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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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that the body is linked to a missing persons case with a husband who just committed suicide. kpix 5's andria borba live outside the missing woman's home in brisbane with the latest. >> reporter: this is the tichener home behind me. you can see the crime scene tape up along with brisbane pd as they try to figure out what happened. shelly tichener was reported missing from her san bruno road home in brisbane on february 13 around 11 p.m. yesterday evening, fishermen on the bay near fremont spotted a torso. police later said it was a woman. hours later shelly's estranged husband paul jumped from the bay bridge and died. neighbors say the story of her disappearance didn't totally add up. she was missing the day before valentine's day while one
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neighbor saw her on president's day. >> that's weird. why we hadn't heard from her since saturday and you know why did she come back here on monday? >> reporter: fremont police still and the sure if the torso in the bay is hers. this is paul's truck in the parking lot of brisbane pd with a missing poster of his wife in the back surrounded by crime scene tape and near a fremont pd vehicle. the case has been given to the fremont police department because that's where the woulded was found yesterday. -- where the body was found yesterday. >> thank you. scathing allegations against the oakland police department. an off-duty officer is accused of assaulting a woman. the victim told kpix 5's da lin the thing happened in front of her family. >> reporter: oakland police kept the case a secret until this week. a probation officer said an off- duty officer tried to get in her house on december 7 at this
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cul-de-sac home in the oakland hills. >> banging our door. and, um, was asking us to -- to open up the f'ing door. >> reporter: she said she didn't not man was an off-duty officer at the time. he was in a pair of jeans and shirt. she said the man appeared drunk and possibly high on drugs. >> 5150 like he just was acting very bizarre. and, um, his vocabulary wasn't straight. >> reporter: she had just got out of the shower and wrapped herself in a robe. she and her husband tried to keep the man from getting in. >> walked towards me and jumped on me and, um, grabbed me really, really tight and we fell to the ground. and, um, as a result, you know, i have some bruises and some injuries to my right leg. um, my husband pretty much pulled him off of me. i was really, really humiliated because i didn't really is any clothes on. i could hear some of the neighbors coming out and felt like i was being exposed.
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>> reporter: her husband and neighbors held the man down until police arrived. there was a second man also an off-duty police officer who ran away. mrs. cortese says that officer appeared drunk, as well. mrs. cortese doesn't know the two suspects and the motive. police arrested off-duty officer who joined opd in 2013. he and the officer who ran are on paid administrative leave. this is an embarrassment to the oakland police department. they are not talking. ia is investigating. now the d.a.'s office may file charges. da lin. kpix 5. >> she may file a lawsuit. she said the police department tried to cover up the case and pressure her to change her story
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. allegations of deputies beat inmates. a quick fix is in the works. they are starting with a very basic need. clean underwear. >> reporter: while inmates may dream about starting fresh on the outside, those in santa clara county jail just want a few extra changes underneath. >> it's bad. we don't get enough underwear. sometimes we work out we need extras and they are not lenient on giving them to us. >> reporter: some inmates involved in work programs get fresh every day but for most they have to make do with two changes a week leading to low morale, hoarding and hygiene problems. >> sometimes people have to grab pairs of -- bars of soap to wash their own socks and their underwears and t-shirts just so they can feel clean. >> boom, fresh new underwear. >> reporter: that's all about to change. >> one size fits all? >> reporter: we were given
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exclusive access to laundry facilities at the elmwood jail where inmates unpacked boxes filled with thousands of pairs of new underwear enough to give all inmates a fresh pair every day. it's part of sheriff laurie smith's overhaul of jail practices and procedures prompted in part by inmate complaints and recommendation from the blue ridge commission on jail reform. >> i think it was something that was mentioned to us something that we hadn't thought of until it came up but it's a matter of personal hygiene dignity and it's something we can do easily. >> reporter: she says the county was following stayed guidelines for two clothing exchanged per week in state guidelines. but at the wake of an inmate murder and abuse, the sheriff says everything is being looked at. >> we are taking it seriously. we're taking fast action. there are a lot of of investigations going. >> reporter: inmates say it's not minor. >> it makes us feel different when we have clean clothes compared to dirty, you know,
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clothes. um, like we're worth something. >> reporter: the jail already washes two tons of laundry per day but will increase that under the new plan. it may say it won't speed up their time behind bars but will give them more dignity. in san jose, len ramirez economics. >> we did some checking. san francisco jails provide fresh underwear every three days. in marines the policy there, three pairs a week. meantime, there's a new way for santa clara county inmates to file complaints anonymously. the sheriff's department has installed more than 100 lock boxes with complaint forms. before inmates had to turn them in to spects approached. carjacking victim :16 "they
