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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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search for the man who sexually assaulted three young women near the cal campus in the last week. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live in berkeley where police now have a suspect on video. anne reporter: they are hoping that this video will help track this guy down. .all of the attacks happened within a few blocks of the southern border of the cal campus and all of the victims were young asian women. take a look at the surveillance video . he is in the ponytail. this video was captured around the third attack on tuesday around 11:30 a.m. on the 2500 block of bienvenue. all three attacks had the same m.o. the woman is walking alone when a man grabs her from behind. the second attack happens earlier on tuesday near durant and ellsworth. the first one reported on february 11th on haste street. >> in each case there's force and assault so there's a concern it could escalate. >> reporter: another look here at the surveillance video.
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police don't know if the suspect lives in the area or maybe just hangs out in the area. they also don't know if there might be other victims out there. >> did police think there could be other victims? >> anybody who might have had anything similar to this happen to them within the past month, to give them a call so they can start tracking these incidents and hopefully get a few more clues in the case. live near uc-berkeley anne makevoc, kpix 5. a public remembrance service will be held this morning for the richmond police officer shot and killed in his home. gust vegas was fatally shot last week at his vallejo home after a domestic dispute. the father of his six-year-old grandson is now charged with his murder. the public service begins at 10 a.m. and they expect thousands to attend. that means traffic may be affected as the funeral procession leaves vallejo along
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westbound 780 then to westbound i-80 into richmond. >> happening today, some good news for drivers in the east bay. new express lanes on interstate 580 are finally open. kpix 5 reporter kiet do joins us live in pleasanton where the lanes have been open for about an hour now. kit, how are they doing? >> reporter: this is a soft launch but we are looking at the counter-commute direction right now right at the beginning of these express lanes at hacienda right here on 580 and so far, so good. since this is a counter-commute direction not a lot of traffic volume on the freeway and as such you are not seeing many people using the express lanes but for now they offer charging to use it even though there's nobody out there. this moment has been years in the making. east bay commuters have more options and more relief. the new express lanes are 580 eastbound starting at hacienda and goes for 11 miles. the express lane is free for carpools, buses, van pools, motorcycles and qualified clean air vehicles but here's the catch. you will need the new fastrak
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flex tag. it has an indicator switch numbered 1, 2 and 3 and you select how many passengers are in the vehicle. solo drivers can use the old fastrak tag but you will be charged a fee calculated on the amount of traffic on the road. freeway signs will constantly update you on the cost to travel from exit to exit and these new express lanes are in effect from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. -- 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they are free outside of those hours. 580 westbound lanes will open up on monday morning. they charge your fastrak as you pass under the sign. as for the 580 westbound lanes, express lanes, they will be open on monday morning. live in pleasanton, kiet do, kpix 5. it sounds confusing but the way kiet is explaining it, it's okay and gianna, you have been doing a great job of explaining it, as well. >> i know. it is confusing but for us for
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the morning drive monday will be our big test because if folks decide to use that we'll see if it eases congestion through the altamont pass. it's busy. we have reports of an accident clearing not too far from where kiet is from his live shot. westbound 580 now out of at least one lane everything over to the right shoulder but just caused some extra busy conditions on the westbound side of 580 as you work to the dublin interchange. altamont pass to 680, 222 minutes. no delays on the eastbound side. slower spider eases up once you head to the traffic is free- flowing at the bay bridge, slow through the bay bridge. >> you make my head hurt. >> use the fastrak flax it works like any other fastrak on
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any toll facilities. >> if i should have a friend? i make them pay. all right. good morning, everyone. this is why i don't have any friends! [ laughter ] our live hi-def doppler radar, look at that. that's so impressive. it's storm number 2. and as i zoom in, look at the dozens of lightning strikes off the coast and keep a watchful eye on that to see if it does linger and push onshore. some snow around the mountainous areas of the mount shasta region, as well. mostly cloudy skies towards the bay bridge. temperatures in the 50s at the beaches under mostly cloudy skies. 60s line the peninsula swinging into the santa clara valley 65 in santa clara back through campbell into cupertino. 50s and 60s the breeze up to the 20s making it feel raw during the day. rain showers push across the central bay late afternoon
