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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the city's sinking skyscrap. the city claims the develops broke the law... hiding the prob homebuyers... san francisco taking on the developers behind a city's sinking skyscraper. the city claims the developers broke the law hiding the problems from potential home buyers. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. the millenium tower is leaning and has sunk 16" over the last 8 years. the city is taking the developer to court. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: the millenium tower has been called the leaning tower of san francisco. and now the city attorney says it's both leaning and sinking and that the developer knew about it before the units even hit the market. two people bought their millenium tower apartment for four million dollars. but they say as their marble
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test shows, it's leaning. >> the marble illustrated it quite dramatically. >> reporter: the marble starts in one direction, then rolls back. i know the san francisco city attorney, dennis herrera, is suing the developer. >> buyer beware doesn't cut it here. >> reporter: herrera says the developer knew about the problem in 2008 then went on and sold units. the 58-story building has now tilted 2 inches and sunk 16 inches. >> yet they went ahead and sold condominiums for a handsome profit without telling the buyers about the situation even though they were legally required to disclose it. >> reporter: developer says the building is safe and that they complied with all laws. millennium partners blames the problem on the transbay joint powers authority saying the transit center being built next door is making the soil weak. in a statement, the developer says in part, it is unfortunate that mr. herrera, who is also
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legal counsel for tj pa has chosen to take the focus off finding a fix for the building and is instead attempting to divert attention for the real culprit here a government agency. this lawsuit is actually response to residents suing the city and others. in a cross complaint the city is going after the developer for the money. in san francisco, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> the city attorney's lawsuit is a civil case but some millenium tower homeowners want criminal charges filed against the developer. we are learning more about the discovery of human remains on campus at sonoma state university. investigators now say it's a man's body. a landscaper clearing brush in a wooded area west of parking lot m discovered that body in a shallow grave. kpix 5's emily turner live on campus with the latest. >> reporter: that body was discovered yesterday just after the lunch hour and we now know that he was found face down and that he had been rained on. there was a lot of mud. and at this point that's
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exactly what investigators are tackling, trying to figure out who this person is. >> this would be concerning to everybody, staff and students alike. and we would encourage them to use caution. >> reporter: the body was found yesterday afternoon and sonoma county sheriff's deputies have been working the scene since searching for answers. >> the crime scene investigators have taken pictures and taken items of evidence that we can't get into right now. >> reporter: it was in a shallow grave covered with dirt in an out-of-the-way part of campus. only some hair and a portion of the head was visible when the landscaper found it. now students and residents alike are on pins and needles waiting for the who and why of the case, especially anthony. >> family, friends i went to school with missing for two weeks kirk kimberly, he lives in cotati left home and didn't come back. >> reporter: deputies will be doing the autopsy tonight but so far, all they can say is it's a male, not a child, and
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he likely hasn't been dead all that long. but until all the questions are answered, deputies want everyone to keep their eyes open. >> they take the precautions that are necessary. the more we tamper about it, the more rerisk losing evidence so we want to get it to a controlled sterile area where we can process it for evidence. >> reporter: it seems like back out here live this crime scene or at least this portion of it is starting to wind down. the mobile command center left 30 minutes ago. we do know from the sheriff's office that they should have an id on this person within the next 24 to 48 hours and, of course, as soon as we know what that is, we'll be sure to tell you. reporting live in sonoma, emily turner, kpix 5. another investigation is under way right now in oakland where a body was found in a park there. the discovery made at arroyo viejo park on krauss avenue. chopper 5 was over the scene earlier. part of the park is taped off. the focus is on an area near some picnic tables and we just learned authorities have identified the body as a woman.