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in the car and they run and pushed me on the ground andy hit me. q: did they have a a. yeah, they had rifle, th carried rifle." oakland police have arrested three suspects in the carjag and the robbery in pleasant. ground. and they hit me. >> did they have a gun. >> yeah, they carry a rifle. >> oakland police have arrested three suspect in the carjacking and the robbery in pleasanton. the victim says she got her suv back but it is trashed and all scratched up. a federal worker getting checked out tonight after opening a suspicious package and then feeling sick. chopper 5 caught the response at the u.s. customs office in alameda. the package had some sort of white powder in it. a hazmat team came in and cleared out the two dozen or so employees inside the building. they are now trying to figure out what was inside that envelope and where it came
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from. >> we are learning the details behind an elaborate counterfeit cash operation. the suspects accused of passing millions of dollars in phony bills here in the bay area. only on 5, juliette goodrich takes us inside the sting operation. juliette. >> reporter: allen, we are talking about millions of dollars in counterfeit money specifically $100 bills you can't tell if they are real or fake. they are being circulate throughout the bay area and today we went along for some of the raids. at 6 a.m. the secret service raids a home on lazy street in oakland confiscating evidence in a multi-million dollar counterfeit case. a family lived in this home but agents wouldn't disclose who they are and exactly what they confiscated. >> towards the front of the house. >> reporter: multiple raids going on simultaneously this one happening a fewer hours later n oakland on douglas street, another raid linked to the counterfeit investigation. one man taken into custody on charges look every related to
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evidence found at the home. the secret service telling kpix 5 counterfeiters have printed and distribute $5 million in counterfeit bills mostly $100 bills. the investigation lasting one year centered in the bay area. authorities telling us the counterfeiters use a sophisticated printing method. in cast car, another home raided. secret service and the department of justice searching the home and cars for nearly six hours. no one was arrested here but again, evidence was taken from the home. agents say this is an ongoing investigation and they will give more specifying every specifics in the days to come. we only know of one arrest but there will be more. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new at 6:00 a newspaper clipping at a san francisco police station touching off new questions about police and race relations. kpix 5's mike sugerman with details of a meeting meant to address the issues of trust.
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mike what can you tell us? >> reporter: oh, boy, veronica. it hit the fan again today. another bad day for san francisco police department pr on this same day that a federal task force has arrived in san francisco trying to improve police relations with the community. it started when someone put up an op. ed. piece from the "wall street journal" the myths of "black lives matter." the bulletin board is meant for police orders, schedules, assignments, things like that. >> it's behind closed doors. they are entitled to their opinion. >> reporter: or are they? on an official san francisco pd bulletin board? rules say no political activity in public buildings. >> the rules say there's no political literature that can be postedso the article was not in violation of the rules. >> reporter: the supervisor echoes what the police department has said. not political because it doesn't have to do with an
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election. it said what if the "black lives matter" movement is based on fiction? 40% of cop killers are black. >> i don't think they should be promoting anything. if anything it should say all lives matter. >> reporter: that's where it gets tricky. no one in law enforcement wanted to face the camera and talk. but privately many say they feel villainized in this politically sensitive time. people in the terraville district understand that but some say it doesn't help police to be favoring one side or the other. >> i support "black lives matter." i think they have a point. but -- you know, everyone has a voice in the -- on the issues. >> if i were the captain, i would counsel the captain and give him advice saying you don't want to create a politically charged or uncomfortable atmosphere for your workers so i believe the captain has a responsibility to make sure that environment everyone is able to perform their job. >> reporter: at the moment sfpd job performance is under the microscope from racist text to the mario woods killing to this federal investigation. cops feel they are getting it
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from all sides. >> reporter: the federal task force is meeting and they will be taking testimony for the next two hours from community members and government officials. and this will be the first of three meetings over the next two weeks here in the bay area. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> she may be the bay area's most famous jailbird and tonight she made another flight for freedom. the high-tech tool being used to track and escaped eagle. >> a plan to steal from a gun store backfires on a group of burglars. the one oversight that foiled their getaway. >> and kids a prime target for identity thieves. but parents can't use the strongest tool that could protect them. the new push to change that. >> now how much they would love to have a sunny day with highs in the low 70s? about 98% of the country. problem is we have had too much of that and not enough rain.
