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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: he gave police good information about the driver. the woman lives in a neighborhood. >> she shouldn't have left. you mess up, you pay the price. >> reporter: police found and impounded the suv this morning. they interviewed a person of interest. they don't have enough evidence to make an arrest yet. the family says zack has a last raid kidney and four fractured vertebrae. as for his dog, his dog is okay. the family lives just right around the corner here so dog was smart enough to run home. live in dublin da lin, kpix 5 kpix 5. >> new at 5:00 we are learning if tesla has involved in the first-ever fatal crash involving a self-driving car. it involves tesla's new autopilot system. this happened in the florida city of williston in gainesville in the north- central part of the state in early may. we are just learning about a federal investigation into the fatal crash. a 40-year-old man from ohio
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died. here's what we know about the accident. a model s slammed into a trailer -- tractor-trailer when the big rig made a left turn at an intersection in front of the tesla. the automaker wrote on its blog, neither autopilot nor the driver noticed the whiteside of the tractor-trailer against a brightly lit sky. so the brake was not applied. elon musk tweeted a link to the company's blog post and wrote, our condolences for the tragic loss. tesla says its autopilot function has been used by drivers covering a total of 130 million miles. the national highway traffic safety administration is now investigating. a chp cruiser is crushed after a high-speed chase in the east bay and the suspect is still on the loose. it ended at macarthur boulevard in oakland. the officer's vehicle hit several parked cars and knocked over a light pole. a fire hydrant was also hit. officers say they tried to pull
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someone over in dublin for an expired registration. but the driver wouldn't stop. at one point, a passenger even sprayed what looked like a fire extinguisher at them. the chase went on to 580 and eventually into oakland where the cruiser crashed. the officers were not hurt. new fallout for a school official who used former 49er ray mcdonald as a role model. and that was after he had been charged with rape. kpix 5's allen martin is following the story from the newsroom. allen? >> reporter: ken, the latest victim in the controversy, the district's superintendent. stan dobbs has been placed on paid administrative leave. the school board is investigating his possible involvement in bringing mcdonald to the campus last february. mcdonald was brought in to speak to at-risk youth about self-discipline. but parents complained saying mcdonald was not the right person to be mentoring teenagers. that prompted the district to apologize. the school board president says mcdonald wasn't brought in as a
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role model but, instead, to warn students, quote, don't do what i did. i screwed up my life. ray mcdonald was arrested in december of 2014 for allegedly raping an intoxicated woman in his home. he was immediately cut from the 49ers. he was later charged with felony domestic violence, false imprisonment, child endangerment, and dui. he pled not guilty in the rape case. the trial has yet to start. liz, back to you. >> thank you. in san jose, a woman is recovering after being hit by a firework that was tossed from a moving car. witnesses say the woman was with her family near remington way and quimby road tuesday night when the car rolled by. they say someone inside it lit what appeared to be an m-80 firework and threw it right at them. the car took off. the woman was rushed to the hospital. a witness says she had injuries to her leg and arm. meanwhile, a coalition of police officers in the south bay made a major bust this
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morning. they seized more than 600 pounds of illegal fireworks and explosives valued at over $12,000. the fireworks were found at an east palo alto home. a 54-year-old man living there was arrested. we're getting our first look at the man accused of stabbing another man at a movie theater in santa rosa. police say 23-year-old delon today heart is homeless and has been in the santa rosa area for about 4 months now. hart is set to be arraigned tomorrow on attempted murder charges. yesterday afternoon he allegedly stabbed a 21-year-old man from behind several times inside the roxy stadium 14 theater on santa rosa avenue. officers caught up with him after he tried to flee. they say he did not know the man that he stabbed. the victim is expected to survive. another barrier to military service lifted. the pentagon announcing it will no longer discriminate against
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transgender troops. we got reaction from sergeant shane ortega. he served three combat tours two as a woman and one as a man. >> the military is a hypermasculine environment. but at the same time, too, the diversity of the people wasn't really supported or thought about. this is exactly what we need as a country because only to like help us fulfill our future. >> implementation begins immediately and will be phased in over the next 12 months. major embarrassment for the military today. a routine drill at joint base andrews in maryland turned into utter chaos. someone thought they were seeing and hearing the real thing an active shooter on the base. >> i thought the response was -- was strong and solid. so that's the good news. the bad news is it appears to be a mistake and we would like to reduce the number of mistakes. >> ash carter says that military brass will likely be