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we have a crew on scene right now waiting to get more information from investigators. donald trump is counting on bay area volunteers to get elected next week. as part of a strategy his rival is using, as well. yesterday melissa caen showed you hillary clinton supporters were working the phones. today she is at donald trump's office in sunnyvale. >> reporter: we are at the largest donald trump call center in the state of california. as you can see, volunteers are manning the phones calling voters and encouraging them to get out and vote. much like the clinton campaign, the calls here are not going to california voters. it's not easy being a trump supporter in the bay area. >> here in california, when you're a republican, you're kind of outnumbered. so there is not much i could do. >> reporter: one way to help, calling voters in other states. >> at least when i come down here, i feel i am doing
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something to help. >> reporter: tim womack is the chair of trump for santa clara county. she says there are 20 trump call centers in california. >> and we have 17 phones that we have running here and we are the largest in california. >> reporter: but those calls are not going to california voters, just like clinton, because a clinton victory seems like a foregone conclusion. >> i'm calling north carolina and colorado are the two states that i have been calling. >> reporter: of course, not all calls have been well received. >> my worst call was a man basically going off on me and, um, saying the "f" word many times. >> reporter: the volunteers we spoke to said the vast majority of people have been nice and some are really supportive. >> i have actually talked to many democrats that have changed their vote from hillary to trump. >> reporter: with a few more days to go before the election, trump volunteers are ramping up. >> we have over800 volunteers. when i started, we had 23, 11
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weeks ago. we'll have 1,000. >> reporter: joe has been manning the phones here for several weeks. >> well over 50% of the people are female. okay? they are coming and helping. well over 50% are immigrants to america. most of them are all professionals. multiple degrees, too, so the demographics are saying that the trump supporters are "a certain type." we're breaking that mold. >> reporter: now, we talked to three volunteers and all three said that they had never been involved in politics before. it was donald trump himself who inspired them to get excited about this election and come out and volunteer. we're here with ellie the elephant. the mascot of this trump office in sunnyvale, melissa caen, kpix 5. >> thank you. hillary clinton and her bay area backers are going all out in neighboring nevada. she is getting help from a bay area couple who plan to celebrate their anniversary in costa rica. instead, they are campaigning in the silver state.
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joe vazquez will have their story tonight on kpix 5 news at 11:00. once bitter rivals in san jose, they are now teaming up on an issue that once divided them. san jose mayor sam liccardo narrowly defeated santa clara county supervisor dave cortese in the mayoral election two years ago. well, today, both men support measure f. a pension reform plan that would restore retirement and injuries benefits to san jose police officers. >> measure f is so critical. we really need to substantially improve our ability to hire officers, to retain officers. >> you know, we have been adversaries in the past but on this particular issue, there's only one answer and that's to support this measure. >> opponents say measure f would create future financial problems for san jose. last week our kpix/surveyusa poll found almost half the voters are undecided. measure f backers say a new internal poll finds many of the undecideds are turning into "yes" votes.
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next tuesday join me, veronica, ken, liz for election night team coverage beginning at 3 p.m. we are going to have insights from our political experts including phil matier, melissa caen and reporters covering races all over the bay area. some needed affordable housing has just opened up in fremont. laguna commons has more than 5 dozen apartments and as da lin shows us, backers of a county ballot measure hope this is just the beginning. >> reporter: it's been a while since venue jean barnett has worn a suit. he was homeless, drug addiction cost him his house, his marriage and his son. but he is a new man sober, motivated and has a new home at laguna commons in fremont 100% affordable. having a home means he could soon reunite with his five- year-old son who is now in foster care. >> hopefully, you know, that will be my -- my christmas present will be my son coming here and spending christmas
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with me permanently. >> reporter: fellow veteran gary also lived on the streets four years. >> it's a relief where i don't got to worry about safety and, you know, just not having a place to go. >> reporter: housing advocates say those stories are why they hope they will get to celebrate more affordable units in the future. >> yay! >> reporter: they are urging alameda county voters to pass measure a one which would tax homeowners to pay for affordable housing. >> measure a1 is going to bring in $580 million creating thousands of homes. >> reporter: most of the $580 million be would be used to build affordable apartments like laguna commons. this fremont complex has 64 units. many tenants were homeless. the 25 veterans here pay 30% of their income. the remaining families pay $1,000 to $1,300 a month. >> vote for measure a1. >> reporter: there's no formal opposition to a1 but there are plenty of homeowners fed up with higher property taxes.
