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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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gun store. we're told now all the suspects are in police custody. kpix 5 reporter kiet do has been reporting on this for us and has the latest. >> reporter: this active scene is slowly winding down now. we are seeing a lot of the equipment and officers even the s.w.a.t. teams leaving the scene. no official updated yet since all the officers are getting debriefed now but all suspects are in custody. sometime overnight a group of thieves broke into target masters in milpitas. it is a gun store and a gun range. it closes at midnight and the break-in happened around 2 a.m. the thing is that gun store is literally right next door to the milpitas department headquarters. somehow police were alerted and apparently three of the suspects fled the scene and were arrested a short time later. but at least one suspect remained inside the building and officers surrounded it. officers were in contact with that man and whether or not he surrendered or police went in and got him we don't know. the store manager is here on scene. we asked her if there was a
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burglar alarm. she said yes. we asked her what she thought of the crooks trying to pull off a heist next to the police department and she said that it was stupid. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. coroners were called out to inspects a woman's torso. fishermen found the remains sunday night on the fremont side of the dumbarton bridge. now officers are carrying out a suspicious death investigation there. our crews caught sight of search teams combing the shore yesterday afternoon and the coroner's van arriving last night. locals say the area is a popular workout spot and they say they have never felt scared there before. >> it's been fine. every now and then a skunk or goose but no bad people. >> fremont police are not sure how long the torso has been in the water. just a day before those remains were discovered, police found
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another body in fremont off morrison canyon road 22-year- old stacey aguilar. the missing san jose woman was shot to death. police now have a person of interest in custody. they won't say if it's aguilar's boyfriend. he is arrested on domestic violence charges. presidential candidates vying for the white house are focused on super tuesday following last night's republican caucuses in nevada. donald trump had another landslide victory with 46% of the vote. marco rubio came in second with 24% and cruz came in third at 21%. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: after picking up a third consecutive victory in last night's nevada caucuses donald trump continues his winning streak with an eye on super tuesday states. >> we have had some great numbers coming out of texas. and amazing numbers out of tennessee and georgia. [ applause and cheers ] it's going to be an amazing two months. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ]
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>> we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest. all right? the >> reporter: the win gives trump the majority of the delegates in the state bringing him closer to clinching the gop nomination. >> i think he is well positioned to really sweep across the board. >> reporter: as trump continues to gain momentum the rest of the gop field is battling it out to become his alternative. >> the people in every state that's voted overwhelming majority including last night 55% of the people did not vote for donald trump. it's just divided up among four other people and that's helping him right now. >> reporter: entrance polls show a majority of caucus-goers who favored a candidate with more political experience backed marco rubio over ted cruz. the texas senator addressed supporters shortly after polls closed. >> one week from today will be the most important night of the campaign. >> reporter: they will face trump in their next debate tomorrow night in texas before voters pick their choice for commander-in-chief. danielle nottingham, cbs news, las vegas, nevada. >> super tuesday now less than a week away when voters across
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the country will head to the polls in more than a dozen states. let's check in with gianna now with a look at a busy bay bridge. right? >> yeah. busier than usual, unfortunately. we had this accident at the toll plaza. they cleared it out of lanes quickly. you can see the damage is done. you are just bumper-to-bumper parking lot essentially as you head towards the bay bridge all approaches now starting to slow down. westbound 580 backed up only 24 now. so slow-and-go there. you're going to definitely need an extra 15, 20 minutes through the mess. southbound 880 still a struggle from this accident clearing at whipple. it's over to the right shoulder but very slow-and-go at least from 238 as you work your way southbound into hayward. it's going to slow you down to the san mateo bridge. on the bridge traffic is moving along with no problems. altamont pass westbound 580 we are seeing busy conditions now. things are in full swing as you work your way out of the altamont pass to 680. once you get to the dublin interchange connector you will find slight delays there. south 680 busy out of pleasanton. you will see brake lights through the sunol grade, as
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well. north 101 out of san jose, starting to bog down. busy around 280/680 connector. and also along guadalupe parkway. it's a beautiful day though, i hear, roberta. >> yes. it is. and it's another dry day and long dry spells are typical even during el nino seasons. but , you know, it's done with. we need rain. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. no rain in sight. this is our live weather camera looking towards mount diablo from the transamerica pyramid. you can see a few high, thin crowds. that's about it. look at the temperatures from 39 degrees in livermore to 54 degrees in san francisco. high surf advisory in place today. some big swells and waves and some strong rip currents possible, as well. that's offshore. onshore averaging anywhere between 9 to 15 degrees above where we should be for 24th day of february. 70s common across the beaches today. 73 degrees in sunnyvale. around the santa clara valley