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taking a much closer look at what went wrong. vice president joe biden had been scheduled to leave from andrews for a campaign event and had to delay his departure. investigators hope dna tests will confirm the identities of the suicide bombers who killed 44 people in turkey. reporter jonathan vigliotti on new video that's helping with the timeline of the deadly attack reporter: newly released video shows airport passengers and workers running away from one of the suicide bombers in istanbul. turkish media says the three attackers were captured on security cameras just before tuesday's deadly rampage. cbs news has learned that investigators believe the men were foreigners from central asia. dna tests are now under way to confirm their identities. turkish police say one of the attackers blew himself up at the airport's entrance while the others managed to get inside the building and detonate their bombs. >> very terrifying especially as you have these images the bombs went off okay you're still alive but now they come
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and shoot you, you think of everything you've seen. >> reporter: it's business as usual are travelers coming to the airport. but inside, crews are working to remove all signs of the attack and security is heightened. a cbs news source says that authorities believe the men trained and fought on the battlefield in syria and possibly iraq. in response to the attack, turkish police raided suspected isis hideouts overnight and rounded up more than a dozen suspects. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, istanbul, turkey. >> the bombers reportedly rented an apartment in a neighborhood near the airport before the attack. a big rig turned into more of a monster truck today. early this morning, it happened in southern california, police say the driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit a line of parked cars. this happened about 1 a.m. drivers' side doors were ripped off, a dozen cars. a chain reacts of front and back end damage.
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car owners rushed out after hearing the commotion. >> i came out, everybody was already outside looking at their cars, mad, frustrated. i was frustrate. >> we lived here 20 years. i have seen several cars be hit right here. >> and police say neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to be a factor in the crash and no arrests have been made. the nation's oldest park rangers beaten and robbed in her richmond home. >> coming up, how her community is rallying together to get her most prized possession back. >> plus, a new push to make models less photoshopped and more real. how one san francisco company is leading the charge against deceptive advertising. >> and the battle of the bay series finale. the giants pitcher about to do something that has not been done in major league baseball in 40 years. a ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hills chopper five is live over a brush fire that sparked a short time ago. you're looking at smoke in the breaking news out of the oakland hills this afternoon. you can see the smoke. that's not good. it's in the area above grizzly peak. this area is particularly fire prone. very dry up there but crews say right now it is not spreading very quickly. fish ranch road claremont road and centennial are all closed down right now. we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. the community is rallying to help a 94-year-old park ranger who was beaten and robbed in her richmond apartment. the thief took mostly electronics. but the prized possession stolen was this commemorative coin. it was an award from president
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obama. betty soskin received it for being the oldest park ranger in the u.s. soskin is recovering now. an east bay congressman is working with the white house to get her a new coin from the president. >> it was amazing how many calls we got from other elected officials asking us, can we make certain that we get the -- the medal replaced? so it was nice that the white house responded so quickly. we are thrilled to be part of it. >> soskin worked in the rosie the riveter national historic park in richmond. a dog in an animal shelter was euthanized by mistake. officials from the contra costa county animal services say this 4-year-old pit bull named barbie was put down less than two weeks ago even though a rescue group wanted to save her. the agency is also looking into the death of a dog named tommy, who was also euthanized around the same time. it's no secret, almost all
