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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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february 23rd. i'm frank mallicoat. it never gets old michelle. it's pretty. it's a nice tuesday morning. good morning. welcome aboard. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a three-alarm fire tied up crews in oakland. this is video from the scene just a few hours ago and you can see several buildings completely on fire. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is live near the scene with more and jackie, what are you learning? >> well, right now we are at 52nd and east 10th street where, as you can see, flames are out behind me but crews are
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still here trying to put out hot spots. by the time crews got here around 2 a.m., the buddhist was in flames. by 2:-- the buddhist temple was in flames and by 2:30 it was a three-alarm fire. the fire started in the temple and quickly moved to the back of the building and flames got on the house to the right of the temple. at one point crews were battling three structure fires at once. fire also spread to five cars and three sheds so i spoke to battalion chief lisa baker earlier. she explained why the fire got so big. it's because this temple is made out of completely wood. so that is why the flames were able to just tear through this building, jump on nearby homes and as a result, it displaced 11 people. so just before 3:30 this morning, everything was under control. 11 people are without a home this morning. the cause is still to be determined.
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i have spoken to a few of the fire crews here. it shouldn't take long. we spoke to a monk who said he thinks a candle was left burning overnight. but officially it's just too soon to tell. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. danville police investigating the death of two people as a murder-suicide. officers were called to a home on cross bridge place yesterday evening by a neighbor reporting fumes coming from a closed garage door. a man was found in the garage, a woman was found dead in the house of a gunshot wound. the man died later at a medical center. developing this morning a michigan mother is talking about her daughter's fight for life. 14-year-old abigail coble is on a ventilate -- cobb is on a ventilator in critical condition after she was shot during a shooting spree that left 6 people dead in kalamazoo over the week. the gunman has allegedly confessed to it, jason dalton. she and her adopted grandmother
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were at a restaurant when a shooting rang out. her grandmother, barbara hawthorne, died. >> abigail is strong. she did not deserve this. >> six people were killed during the shooting. jason dalton now faces 16 charges include six counts of murder. apple won't budge in its battle with the feds and today people in dozens of cities all across the u.s. are supporting the tech giant on phone security. kiet do joins us live outside apple in palo alto where big demonstrations are expected later today. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. we are a full week into this public debate and every new day brings a brand-new development. later today a group called fight for the future is planning a nationwide protest at apple stores across 20 states and 30 different cities in support of apple's stance against the fbi. one of them will be right here at the palo alto store on university avenue. the theme is don't break my phone. the government now has a fourful ally in their fight
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against apple a group of survivors and victims' family will file a legal brief in support of the government's attempt to force apple to unlock the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. the move has been planned for some time since the justice department actually contacted attorney steven larson about representing the families before all the drama unfolded last week. >> these are people who went through this horrific event, are suffering from it. they have questions. how could this happen, why was i targeted? >> reporter: microsoft cofounder bill gates is weighing in on the events, he is siding with the government and going against the prevailing thought in sillicon valley. gates says the government's request is specific, not general, and he says technology companies have been helping with criminal investigations for years but there should be rules and safeguards. >> whether it has the safeguards in place that the the government not being blind
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and being able to try and stop bad things before they happen it's a good debate to be having. >> reporter: expect protests to take place at 5:30 p.m. today. live in palo alto, kiet do, kpix 5. the weather is gorgeous today. >> don't get me started. >> do you want to talk about apple or the weather? >> i'm not allowed to say it's gorgeous. >> yes, you are. >> when i say that i get a flurry of emails from people saying -- >> fill up her box. >> gorgeous is rain! that's what gorgeous is. everybody has an opinion on their weather. i just have to serve it up to you. so let's get to it. right now we have a thin veil of clouds over the area. i'm loving the 70s,okay? >> oh-oh! >> so we have sfo, mineta international airport. also oakland international
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airport. no reports of any delays. temperatures into the 40s. it is 53, however, in san francisco. as you step out and look towards the secure you will notice a thin veil of high clouds and it's all associated with that disturbance offshore not going to affect your weather at all. temperatures across the bay area today pretty much above average everywhere from the coast to the peninsula east bay numbers into the low and mid- 70s. same to the north all the way up to 7:0in novato. full forecast coming up but first let's say good morning to gianna. >> let's jump to mass transit. bart is recovering from earlier days on the daly city line in the east bay direction. 20-minute delays still. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. "ace" train number one is on time this morning. so if you want to use that instead of getting stuck in the altamont pass that's a good choice. caltrain no delays. vallejo to san francisco ferry though the 6:30 ferry has been canceled. bus bridges are now in place. checking the bay bridge, traffic clear here. no delays oakland into san francisco. in san francisco, though, north 101 just before vermont, we are getting word of a three-car crash with an overturned vehicle involved. more on that coming up.