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>> i'm all for affordable housing. but i don't think it should be funded through bond measures. >> reporter: measure a1 needs a two-thirds majority vote to pass in alameda county. in fremont, i'm da lin, kpix 5. the fbi is acting against a bay area business. the company is a vta contractor that provides rides for the disabled. it served search warrants in the case today. outreach & escort incorporated of i will meets was hired to provide service to 7,000 passengers. this may come down to money because in june the vta terminated the contract with the company following an you had it. the general manager is not surprised that the feds are involved. >> we knew that the result of the recommendations in the audit and the actions that were taken by the board to terminate the contract and then subsequently file the lawsuit against outreach that there
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would be a possibility that the fbi would move forward with their own investigation. >> a new paratransit company is taking over. the vta says customers who use the door-to-door service may see some delays. talk about a new high-tech way to secure your home. >> coming up, how a silicon valley company says a drone like this could replace your entire home security system. >> plus, san francisco-based wells fargo tried to save face. the deal it's offering to fired employees. why they may say no, thanks. >> then for the love of tuna, the fish business started by two bay area friends that's getting national attention. >> filtered sunshine right now over the south bay. coming up in weather, frankly a surprise. there's one government agency that says the majority of the bay area is no longer in a drought as of today. i'll show you why coming up. activity today linked to a ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chopper five spotted police f-b-i agents working in a wt oakland neighborhood. this is around chopper 5 spotted police and fbi agents working in a west oakland neighborhood on a cold case. this is around 7th and maritime streets near the port of oakland. the alameda county d.a.'s office says this involves a homicide that happened in november of 2004 in the oakland hills. no body was ever found. police aren't saying what led them to the location. new at 6:00 san rafael police released video of a man that investigators say ripped off $8,000 in merchandise from a well-known hardware store. here you can see the thief going through jackson's hardware store picking up items. police say he took construction equipment, possibly, to sell on the black market. if anyone recently bought these types of items from an individual, they want to hear about it. wells fargo rocked by a fake account scandal offering some former employees their jobs back. the offer does not include anyone fired for creating fake accounts. rather, it's for those
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terminated for not meeting the aggressive sales goals that led to the problem in the first place. many former employees have already filed a class action lawsuit. they say they were fired or demoted for either pointing out the fraud or refusing to take part. it's not clear if the company's new gesture will work. >> it vindicates these were fired. it doesn't necessarily say that there's an improvement in corporate culture if it's a response to a lawsuit. >> wells is not saying exactly how many people were fired unfairly. it has now created a special rehire resource team to help eligible former employees who want to come back. in home security systems may be a thing of the past thanks to a new [ indiscernible ] in silicon valley. >> they want to use drones to protect our homes. kpix 5's devin fehely on how it would work. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: taking home security to new heights the
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company is planning to use drones. yes, drones. along with sophisticated high- tech sensors to detect and stop possible break-ins. >> it's fundamental for us to have an infrastructure to detects activity to be able to summon the drone and see it, but also to guide it along to where the activity is. >> reporter: here's how the system works. the solar-powered sensors can detect movement, sound and vibrations enabling them to tell the difference between your pet and a possible intruder. when triggered they launch a drone like this one. think of it as your own personal aerial watchdog. >> the flying camera arrives at the scene, it's a deterrent in itself. anybody who is doing something that they shouldn't be doing on your property when they see a flying camera arrive above them, they most likely will stop. >> reporter: starting today customers can say $25 to reserve their security system which is expected to ship fall next year. for anyone concerned about a noisy potentially privacy invading drone buzzing around your neighbor's home, the company says their software ensures that the drone and its
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cameras only points at the owner's home, nowhere else. >> our drone and our system builds an object map of the house. it knows where your house, trees and boundaries and plans a flight path around the property to avoid problems. >> reporter: evin fehely, kpix 5. in california, we love local food and we like to know what's in it, right? >> we do. tuna sometimes feared because it can contain mercury but two bay area buddies are taking the fear out of eating tuna. kpix 5's john ramos with more. >> reporter: in a small office over looking sausalito harbor a pair of entrepreneurs is banking that when you buy a can of tuna, you may want to know for sure how much mercury may be in it. >> safe catch is the first company in the world that tests every, single fish for mercury before wetherbee it. >> reporter: brian and sean were next-door neighbors when
