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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the corner of the street where they live. their growing corner and confusion about what happened to shelly especially after hearing her husband jumped off the bay bridge. she left home without her medication and cell phone on sunday a woman's torso not confirmed to be shelly's was found in a marsh near the dumbarton bridge. then tuesday her husband paul jumped off the bay bridge to his death. a neighbor who had spoken to paul recently told us how he was coping with the disappearance of his wife. >> it wasn't so much what he said, it was just his emotion and got teary-eyed and was mentally ill and didn't have her medication but how much he loved her and the two sons were really worried about her, about the missing mother. >> reporter: although paul had not been named a suspect he was a person of interest. some neighbors are now questioning how everything has happened in the last couple of weeks is connected if at all so again the torso found in fremont has not yet been
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identified as shelly so police are still treating this as a missing person case. back to you. >> someone spotted her after she went missing. >> reporter: the missing person's report was filed on february 13 but a neighbor said he spoke to her on president's day the 15th so neighbors are calling that very strange. in brisbane, jackie ward, kpix 5. now the very latest out of l.a. county where crews are battling a brush fire. evacuations under way in the malibu area where flames have burned about 7 acres so far? you can see it here are these live pictures below. earlier estimates have the fire much larger. among the evacuees, people in 20 homes and about 300 children at two nearby camps. it began near the pacific coast highway and mulholland drive around 3 a.m. so far no reports of injuries and it's not clear how that fire got started.
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the five remaining republicans will get together tonight for one more debate before next week's super tuesday presidential primary. many see the debate in houston as the last chance for marco rubio and ted cruz to possibly slow the momentum of front- runner donald trump. the other candidates john kasich and ben carson have only been in single digits in most states. the obama administration is reportedly considering a republican as a nominee to replace the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. nevada governor brian sandoval is a former federal judge and is considered a sentries. the nomination of a republican could be seen as an attempt by the president to break a senate republican blockade of any of his choices. will they comply? that's the question a lot of people are asking this morning. apple's ceo tim cook was order by a federal judge to help the fbi hack into the phone of one of the san bernardino gunmen but so far nothing out of apple. kpix 5's keit do has more live
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from cupertino for that apple headquarters with more. just one more day to go, right, kiet? >> reporter: absolutely. apple is doubling down on its stance against the fbi. the big news this morning the "new york times" is reporting apple engineers are right now working on developing new security measures that would make it impossible to break into the iphone in the way the government is ordering apple to do so. last week a federal judge ordered apple to help out with a brute force attack on the iphone of shooter syed farook. the government wants apple to write a new version of its operating system that would allow millions of pass codes to be entered in at once without the phone erasing itself. right now all iphones allow the operating system to be upgraded without entering the pass code. the feature meant to make it easier to repair malfunctioning phones but if the apple engineers succeed in removing this feature and they probably will, the government will have to issue a new round of court orders essentially sparking an arms race with the tech giant. when apple appeals the court order, sources say the company will argue that the american
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people through congress should decide this issue. >> what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s.? >> it's a long-standing principle in our justice system that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime then that judge can authorize the government to conduct a limited search for that evidence. >> reporter: that was u.s. attorney general loretta lynch talking at a congressional hearing saying the government is not overstepping its bounds. apple has until tomorrow to appeal the court order. live in cupertino, kiet do, kpix 5. it's busy out there. we have the usual suspects along the bay bridge, the altamont pass but the good news is we don't have any accidents or major incidents. oakland out of san francisco, metering lights are on backed up into the maze and, of
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course, those approaches are start to slow down on the bay bridge significantly. eastshore freeway commute sluggish out of berkeley westbound towards the bay bridge. westbound 580 seeing some delays now, as well. southbound 680 through walnut creek 38 miles per hour in some spots towards 24. so a little slow through that portion this morning. and we are seeing a few brake lights extra crowded southbound 880 from 238 into hayward. the bridge looks nice out of hayward into foster city. here's roberta. >> yesterday we made it up to 77 degrees in gilroy. today, a degree warmer. good morning, everyone. this is our live weather camera looking out from our kpix 5 studios in the direction of the port of oakland due east clear skies. right now, it's not as chilly as it was just 24 hours ago. do you remember yesterday, it was 38 degrees at this hour in livermore. it's 46. today the last day with the