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when does the balance come back? beautiful view. there's the pyramid looking toward the bay bridge. we'll talk about rain coming up next.
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home at the palo alto junior museum. trainers are now a south bay eagle flew the coop. sequoia the bald eagle flew away from her home at the palo alto junior museum. trainers are trying to find her. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely says she is an escape artist. >> reporter: she has flown away before the last time in 2013. but the real fear is because of an injury that she suffered when she was very young she is not able to fend for herself in the wild and if they don't find her soon that she may starve to death. >> reporter: as majestic and powerful as she might look zookeepers say sequoia suffered
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a serious injury at the hands of people decades ago which makes it impossible for her to survive more than a few days in the wild. >> her paralyzed tail makes it difficult for her in stiff wind because it acts as a stabilizer. she also doesn't have the maneuverability to catch food. >> reporter: and that's why zookeepers say it's so foreign for them to catch up with sequoia sooner than later. she has been on the loose since monday after she escaped from her handler during a training exercise. >> she wears a radio transmitter. we have a receiver and we have to follow her until she is ready to come down. >> reporter: our cameras were there three years ago when sequoia took yet another flight of freedom and wandered the peninsula for several days. she did eventually return to her handler tired, hungry and dehydrated. zookeepers say the longer she is out in the wild the greater the risk. and the greater their worry. >> she's always come back. but there are times of terror like this where she is out, i don't know where she is, and i want answers. >> yeah, zookeepers say they
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want her life in captivity to be as fulfilling as can be. they say she can fly and they want her to be able to enjoy these routine training flights but they say when she doesn't come back it makes them question whether or not the ris something worth the reward. in palo alto, devin fehely, kpix 5. the california coastal commission now faces a lawsuit over the firing of its executive director. in a story you saw only on 5, charles lester was ousted two weeks ago after a very vocal and contentious meeting. commissioners have refused to explain their decision. but many environmentalists believe the move was made to accommodate developers and now two lawyers in san diego want to force the release of documents in the firing. they say lester was effective and well liked. he had an unlikely supporter, a bay area man despised by many environmentalists. for years venture capitalist vinod khosla has blocked public
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access to martins beach in san mateo county but in emails and letters he urged commissioners to keep him. he called him a worthy adversary and said firing him would be inconsistent with the commission's goal of protecting the coast. a plan to charge people to have bonfires at san francisco's ocean beach goes up in smoke after much public outcry, the golden gate national recreation area has backed off a proposal to charge $35 for permits for the fires. the catch, bonfires will be banned entirely during the winter rest period between november and february. it coincides with the "spare the air" period. pg&e bills are about to go up. starting in march the average monthly bill will go up $2.29 for electricity. pg&e also filed papers this week saying it needs additional revenue. that could lead to another $3 per month increase in gas and
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electricity bills. by next january, customers could be paying $152 on average. pg&e has been looking for more revenue to improve its gas transmission and storage system after the deadly 2010 san bruno explosion. this is a criminal case that makes you wonder, what were they thinking? or were they thinking? four people get busted for rob a milpitas gun store that was right next to the police station. it's about 2 a.m. an officer heard an alarm going off at target masters. he saw suspect climb off the roof and jump into a car. they were arrested. so was a third who was trapped inside the store. >> i don't know what they were thinking. they may not have known it's a police department. i don't know. >> the store's owner told us off camera that the attempted heist right next to the police was stupid. a fourth suspect tried to run away before the officers eventually were able to track him down. time now check with paul deanno and paul another nice day out there. >> really comfortable. they get better and better. upper 60s, low 70s.