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70s east of the bay. the winds north five to 15 miles per hour topping off at 70 in san rafael back in through terra linda. we have a few raindrops in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up next time around. gang. >> all right, roberta. thank you. former state senator leland yee is set to be sentenced today in connection with a widespread corruption scandal. the san francisco politician agreed to a plea deal. he admitted to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes and discussing to help an undercover fbi agent buy automatic weapons. prosecutors have recommended an eight-year sentence. the defense hopes for no more than five years and three months. also set to be sentenced today, political consultant keith jackson who worked with yee on some campaigns. he pleaded guilty to racketeering. it was jackson who turned yee in. federal investigators looking into san francisco's police department are holding a community meeting today. the department of justice says they want residents' input on ways san francisco police can
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improve relations with the community. the department of justice opened an investigation into the police department after the shooting of mario woods late last year. that meeting will happen tonight at 6:00 at the thurgood marshall high school. civil rights leaders in san jose are filing a court complaint about the rehiring of a san jose police officer who sent threatening texts. officer phil white sent out these tweets in 2012. they read: they can't brea heir live matter i' at the movies ght, off duty ng my gun. end quote. after white tweeted rds, the san jo ice department d him. but, officer white appe ion through a >> after white tweeted those words, the san jose police department fired him. officer white appealed the decision through arbitration and was reinstated two weeks ago. now the local chapter of the naacp is filing paperwork challenging officer white's reinstatement on the grounds that it is contrary to public
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policy. the rally is set to begin at noon and goes to 1:00. a bay area man in police custody after taking a wild test drive that officers say left a car salesman dead. kpix 5's anne makovec is in our newsroom with more on that tragic crash. anne. >> reporter: that driver is from union city. he is now under arrest in southern california. ontario police say 28-year-old alex demetro took out a car on a test drive from a carmax car dealership in ontario. he was high on drugs and crashed it into a tree. this man died in the crash, a carmax employee who came with demetro on that test drive, named warren smale. he was riding national passenger seat of the red corvette when demetro started speeding and lost control. smale's coworkers held a vigil at carmax last night. >> he was amazing and amazing, amazing person. he was like a father to all of us. so we're all here together. so, you know, we're all
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family. >> demetro was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence of drugs. carmax officials sent out a statement saying their hearts and prayers go out to their associates' family. >> anne, where is the investigation? >> reporter: police don't believe alcohol was involved just drugs. and carmax says it is providing investigators with all of the information it has on that suspect. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. 6:09. someone is poisoning animals in the north bay. why it appears the killer knows exactly what they are doing. >> and the six-month project to spruce up a bay area park starts today the over the objections of park visitors. >> and the surf is high, the temperature is high, we're searching for day. i'll tell you which day to expect it. >> it continues to be busy on the nimitz freeway. i'll tell you where and have your drive times coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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new this morning... isn't in pretty? it's our live weather camera from mount vaca. official sun-up at 6:49. we'll pinpoint your microclimate forecast in a few minutes. stanford scientists have discovered a test that could change in vitro fertilization. they can test an embryo's density using a specific instrument. if an egg is too hard or too soft, that indicates it is not good for use for ivf. they believe this new test will help improve the rate of success in artificial insemination. in the north bay somebody baked a batch of deadly cookies and left them where animals would snack on a ranch me to sebastopol. juliette goodrich on the pets
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that died and the owner tried to cope with the loss on a ranch near sebastopol. >> reporter: les which webb says someone poisoned her her animals with a mixture of cookies and ole oleander. >> they tried to kill all three horses. >> reporter: her horse of 18 years, cowboy and her beloved dog rosie suffered kidney failure and heart failure and had to be put down. >> my horse started choking and my dogs started vomiting. >> how old was cowboy? >> he was 18. and acted like a 5-year-old. heartbreaking. yeah. they're my kids. >> reporter: oscar consumed a small amount of the cookie mixture and has been monitored the last few weeks. and this 9-month-old was also in the pasture at the time and her owner says that she doesn't like to eat sweets. so she really wasn't into eating the cookies or the
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oleander at the time. and she is going to be okay. >> who does this? >> reporter: oscar will be okay. there are no leads and the authorities hope that anyone with information will come forward immediately. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. the park district is giving a mound at berkeley's mclaughlin eastshore park a makeover. the dirt hotel mound has been growing for over a decade. contractors use the spot to dump debris. starting today the park district is closing the area off and getting out bulldozers to take 15 feet off the top of the pile. it also will have picnic tables and pathways but some park regulars don't want to see any change. >> it's not going to be a good change because it is beautiful the way it is. it's a cool spot as is.
