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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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believe it or not. here's the story. >> scary. >> the leaning tower of san francisco. >> reporter: those where some of the reactions to an engineering report that the $350 million luxury high rise has sunk 16 inches, and is now tilting 2 inches off the center as well. >> i've seen a lot of surveyors, i kind of thought something was up like that. and i'm pretty shocked. >> reporter: the sinking prompted the homeowner's association to send out a letter, saying there are currently no short or long term concerns with regard to building integrity, or safety. the city said they were unaware of any safety problems. so far, the only signs have been cracked in the garage, and ongoing problems with the sidewalks. >> there's always been the great speculation that the building was sinking, and obviously, based on the numbers, it is. >> reporter: three years ago
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escot vash paid. >> it's the tilting you worry about more. >> are you worried about the value going down? >> we are, and there will be a temporary probably shock to everybody when they hear about this. >> reporter: the builder says it exists in a location where major underground construction work was subsequently worked on by others. a not so subtle hint that it may rely with the terminal being built across the street. they shot back saying engineering reports show the tower was sinking before work began on the transbay center. as for who is at fault, and who is going to pay for the fix? >> this is a lawyer's delight. >> reporter: one that's going to involve the city, and possibly the counties of san
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mateo and the ac bucks district as well. that's because they're building this massive terminal next to the la men yum that people say possibly caused the problem. but to try to prevent that problem, they also spent $58 million shoring up this area. the question is, did it work, or is even that the problem? a popular vacation spot off limits to pregnant women. the cdc issued a travel advisory for part of miami after florida confirmed more cases of the zika virus. now there are new concerns about whether the mosquito that carries the virus could return to the bay area. live in menlo park where that specific type of mosquito was found just last year. >> reporter: we're live here at the holy cross cemetery, where just 14 months ago, they found dozens of these critters right in this particular neighborhood. vector control guys have been keeping an eye out for this mosquito alert since then. if they find it again, they're
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ready to pounce. >> reporter: one of the primary care areas of the zika virus. several dozen were found between 2013 and 2015 in menlo park. after an aggressive eradication campaign, vector control hasn't seen them since may of last year. >> how confident are you, that it is no longer in the county? >> we can't be completely sure. this mosquito could be redod to -- reintroduced to our neighborhoods at anytime. it could be that it's not here at all. >> reporter: the cdc is issuing a travel advisory, telling pregnant women to stay away from miami. >> and for pregnant women who live in the area to do everything possible to prevent mosquito bites. >> reporter: anyone who's been to the area with active zika
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transmissions are being asked to use mosquito repellent for at least three weeks when they come home. the idea, to keep you from transferring zika to the local population. that's especially critical in these parts of the bay area. menlo park, and hayward, where it has been found. >> what do you say to people that say, it stinks, i'm not going to do it. >> it's important that people do the right thing, wear your insect repellent, whatever you do to avoid mosquito bites when returning from these areas. >> reporter: they won't hesitate it to follow you into your house. the females can lay huge numbers of eggs in very small amounts of water. if you travel to an infected area, do your part, and spray up. >> it's important to keep your whole community healthy. >> reporter: so vector control have traps all over the property. they are closely monitoring it. they examine every sing the
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mosquito that they catch under the microscope. we know the identities of a pair of bold trespassers who managed to climb the even tower of the bay bridge last night. police arrested 18-year-old deniel gregoria, and robert canales. police say they're charged with suspicion of unlawful access at a vehicular crossing, general trespass, and public nuisance. a malfunctioning gun may have saved the life of a an oakland police sergeant, who w asambushed when responding to a call. police say that moss ran towards clark after she crashed her vehicle, july 23 on 73rd avenue. court documents reveal moss made some anti-police statements before raising his gun and firing at clark. however, that gun malfunctioned
