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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 8, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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police officers in dallas..f them ha now died. we are following 2 breaking stories tonight. snipers shoot 11 police officers in dallas, 4 of them have now died. >> here in the bay area right now, oakland police facing off with protestors outside police headquarters while a short distance way, protestors have shut down a freeway. we'll get to that story in a moment. first to dallas where police are in a gun battle with one of the suspects in tonight's shooting. >> let's get to veronica for the latest. >> reporter: the police chief says 2 snipers opened fire from an elevated position during
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what was a peaceful protest tonight. take a listen. gunshots erupted around 4 hours ago as hundreds of from testers took to the streets to protest the recent shoot increase downtown louisiana and suburb ban st. paul, minnesota. they chanted hands up, don't shoot. they head the gunfire and then ran for their lives. reporter jeff paul of our cbs sister station in dallas tells us the snipers coordinated their positions to kill as many officers as possible.
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>> there's been multiple references to man with a rifle. i'll move out of the way. you don't see this very often. this many officers in this kind of a defensive position, it's not something we're accustomed to seeing in the concern, let alone in dallas. i have a feeling that there's a sort of war zone going on aeromeerp choppers are flying overhead. there are cop cars all over, driving in all sorts of different directions. >> tonight, this person of interest is in custody he turned himself in after police released his foe nope his brother told cbs station he had nothing to do with it, and in fact, he is a law enforcement officer. just minutes weak we're learning that 2 other people have been taken into custody and 45th suspect is exchanging gunfire with officers. dallas police say 2 officers who survived the -- who survived the shooting in
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surgery. 3 others are in critical condition. the dallas police chief spoke a short time ago. >> we also believe these suspects have threatened to plant a bomb in the downtown area. we have reached out to our federal law enforcement partner, both the fbi and the atf. to help us search for this suspect. >> throw cap, dallas police say 2 officer -- 20 snipersed opened fire on officers. 2 other people were taken into custody. a 4th person is exchanging gunfire with dallas police use. >> dallas police tried to protect protestors.
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>> reporter: here's twitter video from one of the protestors. >> we're standing on the south side of la mar. all of a sudden, we heard the gunshots out of nowhere. we started hearing more rapid fire. it was coming in our direction direction. when the officer pushed me out of the way, the next thing you e know web heard officer down. once we heard that, more uniformed police officers ran around the corner. police officers started shooting in one direction and others started shooting bag. that's when war began. >> we actually saw officers posing. with protestors for pictures on social media. we heard from one of the
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organizers of tonight's march in dallas dallas. >> they've all been peaceful and gone smoothly. we didn't expect anything to happen this time. there were blacks, whites, latino, maxed community protesting. i'm still startled and shaken up. >> let's go back to our sister station in dallas for a look at chaos and on cop fusion in the streets continue tonight. >> it looks like they're taking a woman into custody. she has her arms pup they are questioning her. the crowd seems very upset. we don't know what led to what's happening over here.
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nay are questioning this woman just behind the wall at b loarks park. part-time seem upset. an officer did v his weapon out. >> that was the scene a little bit earlier tonight in dallas. again, police are in a thought smoothout right now with one of the suspect. let's listen to live coverage from our sister station in dallas. >> they were taken to the hospital why bipatrol quash not having time to wait for an ambulance, and so many stories of great courage. we continue to fight the good fight to bring this to a conclusion. >> that's a picture coming from our live coverage from our
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sister station in dallas. we are continuing to monitor the latest qoments from dallas, texas. we will have an update in a few minutes. we want to get tow oakland from weather protestors have shut down 880 in both directions near broadway. the freeway closed for almost 3 hours now opd says about 500 people are out there. kpix 5's joe vast says chez is live now joe, what is the very latest? >> as can you see behind me, this is the east side of the oakland police department headquarters. windows have been blown out and red paint to send a message xup see the word murderers scrawled on the side of the door. on 880, they're still occupying 880. they went up there, hundreds of
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them. they marged on 880, walked through traffic, and began to sit down. some of the demonstrators say they want to meet with the mayor before they will move. some other demonstrators jumped on a tractor trail and started shaking it, at which point they turned their attention to us and we got out of there. the shootings in dallas weighing on the mine of police as well as demonstrators. >> it's a give and take world. sometimes you got to do things to show somebody how feel about something. whether they got family, whether they feel bad about it, whether they feel they should do something apt once that's how we feel when they're on tv and they're killing us. >> we have to understand what each other are worth. >> reporter: tears stream down faces. talk oifn justice fills the air. demonstrators, at 1,000 or more, gather in downtown
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oakland after 2 more black men die at the hands of police first alton sterling in louisiana and then philando casti lerks just outside of minneapolis. >> we got pulled over for a busted taillight in the back. >> i felt sorry for that mother and the fact that she couldn't feel grief until after she felt the situation had resolved pipts she felt she had a duty to record the injustice as it was happening, which i don't think any other demographic that is has food it's a cycle of death that keeps happening because of injustice in this country about police withdrew brutality towards black bodies. >> we can do better. >> reporter: president obama says america is still struggling. >> people of good will can do better. >> reporter: with the role race plays between police and communities of color.