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thank you, gianna. a number of republican voters in california is on the decline. a new report by the secretary shows republicans are less than 28% of the state electorate down 3% from the start of the 2012 election cycle. what many see as a related trend about 24% of california voters now have no party preference. and ahead of today's republican caucuses in nevada, ted cruz's campaign is getting called out for playing dirty politics. cruz's campaign's spokesman rick tyler accused marco rubio of insulting the bible. [ inaudible ] >> tyler falsely tweeted that rubio said, not many answers in it. the rubio campaign felt that was a dig at the senator's religion. cruz must have agreed because he fired tyler. donald trump issued a tweet his own about cruz and his
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presidential push. he says cruz is the bigest liar in politics. president obama says he has a plan to close guantanomo detention facility in cuba for good. marc sandalow has more on this story and word of today's nevada caucuses. >> reporter: good morning. >> so he may not be the first choice but why are republicans worried about donald trump? >> reporter: think of the way that he won south carolina over the weekend and his probable win in nevada. he insults john mccain for not beeping a war hero, said we shouldn't have gone to war in iraq, says george w. bush lied to get us into war, he fought with the pope, there's more than the love of republicans and conservativism. there's anger at immigrants, anger at muslims, there's anger at washington and the
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republican establishment. republicans in this town are panic! !! if trump is on the front end of the ticket he loses the white house and loses congress for the republicans and republicans get branded with the trump anger for a generation to come. >> i think a lot of people just waiting for that shoe to drop. but he keeps winning primaries and caucuses. ted cruz has had trouble the last few days. >> reporter: you don't make things up on the campaign trail usually. and you don't lie that blatantly. what's remarkable is his press secretary took something that marco rubio said completely out of context and put it out. and cruz fired him. you know, putting things completely out of context on the campaign is not exactly shocking. it's like raining in washington, dc it's about as unusual as that. so clearly cruz is sensitive to the idea that he is branded a liar. donald trump called him the biggest liar in america as you mentioned. this clearly is not a good
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thing for ted cruz. >> it's becoming very contentious. let's talk about president obama's decision to close guantanomo for good. tell us about that. >> reporter: so the issue here is that if you are on american soil, it doesn't matter whether you got here illegally or whether you're a criminal, whether you're a war combatant, you are entitled to all the rights of the constitution. fifth amendment right not to incriminate yourself, the right to speedy trial. if they close guantanomo, they move some people who they think of as terrorists and they have to have full legal rights in the u.s., that's why the u.s. has always kept them off u.s. territory in cuba without any rights. the problem is around the world this is seen as a torture camp and very bad for propaganda purposes. the president said he was going to shut it down in his first year in office. seven years late, we expect about 7:30 your time in the oval office we expect him to present a plan probably to bring about 100 prisoners there into the united states. congress is unlikely to like it at a time when they are branding the united states at
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risk. so whether congress goes along or not, the question to watch for this morning is whether the president believes he can do much of this by executive order. because he is not likely to get cooperation from congress. >> marc sandalow, thank you. it is 5:11. think you pay too much for a parking ticket in the last few years? if so, you can get a refund but you better request it soon. more on that deadline coming up next. >> plus, over 200 additives could be floating around in that glass of wine. and you never know about it. the shocking truth hiding inside the bottle!! >> at 5:11 from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, we have temperatures a good 10 to 15 degrees above average but rain? i'll tell you when there's a good chance of it. >> and we're still dealing with some bart delays plus a new accident in san francisco. details coming up.
