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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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t selling electric car in america. ♪ one of several in recent mo. ers are shaken up. now at 6:30, a deadly shooting along i-80, one of several in recent months. drivers are shaken up. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm brian hackney. the shooting happened after 1:00 this morning on i-80 and the suv went off the road a couple of miles away near hilltop drive and richmond. kpix 5's jackie ward is live
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with what drivers are saying tonight. hi, jackie. >> reporter: hi there, brian. drivers are upset over these continued shootings happening along the freeway but they can't stop driving on the freeway. instead they'll continue to keep their guard up when they do. when this come learned of yet another shooting on i-80 she was unsettled but practical. >> it's making me a little nervous but still i know i have to go where i have to go. >> reporter: after 1:00 this morning, chp received word after crash on the freeway near hilltop drive. our radio partners spoke with the chp official. >> the jeep overturned several times. the driver was ejected. personnel from the fire department arrived on the scene and pronounced the victim deceased. >> reporter: this is one of several shootings that happened on i-80 since october. >> there's so much of that going on. i almost expect the country roads with the flowers and trees also to have had a
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shooting. it's ram participant. >> reporter: chp officials continue to remind drivers these shootings appear to be targeted and most likely gang- related. still, that's not comforting news for drivers. >> i hope the community will respond and let them know there's a better way to live. >> reporter: chp is investigating this fatal crash and the homicide team is assisting. jackie ward, kpix 5. campaign 2016, hillary clinton has just won the south carolina primary. and she used her victory speech to take a swing at donald trump. the latest numbers show clinton winning 73% over bernie sanders, 25%. coming into today polls showed her coasting to a decisive victory. reporter craig boswell is in washington and the candidates are already thinking about what's at stake on super tuesday. >> reporter: they certainly are. hillary clinton tonight in
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south carolina though won support of 9 out of 10 black voters there and dominated among women. that has both of these campaigns thinking along those lines coming up here in the next few weeks. now, there are 46 of these contests remaining, so there's a long road ahead, but for now, this is hillary clinton's night. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: exit polls show clinton received huge support from black voters. >> when you look at all the candidates that's out there, there's nobody more qualified. >> reporter: but sanders did well with the young. >> whenever he's on tv i see through the screen. he seems so nice. >> reporter: clinton crisscrossed the state all week trying to protect her lead. she, her husband and daughter did a combined nine campaign events just yesterday. both candidates are now looking ahead to super tuesday, when more than 800 delegates are up for grabs. today, clinton courted voters in alabama. >> i know there are a lot of people in this state who want
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to continue the progress we've made. >> reporter: while bernie sanders struggled to gain traction in the palmetto state, he shift his focus to texas. he spent the day campaigning in austin. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: 222 delegates are at stake in the lone star state, the largest prize for democrats next week. bernie sanders is now on the ground in minnesota. i believe we have live pictures of him just now beginning to address his supporters there. one of the super tuesday states that bernie sanders is focusing on this coming tuesday. but this now is where this race really begins. veronica and brian, 56% of the delegates available will be awarded during the month of march. key contests coming up here in this coming month. back to you. >> and craig, it seems like
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bernie sanders has a lot of catching up to do at this point. how is he supposed to fare during super tuesday? >> he certainly is focusing on five particular states, vermont, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma, and colorado. those are the five states of the 11 that he's really focusing on. he's hoping to stay within reach of hillary clinton in the delegate count going forward. >> all right, craig boswell in washington for us tonight. craig, thank you. now to emily turner in san jose where joe biden spoke at the state democratic convention today. hi, emily. >> reporter: it was a big day. in fact, you can see all these people behind me pouring out of the convention center as things are starting to wind down, although they will continue until 8:00. a big day for balance lot measures, signatures and candidates who had to gather their support. some of the candidates were going to find out tonight if they got the nomination for the democratic party. two are vying for the senators seat in the u.s. senate. barbara boxer is retiring. also today was a big pep rally
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for democrats going into a big election year that is so hotly contested. none of the speakers had to pick sides about which one they supported but they did, as you can expect, have a lot to say about the hot topics, things like racism, immigration, the economy and also about republicans. >> all you've got to do is go back to george bush in 2000. mccain, 2004. romney, 2012. it's the same tired prescription. they haven't changed at all, folks. they've just gotten meaner. >> reporter: and also during biden's speech, you're looking at a protester who stood up in the middle of his speech, protesting cell phones and their link to cancer. he was escorted promptly out of the convention center. now, again, back out here live at the convention center, all of these candidates will find out tonight whether or not they got the nod from the democratic party. i know that the election or
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excuse me, the vote on that u.s. senate race has been extended to 8:00 tonight, because the program ran so long this afternoon. so we'll know who gets the nod after then. reporting live in san jose, emily turner, kpix 5 news. earlier tonight vice- president joe biden was in san francisco touring a cancer center. he is hitting a heading a national billion dollar initiative aimed at eradicating cancer. >> we need to know the genetic changes that cause particular cancer, how to attack these cancers. my goal is to see what we can do that would ordinarily take ten to fifteen years to be able to do it in 5 years. >> biden's son died from cancer last year. the white house estimates 600,000 americans will die from it this year alone. still ahead, a war of words turns violent. the confrontation between members of the kkk and protesters on southern california streets.
