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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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francisco mcdonalds. the shs t outside his now at 6:30, a man gunned down inside a car in a san francisco mcdonald's. the shots coming from right outside his window. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. it happened right in front of the fast food restaurant. kpix 5's joe vazquez is there. what have you learned, joe?
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>> a lot of people heard the shots when they rang out a few hours ago, including some police officers who ran right across the street to respond to the scene. >> reporter: gunfire rang out just before 3:00 this afternoon. the mcdonald's parking lot just across the street from the northern district police station. tj said he heard the shots. >> i heard pow, pow, pow, and i got out the way. >> reporter: police say a driver and a passenger were in this white car in line at the drive-thru. there were cars in front of it and behind it. suddenly police say a man came up and fired at close range at the passenger side door. >> both the driver and the passenger got out of the vehicle and the driver was unharmed but the passenger was transported to the hospital. >> kind of bold to do this right across the street from the police department. >> yes, it is, in the middle of the afternoon. and there was a lot of pedestrian traffic and motor vehicle traffic. so it was very brazen.
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>> at this point the motive is unknown. police are not sure if this was a random shooting or the victim was targeted. the gunman got away. witnesses say he ran down this street, golden gate, and may have gotten in a car. that part is still not clear. but police are looking for him. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. the search for a missing san jose woman is over tonight. hayward police say they found the body of 22-year-old stacey aguilar around noon yesterday. investigators aren't saying where they made that discovery but they believe she was murdered. aguilar was last seen more than a week ago at a party on silva avenue in hayward. police plan to release more information about the homicide investigation tomorrow. one person is dead tonight after a car crashed in to a building in vallejo. the crash happening at about 3:15 this afternoon on sacramento street. a passenger died at the scene. the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word yet on the cause. now to campaign 2016, no
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time for resting after hillary clinton's win in the nevada caucuses. she's admitting she has work to do to sway independent voters and convince people that they can trust her. today she brought her campaign to the bay area for one reason, money. kpix 5's maria medina is at one of the fundraisers in atherton. >> clinton just left a short while ago. she was about an hour late to her event. tickets ranged from $500 to $27,000 and people who attended said it was well worth it. >> i think she's such a powerhouse and so smart. >> reporter: debbie sue is one of many that lined up outside this atherton home today for hillary clinton's visit. >> i couldn't be happier to rally behind her to be our leader. >> the democratic presidential candidate is in the bay area for several fundraisers. first stop, the home owned by
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ceo of san francisco-based joyous. >> there are a lot of issues i think she really stands behind as a woman. >> reporter: dozens of cars line the suburban neighborhood behind a heavy police presence. she says this street is no stranger to political events. >> we seem to have quite a number of events here in atherton. bill clinton was doing a fundraiser when he was still president. >> reporter: a small group of protesters stood feet away from the line. >> i think she's not necessarily a trustworthy candidate. >> they've been beating up on hillary for a long, long time and she can handle it. she is handling it. she's going to come through. >> clinton also made a stop in piedmont. the candidates now get ready for super tuesday. as for senator bernie sanders, he's busy campaigning in south carolina. that state holds its democratic primary next saturday. sanders had some star power with
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him during a rally today. actor danny glover came on stage to introduce him. polls show clinton though with a big lead heading in to south carolina. republicans are focusing on nevada with its caucuses coming up on tuesday. donald trump is looking to build on his momentum after his win in south carolina. now it's shaping up as a three-man race between trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. rubio is focus ing on the democrats. trump says he knows -- cruz says he knows he has a long way. >> dealing with talented people, smart people. good people. i think they'll be competing. >> it's becoming clearer and clearer that we're the one campaign that can beat donald trump. indeed we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump. >> rubio picked up another endorsement today. senator dean heller is backing
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him. apple has until friday to file an appeal to a federal order to hack in to the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. today we're learning the legal showdown might have been avoided if common software to unlock the device had been installed. it would have allowed them to remotely unlock the phone. problem is the software was never installed. apple has refused to hack in to the phone, citing privacy concerns. a billboard in walnut creek is spiking controversy. >> reporter: even on a sunday, interstate 680 through walnut creek gets a good deal of traffic. that's why businesses advertise on billboards here but there's one sign that's designed to sell something very different. >> i hope it accomplishes awareness and a debate. >> reporter: the message is actually very simple.
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it points out the amount this country gives to israel each day for military spending and support. allison weir is executive director of the internet-based group that paid for the billboard. >> we feel american citizens should be aware of this fact, that this is a really large proportion of our money overall. it's far more than we've given to other countries around the world. >> reporter: dan la porte, the president of a walnut creek synagogue, says while the words may seem merely factual, there's a clear agenda behind them. >> i think the real message is we shouldn't be sending that money to israel and instead we should be using that money for other things. >> reporter: la porte says weir's website is openly and anti-israel and weir doesn't deny that but says the message on the board is indisputable. >> do you think you're being provocative with this? >> we're just telling people how much of our money goes to a country. >> i don't think it's an attack.