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electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ officer phillip white, an 18-year veteran, was reinst earlier this month... after bein san jose mayor sam liccardo questioning the reinstatement of one of his police phillip white. he was terminated for allegedly making violent tweets against "black lives matter" supporters. he wants a review of the reinstatement. there would be double the amount of affordable housing that developers are required to
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include in new housing projects in san francisco. a news conference is planned at noon at city hall in san francisco. in richmond affordable housing advocates will file a proposal for a ballot measure today. details will be released this afternoon but the proposal aims to protect tenants against unjust evictions and unfair rent increases. supporters would need 4200 ballot signatures by june for the measure to be included on the november ballot. if you think you may have overpaid for a parking ticket in san francisco you have a week to get a refund. sfmta says anyone who thinks they paid on a ticket between 1995 and 2012 to file a claim for a refund. agency says there are over 200,000 unclaimed refunds on citations in the city. if you think the city owes you some money, you can file for refund until march 3. it is 5:15 right now. let's check the roads with gianna. >> reporter: good morning. we have a couple of accidents brewing out there.
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first of all, we have reports from chp about a wreck in san francisco. it's along 101 near vermont and it is blocking the right lane so north 101 at vermont. three cars involved one vehicle overturned stuck on the roof injuries reported so this may take some time to clear. westbound 580 at 680 left lane blocked at the center divide. we are seeing some slight delays westbound 80 through there. mass transit recovering from signal issues the daly city line eastbound. "ace" train on time. caltrain no delays. ferries vallejo to san francisco 6:30 ferry canceled bus bridges in place so plan for that. other than that the bay area is looking okay. no delays on the bay bridge. traffic okay out of oakland into san francisco. no metering lights just yet. the rest of our bay area bridges quiet now. here's a look at conditions along the san mateo bridge. you can see most of those cars are westbound our commute
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direction but we are not seeing any major delays from hayward to foster city. golden gate bridge looks good south 101580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza only 14 minutes this morning, no delays options out of marin county into san francisco. 101 in the green no troubles right now as you work your way northbound 101. 87 and 280 also look good. in fact, check your drive times traffic is in the green north 280, 101 to 685 only 11 minutes. here's roberta with the weather. it's beautiful. >> you can say that. also what else can you say? what time is it? >> is it weather watcher time? >> it is! these are people in and around our microclimates with weather stations maybe you do yourself. go online to and let me know what it's like in your own climate in your backyard. 37 in napa, 47 los altos.
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40s and 50s across the bay. 48 degrees that would be michael, yes, in oakland. oh, my favorite caltrans worker in the whole wide world. let's see what michael has to say. good morning, roberta. water is like glass. have a great day. michael would know if the water is like glass because he lives on a boat and i'm starting to know way too much about my weather watchers this morning! [ laughter ] yes. we do have glassy conditions. look at that bay water. not even a ripple. completely lit by the full moon out there. 40s and 50s we are reporting some partly cloudy conditions early this morning from a thin veil of high clouds streaming across the holy spirit. we have pollen count increasing today and each and every day this week near or record warmth. here's the pollen report. medium to high. if you have allergies, who doesn't anymore, blaming on the blooming alder, ash and juniper. clouds in the sky, low pressure over the pacific. it's spewing some of the clouds onshore here. they will move out of the area,
5:19 am
full sunshine today. next storm shoved to the south due to the huge blocking ridge of high pressure. precipitation is going well into the pacific northwest and snow into the whistler area. rain tries to get a little closer on friday so we are putting a slight chance of rain friday night forecast and also sunday night. seven-day forecast is coming up. today 68 sacramento. 70 carmel and monterey bay. 50s in the greater lake tahoe area. it's currently 21 there. there is your official sun-up and sunout and smack in between, today numbers that 75 in oakland that is 15 degrees above where it should be for this 23rd day of the month of february. 75 also in mountain view. winds will be slight offshore north and northeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. warmest day of this workweek will be flirting with 80 on thursday. we'll call it partly cloudy on friday becoming mostly cloudy by friday night with that slight chance of a north bay shower.
