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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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only on 5, making room for a major development. work is finally starting on yerba buena island as well as treasure island for a project 20 years in the making. but as kpix 5's emily turner tells us, the billion-dollar development comes at the cost of hundreds of trees. emily. >> reporter: veronica, this morning one woman described this scene as something from a scary movie and you can see why she would feel that way. it is actually the scene of san francisco's largest and latest development. it is the beginning of something big. huge actually. but the development of yerba buena island and treasure island means the end of these places as we know them. >> i like it the way it is. >> reporter: but it's changing all in the name of big development. the plan has been in the works for 20 years and this is the first phase of it. hundreds trees are going for homes, shops and hotels. the visuals are striking.
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>> makes me very sad. i grew up in the redwood forest and disheartening when you see so few trees around. >> reporter: more to come. all the trees in the green portion of this map will be gone and most of the other trees in the other sections will be taken out, as well. neighbors say it's an odd move for a development project, quote, the dramatic steep slopes, natural vegetation and limited construction zones of yerba buena island will contrast with the human-made flat canvas of treasure island. how does that invoke with some of the principles about regenerating site ecology and connecting with nature? >> here on yerba buena island, um, the treasure island development authority has adopted a habitat management plan. >> reporter: removing mostly invasive species of trees and eventually once this is completed, putting in native ones. much of this will be used on site as mulch or made into furniture but for those who live here they worry, this is a
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clear-cut sign of change they may not like. >> this is the largest project in north america. it's not -- i don't think it's feasible. >> reporter: most of these trees are being removed for infrastructure purposes. this windy road behind me is going to be gone replaced by a new one and that infrastructure alone in this project is going to cost $1.5 billion. reporting live from yerba buena island, emily turner, kpix 5. >> construction will be complete between 2030 and 2035. we have breaking news out of vallejo. a deadly shooting on porter and mcclean streets. four people were shot including a 9-year-old child about 4 p.m. kpix 5's da lin is on the scene for us tonight. da. >> reporter: vallejo police are focusing their attention near a gray house down the street there where the shooting appears to have happened. you can see a lot of evidence markers on the ground,
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pinpointing where some of the shell casings are. now, we understand the shooting killed one person and injured 3 others including a 9-year-old. we don't have any information on the person who was killed. we believe the person's body is still at the scene here. the shooting happened about 2 hours ago. a couple of people walked up to a car and shot at the car. no motive released at this time. >> a 9-year-old child was transported to the hospital as well as another adult female who was shot in the hand. they are both expected to survive, although the 9-year- old had a head injury, head wound from we believe a bullet. >> police are gathering evidence right now trying to piece together this puzzle to see how this all happened, why this happened. at this point, from all the information that we're gathering, it sounds like this, um, it was a targeted shooting but right now they still have
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to interview witnesses and perhaps the victims to find out what exactly happened. live here in vallejo, i'm da lin, kpix 5. passengers heading to san francisco from canada will be arriving late tonight because their flight had to be diverted. united express flight 5248 left victoria, british columbia, this afternoon and made an unscheduled landing in seattle. the reason was an engine indicator light had come on. we are told the plane did land safely and united is putting the 47 passengers on another plane. a state lawmaker is joining the fight to keep tons of coal from traveling through the east bay. state senator loni hancock introduced four bills that would essentially block the plan. the proposal right now is to bring in as many as six trains a week to deliver the coal from utah to a new terminal next to the bay bridge toll plaza. hancock's bills would require environmental impact reports for nicole coal projects and
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ban funds to use for exporting coal from california. >> the cynicism behind saying that we are going to take a toxic product that we know longer allow in california, which is coal-fired energy, and ship it to other countries that are already facing devastating pollution problems, and countries that we're asking to step up to the plate and join our climate change effort, there's, um, really, um, morally an ethically unacceptable. >> the developers of the proposed terminal say it will be completely covered and so will the trains but critics say that's never been done and there's no proof that it can be done. new at 6:00 a guy in san jose is giving a whole new meaning to the green party. today he is giving away vouchers for free weed. as kpix 5's devin fehely explains, it is all in the name