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>> do some plantings but why rip up what's already nice? >> crews will be working on that section of the park through the summer and it will re-open in august. opponents of a commuter shuttle regulation program in san francisco have dropped an environmental appeal. their appeal was set to go before the board of supervisors but an agreement was reached with business groups to extend the shuttle program for a year with conditions. they include a cap on the number of stops increased enforcement funding and restrictions on large vehicles on small neighborhood streets. a rocket named falcon 9 burst off the ground today in florida. the spacex rocket will send a telecommunications satellite into orbit. the hope is to get it 22,000 miles above the equator and then getting the rocket to land successfully on a drone ship at sea. the rocket launches just before 4 p.m. pacific time from cape canaveral. it is 6:16. a full check of traffic and weather and if you are about to
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go on the highway 880, think twice, huh? >> think twice and pack your patience. we have an earlier accident at whipple with several vehicles involved. chp cleared it out quickly to the right shoulder but we have all the spectator slowing and it backed up early through there so south 880, 238 just to get down to highway 84 across to the dumbarton bridge is going to take 30 minutes now so really slow-and-go. our sensors reflect that. 14 miles per hour, 17 miles per hour. it's really going to slow you down if you try to use the san mateo bridge. way, every we are seeing extra volume past the toll plaza out of mayor de blasio into foster city this morning on that westbound side. speaking of bridges, bay bridge not so good this morning. we had an accident they cleared it quickly as well over out of lanes into the parking lot there. but you can see traffic is really slow-and-go now at the bay bridge toll plaza. 24 minutes for your drive time. carquinez bridge to the maze. all approaches are very slow- and-go. southbound 680 at mission boulevard south. we have reports of an accident
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here. it is blocking at least one lane. slow through the southbound side of the 680. altamont pass busy westbound between altamont pass and 680 about a 17-minute ride. >> i saw the most amazing shooting star this morning as i was driving 580 into the westerly direction over oakland. i made three wishes. i thought there was a meteor shower going on not until april 22. a few high, thin clouds. this is the scene looking out from the transamerica pyramid. i'm going to get out of the way so you can see that. 39 degrees in livermore. 54 in san francisco. 48 in san jose. high surf advisory until 9 p.m. here's what you need to know. onshore a cool start to your day. blue skies, visibility unlimited. sunshine tomorrow and slightly warmer as we introduce a slight
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chance of rain friday night in the north bay. sure could use some rain. it would really settle down the pollen. today's count medium to high. you will be uncomfortable through the weekend if you have allergies with dry air. satellite and radar here womb some clouds to the north of us. we have a lot of storms stacked up over the pacific ocean just being diverted by the huge dome of high pressure. so we are seeing all the rain move into the pacific northwest. we will see that slight chance of rain on friday night. it is currently 21 degrees going up to 50 in the greater lake tahoe area. 40s up to 70 in monterey bay. 72 degrees today in ukiah so we have 11 hours and 6 minutes of daylight today. there's your sunrise and sunset and enjoy it smack in between. 70s from the beaches into the inland areas. a northeast offshore winds 5 to 15 miles per hour tomorrow flirting with 80 inland.