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>> >> i'm here for the mothers who have lost their response the children who have lost their fathers. i have nightmare that when my son goes out, he may not come back home. >> reporter: we are back live in downtown oakland. i will tell you we covered dozens of demonstrations through the years. this one seems to have been something that people's cords have been touched. it has been peaceful for the most part, although you've convenient vandalism at the police headquarters. ly tell you also that the police are on highened alert and in fact they are placing 2 officers in each xrol proll car here in oakland as well as san jose, we're being told, just in you case as a precaution as tensions are palpable right now. back to you in the studio. >> joe says vasquez, live for us. the governor of minnesota spoke at a protest in st. paul where one of this week's deadly
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police shootings happened. governor mark dayton told friends and relatives of the man who was dilled by police that in his words, justice will be served. >> reaction to the shooting is all over social media, including from this police officer in ohio. >> if you are white and you work in black community and you are a rais, i you need to be ashamed of myself. i am my brother's and sister's keeper, that's why i keep this uniform on. i wanted to quit when i saw that void video. but i need for tow support those of us that are right and i feed knead you to stand up to those who are not right. >> reporter: >> beyonci wrote an open letter on the police kills kilnings. she wrote in part remember sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities. it is up to us to take a stand and demand that they stop killing us. and 49ers quarterback colin
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kaepernick posted this on instagram. we are under attack. it's clear as day. less than 24 hours later, another body in the street. >> facebook is apoll jigs tonight for taking down the video of the minnesota shooting. their explanation? facebook told buzzfeed it was down due to a technical glitch and stroared as soon as they were able to investigate. ceo mark zuckerberg wrote wrought, the images we have seen this week are graphic and heartbreaking and they shine a light on the fear that million of members of our community live with every day. coming one we'll have more from dallas dallas where 11 police officers have been shot 4 confirmed dead now. >> also tonight, the alleged leader of 40 bay area brothels is behind bars. tonight, we ask why did the feds wait 5 years ,,,,,,,,,,
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follow breaking news out of dallas tonight. police say they now have 3 suspects in custody. they ar we are continue following break news out of dallas. police they now have 3 suspects in custody. they're any gauching with a 4th who has. exchanging gunfire with police. 4 officers were killed. 7 others have been wounded after gunfire broke out at a protest in downtown dallas. this started ab 7:00 our time this evening. mri police also found a suspicious package near the
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scene. a bomb squad is securing that. witnesses said that dozens of shots were fired and everyone started running. >> i was walking right next to one of the officers helping us with the protest. all of a sudden been i saw and heard 6 to 8 shots. it looked like 2 officers when down. i was screaming run, run, run, active shooter, ooct active shooter. >> 2 are in surgery, 3 others in critical condition. here's maketure that police released of a person of interest. his brother, who is a police officer in dallas -- his brother said that police have the wrong guy and his brother is twrail a police officer in
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dallas. investigators are trying to get more information out of the suspects slay in custody, but they're not cooperating. back to breaking news in the east bay where hundreds of protestest have shut down 880. let's go to joe virginia december -- joe vasquez. joe? >> reporter: we walked down about half a break towards 6th street. our photographer will show you that there's still people on the freeway and some of them are coming down the ramp here off of the freeway. we saw about 10 chp cars go up on the freeway to deal with this. on the wriek the crowd is gathered. they're also confronting police in turns, chaptering that black lives mat and for justice and
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peace. it has been for the most part a peaceful protest. but you have to put this in context. the word from dallas came down about an hour and half ago. it really sort of changed the mood here. it was much more of a -- it was much more somber and light- hearted as they got on the freeway. but then you could see it in the faces of the police officers and some of the demonstrators. it really turned the mood into a more tense situation. police are doubling in patrol cars. they're reluctant tone gauge with demonstrators because of what the demonstrations are about. it was much more understandable once people started to break out windows and spray paint.