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what i do think is when it's presented in one sided fashion, it really ends up being a little bit unfaur. >> reporter: but soon the other side will have its say. today is the last day of the billboard's run and it will be replaced by one with a pro-israel group. the billboard debate will continue. but how many minds are changed is anybody's guess. john ramos, kpix 5. >> the billboard's creator says her group pays for signs around the country. it put this one up at the request of some walnut creek residents. new details about the man who went on a deadly shooting rampage in michigan last night. what investigators are learning about his job. right place, right time. bay area rescuers save someone who fell in to freezing water.
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shopping center. anthony tafolla was arrestea a man is under arrest for a deadly stabbing near a san jose shopping center. anthony tafolla was arrested and held without bail. it's not clear what led to the stabbing. a mountain lion that was roaming in a san jose neighborhood is back in its
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natural habitat tonight. they had to tranquilize the animal. it was first spotted in the backyard of a home and later captured north of highway 1. a deer carcass was found nearby. the mountain lion was later released back in to the wild. officials say the young female may have been attracted to the urban area because of the large numbers of deer in the neighborhood. still ahead, wild weather in the south pacific. the damage done by a powerful cyclone. >> the pacific is living up to his name, or her name. we're looking toward the city from oakland. we're getting signals that rain is returning. we'll have the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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d injuring t new information in the mass shooting in michigan. we now know the man suspected of killing six people and injuring others is an uber driver. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: police say jason dalton seemed to choose his victims at random, opening fire outside an apartment complex, a car dealership, and a restaurant during a rampage that lasted nearly seven hours. >> when a random individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you stop that. >> reporter: after a massive manhunt, dalton was arrested without incident early sunday in downtown kalamazoo after leaving a bar parking lot. a semiautomatic weapon in his car. >> he didn't struggle. there wasn't a fight that he seemed unaffected by what was going on. >> reporter: dalton is 45 years old and had no criminal record, a married father of two who neighbors say didn't show any signs of violence. >> never a concern that anything like this would happen. from just living here for the
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last three years, i've never seen any distress go on like there was any problems wrong over here. nothing. >> reporter: dalton worked for a time as an insurance adjuster doing auto body estimates and once taught a class on auto body repair. most recently he worked as a driver for uber. police are investigating a facebook post that indicated he picked up at least one fare during the spree. uber sent out a statement saying dalton passed their background check and, quote, we're horrified and heart broken. we've reached out to the police to help with their investigation in any way we can. >> the loss that the community has suffered, the loss the community will continue to suffer, you can't begin to put that in to words. >> police say dalton's wife has been cooperative in their investigation. he is set to be arraigned on murder charges on monday. in the news room, anne makovec, kpix 5.
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curfew has been lifted in fiji after a powerful cyclone hit the island. the monster storm brought destructive rains and winds. hundreds of homes destroyed. many parts of the island are without power. the government has declared a national state of emergency for the next 30 days. all schools will be closed for at least a week as people clean up what's left of their homes. a drill turned in to the real thing today for a marin county search and rescue team. the sheriff's office tweeted out this photo saying its team had to rescue a 10-year-old girl. it was in the sierra for training at the time. the girl had fallen in to freezing cold water when a snow bridge collapsed in the boreal castle peak area. the rescue took place in the back country. back in the bay area, beautiful sunday night underway for us with a mild day today and warm week ahead. there's a hint of rain coming up. we'll show you that. first we'll show you this stunning view from the
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embarcadero looking toward the bay bridge and the numbers right now, 59 degrees in concord. 55 in san francisco. it is 56 degrees and it looks as if it's going to be a warm week ahead. also rising just behind my little picture of the temperatures there is what looks like a full moon but the moon in fact is full tomorrow night. but we're getting close. out the door tomorrow morning, the numbers will be plenty warm by the afternoon. we'll get off to a chilly start. mid 40s. tomorrow morning we'll be in to the mid 40s but then low 70s by the afternoon with plenty of sunshine around the bay area. here's why. high pressure that is parked over the west coast is just taking that low pressure and sending it over western canada so it's not getting anywhere near us. we've got a few high clouds floating over the bay area. in the futurecast, tomorrow the high pressure builds in even more strongly. the numbers come up. we don't get a hint of rain until maybe saturday. then things change a little bit but in the futurecast there's nothing coming in at all.
