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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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mystery in hayward. a homice investigation is under way. though police have yet to find a body. est test a mystery in hayward. a homicide investigation is under way this morning though police have yet to find a body. also potential citings of a bay area man who owes more than $100 million and a massive development project in one bay area neighborhood but there are a lot of trees that are not part of the plan. it is 7:00 this saturday morning february 20th. thank you for joins us. >> we have julie watts in with a check of the forecast >> reporter: we are off to a
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really chilly morning. something to be mindful out if you are hitting the roads this morning. this is a look from mount vakakan. low visibility in the valley. and definitely sacramento valley. you will encounter some dense patchy fog this morning. 30s and 40s air wide. 47 in san francisco. 54 in livermore. we have a lot of moisture on the ground that allows there are chillier temperatures. the fog will clear relativelier. through the weekend we'll have some high clouds but more sunshine through sunday -- the
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fog will clear relatively early. thanks, julie. police in hayward believe that a woman missing since last weekend has been killed. she was last seen at a party with her friends. she left about 1:00 a.m. on sunday. police have not found her body or arrested anyone. they are not saying why the case is now a homicide investigation. police told the family about the shift in focus. >> we found some information in regards to her missing status and information developed us to believe she was the victim of a homicide. we are developing a plan on searching and locations and all that stuff. >> she was last seen in the area of sill via and jackson street. a 9 year old child and a
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mother are recovering after a shooting before 4:00 p.m. yesterday in a residential area on porter street in south vallejo. the suspects still on the loose this morning. >> reporter: investigators gathered dozens of evidence markers in this street. they say two men were working on this car in the driveway when they were shot. one was killed instantly. a 9 year old child and a woman inside the house were hit by stray bullets just before four in the afternoon. >> it sounded like two people with handguns, sound like they both unloaded the clip and another one unloaded one and shot another. >> reporter: he lives down a block on porter street and he recalls hearing 20 shots.
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>> i didn't bother looking out the window, i dove at my son and culled him up and -- curled behind the fridge. >> reporter: police say the victims were family members in stable condition at the hospital and expected to survive. police could not say whether this was a random or targeted shooting. they do believe there was more than one shooter but at this time they don't yet have a description. kpix five. a british traveler is fighter for his life after he was stabbed in the head in san francisco. it happened at post and frank ling street near japan town. a 44 year old man was walking with his niece when a man and woman approached them. the man stabbed the victim in the head with a knife. the robbers got away with his messenger bag. the victim's niece was not
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injured. so far there have been no arrests. the search continues for a missing alameda man a. a possible sighting. a man matching his description was seen. he was last seen february 9th waiting for a train in oakland. he owes more than $1 million in a real estate fraud settlement. he was on his way with appointment with attorneys when he disappeared. investigators will be looking for him today. bad news for people who lived in a san francisco apartment building. officials say they have to tear down the building. yesterday an inspector red tagged the entire building. they say the foundation is unsafe. there's also some problem with mold an other water damaged.
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60 people will lose their homes for good. yahoo is close to being sold. it has hired an independent committee and hired banks. and she wants to work with the bank to include -- business. it has been trying to split it's core access in the stake chinese firm ali ba ba. the republican presidential primary poles are open today in south carolina. >> and in nevada democrats are going to hold caucuses. danielle has more on campaign 2016. >> reporter: donald trump is urging people to stop using apple devices until they help the fbi open one of the san
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bernardino shooter's phones. he says he won't lie to the american people. >> one of my problems is i'm straight. i tell it likes the. >> reporter: he once held a double digit lead in south carolina, but a recent pole shows him just five points ahead of ted cruz. >> we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties that ever one of us have been blessed to enjoy. >> reporter: it will be their first test of their appeal to minority voters for hillary clinton and bernie sanders in nevada. it is more than 25% latino and immigration reform is a major concern here. >> i want people to comout of the shadows under the immigration comprehensive reform. i want them on a path to citizenship. >> reporter: sanders agree.
