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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. tonight, the coroner has been called out to a grisly mystery in fremont, a woman's dismembered body. >> betty yu near the crime scene with new details on the investigation. >> reporter: liz, investigators have left for the night, but police spent the night looking for these missing body parts ask at this time, we don't yet have confirmation on whether they found any. they're trying to figure o out who this woman was and how she ended up in pieces. tonight we saw the core they are's van arrive on scene.
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an alameda county sheriff's department atv leave it. earlier we saw police cars near the bridge. two nights ago a group of fishermen announced what fremont police say today was a woman's torso. >> that sounds nasty, yeah. >> i'm just in shock. because it's close to home. >> reporter: stephanie works not far from what has now become a crime scene. the torso was found all by itself. the arms, legs, and head of the body haven't been found. police say they were severed from the torso. >> a lot of people, i mean, they walk here alone and bike ride here alone. and then, so, i think that people should be, just, buddium is it. >> reporter: police -- buddy system. >> reporter: police don't know how long the torso has been in the water or in the marshland or drifted from the bay. for the most part, bikers and runners are saying -- >> it's been fine, every now and then, a skunk or goose or
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something. but, um, no bad people. >> reporter: fremont police tonight couldn't confirm whether that coroner's van on scene meant that more body parts were discovered, it remains a very active investigation. live in fremont, betty yu, kpix 5. >> the day before the remains were found, police discovered another body off morrison county road. 22-year-old stacey aguilar, the missing san jose woman had been shot to death. campaign 2016, make it three in a row now for donald trump. veronica de la cruz has the results from nevada. >> reporter: yeah, results are still trickling but no surprise it at the top, trump rolled to an easy win in the caucuses. he gave his victory speech just an hour ago. >> we won the evangelicals, won with young, won with old. [ cheers and applause ] we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated i love
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the poorly educated. >> now the billionaire businessman has launched a double digit victory. the real race for second place is between senators marco rubio and ted cruz. rubio has the edge right now. the candidates will split 30 dell cats proportionately. hellisa cain, political analyst says that trump is for real. >> well, it is official, lest anyone think donald trump is not front runner, he is now. donald trump or any other candidate everyone would be planning the coronation at the convention in july. >> according to a cbs news poll, six out of ten voters say they want on outsider as president, that's more than in south carolina, new hampshire and iowa, and then on the democratic side, south carolina saturday. then one week from tonight, it's super tuesday. nearly 600 delegates up for
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grabs. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. after a michigan driver went off and killed, another uber driver in trouble. >> the suspect seems to be smiling but police say he had a fit of rage in san jose wednesday. he attacked an airplane employee who confronted him about speeding. then police say he picked up a passenger in his mercedes and drove off. officials say the employee is okay. in san jose, ride share drivers don't need to submit fingerprints or undergo background checks. instead, 1% of those drivers are randomly audited. allen martin, kpix 5. >> in a quote, they say we have a zero tolerance policy tore violence of any kind, while driving or riding with the uber platform. our safety team is currently looking in to this incident. a union city man under
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arrest tonight tore krach -- crashing and killing a car salesman during the drive. this is alex demetro, he was behind the wheel behind a corvette when it plowed in to a tree. witnesses say the car was speeding. the victim's friends and coworkers came to the scene in that crash in ontario for a memorial. >> this test drive is something that we do, it's a normal thing, it's like, so when i heard it, i had to come to pay my respects because had it been me, would've been right here on the scene. >> the suspect is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs. for the first time tonight, the public got to dwif their two -- give their two cents about plans to build down a main artery out of san francisco. the 280 extension. mark kelly tells us it would reshape the market neighborhood. >> reporter: right now the rush hour commute on 280 is smooth