5:20 am
and then partly to mostly cloudy and a tad cooler over the weekend out of the 70s on saturday feeling more seasonal over the weekend. >> did you get emails now because you said it was a gorgeous day? >> i haven't had a chance to check yet. i'm scared. >> then don't look! [ laughter ] there's increasing tongue among wine enthusiasts -- talk among wine enthusiasts about what's in the wine. christopher knoll looked into the matter for an article in wired magazine. he said there are more than 200 additives currently allowed in wine. >> none of them except for sulfites are required to be disclosed on the label. >> additives cut done on people, boost the taste and color. a lot of wineries including many in the bay area pride themselves on producing additive-free wine. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, guess what the warriors coach promised steph curry for winning the nba championship? the warriors they blew a 23- point lead last night but that's not the full story. the story is coming up. ,,
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hello, friends. the warriors made their only trip to atlanta last night which is 138 miles to augusta, georgia. home of the masters. [ golf music ] >> today, steph curry will tee
5:24 am
it up with iguodala, jerry west, a tradition like any other. last night steve kerr promised curry a special trip when they won the title. curry was once upon a time a scratch golfer would be playing amen corner today after shots like that. even tiger didn't get dragged -- maybe he did in the 2005 masters. but the warriors went into a deep freeze in the 3rd quarter. a 23-point lead was practically wiped out reminding everybody of the greg norman when he lost a six point lead. warriors pulled it out. curry with a 7-point lead. he will pretend to slip on the green jacket tomorrow without knowing the warriors loss because they won. all fun and games for golden state. >> very important for to us come out the way we did. got stopped which is huge. >> you lose up in portland the beginning of a road trip, watch
5:25 am
it! >> and jim harbaugh is everywhere. i interviewed him a couple of weeks ago. last night in the spotlight at the wwe wrestling match in detroit, harb was not shown the light. my sources say harbaugh is trying to recruit chris jericho to play at michigan. [ laughter ] >> not true. not true. hey, the sharks winners 6-3 last night. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight, friends. >> all right, dennis. play of the day nba we got lakers and the bucs. one mighty impressive alley- oop. monroe and middleton team up to help milwaukee win 109-101. your play of the day. i'm kiet do live at the apple store in palo alto. later today protestors plan on showing up at apple stores nationwide. >> we're at a buddhist temple
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at in the sierra. how they were able to get her a training mission turns into a real-life rescue when a young girl from the bay area sinks in deep snow in the sierra. how they got her out. >> a person of interest in custody after a missing person's case turns deadly. who police believe is responsible. >> good morning, from the weather center where we have temperatures 15 degrees above average. i'll talk rain chances coming up. >> and not one but two traffic alerts this morning. details coming right up.