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hours for the most part then fall apart. we'll track the system together coming up in just a matter of minutes. a big weekend for presidential candidates in both parties. republicans are battling for votes in south carolina, while for democrats racial issues are at the forefront in nevada. we have a report on tomorrow's two contests. >> reporter: two parties, two states and two big nominating contests. voters head to the polls in south carolina's republican presidential primary in less than 24 hours. on the same day the democrats face off in the nevada caucuses. >> we have to go after systemic racism! we have to go after the barriers that some states are trying to put up to prevent people from voting! >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling for the minority vote ahead of the silver state showdown. >> i was arrested when i was 22 years old. now what i was arrested for? fighting segregation. >> reporter: in an interview sanders also accused clinton of embracing president obama policies in a calculated
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attempt to appeal to black voters. at thursday's msnbc las vegas town hall clinton fired back. >> he just don't know where all this comes from because maybe it's that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. >> reporter: meanwhile, the republican contest is getting ugly ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. ted cruz taking heat thursday for a photoshopped picture depicting marco rubio shaking hands with president obama. >> every, single day he makes something up about me. >> reporter: the front-runner donald trump also taking a swipe at cruz during cnn's gop town hall. >> he has a problem with the truth. and even marco rubio i guess today there was something about he was, you know, picture was manufactured. i looked at that photo i said immediately it was photoshopped. >> reporter: trump has a sizable lead in south carolina while clinton and sanders are neck and neck in nevada. pope francis talked about donald trump's stance on immigration during his flight home from mexico. the pope said a person who
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thinks of building walled and not -- walls and not christian. donald trump called it disgraceful and unbelievable. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> some of trump's republican rivals defended him last night. jeb bush said it was not appropriate for anyone to question his faith. the attorney for convicted ex-state senator leland yee is asking a judge for leniency. federal prosecutors seek an eight-year sentence for the san francisco politician's role in a corruption scandal. but the defense attorney says he should get a lighter sentence because of his history of public service and his wife sickness. yee pleaded guilty last july to felony racketeering and will be sentenced next week. activists are staging a gay
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takeover at one san francisco bar. it follows the gay bashing of jeffrey lafayette. he says he was assaulted because of his sexual orientation right outside the marina district hi-fi lounge. activists are head there is at 8:00 for what they call a festive gay takeover. the lounge has posted its doors are always open to everyone. time now is 6:09. a bay area police officer who was fired for comments about the "black lives matter" movement is reinstated. why the department says they were forced to accept him. >> and the bay area man jumps into action when a helicopter crashes into the water off the island of oahu. >> from our kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody, we are monitoring storm number 2. we'll track this system together. >> it's busy at the bay bridge. but that's really our only hot spot. the rest of the bay area friday lied. i'll have details coming right up. ,,,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
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forecast in just a few minu today a state senator from oakland will explain how she wants to protect people froe good morning. welcome to your friday, february 19. it's 6:13 and that right there is the bay bridge. that's gorgeous shot. we can see some partly cloudy skies. clouds will continue to gather, rain will develop and we'll tell you how much rain to expect to impact your weekend. that forecast is coming up at 6:18. thank you, roberta. time now 6:13. today state senator from oakland will explain how she wants to protect people from the effects of coal shipments in oakland and beyond. lonny hancock chairs the senate committee on public safety and proposes greater health and environmental protections across the state. this follows a public uproar against a plan to bring in 3 million tons of coal a year from utah to a west oakland export terminal. a san jose police officer fired for posting threatening comments online is reinstated.
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officer white was fired last year as he threatened the "black lives matter" movement on twitter. acting police chief eddie garcia says an independent arbitrator reinstated officer white. local activists say the move sends the wrong message and won't help improve relationships between police and the community. >> in decision by a singular anonymous arbitrator in a process of totally -- totally nontransparent to the public, um, basically in my mind put at jeopardy police and community relations in san jose for a very long time. >> a representative with the city of san jose and police department say they don't agree with the decision but they will honor it. a redwood city man went to hawaii on vacation and became a hero. a helicopter made a slash landing off the island of oahu and then he rushed in for the rescue. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz shows us the video.