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of democracy. >> reporter: that giveaway will last for two more hours across the street from city hall. it's organized by a group called weed for votes. on its face is actually illegal. >> it's necessary to legalize it. >> reporter: walking a fine legal line a group spearheading he was to legalize marijuana in california handed out vouchers for free pot to supporters today. >> we are requiring people to vote or sign a petition or to register to vote. those activities will be illegal but if you want to give me your contact information i can give you whatever i'd like. >> reporter: founder of weed for votes has pledged to give away as much as 10,000 pounds of free pot to raise awareness and support for a statewide ballot initiative legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. his table just across the street from city hall no shortage of support. >> i know a lot of people that need it, like, physically and, like, it just calms them down and to be honest it's just a
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really great, like, medical cause. >> marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol. i think everybody knows that. far less harmful than alcohol. and we could make a -- a -- a considerable amount of money in the taxes. >> reporter: currently there's several competing plans for legalization. and it's not clear which one or possibly more than one will gather enough signatures to make it on to the ballot. hodge says he is simply doing his part to light a fire under those who support legalization. >> the goal is to see legalization passed in california so that we can actually honor these vouchers and pass out a lot of free weed. >> reporter: so how would supporters actually trade that voucher for marijuana? well, first, there's a number of local clubs here that are honoring those vouchers but you have to first have a valid medical marijuana card or get one or simply wait until recreational use is legal for everyone. in downtown san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. the search for a missing woman in hayward has turned into a homicide investigation.
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police are saying tight-lipped about why this is now a murder investigation. but what we do know is that stacey aguilar was last seen late saturday night. she was at a party near silva avenue and jackson streets. police say no arrests have been made. a bill introduced today could make records the police misconduct public in california. if the legislation passes the public would be able to access records of serious instances of use of force and sustained charges of sexual misconduct and racial profiling. it's after controversial encounters between officers and suspects. the police officers association says it will fight the bill citing privacy concerns. it believes officers' body cameras offer enough transparency. this is the second time san francisco state senator mark leno has introduced this type of bill. tonight the feds are claiming that apple can easily help them unlock the san
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bernardino terrorist smartphone without jeopardizing anyone else's privacy. federal prosecutors filed a motion today asking a judge to compel the tech giant to help investigators access data inside that phone. they say the court order demanding apple's compliance, quote, does not give the government the power to reach into anyone's device without a warrant or court authorization and it does not compromise the security of personal information. prosecutors also make clear that apple would be allowed to retain possession of the phone and the technology. no sign the cupertino company plans to back down. there is a court hearing set for next month. commuter relief on the way but only if you are willing to pay. tonight we're live for the first test of new express lanes that could ease one of the bay area's most gridlocked freeways. >> a warning tonight about something many of us have in our backyards. how this treat for birds could be killing them. >> and a small symbol of an incredible sacrifice. how the father of a fallen
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soldier is creating a special memento for other parents in his shoes. >> less than 20 years after the gold rush of 1849, the chinese new year parade started in san francisco. tomorrow night, we fire up the tradition once again. these are the floats that will take part. will the weather be warmer than the chilly night outside now? the answer in your forecast coming up. ,,,, (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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the craftsmen of commerce. eastbound 580 th tonight the first real test for a new express lane on one of the busiest bay area freeways. the eastbound 580 through dublin, pleasanton and livermore is notorious for being jammed during the evening commute. mark sayre tells us the lane will get you home faster but it's going to cost you. mark. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. how much is a faster commute worth to you? well, from here in dublin all the way to livermore, nine
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dollars if you are a solo commuter but planners hope it will also help loosen up the commute for everyone else. >> the i-580 express lanes are about to open. >> reporter: this animation provided by the alameda county transportation commission shows the 14-mile-long express lane corridor. it stretches from foothill/san ramon road in pleasanton all the way to greenville road in livermore. there are two express lanes eastbound and one westbound. >> we think it's going to help. >> i believe so. we'll see. you know, hope so, you know. >> reporter: there's also a lot of uncertainty. >> people that want to pay to be able to get to where they're going faster will. but is that going to be the best for the commute? the. >> reporter: the new express lanes on highway 580 will be significantly different than what drivers here on highway 680 experience over the sunol grade. you can see the double white lines. that limits the ability of drivers to get in and out of the express lanes to just a few exits on highway 580 drivers will be able to enter and exit