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sailing. but critics worry this new project could change that. gentleman the plan is to put 280 on street level, from here all the way in to the city. >> reporter: one concern is traffic will be bumper to bumper here along the embarcadero. >> we're going to look at the option of turning down the the last mile, a mile and a quarter and converting that to a boulevard. much as we've done with octavia boulevard. >> reporter: knocking down 280 would open up more space for development. but jodie says the city's focused on pleasing the wrong group. >> it's for big developers. >> reporter: dozens packed tonight's meeting in patrero hills to talk about what they think of breaking down 280. john says the southeast corner with few transit option to begin with can't afford to lose 280 as well. >> very concerned about a tear down of 280, with these
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[ indiscernible ] the exclusion of the fast part of the city. >> we have to look at san francisco wholistically. >> reporter: the they say the goal is to look at neighborhoods that transportation can be a part of. whether that means keeping 280 standing is still up in the air. >> that's not a foregone conclusion. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. now tonight, the homeless people living in this tent city under 101 in selma have have been told to get their stuff and go. police, chp, and public works started wooping in, the deadline it move is friday. 300 tents line division street, the city has already relocated some people to a new shelter at pier 80. a terrible case of animal cruelty in the north bay right now, a dog and a horse have been killed after eating killer cookies. this happened on a ranch. the owner tells night beat's
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juliette good rich her animals were poisoned. >> reporter: leslie says someone poisoned her dog and horse with a poisonous cookie mixture containing oleander. >> someone put oleander laced cookies, put them in three pile in my horse field to kill all three horses. >> reporter: leslie's horse of 18 years, cowboy and her beloved dog rosy suffered kidney failure and heart failure and had to be put down at the end of the day. >> my horse started choking and hi dog started vomiting. he was 18. and acted like a 5-year-old. >> reporter: heart breaking. >> yes. yeah. they're my kids. >> reporter: oscar consumed a small amount of the cookie mixture and monitored the last foo week -- few weeks. this 9-month-old was in the pasture, she doesn't like to eat sweets so they wasn't in to eating the cookies or the oleander at the time and she's
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going to be okay. >> have someone purposely make that and put it in there to kill them. and a 9-month-old baby, i mean, who does that? >> reporter: oscar will be okay, according to the veterinarian. there are no leads in this case, and authorities are hoping that anyone with information will come forward immediately. in sebastopol, juliette goodrich. jasmeet singh claims he was taken in to a secondary room for a private screening and told to remove his turban, saying he's sikh it wasn't a problem until he asked for a mirror to put it on properly. then he was told there are no mirrors and just walk down the terminal to the nearest bedroom. >> why would you take me in to a private screen room to undress me and tell me in order to redress myself, i've got to walk to a private bathroom?
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>> it's in the central part of the walkway of life, he walked uncovered but upset about the tsa's lack of sensitivity. tsa says they followed standards of protocol. protests around the country to show support for apple in its fight with the fbi. the biggest in the bay area was in san francisco, where we saw an unusual partnership in the world of big tech, andria borba is in the newsroom tonight. we saw black lives matter and privacy advocacy groups backing the the exact same cause. >> that's right, ken, strange bed fellows indeed, more in support of a rally in support of apple and encryption. signs that read stay strong apple engineers and putting a fourth amendment twist -- >> they go to the fbi, we shall not too. >> reporter: the crowds gathered and was doing something that doesn't usually happen in bay area protests, siding with
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big business. over a judge's request that apple unlock the iphone, syed farook the man behind of san bernardino attack. >> every authoritarian government is looking to do what they do and erode the security protocols on its devices. >> reporter: using it from 1789 as a legal basis, they want them to write software that would unlock the four digit pass code on farook's phone. >> this is a matter of life and death for some people, for the encryption to save lives. >> i believe if the court order is granted, it's going to be a serious erosion of privacy. >> reporter: in an interview with the l.a. times, apple's attorney says that would violate the company's first amendment rights. they're seeking a court order to compel apple to write new software to compel speech. inside the mild manners protest, another bay area cause jumped in