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>> we will use the executive orders inheritance in the presidency. >> reporter: they also have an eye on south carolina which holds it's democratic primary next saturday. the democratic caucuses begin at 11:00 this morning. also a mass for justice antonin scalia. all supreme court justices are expected to attend the service. yesterday more than 3,000 people including the president and first lady paid tribute to scalia. >> the author to kill a mocking bird has died. >> there are some things that you're not old enough to understand just yet. >> it was an instant hit and even became an oscar winning
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movie. the story of racial unquality and social injustice was considered ahead of its time since 1960. president george bush presented her the medal of freedom back in 2007. she died in her home at alabama. a bay area full of trees may soon be looking a little bit bare. coming up. why there might not be room for the trees in this massive development. and why the government is issuing a new warning. >> reporter: and we are off to a chilly morning, but much warmer temperatures are on the way. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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potentially life- saving dr over the counter. naloxone (nuh lox on) revers the effects of overdoses of heroin and other welcome back, walgreens is getting ready to sell a life- saving drug for overdoses.
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they plan to sell in 35 states including california. according to the center for disease control and prevention more than 10,000 people died in heroin overdoses in the u.s. that is five times the amount in 2002, but some people say quick access to it could do more harm than good and should be administered by officials only. a proposed terminal near the -- of oakland. it would export millions of tons of coal to china and other countries. it would prohibit public funds to export coal near communities. >> i believe this would be the largest coal export depot in
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the united states and we do know the port of -- we did know they turned it down years ago. >> it would be in covered cars but critics say it would not be enough to keep the communities safe. a warning about hoverboard, use them at your own risk. it is responsible for fires like this in brentwood. there have been more than 50 similar incidents in other states. it's now claims none of the boards currently on the street are fake. >> they run into people. i've seen them cut people off. >> hoverboard were banned on the campus of san francisco state this week. many airlines will not allow them on board and amazon quit selling them all together. >> let's take a quick check on our weather forecast. actually a little bit of a
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longer look because if we like the warmer temperatures we're going to want to linger. >> reporter: and i say they will be lingering through most of the next week. in fact the next chance of rain isn't until our extended forecast. how about this weekend? out the door this morning may be heading out for the morning jog, grab a jacket, it is chilly, you may encounter some dense patchy fog so be mindful of that. 37 in santa rosa. 41 in concord this morning. a look at what to expect as we make our way throughout the weekend this morning. dense patchy fog right now, clearing as we head through the weekend and then staying dry through much of your work week. we will talk a little bit about the fog issue right now. this is some high clouds but dense in sacramento valley and
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knot bay as well. just be mindful of that. the clouds start the dissipate more and more through the weekend as high pressure builds. this is the low pressure that brought the rain yesterday. there's another low pressure waiting in the wings. it is going to pass next week but high pressure will continue to build and will push or storm track well to our north which means it will miss us. we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. that as early as next week. in the meantime 50s and 60s. 57 pacifica. 53 vallejo. 52 concord and 64 in fairfield your high temperatures today. heading up to the high country, beautiful up there as well. beautiful of snow on the grounds though no new snow. partly cloudy skies and plenty
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of sunshine tomorrow. the extended forecast shows again today partly cloudy but skies will be clearing towards the latter half of the day. tomorrow 70 and sunny for your high temperature on sunday. monday, tuesday, we may be flirting with records once again with mid 70s. those are my days off. i'm excited about that. then we start to see by friday our next chance of showers i am going to focus on the word chance there. looks like rain will return latter half of february, early march. >> so you know the debate, is el niño over? everybody is kind of freaking out. >> is this it? >> well, you know, i do think the wet weather will return. is el niño over? no, although the water temperatures are warming. it's actually water temperatures, so soon we will see an end to el niño.
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>> thank you. well, the first phase means things will look a lot less green between oakland and san francisco. development comes at the cost of several trees. >> reporter: s the beginning of something big, huge actually, but the development of buenvala and -- island are charging all in the name of big development. the man has been in the works for 20 years. hundreds of trees have to go. for 8,000 future homes, shops and a hotels. all the trees in the green portion will be gone and other sections will be taken out as well. neighbors says the an odd move where the steep slopes and
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other areas will contrast with the flat canvas of treasure island. >> well, here the treasure island development authority has adopted a habitat management plan. >> reporter: that plan includes removing species of trees. part of this will be used on site as mulch or used as furniture, but for those who live here this is a clear cut sign of change they may not like. >> this is a biggest part of change in north america. i don't think it's feasible. >> reporter: most of these trees have been removed for infrastructure purposes. that alone is going to cost one and a half billion dollars. kpix five. still to come the incredible journey of a student
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who overcame tremendous odds to obtain success. >> hey, everybody. have i got something for you warriors fans. it doesn't happen very often, but it happened last night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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obstacles of growing up on e mean streets of los angelesh a father i isn't easy. wendy tokuda s welcome back, overcoming the obstacles of a father in
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prison is not easy. >> we will see how hernando marquez found a better life from home. >> reporter: he has probably never felt safer than he does here at the hannah boy's center in sonoma county. >> i'm nevada going to say i will be successful until i got here and now i started to see how many doors have opened. >> he as maintained a 4.0 pretty much ever since he came here. >> reporter: he was failing school before he came here. >> i thought i was going to be dead before i came here. >> reporter: he was in sun valley just north of l.a. one friend killed only 14 years old. his father was in and out of jail. he would beat his mom.