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pretty much anyplace they like. >> it's a new way of doing express lanes. we recognize that there are a lot of off-ramps along this corridor and people need to be able to get off and out of the express lanes when they need to. >> reporter: on interstate 680, traffic planners say overall speeds have increased and travel times have dropped in the regular lanes since the express lanes were installed. and there's also the issue of enforcement. but the new transponders will take care of that, too. >> what it will do is it will notify chp that you say you're a single driver. >> reporter: so the two eastbound lanes are open tonight. there is only one lane that goes in the westbound direction into oakland and san francisco in the morning. that will open on monday morning. but because there's only one lane it will also cost you more. the trip from livermore to dublin, 13 bucks for a sole lower commuter. reporting live in dublin, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5
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>> you need a flex toll tag. a robbery on video. this man stole $1,700 from a walgreens of oxycontin. his face is covered. even as he leaves the store with that umbrella. police are trying to determine if this theft is related to a similar one in walnut creek. a string of sexual assaults on uc-berkeley's campus and police desperate to identify that attacker before he strikes again. this man seen here on surveillance video was allegedly fleeing one of those attacks. investigators say he is targeting asian women. they hope someone will identify him before he can harm anybody else. >> it makes me nervous especially with a lot of my classes being at night. >> yeah, that's what i mean like i think that's pretty gross. >> all the cases happened at
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night south of the uc-berkeley campus where students live. another san francisco tourist is attacked about 8:00 last night on the corner of franklin and post near japantown. the victim was walking with a family member when a man and woman approached them. one of the suspects lunged at the man stabbing him in the head. the suspects snatched the man's bag and fled on foot. the man is now hospitalized suffering life-threatening injuries. some heartfelt tributes today to an east bay police officer who was killed in his home. >> the family of augustine gus vegas along with hundreds of law enforcement came together inside richmond memorial auditorium. the man accused of shooting vegas in his vallejo home last week is the father of his 6- year-old grandson. those who knew him say officer
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vegas made family his top priority. >> dad's final breath came doing what he always taught us to protect our family at all costs. >> vegas had been with the richmond police department for 15 years. his children shared memories of their dad. [ crying ] >> i remember feeling so cool that my dad would pick me up from school every day on the fire lane. >> in his off time officer vegas founded a nonprofit to help children in foster care. possible tuberculosis exposure for hundreds of south bay veterans. according to the veteran affairs medical center, a clinic employee unknowingly carried that disease. 177 veterans and 53 medical personnel were potentially exposed between october and january. the chief of staff explains why it took so long to diagnose. >> the period of time amounted to several weeks. the problem is that the initial test that was done was negative which the good news is that it meant that they were not highly infectious. >> the va has already tested 60% of those who may have been
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exposed. all of those tests have come back negative. new at 6:00, what's killing the songbirds in california? well, it turns out well meaning people with backyard feeders may be partly to blame. kpix 5's don ford shows us why. >> reporter: the state fish and wildlife says more than 1,000 songbirds have died recently. >> they are coming in sick. they are fluffed up and trying to temperature regulate but can't because they are so thin. >> reporter: the state is blaming bird feeders. the birds have a habit of defecating in and around their own food. >> diagnosed as salmonella and that's a lot of what we're seeing. we start them on offer antibiotics right away. >> reporter: to prevent the salmonella and other problems from hurting the birds, animal healthcare professionals say you must keep bird feeders clean. they should be watched in a 10% bleach solution. wooden feeders shouldn't be used. in some cases they recommend the bird feeder be completely
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removed. >> this is winter. don't they need to eat? >> we actually like to encourage birds to go to more natural food sources. >> reporter: birdbaths are another potential problem. just like bird feeders, they too must be kept clean to keep hungry birds safe. in concord, don ford, kpix 5. >> similar bird salmonella outbreak happened last winter, too. paul deanno is live in san francisco where they are getting the floats ready for tomorrow's chinese new year parade. is it gong hei fat choi? >> that's re. >> what you said, yes. the year of the monkey. every 12 years we have the year of the monkey 2016. the first time of course since 2004. where do the floats get stored before a parade? the answer is, the chinese new year parade it is pier 54 along the san francisco waterfront. the floats look beautiful.