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full-on sunshine before we become partly cloudy late day beginning in the north bay and along the seashore. temperatures today, wow, look at oakland. averaging 14 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year. san jose at 77 up from the average high 65. so 70s for the most part just about everywhere. 76 in the morgan hill area. we'll have high temperatures in the low to mid-70s east of the bay. the offshore wind northeast 5 to 10 miles per hour 71 in san rafael. we'll talk about rain for your friday together coming up in less than 10 minutes. thank you very much. former state senator leland yee will spend the next five years behind bars for his role in a political corruption scandal. a federal judge handed down the sentence yesterday after yee admitted to accepting bribes and plot international gun deals. his fellow defendant keith jackson faces state charges of bribery, involving two of the mayor's fundraisers. the mayor ed lee though says he
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has no knowledge of any efforts to try to funnel fbi money into his campaign but that's now in the hands of the d.a. the legal team requested leniency considering his long- time work in the community and the wife of leland yee being sing. in addition to the five-year sense he -- being sick. in addition to the five-year sentence he must pay a $5,000 fine. a woman says an officer assaulted her and claims oakland pd tried to cover. christin ayers on the startling allegations. mrs. cortez who only wants to be known by her last name. >> she continues to bang on the door. asking us to open up the f' be door. >> reporter: mrs. cortez and her husband warned them they were calling police. what they didn't know is the man at the door was an off-duty police officer named colin
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faith. and faith wasn't alone. >> we see a second person exiting our yard. he would appear to me like he had a firearm under his shirt and he pointed it towards our direction. >> reporter: at one point mrs. cortez said she stepped on her porch and he attacked her. >> walked toward me and jumped on me and grabbed me really, really tight and we fell to the ground. >> reporter: faith was taken into custody that night and could face an assault charge. but mrs. cortez claims after the attack, police tried to pressure her into changing her story as part of a plan to cover the whole thing up. >> officers came to her home questioning the story. >> the whole time i felt just revictimized. i felt like they wanted me to change my story. they kept asking me over and over again, are you sure? are you sure? are you sure this is how it
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happened? are you sure. >> reporter: now the cortez family are on the brink of filing a lawsuit against the department and police say four officers have been put on paid leave. >> i want justice. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the case is now in the hands of the district attorney. oakland police say they are carrying out an internal investigation. no charges have been filed yet. protests are planned today after a uc-berkeley administrator grand an appeal to a student accused of rape. last year protestors celebrated when a conduct panel found esmid pedraza guilty of raping a fellow student but the alameda county d.a. declined to press charges citing lack of evidence. the cal vice chancellor filed an appeal of his return to campus. they are planning a noon protest. /. more help is on the way for bay area crabbers in dire straits with the season on
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hold. >> i'm thinking of the wonderful things i have for you in sports from scottsdale. >> here comes the sun but i'm taking rain and i'll tell you when to expect it. >> and we're starting to see a few brake lights out of the south bay. we'll have your drive times coming up. ,,,,,, ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. at least eight people have killed by a strong storm sy moving from the gulf coast the good morning. 6:13 on this thursday, february 25. take a look at this view from sutro tower looking over the city of san francisco the city by the bay. today's highs will be 70 degrees. your forecast is coming up in four minutes. thank you, roberta. it is 6:13. at least eight people have been killed by a strong storm moving from the gulf coast up to the northeast. a virginia farming town was hit by a massive tornado heavy rain making streets in new york and dc very tough to navigate. strong winds knocking out power
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in several cities on the east coast. many people shaken up along the east coast but grateful they came out unscathed. >> we're thankful we loves no animals and nobody was hurt. so that's the main thing. >> when the water gets this high it's scary because you don't know what's going to happen. >> the same storm system brought twisters to louisiana and mississippi on tuesday where at least three people died. new details in the case of a bay area man accused of killing a car salesman in a test drive crash. ontario police now say alex demetro was driving with a suspended license on tuesday when he crashed a corvette into a tree. the collision killed the car salesman in the car with him. officers say demetro a union city resident was under the influence of prescription drugs. he hasn't been charged. there's been an arrest in another bay area missing persons case. 22-year-old stacey aguilar was last seen in a party in hayward last week. yesterday, the hayward police announced they made an arrest