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a fiery crash leaves behind a mangled mess on the road. where the victims were coming from when they got caught up in that wreck. that's next. how to put your foot lin your mouth.: man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry.
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now get 20% off sta-green® fertilizer, at lowe's. at least three p bed and 13 others well, violence erupted at a ku klux klan rally today in
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southern california. at least three people were stabbed. 13 others arrested in anaheim. witnesses say a crowd swarmed the kkk members when they arrived at a park. a brawl broke out. people pulled out knives. one clansman said it was self- defense. one of the victims is in critical condition. three people are dead after a fiery crash on i-5 near downtown los angeles. smoke filled the sky above the crash scene and many of the 8 cars involved were completely destroyed. reporter general any tear shows us -- jennifer shows us the aftermath. >> reporter: after a six-car crash killed three people, it happened around midnight when investigators say this dodge challenger and a dodge charger were racing southbound down the freeway at speeds around 90 miles per hour. >> he said that he just observed a similar-looking vehicle as his and it caught his attention andthey began to race. >> reporter: officers say the
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driver of the challenger is lockhart, a 35-year-old now in custody on possible vehicular manslaughter charges. investigators say his challenger clipped the ups truck forcing it to go airborne and land in the north born lanes. the accident killed two teenagers in this nissan headed back from a day at disneyland. prospective not lost on those sitting in traffic for hours. >> so sad. our thoughts and prayers have to be with the family members. >> reporter: three dozen investigators say this could have been prevented. >> we see a lot of people street racing. this is the cause. >> what a mess. wow, that was jennifer reporting. four others were injured in that crash. chp says it appears alcohol and drugs were not a factor but obviously speed was. still ahead, changes coming to yosemite. what you won't be seeing in the park's gift shop anymore. what we will be seeing this coming week that we haven't
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seen in awhile. we think. rain returns to the forecast. we'll have the details when we return in a moment. ( melodic, calm music ) hi, this is jennifer. i will be out of the office until monday and won't be checking voicemail during this time. i'll reply just as soon as i get back to work. sail with princess cruises, the number one cruise line in alaska. sail to alaska from san francisco. 10-day fares from just $1099. call your travel consultant or visit
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suspended their search for a missing canoer in donner la. r canoer was police in the sierra just suspended their search for a missing canoer. the body of another canoer was found earlier today. it prompted the rescue mission. police found one of the men not far from where their canoe toppled over. investigators say the men were
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in their 30s and were visitors to the truckie area. an east bay gun range, some say, should close because of pollution from shell casings. they will decide the fate of the gun club tuesday. lead from the shells is poisoning the water and soil, they say. the gun club in castor valley is privately owned. it says it has a plan to deal with the lead problem. soon you will not see yosemite national park on any merchandise because of a trademark dispute. it led them to pull items printed with those words from store shelves. the outgoing concessionaire says it owns commercial rights to that name. the new company will take over on tuesday. it plans to sell items with yosemite instead of the full park name. a photographer in southern california sharing video of the full-grown mountain lion he caught napping near his home. stretching and soaking up the
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sun in malibu, this mountain lion was spotted earlier this month. he captured the pictures from his balcony just 200 feet away. >> when it looked at me, those translucent eyes that are in your direction are kind of sending you the message like this is no joke. >> the mountain lion dubbed p- 27 had been caught and tagged by national park officials back in 2013. and it is international polar bear day at the san francisco zoo. the park's polar bear got to enjoy the day with ten tons of ice and snow. at 35 years old, he's the oldest polar bear in the country. how do you like that, brian? it's certainly not polar bear weather but things will change the latter half of the week. it will at least get a little bit wet around the bay area, by wednesday night, thursday. of course, wednesday night,
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thursday is forever away in weather terms. we'll hope it pans out. first, we're going to be looking from high top the france america pyramid to the beautiful bay at the bridge all lit up. as we look right now at concord 63 degrees. in the city 58. san jose 63. in santa rosa it is 60. out the door tomorrow morning, a little of a bite in the air. numbers in the mid to upper 40s. by tomorrow afternoon we all fall out as numbers skyrocket into the low 70s inland. we'll be in the upper 60s around the bay. it's cool at the shoreline with temperatures in the mid-60s. in the meantime i didn't talk to my director about this but we have a lot of beautiful balloons to show you at fort mason. the pacific orchid expo. they've got 150,000 orchids around the world being showcased for flower lovers here because many orchids do thrive in our bay area
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climates. there's rain around. it goes down to columbia gorge and back into the ocean. a weather pattern will emerge late in the week as the storm door opens a little late wednesday, early thursday. predictors are saying march 4th through 8th. march 4th is the only date also a command. march forth. futurecast, going to be looking for a few high clouds filtering in over the bay area by tomorrow. not as much sun on sunday. not living up to its name as we had today. it's not going to have much of an effect, maybe a little bit of light rain from west of us, high clouds, clear and chilly tonight. mild and warm through mid-week. finally we have a chance of rain coming to the bay area wednesday night and thursday. heading out tomorrow, if you're heading north on 1, eureka will have rain in the morning. in sacramento, mostly cloudy skies. frees know will be -- fresno
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will be 71. sunup tomorrow a quarter to 7:00. tomorrow, numbers well above average with 67 in the city and 70 in san jose. south bay plenty of high clouds. numbers will be in the low 70s, balmy in the east bay. numbers ranging from the upper 60s to the low 70s. north bay more clouds. still nice day. 70 at santa rosa. 69 degrees at cloverdale and 70 at windsor. dry and mild weekend. dry and mild wednesday. thursday the clouds and the plot thickens when we might get rain in the bay area. then we'll clear it up on friday and by the time we get to saturday, another more powerful system may be coming in. finally hoping for a miracle march after an unusually dry february. right now the signs look pretty good. also looking pretty good, ladies and gentlemen. cap wanted a trade.
