reporter: i'll tell you the truth, i went back 10 years and looked at those cd rates at 4%.
5:41 am
boy, did those look delicious. now we are at half of a percent for a one-year cd. that's according to average yield on a savings account at just 1/10 of a percent. so to boost your bottom line, you know, the first thing to do, obviously, is pay off that high interest consumer or student loan debt. that's an easy way to get lots more money, right? the next thing to consider is a credit union or an online bank. both of which can often get slightly better rates than your brick and mortar bank on the corner. the other thing i would suggest is shop at places like deposit, they track the best rates across the country. you may look for a longer-term cd with a low penalty for breaking that cd. so some options out there. i know it's not a ton but every little bit counts. >> michelle wants to go to las vegas. what do you think about that? >> reporter: i think that should be a lot of fun for us but i don't know if it's going to help us celebrate america
5:42 am
saves week. >> okay, jill. >> jill schlesinger with great tips as always. thank you, jill. 5:41 right now. san francisco wants to fix what they call one of the most dangerous muni lines in the city but neighbors in the area say not so fast. we will tell you why. and let's take you outside, highway 880 on a wet thursday and traffic is moving right along. gianna will follow up on that and roberta will tell you about this wicked weather we had overnight when we come back. stay with us. ,,,,
5:43 am
every wonder what nature valley is made of? ♪ s
5:44 am
the "l-taraval" runs from wt portal to the in san francisco much debate over muni's plan to fix a dangerous street car line. the l taraval -- the upgrades only spell trouble. muni wants to get rid of dozens of parking spaces in front of shops along taraval to make
5:45 am
room. shop owners said that would hurt business but an mta spokesman says the parking spots are not going to win entirely, they are just shifting. >> remove parking in the front of some of these stores, we are adding parking on side streets so there won't be any net loss of parking on this corridor. this is a very important project to maximize safety and to maximize reliability. >> muni also plans to cut several stops on taraval so the trains can shave a few minutes off their travel times but some users say that means they will have to walk farther to catch the trains in the first place. federal regulators say pipe corrosion is to blame for this oil spill last year in santa barbara. they say the spill started in a 2-foot section of pipe after pumps were shut down and then restarted. regulators also claim the spill was worse than reported dumping 140,000 gallons of crude oil, not 100,000. it looks like dungeness crab lovers will have to keep on waiting. the department of fish and
5:46 am
wildlife making the call yesterday to keep the commercial seas closed indefinitely. traces of a potentially deadly neurotoxin still present along some parts of the california coast. 5:46 now. get a check on traffic and weather and you have a traffic alert? >> straight to walnut creek right now, get you updated on this major accident, it is northbound 680 right at ygnacio valley road. traffic alert in effect. three cars involved in this accident. one vehicle stuck on its roof so emergency crews are on scene, injuries reported. we've got delays in both directions now of where that accident is. so again, two left lanes completely blocked until further notice. use an alternate. in the meantime definitely slow you down, north and southbound starting to see delays as well as you work your way through there. dealing with slick surfaces out there this morning because of the wet weather. roberta will have more on that in just a second. checking the rest of your roadways right now, live look at conditions at the golden gate bridge and slick surfaces out there as you work your way out of marin county.
5:47 am
updated on the altamont pass. earlier accident eastbound right at north flynn, it's cleared out a lane -- cleared out of lanes, not causing any troubles on the eastbound side. everything now green eastbound. westbound that's where all of our delays are as you come out of tracy this morning around 205, 580 connector, a lot of brake lights. slow through the altamont pass and stop-and-go conditions to 680 at this point. 20 minutes for your drive time at mat poss to the dublin interchange. westbound 4 at lone tree way, broken down vehicle, blocking at least one lane, causing delays in and around that area. here's a live look at the bay bridge, metering lights are on and boy are you backed up well into the maze at this point. traffic slow coming off the east shore freeway as well so all the connectors are starting to slow down as you head towards the bay bridge. everyone taking it slower than normal because all of that wet weather we are dealing with right now. and 880 both directions north and south on the nemetz freeway near the coliseum, traffic
5:48 am
okay. northbound not seeing delays. bogs down a little bit into downtown oakland. southbound might see a few brake lights as you work your way into hayward south of 238, cutting across the san mateo bridge right now, traffic is doing okay but a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. more on this forecast this morning. busy out there, roberta. >> here in the city of san francisco and throughout the bay area, within the past 15 minutes i have counted at least six lightning strikes over the city of san francisco. we have our photo journalist brian and he's at the ferry building. he had to take cover within his van. this is a very dangerous situation. i did call the national weather service. these lightning bolts that we are taking a look at, they are not cloud to ground, which is good news. it's more like cloud to cloud and it's just lighting up the sky but you don't want to put anything up in the air like a tv mass to conduct that energy. these are serious cells now blowing through the bay area from south san francisco across the bay, we are talking about
5:49 am