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>> reporter: i seen the helicopter started sputtering. >> reporter: max burner noticed the pilot in trouble above pearl harbor. >> put it off the shore where everybody was. people started running when they saw what happened and i started running the opposite way towards it. >> reporter: then within a second, somebody yelled to get down and we turned and ran and tried to take cover. >> reporter: then the chopper crashed into the water right by the visitors center for the uss arizona. >> there was people standing right there. he would have hurt a lot of people. >> reporter: some of those witnesses including max rushed to save the family of four and the pilot on board. >> i jumped in. there were three people in the water. there was a woman in the water. >> reporter: witnesses say a 16- year-old boy was under water for several minutes. he is in critical condition. four others were in better shape and taken to the hospital. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. that helicopter belongs to
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genesis aviation. the national transportation safety board is investigating. people celebrating the chinese new year can look forward to the busy events starting tonight with the miss chinatown ball at the hilton hotel in san francisco and the festivities culminate with a parade tomorrow. the largest of its kind outside of asia. it includes floats, school marching bands, a martial arts group and a 200-foot-long dragon. >> that means traffic will be interesting. >> they just had a ram there. >> are they going to have monkeys? >> i hope. come on! year of the monkey. >> a barrel of monkeys. >> it's friday! >> we're all so excited the weekend is here. by the way, grant clay broadway that's the route for the parade closures. >> stay out of union square. >> good idea. let's just enjoy the festivities. let's talk about the express lanes. very exciting big news here in the traffic center as the
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eastbound express lanes on 580 in the tri-valley have now opened and we are seeing traffic okay on the eastbound side. it's the noncommute direction so this evening will be a good day, it makes a big difference. a lot of, will be able to use those express lanes. there's a lot of confusion with the fastrak tag that you may need and will give you the information. we have an accident westbound 580 at 680. that's long gone. you're seeing delays at the altamont pass typical this time of the morning. this "friday light" only 21 minutes westbound altamont pass to 680. a little sluggish as well as you work your way coming from 205 and mountain house. we are seeing a few brake lights as well along highway 4. westbound through pittsburg. looks good though past there as you head towards the eastshore freeway. slight delays southbound 242 to 680 into walnut creek. that eastshore freeway ride a little sluggish as you work your way through richmond but overall into berkeley traffic is light. metering lights are on at the
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bay bridge, backed up. slow-and-go. past the metering lights traffic is clear out of oakland into san francisco. 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. only three incidents on our chp tab so it's very quiet this morning. nice time to be on the roads. we are all looking forward to the parade tomorrow, roberta. >> yes. and there will be no rain on the parade tomorrow. today's another story. looking at our hi-def doppler radar, we have a potent storm that is taking that direct bull's eye on the northwestern section of the state of california. you can see it's all lit up right now with yellow and orange and what concerns me is dozens of lightning strikes off the eureka coast. you know, eureka is the largest coastal city between san francisco and portland. and at this hour, some pretty moderate to heavy rainfall there. even some snow right there in the local mountain ranges but for the most part what we are talking about locally here is nothing but cloud cover and then rain showers developing by the afternoon hours. there's that lightning strike that just pushed onshore just
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south of the eureka area. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. you will feel the difference from 24 hours ago. it's cool. wind less than 10 miles per hour. wind chill makes it feel like it's in the upper 30s inland so you will need that jacket out the door. winds up to 9 in napa. high surf advisory for our immediate seashore until about 8:00 this morning. but i have been looking at the local buoys and we are still seeing swells up to 17 feet. futurecast, this is interesting. this is that same area of low pressure that looks so potent at this hour. it just hangs out north of the golden gate bridge all the way through about the lunch hour then begins to descend on the central bay. notice it just falls apart so by the time it gets to san jose, barely a few raindrops in the rain bucket then we clear out with the sunshine for the weekend. all right. as far as totals are concerned we are going to see about a quarter inch north of the golden gate bridge. only .03" to the south. temperatures in the 60s in the central valley. we have the winter storm advisory in effect for the high
6:20 am
sierra. there's your sun-up and sundown and smack in between 60s watch this. as we walk you through your weekend the warmest day of the weekend will be sunday. then we're back into the mid- 70s monday through thursday. make it a great friday. thanks, roberta. it is 6:20. a dangerous stunt on the bay bridge all caught on camera. why sideshow drivers are getting more reckless. ,,
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good morning, everybody. day one of the giants camp in spring training yesterday and bruce bochy announcing santiago casilla is officially the closer. okay. the giants spent over $200 billion to sign starter johnny cueto and jeff samardzija beefing up a starting rotation that was decimated by injuries last season. now, you think about the trio of lincecum, cain and baumgarner. here's bochy on the new
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rotation. >> come to spring training, this is as solid as i think we have been. that's saying a lot. we have had some very good rotations here. but when you add two guys like this, you know, they make you that much better. implications for cal and washington. in space needle city. brown paying like a top five nba draft pick, two of his game high 23. the u-dub coach called him a athletic locomotive! the coal just kept coming. bears hold on, 78-75 the bears, just their second road win this season. pete deboer back in floor where his coaching journey began. sharks and panthers in a shootout. joe pavelski freezes the goldly and scores. and then florida's turn. sharks goalie martin jones comes up with the save. and the sharks win 2-1 in a shootout. they just keep winning on the road.