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there's a chance of rain friday night and sunday night. make it a great wednesday. time now is 6:19. recent incidents have led to growing concern about the safety of ridesharing services like uber. and now claims that a driver attacked an employee at a bay area airport. >> and the giants new centerfielder meeting an old centerfielder willie mays the say hey kid. vern is in spring training in arizona coming up. ,,
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i love the smell of grass in the morning! smells like -- like -- like baseball! and here at scottsdale stadium it is all about the san francisco giants. over my shoulder is the 2014 world series banner. they would like another. it is an even numbered year. any moment now, the team is going to pour out of here for
6:24 am
another full day of workouts. one giant we're looking forward to seeing is denard span. he is the new centerfielder leadoff hitter. span himself, he is looking forward to getting cozy with the say hey kid. willie mays. >> each encounter keeps getting better. first busted my chops. second called me bernard. so -- >> he does that. >> yeah, yeah. but today, you know, we -- i think he is just feeling me out we're feeling each other out and, um, but yeah, it's, you know, surreal. >> we're here all week with the giants and later on the oakland a's about 20 minutes away in mesa. hey, that will do it for the morning show. from the valley of the sun, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> all right, vern! we thank you for that. play of the day how about some college hoops? we have vanderbilt and florida. check out the first half buzzer beater by the commodores very steph curry-ish. watch.
6:25 am
>> we're talking about it! >> holy moly man! that's josh henderson with an excuse me line drive 80-footer off the backboard and in. he beat the gator 87-74 your play of the day. 6:25. we are getting a look at the official plan to rip down part of interstate 280. why the proposal has some people feeling left out. >> i'm kiet do. we're live in milpitas where a group of men broke into a gun store right next door to it the police department and, yes, they all got arrested.
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problem... san francisco is turning to controversial tactics to address the city's homeless problem. >> and a bay area school district will start making condoms available to middle school children. >> and here we go again from the kpix 5 weather center. the sun is coming up and by the time it sets, unseasonably warm temperatures. i'll show you where it will be the warmest. >> and it's busy out there this morning especially through the altamont pass. a new accident. details coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, february 24. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we're following breaking news in milpitas. police say they now have four suspects in custody who tried to rob a gun store including one who held off police in an hours long standoff. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live near the scene with more details. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. quite a story about some bold
6:30 am
crooks this morning here in milpitas. we shot this video of the active scene. at 2 a.m. an officer leaving the police department heard the alarm going off at target masters in milpitas a gun store and gun range and it is literally right next door to the police department headquarters. the officer saw a suspect climb off the roof of the building into a vehicle and then drive away. there were two suspects inside the vehicle and they were arrested a short distance away. then a third suspect was seen inside the gun store holding a weapon. officers ordered him to drop the weapon which he did. but since he climbed in through the roof, the front doors were locked and he could not exit the building. so he was trapped inside there. here's a lieutenant to explain what happened next. all right, apparently they talked with him for about 3 hours or so trying to get him to come out the front door. the s.w.a.t. officers took hours to get the front doors open. he did at one point apparently try to climb through the roof
6:31 am
the same way he went in but he couldn't so they got him out around 5:30 a.m. there was a fourth suspect arrested. he actually escaped sometime during the night. he went through some sort of a concrete maintenance yard was covered in concrete powder. he was arrested stripped his clothes off apparently trying to disguise himself but he was a short distance away. all four suspects in custody after they tried to break into a gun store literally right next door to the milpitas police department headquarters. we did chat with the store manager. when we asked her what she thought of this whole mess she said it was stupid. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. the public giving its two cents about plans to tear down a main artery in and out of san francisco the 280 extension. mark kelly says the project would reshape the south of market neighborhood but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. >> reporter: the rush hour commute on 280 is smooth sailing but critics worry this
6:32 am
new project could change that. the plan is to put 280 on street level from here all the way into the city. one concern is traffic will be bumper-to-bumper here along the embarcadero. >> we're going to look at the option of tearing down the last mile or mile and a quarter and converting that into a surface boulevard much like octavia boulevard or the embarcadero freeway. >> reporter: city planners say knocking down 280 would open up more space for development but this person says the city's focused on pleasing the wrong group. >> it's for big developers' benefit. >> use 280 as a vital link. >> reporter: john lewis says the southeast corner of the city with few transit options to begin with can't afford to lose 280, as well. >> i'm very concerned about a tear-down of 280 which exacerbates the exclusion of the south part of the city from the rest of the city. >> we really need to look at