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we have the sunshine, crystal clear blue skies. nothing to complain about. >> man. there really isn't. >> of course not. complaint-free zone. 90 seconds. can you give me 90 seconds to talk about the drought? just enjoy it. it's what mother nature gave you. high temperature today very warm. we'll take you to the beach in a second after i show you today's highs. >> there are storms out there. they're way out there. we're talking 1,000, 1500 miles away but enough to kick up a strong west swell 11 to 14 feet until 9:00 this evening a high surf advisory continues. rough surf at the beach. it is a beautiful place to go. some pretty nice evening weather to boot. kpix 5 hi-def doppler continues to show dry weather. let's walk you through your weather headlines for the next 24 to 48 hours. it will be another clear an chilly night tonight. we'll check on the temperatures which will range from the low 40s to the low 50s.
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not as chilly as it has been the past couple mornings 40 for livermore. san jose 44. overnight lows in the upper 30s to low 40s away from the water. one more warm day coming up on thursday. how warm tomorrow? we are talking the mid-70s again. san jose 77 degrees. that's near record territory. san francisco you hit 70. san rafael you hit 70. vallejo well into the 70s. fremont 73. mountain view 75 degrees. but we do have some showers in the forecast albeit very few. thursday we just told you it was going to be sunny and mild. friday now an increase in clouds in the afternoon and just the lightest shade of green out there. we are talking just a little bit of rainfall moving in for the friday evening commute. it's only going to be enough to ruin your new car wash. that's about it. it's not going to add much to the rain bucket. so friday evening a few showers. we'll do the same thing on sunday. very light rain showers don't cancel any outdoor plans but you can see the trend. cooler and cloudier for three days with afternoon
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temperatures generally in the 60s as opposed to the 70s. we head toward monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. it's going to be drier. couple of chances of rain. more than nothing. not much. >> and then march starts dry. >> march is next week. can you believe it? >> crazy. >> glass half full. >> yes. just donated, the billionaire behind nike creating the world's biggest scholarship program. what it's going to take to score a free ride to stanford. >> call it a sni and ditch. he got a beauty treatment and made a beeline for the door. ♪ we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two free bags and zero change fees.
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because what's the point of an incredibly low fare if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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phil knight just wrote a chk for 400 million get this. the founder of nike is making a very generous deflation to stanford. phil knight just broke a check to stanford for $400 million. it's for a new scholarship program. the hope is to attract grad students with an eye for solving global crises. >> we want people really committed to make a difference and committed to getting a
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broad enough education that they know how to form a team. they know how to build a group that can go tackle a problem like that. >> phil knight got his business degree at stanford post grad. each year 100 of the world's brightest grad students will get a fuel ride and cost of living -- a full ride and cost of living all covered. it's the largest scholarship in the world surpassing the rhoades scholar program. google is bringing its super fast internet service to the bay area but not where you might thing. google will roll out its gigabyte speed service to apartments and condos in san francisco and provide it for free to some affordable housing residents. it will use existing fiber. no word on how much the service is going to cost. back in october, google applied for permits in san jose. it is reportedly still in talks to bring finer to the south bay. -- fiber to the south bay. uber is set to use an old school site for new school
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technology. it plans to test self-driving cars this is pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it plans to start work in four to six months. we have all heard of dine- and dash. a man got a fresh cut and color and then runs out still wearing that smock. police are now looking for the clean-cut bandit. children more likely than bandits to be targets for identity theft. they can use the one tool to protect them. the push to allow credit freezes for children. >> plus, the moments before a chopper plunged from the sky in hawaii and now the pilot's split-second decision saved more lives. >> a judge's words to a disgraced state senator right before he sentenced him to prison. but did leland yee get off lightly? ,,
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i work here at my namfive star auto care. in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change to solar and we couldn't have done it without pg&e. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. working with five star auto care we looked at how we could make their business more energy efficient