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in the case. 23-year-old esmid pedraza is under arrest for her murder. her body was found saturday. the san jose woman was shot to death. witnesses reported seeing her leaving the party with a boyfriend on february 13th. pedraza is scheduled to be in court on friday. starting today, retailers affected by the canceled dungeness crab season will get relief. san mateo county and the u.s. small business administration are offering disaster assistance to companies that support crab fishermen including any small business dependent on the sale of crabs including fishing gear, fuel, docks and boatyards. college baseball season is under way. and big leaguers have begun spring training in florida and arizona. >> reporter: greetings from scottsdale it's another
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beautiful day at giants spring training where one of the big story lines this season has been the acquisition of starters jeff samardzija and johnny cueto. >> i don't expect anyone to learn my last name like that. just be able to pronounce it. >> reporter: samardzija, who is playing on his fourth team in three seasons, is nicknamed the shark. with such of a complicated last name, he has gotten used to be called -- anything. >> obviously people call my shark which works. you know. samarj usually one because they don't want to say my whole last time in so they chop it off halfway. i'm so used to people butchering it. >> reporter: later this morning samardzija and the giants pitchers will throw to hitters for the first time this spring. vern glenn kpix 5. >> samardzija has a little timmy lincecum thing going with the hair. >> i'm excited the a's called
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and said and asked me if i wanted to toss the first pitch again. you give them your wish list like against the giants in june that's not going to happen and then the second one was cubs that would be in august. that would be fun. >> they are like 15-0 when you throw it out, right? >> it's only fun. it's always fun. big w. all right. traffic lady, how are we doing? >> not too bad, actually. you know, we have our usual slow conditions out there for the morning commute. no accidents in the south bay sluggish around 280/680 where it starts to fill in stays slow north of there to 880. past that not bad into the peninsula. so things are moving. your drive times are still in the green. it's been an easy commute for the most part along 101, 280 and guadalupe parkway. out of san jose this morning. you know, bay bridge busy no accidents or incidents backed up into the maze metering lights are on but you can expect that on the bay bridge every morning. 27 minutes off the eastshore freeway. carquinez bridge to the maze
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reports of an accident san pablo dam road on right shoulder. not causing problems but it's slow into berkeley this morning. taking a look at the altamont pass, it's a slow spot this morning. westbound 580 a lot of brake lights out of tracy. stays slow at least to the top of the altamont pass and then it gets a little better. then you really bog down towards 680 making the connector over there but those express lanes are helping ease congestion a bit. south 880, slow out of hayward. stays sluggish stop-and-go into fremont. looks like we are starting to see extra volume along the san mateo bridge now between hayward and foster city. highway 4 a little better through antioch. a lot of those cars now are really slowing down westbound into pittsburg and then a break until you hit the eastshore freeway where traffic is slow. and taking a look at the nimitz near the coliseum right now both directions not bad. northbound 280 to the maze 16 minutes. gianna, we're going to take you know you to our live hi-def doppler radar site. this is mount vaca which is
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standing about 2,818 feet which is perfect because we have it pointing in the direction of the north which means that we can see the storms and they are on approach from, you know, the gulf of alaska. right now sunrise. it's officially at 6:58. it's going to be a sunshiny clear day. we are currently in the 40s and 50s. it's mild out the door. 55 degrees now in san francisco. and again this is our hi-def doppler radar. and we are scanning the skies in search of any kind of rain. not seeing it today. but we do have rain likely now on friday albeit very light and just a few raindrops for most of us. but it will settle down the pollen for your friday. today it's still anywhere from medium to high. blame it on the alder, ash and juniper. so if you have allergies, boy, you have been forewarned. it's going to be very uncomfortable day. here is an area of low pressure getting closer and closer and closer to the coast and as it does so, we will see some increasing cloud cover tonight. this is interesting. this is our futurecast. look out over the west over the
6:20 am
pacific ocean. it's a return of the onshore push by friday. and then look to the north. in the direction that our hi- def doppler radar will be searching for the raindrops you see the leading edge of the precipitation in the santa rosa area by 3:00 but then watch what happens across the central bay it begins to fall apart at the seams until it makes treks toward san jose where barely .01" rain will be reported. .13" in the santa rosa area. and barely a trace in pleasanton. 68 degrees the state capital today. there's your official sun-up and sundown. two minutes and 11 seconds additional daylight today into the 70s. yesterday we were 77 in gilroy. today 78. increasing clouds friday leading to light rain, a chance of light rain on sunday. have a great day, everyone. all right, roberta. thank you. it's 6:20. students in one bay area elementary school will be drinking bottled water for a while after high levels of lead are detected. ,, hey pal? you ready?