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sky is transparent tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. numbers might even eke up a degree or two. clear and chilly tonight. sunny and warm all week long. and then a hint of rain coming in by saturday. that's a we shall see kind of thing. travel weather forecast heading out of the bay area. dense fog in the southern half of the san joaquin valley by tomorrow night and sacramento tops out, low 70s. overnight lows in the bay area, we'll manage only low 40s in the cooler spots. 42 in santa rosa. same for livermore. fairfield tomorrow, 42 degrees. sun up at 6:52 a.m. tomorrow morning. it should be a sunny start to your monday morning. temperature highs tomorrow about 10 degrees warmer than it usually is for this time of the year. 71 for concord. lots of sun and temperatures in the low to mid 70s. beach, nice beach day in the east bay. we'll be looking at numbers in
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the low 70s for the most part. 69 for fairfield and 67 at brentwood. north bay, nice. 73 for santa rosa. bodega bay, 66. mill valley, 74 degrees. novato, 72. and by ukiah, sunshine and 74 degrees. same for cloverdale. extended forecast, sunnyside up. warmest day should be thursday with readings mid 70s. upper 60s along the beach. then saturday things may change enough so we at least admit a chance of rain in to the bay area before clearing it out on sunday. even if it comes in at this point it's not looking like much. that is not terrific news. the theme is summer so we should continue that, shouldn't we? here's vern glenn. i don't get to say it very often. breaking news. breaking news. the warriors have added a player. the ink is still drying on the contract. we have that. we have a weight problem with a
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ballplayer. and a huge major event. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bowl... wwe's john cena far right, a he it happens once a year. stock car racing's super bowl. john cena far right, a blow by in the introductions. dale earnhardt, jr. with 30 laps
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less. this earnhardt fan in the stands didn't take that very well at all. oh, shoot. to the finish. denny hamlin on the left. martin truex, jr. going for it. >> unbelievable. i think it was denny hamlin. >> hamlin inches truex by less than 4 inches. closest finish ever in the history of daytona. a win for joe gibbs racing since 1993. >> this is a proud moment for everyone at toyota. i don't know where that came from. i don't know what happened. i can't even figure out what i did. it all just came together. >> i did all i thought i could do. i had to leave. feel like at the start of the daytona it could have been 20
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feet from the line. congrats to denny. got me by a couple feet. this just in. reportedly the warriors have reached an agreement to add center anderson varejao. this adds depth. insight from yahoo sports' own mark spears with me tonight on game day at 11:30. baseball. the giants. skipper bruce bochy admits he's in form. >> with affelt gone how do you feel going to camp? >> a lot better. no. >> no jeremy affelt. he retired. look at 47. that's johnny cueto warming up his arm. buster posey in a catcher's drill. position players not with the team yet. bochy did give a sense of what we don't see inside. >> kind of our clubhouse.
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if you walk in there now, sometimes you think guys are about to get in a fight or getting on each other. they're all different but they don't let their differences cause any distractions. they make it work for them. pablo sandoval in florida signing autographs. red sox nation is concerned. as it was with the giants. this seems to be a weight issue with the 3rd baseman. insert picture here. this created a feeding frenzy with the new england press. >> do you feel like you have a lot to prove? >> i don't got nothing to prove. >> do you feel good now? >> i feel great. >> how much weight did you lose? >> i don't weigh in at all. i just do my work. try to do everything i can. blimp shot, riviera country club. northern trust final round.
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here's moore. let's follow his shot. finished 10th with a 2 under total. rory mcilroy came in to the day two shots off the lead. that's the best i can say about him. shot a 4 over 75. finished 20th. at 18, adam scott. got to go. bernie, three-way tie for the lead. but it didn't last long because bubba watson was booming from the 17th fairway. a 250-yard blast, set him up for eagle. he did birdie this hole. took the outright lead and won it for the second time in three years. college basketball, san diego state at san jose state. a mountain west showcase. here's spartans rogers making noise. a game tying second half jam. the aztecs responded emphatically.
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malik pope. a 30-6 run was the story. san diego state won this game 78-56 as they clinched a share of the mountain west title. but the top story, warriors adding some depth at center. he could be the with team in atlanta by tomorrow. >> you'll talk about this on game day. >> with randy spears, he knows all things nba. we'll get insights from him. >> thanks for watching. 60 minutes is coming up next. >> with your latest news and weather always on we're going to leave you with the almost full moon. ,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> bill whitaker: the mexican marines have been trying for months to capture el chapo when an intelligence brief led them to the world's most dangerous drug lord's final party. >> for an incredibly savvy clever almost a criminal genius, that el chapo guzman was, he ultimately was done in by very simple tastes. >> whitaker: what do you mean? >> tacos, tequila and chicas. >> listen, a lot has happened. i am in the custody of these people. >> leslie stahl: when warren weinstein was kidnapped in pakistan, the ordeal his wife elaine went through over the next several years revealed the level of


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