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and save them money in the long run. with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. with this extreme drought we're using the savings from our solar system to save every last drop of water. if you are looking for ways to save energy, your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california. twist in the case of a torso found in fremont. tonight police aren't confirming whr the body is that of a missi broadcasting news. arizona twist in the case of -- breaking news. a twist in the case of a torso found in fremont. police aren't confirming whether that is a missing brisbane woman but they are searching her home for evidence. her husband jumped off the bay bridge yesterday. police say he was considered a person of interest in her disappearance. in oakland, a woman is
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going after the police department she says an off-duty police officer assaulted her. she says the man tried to force his way into her home. she filed a claim today which could lead to a lawsuit. the d.a.'s office is considering whether to file charges against the officer. former state senator leland yee is getting jail time. a federal judge sentenced him to five years for political corruption. yee admitted he took more than $40,000 in bribes and plotted an international arms deal that was never completed. today the judge said that leland yee abused the public's trust. kpix 5's phil matier live with us. phil, this case has rocked san francisco politics for a while now. >> reporter: it has. and the judge made it very clear that this was about trust or, in fact, leland yee's betrayal of the public trust. he was very hard on the former senator. he could have been given him 8 years. defense was asking for four. the judge said 5 plus a $20,000 fine. he noted that what really was
6:31 pm
at the heart of this was leland's desire to stay in office no matter what the cost and that he was willing to trade $40,000 in political contributions for political favors. and the judge said that that's just unacceptable. this is closing a chapter in a long story as you point out that goes back to the original charges against raymond "shrimp boy" chow and the chinatown tongs but there's a new chapter opening, as well. keith jackson the former school board president here in san francisco who was a co- conspirator of leland yee and received nine years is now also facing state charges of bribery allegedly involving a former san francisco commissioner and a former city employee. i have to tell you, allen, that has some people talking in the building behind us wondering if the next spotlight is going to be on san francisco city hall. >> phil, we were talking about the international arms deal that didn't happen but here leland yee was a state senator
6:32 pm
who authored -- didn't get passed but offered some of the state's toughest gun legislation. >> reporter: he did. and the judge had one word for that. hypocrite.hypocracy. that was another betrayal of trust what he did publicly and privately. it never was any indication that the gun deal was going to go through. but the flipping fact that he could say one thing to us and at the senate and try to turn a deal like this is what the judge was aiming at so here what we have is a story of power corrupting absolutely. >> phil matier, thank you. the pilot of a tour helicopter that crashed in pearl harbor apparently made a last-minute decision to save lives on the ground. today the ntsb said after he heard a back he headed toward the grass but then saw people standing there so he tried to bring the aircraft down close to shore instead. it hit the water 20 feet from
6:33 pm
shore. this week the teenaged passenger on board died. two others and the pilot have serious injuries. the city has a rough reputation but now things are bad when a stockton city council candidate had his car stolen outside city hall. city colangelo went to the city council meeting. it was long and went for more than 7 hours. when he left his car was gone. >> i had the mayor drive me. i had -- i was stranded. i had no other ride and he was the only set of wheels in the parking lot at the time. >> stockton's mayor says several other vehicles around city hall were broken into last night. police are now checking some surveillance video for leads. a credit freeze is the single best tool to prevent financial identity theft but the credit bureaus won't let you use it to protect your children. only on 5, julie watts reveals the why that's such a big problem and the new through
6:34 pm
could fix it. >> reporter: cory vaughn gets money by taking out the trash but it would take more than chores to pay off the debt an identity theft accumulated in his name. >> i don't know what credit is but i know it's not good to have bad credit. >> reporter: she doesn't know if crooks racked up thousands of dollars in her kids' names but she does know they couldn't get much-needed medicine because someone else was using their social security numbers for insurance. david newman says children's social security numbers make great targets because their unused credit history is a clean slate for crooks. >> they won't know it about it for years. >> reporter: a report found more than 10% of children studied were already victims of id theft. and that was before millions of kids were exposed last year through massive insurance and government hacks. the good news? there is a tool to prevent anyone from opening credit cards or taking out loans in a child's name. the bad news? two of the three major credit