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steph curry player augusta national two days ago didn't reveal the store but he did birdie the first hole. >> when you birdie the first hole -- >> he birdies the basketball. warriors in miami last night. hassan whiteside that's two of his 21. heat led by as many as 12. season high 23 lead changes for the warriors. klay thompson fires and he scored 15 straight in the fourth. warriors led by 4. but miami reclaimed the lead. draymond green with 40 seconds left ball swatted away, steph curry and that is the difference maker. warriors hold on 118-112. the "splash brothers" combined for 75 points. how about the sharks in denver where the avalanche will soon play outside at coors
6:25 am
field? indoors last night, game, shootout, scores, past martin jones. avalanche win 4-3. 49ers general manager trent baalke told reporters at the nfl combine yesterday that he expects colin kaepernick to be on the roster this year. now, 49ers owe him nearly $12 million if they don't release him by april 1. so kaepernick is going to be your quarterback. what the 49ers got to do is fix the offensive line so they quarterback, kaepernick or anybody else, has time to throw the football. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. going to hoop it up. play of the day, we have the lakers in memphis, tennessee. check out the move by l.a.'s larry nance, jr. >> that's a nice little put- back. elevate and see you later! mighty impressive but not
6:26 am
enough for the struggling lakers. they're not good. they fell to the grizzlies 128- 119, your play of the day. sun may be setting on daylight saving time in california. why it soon could be a thing. past. >> brisbane police continue to treat the disappearance of shelly titchener as a missing persons case and concern grows for her two sons as neighbors learn her husband jumped off the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm kiet do at apple in cupertino. if the fbi thought it was hard to break into an iphone now
6:30 am
wait until you hear what apple engineers are cooking up. >> an escaped bald eagle why it won't last long in the wild. >> one more day near 80 and let's track rain together . >> brake lights at the bay bridge. we'll check the traffic coming up. a developing story spanning two bay area cities. the search for a missing brisbane mother is taking frightening turns. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in brisbane with the latest on the search for shelly titchener. >> reporter: there's growing concern here in brisbane regarding the whereabouts of shelly titchener and about the well-being of her family. last night flowers and a
6:31 am
forensic van as questions squirrel about what happened. 57-year-old shelly went missing without her phone or medication. she was gone for more than a week with her husband and sons looking for any sign of her. >> it was so genuine and real and how he spoke to me. how much he loved his wife. sunday the mystery of shelly's disappearance grew murky as a female torso was discovered in the bay by fishermen off the fremont shoreline. tuesday another twist as shelly's husband paul jumped off the bay bridge to his death. a neighbor questioned the timeline of her disappearance to paul and police. shelly was reported missing the day before valentine's day but didi spoke with her about bamboo on their shared fence line on president's day. >> heard the family saying that's weird, why we haven't heard from her since saturday and you know why did she come back here on monday? >> reporter: yesterday with paul dead and shelly's whereabouts up in the air a two
6:32 am
city investigation took place in the parking lot of the pd a truck with the missing poster of shelly in the back window surrounded by crime scene tape with a fremont cruiser nearby. the torso that was found in fremont has yet to be identified as shelly so police here in brisbane are still treating it as a missing person. in brisbane, jackie ward, kpix 5. the drinking fountain at healdsburg elementary school is shut off with high levels of lead in the water. school officials are giving out bottled water now. there are no reports of lead poisoning at this time. the county health department is doing some further testing. this bald eagle named sequoia could die if she doesn't return soon to the palo alto junior museum and zoo. she escaped on monday. it wasn't the first time. but employees say her paralyzed tail and difficulty catching food means she could starve after more than a few days away so they are tracking her through a radio receiver and hoping she will come back soon. >> she's always come back but
6:33 am
