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tv   Face the Nation  KPIX  February 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> dickerson: welcome back. ohio governor john kasich joins us now. governor i was talking to two ever your supporters in a super tuesday state. they would like to vote for you but they're worried that the primaries happen, they should get behind maybe marco rubio because they're worried about donald trump. make your pitch to them about why they should stick with you? >> first of all, you know, i'm starting to get known in this country for the first time and a message is being heard. these guys have spent $50 million in the campaign i've spent about $15 million. the fact of the matter is a lot of the money they spent has been designed to hammer me, negative ads against me. we're getting big crowds everywhere we go. i was just in vermont, tremendous turn out. massachusetts, i'm heading to
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virginia tomorrow. and we just keep going. and look, we finished second in new hampshire. i think marco finished fifth. we never expected to finish at the top in south carolina and i think frankly we've exceeded expectations there. the late voters, we did very well with. the late deciders. and we're moving on and we feel good about where we are and, look, all i can tell saw the national polls, we're still strong, we've got good grass roots and everybody just hang on, things are going to settle down. >> dickerson: isn't there a sense of urgency you're getting well-known, you're on the rise. but there is also contests happening, people are coming in ahead of you. where do you have to do well and win to still have a shot at this? >> well, look, we got to do well in vermont, in massachusetts. we think we're going to do well in virginia. we believe that we will over perform in mississippi. we think we get to the midwest, whether it's illinois or whether
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it's michigan. remember, john, as i heard bernie sanders saying it's proportional. i don't have to win these places, i just have to hang in there and continue to gain momentum. and no one ever expect me to get in the race, they didn't think i would get on the debate stage, different they didn't think i would do well in new hampshire i finished second. we went to south carolina. short period of time later two weeks ago people in south carolina had no clue who i was. so, we're the engine that can. everybody just relax on this, look, think about it, there were 16 people in the race including a number of governors and there's only one left. and i think that at the end we have to make sure that we have somebody that can go to that town, change that system, grow employment, change the whole way in which it works and ship power money and influence back to the states. i'm optimistic about it. >> dickerson: one of the other arguments that people who would consider themselves mainstream republicans are making, only until there becomes one mainstream alternative to donald trump is there any chance for
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trim top get knocked off by people whose beliefs they share, why aren't you just continuing to split the vote with marco rubio, address those concerns. >> again, i finished second in new hampshire. he finished fifth. i didn't play in south carolina. we're going to go to -- march 19 to number of states, where we think we're going to do well. it's a matter of continuing on, john. being able to take advantage of the grass roots, we now have some bush people who have come our way both from a political point of view and a fundraising point of view. and we're going to keep struggling. to make sure that we can be out there, keep putting the resources together to be in a position of doing well. remember this, i'm the person who beats hillary clinton by more than any other candidate in the usaed to today poll i beat by 11 points. i've risen to third police in the national polls out of no
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where without spending much money. i get the money, continue to put the grass roots together, you're going to see a great result. people want to consolidate. they ought to consolidate my way. >> dickerson: let me ask you a policy question. when we discussed donald trump's immigration that's not who we are as a country. in the exit polls in new hampshire, 65% supported muslim immigration ban now in south carolina 74% supported that policy. maybe that this is who americans are? >> it's not all americans. i understand those polls. as a result that have, that's not going to change my position. i don't think it is even practical, i don't think it's right. just because somebody happens to be muslim faith doesn't make them a terrorist. or make them a threat to america. we've had relations with people all over the world of the muslim faith. look, nobody wants anybody who is radical, who wants to move in
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here to be able to gain access. i said we should take a pause on these syrian migrants. i believe we should do that. but frankly to try to create some sort of a religious standard in terms of who can come to america, we're a melting pot. as long as people have positive and good intent they ought to be able to come. >> dickerson: governor john kasich, thanks for being with us, we look forward to seeing you down the road. >> all right, john, thank you. dickerson: we'll be right back. re am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. hey, jesse. who are you?