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so moss pointed it at the sergeant a second time, and it malfunctioned again. moss then ran off. clark managed to call for help. >> i just got shot at! i can't get out of the car! >> the sergeant wasn't hit by any gunfire, but she was treated for injuries she suffered in the crash. moss was later arrested in stockton. his lair says they will fight to make sure he gets a fair trial. >> there's going to be a lot of evidence. we need to thoroughly go through all of that, and see what the evidence is against him. >> reporter: he's due back in court later next month. tesla ceo, elon musk is putting his car and solar energy businesses under one roof. tesla is buying solar city. elon musk says he wants to
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create a one stop shop for renewable energy. both companies are expected to lose hundreds of millions of dollars this year. >> on the one hand, you could argue, although have a better shot at a successful merger, because there are common interests, there's potentially shared values in the culture, and cousins running companies. on the one hand, that could be a real advantage. but on the other hand, that could breed other issues down the road. >> the deal still has to be approved by the government, and shareholders at both companies. uber is getting out of the driver's seat in china. the san francisco based rideshare company has sold chinese operations to its chief local rival. some call the deal a surrender. others say it's a good business strategy. uber is holding onto part of its assets which could pay off down the road. china is a tough market for
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american tech firms. fierce competition has kept companies like google and facebook out. this weekend? several water main breaks flooded parts of berkeley. pipes burst along the gilman street line. east bay mud says the old pipes are starting to show their age. jessica flores, joining us in berkeley, where the public utility says it's a race against time until the next one breaks. >> reporter: according to east bay, you can see their construction has been there all day, trying to replace that pipe. meanwhile, in this community over the weekend, four water main breaks, and east bay mud says the problem could get worse before it gets any better. just a few feet below us, there's a whole network of pipes. made from heavy copper iron,
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many are on the verge of breaking. >> they're pipes at the end of their life. projected to last about 80 to 100 years old, that's just about where they are. >> reporter: at gilman, and cornell streets, the force of water pushed the asphalt up, and poured out like a fountain. >> i've been here through el nino. this is as bad as el nino to see the water at this level. >> reporter: east bay mud currently replaces 10 miles of pipe a year. at this rate, it would take the public utility the next 4 centuries to replace the 4,000 miles of pipes in its service area. but they want to replace up to 40 miles of pipe a year. >> if we're on the 400 year cycle, and we're trying to get to a 100 year cycle. >> reporter: they're treading water. just as they proactively work on up with pipe, several more pipes nearby break. this one, 79 years old.
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>> the limiting factors holding us back are skilled labor. and money. >> reporter: it cost $2.4 million to replace just one mile of pipe. customer rates have been hiked up 7% this summer. east bay mud says in 2015, they had 1,000 water main breaks. that's a record for the public utility. in berkeley, jessica flores. kpix 5. a massive fire grows on the scenic california coast. now it could be another month before its out. the huge blow to an area that depends on tourism. >> what bay area pet owners should know. >> a story of courage that starts at a pig farm. a young bay area boy uses his hobby to help a stranger. how it turned into a gift bigger than he ever imagined. >> a whole lot of cloud cover out there this morning, but sunshine did come out in the afternoon for the entire bay
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area. temperatures though, up to 20 degrees cooler, and here's tonight's round of fog poised to move in, already invading san francisco. we'll talk about how long we will stay shy of 90 degrees, that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the most recent was recorded about 5:30 this evening. it was h quake centered a couple of small earthquakes shaking things up in the north bay. the most recent was recorded about 5:30 this evening. about an hour earlier, a 3.3 quake rattled the sonoma county town of kenwood. no damage reported in either case. a massive wildfire burning in canyon county is showing no sign of letting up. the fire is burning through forests between carmel, and big sur. an area that's normally packed with vacationers this time of year. as devin feely reports, that's very bad for business.