there are times of terror like this where she is out, i don't know where she is, and i want answers. >> three years ago sequoia wandered the peninsula for several days before returning in rough shape back to the palo alto museum. okay. here it is. the largest container ship in the united states i in the port of oakland in the bay now. the benjamin franklin is more than 1300 feet long and as wide as a football field. live pictures. you see them there. it's the second time it's visited the port of oakland. the ship's first stop was on new year's eve. tomorrow it is going out of port north to seattle. >> so everybody on the bay bridge needs to watch the road not the ship but it's hard not to. >> last time i climbed to the top of our kpix 5 studios you could see it from there. you want to go? >> we can see it from our window. >> we can see all the way to the port of oakland today because the visibility is unlimited. we have clear skies. we are still under the
6:34 am
influence of this huge dome of high pressure. good morning? >> this is our live weather camera looking in the direction every the port of oakland. look at how good it looks from there. imagine standing at the port and you're waving it in? how mammoth it appears? in oakland, right now, it is 61 degrees. it is also in the low 50s in san jose. it is 55 degrees in san francisco. mid-40s in livermore where 24 hours ago it was 38 degrees on approach. clouds associated with an area of low pressure north of the bay area going to sideswipe our friday producing clouds but until then, lots of sunshine from the coast to our inland areas. 70 half moon bay. mid-70s santa clara all the way into san jose. yesterday, we got up to 77 degrees in gilroy today i'm forecasting 78 degrees there. east of the bay, easily into the low 70s. the winds will be offshore northeast to 10. meanwhile 72 degrees in santa rosa and hey, in windsor, you will start to see the return of some clouds by the afternoon hours. we'll track the rain together coming up at 48 minutes after
6:35 am
the hour. we got our eye on the bay bridge now. bumper-to-bumper toward the toll plaza. metering lights turned on about an hour ago. you're backed up into the maze. delays at all approaches. no problem past the metering lights across the upper deck. keep your eyes on the road there. no distractions as you work your way into san francisco. westbound eastshore freeway seeing brake lights out of berkeley as you head towards emeryville and, of course, on to the bay bridge. south 880 still slow business as usual southbound coming through hayward into union city down into fremont. you can definitely see stop-and- go conditions there. and we are loading up on the san mateo bridge. it's now at 19 minutes to make that trek between 880 and 101. michelle? >> all right. this time tomorrow, a federal judge's order for apple to help the fbi hack into a suspected terrorist iphone will expire. it doesn't seem like apple's
6:36 am
ceo tim cook has any intention of complying. kpix 5's keit do is live in cupertino near apple with more on the battle between apple and the feds. kiet reporter: apple hinted at this with a conference call with investors and the "new york times" is reporting that apple engineers right now are working on developing a new security measure that would make it "impossible" to break into the iphone in the way the government is ordering apple to do so. last week a federal judge ordered apple to help out with a so-called brute force attack on the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. the government wants apple to right write a new version of its operating system to allow millions of pass codes to be entered at once without the phone erasing itself. right now all iphones allow the operating system to be upgraded without entering the pass code to make it easier to repair malfunctioning phones but apple engineers are working to remove this feature. they have been reportedly doing so since before the san bernardino attack that killed 14 people back in december. all this as apple's ceo tim cook finally talks on camera
6:37 am
for the first time since this drama began. >> amid its legal battle with the federal government, apple feels like it's winning in the court of public opinion. >> if we allow this to happen, then we are going to -- everything from now on will be an open book to every government in the world. >> reporter: a federal judge ruled last week apple had to help the fbi unlock the iphone of syed farook. he is one of two terror suspects who killed 14 people during a shooting spree in san bernardino in december. >> we need to stand tall and stand tall on principle. >> reporter: in his first interview since the judge's ruling, apple's ceo tim cook told abc news that the farook case isn't about a phone about the future. >> what is at stake here is, can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s.? >> reporter: in its appeal sources tell cbs news apple plans to argue in part the american people through
6:38 am