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>> dickerson: we turn now to very familiar face for our viewers in greenville, south carolina, this morning, i just want to say, bob, it wouldn't be presidential campaign without you. very happy to have you. >> thank you very much. >> how do you like that job? dickerson: i like it all right. i had a great predecessor. >> you're doing a great job. dickerson: what do you make of all this that is going on? >> schieffer: you know, i was listening to donald trump this morning he was mr. nice guy. he was almost humble talking about, no, he doesn't have it wrapped up, running against very good people. i think donald trump is the favorite to get the republican nomination to put it in one sentence. he didn't win here in south carolina by as much as some people thought he would in the beginning. but it was a good solid victory. he goes in to super tuesday in
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nevada in a very strong position. but i also think that marco rubio is right when he said and toll you this morning, look, this is now a three-man race. i think for the first time it is. and i think with the race winnowing down as it is, donald trump may wind up getting the nomination but he's not going to cruise to it, john. he's going to have his work cut out and going to be really good race from here on in, i think. >> dickerson: usually it's a loss that hum bells you maybe in his case it's the opposite. what do you think in donald trump's case actually -- how would you stop it? how can he be -- how can he be stopped? >> well, you heard marco rubio say today that he thinks he's got to start giving some details on how he's going to do all of these things that he's promising to do. in many cases, donald trump is
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really connecting with voters. i went to one of his rallies down here the other night. you have to go, you have to be there in person to get the feel of what's going down. and people, he really connects with people. he speaks in language and in in sentences that they can understand. that people who like it. sometimes you get the feeling they're not even worried about what he says, they just enjoy hearing him say it. i asked one man, who do you really like about donald trump? you know, he speaks his mind. people just don't do that much any more. you may agree with him, disagree with him, you can certainly question some of the things that he puts forth. but the people who really like him, he is connecting with them. and i think that's his great asset. but the great follow up to most of the things he proposes is, how are you going to do that? he hasn't given us many details on that front yet.
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this is a great set up for super tuesday. this is going to really be an exciting night. we may see this winnow down even more. >> dickerson: quickly before i let you go. the democrats, what's your take on that race? >> well, i think hillary clinton her ship may not have been totally righted but no longer taking on water. i think she comes now into south carolina in a very strong position i think she's going to win down here overwhelmingly. if she doesn't her campaign is really in trouble because so much of the vote here is the black vote and she has got to carry the black vote. i think she will. i think she'll win more of these southern states down the line. >> dickerson: bob schieffer, once a reporter always a reporter thanks for being with us we'll be back in a moment with our panel.
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. >> dickerson: we're back with our panel. susan page is the washington bureau chief for "usa today". ron brownstein from the atlantic. reihan salam editor of national review and policy fellow at the national review institute and mark leibovich is the chief
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national correspondent for the "new york times" magazine. i want to start with you susan, donald trump insulted george w. bush, he got booed at two debates got into a fight with the pope was in a fight with ted cruz back and forth and still won south carolina. is this it? >> i think history is on his side. wouldn't want to say that its his -- wouldn't want to say that he's won it but i think the nomination now his to lose can't figure out way which he would manage to lose given the things he has done. he won south carolina by ten points. no republican has ever won both those contests and failed to then get the nomination. two of the three who did that won the white house. >> i would say as i said, republican race can be summarized in two sentences, donald trump has consolidated the blue collar wing of the party and the white collar is fragmented. he won 42% of the republican
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voters without a college education. exactly same number in new hampshire and as much as rubio and cruz combined. less imposing among college it kate republicans. only 25% among them. only low 20s in iowa as well but the problem, cruz and rubio have mirror image problem. cruise's coalition is to narrow, rubio too shallow. got a little bit of everything but he's not dominant anywhere. until one of them shows they can broaden more effectively have to agree trump is in the driver's seat. >> dickerson: reihan, marco rubio said it's going to become about policy. people have been trying for awhile to make that case. do you think there's any chance that rubio is right about that? >> my concern for rubio is that, if you're looking at those trump voters, lot think of themselves as moderate. and yet rubio has been relying on the psyche that the quote, unquote, establishment lane is clear he's going to automatically win the voters
