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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> pelley: the campaign deteriorates. >> donald trump is a con artist. >> pelley: and the front-runner gets an endorsement no one saw coming. also tonight, zika virus is confirmed in nine pregnant women il the u.s. one child has a birth defect. the deadly shootings in kansas. what might have triggered the rampage and the hero cop who stopped him. and steve hartman with the special bond between child and duck. r: i'm his mom. >> reporter: you're not really m.s mom. >> yup, i'm his mom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. this may go down as the week the party of lincoln devolved into a crippling civil war of its own.
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there was nothing grand in the old party's debate last night-- name calling, mocking, attempts at humiliation reached lows that many republicans would say are beneath the dignity of the office that the candidates are seeking. maybe it reflected desperation, as time runs short before next week's super tuesday, which is likely the last chance to catch donald trump. today, the race was jolted by an impeccably timed bombshell when trump's campaign was validated by one of the last people you might have expected. here's major garrett. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs, both at home and around the world, than donald trump. th reporter: chris christie said lanald trump is the best candidate to take on hillary clinton and praised his executive experience. le he'll provide strong, haequivocal leadership. he will do what needs to be done to protect the american people. >> reporter: but when he was a fondidate, christi questioned
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trump's fitness for the white house. >> we are not electing an entertainer-in-chief. showmanship is fun, but it's not hae kind of leadership that will truly change america. >> reporter: the high-profile endorsement turned attention away from last night's debate when, for the first time, marco rubio, trailing trump in his llme state of florida, pummeled the billionaire front-runner with personal and policy attacks. a here's a guy that inherited $200 million. io he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where donald trump would be right now? selling watches in manhattan. you hired some workers from poland. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anyone. >> let me finish the statement-- >> you haven't hired one person. >> he hired workers from poland and he had to pay $1 million in a judgment. >> wrong, totally wrong. >> reporter: after the debate, trump told us this about rubio. >> the guy's a choke artist. i watched him melt four weeks ago with chris christie. i never saw anything like it. he melted. >> reporter: trump continued the eveme on twitter with this
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"never let them see you sweat" depiction of rubio and stage makeup and at his press conference. >> but i saw him backstage and he was putting it on with a trowel. >> reporter: on "cbs this morning," rubio trotted out his own new attack line. >> donald trump is a con artist. a con artist is about to take over the republican party. but not a con artist like donald trump. >> reporter: at a rally in dallas, rubio turned up the heat even more. he mocked trump's tweets by trump's misspelling. >> "lightweight chocker marco rubio looks like a little boy on stage, not presidential material." y meant to say lightweight, but he spelled it l-e-i-g-h-t, he got that wrong. >> reporter: he then resorted to toilet humor. >> then he asked for a full- length mirror. i don't know why, because the podium goes up to here. rot he wanted a full-length e rror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. d reporter: trump hit back, isitating rubio's 2013 state of the union response when he k,terrupted his speech to take a
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drink of water. >> it's rubio! ( cheers ) >> reporter: the attacks have pud many in the republican establishment to throw up their hands in dismay, as former candidate lindsey graham did last night. >> my party has gone bat ( bleep ) crazy. >> reporter: late today, maine's governor paul lepage endorsed trump, arguing donald trump could be one of america's great presidents if he put together a good team. scott, trump left open putting christie on that team, either as a running mate or a cabinet member. >> pelley: major garrett, panks. bob schieffer has been watching all of this play out today, and he's joining us right now. bob. co reporter: well, scott, i must tell you, i thought things couldn't get lower than they'd already reached in this campaign. i mean, the political discourse, but last night it went even below where i thought it could possibly go. i mean, no discussion of the issues, but people arguing, screaming, hollering. it was like kids out behind the