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>> this fire is burning in some rugged, and largely inaccessible areas, that's what's made it so difficult for firefighters to get the upper hand. this is normally, the height of tourism season. but the fire has changed that for many. >> for businesses up and down the central coast, a chunk of the summer tourism season has gone up in smoke. >> the firefighters are doing a heroic job. i mean, this is dangerous area to work and hear doing their all. >> reporter: michael sherman's jewelry store -- >> the loyalty of the people that know the area and are just going to come, no matter what is always going to be there. i don't think that challenges them. >> reporter: that loyal at the is being tested. businesses up and down the
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coast in carmel, and big sur depend heavily on tourism. an estimated 3 million tourists visit the area each year. business owners say when the fire forced nearby state parks to close, it meant that fewer and fewer people visited the area. >> as far as businesses come, it's kind of been hit and miss, and pretty bad. >> reporter: most business owners remain optimistic, that has the fire recedes, their customers will return. >> people want their chocolate, especially in times of need, they totally want their chocolate. i have one woman who actually said give me my medicine. >> reporter: when the fire first broke out, cal fire estimated that it would actually be contained yesterday. by the middle of last week, they had revised that. they said it would take them at least another week. and now they're saying it could be sometime closer to the end of the month. devin feely, kpix 5. >> more on the fire itself.
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so far, it has scorched more than 40,000 acres, and is now 18% contained. the blaze is threatening 2,000 homes, already destroyed 57 homes. a bulldozer operator was killed while fighting the fire. the spca has found at least 100 pets displaced by the blaze. they held an adoption event last weekend, and found homes for 74 pets. there's a warning for bay area pet openers. a potentially deadly virus is infecting cats. last week, a seemingly healthy kitten was brought into the hayward animal shelter but she began showing signs of illness, and so are other cats. >> unfortunately, cats do come back positive because they're at risk for exposing other animals, so pets are euthanized. >> reporter: the shelter is
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temporarily not accepting new cats. the vets say the good news is, if your cat is up to date on vaccinations, there's a low risk of infection. we're learning more about the bay area woman shot and killed over the streets of austin. visiting the texas city, with her wife of four months. the couple were walking in the popular downtown entertainment district sunday, when someone started shooting. she was one of four people hit. she died in her wife's arms. police have identified a suspect. they say they believe he was shooting at another man who disappeared in the crowd. marin county coroners have identified the man who fell off a cliff and died in san francisco. he was 28-year-old vincent holland from merced. he fell at least 50 feet near point lobos at lands end. they also rescued his companion and unidentified woman from a nearby cliff. it was once known as speed
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city. now san jose is sprinting toward rebuilding its once storied track and field program. the university alum, the olympic gold winners, john carlos and tommy smith with their black powered saloon. >> this statue on my right represents you all. john carlos, and thomas smith might be the ones who put on those steps who were standing, but when we walked off, we carried you with us. >> the program is expected to be up and running 2015. >> so much nicer, because you weren't immediately sweating away from the water. much cooler today, so yeah, if you went for the jog, it
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probably felt a whole lot more comfortable. right now, comfort zone, 79 degrees. is there a number better than 79? the answer is yes for some of you, but that's a nice number. concord, 82. san francisco, your temperatures didn't move that much. you are staying in the mid-60s. we don't see a sliver of fog looking east. if we were to turn camera around, you would see plenty of fog building to the west. we get a deluge of rain in august. right? not so much. we average about a tenth of an inch of rain a month in sonoma county. we have a very well defined dry season in the summertime, even though we're kind of off hitting bottom, it's going to be two, two and a half months before we see any rainfall around here. fog is back. take a look at overnight lows,
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getting chilly for you in the north bay. we've been seeing 40s and will continue to see that. in the city itself, 51. san jose, 58. this time of year, we begin to see the temperatures dip into the bay, it will be a little warmer tomorrow, compared to today, especially away from the water. livermore tomorrow, 92 for you. mountain view 78. now we're still chilly on the water. that green color down through san mateo, 60s for highs. 65. we'll stay near normal. all the way through the middle of the week. look what happens at the end of the week. our already moderate onshore flow get as bit stronger and temperatures continue to take a tumble. only highs in the mid-60s. as we approach the bay with lots of cloud cover. we'll get plenty of afternoon sunshine, but highs only hit the low it to mid-80s.
