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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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as the democrats focus on t south carolina primary toda. both parties prepare for the big showdown on sup tuesday. plus: a as democrats focus on the south carolina primary today, both parties prepare for super tuesday. >> plus a big weekend for politics in california. what's bringing joe biden to the bay area today. >> and details on last year's cyber attack on the irs, how the number affected is larger than previously estimated. >> we begin with a check of the forecast, kind of a repeat of
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last week. >> we are getting a great start. it's mild but warming up. we start with a live look heading out this saturday morning. it is partly cloudy, temperatures mild thanks to the cloud cover. 57 in oakland right now, 54 san francisco, 56 san josi. no freezing temperatures out there this morning. checking the headlines today, mild start and patchy fog out there this morning, partly cloudy today and dry and mild this weekend. as i mentioned, we have the possibility of showers in the forecast. i think we'll see march rain, so we'll talk about that coming up in a bit. looking forward to that. happening today, voters are at the polls in south carolina to take part in the state's democratic primary. this comes a week after donald
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trump won the republican primary. hillary clinton is expected to win over bernie sanders. polls will close at 4:00 p.m. our time so stay with us for the latest results. march 1st is super tuesday. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in several states. >> vice president joe biden is in the bay area this morning, taking part in a schedule at uc san francisco about the white house's initiative to eliminate cancer. from there he'll head to san josi to address the california democratic party convention. sunday he'll make an appearance at the academy awards as part of the it's on us campaign, raising awareness about sexual violence on college campuses. highway 85 northbound last night about 7:00 p.m., chp says a victim tried to run from the
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center median to the shoulder and was hit by a porsche. he was 29 years old and from fresno. the driver is cooperating with investigators. police activity closed all lanes of westbound 80 at richmond parkway. a single car accident this morning is the cause here. still gathering information but we understand investigators are waiting for daylight and may be searching for a weapon, so that highway is still closed. a missing alameda man owes more than $100 million in a real estate fraud statement. volunteers searched based on a facebook tip but came up empty. police examined footage from the golden gate bridge and officers have a pretty high certainty that beck did not cross the bridge on february
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9th, the day he vanished. two people were killed last night when the driver of a bmw lost control and slammed into a pickup truck. >> and near half moon bay, a fatal accident that could have been much worse if not for the quick thinking of a good samaritan. highway 1 was shut down in both directions near half moon bay for more than four hours. we talked to a woman who rescued two other women from that crash. >> it was just horrific. it was cars rolling and flying. >> reporter: in grainy video, you can see the aftermath of the head-on crash. >> i was behind the cars when they hit head-on, and the jeep rolled, was rolling. and the truck hit the tree. >> reporter: joann rushed to
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pull two women from the jeep. >> i heard girls screaming. i rushed over there and pulled out cheyenne. we went around to the driver side and we couldn't help the other girl. she was pinned. she was upside down and pinned, scrunched up. >> reporter: the crash happened around 5:30 p.m., leaving one man dead and two women critically injured. the backup for the investigation was so thick we couldn't reach the scene. the closure left drivers stranded for hours as crews moved in and chp investigated. >> about three hours. i had dinner for about an hour and thought one lane was open but it isn't so i'm still sitting here. >> reporter: the two women in the flipped jeep were taken to
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stanford hospital for treatment. police are investigating a woman after officers responded to a report of a suspicious circumstance at a home on central avenue friday morning. her name has not been released. the man accused of killing his girlfriend used and undocumented immigrant. he's accused of shooting the 22- year-old last saturday. in 2013 he was sent to jail for dui then remanded to immigration and customs enforcement, which then released him on bail after deciding he didn't pose a threat to public safety. a relative says they also didn't see him as a threat. >> it's a shock to everybody in the family. still can't believe it, to even think that he could do something like that. never did the family see something like that.