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we still see a few up there. police police say there were as many as 500, in come cases with their bikes. the situation, still flued. we'll monitor events in the streets of oakland. >> joe vasquez live for us. we'll stay apprised of that situation as well as in dallas, texas. 4 protest -- 4 police officers were kill and 7 others wounded. there's more going on, including a mastermind behind a bay area prostitution ring who pleaded gled glt this week to dozens of prostitution charges. andrea borva has can de tail. >> reporter: inside this freshly unsealed criminal indictment are details of a peninsula-based prostitution ring that was in business for over a decade. >> if you start reading this
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document at about page 63 to the end, it's like reading a novel. >> reporter: the operation is called the interprises and first began with flying women from asia, specifically singapore, to the united states, and then dropping them off at 1 of 40 peninsula parking lots, like seize these in san mateo, where they worked for allen fong. after posting ads on craig's list and, they went meth, johns and kept 2/3 of their earnings. the other third went to fong. our legal analyst says to meet the standard of conspiracy, typically 2 overt acts are needed. >> in count 1, there are 123 overt acts listed. they're not just the act, they're listed who did what and on what they date they did these thing. >> reporter: the investigation was meticulous and continued
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for years. evidence included wiretaps, and at least 1 instance of fong buying 2,000 condoms in bulk for his business. as for why we're just hearing about this now, when the indictment is stamped october of 2014? >> my guess is that once the indictment was handed down, it remained sealed because at that time, it was up to law enforcement to go after these people and round them up. so if this diamond indict had been unsealed immediately, they should would have been on notice they were in big trouble, that law enforcement was onto them and they like would have left the country. temperatures have been running well below average, which for us in san francisco means about 60 degrees. in the state capital, it means about 85 degrees. if you were heading to the state capital for the state fair, a lot of sunshine out there with temperatures in the
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mid 80s. tomorrow evening, the concert in the park. it will be brisk. 75 degrees. but quickly cooling off after sunset. we have cloudy skies in san jose. we have a warm spot, 60. livermore, okayland. the onshore flow has been strong all week long. and the ocean temperature has been back to normal. a little bit extra bite from w the wind coming from that ocean. the onshore flow stays strong. look at this, something you usually see in march or april. what will this will do for us is reinforce that push from the
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ocean. tomorrow, some drizzle throughout morning hour, and the clouds will not clear with high only in the 50s. oakland, foggy start, sunny finish for you. 68 degrees. a few more 80s on the map tomorrow. concorde, the friday might, 80 degrees. still below average bub not as chilly. we stay below average to the weekend. next week less of the onshore flow means warmer weather will grime make it to 70 degrees.
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durant. signed, sealed, delivered.... biggest aquisn in franchise history...herew nb, town, there's only one story. kd, kevin durant, signed, sealed, delivered. biggest acquisition in franchise history? here's how steve ker handled that one. >> i haven't made the decision yet, but he might start. [ laughter ] >> that's tonight's icebreaker for the introductory conference today. despite being the highest-paid player, dlant wanted to make sure his new teammates were cool with the move.
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>> i wanted to look steph in his eyes and ask him how he felt about a guy like me joining this team, and the rest of the guys. klavy, i didn't think he would have time to be here. >> i didn't think day either. >> my, out how police of foirm warriors goes. f stirks s azili signed a new deal with the portland trail blazers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in houston... look how baseball, giants were off. but the a's? they were on the clock in houston. look at how coco crisp showed up the umpire. look at this. and he kept on walking right to the showers. gunnar alonso accounted for his second of the game. season-high 10 strikeouts. over to golf, u.s. women's open in the bay area for the first time ever. near san ohio spain and miram lee, excuse me, a birdie on her hole to shoot 8 under.
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just the 5th player ever in golf history to do nap. to tennis, we have serena williams. wimbledon advanced to the finals. sister convenient venus, not so lucky. ang leak turner -- ang leak kerber bounded her. serena faces kerber on saturday. look at this catch in the cfl tonight. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm jeff glor. >> good morning. president obama is here in war saw to tackle a number national security issues here at nato, but for the second time in less than 24 hours, he is going to be addressing the violence back home. it was last night, immediately upon arrival, that he first spoke out saying he was deeply disturbed by what is recently happened in baton rouge and minnesota. and called on americans to really self-search here and look at some of what he called racial disparities embedded in the american criminal justice system. hours later, that violence in dallas erupted. so when we hear from the president shortly, he will be addressing those police shootings for what seems to be a developing situation that he has been briefed on throughout the night. now the president is currently in a meeting with some of the heads, european heads of state


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