6:33 am
san francisco holistically as an entire city. >> reporter: planners say the goal is to make neighborhoods that transportation can be part of, whether that means keeping 280 standing is still up in the air. >> that's not a foregone conclusion. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the city has other projects in the works. replacing athe 4th and king caltrain station with new development included. people in louisiana and mississippi are cleaning up after storms yesterday that killed three people. there are reports of more than 2 dozen tornadoes in louisiana. searchers are combing through an rv park for at least two people still missing. people in parts of georgia, alabama and the carolinas are getting ready as the storm system heads their way. back home at 6:33, we have
6:34 am
what roberta calls a boring benign weather pattern. >> and stagnant. >> stagnant. >> forgot that word. >> i was reading this interesting argue by paul rogers with the san jose "mercury news." he asked the question is el nino done? it's a fair question. we have had 14 days our longest dry spell so far this el nino season but it's not unusual to have a couple of weeks of dry weather during even the strongest of el nino seasons. so let's see how we're stacking up as far as the water year percentage of average is right now suggesting 85% in san francisco. that's not bad at all. but look at seattle. that's where all the el nino storms have made a huge impact. you look at the deficit in los angeles. we are hoping for rain. i'm looking for a 20% chance of rain on friday and sunday night otherwise rain could return as early as march 6. our live weather camera looking out from mount vaca shows sun on the
6:35 am
approach. temperature cool in the tri- valley. 39 degrees. next to the bay of waters. high surf advisory in effect until tonight. 15-foot swells. a lot of people heading to the beaches as the numbers top off in the 70s. 71 in pacifica, moss and montera beaches. 72 in concord. mid-70s across the santa clara valley. we'll talk more about the chances of rain returning and your pollen report and your snow report, that's all coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. let's jump over to the roadways right now. we have an accident westbound 580 right at greenville. an accident on the right side of the road but anything along the altamont pass will slow you down especially if it's an accident with spectator slowing westbound busy anyway from the altamont pass to 680. slow out of tracy. traffic is clear toward 680 making that connector to the dublin interchange. 680 through walnut creek very busy this morning. southbound we have a lot of brake lights as you work your
6:36 am
way into walnut creek and just cutting over to 24. also south 880 nimitz freeway continues to be one of our hot spots backup now well before 238. stays slow down to at least highway 84. that's cutting over to the dumbarton bridge. 35 minutes for your drive time. that's going to affect your ride as you get on the san mateo bridge which is starting to get busy this morning with a 20-minute ride between 880 and 101. new details in the string of pleasanton robberies. police say two juveniles arrested for multiple violent purse snatches at stoneridge mall all part of a gang suspected in several east bay robberies. police think the gang has been stealing pricy suvs for street robberies. two suspects are still on the loose. and police are investigating reports that an uber driver attacked an employee at mineta international airport. witnesses say the driver attacked the employee who confronted him for speeding last thursday. then police say he picked up a passenger in his white mercedes
6:37 am
and drove off. airport officials say the employee is okay. san jose ridesharing companies are not required to run drivers' fingerprints through databases for law enforcement. the city randomly does that for 1% of the airport's drivers. in a statement, uber said: country... to show suppo for apple, i ght with the i. the bi there were protests across the country to show support for apple in its fight with the fbi. the biggest in the bay area was in san francisco yesterday. what we saw an unusual partnership in the world of big tech. this after the fbi asked apple to create software that will crack the code on the phone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. protestors say that goes against apple's constitutional rights. >> every authoritarian government around the world is waiting for the power to do what the fbi is seeking and what apple has never allowed
6:38 am
anyone to do which is erode security protocols on its devices. >> a federal judge directed apple to help the fbi. the next step in the case is a u.s. district court judge up to the court of appeals in san francisco. homeless people living in this "tent city" under 101 in san francisco have been told to get out. police, chp and the public works crews started moving in yesterday. the deadline to get out is friday. some 300 tents line division street. the city has already relocated some of the people to that new shelter out at pier 80. san francisco unified school district has approved condom distribution at its middle schools. yesterday's vote unanimous an effort to curb sexually- transmitted diseases. condoms could be available to those children as soon as next month. under the program, they will have to see a social worker before receiving a condom. the policy has been in place for the district's high school since the 1990s. time now is 6:38.