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barn rather than a political debate. and then, as he always does, ecnald trump has this tremendous ability to change the subject. o. rolls out chris christie abday and suddenly, that debate seems like it was years ago. we're talking about chris ftristie. >> pelley: after 2012, bob, the republican party realized it needed to reach out to a much caoader electorate, including hispanics and african americans. what happened to that effort? >> well, i'll tell you, that is what is bothering a lot of traditional republicans. donald trump gets big applause when he talks about building that wall along the border with mexico, but what some republicans are beginning to wonder is, is he really building a wall around the republican chrty, making it impossible for bae party now to reach out and to try to broaden its base. hispanics are the largest growing segment of our society, and trump seems to be trying to run them off with all of this
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talk. he says that hispanics love him, bat the polls don't back this up. and i think-- i think this is w.e problem that is really bothering republicans now. pave got to tell you, scott. eo they try to run a campaign that appeals only to people who look like me, that is going to , a very tall wall to climb. >> pelley: bob schieffer, on the campaign trail with us for 2016, , b, thanks so much. >> thank you, scott. >> pelley: now to the democrats on the eve of their south carolina primary. here's nancy cordes. he hey, guys! >> reporter: the republican free-for-all overshadowed everything the democrats did today, and that was just fine ntth them. in a statement, the democratic national committee snickered, a as a superpac supporting clinton released this picture of a seal otercome by laughter. le o was sanders in minnesota. >> there are some people out
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there, people like trump and others, who want to divide us up. they think they can get votes by making bigoted and racist remarks about latinos, or telling us that we're supposed to hate muslims. >> reporter: but democrats admit trump would be an unpredictable general election opponent. new jersey senator cory booker. how do you go up against a candidate like trump? whenever you hit him, he hits back twice as hard. >> this is going to be a choice for us as american people. g we want someone who divides or someone who unites? >> reporter: but as a clinton supporter, he knows if she and trump are the nominees it will not be pleasant. y, will go after her constantly, scott, over benghazi and her e- s ils, another 1,500 pages of her e-mails are coming out this evening. >> pelley: nancy cordes for us tonight. nance, thank you. in another important story, we learned today what may have set off the gunman who shot up that factory in kansas where he worked. d re than a dozen coworkers were hit and three of them died.
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renee benjamin, joshua higbee, and brian sadowsky. one rampage yesterday began on the road to the factory, and manuel bojorquez is in hesston, kansas. >> my car stopped. he was already out of the car and had this big machine gun. >> reporter: edna decker was one et 38-year-old cedric ford's first targets. what was he like? or angry. >> reporter: he tried to carjack her, but shot and missed. >> i could have been his first victim. that died, because it was directed right at my head. >> reporter: you ducked just in time. ep yeah, i did. >> reporter: just up the road, ford shot and carjacked another s,rson, then drove that car to his job, excel industries, in hesston. inside this building, armed with an assault rifle and a pistol, he shot 14 coworkers, killing three of them, until police gunned him down. just 90 minutes before the shooting, ford had been served with a protective order taken
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out by his former girlfriend who wrote, authorities believe the protective order triggered ford's actions. video from his facebook account appears to show him firing a gun. ford has a criminal record. state and federal investigators are looking into whether he legally obtained the weapons. t. walton is the harvey county sheriff. no this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: and it wasn't just an officer. it was the town's police chief, doug schroeder. kansas governor, sam brownback. >> rather than waiting on backup, he went right in and did heroic duty and service. >> reporter: when the police chief stopped the attack, there were still 200 to 300 people inside the building behind us. scott, late this afternoon, officials said they would charge
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a kansas woman for giving ford the weapons, knowing he was a convicted felon. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez in kansas tonight. manuel, thank you. rn learned today that the governor's office in michigan was concerned about the drinking water in flint long before the public was told of dangerous lead contamination. dean reynolds found the proof in the e-mails. >> reporter: problems surfaced m on after the city, under orders from a government- appointed emergency manager, roitched its water from lake huron to the heavily industrial flint river. it was cheaper that way, but the anter was discolored and foul smelling, and people got sick. jim ananich is a state senator. >> time and time again, members of the highest level of the government have clearly been just lying to the citizens of onint and to everyone else. >> reporter: and now e-mails from governor rick snyder's own aides showed they knew too the water was bad early on. de october 2014, a half year into the plan, snyder's policy adviser, valerie brader, wrote