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good morning, it's tuesday, february 23. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. and we begin this morning with breaking news. a large fire at a buddhist temple in oakland spreads to several nearby structures. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is at the scene and has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: it caught fire around 2 a.m. on 52nd and east 10th street in oakland. flames are out but it was quite a scene. it spread to three alarms by 5:30. it started in the temple and jumped to a house to the right of the temple. at one point fire crews were battling three structures at once. the fire also spread to five cars and three sheds. i spoke to oakland's battalion chief lisa baker and she explains why the fire got so big. >> it was just the temple is all wood so that made it -- kind of went up, spread quickly. other than that the
5:31 am
firefighters made a strong aggressive attack. >> reporter: just before 3:30 is when this was deemed under control. three people were sent hot hospital with minor injuries. four monks and 7 civilians have been displaced. 11 people displaced over a the red cross is on scene to help those who need it. right now we're still waiting to hear a cause. we spoke to a monk earlier who says he believes that a candle was left on somewhere in the temple but that's not official yet. there's an arson investigator here on the scene just to be sure they get any cause. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. hayward police have a person of interest in custody they believe is connected to the death of a young san jose woman. 22-year-old stacey aguilar was found dead saturday in a rural part of fremont one week after she went missing from a hayward party. days before that discovery, police questioned her boyfriend for domestic violence against her. now hayward officers say they
5:32 am
have a person of interest in custody. >> the people in this community can sleep at night, not being worried there's a murderer out on the loose. we're very confident moving forward that this person of interest, um, is the right person. >> hayward police have not said if aguilar's boyfriend say suspect in her death. fremont police trying to figure out how human remained got into marshlands. a fisherman found a body last night near the dumbarton pier. it's unclear how long the body was in the water. apple is standing its ground on phone security. today people in dozens of cities across the u.s. are supporting the company in its battle with the feds. kpix 5's kiet do is live at a palo alto apple store where a big demonstration is expected later today. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. another day, another chapter in the drama of apple versus the u.s. government. starting tonight at the apple stores across the country we're talking apple stores in 20 different states, 30 different
5:33 am
cities, there will be a nationwide protest planned by a group called fight for the future. now, this is in support of apple's stance against the fbi. one of them will be right here at the palo alto store. now, the government also has a powerful new ally in their fight against apple. a group of survivors and victim family members will be filing a brief in support of the government's attempt to force apple to unlock the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. this move has been planned for some time since the justice department contacted an attorney to represent the family before the drama started. he downplayed the claims that creating a back door would threaten their freedom and privacy. >> because we're talking about one phone. and we're talking about a phone that law enforcement believes has information relevant to a very important criminal investigation. >> reporter: also, weighing in microsoft cofounder bill gates. gates is siding with the government and going against
5:34 am
the tide in sillicon valley. gates says the government's request is specific, not general, and he says technology companies have been helping the government for years with investigations. but there should be rules and safeguards. >> you know, i'm hopeful that -- that government safeguards, um, and it varies country to country, will be enough that people feel like, um, this can work. and so we have -- have a great public debate about that. >> reporter: back out here live at the palo alto apple store, tonight's theme for the protest is, don't break my phone. expect the protestors to start showing up at 5:30 p.m. live in palo alto, kiet do, kpix 5. a snowshoeing trip turns into a rescue for a northern california family. the white family hiking and snowshoeing near boreal ridge over the weekend. their 10-year-old daughter suddenly began sinking into a snow bridge before her parents could pull her out and she dropped some 8 feet under the surface. >> when we looked into the hole, all we could see was her
5:35 am