congress should decide on the issue. before a house committee wednesday, attorney general loretta lynch maintained the government isn't overstepping its bounds. >> it's a long-standing principle in our justice system that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime, then that judge can authorize the government to conduct a limited search for that evidence. >> reporter: and apple has until tomorrow to file the appeal for that court order. we're live in cupertino, kiet do, kpix 5. isis issued a threat to sillicon valley heavyweights. the terrorist organization posted this video calling out facebook's mark zuckerberg and twitter's jack dorsey. representatives for the social media sites recently met with intelligence officials in washington about combating online recruiting. experts believe isis now responding after facebook and twitter began blocking extremists from their sites. >> we are still out here. we are a major player in this high-tech industry too and i
6:39 am
think that's why they specifically targeted, you know, mark zuckerberg and dorsey. >> researchers at george washington university ran a study and found that isis- related accounts online have declined over time thanks to administrators blocking sites. palo alto police are trying to find two men who robbed two movie theater workers at gunpoint. it happened after hours tuesday night as workers were closing the cinearts theater in palo alto square. the two armed robbers believed to be in their late teens stole cell phones and demanded access to the safe. there wasn't much money inside so they fled. daylight saving time could be a thing of the past here in california. state assemblyman hanson chu of san jose has introduced a bill that would keep california on standard time year round. chu refers to research that shows negative effects of moving clocks ahead one hour including an increase in workplace accidents. chu also says there is no
6:40 am
evidence it reduces energy consumption. california voters approved it in 1949. it would up to the voters to get rid of it. time now 6:40. a bay area lawmaker wants to regulate the runway. the plan that would require models to bring a doctor's note to work. >> and an amazing phenomenon has people flocking to yosemite national park. we are going to take out to watch the "firefall" when we come back. ,,
6:41 am
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6:43 on 24 thursday, effect 25. san francisco forecast high today 70. numbers in the low 70s in danville and alamo. 70s? brentwood, tracy and
6:44 am
discovery bay. 70s. full forecast in novato and increasing clouds late day in cloverdale. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." let's finds out. charlie rose joins us from new york. >> reporter: good morning. the latest on the weather along the east coast and the imagine news of the day, plus we're at a university in texas where students will soon be allowed to bring guns on campus. how professors may change the way they teach. and a dramatic airplane redesign that could have you paying more based on your size. and u.s. women's soccer goalie hope sole slow in studio 57 and we'll talk with her about zika virus fears ahead of the summer olympics. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thank you. it is 6:44 now. some encouraging news in the business world. >> yes, kcbs radio's financial
6:45 am
reporter jason brooks has the goods on durable goods and much more. hey, jason. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. certainly a good sign for u.s. manufacturers who have been feeling the pressure of the stronger dollar on overseas sales. the commerce department says that orders for long lasting items such as cars, machinery, appliances, rose 4.9% in january. that was the strongest gain in ten months and followed a pretty big decline in december a good sign going forward for manufacturers. not quite as good initial jobless claims rising by 10,000. four-week average was a little lighter. continuing claims are down as well and the overall number is still low enough to suggest decent job growth. the unemployment rate currently at an eight-year low of 4.9%. several bay area firms are in the spotlight for their earnings results. on the positive side, "salesforce" turned in a very strong quarter and very optimistic about the year ahead for the cloud software leader
6:46 am
and its shares are surging higher in the early going. going the other way for hp, inc. printer and pc sales down in the recent quarter and things not looking better in the year going forward and its shares are down. restoration hardware had a rough quarter and its stock is tanking right now down by more than 20% in the early going. stocks overall trying to push forward for the second straight day. dow barely hanging on right now up by 6 points. nasdaq is down by 5. s&p is up by 1. shares of "salesforce" up 9%. frank and michelle, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. crews this morning continue to battle a brush fire in l.a. county. voluntary evacuations under way in the malibu area where about 7 acres of rugged terrain up in the hills have burned as you can see. they have work to do. the evacuation areas include 20 homes, two children's camps.