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that elevated chlorine levels could cause long-term damage if not remedied. michael gadola, the governor's legal assistant, responded, pee state's water quality experts insisted the river water was fine. but independent researchers said the heavily treated river water was so corrosive, lead from foing pipes was leeching into the water for homes. today, a contrite snyder held a press conference. >> there were red flags in these e-mails if you look at it and beyond e-mails. we didn't connect all the dots orat i wish we would have. fi reporter: melissa mays was among the first to complain about the water here. when you read the e-mails today, how did you feel? >> furious. i keep telling myself, "nothing's going to shock you anymore." all this time, these people sat he the office going back and borth emailing about this but nobody stood up and helped us. >> reporter: governor snyder
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today authorized a $30 million aid package to help flint residents pay at least a portion of the water bills they're still getting. scott, as he put it, "people shouldn't have to pay for water they cannot drink." >> pelley: dean reynolds in flint. dean, thank you. tonight a partial cease-fire is supposed to take effect in syria. if it does, it would be the first in the five-year-old civil war there, but no one's holding out hope. we do know the guns will be e,iet in one town south of damascus because there is no one left to kill. t's rare for western reporters 's get into syria, but our elizabeth palmer traveled there today. kh reporter: the drive in to sheikh miskeen is nonstop wreckage, and when you stop, there's silence. before the war, 30,000 people lived here. now, no one is left. oposition fighters, a whole collection of groups working
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together, were so entrenched here that the syrian army simply couldn't advance into the town. it was a stalemate that lasted a whole year, until they called in the russian bombers. wave after wave of air strikes, yriating in december, followed ls a syrian army ground offensive, forced the rebels to theeat. today, there are a few soldiers left guarding the ruins as the battle has moved on. the two friends who were killed... jafar oleyan is an infantry g?ldier. how fierce was the fighting? "i can't even describe it," he says. ethe rebels had the advantage because they knew the terrain." you must be tired, though? "oh, yes," he says "we are so tired." victory has brought a lull for these men and some time to regroup, but what if their lull was replaced by a genuine truce?
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put your hand up if you think it has a good chance. yeah? >> yeah, they are ready for this eyace. they are -- >> reporter: ready for the peace. but one soldier adds, "if we see isis or al-nusra, we will kill them all." like his country, syria, hoping arr peace but braced for a lot more war. well, it's now after midnight here in syria, scott, and so, technically, this partial cease- fire is in effect, but it's far too early to know where or even if it's going to take hold, and, of course, how long it will last. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer inside syria for us tonight. t.z, thank you. n th pregnant women in the u.s. have caught the zika virus. wsat story when the cbs evening news continues.
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microcephaly, a severe birth wfect. each year, about half a million pregnant women travel between the u.s. and the countries now affected by zika. and dr. jon lapook has more. >> reporter: samantha mejia, newly pregnant, spent christmas in honduras with her husband, omar. back home in illinois, she became ill and tested positive tr the zika virus. at two months of pregnancy, she went in for her first ultrasound. >> the doctor let us know that we had miscarried. so we went in and they didn't find a heartbeat. >> reporter: zika virus was o und in the placenta, but there is no way to know if it caused the miscarriage., the c.d.c. said nine pregnant women, all u.s. travelers to zika-affected areas, tested positive for the virus. the c.d.c. is investigating the link between zika and newborns with microcephaly, an unusually small head and brain. six women had zika infection
5:48 pm