the bay bridge lifting into the san rafael richmond area as well. berkeley probably starting to see the moderate to heavy downpours at this particular time. this is moving out very rapidly, there's a couple more new lightning bolts that just developed. i don't see any more out west so that is certainly good news but nonetheless this is wraparound moisture. since midnight we have seen severe weather crossing the bay area, i myself took photographs of hail. you can see it on our kpix facebook page. we will continue to see the scattered showers in and out of the bay area throughout the morning commute. in addition to that, the winds are blowing up to a good 20 miles per hour in oakland, 11 in berkeley, 16 in san francisco and we have lesser winds to the north. now, the front itself has sliced through but the air mass is very unsettled. this is the scene at the golden gate bridge and notice the bands of rain as they are falling. if you can see over here, we have the flag on the fly. that's a good indication that the winds are bearable. temperatures are 16 degrees cooler at this hour than 24 hours ago and this is impressive. there's the front that brought
5:50 am
us modest ho heavy rainfall -- to heavy rainfall last night. this is the core, the center of the energy well to the north and that's what's wrapping around and pushing through the bay area. lots of instability with that. your forecast, a hit-and-miss scattered showers and then storm number 2 for your friday, there it is, as it pulls through and it drops to the south during the afternoon and evening commute. now, by your weekend, we will dry out under the influence of high pressure. meanwhile, we have already seen over an inch and a half of rain in many locations north of golden gate bridge, another 1/2" is expected in san rafael by friday afternoon, another 4/10 in san francisco, 3/10 to the east and about a quarter to the south. more snow in the greater lake tahoe area, winter storm warning in effect until high noon, 2 feet of fresh powder will accumulate before it's all said and done, bluebird sky by the weekend. here's your sun up and sun down, not going to see much of it today, numbers under 70 degrees everywhere. winds are breezy but not as
5:51 am
gusty as yesterday. unsettled weather continues through friday and then we will bask in sunshine and flirt with 80 degrees by monday. be careful on the roadways today. time now is 5:51. and a california hospital paralyzed by packers. they hijacked the computer system demanding ransom. next, how much the hospital had to pay to get their system back online. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
5:54 am
yesterday morning as he was biking to wells a boy in the east bay is recovering after he was hit and dragged almost 50 feet. it happened yesterday morning as he was biking to wells middle school in dublin. the driver was pulling out of the high school parking lot and didn't see him. >> i jumped out of the car and moved to the back and i saw the kid underneath me. it's an accident, yeah. it was not intentional. >> the boy suffered a broken arm but is expected to be okay and the driver will not face charges for the accident. former state senator leland yee could be blind bars for quite a while. prosecutors say his role in a political corruption scandal warrants an eight-year prison sentence, he pleaded guilty to felony racketeering last july. he was accused of trading political favors for bribes. yee set to be sentenced next wednesday. a hospital in l.a. had to pay thousands of dollars in ransom to end an extortion plot by computer hackers. computer screens went dark at
5:55 am
hollywood presbyterian medical center earlier this month after hackers took over the data network. during the attack staff used pen, paper and fax machines to communicate and anyone who called the hospital's media line got a recording. >> we want to assure you that patient care at hollywood presbyterian has not been compromised as we continue to address this incident. >> the hackers used what's known as ransom ware. it's malicious software that encrypts files and can only be unlocked with a software key after a ransom is paid. the hospital used the computer currency bitcoin to pay a ransom of nearly $17,000. normal operations resumed monday. 5:55 your time. point benitez lighthouse been dimmed by a blown transformer and the lighthouse still has a very important function. lifeline for sailors and an automated ship tracking system but for now the coast guard is using a less intense solar
5:56 am
charged light. they will soon hope to replace the broken transformer and reestablish full power so they can relight that old beacon. it is 5:56. in the next half hour, a new national poll shows donald trump is no longer the leader among republican presidential hopefuls. the surprising numbers coming up. and a baby died in a fire overnight. coming up. we will tell you what we know about this fire as the investigation continues this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, february 18th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00 and we begin with nearly breaking news out of vallejo where an overnight apartment fire claimed the life of an infant. anne makovec joins us live from the scene with more on a very
6:00 am
difficult story. anne. >> reporter: yeah, definitely. three people presumably this baby's family escaped the fire, which started in that second story unit here behind me, but the baby did die in the fire. check out these flames coming from this second story apartment building here at kathy ellen drive in vallejo. firefighters got the call about 11:00 last night. it took them two hours to get it under control and that is when they made a terrible discovery. >> due to the fatality, there's a joint investigation being connected by the vallejo fire department and vallejo police department. the conclusion will be available at a later time. >> reporter: investigators are hoping to get into the apartment building at first light. so far they have just been able to make a preliminary sweep. in the meantime, they have blocked off this area as a crime scene which doesn't necessarily indicate there was foul play


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