6:25 am
warriors back at it. here we go. have a great weekend. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you sunday night on game day. here we go. play of the day, how about bulls, cavaliers? we have some hoops. cleveland forces a turnover. irving toss to smith who is going to lob an alley-oop. the king taking it down. lebron james. two pinpoint perfect passes leading to the slam there by lebron on the night. king put up 25. he had nine boards, nine assists, he had a big night. so did the cavs. they win by 11, 106-95. that is your play of the day. a major swerve in the construction of the bullet train between l.a. and the bay area. we'll explain the changes to the plan and how they affect us. >> and a string of surprise sexual attacks near the cal campus. coming up, the surveillance video that police just released. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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banning students from riding i'm kiet do live in pleasanton where traffic relief is finally coming to east bay commuters in the express lanes opening up in the past couple of hours. >> and a bay area university now banning students from riding hoverboard around campus. >> we are just hours away from the weekend and i will tell you which day this weekend will be the warmest. >> it's "friday light." i'll explain coming up on the friday morning drive. >> good morning, it's friday, february 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:29. you are taking a look at live pictures now from the supreme court. that's where the body of the justice antonin scalia will lie
6:30 am
in repose for the rest of the day. later the president and first lady will visit. after a private service, the public will be able to walk past his casket. justice scalia's son father paul scalia will say mass saturday at the basilica of the national shrine in washington, d.c. vice president joe biden and jill biden will attend in place of president obama. in berkeley, police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted three young women near the cal campus in the last week. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live at berkeley where police have a suspect on video. >> reporter: all of these attacks happened on the southern end of the campus just a few blocks away from capital puss. police hope this new surveillance video will help them catch their suspect. here's a look. this man with the ponytail is
6:31 am
the suspect in three sexual assaults recently at the cal campus. >> we think they are connected. >> reporter: the first was february 11 on the 2500 block of haste street. >> the victims have been walking alone. they were grabbed from behind and actually, you know, forcibly grabbed from behind. >> reporter: just like the m.o. in all three cases, the victim profile is nearly identical. >> in each of of these cases our victims have all been asian females. >> reporter: the second assaults happened near durant and he is worth on tuesday around 11 a.m. -- and ellsworth and 11 a.m., then another attack nearby on bienvenue. that's where the surveillance video was shot of the suspect. >> we don't know if this person lives in the area or hangs out. >> reporter: berkeley officers are afraid if this man isn't stopped he will move from assault to rape. >> to these cases there's been some type of force and assault so there is a concern it could escalate.