head. >> i think it was scary that i was down there because it was dark and i could barely hear what anybody was saying. >> her dad jumped into action and started looking for some help. >> one of them asked is anything okay? i said no my daughter is trapped in this hole. and he asked, can we help? i said, who are you? he said, we're marin county search-and-rescue. i said absolutely, you can help. >> and yes, they did. the marin county team was in training and didn't have all the gear they needed but they were forced to improvise using ropes to pull her up. right place right time. >> no kidding. >> you know what, when i lived in chicago used to be nuts because the river would ice over, right, the chicago river and until they come through with a cutter boat. people would walk across the ice. i never had the nerve to do that but we were always seeing
5:36 am
rescues of people falling n okay. that's another thing. no ice around here at all! we have nothing but clear skies, a few thin high clouds over the area lots of sunshine today. and our numbers are averaging up to 15 degrees above where they should be for this time of the year. bay bridge under a veil of clouds. temperature-wise, we are banking between 42 in santa rosa to 52 in san francisco. there's the clouds. that area of low pressure is hanging parallel to the state of california taking it the precipitation to the north of us leaving us with mostly sunny skies. look at san francisco. 10 degrees above where we should be for this february 23rd. 70s around the peninsula. mid site of in morgan hill back through campbell all the way into the milpitas area, as well. low to mid-70s east of the bay. the winds north 5 to 15 miles per hour so more of a kick in the wind late day. 68 in bodega bay otherwise full 70s from clearlake into windsor. we'll talk about rain chances, that's coming up at 48 minutes
5:37 am
after the hour. gianna. >> we have couple of serious cents happening now. first off trouble spots two sig alerts, one-on-one one in san francisco, another 830 in fairfield. 680 left lane is blocked until further notice for an accident involving an overturned vehicle. that vehicle may have sideswiped a big rig. a lot of activity on scene. injuries reported and we are seeing speeds up to 12 miles per hour as you work your way westbound 80 approaching the scene of the accident. our second traffic alert is north 101 at vermont also involving an overturn vehicle. six vehicles in fact involved in this wreck. they have the two right lanes shut down until further notice. nine miles per hour in some spots as you work your way through there. looks like the backup is building. expect delays as you approach the scene. we'll take a look at the bay bridge coming up. michelle. reports of a sexual assault at a uc-berkeley frat house. it's one of four attacks near the campus in just a week and a half. the recent assaults allegedly happened early saturday
5:38 am
morning. berkeley police believe this man committed at least three of the recent assaults. but nothing shows he was involved in the incident on saturday. police think the suspect on video has been aggressively grabbing young asian women as they walk alone near campus. once again police still are not sure if the string of assaults are all connected. bay area police department making some massive changes after protestors insisted officers use deadly force too often. >> this is a time to rebuild and build and go forward. it is a time that we recognize that we must heal the wounds. >> san francisco's mayor and police chief announced significant changes to the san francisco pd's use of force on monday following months of protests over the deadly officer-involved shooting of mario woods. some reforms that are in the works, standing back unless a gun is revealed. using shields and batons. arm s.w.a.t. officers with tasers. and doubling the supply of less harmful beanbags. the police chief says saving
5:39 am
lives comes down to timing and distance. the vast majority of shootings that have happened in san francisco by a recent study shows they happened inside of five minutes and inside of 15 yards. so if we can create time, five minutes, and distance, 15-yard, we can avoid almost all the officer-involved shootings. >> one critical change, any incident where an officer does pull out a gun, it will be documented as a use of force. a heated meeting in san mateo over affordable housing and a 97-year-old woman being evicted. a big crowd turned out last night at the city council meeting. 97-year-old marie hatch has lived in her san mateo cottage for more than 60 years. and she says her original landlord promised her that she could stay until she died. but the new landlord who just took over wants her out. >> i don't know where i'm going to go, what i'm going to do. i really don't.
5:40 am
>> the landlord's attorney said his client had no knowledge of the lifetime agreement and he is trying to help her move into an elderly facility or move in with family members. hatch pays $900 a month for her cottage. on to business now stocks started out on a winning note and american drivers setting a new record on the road. >> jill wagner of joins us now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. oil prices continue to climb so that's been sending stocks higher. yesterday the dow was up 220 points. the nasdaq finished 66 points higher. fitbit shares need to shape up. they plunged 15% in after-hours trading. fitbit had a huge holiday season selling more than 8 million activity trackers but investors are concerned that the company won't be able to continue that incredible growth pace as more companies roll out competing activity trackers. google is reportedly shutting down going the compare according to the wall street --