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when he was in third great he was in the car with his father when the federal agents came. you came home and there were police cars surrounding your house? >> yes. >> reporter: what happened? >> my dad threw the keys at me and told me to get in the car and he jumped on the hood of the car and jumped and ran. >> reporter: his father is in prison right now. >> he continually says he doesn't want to grow up like his mom. >> reporter: a single mom left supporting three kids. money was short. outside there was pressure from gangs. >> i didn't have any hope at all and i felt like i couldn't ever get out of it. >> reporter: but at hannah, there were new opportunities. >> the ability to play on sports teams, the ability to
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receive and honor roll certificate from his principal. >> reporter: he works in the office and the kitchen, but the money goes to help his mom who is disabled now. >> his mom means so much to him and i think it's very important for him to do this not only for him but also to help her. >> like i said she manages to keep a smile on her face and having her do that really motivates me you know to keep going. >> reporter: this fall, something fernando never imagined. college. kpix five. >> go to they are now taking applications for high school seniors, spread the word. >> reporter: good morning everybody. it was bounds to happen at
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sometime. a team shows upbeats the warriors at their own game. check it out at portland last night while they were waiting for the nba champs. yeah, all-star game snubby. portland put up two in if first. look at the slice with a 19- point lead. cut it to six. how about cutting it to four? baseball pass. break away slam. there you go. now the warriors committed 13, third quarter turnovers and lilard no sympathy. later on, it's l irk lard. by the way he's from oakland? this guy not from oakland? he's from half court. that's a fan they pull out and
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won a car. 107-105. next up for the warriors a nationally televised game at the clippers. the carolina hurricane fans, he's watching the san jose sharks in white. jeff skinnard third period there. they had a three game winning streak going into that one. well, they'll just have to get it up for a game monday in st. louis. that is sports at this hour. everybody have a great day. i'm coming back with more stuff. you won't believe it later on in the day at 5:30 and 6:30 tonight. see you then. two familiar area figures have died. jim davenport played baseball for 14 years, managed 31 years in all. he died at 82.
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and tony phillips, against the giants he played infield for oakland for nine seasons and was in the majors for 18. he died on wednesday of a heart attack at the age of 56. a republican showdown in south carolina. why some political analysts believe we could get some surprising results from today's presidential primary. and a scare for hundreds of veterans in the bay area, how they may have been exposed to tuberculosis. this is of course some coastal fog. how long will the clouds and chilly temperatures last? details coming up. ,,,,,,
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i'm mark kelly. i'm anne makovec. a man is dead an people welcome back, it's 7:30 on this saturday morning. i'm mark kelley. and i'm ann mcvic. the big chinese parade coming tonight? >> reporter: yeah, it will be a little chilly, so i would say grab a jacket if you are heading out for that. 57-degrees this evening. mostly clear skies for the chinese new years parade. chilly this morning as well.