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>> and authorities believe he had help moving the body, later scene on surveillance video at a car wash. a fire damaged three homes in san josi around noon yesterday downtown. firefighters had it knocked down by 1:30 but there were complications. they had to wait for water even though there's a fire station right across the street because the station doesn't have a water pumping system due to budget cuts. >> they don't have hoses. they have paramedics here but they don't have the equipment or capacity they need to put out the fires. >> it's not their fault. they're not cutting the budget. the city is. >> reporter: a fire truck was sent from another station for more than two miles away. no one was hurt. students and staff, we've
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been hacked. up to 80,000 people associated with uc berkeley are being warned about a security breach that happened in december. cal is offering free identity theft insurance and credit monitoring. the irs is dealing with another hack attack, much worse than previously thought. about 700,000 taxpayers had personal information compromised. the hackers applied the information to the transcript section of the irs website. that function has been disabled. a deadline has passed for the homeless people to leave one tent city, but about two dozen tents were still in place last night. >> reporter: despite the city's order to clear division street, people in tents stayed put. public health officials give the homeless 72 hours to pack
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up and leave after declare to go area a public nuisance. the deadline was 5:00. this is where they encouraged people to move, a shelter at pier 80 which can house 150 people. >> do you agree with what the city is doing? >> in a way i do but in a way i don't because where are they supposed to go? >> reporter: the homeless problem is estimated at 5,000 people in san francisco. she understands why the city is getting tough. >> if you're going to be acting like a bunch of wild animals, dumping garbage all over the place, then of course they're going to get ran off. >> overwhelming response by volunteers in oakland. so many people registered to build micro or popup homes this weekend that the event couldn't
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take any more volunteers. organizers aim to build at least three tiny homes saturday and sunday. volunteers are asked to bring their own building materials. with such a positive response, organizers say they are planning more in the future. coming up, the target of thieves and you may be surprised what they are stealing. >> and possible protests could up stage hollywood's biggest night at this year's academy awards. >> and looking at another mild day with a warmup for the workweek on the way, then rain in the extended forecast.
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hospital today after experiencing "extreme flu-l symptoms. her publicist says the 83-yr was welcome back. yoko ono is expected to be released from the hospital today. she was taken to the hospital friday night and her son tweeted that she was dehydrated and tired, denying reports that
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she had a stroke. a san francisco man is recovering from a pit bull attack and police are looking for the dog and owner who fled the scene when the attack happened. the victim was playing with his dog in golden gate park and he provided this video to police. this is not the pit bull that bit the victim but he told police it looks just like it. >> came up and started attacking the victim's leg, falling down to the ground and he continued attacking the victim's arm. >> police are asking for help locating the female pit bull owner, described as heavy set and took off in a white ford explorer. the latest theft at a bart station was friday morning in berkeley. more on the spike in this specific type of crime. >> reporter: like many bart passengers, lisa leaves her car in a parking lot for 8 to 9
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hours. >> people know if cars are here at 8:30, they know they're in the city all day. >> reporter: thieves are turning these lots into chop shops. >> frustrating and annoying when you're just trying to get home. thievery has no limits these days. >> reporter: so far this month thieves have stolen six catalytic converters from cars. thieves have hit up pretty much all the east bay parking lots. >> if we see a trend at a station and specific time, we'll go undercover, hide officers and have sting operations. >> reporter: some victims got their cars fixed here. >> all the ones we had this week, it was the same m.o., the same cut, same color of the blade because the residue was
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left on the pipe. >> reporter: a battery operated power saw is all they use and can cut these off in less than two minutes. most recycling centers don't take them anymore but some places pay anywhere from $20 to $250 for one, but it takes a thousand dollars to replace one. >> they wouldn't go to places they know it's not safe to do what they're doing so something is wrong with security here. >> so far no one has been arrested. weekend cal train riders, a bridge replacement product may affect your weekend. crews are replacing the rail bridge in san mateo. construction began last night and lasts to monday morning.