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he might just get what he wants. i'll explain. hunter pence missing from the full squad workout today. we'll fill you in on his latest injuries coming up next in sports. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in right field... but they' have to after only playing in 52 games last season, fans are excited to see hunter pence back in right field but they will have to wait a little longer. pence has soreness in his right achilles and will likely miss we know's exhibition game. hopefully not too long before
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he's back. giants outfielder celebrated his 32nd birthday today in scottsdale. he's expected to take over center field duties. now earlier this week he chatted with the ultimate giants center fielder, that's willie mays. >> probably my third or fourth encounter with him. each gets better and better. first he busted my chops. second he called me bernard. but today, i think each one, he's just feeling me out, feeling each other out. and but yeah, this is surreal just to be able to sit down with a legend and just pick his brain and shoot the breeze. >> the a's took live batting practice for the first time this spring. it will be a tough spring for bob melvin who had tough decisions to make to cut down a very crowded roster. yesterday the a's held their first full squad workout. friday was the first day for
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coghlaugn. his trip from chicago to oakland wags only a couple of freeway exits away. >> it's a blessing, only 5 miles, you know. i was like, gosh, just tell my wife, what if we had to fly and do everything. i'm grateful the transition is pretty easy commute wise. you get traded and you have loyalty to the players, you know. you're like, man, i want to say bye to my guys. i love them. but you're also like, man on to the next new page. i wanted to get over here as fast as i could, let them know how excited i am to be an a and get to meet guys. to the nfl. according to the nfl network, the browns and texans are interested in trading for 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. if the 49ers decide to trade the 28-year-old qb. earlier this week reports surfaced that he wanted to be traded a day after the 49ers say they expected to keep him on their roster next season. the stanford cardinals still have an outside shot of getting
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into the tournament. they play their final regular home game this afternoon. working for a sweep after beating usc on thursday. late first half the cardinals up by 2. the bruins bryce alford hits from long range and finishes the game with 20 points. early second half, stanford up by 2. christian sanders with a nice pass to humphry who goes up for the layup and had 24 points. # under 5 minutes to go. roscoe allen scores on the pretty layup. stanford wins 79-07 improving to 8-8 in pack 12 play. here is bill walton trading in to join the utah band. leading arizona by 1. the wildcats gave away the lead with a jumper. they cap off a 12-0 run. 5 minutes left, utah brandon taylor hits the 3 to put the ute back up on top. taylor led utah with 19 beating the wildcats the first time
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since 1998. utah will win pulls them into a tie for first in the pac-12 with oregon. the bears host usc tomorrow night with conference play ending already next weekend. for the second time this week, the sharks and the maple leaves have made a trade. san jose traded backup goalie and forward to toronto in exchange for leaf's backup and forward. the sharks traded torres to the maple leafs on monday. to golf, rickie fowler coming into the lead today when he went into the water on number 3. fowler with 4 over today. and fell 5 shots off the lead. sergio garcia on the par 3 fifth hole likes this tee shot. it sets him up pretty for a birdie. he shot a 3 under 67 today and goes into sunday tied for the lead with adam scott.
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we will have all of the warriors highlights for you coming up at 10:00 and 11:00. >> all right, saturday night, lots of sports. >> lots of sports and the warriors in action which is always good. fun to watch. >> have you done a play-by- play? >> i've never done play-by- play. i've done analyst work for high school basketball. that's about it. >> we'll have to get her in there. >> i think you can do that. >> somebody told me i'm too harsh on the kids. so i'll never do it again. >> thanks so much for joining us at 6:30. we'll see you back here again tonight at 11:00. from herself ,, ,,,,,,
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