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over. that hasn't happened. on the other hand you have ted cruz very different problem. ron mentioned cruise's evangelical voters. truth is when you look at south carolina there's interesting split. when you're looking at evangelical voters who go to church once a week, cruise does very well with those voters. of course they're not that many of those voters in southeast compared to texas, oklahoma, the great plain states. where as if you look at people who identify as evangelical christians but who are unchurched those are the folks who are going to trump. that. >> at one of the evangelicals, if you look with evangelicals by education as well. donald trump won 44% of the evangelical in south carolina without a college degree. he crushed cruise among them. on the other side, rubio narrowly beat cruise with a college degree. getting squeezed from both sides. if donald trump can hold that 44%, anything like it among blue
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collar evangelicals who are big in the southern states that cruise will be over run pretty quickly. >> dickerson: let's talk about the cruise wall, his argument he's going to do railroad well in super tuesday states. he's now been in protracted back and forth with donald trump for a month. he knows how to debate. he has currency with those voters and it hasn't worked so far. >> the reason it hasn't worked frankly numbers. the words coalescing, consolidating they have been very popular this morning. the fact is, donald trump has his own consolidated base at this point. across many demographics, crosses evangelicals, young voters, older voters. rubio thinks the establishment wilco less around me, cruise seems to think -- cruz will think they will flock to him. until there are just two people, there's not going to be clear shot at donald trump. >> by that time, you're in the big states that have winner take all primaries which means donald
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trump with 35% of the vote could amass enough convention delegates to assure his nomination. >> the other thing that will change, promising cbs intern bob schieffer, there was sort of graciousness which everyone this morning, maybe just a rest period. but i do think that to take, donald trump. marco rubio or ted cruz have to open this thing up. have to go after him. >> i also think the policy specific piece, the problem that trump whole point i'm just going to make america great again, spes i have, leave it at that. he doesn't appear to have them. looking at marco rubio there is one area where he has very detailed policies and specifics on immigration he's moved sharply away from from that. for months it's been very clear the number of republicans who want to increase immigration level is 4% of self identified republicans. you have all of these republican
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candidates. rubio needed to do better job of getting specific about exactly how and why his position changed he failed to do that. >> on the as a matter of fact where trump has articulated his position, that's where the support is rooted. clearly likely the business, the exit poll 44% of the voters in south carolina are minority supporting all undocumented immigrants trump had almost half of them. supported the within on muslim. he has established as you said -- he has constituency that cuts across many traditional demographic boundaries but still rooted in one slice for first time the blue collar wing of the republican party is driving a candidate toward the nomination. white collar rain was essential for mccain and romney. we're seeing internal power shift in the party. >> dickerson: set the table for us the next big super tuesday fight. what does that look like.
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we've been focusing on little tiny states now it gets opened up. >> a dozen states including texas might be state to watch in the polling that we've seen, we've seen cruz ahead of trump. what if trump beats cruz in texas how does it look. two weeks later ohio test to see if john kasich stays in the race until ohio. at the moment trump is winning ohio. when you look at the super tuesday, you have bunch across the south. got couple in other places. but it's really a contest to go to the base of the republican party which is a southern base, we'll see who can carry that. >> dickerson: mark, usually people like to get mind a winner in politics in washington we see them running and grab ahold. donald trump doesn't have any endorsements, senate or congress do you expect any that have to come? >> no. i don't. i think if it does, i don't think it will help or hurt. i expect marco rubio is surrounding himself with so many endorsements trying to roll them out periodically in the next few
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days. i don't think it matters. i think traditionally it doesn't matter. one of the reasons donald trump has been stand alone phenomenon that populism, still very populist problem is celebrity. and donald trump is a celebrity. >> ted cruz, future is now. the states that are coming up are the heavily evangelical, heavily blue collar not only in the south but midwest. you cannot drive donald trump off of his stature given blue collar evangelicals he's won in new hampshire and south carolina then looking at places like alabama, arkansas, oklahoma, tennessee, also missouri, ohio, michigan, illinois to some extent where if trump can hold those voters, just isn't enough for cruz. cruz is so weak, among voters who are not evangelical. >> cruz has a lot of money. i'm assuming rubio staying in the race that is good for donald trump.