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several nearby streets will be closed down. cal train will be tracking around the project. getting around has been a little tough. >> but it's nice weather wise. >> it's going to be nice, partly cloudy skies and mild all weekend. we'll stay dry at least for the next few days. let's start with blue skies this morning, over to golden gate with high clouds out there. partly cloudy today and we are nice and mild, 57 oakland, 54 san francisco and 56 in san josi. we have a little of everything in the forecast. today is mild with a high surf advisory in effect. warming early next week, again above average, then a chance of showers, hint of rain in the
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forecast. starting off with a high surf advisory today till 3:00, all coastal locations, westerly flow 12 to 13 feet, could see breakers over 20 feet strong. keep the kids out of the water. if you see folks in the water today, give them a heads up. we are mainly dry but we have a system passing through tomorrow. it will stay well to our north, high pressure building over the next few days. that's going to keep the storm track well to our north. we have another system but unfortunately won't see a lot out of it. this is 5:00 on thursday. if this weather pattern verifies, because it's still a few days out, notice how the jet stream moves. that's going to usher in some moisture. this is what our outlook looks
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like, much wetter, march 4th through 8th. looks like we head into next month and could see the rain we have been waiting for. high temperatures in the 60s, topping out near 70 degrees for the warmest locations. today and tomorrow partly cloudy skies, near 70 degrees. 60s for the bay and coast. warmer still monday, tuesday and wednesday. plenty of sunshine wednesday night into thursday right now. our forecast chance of our first chance of rain is on thursday. we hope we'll see that. >> at least we have a specific day to route for. the mood is different for the academy awards tomorrow night. the ceremony is under fire for a lack of diversity among the
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nominees. >> protests could bring more drama to hollywood. >> reporter: hollywood knows how to throw a party. at the governor's ball venue, art work is up and wolfgang puck is preparing food food. experts are preparing. >> i don't remember an oscar race that was more confusing than this year, because the big prize is really up for grabs. >> reporter: after five nominations, this could be leonardo's year. and it's hard to talk about the oscars without hearing the lack of diversity among nominees.
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>> the film industry is at least 20 years behind what television is. and they're going to have to catch up or people are going to stop going to movies. >> there are a lot of questions about how this year's oscars host, chris rock, will address the lack of diversity. yesterday he tweeted see you sunday, and contained a video of television static. producers for the awards previously said rock was rewriting the monologue to address the issue of diversity. on instagram yesterday, you can see the lieutenant governor
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with his wife and their fourth child, a boy, named dutch. congratulations. just ahead, a wild scene at a gas station in southern california. >> coming up in sports, the 49ers may be coming out of retirement and sharks looking to continue what could be their best month of the season so far. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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anthony davis reportedly applied for reinstatement to the league. he retired last year. the san josi sharks taking on the buffalo sabres, a minute and a half into the game with no jet lag here, sharks taking the early lead. but buffalo goes onto win 3-1. and stanford taking on oregon state, stanford in transition with samuelson left wide open for the three. mccall got the start and she's going 3 for 5 from beyond the arc, finishing with a career
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high 25 points and they get their 1000th win in program history. that's your saturday morning sports. quad workout of 2016 now to baseball, the oakland a's had their first full squad workout of 2016 yesterday. >> among the new faces, an outfielder who showed up just two days ago. >> reporter: we are addressing the oakland a's this morning in mesa. for one oakland player, it was his first day in green and gold. after being traded from the cubs to oakland on thursday after he'd begun camp with chicago. >> did you feel like you needed a name tag? >> could have helped. everyone's going, who's the new guy. like i said, when you play long enough, you're like, okay,
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you're over the egothing, just get in there and introduce yourself and get to know the guys. >> this is a different culture than it is over there. different in good ways for sure, and i love the culture they have here. being a fan, they're grinders, guys that play the right way and win and get to the postseason. >> it's already a crowded outfield with only three starting spots. that will do it this morning from mesa. red kale is trending and
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for good reason. it's a superfood. it's one of the top five or ten most nutritional fruits or vegetables we can buy. the red kale is one of my favorites. it looks beautiful and tastes good, a little milder, too, not as strong as the green kale. you want to be sure the red is like a dark red, almost like a light purple. that's the color you want to look for. when you buy food that's this nutritional, open it and let it breathe a little bit, and use it within two or three days. red kale, add a little lemon to a salad and you'll love it. look at that. still to come this morning, vice president joe biden in the bay area today. we'll have a look at the events bringing him to the region.