6:32 am
>> reporter: police think that there might be other victims out there of similar crimes. they are hoping that anybody with who has had this happen to them will call police. another option on the roads. express lanes on 580 are now open. kpix 5 reporter kiet do reports from pleasanton. how's traffic? >> reporter: traffic is pretty light right now. you can consider this a soft launch for the new express lanes here at 580. you're looking at them the -- red taillights are going eastbound just before hacienda and we are live here right at the beginning of the express lanes. wow, you know, they just opened up within the past hour and a half. east bay commuters finally getting options and relief. it starts at hacienda and goes for 11 miles. the express lane is free for carpools, buses, van pools, motorcycles and qualified clean air vehicles but here's the catch. you will need the new fastrak
6:33 am
flex tag. it has an indicator switch numbered 1, 2 and 3 and you select how many passengers are in the vehicle. you night the they flex tag to go free. -- you need the frequents tag to go free. -- you need the flex tag to go free. solo drivers can use the old fastrak tag but you will be charged a fee calculated on the amount of traffic on the road. freeway signs will constantly update you on the cost to travel from exit to exit and these new express lanes are in effect from 5 a.m. to p.m. and free outside the hours. the transponders receive and send a signal when you pass under the sign and it charges your fastrak account accordingly. as far as the 580 westbound lanes go, they will open up on monday morning. live in pleasanton, kiet do, kpix 5. >> we were talking it seems confusing but i guess after you get into it you figure it out quickly. you need two transponders. >> two, right, gianna. >> but if you have the fastrak flex, you only will neat that
6:34 am
one. that works on all other bay area tolls as well for bridges and some of the parking garages in san francisco. so you don't have to have both. you can if you want to but you don't need them. you need the fastrak flexes to take advantage of carpools, rideshare. the single users have at least a fast track but you will charged a toll there. i'm excited fore monday morning when the westbound side opens up. traveling through the altamont pass, westbound slow-and-go for the morning drive. altamont pass to 680 right now looking at 23 minutes for your drive time. busy on highway 4. some of the hot spots through pittsburg but other than that, it's quiet on the westbound side. so we have reports of a minor accident westbound 24 at orinda. it's possibly on the ramp not on the main lines but i am seeing slowing on our maps a little bit of yellow there on our sensors so maybe some slightly slower speeds near where that accident is. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. so it is a slow ride as you
6:35 am
head out of oakland into san francisco. no delays though on the upper deck heading into san francisco. here's roberta. good morning, everyone. it is storm number 2. yesterday we had a potent system in the area and this one looks impressive. only thing is as it begins to sag south it will fall apart. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. and let me show you what i'm talking about. look at all that! doesn't that look ominous? all lit up with yellow and orange. look at, we have had dozens and dozens of lightning strikes, cloud-to-cloud lightning just off the northwestern section of the state of california coastline there. some of them have made it onshore. we are keeping an eye on the situation here through eureka and the six rivers national forest with a dusting of light snow. this is the scene looking out towards the bay bridge from the transamerica pyramid looking due east and we have partly to mostly cloudy skies and the clouds will continue to thicken as the day wears. it's colder this morning as you
6:36 am
step out to get the kids to school. high 50s and walnut creek. rain arrives in the north bay mid-morning hours in the 50s. more coming up. it's a huge win for the bay area and today the high speed rail authority makes it official. construction on the very first leg of the bullet train will begin in the sillicon valley. it will cover 50 miles from starting at bakersfield instead of starting in l.a. businesses look forward to the link between the sillicon valley and the central valley with its lower cost of living. >> the high-speed rail authority had a tough choice to make. two great regions of l.a. and san jose but needing to start with one.
6:37 am
and this was more costive and more time efficient. >> we're ready when high speed range comes, opportunity for the downtown and the region. >> the first leg could be finished within a decade and the revised plan brings the cost of the entire project down $64 billion from $68 billion. an apartment building that was teetering on the edge of a cliff in pacifica is just a pile of rubble. the building at 330 esplanade avenue has been vacant since 2009. the city said it was at risk of falling off the cliff. it took until yesterday for crews to begin demolition. the structure was brought down in a matter of hours. other nearby buildings have been red-tagged but no demolition yet. the california highway patrol is looking into video that we uncovered on the sideshow on the bay bridge. check it out. [ tires squeal and engines rev ] >> a car doing donuts in the middle of the day on saturday
6:38 am
afternoon. we have seen this kind of sideshow all over the bay area. but not quite like this. >> there's a real lack of respect lack of not just police but just for just a general fellow commuter human being people who are just trying to get to where they're going. >> what may be more troubling sideshow videos are more popular on social media. many are posted under the hashtag, bay area movement. investigators are looking into accounts associated with that hashtag. no more cruising to class for students at san francisco state university. administrators just added hover boards to the list of banned modes of transportation on the campus. university says they banned hoverboards because they are safety and fire hazardous according to the consumer product safety commission. apple is getting more time to fight a court order. they say that -- that says, rather, the company has to help the fbi hack into a san bernardino shooter's iphone. cupertino-based apple now has until next friday to respond.