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to the fray of the debate, the black lives matter. >> i think constitutional rights matter, i would hope the fbi agreed with that but right now it's looking kind of shaky. >> reporter: now, it was a u.s. magistrate judge in riverside who directed apple to help the fbi. the next step in the case likely a case to u.s. district court judge and likely all the way to the ninth circuit court of appeals here in san francisco. in the newsroom, andria borba, kpix 5. san francisco's start-up zinga is putting its headquarters up for sale. the mobile gaming company famous for farmville bought the building on eighth and townsend for $228 million back four years ago. it reportedly plans to sell the building then lease it back. the party's over at another san francisco start-up. hr software company zenafits. cate cauguiran tells us, the word is going out, no more boozing up or hooking up. >> affecting your hr systems in to a single dashboard
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>> reporter: we've heard the saying, work hard, play hard. but here at the start-up mes are being told -- >> i think that the party's over, the belts are tightening at a lot of these offices. >> reporter: we're learning last june, company execs called them out. no more sex in the stairwells. the wall street journal reported employees were leaving behind used condoms, cigarettes, and cups of beer. >> for a long time, these companies were trying to build an environment where you could sort of work and play at the same time and maybe in some cases, it got out of hand. >> reporter: take a look at these images on social media. we got a look at ceo's headquarters, our culture and tone are inappropriate for a highly regulated company. just last week, sack sent out another e-mail telling employees no more drinking at work. it's not the only start-up, seeing increased pressure, grow
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up or we won't pay up. >> making money, a year or two. >> reporter: allen says free lunches, happy hours and ping pong table will stick around. >> i think a lot of that is the tone that they have to have. >> reporter: in san francisco, kate carrie kau gir -- cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> they say it's time to embrace a new corporate culture. just within the last half hour, the san francisco school district approved distributing condom in public middle schools. all part of the school district's effort to cut down on sexually transmitted diseases. that's right, we said middle school. the vote was unanimous, condoms could be available as early as next month. students will have to see a social worker first and the policy in place for the public high schools since the 90s. will the force be with oakland? the city hopes that it can convince george lucas to consider building his new museum
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there. lucas's original vision was to build in san francisco's presidio. when that fell through, he turned to chicago ks but the project in the windy city also run in to trouble. spokesman says if plans for a museum in chicago do not come to fruition, we'd be thrilled to explore the possibility of this exciting project coming to life in oakland. some have an insurance claim for the ages, this in san francisco. a dump truck carrying gravel tipped over in the outer richmond crushing three cars. luckily, no one was hurt, but what a mess! well, from gravel to dirt. lots of it. tomorrow the parks district plans to start revamping one of the stranger landmarks in the bay area, at berkeley's mclaughlin east shore park, christin ayers shows us. >> reporter: it's been dubbed the dirt hotel, just off highway
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80 in berkeley. contractors have been using this spot to dump dirt from construction projects for at least a decade. now, the mound is more than 50 feet high. a dirt biker's paradise. but it's about to get a $1 million makeover. tomorrow, the park closes and the bulldozers come out. >> we want to clean up the debris, get rid of the nonnative plants, return it to a more natural state with native grasses and plans for a shoreline. >> reporter: the park district plans to make the changes over the next six months using state funds. also moving the dirt, a lot of it. the track terrors -- tractors are already set up here, by the time crews are here the 50 foot rise will be lowered by 15 feet. >> new york city we don't want to see it change. >> reporter: but almost everyone we spoke to told us they'd like to see it remain the same. >> it's not going to be a change, it's going to be beautiful the way it is. >> it's a cool spot. >> maybe plantings but why rip
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up what's already nice? >> reporter: the park district claims it will be nicer, new picnic tables and pathways, cube its of contaminated soil carted way, one clean up of east shore park. in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the portion of that park will continue through summer. the park will reopen at the latest by august. in the san joaquin valley, a rooftop camera captured the exact moment an earthquake struck this afternoon. a 4.9 magnitude quake hit kern county, 27 miles northwest of bakersfield. no word of any damage or injuries. worried about natural disasters, home intruders? we found out the fear is fuelling a new building boom. panic rooms. tonight, juliette goodrich takes us inside. >> i've seen rooms with panelled walls that go in to other rooms, dropped spaces that drop underneath the house.