6:47 am
the fire began near pacific coast highway and mulholland drive just after 3 a.m. so far no reports of injuries and they are not clear exactly how it started. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch has announced changes to how inmates wanted for day pouration should be handled -- deportation should be handled. she says they will be turned over to u.s. immigration authorities rather than local law enforcement. the shooting death in san francisco put a spotlight on the issue. kate steinle was killed last summer. the suspect juan francisco lopez-sanchez is an illegal immigrant. he was in san francisco after police ignored a request from federal authorities to hold him for deportation proceedings. a new bill would make california the first state to require models have doctor's notes to work. under the bill, modeling agencies would be licensed by the state and could be fined for hiring models who don't have a doctor saying they are healthy. it would also require periodic health checkups and nutritional counseling for models. nicki duboce is a former model
6:48 am
who supports the bill. >> this is not just a, you know, an issue for models. this is an issue for society. if we can change the way that the standards are within the modeling industry, then this can in turn impact society in a better way. >> the bill also offers more protection from sexual harassment but it still has to go through both houses and be signed by governor brown before it becomes law. gianna has traffic. >> we have a couple of accidents clearing across the eastshore freeway one at san pablo dam road and another at powell street. they are cleared off the road but slow as you head westbound. stop-and-go out of hercules as you tomorrow away from highway 4. we'll see brake lights. metering lights are on and you're backed up into the maze all approaches now seeing some delays this morning. san mateo bridge starting to
6:49 am
get slow this morning. we are seeing 20 minutes between 880 westbound over towards the peninsula. no delays though along 101 on the peninsula. 880 though southbound might see some stop-and-go conditions there. slows down towards the san mateo bridge this morning. let's get a look at conditions on the nimitz freeway just north of there. you can see traffic doing okay as you head past the coliseum into downtown oakland 17 minutes drive time so looks good. southbound is okay through this portion but again you will see delays right around 238. here's a look at conditions along 580 westbound altamont pass to 680. 16 minutes now for your drive time. 18 minutes, rather. here's roberta. >> hey, "lady g," michelle, training, what time is it? >> weather watcher time! [ laughter ] >> no, it's not hammer time. [ laughter ] >> it's weather watcher time! good morning, everyone. these weather watcher are people with weather stations in and around our microclimates that are reporting to me what's going on in their neighborhoods. you, too, can be a weather watcher and check in with us. let's see what's going on right
6:50 am
now. from napa we have 45 degrees so says linda to san jose joe has 44 degrees and smack in between, this morning from the north bay to the south bay 55, so says george hughes. and what else does very to say this morning? beautiful sunrise this morning. it's true, george! and thanks for checking in. this is our live weather camera from mount vaca. yes, another seamless day wall to wall sunshine from the coast to the inland areas. temperatures mild. 46 in livermore. yesterday that the hour it was 38. here's what you need to know today. lots of blue skies but tomorrow we will have some light rain showers. we'll track that together right now. let's take a look at your pollen report because if you sneeze and wheeze, it- uncomfortable again today -- it will be uncomfortable again today due to alder, ash and juniper high counts. a huge dome of high pressure is collapsing with increasing clouds beginning tonight. track this at home. look at the clouds tomorrow gather along the coast.
6:51 am
that's the return of the onshore push. see that there? that's a frontal boundary. way to the north of the bay area 3:00 in the afternoon but it's falling apart at the seams as it continues to drift in a southerly direction so if we see any rain at all it will be anemic. about .01" rain in san jose. spring-like skiing in north star. meanwhile what is it, frank? what's your favorite run? >> olympic lady at squaw valley. >> 70s today from the beaches to the inland areas. meanwhile your extended forecast calls for another chance of rain showers by sunday night. make it a great day. >> we will. thank you. some spectacular photos going viral on social media were all snapped up at yosemite national park. they show what's known as a "firefall." the flow of the waterfall and the angle of the setting sun have to be just right for this to happen. kpix 5's wilson walker went to yosemite to check it out. >> we come up and spend a week every year just for this one event. >> there are a lot of people out here.