6:35 pm
bureaus won't let most children use it. >> the credit freezes are a fabulous idea. >> reporter: he explains a credit freeze also called a security freeze prevents anyone from running a credit check using your social security number. for adults, the freeze is simple. i did it in 10 minutes on tv. but in order to freeze your kids' credit, they have to have a credit file to freeze. and kids won't have a file until they start applying for credit. unless a crook creates one for them. so why won't the bureaus let parents proactively create a file to freeze first? >> credit bureaus make their money selling your information to would-be creditors. in the case of children, who aren't applying for credit they make no money off the account. >> reporter: but recognizing the unmatched value of a credit freeze 23 states passed allows allowing bureaus to freeze children's credit of. california is not one of them. what's it going to take to happen in california? >> for california not to allow
6:36 pm
minors to have credit freezes doesn't make sense. >> reporter: last month an assemblyman introduced legislation that will finally force the bureaus to allow parents in california to freeze their kids' credit before they are victimizeed. >> something that ought to be a national policy. >> reporter: equifax has now voluntarily agreed to allow child credit freezes in every state. but experian and transunion still refuse and to be effective you must freeze a file with all three bureaus. although many believe a california law would ultimately lead to the same protections for children nationwide. >> you know that if california acts, there would be 1/10 of the country's population would have this protection and we probably get a federal law on the same topic. >> reporter: now, got tow's office says the bill faces little opposition. it's similar to other state laws the bureau helped write but there's a loophole that might put them at greater risk. more on that tomorrow night at 6:00. >> a couple of years ago you
6:37 pm
found this workaround that forces the bureaus that allows you to freeze your child's schedule? >> we found a workaround to add my daughter as a user. as i froze her credit i discovered a number of security risk. we'll talk about those risks tomorrow night at 6:00. i think he should definitely tune in to watch that before you consider freezing your kids' credit. >> thank you. more than just a thumbs-up like. the number range of emotions you can show on facebook. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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reaction options on your ne feed. now.. users can choose from like, love, ha-ha, wow, sadr angry. according t move over. today facebook added new reaction options on you newsfeed. now users can choose from like, love, ha, ha, wow. sad, or angry. according to facebook, there's already a new favorite. >> i think for the most part they were seeing that it was really positively used today. they said love was the most used so far. so i think overall it's going to be a good thing.
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>> all right. so how do you get in touch with these new emotions? you whoever your mouse arrow over the thumbs up button and then you go ahead and pick your reaction. >> well. all right. you have to pay up if you want to see prince in the bay area. tickets went on sale for the two sunday concerts in oakland. back-to-back shows in paramount. you won't find seats on ticketmaster anymore. some fans blaming the site for not letting them through. on stubhub tickets start at $800. a pregnant model under fire. tonight facing criticism for choosing the sex of her baby. do you support this decision or should the practice of choosing the sex of your baby during ivf be outlawed? tweet me at veronicadlcruz. join me at bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up on a report from spring training the giants make
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these frank admissions. >> we kind of realize that, um, lots of [ indiscernible ] >> the 49ers have a decision on colin kaepernick. >> the main focus right now is health. >> and why this golf simulator made huge news today. that and more straight ahead.
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classroom. and chances are good it's because this weeks jefferson award winner recognized the "hidden geni" the next big tech idea could be percolating now in an oakland classroom and chances are good it's because this week' jefferson award winner recognized the hidden genius behind it. >> mice, okay. >> reporter: at 6'9" brandon nicholson towers over these teens and in a suit and tie he is analytical. >> i would say to run a nonprofit you still want to run it like a good business. >> reporter: but he is not all business with these kids. [ laughter ] >> reporter: raised in oakland, brandon went to college at princeton then got his ph.d. at cal. now the 32-year-old is back in oakland on a mission to help black teenaged boys. in 2012, he was brought in as a founding executive director of hidden genius project.