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>> and the former president of mexico continues to lash out at donald trump, comparing him to one of the most ruthless leaders in world history. >> and we have partly cloudy skies over the bay bridge this morning. we have a mild weekend in store, then a warmup, then some rain. details coming up. ,,
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i'm mark kelly. i'm anne makovec. and here is julie watts wita look at the weekend weather. welcome back this saturday morning. we have a look at the weekend weather forecast with more clear skies. >> it's going to be a beautiful weekend, just a few clouds out there and plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures, then another warmup on the way next week. i feel like after this last weekend it's going to be beautiful. take a look outside right now, blue skies out there and high clouds as well. partly cloudy skies throughout the weekend, thanks in part of the clouds, 54 in san francisco and 56 in san josi this morning. a look at the weather headlines, a mild start with patchy fog, partly cloudy today and then dry and mild throughout the weekend. we have some rain on the way
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for next week and we'll time that out in just a bit. polls are open in south carolina for the democratic presidential primary. hillary clinton is expected to win over bernie sanders. >> this comes as republicans and democrats gear up for super tuesday. >> i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> reporter: former gop candidate chris christie endorsed donald trump, saying he's the only one who can defeat the democrats. >> who is the best person to stop hillary clinton from getting inside the white house again? this is the best person to do that. >> reporter: ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement during a campaign stop in nashville but later played it cool. >> i think it was no doubt troubling news for the rubio campaign. >> what we are dealing with her is a conartist. >> reporter: marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday's debate but trump
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fired back. >> once a joker, always a joker. it never, ever changes. >> reporter: republicans have their sights set on super tuesday, but the democratic candidates have to get through the south carolina primaries first. hillary clinton is expected to win south carolina but she's campaigning there until the very end. >> we are fighting to break down barriers wherever they may be. >> reporter: bernie sanders also held a rally at a university. >> what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities. >> reporter: south carolina voters head to the polls saturday with their priorities. >> donald trump said it is too early to say whether he'd consider governor christie for his running mate. >> and there is bad blood with
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the former president of mexico, who compared trump to an infamous dictator. compared to hitler by othere dismissed it. but stay tuned... he hasn't responded yet to mister >> in the past, when trump was compared to hitler by others, he dismissed it. vice president biden is in the bay area this weekend. in about three hours, the vice president and his wife will tour the center for advanced technology labs in uc san francisco and have a discussion on ways to fight cancer. after that he'll speak at the california state democratic party convention. tomorrow he'll make an appearance at the academy awards in hollywood as part of the it's on us campaign, raising awareness about sexual violence on college campuses.
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the san francisco police department had a year ago yesterday shot lopez after he refused to drop a knife. results from a second autopsy revealed he was shot four times in the back. demonstrators are calling for the chief to resign but the mayor says he still has confidence in the chief. >> i still have faith in his management with this police commission, with the oversight, it's a whole team. >> there is a pending civil lawsuit so police can't comment. a family of four is recovering after a close call with mother nature. they were swept out to sea by a monster wave yesterday in
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sonoma county. a life guard tried to save them but he got into trouble too. a helicopter found the family about 200 yards offshore. a paramedic brought them safely to dry land. a 97-year-old bay area woman facing eviction filed a lawsuit to keep her home. marie has been living in this cottage more than 60 years now and claims she had a verbal contract with the former landlord. the current landlord says he feels bad but the agreement no longer applies. >> this is one of the most outrageous acts of greed against the elderly that i've seen in 30 years of being a lawyer. >> they are filing complaints for elder abuse and intentional infliction of emotional distress