6:39 am
employees at a tech company are told, tone it down when it comes to wild parties and sex at the office. what prompted the ceo to call out the workers. >> a deadly crash in the area, a bay area man accused of killing a car salesman. we'll tell you about the charges he is facing. ,,
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good morning. tank a look at your tv screen because this is what you can expect over the next several days. it's a dry weather pattern except for a slight chance of rain in the north bay friday night. then again on sunday night. bona fide chances of rain and when to anticipate it, that report coming up. big box stores and oil prices are topping business news is this morning. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. we have heard a lot of stories about how the holiday season wasn't great for retailers but
6:43 am
some of the bigger chains posted solid results and that includes target, tjx companies and lowe's. target had a $1.5 billion profit after losing $2.5 billion a year earlier. same-store sales up for six straight quarters. company doing a good job of getting back into the good graces of consumers after its holiday hack back in 2013. tjx reported strong sales at tj maxx, marshals and home good. its shares are on the rise. lowe's with nice results for the 4th quarter. they are expecting a stronger year ahead. for some reason its shares are falling this morning. sometimes investors see different things out there in these various companies. oil prices are sinking for the second straight day. this after saudi arabia's oil minister said there is no chance that opec and russia are going to agree on production cuts which would help push oil
6:44 am
prices higher. that goes against a number of reports in recent days saying that an agreement was on the table. and that that would likely boost oil prices. with oil prices down, stocks are falling. we saw a big drop yesterday dow down about 190. off to another rough start this morning. back to you. >> nice rise last week and boom down again. >> as soon as we get gains it goes the other way. a tough start to the year. >> jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. here's gayle king with what's coming up on "cbs this morning." she is sporting orange. she joins us live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: yes, i was going for the bumblebee look today, michelle and frank. it's good to see you. good to see you both. this morning we'll talk with marco rubio about the battle for second place in nevada.
6:45 am
and what he needs to do heading into superstorm sandy. plus why men should be concerned about the zika virus. we'll show you the sophisticated ways that cyber thieves are stealing most -- some of the most confidential information from your phone and the guess you is probably don't even know about it. how alexander hamilton became the hippest of the founding fathers. we'll introduce you to the biographer behind a musical. the news, have you heard? it's back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. if you can get tickets to hamilton, because right now it's sold out until, you know, the 8th of november, good luck. when you get a chance you must come. >> it's coming out to san francisco next year. so hoping to get tickets then. >> i heard that. >> like $300 a ticket already. crazy. >> it's probably worth it. >> awesome. >> frank, it's worth $300 a ticket. i promise. >> i would go into the heights. i saw that in new york and it's the same guy. so we have to check it out. >> thank you. have a great morning. this bay area man is now behind bars. police say he took a fancy car
6:46 am
out for a test drive that left a car salesman dead. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: he took out aid red corvette on a test drive while he was high on drugs. and he sped it into a tree. candles, flowers and a lot of tears as dozens of carmax employees in ontario gathered to remember their coworkers, warren smale. >> he was a guy at work that it didn't matter what kind of day were you having. he was there for you. he would make you laugh and smile. >> reporter: smale's long-time friend and coworker lydia garrett said he worked for carmax for the past five years. >> it was overwhelming. i wasn't expecting it. it was so surreal. i didn't believe it at first. >> reporter: police say the 43- year-old was riding in the passenger seat of a red corvette. he was out on a test drive with a carmax customer when the car crashed into a tree. officials say 28-year-old alex demetro from union city was
6:47 am