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it's kind of like a pendulum, swinging back and forth. we had about a week of cold, then a week of warm. guess what's back? cold. back and forth. a little boy fighting for his life gets some help from a big pig and a stranger with an even bigger heart. >> because he's, nobody should go through that. >> the gift of courage that brought a community together. >> it's on our state flag, but the grizzly has been extinct in california for nearly a century. the new campaign to bring the bear back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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leukemia. juliett goodrich shows us how the boy and his pig named courage did more than anyone a 12-year-old boy rallies his community to help a child sick with leukemia. >> how the boy and his pig named courage did more than
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anyone ever expected. >> reporter: 5-year-old keegan's family has been faced with medical bills. his future uncertain, but one thing's for sure. >> so this is the pig farm? >> yes. >> in a way, it's kind of like pay it forward. >> reporter: to a little boy he's never met. >> i just want to help keegan out. because nobody should go through that. >> reporter: so he turned a hobby of raising pigs into something bigger than he ever imagined. >> i thought well, what do i have that pays the most? and i thought, fair auction. >> reporter: he donated his 270- pound pig courage to the alameda county auction. >> a dire situation like that, you need to have courage.
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i thought, here's the courage right here. >> reporter: with a sign reading, this one is for keegan, and the bidding began. what happened at this livestock auction at the alameda county fair caught everyone by surprise. the bidding started, and it didn't stop. >> i was thinking, $50 or so maybe. maybe 100 if we were lucky. and we just, it skyrocketed. >> reporter: and ended up going to the highest bidder at $108,000. the average price per pound for hog? less than $10. current went for $400 per pound. >> i was just amazed. i couldn't believe what was happening. >> reporter: on top of that, more donations kept pouring in all for keyingen. the crowd bringing the final total to $150,281. >> this is courage's mom. she's 2 years old. courage was her first litter. she had 14 baby pigs, and
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cooper says she's always going to be a family pet. along with that one too. >> reporter: cooper says farm life is busy and raising pigs isn't easy. but he knows keegan has it tougher, and he will think of ways to help a little boy whose future is day-to-day. >> way to go, cooper. keegan's family set up a crowd funding site. that link is on our website, under the story, it's called the hotel california and is a rare gem in the bay area's hot housing market. the chance to call a pricey neighborhood home at the fraction of the price. >> a bay area family challenges the police account of a deadly shooting. what happened moments before an officer shot a man who had a toy gun. ,,
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francisco is sinking. a new engineering report says the um tower has sunk 16 our top stories at 6:00, a luxury skyscraper in san francisco is sinking. a new engineering report says the millennium tower has sunk
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16 inches and is now tilting 2 inches off center. condos in the high rise sell anywhere between $1.6 million to $10 million. expect a major legal battle over who's responsible. bay area vector control, keeping an eye out for the mosquitoes that can carry the zika virus. several dozen pound in the past years. the concern is people who traveled to the infected areas bring the virus back. and then introduce it to local mosquito population. >> and donald trump continues to catch heat for comments he made about the family of a muslim american soldier killed while serving in iraq. arizona senator john mccain was among several republicans criticizing trump today. trump is now trying to claim that he is the victim. >> reporter: donald trump gets back on the campaign trail as the feud grows larger between the candidate, and the family
6:31 pm
of a muslim american soldier killed in iraq. >> we want to maintain our dignity. we want to maintain my family's dignity, my son's dignity, and sacrifice. >> reporter: it's been about four days since khizr khan tweeted about the tragedy. trump tweeted mr. khan viciously attacked me at the dnc, and is now on tv doing the same. nice. >> we will continue until this candidate behaves in a dignified manner, deserving of the candidacy of this office. >> reporter: trump's former campaign manager defended the billionaire. >> we never would have entered the iraq war in the first place. >> reporter: clinton is making the same claim about trump, for saying russian president vladimir putin won't send
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troops into the ukraine. >> russia continues to violate territory. >> reporter: david kramer dealt with russia, as secretary of state during the george w. bush administration. >> he's either giving terrible advice, or he has no understanding of the kind of russia we're dealing with today. >> reporter: russia annexed crimea, and sent troops into eastern ukraine in november of that same year. craig bosswell, cbs news. arizona senator john mccain criticized trump's comments about the khan family. part of it reading, i challenge the nominee to set the example for what our country can and should represent. quote, when you say your job building buildings is akin to our sacrifice, you are attacking our sacrifice. he held up a pocket sized version of the u.s. constitution. since then, sales have