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here is a look at mount vaca. temperatures many the 30s and 40s. 37 right now in santa rosa. still very chilly. your weather headlines tell you what to expect pretty much today. patchy fog, staying dry, temperatures mild today but will be downright warm by the beginning of next week and i will have details on that coming up in a bit. we might be flirting with some records. three people hurt after a shooting in vallejo and the suspects are still on the loose. it happened just before 4:00 p.m. on porter street. two men were working on a car in a driveway when they were shot. one died instantly and the other was seriously wounded. inside the house a 9 year old
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child and woman were hit by stray bullets. a neighbor two doors down heard at least 20 shots. >> i was just sitting in the living room with my son and i heard the shots going off and i didn't even look out the window, i grabbed him aren't went -- and went and hid behind the fridge. >> police believe this may have been a targeted shooting. and a woman is missing and police have not found her body and arrested anyone but they are saying the case is now a homicide investigation. police told the woman's family
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about the shift in focus yesterday. >> we developed information yesterday in regards to her missing status and information led us to believe she was the victim of a homicide. we are developing a man on searching and location and all that stuff. >> she was last seen on sill via and jackson street. they will provide more information once they have a clearer idea of where to search. >> and hundreds of veterans may have been exposed to tuberculosis. the infected worker may have come in contact with 100 veterans and 53 medical employees between january and february. >> the initial tests were actually negative and it wasn't until the definitive test came back that they found out the worker had active tuberculosis
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which they immediately contacted us and we immediately had the person go off of work. >> the good news is that 60% have tested negative for it. craig boswell report from columbia, south on the campaign appearances. >> reporter: marco rubio dashes out of one campaign area to another. senator scott says to expect a strong showing. >> we are going to see a good response tomorrow by the voters. >> reporter: one surprise could be an upset by ted cruz who has narrowed the gap with trump. cruz who plans to attend the
7:35 am
funeral for justice scalia reminds -- >> we are one justice away from a five radical justice majority that will strike down every abortion -- and mandate abortion on demand. if you didn't like me, don't tell anybody. [laughter] >> reporter: as the campaign enters it's final hours, they are expecting a barrage from always. and in some ways candidates are moving away from candidates. this father says donald trump's temperament is a problem. >> if he really wishes to be a leader he needs to speak politely and peaceful to people. >> reporter: trump is not
7:36 am
needed at his boisterous rallies. >> reporter: hillary clinton held a rally with bill and chelsey in las vegas. she promised to make college affordable for everyone and make marriage quality for everyone. >> reporter: and bernie sanders played up his vow on what he called big money interest and establishment politics. a funeral mass this morning for supreme court justice scalia. led by paul scalia one of his children. yesterday more than 3,000 people including the president and first lady paid tribute to justice scalia at the supreme court. war planes bombed isis
7:37 am
camps near tunisia. >> reporter: video broadcast on a libyan news channel claims to show the aftermath in the city of sabratha. they say they likely killed a top senior isis fer rost. a march in tunisia -- and another attack in june popular with western tourists killing 48. they released the video of him. the attacks come as the white house struggle to contain isis. >> we believe they possess a threat to our national security interest. >> reporter: the group has used brutal tactics to make their presence known in libya. carrying out several brutal
7:38 am
beheading. this shows christians on a beach near tripoli. more victims may be located under the rubble. still ahead the author behind the literary classic has passed away. we are going to look back at the remarkable career of harper lee. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ lost shipments, international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect.
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well crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. filed a motion to compel cupertino-based apple.. to the f-b-i crack the code to san bernardino ll the justice department has filed a motion to compel apple to help the fbi crack the code to the san bernardino cell phone. >> reporter: apple has helped the fbi in the past, but this case is far more complicated because of something someone did. a senior apple executive told cbs news it was working with the fbi to get data from the work issued cell phone but the executive says it didn't work because someone changed the password after the fbi got the phone. ceo tim cook says it would
7:42 am
threaten the privacy of millions of customers after being asked to create a back door into the iphone. the justice department offered what it considers a less intrusive option. i want would allow them to create and destroy access to farook's phone. in response told cbs news says if we break this phone, and then destroy this, then at 10:00 a.m. we get another subpoena. >> i am doing this for the safety of my customers, i have to ask how many people who died on the floor in san bernardino or paris had iphones?
7:43 am
they are tim cook's customers too. >> reporter: security technology has advanced so quickly the government can't keep up. sharon chin kpix five. this is going to be interesting, sunday morning we are going to hear from tech expert larry maggat. donald trump is getting into the encryption debate as well siding for the fbi. >> first of all apple should give fbi the phone. boycott apple. >> he is calling for the boycott of all apple products until he gives them the
7:44 am
information they need. >> it is so funny with him saying i just thought of that. >> a little chilly today? >> reporter: year, we have some patchy spots, if you look off in the distance you can see that fog, that haze. 30s 40s area i'd. santa rosa 41. livermore 46. we start with dense patchy fog this morning. but clearing as we move through the weekend. by early next week we could be flirting with record temperatures once again. high pressure under ares and it will build over the coming days. we do have another system in the wings but this is going to
7:45 am
stay to the north. the storm track stays to the north. our temperatures build to the mid to upper 70s by midweek next week. relatively mild temperature wise. 62 in redwood city. tahoe temperatures looking pretty good. no new snow. 48 your high today. 52 with plenty of sunshine tomorrow. it will be a great weekend to hit the slopes. a look at the extended forecast again temperatures today relatively mild, partly cloudy becoming mostly clear by tonight. it will cool down once again this evening. high pressure continues to build sunday into monday. temperatures warmer tomorrow, warmer still monday and tuesday, those are days i think we could be flirting with records at least above average kind of a repeat of what we saw
7:46 am
last week with the really warm temperatures. wednesday into thursday increase in clouds. next chance of showers friday. really we are looking at a return of wet weather by the end of february, early march, so we're not done with the rain for the rest of the season, but an extended break here so if you want to hit the beach or mild february temperatures, this is the weekend to do it. >> boy, we have been having some gorgeous sunsets, too, haven't we? >> yeah, i think we are going to see some gorous sunsets over the next -- gorgeous sunsets. >> harper lee haaziq died has died at the age of 89.