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the images used in advertising even many of the pictures people post online have been enhanced or improved in one way or another. as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, some lawmakers and a san francisco-based business are trying to -- [ indiscernible ] excessive photoshop. >> reporter: she can make anyone look like a million. >> give me an example of what you can do. >> reporter: for the kpix 5 station photographer, taking away the pounds, years and blemishes is a matter of moving them out. >> i want to get rid of a smile line. >> reporter: but nowhere is the practice more common than in the advertising world. >> absolutely every, single ad. nothing is real. it's a nontruthful portrayal. >> reporter: this woman's company vintage clothing retailer is getting behind the truth in advertising act. newly introduced federal legislation that aims to put federal standards in place to
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rein in so-called excessive photoshopping. you've seen it elongated necks, pinched waists, perfect skin. >> children and women believe that's how people look. >> i think it's been around a long time. if you think back to the 60s when twiggy was, you know, all the rage. >> reporter: dan has been in the advertising business for 30 years. he says requiring regulators to dictate what's appropriate is difficult. >> it's going to be very hard to draw the line again. it's -- what's too much? >> reporter: last week the mayor of london officially banned all ads that depict women with unrealistic body images from the city's transit system. and companies like mud cloth are signing pledges like this promising not to change things like the shape, size and proportion of people in ads. something she says is paying off. >> women tell us all the time that when they see our advertisements, they really feel like they see someone who looks like themselves. >> reporter: now, the bill directs the federal trade
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commission to define how much photo shopping is too much and when it becomes excessive. it also tasks the agency with coming up with guidelines for advertisers. >> hm. >> i have to say when i was working with ashley and she was photoshopping my picture. she took it all off and it was amazing what photoshopping can do. >> it can be nice sometimes. [ laughter ] >> but yes, it should be realistic. >> yeah. >> as opposed to this kind of tv where you see every wrinkle. >> yeah. >> every wrinkle. >> this is the real us. >> oh, boy. >> thanks, julie. an indian couple who claims they conquered mount everest last month now being accused of photoshopping their way to the top. here's the alleged phony photo. it shows a woman climber holding up the indian flag on what appears to be the summit of everest. here's a side-by-side look at the potentially fake photo next to the potentially real one. the main difference is easy to see. the flag, the climber and the
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gloves. but what's strikingly similar are the climbers in the background. though couple who work as police officers in india -- the couple who work as police officers in india are being investigated by the police there. a new investigation into california gas prices. the attorney general has issued subpoenas to several oil refiners. kamala harris want to learn how they set their gasoline prices. chevron, exxon, valero and tesoro all confirm they have received subpoenas in recent weeks. a spokesman for harris, who is running for u.s. senate, declined to comment. the fda is warning people to stay away from cookie dough and batter because of an e. coli outbreak. but the culprit is not raw eggs. it's raw flour! general mills recalled 10 million pounds of it after an e. coli outbreak linked to its kansas city facility infecting nearly 40 people across 20 states. officials also say parents shouldn't give their children raw dough or baking mixture of
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sun and clouds baking mixes of flour to play with because it can be absorbed into the skin. leave the fireworks this 4th of july to the pros. besides the professional show on the embarcadero, no fireworks not even those called "safe and sane" are allowed in san francisco. and selling or using illegal fireworks could lead to fines or jail time. you can watch the city's sanctioned fireworks show near fisherman's wharf. extra officers will be on patrol. >> we're expecting large crowds. public drinking and public intoxication is illegal. there will be a no tolerance policy. >> for more, go to our website, tonight the battle of of the bay series finale game 4 and the giants are going with a line-up not seen in an american
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league ballpark in 40 years. what are we talking about? let's get right to kpix 5 sports director dennis o'donnell live at the oakland coliseum. it takes a special pitcher to pull this off, dennis. >> reporter: well, you mentioned it. desperate measures right now. the giants have lost the first three games of the series. so bruce bochy is going to switch it up a little bit tonight. madison bumgarner has been pushing to participate in the all star home run derby for about a month right now. that's not going to happen. but he will become the first pitcher to hit for himself in an american league park tonight since 1976. what does that mean? bumgarner leads all active pitchers with 13 homeruns two this season. but bumgarner is also batting just .175 this season and he gets knocked out of the game early they can't use a designated hitter the rest of the night. the giants have a ton of injuries which factored into this decision but bruce bochy has other options.