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skyrocketed. it became the second best selling book on amazon, just behind the new harry potter book. hillary clinton is getting a bump in the polls thanks to the democratic convention. clinton now has a 7 point lead over trump. trump held a slight lead before last week's convention. millions of dollars are pouring into campaigns legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in california. the national coalition has raised more than $2 million. former facebook president sean parker has contributed to a group that has raised 6.7 million to support passage. if approved by voters in november, people 21 and over would be allowed to possess, transport, and use up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes. they would also pay a 15% tax on sales. facing a lawsuit from the family of a man shot and killed
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by officers. the family says surveillance video proves he was not threatening officers. the family of richard perkins gathered outside police headquarters today. they say the video taken from a gas station shows perkins lifting his shirt to reveal, he had a gun in his pants, but he never pointed it at officers. police had originally said perkins had pointed the weapon, which turns out was a pellet gun. >> we're living in too much fear with those sworn in to protect us. and with this vicious, malicious, killing, murder, linking to my baby brother, i constantly live in fear, every day, day in and out. listening just about every night for my poor mother crying, calling out my brother's name. >> oakland police say they will not be releasing the video. the man brutally beaten by
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alameda county sheriff's deputies after a high speed chase is fighting back. today, stanislaus petrov filed a lawsuit. the case gained national attention after this video of the november incident surfaced. petrov is seeking unspecified damages for his injuries. he also claims that he was robbed of his gold necklace before the beating. sean osborn is no longer with the sheriff's department. video from that night appears to show him holding the gold chain. a new attempt to delay the trial of the man accused of killing sierra lamar has been denied. attorneys had asked for a continuance this morning, but the judge refused. garcia lopez is suspected of killing the teenager back in 2012. her body has never been found.
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jury selection could begin next month. hundreds gathered to dedicate the first korean war memorial on the west coast. the ribbon cutting took place at the san francisco national cemetery in the presidio. 2200 korean war veterans are buried there. the long curved piece of granite, with a picture, and plaques from the war took seven years to construct. an old hotel in palo alto is being transformed. it's new role, helping people gain a foothold in one of the most expensive parts of the bay area. >> reporter: alex isn't asking for much. >> i'm just looking for an apartment where two people can live. >> reporter: in pricey palo alto, where renting a one bedroom apartment can cost around $2,000 a month, affording a home can seem impossible. >> i've been renting about three years. >> reporter: he's thought about living somewhere else, but --
6:37 pm
>> grew up here. >> reporter: this old hotel may allow him to grow old here. converting hotel california into affordable apartments. overseeing the conversion of 20 rooms into apartments. >> 20 rooms doesn't seem like much, but it will make a difference to people who are losing their homes. >> reporter: to qualify, you must either work, or live in palo alto, and earn 10,000 to $40,000 a year. something driles thinks he can afford for something every human deserves. >> a place and land. >> reporter: applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. people will start moving in here later this month. >> for more on these affordable
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units, visit our website, it's an iconic symbol of our state. the bold plan to bring back the grizzly bear to california. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for bankruptcy after losing a lawsuit to hulk hogan. but the hulk may not be the biggest winner. the founder of gawker is filing for bankruptcy after losing a lawsuit to hulk hogan, but the hulk may not be the biggest winner, nick dempsey filed after the invasion of privacy suit. some are calling it a victory for pay pal cofounder, peter
6:41 pm
teal. he funded hogan's lawsuit. teal has been after gawker since the website outed him as gay in 2007. he says denten needs to accept responsibility for the people he hurt. jetblue is offering flights out of san jose airport. an 80 minute trip that seats 180 passengers. fares are starting at $39. a high speed chase crisscrossing southern california freeways. how the woman behind the wheel kept out-maneuvering police. >> if you do not like 100- degree temperatures, that's a beautiful sight right there. the onshore flow getting stronger, moving over the bay area. there it is right to left on your television screen. how long are we going to stay cooler? the answer, next. >> coming up, dodger fans, they like the josh reddick trade. but one dodger did not. we will tell you who and why.