6:20 pm
there will be 100 on display. what a wonderful sight it is. san francisco with an awesome chinatown and we'll celebrate chinese new year in the city of san francisco tomorrow. and as i'm about to show you in a minute, the weather will cooperate. let's look at the radar because on a friday night there are showers out there. showers are pushing from the northwest to the southeast. they move through san francisco about 3 hours ago. they are currently centered over the tri-valley. so watch out dublin, livermore, pleasanton rain on the drive home. dry weather on the weekend. highs today: >> your parade forecast, a light jacket, it will be chilly with temperatures in the upper 50s, the majority of america would love that for a high in april. but we'll take that for mid- february. should be a beautiful night for the parade tomorrow night. if you are heading to the sierra, not the best travel
6:21 pm
this evening because the snow continues there. the snow level currently 5,000 feet. up to 10" of new snow above 7,000 feet and winter wind advisory continues for 3.5 more hours. that said, when you get there, it's going to be great skiing. tahoe tomorrow partly sunny 48. sunshine on sunday with 3 feet of fresh powder 52 degrees at lake level an awesome weekend if you are skiing or snowboarding in tahoe. high pressure returning, low pressure area passing by to our north tonight. the next one will miss us to the north. no more rain after tonight until next friday at the earliest. high temperatures tomorrow, low to mid-60s. a few degrees warmer than today. it will feel warmer with less wind and more sunshine tomorrow, as well. redwood city 63. san jose 65. oakland 65. concord 62. a high of 62 degrees in santa rosa. your high in vallejo tomorrow 60 degrees. extended forecast, we see 70s away from the water on sunday. highs in the mid-70s away from
6:22 pm
the water monday and tuesday. so the third monday in a row with near record highs and no rain until next friday when a more active pattern may develop in late february and early march. so guys, the weekend, maybe we don't want the rainfall for saturday and sunday. but we want that active pattern to come back and it will one week from today. floats are fantastic. it will be a great parade tomorrow. >> thank you. they lost their loved ones fighting a war half a world away. how one father is giving parents of fallen heroes a reminder of that sacrifice. ,,,,,,,,,,
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got a chance to bring home a special memento from afghanistan. kpix 5 photo- journalist se the father of a fallen soldiers got a chance to bring home a special memento from afghanistan. he is giving other parents a powerful reminder of their loved ones' sacrifice. ♪[ music ] >> we're going to be putting
6:25 pm
iraqi and afghani soil in amongst the other conflict soil and turning in into this monument forever. they were each given a little bit of soil themselves to take with them. >> of the united states of america. >> this is to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice as my son did for their country. >> why don't you take some out and let it pour through your fingers. >> it's extremely emotional because the soil that came back was from the hellmann province of afghanistan where my son was killed. >> i want to separate it and put it in little keepsake mementos and give it to family members and they will treasure it immensely too because it's from where our mike last was. >> we can't go there to walk where our children died. so to have that to come home to
6:26 pm
us, that's big. >> it's for his little brother and he is just talking about that he has enough sand to last a lifetime i guess basically and he will bring some back home to his brother when he gets here. but he never made it home. now i have a little piece of his brother. >> this weekend is goldstar parents yearly gathering a time parents can share memories of their children they loves in the war and, of course, remember their sacrifice for us. coming up in our next half- hour, a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. political analyst melissa caen explains how tomorrow could be a turning point. the candidates with the most to gain and lose. >> the legacy of harper lee remembering the author of an american classic. >> and the quirky house that's now hitting a bedrock bottom price. ,,
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casings line the ground in a residential vallejo neighborhood. police tells : four people were shot at ab4 .. including a evidence markers shelt casings line the ground in a residential neighborhood in vallejo. police say four people were shot about 4:00 this afternoon including a 9-year-old child.