6:45 pm
>> you try to do it that way first. >> reporter: the nonprofit use volunteer mentors to train young men in computer coding, entrepreneurship and leadership. it sees black teenaged boys as having limitless futures. but they are vastly underserved. >> the idea was to get at those young men and help them engage and recognize the potential they have that they might see as hidden. >> you want to see the code? >> reporter: hidden genius helps about 20 boys at a time. it's free and so is the laptop computer that each one gets. but the teenagers have to exit to 15 months of weekly classes as well as two summer sessions. >> you have an idea? >> um, i have some ideas. >> reporter: the goal isn't to simply train more computer program earnings. it's to tap into a boy's potential for a better life. >> even before they grow up so to speak to begin having more opportunities to earn money but also to take ideas that they have and turn them into something to build things that matter to them and their communities. >> i don't really know where i
6:46 pm
would have learned the skills i have learned here anywhere else because i had already wondered like where am i going to go with this interest of mine so it was really great that i found this place. >> we could put it on the server. >> reporter: while expansion may be in the future for hidden genius, brandon's pretty happy with how it's going right now. >> on sunday evening, i'm looking forward to monday and no longer get that sunday evening pit in my stomach which is pretty nice. >> good job. >> keep building on that. >> reporter: so for helping black teens find a limitless future this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to brandon nicholson. >> better than the computer, at the end of the program each teenager comes away with a fully functioning app as well as the skills to market and launch it in the marketplace. you can volunteer in any number of ways help the hidden genius kids. we'll get you to their website with a link to our story online at lots of sunshine in
6:47 pm
martinez this afternoon. your high temperatures 71 degrees today. john swett elementary school just south of highway 4. a beautiful day out there. other temperatures outside we're talking 60s a comfortable evening. if you are out and about in san francisco it's 63 degrees currently. san jose 64. mineta international airport 64 degrees. santa rosa 65. here's why we love to see rain in february. in march it's one-third what we get in april. mother nature has not given us rain this month of. march still averages about 3" of rain hopefully it's above average. no rainfall here but we are seeing rough surf. we have all day. we'll continue to for a few more hours up to 14 feet high surf advisory for all bay area beaches with a high risk of rip currents until 9 p.m. overnight tonight we'll be cool but not as cold as we have been. san jose 47. mountain view 49. sunrise tomorrow 6:47. but believe it or not, we are springing forward two weeks from saturday. that makes the sunrise later
6:48 pm
but also sunset will be well after 7:00. this is a profile of what the wind looks like at about 15,000 feet so if you see the faster moving winds which we have colored red, that's typically the path of least resistance in the atmosphere we call it the storm track. that storm track has been riding up into british columbia into alaska and the pacific northwest but very rarely into northern california. it's on its way back. but it won't fully get here. we'll get a glancing blow from two different weather systems giving us two chances at light showers. neither of those chances is tomorrow. thursday sunshine highs not 70s. friday morning, not tomorrow morning but friday morning, you wake up to a little bit more cloud cover and it is friday evening that escape day maybe you're heading up to tahoe or out somewhere for the weekend, a slight chance of a shower friday evening around the southern fringe of a front and we'll do that again coming up on sunday. so two rain chances but they won't amount to much about .10". clear and cool tonight. one more sunny warm day tomorrow. everybody cools down to the 60s on friday. but only some of us will see
6:49 pm
some scattered showers. san jose a full dozen degrees above average tomorrow. normal 65. you will hit 77. union city 71. san mateo 73. sunshine and san ramon 74 for you. walnut creek 71. fairfield, benicia and martinez a high in the low 70s. richmond 72. sausalito 70. santa rosa 72. cloverdale 73. tiny rain chance late friday and also sunday but the majority of the weekend will be dry and next week, there it is. three more days with sunshine. sports is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
injuries and ineffefective¢ as vern glenn rep, about the giants once formidable pitching staff that won three world championships was depleted by injuries and ineffectiveness so as vern glenn reports the giants did something about it. >> reporter: coming into spring training no question one of the big story lines was the $220 million that they spent on jeff samardzija and johnny cueto. >> the organization got together this winter. we kind of realized that we