7:47 am
>> reporter: harper lee's first novel has been an american classic. she was born in 1926 and raised in monroeville, alabama where she became close friends with writer capooti. she won a pulitzer prize. >> and in 2007 president bush presented a very frail lee the medal of freedom. that same year lee suffered a stroke and returned permanently to monroeville where she lived a reclusive life. last year she was thrust back into the spotlight with the publication of her second novel which was actually written before to kill a mocking bird.
7:48 am
it was called go set a watchman in a safety deposit box. there were questions about whether lee had ever intended to release it and concerns over her health and mental competence. some were shocked at the novel's racial over tones but but it set a record for 1 day sales. it began with one of the most influential novels in american history. a bay area navy vet returns to her hometown. and helping kids at risk. and coming up why the so- called flinstone house is a tough sell. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5 photo- journalist se stage shows us how a fathers giving other p l a fallen soldier is remembered with a special
7:51 am
momento. a powerful reminder of a loved one's sacrifice. >> we are going to be putting iraqi and afghanistan soil and turning it into this monument forever. they were each given a little bit of that soil each to take with them. >> pledge the allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> this is to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice as my son did for their country. >> it is extremely emotional because the soil that came back was the home in province in afghanistan which is where my son was killed. >> i want to separate it and put it in little keepsake momentos and they will treasure it because it is from
7:52 am
where our mike last was. >> of the that come home to us, that's big. >> it is for his little brother and he's just talking about that he has enough sand to last a lifetime i guess and he'll bring some back home to his brother when he gets here, but he never made it home, but now i have a little piece to take to his brother. this weekend is gold star parents annual gathering, an opportunity for parents to reflect on the sacrifices of their children. sometimes getting your hands a little dirty can be good therapy. helping at risk kids. how sharing a garden can do more than just grow fruits and
7:53 am
veggies. >> reporter: kelley carlisle found a way to mary her love of children with her green thumb. >> i love growing things, you know, sometimes not eating them, but certainly growing them. >> reporter: kelley is founder and executive director of -- in east oakland a 6 year old farming project in neighborhood kids learn to grow their own fruits and vegetables. 8 year old zariah likes planting. >> and she likes digging -- well maybe not all the time and while the children are learning
7:54 am
about growing produce, she is planting seeds that she hopes will feed them their whole lives. >> a respect for themselves and each other. i think that one just got done eating. >> reporter: they sell food and produce to restaurants and they go into savings accounts for each child that pay for after school classes. it's also takes kids on camping and field trips. parents pay a fee based on what they can affords. they pride her limitless energy. >> she motivates me to keep doing more, not only for me, but for the kids. >> reporter: in fact president obama praised kelley two years ago. >> they are changing how they think about themselves. >> they're worth the best this life that this country has to
7:55 am
offer. >> reporter: harvesting change and hope for children in east bay oakland. you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award at ,,,,,,
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only time will tell if a reduced price will get this unique home off the market. this home in hills -burough has been dubbed the flinstone home. this week the owner dropped the cost of -- it is now $3.8 million. it was built as an experiment. >> you said it used to be
7:57 am
painted white. >> i may consider it if they brought it down to six or 700,000. but you know, let's look at the temperatures. it will get kind of chilly and grab a jacket if you are going to be here for the chinese new years parade. temperatures possibly peeking near record highs definitely above average monday and tuesday. then the ridge breaks down, the next chance of showers will be friday. we are keeping our fingers crossed for return of rain end of february, early march. we will be back here tomorrow morning. we will have all the latest from the primaries, the caucus, it will be interesting. enjoy your saturday. ,,,,
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