6:30 pm
we are told one adult has died. so far no word on a motive, and the suspect is still on the loose. i'm emily turner on yerba buena island with tonight's top story. right here is the scene of the biggest and latest development project in san francisco. it's been in the works for 20 years. this is the first phase of t hundreds of trees gone. it's shocking to some of the people who have lived here for years. they are not happy about it. >> big weekend for campaign 2016. two key presidential contests. tomorrow the democrats in the nevada caucuses and the republicans in the south carolina primary. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen joins us now to join us about what's at stake saturday. first of all, with the nevada caucuses this is really the first big contest for the west. so the pressure is really on hillary clinton. >> that's right. she has been trying to cultivate throughout this era of inevitability and now we have just gotten a sort of a
6:31 pm
squeaker of a win in iowa on her part and she lost big in new hampshire. her campaign has said all along you just wait until we get to places like nevada that are more diverse and it's smooth sailing. if she doesn't win big, it is going to be a disappointment for her campaign. now, things look good for her in nevada. it's a caucus not a primary so we are talking about people showing up on saturday for a political meeting to cast votes. that sounds more like hillary clinton supporters than bernie sanders supporters so she may have an advantage. >> the media puts a lot into primaries and caucuses. we have superdelegates. when you look at that hillary clinton is way head of bernie sanders. 483 to 55. critics say this isn't a very democratic process at all. >> you know, bernie sanders for his part has really brought a lot of people into the political system that may have previously felt alienated so their first connection with the
6:32 pm
democratic primary is including a very unfortunate realization that there's a big difference between winning primaries and winning the nominations. you need about 2500 votes to be the nominee and about 800 of these free agent superdelegates. and those folks have by and large staked their claim with hillary clinton and so that why despite a squeak of a win in iowa and huge loss in new hampshire she has 10 times more delegates than bernie sanders and a lot of people new to the system are not thrilled with that. >> the race is over. just go home. >> let's get to the republican primary in south carolina. is this going to be the shakedown here? are we going to see some of the candidates carson, kasich, who is going to drop out after this? >> there's going to be huge pressure for people to get out after this. if you think about the race on the republican side, sort of three lanes, one lane is donald trump. one lane is ted cruz.