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. >> if you can't find a receipt or don't know where to begin, no worried. there's a start-up that can help you find money you never knew you had. >> you can see if a business owes you money and if it's been given to the government. >> reporter: he found a decade old check at his parent's house and claims there is $60 billion in unclaimed property. >> it's basically money that's fallen through the cracks. >> reporter: the goal makes the process of getting money back easier. >> it can involve printing out forms or documentation, filling that out and mailing it to the
7:38 am
state. >> reporter: search your name to see if you have unclaimed property in the u.s. only in california, they can submit the claim so you can get your money back. we'll need to submit personal information as well. >> there's a layer of data collection between the consumers and government that could be problematic because they have to follow the law but they don't have the same obligations the government does. >> we only collect the minimum amount and get rid of the data after we submit it. >> in a few days, they were able to help people get back tens of thousands of dollars, and they do take a 10% cut. >> if you want to see if you're owed money, go to our website and click the story on the home page there to see if your name ask on the list. drivers? california are gassing up ahead
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of a potential price hike. check out this costco in commerce yesterday, after a warning was issued that drivers could see prices increase by 37 cents a gallon by the weekend because the state's refineries are switching to a summer blend gas. >> there's no good reason for it. nothing changes other than we change the blend in fuel and this blend doesn't cost 37 cents more. >> the current average price of gas in california is $2.37, up 3 cents from yesterday. up next, a medical study underway in the bay area. how it involves a drug that's been banned for years. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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area. it involves a notorious drug that's been banned for decades... but tt could help welcome back. a groundbreaking study is going on involving a drug that's been banned for decades but that could help patients with critical illnesses. some of them reveal their experiences in the exis in the
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ecstasy trial. >> it's wonderful. it's really wonderful. >> reporter: three pioneers involved in a groundbreaking study, each one legally given an illegal drug more than once. >> i had a lot of trepidation about taking it the first time. >> reporter: it's known as ecstasy. >> i went into the first real session and it blew me away. >> reporter: the goal, to see if a dose could be pure medicine. could this compound ease the anxiety or fear felt by those suffering from a life- threatening disease? all three qualify with a diagnosis. >> in 2014 i was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> disclosure derma. >> i was diagnosed with colon
7:44 am
cancer. >> we know that what they're doing isn't working and they want to find something that will. >> we are administering a pure medicine that's not adulterated with other chemicals. >> reporter: the medical doctor has permission from the fda to conduct the study and legally administer the drug. >> the fda approved so the dea has to follow suit. >> reporter: he used it in his own practice and used it after the death of his son. >> i knew personally about it. >> reporter: it's combined with sessions that can last five hours or longer. >> it's extended periods of
7:45 am
real interactive exchange. >> this wasn't partying. with the mdma, everything opened up. >> you start seeing things clearly at a nice slow pace. truths in your lives are bubbling up and revealed to you piece by piece. >> just opens you up tremendously, gives you a view into yourself that i had never had before. >> reporter: participants all say they are now better able to face the future. >> no regrets. >> and they are done with the trial and researchers are now screening for new study participants. for more information, go to we are looking at wednesday and thursday right now, could be our next chance of rain.
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keeping our fingers crossed. nice and mild this weekend, plenty of sunshine with partly cloudy skies. blue skies over the golden gate today and temperatures are off to a nice mild start, in the 50s pretty much area wide. 57 in santa rosa, a bit chillier than the rest of us up north. high surf advisory today, warming next week to well above average. second half of the week, a chance of rain in the forecast. meantime, high surf advisory for all coastal locations today, breakers above 20 feet and strong rip currents. keep the kids out of the water if you're heading to the beach and if you see others in the water, maybe warn them. it's a good day to stay out of the water at the beach. we have partly cloudy skies, and tomorrow morning notice we have showers well to the north.