behind the wheel. he was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence of drugs. witnesses told police the car was speeding when the driver lost control. >> this test drive is something that we do. it's a normal thing. it's like so when i heard it i had to come to pay my respects because had it been me warren would just be right here on the scene. >> reporter: carmax officials sent out a statement saying their hearts and prayers go out to their associate's family. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. let's check out traffic now. how we doing? >> the morning commute is in full swing. 880 a hot spot this morning as you make that trek southbound out of hayward down into fremont this morning. we had an early-morning accident. that's now been completely cleared off the road but our drive times still about 30 minutes from 238 down to 84 if you plan to cut across the dumbarton bridge. san mateo bridge also slow and again getting to the san mateo bridge might be a little tough
6:48 am
this morning because of that busy ride along 880. so 24 minutes between hayward and foster city as you head across the span. the other portion of the nimitz freeway northbound heading into downtown oakland we are starting to see a few more cars on the road. lots of company and, of course, head together bay bridge traffic is very slow-and-go. let's jump to the south bay right now first though. you have some slow-and-go conditions northbound 101. capitol expressway slow down northbound and sluggish all the way towards 2367. you will see brake lights through there at 237. also on guadalupe parkway and our time there you can see 12 minutes now 85 to 101 for that northbound 87 ride but 280 is in the green. 13 minutes, use that as an alternate to avoid delays on 101 or guadalupe parkway. 580 altamont pass to 680, 18 minutes. an accident at greenville is cleared. busy though south 680 through walnut creek. 242 and highway 4 very sluggish this morning. bay bridge metering lights are on. traffic backed up into the maze
6:49 am
all approaches seeing delays as you work your way westbound. you're going to bog down along the eastshore freeway. berkeley into emoryville. backed up into highway 24. >> here's roberta. >> what time is it? >> it's weather watcher time. we need a song for it. >> we do. put your hands together! these are the people who woke up early just to provide us with information happening in their neighborhoods. so 6:49 let's look at this particular -- whoa! 37 degrees, that would be in petaluma according to peggy rodgers. thank you so much, peggi, for that report. over here the south bay in san jose, joe says boy, 41 degrees. 85% humidity at this hour. what else do you have to say here, joe. he said clear sky and great view of the moon this morning to the west. i'm glad you mentioned that because 20 minutes ago linda mather sent us a picture of the moon a little fuzzy but you can see venus. this is our camera view from
6:50 am
mount vaca. it's live! so this is actually occurring as the sun is making its appearance. 40s and 50s for the most part except for livermore where the dew point is at 34% with an air temperature at 39. no moisture in the atmosphere. very cool temperatures stepping on out. visibilities unlimited with lots of blue skies this morning and later on today. high surf advisory in place today through tonight. 20% chance of rain returning to the north bay. friday night we sure could use some rain to clean the air for the pollen. if you have allergies, you will be a little uncomfortable for the several days. let's get to it. this is our satellite and radar. we have an area of low pressure north of us. so far this season, the seattle area has about 150% of water. they are so well above their water average. we are under the dome of high pressure continuing to divert the storms to the north of the bay area leaving us dry again today. leaving sacramento rain-free at 68 degrees. and snow-free in the high sierra but they have a good
6:51 am
packed powder base now at alpine meadows with 13 lifts available, kirkwood, don't forget the sunblock with spring- like conditions, spring has sprung in the bay area with temperatures into the 70s today. northeast wind 5 to 15. warmer tomorrow then slight chance of rain friday night and sunday night. make it a great day. a san francisco startup is telling its employees the days of booze and sex at the office are over. the "wall street journal" obtained an email sent by the ceo of "zenefits" a health insurance brokerage company. the email refers to cigarettes, cups of beer and used condoms found in a stairwell. >> for a long time these companies were trying to build an environment where you could sort of work and play at the same time and maybe in some cases it got out of hand. >> a tech writer says investors are putting increased pressure on startups to have workers act more responsibly. a north bay landmark goes up in flames as a photography
6:52 am