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>> rubio could make a blue collar pitch. if he actually said, look, this guy is a plutocrat charlatan i have real 'went da. that's something that he he always keyed up. he never talks about it unless moderator actually bring up, here is your tax plan. whether or not that works that's the kind of message that could theoretically resonate. >> rubio, the opening is there if donald trump faces more resistance on the white party side. rubio now won college graduates in two of the first three races by tiny margins not enough to make it different. there's a door open for him that he simply does not want to walk through and instead pitching himself more trying to canal buys conservative support of cruz and trump rather than veering more toward the lane. that elected john mccain and mitt romney.
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>> dickerson: mark, wouldn't marco rubio have to go right at donald trump? isn't that the run? >> it has been to this point. that's his only option. he does seem to, i mean, i think seems to be going forward just waits for things to coalesce around him. the endorsement. the establishment, which to his point shown not to exist over and over again. yes, i don't think that's his inclination. >> dickerson: we got to go to the democrats. give me your take on hillary clinton do herself good in nevada or -- where do you think? >> definitely she lost in nevada state we expect though win in 2008 definite and clear victory unwhether like the very narrow one. unlike republicans, the democrats require proportional representation. i assume bernie sanders stays in this race, continues to get convention delegates, goes to the convention even if she has got it wrapped up, nomination
5:23 pm
wrapped up, presses his cause which i think was his original agenda. >> dickerson: the message? >> good news nor bernie sanders in nevada that his generational advantage that we saw among white young people in iowa and new hampshire extended to minority young people in nevada. that goes well for him. he lost older minority voters, even more than he lost older white voters. under reported fact, he's having trouble with democrats. only won 40% of self identified democrats roughly in nevada. same in iowa. as john mccain found, hard to win a party's nomination if you can't get people to vote for you insufficient numbers. yes, he is serious challenger not just one track candidate, not just young people, he's running well with blue collar whites. he can fully expand, especially into african americans, go to be hard to get over the top. >> dickerson: sanders can stay in for long time stick with his message doesn't that become, though, that he's constantly there, which is you can't bring
5:24 pm
in young voters they were part of the obama coalition. that would be quite damaging to hillary. >> first of all i want to praise explicit on demographics we all. i can say, that's a bruise that doesn't need poking, proven to be there over and over again. it's a problem for her, it was problem for her six months ago problem a year from now -- not a greer now, close to a year from now. he is a constant reminder in some ways remains ideal opponent for her because he moves her left, also he's probably not going to win. >> only antidote hillary clinton may be donald trump. >> but the negative response -- we had new poll out this week that said, what is your dominant reracks action to these people's. to hillary clinton's nomination was, scary. and that was also the domination -- dominant reaction
5:25 pm
to donald trump's nomination was scary. so, just imagine general election. >> it's worth noting that if you look how liberal these democratic primary electorates today even four years ago, it's reflex of sha ripping of the democratic coalition where as trump for better or worse, appears to be egg growing the republican coalition. it's complicated. but that is one pattern that is striking between the two. >> dickerson: we'll have to end it there. nothing scary about you all. thank our panel. we'll be right back. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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>> dickerson: yesterday washington paused to reflect on the life and work of supreme court justice antonin scalia. some 3,000 people attended his funeral including vice president biden. ten of the 11 living supreme court justices. among the mourners scalia's wife
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of 55 years, maureen and their nine children and dozen grandchildren. his son, paul, a catholic priest led the services. justice scalia was 79 years old. until next week for "face the nation," i'm john dickerson. captioning sponsored by cbs
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breaking news tonight, a deadly shooting at a mcdonald's in san francisco and it happens right across the street from a police station. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon on golden gate avenue and fillmore street. that's in the western edition. kpix joe vazquez is there right now. >> this is the fillmore mcdonald's and right behind me you can see the car that was shot up, that white car right there. you can see three bullet holes in the passenger side window. just underneath them right on the door, two more bullet holes. police say the shots rang out just before 3:00 this afternoon. police say a driver and a passenger were in that white


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