6:42 pm
the giants trade their third baseman, and it will cause a major shakeup in san francisco's pitching rotation. we've got quarterback controversies and the plays of the weekend, coming up. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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spanning 120 miles police tried to pull over her a woman in southern california took officers on a wild ride this morning, spanning 120 miles and 3 counties. police tried to pull her over in the red sedan in san fernando valley at 4:00 a.m., that's when she hit the gas. hours later, she accidentally boxed herself into a cul de sac. a squad car rammed her, but she kept ongoing, eventually, they were able to arrest her. the chp says they originally tried to pull her over, because she was speeding and driving erratically. >> a habit she finds hard to break, apparently. there's a new effort to bring wildlife back to california. they're going to start with grizzly bears. the group says about the only place you're going to see a grizzly in california is on the flag. according to researchers, the last grizzly was killed in
6:46 pm
1924. by bringing grizzlies back, they would reduce the deer population, which eat most of our vegetation. >> without the apex predators the mammal populations can explode, and they can really devastate the general vegetation of the ecosystem. >> even if the plan gets traction, it could still be years before we actually see grizzlies in the wild. >> they are beautiful. but yeah. >> good distance, like two miles. >> or ten. >> our higher. here's what we have with weather on a monday. we were still talking about 102 in livermore. 90s in the south day. livermore, you're down to 79, it's breezy for you too. low 60s oakland, and san francisco. santa rose yarks already down to 72. san jose dropping down to 75. we have fallen below average in the south bay. it was a really, chilly first
6:47 pm
three quarters of july in san jose. now we're back below average. the normal is 83. the past two days, including today, 79 degrees for a high. that said, 79 is really comfortable. 59 for you in freemont. the fog will push inland. san rafael, even napa, even livermore. 57 for a low in livermore. air quality is good, because our source of air is from the beautiful, and chilly pacific ocean. so we're looking good tomorrow. no spare the air day for your tuesday. all of these changes because of one thing. the wind speed. not even the wind direction. the wind speed has increased from the pacific ocean. back up to a moderate onshore flow. flowing over the santa cruz mountains over the north bay hills, and seeing that marine layer push inland, in the form of cloud cover in the morning, watch it spilling all throughout san francisco bay. the east bay, even hopping on the east bay hills, concord,
6:48 pm
and pacheco, and martinez. waking up to cloud cover and fog. but it will burn off in the afternoon, we still keep the ocean influence, but it's not going to be as hot as it was last week. see that counterclockwise swirl there, the center of ourer area of low pressure, it will get as close as the oregon coast line. as long as that stays to our north, and doesn't move away, we keep the onshore flow. temperatures are near or below average, every day for the next week. the heat is gone, at least for a while. clouds are going to push inland overnight tonight. fog as well. we will warm up to right around average tomorrow, and seeing not much of a change through the middle of the week. the change of the 2nd half of the week, will be even cooler. san jose, 1 degree below average tomorrow. sunnyvale, really nice afternoon. 81degrees. fremont, looking good. 77. still really foggy in pacifica. danville, you'll hit 90 for a few minutes. benicia, vallejo, martinez,
6:49 pm
70s. alameda, 70. right on the water. sonoma, 83. napa, 84. petaluma, 80. farther north, still in the 90s, but not as hot as last week. cloverdale, 94. lake port, 93 degrees. we level off for the next two days, and drop below average. inland highs will be the low to mid-80s. low to mid-60s near the bay. the highs will barely hit 60 degrees along the coastline. can the giants please get hotter? dennis has the answer coming up. ,,