6:52 am
i have been trying to find a parking place. >> they have blocked off a lane of the road to allow more traffic. >> i never even heard about it so i'm like i need to go check it out. >> i tried five years ago and it didn't work out. >> this is my 13th time. i got it once. >> the stars have to align. there has to be enough snow on top to melt. >> then you have to have clear skies and you have to have clear skies in the last 10 minutes of sunset. >> so everything has to be, you know, in alignment. >> so, you know, fingers crossed going to get lucky tonight. >> so you're starting to get the yellow now sun setting but it just keeps getting better. you would swear the mountain just cracked open and hot lava is coming out in flames. it's a third base hit. [ laughter ] >> not a home run. >> but good enough to show, you know, what the phenomenon is all about. >> reporter: if you want to come up and here catch it, move fast. it only lines up for a couple
6:53 am
of more days. in yosemite, i'm wilson walker, kpix 5. time now 6:52. more help is available today for bay area crabbers struggling to get by with the season on hold. >> reporter: and the disappearance portfolio shelly titchener turns into a two city investigation following the death of her husband. we hear from neighbors next. ,, ,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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6:56 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ candidates square off in thr tenth debate tonight in the last meeting before super tuesday. frontrunner donald tr st republican presidential candidates square off in their tenth debate tonight in their last meeting before superstorm sandy. front-runner donald trump has won three of the first four nominating contests and on the democratic side south carolina holds its primary on saturday. a severe storm system continues to march up the east
6:57 am
coast. at least 5 people died after multiple tornadoes touched down in the carolinas and virginia and falling trees crushed cars and damaged homes overnight in new york and new england. the encryption dispute between apple and the fbi is raging on. in an interview with abc, the ceo tim cook maintained it would be bad for america if apple helped unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. he is prepared to go to the supreme court with the battle. starting today representatives from the u.s. small business administration will be in san mateo county to help those affected by the ban on commercial crabbing. fishermen can receive immediate access to low-interest loans. it's not just for crabbers. small businesses dependent on the industry are also eligible. they are looking for an escaped bald eagle. she flew off on monday. her paralyzed tail and difficulty catching food might
6:58 am
cause her to starve after a few days. i'm jackie ward in brisbane on san jose avenue where two memorials have been set up for shelly titchener, one here on the street corner under the missing persons flyer, one in front of her home. this morning, neighbors are increase little concerned about what happened to shelly especially after hearing her husband jumped off the bay bridge to his death. 12 days ago she was reported missing leaving homing without metcasion or cell phone. on sunday a woman's torso, not confirmed to be shelly's, was found in a marsh near the dumbarton bridge. then tuesday her husband killed himself. a neighbor who spoke to paul recently told us how he was coping with the disappearance of his wife. >> it wasn't so much what he said. it was just his emotion and what his -- he got teary-eyed and said she was mentallyively and she didn't have her medication. how much he loved her and the two sons were really worried about the missing mother. >> reporter: although paul had not been named a suspect, he
6:59 am
was a person of interest. some neighbors are now questioning how everything that's happened the last couple of weeks is conducted if at all so again, the torso found in fremont has not been identified as shelly's. so police still are her listed as a missing person. in brisbane, jackie ward, kpix 5. let's check the roads now. south 101 out of novato into san rafael you see traffic is slow-and-go for your morning drive. south of there we have an accident clearing right at the golden gate bridge near the toll plaza. it is blocking at least one lane. roberta? >> transamerica pyramid a camera looks due east showing clear skies officially sun is up. the temperatures already into the 40s and 50s. it's going to be warmer today than yesterday. full sunshine 70 at the beaches, 70s bayside to the mid- to high 70s away from the bay into our inland areas. it was 77 in gilroy yesterday. >> wow. >> today 78. very light rain tomorrow. very light. >> very light. all right. well, thanks for watching, everybody. >> we are closing with a shot
7:00 am
of vista point looking at sunrise. captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." fast moving flame force evacuations in the west. >> is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the billionaire has something to high. >> u.s. soccer legend hope so slo is here for her first interview since raising concerns about zika. but we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in


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