6:33 pm
then there's a third lane establishment lane with the rest. kasich, bush and marco rubio fighting it out for the lane. donors are saying, you have to winnow that lane. we need to find one person we can give money to so they can win. the more there are three candidates in the third lane the more banking of delegates that trump and cruz will get. there's a huge pressure for those who get fourth and fifth, get off the island. >> who will drop out first? >> jeb bush has been very melancholy. if he doesn't do well, he is already hinting at some public events that he is going to slow down. >> all right. we look forward to it. thank you. and more today on that feud between the pope and donald trump. a spokesman for the vatican says the pontiff was not trying to sway voters when he accused trump of not being christian. the comment was in response to trump's proposal to build a barrier wall between mexico. trump is dialing back on the
6:34 pm
war of words. first he called the comments disgraceful. now trump admits he doesn't like fighting with his holiness. harper lee who wrote the classic novel "to kill a mockingbird" has died. >> there are some things that you're not old enough to understand just yet. >> the novel was a hit won a pulitzer and became a movie starring gregory peck. the story was considered ahead of its time when it was published in 1960. since then it's been standard reading in schools across america. in 2007 lee was presented with the medal of freedom by president bush. and she died in her sleep this morning at her home in alabama. harper lee was 89. well, you can call it a yabba-dabba deal! the price chop on this one of a kind bay area home. >> big words big glory. the best spellers in of the bay area square off for a chance to compete in the national spelling bee. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
looks like something out of stone age. it d "the flintston still no takers for that unique house in hillsboro that looks like something out of a stone age. it's been dubbed the flintstone house. you can see why. the listing agent just dropped the price by $420,000. the house has been on market since last fall. it is now listed at $3.8 million. the house was built in 1976 by an architect experimenting with innovative building materials. the bay area's best and brightest students are vying for the chance to be named best speller in america. kpix 5's sharon chin caught up with some hopefuls on the road to the national spelling bee. >> good luck to everybody. have fun. >> it's very nerve-racking. >> may the best speller win. >> could you repeat the word? [ bell ] [ spelling ] >> epoxy. >> correct.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: saratoga foothill elementary school students got excited. >> correct. >> yes! >> reporter: they are trying for a spot at the national scripps spelling bee for the first time. [ spelling ] >> correct. >> correct. >> reporter: at carolyn clark elementary school in san jose the top two dozen spellers mowed through some 160 words. [ spelling ] >> that is correct. >> whoo! i'm so excited. it feels like a dream. i'm so happy. >> reporter: the school bees often came down to a face-off. >> proprietary. >> melee. >> hypnotic. >> reporter: and at foot high school? >> endemic. >> correct. >> i'm excited and scared for regionals but it's -- i'm excited overall. >> reporter: many students and parents call it a good experience. >> i'm very proud of her. >> reporter: did you know some of the words that she spelled?
6:39 pm
>> most of them i didn't. [ laughter ] >> reporter: at east avenue middle school in livermore? >> that is correct. [ applause ] >> reporter: winner alex jones said he didn't even study but going forward -- >> going to prepare because it is going to be very difficult. >> reporter: he is right. the words will be harder. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> the school winners will take a written test tomorrow at becker's lawrence hall of science and the top spellers move on to the cbs bay area regional spelling beheld here at kpix 5 to compete for a spot at nationals. a company cuts 25,000 jobs and still pays its ceo $18 million for the year. tonight, we are asking you, is it executive compensation out of control? head to my twitter page right now weigh in with your shots at veronica dl cruz. we are going to have details on that story plus more tonight at 10:00. join us on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. living in a neighborhood ruled by gangs. our student rising above wasn't
6:40 pm
sure that he would survive to be 18. how he ended up at the top of his class. straight ahead we say good- bye to a couple of fan favorites. what's that up in the air? and why are we mentioning steph curry and kanye west in the same sentence? >> very weird. >> answers coming up after paul deanno's weather. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. you look to fo udent rising above if you are a boy an your father is in prison, who do you look to for male guidance? our student rising above grew up in that situation and found an answer many miles from home. wendy tokuda takes us to sonoma to share his story. wendy. >> reporter: to sonoma we go. this young man was lucky because he had a wonderful mom who worked hard cleaning houses to support him. so hard she developed carpal tunnel syndrome and couldn't work. it's just one of the difficulties fernando marquez