stunt goes wrong. the point reyes shipwreck is a popular spot for picture taking. but a fire official tells us it appears someone set the boat on fire accidentally while spinning red-hot steel while behind it. shortly after the fire this photo was posted on instagram. the boats sits on national park land. no word if it will be removed. oakland making a pitch to george lucas hoping to be the home to his museum. at one point he planned to build it in san francisco but that fell through. then it fell through in chicago. a spokesman for mayor libby schaaf says: time now 6:52. a horse and dog are found poisoned on the north bay farm. why police are certain that someone meant to kill the animals. >> reporter: i'm kiet do. we're live in milpitas where a bunch of crooks tried to break into a gun store which was next
6:53 am
to a police department. not surprisingly, they were all arrested. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ candidates are turning their focus to tes... five things to know at the :55. republican presidential candidates are turning their focus to super tuesday states. donald trump pulled off a big victory in last night's caucus in nevada. marco rubio won second place ahead of ted cruz by 2,000 votes. the next contest on the calendar is the democratic primary in south carolina. a severe storm system that sparked tornadoes in the deep south is moving east. at least 2 people were killed in the town of convent, louisiana when a twister tore through a trailer park there. reported tornadoes leveled homes in mississippi. the cdc is investigating
6:57 am
more than a dozen new cases of zika virus possibly spread through sex. it involves men who visited areas affected by the outbreak and may have infected their female partners. health officials say the virus remains in the blood for about a week but can stay in semen for much longer. police in sonoma county are looking for a person who killed a dog and horse with poison. it happened on a ranch me to sebastopol this month -- near sebastopol this morning. the poison was oleander. leland yee is going to be sentenced today after admitting bribes and an illegal gun deal. the prosecution recommended 8 years, the defense wants 5 years. i'm kiet do in milpitas with a gun store burglary and bold crooks. this started around 2 a.m. when an officer leaving the police headquarters heard a burglar alarm going off at target masters which is literally right next door to
6:58 am
the police department headquarters. it is a gun store and gun range. the officer saw one suspect climb off the roof into a getaway car. there was a driver so they were arrested a short distance away. a third suspect was seen inside the gun store holding a weapon. officers ordered him to drop it you with i did. but since he climbed in through the roof and the front doors were locked he couldn't get out. he was trapped inside and couldn't surrender for hours. here's the lieutenant raj maharaj. >> he wanted to surrender from the get-go. but because the doors were locked, he couldn't get out. >> why was he in the ceiling? >> he was probably trying to get back out the way he came in to surrender. >> reporter: a fourth suspect escaped during the whole drama. he apparently stripped off some of his clothes during the escape attempt through a concrete mixing company. even though he jumped a 10-foot wall he was arrested a short time later covered in gray dust. the store manager was on scene
6:59 am
when we asked her what she thought of the four crooks trying to break in a gun store next to a police department she said it was stupid. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. crawling along at the san mateo bridge now. 28 minutes for your drive time from hayward to foster city. 880 southbound very slow through hayward so it will be slow as you approach the san mateo bridge, as well. bay bridge metering lights are on. you're backed up into the maze all approaches seeing delays, as well. our other hot spots are in the east bay highway 4, 680 and 242. >> wouldn't you look to go for a morning run right now? right there, ocean beach, the coast is clear with a few high, thin clouds, a high surf advisory until 9 p.m. temperatures in the bay area at this hour in the 40s and 50s except around the livermore area where currently it is 39 degrees. now, later today, all these numbers will rise to temperatures above normal into the 70s. we'll have 75 degrees in oakland and the extended forecast does call for slightly warmer tomorrow. >> i don't know about a morning
7:00 am
run. maybe a walk. >> walk. >> yeah. >> i'll do that. >> starbucks, i'm buying. >> okay! captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning, our viewers in the west, it is wednesday february 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump wins the nevada caucuses in a landslide. marco rubio surges to second. he joins us. >> deadly tornadoes tear through the south. powerful winds toss rvs through the air. tens of millions could still be in danger. >> is your phone secretly recording you? how some apps steal your personal information and your money, too. but first, today's "eye opener," your world in $90 second. >> it's going to cross in front of us.


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