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we are seeing weather systems happening but not here. the time tracker is really holding this off. the jet stream is still well to our north and holding off all the rain for now. thursday 5:00 p.m., if the weather pattern holds, notice the jet stream here, kind of a direct hit right at us. this will usher in the showers in the northwest. we have been dry in february. this is the 6 to 10 day outlook, march 4th through march 8th looking wetter than average. still a ways out but we'll watch for that. today high near 70 degrees for many locations, 69 in oakland today. more of the same tomorrow, near
7:48 am
70 degrees with partly cloudy skies. nice mild weekend for us, warming a bit with low to mid- 70s monday through wednesday. wednesday night into thursday, we see the transition, a chance of showers on thursday. looking good but it's a ways out. >> el nino back for march? >> looks like it. it is not the loss oprah wanted. stocks with weight watchers dropped sharply. she lost about $29 million. she still has plenty to go around. but an investment firm in belgium lost more than $125 million. caitlyn jenner is getting into the cosmetics business, the most high profile
7:49 am
transgender star to achieve that. all the proceeds go to programs aimed at helping transgender communities. coming up, we'll tell you about the drone event you can check out this weekend. >> and academy award nominees not going home with a statue can still take plenty of swag. we'll look at what's inside the swag bag. ,,
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everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel. and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients, keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes so your love for dark clothes will never fade. z
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including close calls with aircraft a of privacy. drones have been in the news after close calls with aircraft and potential invasions of privacy. >> but one event in the bay area offers a different take. >> reporter: more than 200 people from 25 countries are competing in the first ever bay area drone film festival. it showcases what drones can do when used safely. >> photography and cinematography is the tip of
7:52 am
the iceberg. there are so many positive uses people are coming up with. >> reporter: an air traffic controller supervisor by day, clay recruited the online judges and edited the stunning video of the finalists for this weekend's two-hour showing on an 80-foot screen. >> like that child, really excited. >> reporter: the entries include a man who went sky diving to conquer his fear of heights. drones helped hospice patients visit their favorite places, and even the humor of gathering and dispersing cows. >> we released our video, ready to show off the artistic and beautiful side of drones. >> reporter: the festival will be here in santa clara on
7:53 am
sunday at 7:00 p.m. and prizes include a top of the line drone, courtesy of the event sponsors. >> if you want to go, there are still tickets available. general admission is 20 bucks. good day for that, beautiful outside. we'll have partly cloudy skies with a lot of sunshine, nice mild day with temperatures near 70 degrees today. we are off to a mild start this morning as well, temperatures right now in the 50s. i want to point out high surf advisory. stay out of the water, keep the kids out of the water. strong rip currents, breaking waves over 20 feet, definitely a day to keep out of the water. temperature wise, beautiful day for the beach. not going to be hot but comfortable, 68 in fairfield and concord, 61 in pacifica. more of the same for the next few days, low to mid-70s first
7:54 am
half of the weekend. second half of the week, finally some rain in the forecast. >> today looking good too. >> it will be beautiful. >> thank you. only a few of hollywood's biggest stars will take home an oscar tomorrow night but other nominees won't leave empty handed. >> the swag bags contain some pricey swag and causing a little controversy. >> reporter: win of lose, these are the lavish gifts many oscar nominees will take home this weekend, from a lifetime supply of face cream to others. >> this is a skin care for your bottom. >> reporter: this has 50 items, services and trips, including a 10-day vacation to israel, topping $200,000 total.
7:55 am
the presents are all about product placement. >> wearing your jewelry or showing up at your resort, it's worth more than any price of the product they are giving away. >> reporter: some claimed the company used the oscar name to promote the bag. the academy says reports of an official oscar gift bags are untrue. >> happy to say we have been having positive conversations and we are close to reaching and amicable agreement. >> reporter: the swag is not free. the bags are considered a business gift, so recipients have to pay taxes on those goodies. >> and all the people getting them are super rich anyway. not every nominee gets one, only in the main acting and
7:56 am
directing categories. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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(first weather) time for us to call it a morning. thank y one final look at weather this morning, beautiful weekend in store. this weekend, great weather to head outside. you want to stay out of the water if you're heading to the beach. better still, monday and tuesday and wednesday, talking mid- to upper 70s. that transition, keeping our fingers crossed for early march. looking like we could see some of the el nino rain we have been waiting for. we'll keep working on the timing as we get closer. and the end of daylight savings time is coming soon. a lot of people are irritated with this. tomorrow we are going to have a legislator trying to put an end to day light savings time completely. should be interesting. >> that will be a good one. >> i think people are divided there. enjoy your saturday. >> see ya. ,,,,,,
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