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sean's mom expressed her fear about the mercury that was being found in tuna fish. so sean put his engineering talents to work designing an efficient way to test for it. >> the other technology took a week and cost $100. so unless you want a $50 can of tuna it's a nonstarter. >> reporter: they developed equipment that would give a reading in seconds. but manufacturers told them their customers don't care about that. so the two created safe catch for those who might. they say testing every fish they buy guarantees their product to have the lowest level of mercury on the market. but getting that product to the market is another kettle of fish. how hard is it to start a business [chuckling] from scratch that you don't have any experience in? >> well -- [ laughter ] >> you know, it's not hard when you don't know what you're doing. [ laughter ] >> so -- >> reporter: still, these two business guppies are turning to sharking force help as in shark tank. their product is featured this season, although they can't say whether they landed any help or
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not so far they have done well just operating on gut instinct. >> everybody told us we're going to fail, we are crazy, it will never work, no consumer cares or will buy your product and we said that's great. we'll launch it anyway. >> reporter: right now, they are just small fish in a big pond. but they seem confident that there's a market out there of people who actually do care about what's in the food they eat. in sausalito, john ramos, kpix 5. >> a high surf advisory is in effect for much of northern and central california's coastline today through 5 a.m. tomorrow. and this afternoon, chopper 5 caught some surfers loving some massive waves at ocean beach. the national weather service is warning beach-goers if you are not a good surfer stay out of the water. some waves could be 20 feet tall. another major concern are the sneaker waves. >> yeah. >> have to be careful. if somebody visits from the east coast and just sees an average day here in the bay
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area, that ocean is pretty rough. >> it is. >> absolutely. >> get a big storm like 1,000 miles away sends that long wave swell toward the coastline and then you got 20-foot waves and, yeah, if you are not experienced, absolutely, just enjoy it, look at it, stay away from it. rip current risk is high through tomorrow morning, as well. temperatures high today 70s across the board. we had 75 -- look at the sky right now behind the san mateo bridge! that's over the coast range half moon bay behind the hills. san rafael high today 71. san francisco and fremont 70. morgan hill taking the cake, 76 degrees. now, nothing on the radar but very, very interesting. we get an update every thursday from the drought monitors at the climate prediction center in washington, d.c. anywhere without a color for northwestern california -- i'll point out at the weather wall that sonoma county, napa county, san francisco, san mateo county, portions of santa
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clara county, basically hugging the coastline, today no drought. go with it if you want. 24% of california is not in a drought. not much has changed today versus yesterday but technically by the government's definition down to monterey bay at the coastline you are no longer in a doubt. there it is according to the government part of the bay area no longer in a drought, that's a change today. holiday ice rink more like the holidays around here the embarcadero center pleasant this weekend. can you believe the ice rink for christmas and the holidays are actually open? another cool night tonight with some patchy fog. watch out north bay valley, not as chilly as past couple of nights but still chilly. vallejo 49. redwood city 50. tomorrow temperatures hit their peak t should be a nice day if you want to get outside. widespread mid-70s. fremont 73 for you. santa rosa 73. even pacifica 71 degrees. but stay away from the water high surf advisory is gone but the surf will still be rough. livermore tomorrow 75 degrees. tiny rain chance saturday night into sunday morning.
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aside from that this entire november week is going to be dry and it's not a good thing because we started off so good in october, now we are going dry. very nice to get outside. we love to build on october's rainfall total. >> absolutely. >> and really interesting, kind of technically not in a drought which i find strange because we're kind of splitting hairs. so don't think that way. whatever you have been doing to conserve, don't change. >> exactly. >> we're doing well. >> okay. >> thank you, paul. raining inside is definitely something you would probably never want but this is even worse. a look inside a bart tunnel being dubbed the rain forest. >> and a pet goes missing. not your average cat or dog though. the search for sticky the bearded dragon. said he wished he'd raised ire prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year.
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join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. sharing a ten by ten room,ng threestruggling.nding, i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life.
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sprung some serious leaks. the transit agency provided this video, that it says shs the water seeping into those tunnels.. the drips.. and ty streams... are bad enough...