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i've been in to two full bomb shelters here in san francisco. >> reporter: darryl thought he'd see it all. the veteran real estate agent previewed thousands of homes in and around san francisco. >> the cool thing about this home when i first previewed it is it had a panic room. >> reporter: until now. >> cement up, cement all around. >> reporter: this is his house, he bought it a few years ago and this is his panic room. it's small, a little over 12 feet square encased in concrete with reinforced beams, updated water, electrical and ventilation. >> all the walls here are the same thickness of the door, which is about, probably just under a foot. >> reporter: it's been here since the prohibition era house was built 100 years ago. a boot legger's hideout. now, fears of mass intruder like those in the 2006 jodie foster
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"panic room" are fueling the next boom. mirrors, under staircases, inside floors, videos of do it yourself safe rooms are all over the internet. >> the entire point of our company, the way we do things is that you have a person -- the average person inside the home wouldn't know it's there. >> reporter: no surprise to nick, the california-based builder says his company has seen a 500% jump in business since 9/11. but consumers demanding more sophisticated safe room features. >> the only thing you'll want to do with our standard sliding door which we recommend the most, come in, grab the handle, slide the door closed and make sure it meets up with the locks. the lights will turn green letting you know they engaged and they'll take care of everything else. talk to your cameras, surveillance, alarm systems, the electronics and the house do all that so you don't have to remember to do it yourself. >> reporter: personal safety does come at a price. just a basic door can cost over $10,000. >> we're installing a closet
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here and we're probably going to have a hidden door to the closet to access my mechanical room. >> reporter: back in san francisco, darryl says he will spend the extra money to keep his home and family safe. >> i was a boy scout, be prepared. better to be safe than sorry. and it is nice that you have this kind of environment. >> reporter: in san francisco, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> tell you what, man, i'm going to start panicking if i don't see rain around here. oh, yeah, you know? >> and no room that will fix that. >> not one. no, we need a whole house. here's the deal, we can get rain in march, we can get rain in april but we did not expect to put that much pressure on the final two months of our wet season to get us wack to average, which we are not right now. 85% of normal. look at los angeles. last two very strong el ninos, l.a. had almost double the rainfall, this time about half. where has all the rain gone, is it there? yeah, it's there. far northern california, pretty good news, redding above average, seattle, sitting 153%
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of average. no rain for us today, but gosh, did we have a glorious sunset, this is from fremont earlier this evening. you're sitting in the upper 40s tying you with livermore at 47, san jose 46. mild in san francisco currently. 58 degrees with clear skies. vallejo tomorrow morning, chilly 41. fremont concord, livermore, upper 30s to low 40s. great weather to head to the beach. if you do, watch out for the rip currents, westerly swells will be building, a high surf advisory for the balance of tomorrow. why? no rainfall here, why is it all there? because the storms are approaching, they're hitting this ridge of high pressure and bouncing to the north. around the ridge that has been the problem for the past several weeks, will continue to be the problem for the next couple days until friday, ridge moves, makes it in to northern california, getting a decent amount of rainfall and snow, some of that rain just a little bit may make it to the north bay, carrying a 20% chance of a few showers coming up friday afternoon. clear tonight, chilly, stay
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sunny and warm, afternoons will be wildly comfortable outside the next two days with that minor shower chance but cooler and cloudier weather beginning friday. highs tomorrow in that comfort zone, vallejo 70s, san rafael 70, we stay warm and dry through thursday. friday cooler, cloudier, couple showers. another chance for a couple showers on sunday. but warm back up again next week. so the pressure's on, march needs to come through because we'll go running out of february and just didn't get it this month. >> yeah, march is going to be on our mind. >> always march. >> thanks, paul. the bay area landmark is badly burned, tonight is blamed on a careless stunt gone wrong. and coming up on the "late,,
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a north bay landmark up in flames after a photography stunt goes wrong. >> the shipwreck is a popular
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spt for tourists but tonight drk -- spot for tourists but it appears someone started it on fire while spinning red hot steel wool behind it. this fire was posted on instagram, it sits on national park land, no word yet on if it will be removed. meet the giants new center fielder at spring training and wake up the kids, the dogs, the neighbors, even your grandmothe sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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new dogs out.. giants had their first full squad workout at sfring train -- spring training today which means chris left new dogs out. >> a lot of times you get lost puppies on different fields, not sure where to go. >> that lost puppy not the way to describe new center fielder denard span, forcing pagan to left field, trying to get to know the zwrients center -- giants center fielder, willie mays. >> probably my third or fourth encounter, each getting better, first busting my chops, second called me bernard. i think he's just feeling me out. >> good stuff there.
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the national league west figures to be a three team race between the giants, dodgers, and d-backs. sighing ricky to $206 million in the off season. not only are the d backs getting backer, they're getting smarter. this is collmenter today giving a lesson in physics. he's the class valedictorian in high school, apparently he has office hours. >> anybody who wants to stop by today, the infielders and the catchers have meetings at the same time, so it's mainly pitchers. but from what i've gathered, pitchers are the more intelligent species anyway, it's a lot easier to talk to them some than some of the positions players. former a slugger cespedes, yeah, just throw it. that's his new car, rolled up to mets spring training. it's called a polaris slingshot, a motorcycle hybrid thing with
2:10 am
three wheels, completely customized to the tune of $68,000. >> whoa. finally, clenl hoop -- college hoops, vanderbilt and florida. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] . [ laughter ] >> how about that? blocked shot, turns in to an 80 foot buzzer beater by anderson. commodores won the game. josh henderson is in his sixth year at vanderbilt. >> well, he's in the eighth year plan. >> costs $43,000 a year. probably beyond scholarship, i don't know but, i'm going w,,,,
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