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baseball's deadline, 18 trades were made. the a's were sellers and the giants were buyers..and san francisco's price tag was eep. in a flurry of league wide wheeling and dealing at baseball's trade deadline, 18 deals were made today. the a's were sellers, and san francisco were buying. just minutes before the deadline, the giants made a deal with the tampa bay rays for starting pitcher matt moore. he is 7-7 this season, but posted a 2.41 e.r.a. in july. he's under contract through 2019. san francisco sent tampa three players in return. the big one, third baseman matt duffy, and two minor league prospects, one of them highly touted, but disappointing this year, is the shortstop lucious fox in single-a. the giants gm not done yet. they also picked up left handed reliever will smith from the
6:53 pm
brewers in exchange for 2015 first round pick, phil bicford who might have been a september call up. the a's unloaded veterans. oakland sent rich hill and josh reddick to the dodgers for three prospects. hill was 9-3, with a 2.25 e.r.a. before being sidelined with a blister. as for long time athletic reddick, hitting just under .300. he will replace yasiel puig as l.a.'s starting right fielder. according to his agent, puig will be sent down to the minor leagues tomorrow, after l.a. was unable to trade him at the deadline. how about that. raiders camp in full swing in napa as the silver and black home to improve on last year's 7-9 season and end their
6:54 pm
playoff drought. derek carr heard about his team's potential pretty much everywhere he went this summer. >> my buddies that play in the nfl say, i played against so and so, he's awesome. all of these things, they're going to be really good. my buddies that don't play in the nfl, they don't talk about it, they know i'll tell them to stuff. enough of that bro, let's go work out. the quarterback competition between gabbert and kaepernick is underway in santa clara. the 49ers first preseason game is less than 2 weeks away right here on the big 5. san francisco isn't the only team with question marks at quarterback. jimmy garrapolo will start in new england for four games while tom brady is suspended. that means the team has to develop chemistry to two quarterbacks.
6:55 pm
>> two new quarterbacks, not just one quarterback? >> i've dated two girls at the same time before. just because my wife hears that. >> if you were busy trying to figure out how to make paeia, or seeing adel this weekend, here's what he missed. u.s.a. beat venezuela by 35 points. grandal can't handle the ball. the ball was trapped inside his chest protecter. chris jimenez had some words for billy butler. jimenez learned sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. what was more impressive, the home run, or watch the bat flip and a little glance back?
6:56 pm
rockies and mets. wilmer flores hit a fly ball to left. the kid makes the catch. the ump rules fan interference and got the last laugh, he let the kid know about it. finally, only fitting, the jimmy walker provided the shot of the tournament at the pga championship. the hold out from the bunker on 10. walker went wire to wire for his first career major. great story for jimmy walker, a couple of years ago, 2014, he won here at the pebble beach pro-am. i met him then, great guy, and winner of the first major. >> how was the paeia? >> pretty good, how was adel? >> fabulous. from the other side. >> yes, very good. ,,
6:57 pm
[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate y'all, now. thank y'all. thank you very much, everybody. wow. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. hey, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day, total $40,000, it's the champs from villa rica, georgia, it's the edenfield family. audience: [cheering] steve: and from lexington, tennessee, it's the ellis family! audience: [cheering] steve: everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new state-of-the-art ford edge right there. audience: [cheering]
7:00 pm
steve: come on, let's get some more. give me karen, give me natalie. ["family feud" theme playing] ladies, top 8 answers are on the board. name a reason someone might be squirming. natalie: have to use the restroom. steve: has to use the restroom. karen: trying to get out of a ticket. steve: trying to get out of a ticket. pass or play? natalie: we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. ryan, name a reason someone might be squirming. ryan: they're hungry. steve: they're hungry. natalie: good answer! good answer! [buzzer] audience: aww! steve: shannon, give me a reason somebody might be squirming. shannon: well, steve, if they're anything like me, their feet probably hurt right about now, so i'm going to say your feet hurt.


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