5:41 am
google compare according to "wall street journal." it's going to cost amazon customers more to get free shipping. they will have to spend 49 products up from $35. member of amazon's $99 a year prime loyalty program still get free two-day shipping on order. amazon shipping costs outpaced its revenue. americans are hit had gone the road in record numbers. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: in 2015, americans drove a record 3.1 trillion miles. that is more than the previous record which was set before the financial crisis. of course gas prices have been relatively low. that is the equivalent of about 337 round-trips from the earth to pluto. that's pretty far. [ laughter ] >> a long way away. >> i added 300 miles yesterday. i did my part. >> whoa. >> i was up in tahoe. all right, jill wagner of
5:42 am, on a tuesday, thank you, jill. it is 5:41 right now. oily bird keep showing up on local beaches and now experts say it's because of a shipwreck decade ago. the interesting story coming up next. ,,,,,,
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boy was trappe a teenager on this tour helicopter that crashed off oahu has died. the 16-year-old boy was trapped under water thursday and his seatbelt had to be cut to free him. a tourist from redwood city was among witnesses who jumped in to rescue those on board. two of the teenagers family members remain hospitalized. the pilot was also hurt. a black student at san jose state university says he endured months of racial abuse by his roommates and now they face jail time but not for hate crimes. in 2013, the three white defendants clamped a bike lock around their black roommate's neck. they also put up a confederate
5:45 am
flag in the room and used racial slurs. they were convicted of the misdemeanor battery but the jury deadlocked on hate crimes for two of them and the third was deemed not guilty. >> hate crime cases are hard to prove because you have to prove what's going on in someone's mind when they were hitting a certain act. >> the jury had a lot of issues as to whether this was a hate crime. >> and that jury said since the incidents happened at different times it was hard to prove intent. three former students face up to six months in jail. some bay area birds are showing up on beaches covered in oil and looking very thin and it turns out a shipwreck from the '50s is doing the damage. the birds have rednecked grieve. staff treating them say the birds were exposed to oil in monterey area where a shipwreck of the ss jacob luckenbach in 1953 dumped 457,000 gallons of
5:46 am
fuel. >> about a decade ago they tried to clear out the oil. a portion of it they couldn't get to and apparently that's now leaking. >> the coast guard's clean-up removed most of the oil back in 2012 but el nino storms worsened the effect of the lingering debris and now the ship has been sealed off and is about 17 miles off the coast in 180 feet of water. it's 5:46. >> it's a tough tuesday on the roads. we are going to start with a traffic alert in fairfield. westbound 80 right at greenville, both of these accidents involving overturned vehicles. it's got two left lanes shut down, emergency crews on scene. speeds down to 7 miles an hour. backup was at least to abernathy so slow-and-go as you head through there. give yourself some extra time. use an alternate. north 101 big delays here two right lanes shut down for
5:47 am
traffic alerts here. overturn vehicle plus five other vehicles involved in the accident so we are seeing delays as far back as 280 right now. so that's slow-and-go conditions north 101 heading into san francisco. again, two right lanes completely shut down until further notice. we'll let you know as soon as everything reopens. elsewhere, at the bay bridge, you can see the metering lights are on. so traffic is stacked up this morning. 22 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze. 580 doing okay. bart back on time. we had some earlier problems at daly city and that's moving back up to speed no delays now. "ace" train looking good. central train no problems. vallejo to san francisco the 6:30 ferry has been canceled. no service there. so bus bridges are in place. do plan for that if you typically take that for your commute. checking the altamont pass right now, a couple of cars tangled up. good news not in lanes over to the right shoulder. the bad news though, you're seeing some slow speeds
5:48 am
westbound 580 out of tracy this morning. stays sluggish at least just past that accident. eases up a bit and bogs down over to 680 at the connector at the dublin interchange. starting to see some slight delays on 680 through walnut creek and the sunol grade but the san mateo bridge that's the good news, no delays now hayward into foster city. roberta, my allergies have been kicking in lately >> you know what it's from? >> i don't. >> well, i don't know the name of these particular trees. i'm going to have to look it up. it's those little white blossoms on the trees outside the mall? and that's just horrible for me so i stay away from the mall and save money! gianna you could be suffering from alder, ash or juniper because those are medium to high today and they go up every day because of dry air in place. we have a thin veil of clouds sweepings across the bay bridge at this time but you could probably still see the full moon out there.