6:39 am
this week apple's ceo tim cook said complying with the federal judge's order would set a dangerous precedent and compromise the security of billions of iphone users. hayward police are looking for 22-year-old stacey aguilar. she went missing late saturday night after going to a party near silver and jackson. aguilar is from san jose. she is 5'2" and 185 pounds. time is 6:39. a bay area driver caught on camera putting elementary school students in danger. what is worse, this isn't the first time. >> and golden gate bridge officials explain why construction on the new suicide net is getting pushed back. ,, find fantasy shows.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. 6:42. here's what you need to know. it's live hi-def doppler radar. there you have it.
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the next storm that will impact your weather forecast for this friday, dozens of lightning strikes associated with this system. looks like most of this will fall apart before it moves into the bay area. but we'll see the rain in the mid-morning hours right there in the north bay then hanging out there to the lunch hour and as it crosses the golden gate bridge, it begins to fall apart towards the evening commute just a few raindrops in the san jose area. we'll talk about the weekend weather forecast and that's coming up in four minutes. thank you, roberta. yahoo has now hired an outside committee of directors and economic advisers as it struggles to map out its future. >> joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. yahoo getting serious as it looks at whether or not it should sell all or pieces of the company. it's hired bankers from goldman sachs, jpmorgan chase and also from pj t partners in order to consider what it should do with its future and talk to potential strategic and financial partners. now, yahoo has already said
6:44 am
that it plans to consider all of these options including selling pieces of the company or all of it while separating out its massive stake in chinese e-commerce firm alibaba. yahoo is in the process of laying off 15% of its staff as it piers pares down digital sites. inflation showing a bit more life in january. the consumer price index from the labor department was flat but when you strip out gas prices it was up a third of a% for the month before. and up 2.2% from a year earlier a stronger pace and that's above the feds' target range. even though the fed has indicated that it's worried about globing market volatility and that's potentially pushing a rate hike further down the road higher inflation could bring that closer on the horizon for another potential rate hike and that's got the stock market moving lower this morning. let's look at the big board. see how we're doing now. dow down by more than 100
6:45 am
points. nasdaq down by over 20 and s&p is falling by 14 points. michelle and frank, back to you. >> so much for our big ride at least monday through wednesday. >> reporter: it was certainly a good one for a couple of days there and we're still on track for the best week of the year despite losing yesterday and so far today. >> and plenty of time to go today. >> reporter: absolutely. >> jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview. happy friday. >> reporter: good morning. we are going to talk with john dickerson and bob schieffer about whether the pope's comments will hurt donald trump. plus, nypd's deputy commissioner of intelligence john miller will be right here in studio 57. we'll get his take on apple refusing to help the fbi and why the government doesn't have the power to hack phones. also, the couple who may have to pay almost $7,000 for a negative yelp review. and the gravity defying athletes you don't see. how the skiers behind the
6:46 am
camera capture these incredible aerial stunts. the news is back in the morning. so we'll see you at 7:00. and hope you have a great weekend. >> yeah, you, too, thank you so much, norah. have a great show at 7:00. we are now learning what the new suicide net on the golden gate bridge will likely look like and what's taking so long for it to be installed. a picture from the bridge district shows a sample of the steel net material. the construction period has been delayed two months to make sure the steel is american made. the new deadline is may 3. the -- a district spokesman says the size of the net will be unprecedented. >> the suicide net is the first of its kind in the world as a project of this magnitude. it's going to be 1.7 miles long on one side, 1.7 miles long on the other side, basically the square footage is about 7 football fields worth of steel netting. it takes a lot of work and a lot of planning to make sure that it goes in right. >> the district wants to award the contract this summer and get construction done within about 4 years.