6:44 pm
had to rise above. he has project never felt safer than he does here tejana boys center in sonoma county. it's a healing place for troubled boys. >> i was never able to say i'm going to be successful until i got here. and i started seeing how many doors have opened. >> i think he has maintained a 4.0 pretty much every semester. he is first in the class. >> i'd be interested in journalism. >> reporter: he was failing before he came here. >> i thought i would be dead before i was 18. >> reporter: the gang activity was fierce in his neighborhood in sun valley just north of l.a. four people he knew were killed. one friend only 14 years old. his father was in and out of jail. he would beat his mom. when fernando was in third grade, he was in the car with his father when the federal agents came. you came home and there were police cars surrounding your
6:45 pm
house. >> yes. >> reporter: and what happened? >> um, my dad threw the keys at me and told me to lock myself in the car and he jumped on the hood of his car and jumped the fence and ran. >> reporter: his father is in leavenworth now for drug trafficking. >> he just continually says that he doesn't want to grow up to be anything like his dad. it's pretty heartbreaking. >> reporter: a single mother left supporting three kids cleaning houses money was short. outside there was pressure from gangs. >> i didn't have any hope at all. i just threw north towel and i felt like i couldn't ever get out of it. >> reporter: but at hannah, there were new opportunities. >> the ability to play on sports teams. the ability to receive an honor roll certificate from his principal. >> we have some legal filing to do. >> reporter: he works in the office and the kitchen but the money goes to help his mom who
6:46 pm
is disabled now. >> his mom means so much to him and i think it's very important for him to do this not only for himself but also to help her. >> everything she has been through, like i said, um, she manages to keep a smile on her face and having her do that really motivated me to, you know, keep going. >> reporter: this fall, something fernando never imagined, college. fernando will need financial aid and a lot of guidance to get through college. and to find out how you can help him and other kids like him just go to and find out a lot more and sra is taking applications right now from high school juniors. so spread the word. >> do it. >> so appropriately named rising above. >> i know. >> great young man. >> thank you, wendy. >> thank you. all right. tomorrow's chinese new year's parade in san francisco. paul deanno looks like we are going to be okay in the weather department there. >> weather is going to be just
6:47 pm
good and the parade floats are going to be amazing. we are standing next to a couple now. did you know the chinese new year parade in san francisco began in the 1860s? 150 years ago. it has been voted many times as one of the top ten parades in the entire world. you can come see it in and around chinatown tomorrow and the weather will cooperate. it is the year of the monkey and we celebrate that in san francisco tomorrow evening. want to show you the radar. there are still a few showers out there. it is nothing like the rain that we saw two days ago from a front. this front is much weaker. it is slicing through the bay area right now. some very light returns on our radar especially around dublin and concord. just a few light showers friday evening gone by 9 p.m. rainfall totals in venado one of the wettest spots today .8" of rainfall.
6:48 pm
.6" in woodacre. a little less for ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains and half moon bay and pleasanton, all of .01" of an inch of rain. temperatures outside it is chilly this evening and with the humidity in the air it feels even cooler. 51 in santa rosa. san jose 53. livermore 54. oakland currently 52. with skies clearing, it's going to be a cold night tonight. we are going to see some 30s away from the water including santa rosa at 39. close to the 30s for livermore and concord and 43 tonight in mountain view. higher pressure is building in. storm track will get kicked to the north once again. you may be wondering where all the el nino storms have gone. seattle, not san francisco, not los angeles. seattle has had its wettest winter on record. the storms are there. but they are just not hitting california. at least not all of them over the past month. some sprinkles remain this evening. watch out for low clouds and fog along the coastline and in our north bay valleys. mainly sunny this weekend with a warming trend which will continue into next week and no rain for the next six days.