6:53 pm
didn't have enough innings last season. >> reporter: last season with the exception of madison baumgarner no starter had an e.r.a. lower than 3.58 but with the two new additions, the team looksto have one of the best staffs in baseball. >> it's cool when every guy can go 7, 8, 9 innings. we'll have a little competition going on between each other and see who can come out on top. >> reporter: samardzija for a second stint in the bay area. off the worst season statistically 11-13 with a 4.96 e.r.a. in his season with the white sox. >> baseball, there's times when it's better or not as good as the numbers say. >> my job is to get him going positively and feeling good about things and i think that will turn into something really big. >> samardzija! [ applause and cheers ]
6:54 pm
>> reporter: when he really has to bear down, samardzija uses his football mentality picked up playing wide receiver for notre dame. >> what witcher out here would you select to play quarterback? >> baum's got the lefty sidearm. i don't know how that would play down field. probably kaynor. he sometimes like that crafty bat that can throw that little corner out. i'm going to give him some love. but still up in the air. let me do a little research. we need to get a football out here and i'll start testing some arms out. >> reporter: dennis, the rest of the pitchers will face live hitting for the first time this spring coming up in the morning. that will do it from scottsdale. vern glenn, kpix 5. >> thanks, vern. 36 days from now the 49ers got to make a decision on colin kaepernick. they can release him or pay him $11.9 million for the 2016 season. well, today the gm trent baalke
6:55 pm
showed his hand. [ inaudible question ] >> absolutely. >> that basically rules out kaepernick being released before the april 1 deadline. now, there's still a chance the kapper could be traded. either way the comments sounded like those from jed york last month. >> i love colin. he has been, you know, a great piece of this team for a long time. he certainly helped us get to the level of success that we have had. >> colin has done some awful good things through his career. won some big games for the san francisco 49ers. >> right now i want to make sure colin gets back healthy. we have a few guys who have been hurt. i want to make sure he continues to improve. >> the main focus right now is health. now getting him healthy. he is doing a good job with his rehab. >> i got an nba update. warriors in miami and effort of the 1st quarter, steph curry from just inside half court beat the buzzer. curry tied an nba record by
6:56 pm
hitting a three-pointer for 127th consecutive game. warriors losing in the fourth, klay thompson went off. the "splash brothers" have combined for over 60 points but! golden state losing with a little a minute to go. they are losing in miami. on monday reports that tiger woods' recovery from from back surgery wasn't going well but he put a video on social media. >> woods added that he was progressing nicely. rory mcilroy was not exactly impress. he tweeted to tiger, while you're on your feet, do a few calf raises, would you? >> that will be the next video. >> the tour misses tiger woods and he is not likely to be at augusta. >> thank you. captions by: caption colorado ti sorry. get a free quote at
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome back. [cheering and applause] welcome to the show, folks. great job. how y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. hey, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from youngstown, ohio, it's the graves family. [cheering and applause] and from monroeville, alabama, it's the harris family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the harris family.
7:00 pm
hey, jessica. jessica: nice to meet you. steve: how you doing? jessica: i'm good. steve: good, good. so all these your brothers? jessica: this is my cousin, ashley... steve: ok. jessica: and my twin brothers michael and daniel, and my cousin bart. steve: michael, what do you do, good man? michael: i work construction. i'm an estimator. tell you how much something costs. steve: this is what i'm talking about. [imitating] i work construction. i'm an estimator. i come out and estimate it and then i bring it on back. michael: i'm married to my wife. we've been married for about 5 1/2 years. we don't have any kids. we got 2 dogs and they're terrible. steve: here's what i like. boy, i love country people. this gonna be my side right here. daniel. daniel: hey. steve: this is your brother? daniel: my twin brother michael. steve: twin brother. man, good. what do you do, daniel? daniel: i sell tractors for a living. steve: boy, hell, yeah. hell, yeah. daniel: i also write amateur commercial for radio. stevik


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