6:47 am
the estimated cost, $76 million. it's a friday. time to check traffic. hopefully it's nice and light. >> it's been a bearable drive this morning. couple of hot spots here. overall it's "friday light." we are going straight to the altamont pass. look at our maps here. we are still seeing slow conditions on the westbound side. but nothing out of the ordinary. no accidents or incidents along westbound 580. 29 minutes for your drive time as you work your way from the top of the altamont pass out to 680. eases bound expresses lanes opening up at 5:00 eastbound. so hopefully the evening commute will be bearable. westbound 4 at orinda an accident. slight delays but overall it looks okay westbound towards 580. towards the bay bridge you are backed up metering lights are on but your approaches doing okay. the carquinez bridge to the
6:48 am
maze 22 minutes. that's not too bad. sluggish from hayward to 238 slow into fremont cutting across the san mateo bridge and starting to see some extra volume westbound 880 to 101 about a 19-minute ride as you head out of hayward into foster city. one of the bright spots look at the golden gate bridge. there are no delays right now as you head across the span. in fact 101 between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza that's an easy 14 minutes. nimitz freeway near oakland so far, so good in both directions there a little extra volume on the northbound side into downtown oakland. and no delays on the peninsula. but in san francisco, closures for the chinese new year parade start tomorrow. >> there will be no rain on that chinese new year parade even though we have some rain in the forecast today. and right now i'd like to take a look at our weather watcher and see who is checking in with us. it looks like they have temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s. 52 degrees right there. that says george hughes, the winds under 5 miles per hour under mostly cloudy skies. we have the clouds and they will continue to thicken across
6:49 am
the bay area today because of another storm. it is system number 2. this one is not as strong as the one we experienced yesterday. but nonetheless, it has dozens and dozens of lightning strikes associates with it. can you see them there? the northwest coast in between eureka and the mendocino area right there we have a couple of lightning strikes that are next to the radar site from the national weather service. so far this has been all cloud- to-cloud lightning not cloud-to- ground lightning. so we haven't seen any impact as far as any dangerous conditions are concerned. i just picked up a lightning strike here just about one minute ago. it looks like that one has now since gone away but we do have thunderstorms in the forecast entering the mendocino area. mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy skies in san jose 48. we have winds up to about 10 miles per hour so that adds a chill in the air when you have temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s. and, in fact, in many of our inland areas it's in the upper 30s as you head out. high surf advisory is still in effect along the immediate seashore at least for the next
6:50 am
60 minutes. this is futurecast. this is that same vigorous area of low pressure. it's just that it falls apart as it sags south. hangs out across the north bay before lunch hour. then swings across the central valley and by the evening commute rain in the santa clara valley that's about it and then skies clear just in time for the weekend. a quarter inch of rain is expected north of the golden gate bridge. otherwise .03" in the santa clara valley. 34 degrees in the high sierra and if you are heading to tahoe, winter storm advisory in effect with more snow today. bluebird skies at sugar bowl for the weekend. here's your extended forecast. by monday back into the mid-70s away from the bay. make it a great day. in san mateo county, a story of one wild driver and several panicked parents. kpix 5's cate caugiran on the suv owner caught on camera using a school zone sidewalk to cut off cars.