during the first trimester. one delivered a baby with microcephaly, two miscarried, and two had elective onrminations. ade pregnancy is continuing. of three women who had zika after the first trimester, two had healthy babies and one is ayill pregnant. pae c.d.c. says there is no evidence that past zika infection poses a risk for future pregnancies. >> we no longer have the fear of what the zika virus is going to do to our baby, so my thoughts and my heart goes out to all the tomen who don't know right now. to reporter: the c.d.c. continues to advise pregnant women to postpone travel to bka-affected areas. in addition, because of reports of sexual transmission, any male srtner who has traveled to one s those areas should use a e tex condom when having sex. >> pelley: remarkable interview, jon. thanks very much. coming up, a postscript to the llama drama one year later. hi, i'm here with some advice from the future
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>> pelley: there's a run on gasoline in southern california. we counted close to 70 cars lined up to pay $1.99 for gas. prices are expected to go up, onough, about 37 cents this weekend as stations switch from winter to summer blend. it was one year ago that llamas kanita and lainey went on a nationally televised romp a.rough sun city, arizona. today, we learned that after the escape, the u.s.d.a. ordered that the llamas be licensed. they and their owners have since retired to a farm. well, call in the little kids. steve hartman has a story they will love next. if you have high blood pressure like i do,
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next on kpix 5 news >> pelley: we end tonight with the best kind of children's roory, the kind that grown-ups like, too. so here, now, is the story of kylie and the duck told by steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: a lot of kids go to the park to see ducks, but five- year-old kylie brown of freeport, maine, takes her duck to see the park. onowflake comes here to swim around the pond and then returns ulen called because snowflake ckuly believes that kylie is his mother, and the duck is not alone in this delusion. ( quacking ) i'm his mom. >> reporter: you're not really his mom. >> yup, i'm his mom. >> reporter: how did you first find out? >> that he was a duck?
5:57 pm
>> reporter: no, that-- kylie is unbearably cute. ued since i never did recover to ask that question again-- let me just tell you that kylie first noticed snowflake's attachment the day the browns brought her home last summer. >> look, look, look! te follows her! >> reporter: for whatever reason, the duck imprinted on kylie and just had to be by her side, no matter what the hour. when snowflake refused to stay in the backyard, kylie's parents, ashley and mike, say they had no choice but to give him a diaper and make him a house duck. >> he goes everywhere that ducks are allowed and almost everywhere they are not allowed. i don't know if you've ever had eatwo-year-old or a four-year- old who wouldn't leave home without their blankie. >> anxiety. >> she would not leave home d thout her duck. and at that point, nothing is tegotiable. e reporter: snowflake goes to the beach in summer and sledding in winter. he's been to soccer practice, gone on sleepovers. he even went trick-or-treating
5:58 pm
as olaf, the snowman from "frozen." and over time, because they both sincerely believe they belong together, snowflake and kylie had formed a bond that most of us will never know. >> it's special. even at five years old, i know that's the type of person she's going to be. >> reporter: she really is going to make a great mom some day, mostly because she already is. you know, some day, he's going to grow up and go to college? >> what! >> reporter: steve hartman, "on the road," in freeport, maine. >> pelley: he fits the bill. niat's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs ssaptioned by media access group at wgbh
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francisco police.. "we see a pattern and practe of racism among law enforce .." w: one year later.. new before the mario woods case, this young man was shot and killed by san francisco police. >> we see a pattern and practice of racism within the sfpd. >> now one year later new evidence is raising tough questions for the chief. >> do these new findings change your support of chief suhr? >> it takes less than two minutes but it can cost you $1,000. the spike in theft targeting bart commuters. >> thievery has no limit these days. >> apple says it's standing up for privacy but apparently not fighting for freedom everywhere. >> and good-bye to late summer sunsets? the exclusive kpix 5 poll on the push to get rid of daylight saving time. good evening, i'm julie watts. >> i'm ken bastida. some new evidence contradicts
6:00 pm
the official story in a deadly police shooting. amilcar lopez a young immigrant from guatemala was killed by san francisco police a year ago today. now a second autopsy calling into question the police chief's version of what happened. emily turner reports. >> reporter: literally calling for justice. in fact, they started with that call just over there which is the site where everything happened. and then they marched down the street to the police station on vallejo. they want to go to the source and let them know they want change. >> this is a killing zone! >> reporter: amilcar lopez was killed by the police in the mission a year ago today. the community was outraged but in the wake of that shooting, chief suhr said it was justified. >> the officers as they are


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