6:49 pm
mountain view tomorrow 64. union city 63. a couple of degrees warmer than average. dublin 63. fairfield 62. novato, richmond, in the low 60s. windsor and saint helena sunshine for you, mid-60s parade forecast should be just fine at san francisco tomorrow. we'll see a few 70s on sunday. mid-70s monday and tuesday. and no rain until next friday. back out here live at pier 54 the year of the monkey, that's your forecast. we'll be back with sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
davenport...the former 3rd baseman and skippe steph curry and kanye west in a moment. sad news of jim davenport first, the former third baseman and skipper passed away last night. he played his entire 13-year career in san francisco. 51 with the organization. i played golf with him once. happily didn't lose any money. just a good all around guy. davenport was 82. a's fans you lost a good one. tony phillips, '89 world series died of a heart attack wednesday. he played 9 of 18 seasons in the big was oakland. tony phillips was 56 years old. tough transition to the
6:53 pm
ice. darth vader amid the carolina hurricane fan base. third period somehow jeff skinner from the slot got it through. put it out of reach and the sharks three-game win streak halted final of 5-2. three games in four nights. steph curry and the warriors about to pick up the second half of the season in portland tonight. why am i mentioning him and kanye west in the same sentence? well, because kanye went on one of his famed twitter rants. here it is. i'm the jordan and steph curry of music. >> oh, boy. >> meaning i'm the best of two generations. curry's thoughts? >> when i saw my name cross through his fingertips, that was one pretty funny and honoring at the same time? but then also very weird. put me in the same conversation as michael and kanye. somebody did a graphic of me,
6:54 pm
jordan and dubbed him guarding me but kanye's face is on both of us. [ laughter ] >> so that's like my favorite, um, mean of all time. david lee couldn't get on the floor with the celtics one game in the last 21, 30 of 55. the former warriors and only player in boston's roster older than 28 was waived by the celtics after they bought out the rest of his contract. reportedly the mavericks may be the next destination for the 32- year-old, 11-year veteran. there's a television network focuses mainly on the pac-12. two of the most watched sports, football and basketball. third most watched sport? gymnastics. eve of its final home meet. there is something going on down on the farm. >> that's going to be a big score. >> beautiful on this event. >> reporter: this is where the work is done for 12th ranked
6:55 pm
stanford. >> let's get some great work done, okay? we want taylor. >> if christin smith club is going to make another post- season run, it's not going to happen without elizabeth price. a reigning ncaa champion, the sophomore on the strength of a near perfect performance in last week every weekend's win at arizona vaulted to number one rated all around in all of college gymnastics. smith was a fan of price before she was a 2012 olympic alternate. did you think at the time that girl is going to tumble for me one day? >> i hope. i certainly was hoping. >> there are a lot of gyms all over the countries or schools with teams and a lot of girls are -- we're neck and neck up there at the top of the scoring system, definitely makes it hard to always be number one. so it's a lot of hard work.
6:56 pm
and it's just all about getting consistency and hitting the routines when it counts. >> reporter: in basketball the goal is to make it to the ncaa final four. the gymnastics equivalent, the super six. in smith's last 14 years here, the cardinals have reached it 7 times. she loves the toughness of this team. it's grit. >> we have had throughout the year opportunities to kind of fall apart, falls in the middle of the line-up but the team consistently steps up and gets each other's back and in our sport, six kids compete and five scores count so having one miss doesn't take you out of a meet. having more than one does. >> all right. 12th ranked stanford hosting 5th-ranked utah tomorrow at 2 p.m. >> and vern glenn sticks the landing! the latest news and weather, always on captions by: caption colorado ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: let's go. how y'all? how's everybody? thank y'all. i appreciate that. yeah, i do. i appreciate you, folks. thank y'all. thank y'all very much. yeah, i do. i appreciate it. thank y'all, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 21,705 bucks, from lancaster, ohio, my homeboys, it's the young family. and from athens, georgia, it's the freeman family.
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everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, bold ford edge right there. give me ree. give me ronny. let's go. all right, guys, here we go. we got top 6 answers on the board. name something done to a football you wouldn't want someone to do to your behind. ronny. ronny: take the air out. steve: take the air out. yeah. ree: throw it. steve: throw it. ree: we'd like to play. steve: they gonna play. here we go. ree, how you doing? ree: i am doing very well. steve: good. where y'all from? ree: we are--we live in athens, georgia, a lot of us, but guess what. we are from cleveland, ohio.


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