6:51 am
>> reporter: a concerned millbrae parent put his foot down and turned his camera on. >> just wanted to make sure this person watch the going to be doing this anymore --wasn't going to be doing this any more. >> reporter: a black suv was caught on dashcam. he didn't want to show his face on camera. but he was glad his camera was rolling when this happened. >> once there was another opening he snuck over to the right and there was another car in front of him another white car that actually tried to block him so that's when went up on the sidewalk. >> reporter: at the time, parents were dropping off their kids at millbrae meadows elementary school. the man i spoke to posted the video on youtube and the website >> i thought what the heck is this guy doing? i mean, driving on the sidewalk just to get, you know, in front of people? >> reporter: this wasn't the first time. >> after posting it on, other people started saying i seen the same driving doing the exact same thing. >> reporter: the video made its way to san mateo county sheriff's office. >> just by chance we saw the same vehicle do something very similar to what they did in the video. >> reporter: deputies don't
6:52 am
know if the driver of this suv is the same driver caught on camera. >> we asked him if he knew anything about it. he said he did not. >> reporter: the suv is registered to a company called g s group limo which lists this building behind me as its address. they had no comment. >> this driving is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. >> reporter: in millbrae, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> for now deputies are not identifying the driver they pulled over yesterday but they did reveal he is a 37-year-old man from millbrae. time is 6:52 on this friday. it is a big day in the race to make space travel available to the public. >> and a string of sexual assaults near the cal campus. coming up, the new surveillance video police just released. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:56 am
in repose at the supreme co this is a li five things to know at the :55. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is lightning in state at the supreme court. the 79-year-old died of natural causes over the weekend during a hunting trip to west texas. his funeral is set for tomorrow. presidential candidates making their final pitch to voters ahead of the republican primary and democratic caucus. hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck in the polls in nevada. donald trump continues to hold a commanding lead over the gop field in south carolina. today richard branson's virgin galactic will reveal its latest prototype for a commercial spaceship. the program has been on hold since a deadly accident over the mojave desert 16 months ahe do. virgin is racing with spacex, amazon and microsoft to be the first to offer commercial space travel. a public memorial will be held today for richmond police
6:57 am
officer augustine gus vegas. he was shot and killed last week at his vallejo home. the service starts at 10 a.m. at the richmond memorial auditorium. traffic in the area may be affected. the new eastbound express lanes on i-580 are now open spanning 14 milestone dublin and livermore. solo drivers can pay to use the lanes but you need a special fastrak flex to do so. the westbound express lane opens monday morning, 14 miles between dublin and livermore. i'm anne makovec live near the uc-berkeley cam with us where there's been a string of sexual assaults near the uc- berkeley campus, all young asian women. there is their suspects in the surveillance video in the ponytail. this video captured around the time of the third attack that was tuesday at around 11:30 a.m. on the 2500 block of bienvenue. all three attacks had the same m.o. the woman is walking alone when a man forcefully grabs her from behind.
6:58 am
the second attack happened earlier on tuesday near durant and ellsworth. the first one reported on february 11th on haste street. >> in each of these cases there's been some type of force and then an assault that's occurred so there definitely is a concern that this could escalate and become something more. >> reporter: here's the surveillance footage. police don't know if he lives or hangs out here. police hope similar victim will come forward so they can get more clues. live near berkeley, anne makovec, kpix 5. we start an accident westbound 580 at livermore. traffic slow in the area out of the altamont pass this morning. your drive time now 30 minutes off altamont pass to 680. give yourself a few extra minutes. use an alternate if you can. westbound 80 highway 12, a new accident this one also blocking lanes and traffic is slow as you approach the scene. once you got past there though it's an okay ride along the eastshore freeway. pockets of slowing through richmond and berkeley but once
6:59 am
you get to the bay bridge metering lights are on and you're slow near the metering lights but okay into san francisco. in the south bay northbound 101, 280/680 to 237, about a 17 minutes ride for your drive time. and san mateo bridge busy hayward and foster city. upstream, you have there the leading edge of rain now moving into the fort bragg area. it will move into the north bay mid-morning and, ah! isn't that pretty? >> pretty. >> did you make that come up? look at that. >> i did. >> cue the sunrise. 40s and 50s out the door. rain develops in the south bay, moves across the central bay by lunch hour and falls apart so about up to a quarter inch of rain north of the golden gate bridge. we clear out for the weekend. the warmest day will be on sunday. and then for monday through thursday, it's dry, we're talking nearly 70 at the beaches and mid-70s away from the bay. >> wow, so frank is calling in sick. >> you, too.
7:00 am
>> maybe. who knows. >> i am, this weekend! off to tahoe this afternoon. >> thanks for watching. enjoy the view. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. our it is friday, february 19th, 2016. welcome to cbs this morning. donald trump fires back at the pope on immigration and faith. a new poll shows his lead narrowing in south carolina. breaking news. american warplanes target a major isis operative linked to two terrorist attacks. the bombings reportedly killed dozens. and dramatic video shows a helicopter crash in hawaii's pearl harbor. the race to save those trapped inside. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. if and when with the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have


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