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he has jarrod parker and gillespie and blanco. they could slide into the line- up instead. bumgarner's teammates, his pitching teammates, are fired up for him. >> it's a different situation right now. bum can hit, so why not. >> when you take batting practice with him, do you notice he takes it seriously more so than others? why does he relish it so much? >> i think everybody takes it seriously. i think he has a knack for it. he is a good hitter. >> you guys have competition? >> always time. >> who wins? >> i mean, everyone is different on every day. [ laughter ] >> reporter: pitchers love to hit. let's face it. the last pitch to be not be the designate hitter kent brett for the white sox but he had a .262 lifetime batting average. bumgarner as i said hitting .175 right now. reporting live from the
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coliseum, dennis o'donnell kpix 5. >> i'll go with samardzija. bum can hit! leave him in. thanks, dennis. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> josh elliott is in for scott pelley tonight in new york. josh. >> reporter: ken, and liz, hello. tonight on the "cbs evening news," more on the pentagon's landmark decision today. we'll speak with the transgender army captain about the historic change. >> plus, the growing political fallout over a private meeting between bill clinton and the attorney general loretta lynch. >> and some good travel news. just in time for the holiday weekend. tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. jupiter may be known for its giant red spot.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at another stunning decoration on the planet. nasa released this ultraviolet
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image of auroras at jupiter's .. taken by the hu jupiter may be known for its giant red spot but there's something else on the planet. nasa released this image of auroras at jupiterers' north pole taken by the hubble telescope. nasa says jupiter' auroras are hundreds of times more energetic than earth's. >> amazing. we have had pretty good weather depending on where you are. a warmup today. temperatures up anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees today. don't get used to it. we have a significant cooldown on the way. think "june gloom" in july. but i'm getting ahead of myself. let's take a look outside right now. current conditions a lull sunshine over the city. blue skies although we did wake up to plenty of cloud cover this morning. right now temperatures in concord, 92 degrees in oakland. 69 certainly a significant temperature spread there. 91 livermore. 50 in san francisco. 81 san jose and 87 in santa rosa. overnight tonight temperatures
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dipping down into the 50s. low 50s in pacifica. 56 in redwood city. 53 san francisco. 58 this evening in fairfield. so here is why we are going to see cooler conditions. high pressure weakening. we are going to see a deepening trough of low pressure. it will increase the onshore flow and cool things down heading into the holiday weekend and really the first week in july. so more of this. notice the surface wind pro time. a significant onshore flow really for all locations meaning cooling will continue for everyone. it will still be warmer inland than along the coast and by the bay. but certainly on the cool side of average as we move into the extended forecast. so what to expect? coast and bay fog back this evening. tomorrow, nearly a repeat performance of what you sauteed. then a more significant cooling trend as we head into the holiday weekend. 4th of july fireworks along the coast maybe a little cloudy, might be difficult to see. high temperatures for tomorrow topping out in the low 60s along the coast. 70s by the bay. and then upper 80s to low 90s for the warmest inland spots and 80 in concord, 89
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fairfield. a look at your extended forecast: we are socked in along the bay and coast so we'll see some cloud cover and that may impact your 4th of july fireworks. if you do have those 4th of july fireworks plans this weekend or really any plan this weekend take a look at what to expect. saturday opera at the ballpark temperatures around 57 there. we'll see breezy conditions there. and what about those 4th of july fireworks? well, let's talk a little bit about what to expect on monday for 4th of july. we are going to see a little bit of cloud cover the stern grove festival sunday. it will be low clouds temperatures near 60. i'll have more on your 4th of july at 6:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new video of the man said to be the first person to die in a se i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 tonight, new video of the man said to be the first person to die in a self-driving car crash. seen here smiling as he tests out tesla's autopilot feature. a live report on the accident raising questions about the future of that technology. >> when the earth starts to shake, turn to google! how the search engine wants to help you stay informed and when a quake hits. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is next.
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captions by: caption colorado >> elliott: a barrier falls. the military lifts its ban on transgender service members. >> that means i can go back and prove it. >> elliott: also tonight, confusion and a lockdown after a report of a gunman at the military base where air force one is kept. terror in turkey as police round up suspects. we've learned all three suicide bombers were from former soviet republics. rotten in rio. olympic athletes will compete in filthy waters. >> it smells horrible from up here in the air. >> elliott: and with gas prices at an 11-year low, americans hit the road like never before.


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