5:49 am
numbers are in the 40s and 50s. 44 in concord through clayton into hercules as well as in pinole. so with the high, thin cloud we'll call it mostly sunny today. the pollen count increases and we have near or record warmth each and every day. this is an impressive area of low pressure. parallel to the state of california, tossing some of the clouds into our forecast today. not masking the sun enough to hamper temperatures rising. this area of low pressure is taking all this precipitation well to the north of the bay area but you have another huge blocking dome of high pressure. rain gets closer by friday night so a very slight chance of a couple of sprinkles across the far reaches of the north bay. other than that, dry skies. 70s fresno. 21 degrees in truckee going up to 50. 70 monterey bay. there's your sun-up and sundown. 11 hours and 4 minutes of available daylight. get out and enjoy it. look at the numbers. 15 degrees above average in oakland through alameda into
5:50 am
emeryville and berkeley today. 75 in mountain view. 72 fairfield. low 70s in sunol in the east bay. temperatures each day climb towards thursday when we begin to top out near 80 and then turning partly cloudy over the weekend a slight chance of rain showers by sunday evening. but meanwhile, make it a great tuesday. >> we with, thank you. 5:50 your time. if you are a dog owner you may have to pay attention to where you're walking your dog. the new proposal coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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♪ standing by for fun. ♪ hi, everybody. good morning. i want to walk you through your week ahead tuesday today. 67 to 77 degrees. these numbers are averaging up to 15 degrees above where week be this time of the year. we're hanging on to this weather patten through thursday. showers friday night and sunday night. >> checking the roads right now we have two separate traffic alerts one-on-one one northbound near vermont in san francisco, a second one westbound 80 through famed. details coming up. caltrans has discovered and repaired several areas of the bay bridge tunnel where concrete could crack and come lose. last month a piece of concrete fell on a car causing thousands
5:54 am
of dollars in damage. a dozen more trouble spots have been discovered since then. >> we have got out and we have repaired the problem areas right now of concrete. we need to find out what's causing it. >> among the possible causes being investigated, corrosion from leaking rainwater. police are trying to find a san francisco soccer player accused of punching a referee. it happened sunday during an adult league game at a field on capitol avenue. san francisco police say the ref prehad penalized the player who then argued the call and was ejected from the match. investigators say the player then approached the ref from behind and punched him. the victim is being treated for a broken jaw and a brain injury, considered serious but not life-threatening. >> this is really severe for just a soccer game. if you're a fanatic at a sport, that's one thing. but to assault a referee and take your aggressions out because of a call he made, that's a crime. >> the player ran to his truck and left. police say they have many witnesses and are confident
5:55 am
they will find the suspect soon. 5:54. two strong-arm robberies at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton and now police say the attacks are related. this is a sketch of one of the suspects. police say he and two other men threatened a 17-year-old girl with a weapon saturday night around 8:00. grabbed her purse and took off in a silver suv. the next night a 63-year-old woman was attacked in broad daylight. the suspects took off. the mall increased security since then. a new proposal would severely restrict dogs in the golden gate national recreation area. under the plan, off leash walking would be limited to five areas crissy field, fort funston, ocean beach, fort mason and rodeo beach. and access would be restricted to certain part of the areas. dogs would be completely banned in some other areas that are currently on-leash sites. critics say the proposal would prevent humans and their pets from enjoying nature. the group save our recreation released a statement:
5:56 am
use these areas... the very rean the g-g-n-r- created." the new restri re t to a 60-day public review and nt period. e national park servic decide whether >> the new restrictions are subject to a 60-day public review and comment period. the national park service could decide whether to give final approval by the end of the year. time to play some baseball, too. the giants hit the field for their first full workout today in arizona. we'll go live to scottsdale for a look at what fans can expect at spring training as it gets under way. >> an early-morning fire in oakland displaces 11 people including four monks from a buddhist temple. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. nt other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
5:57 am
are enjoying their first bowl today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
and i'm frank mallicoat br
6:00 am
ire good morning, it's tuesday, february 23. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we're following breaking news right now. a massive fire has left nearly a dozen people homeless this morning in oakland. it started at a temple and spread to nearby structures. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: michelle, we just learned new information from the arson investigator here in oakland. they believe that the fire was probably caused due to hundreds of candles that had been lit and stayed lit overnight. we're here at 52nd and east tenth. you can see behind me that the flames have been out. they have been out for a while now. crews are putting out hot spots. it started at 2:00 and it spread to three alarms by 2:30 andit started in the temple and it was due to candles being used. it spread to the


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