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that wor the bart system has some leaks. the transit agency says water is seeping into tunnels. the drips and tiny streams are bad enough. workers call it section of track the rain forest. bart says the waterproofing that has been protecting the structures for the past 45 years is wearing out. >> eats away our train control components. it eats away the pads that fix the rail to the ground. it eats away at the rail itself. and so it costs a lot more maintenance to have to come in and repair all that. >> well, the timing of this video release probably no accident. bart is urging voters in alameda, contra costa and san francisco counties to approve measure rr. it would provide $3.5 billion for upgrades and repairs to the system. and an unusual missing pet sparking a lot of talk in san francisco's mission neighborhood. >> no, it's not cats or a dog. instead, a family has been looking for their bearded dragon. his name is sticky.
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he has been gone for about 10 days. sticky is a lizard about 15 inches long. he is gray and cream sometimes turns orange. he is last seen in the backyard of his owner's home on 20th street. the community is keep an eye out for sticky but the lizard expert at the san francisco zoo says if you see him to approach the bearded dragon very slowly so you don't spook him. his owners are holding out hope that someone will return him. >> hope to get my lizard back because this is what he looks like. >> aww. the lizard expert says it's legal to keep them as pets and that they are friendly creatures. new provocative ad campaign banned by bart. >> coming up in our next half- hour why bart says the message behind this trump-inspired underwear for women went too far. >> and you have heard about the soaring price of epipens. only on "5," why aren't doctors prescribing a much cheaper alternative?
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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tower that is sinking and tilting. dennis herrera saye developer of the millennium hid the san francisco city attorney is joining the fight over a condominium tower that's sinking and tilting. dennis herrera says the developer of the millenium tower deliberately hid the problems from buyers. his new lawsuit claims the developer knew what was going on before they hit the market.
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a discovery at a bay area university. investigators say that a man's body was found in a shallow grave on the sonoma state campus. the body was found yesterday afternoon in a field near a parking lot. it was removed this afternoon and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. with only five days to go until election day hillary clinton and donald trump hold dueling rallies in the crucial state of north carolina. the latest national poll shows a very tight race. and by close, we mean only a 3% margin. cbs news' weijia jang has the latest numbers from the white house. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton criss-crossed the critical battle ground states of north carolina and florida thursday. the candidates also deployed big name surrogates. president obama energized the crowd in florida where hispanic early voting may be up nearly 139% from 2012. obama said a trump presidency would be disastrous for
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america! >> all of you are uniquely qualified to make sure that this uniquely unqualified person does not become president! >> reporter: trump's wife melania hit the campaign trail in pennsylvania. as first lady she said she would fight against cyber bullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other,disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> reporter: the latest cbs news/new york times poll shows clinton's national lead is shrinking. up by only 3 points. but campaign advisers say trump could turn historically blue states are red. >> if mr. trump wins pennsylvania, it's all over. >> reporter: while both candidates are trying to tip the electoral college map in their favor, only 8% of voters say their minds might change before election day. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> donald trump's word have inspired a new underwear advertising campaign but you won't see it on bart.
6:33 pm
the company thinx makes underwear for women. this bart add uses language about grabbing women from that now infamous "access hollywood" tape. they decided to go with the ad at the top of your screen with the quote, glass ceiling-proof underwear. bart banned the original ad said it was vulgar. well, with the cost of bay area housing on the rise these microhomes continue to gain popularity. but with a total of 20 feet by 8.5 feet we're asking you tonight, could you and yours live in this tiny home? tweet me at #veronicadlcruz. we are going to have your comment and poll results tonight on bay area neat beat beat -- nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. only on "5," it's a fraction of the cost of the epipen and it's been available for years.
6:34 pm
so why aren't doctors prescribing it? consumerwatch reporter julie watts investigates. >> every since minutes life- threatening food allergies sends someone to the hospital. >> reporter: the commercials are intended to raise awareness for kids like marcus they have. >> see some commercials about, like, carrying an epipen. it's scary because that could happen to me. >> reporter: marcus is among the estimated one in 13 children with food allergies, two in every class. many just one bite away from a potentially deadly allergic reaction. >> epipen auto injector. >> reporter: thanks to marketing they know. >> epipen would, like, help me breathe. >> reporter: which is why marcus' mom was so frustrated when she heard the drug manufacturer mylan had increased the price nearly 500%. many believe it's the only option. turns out they're wrong. >> the epinephrine auto injector. >> reporter: this generic auto injectser has been on the market since 2013. the cash price, up to $430
6:35 pm
cheaper than the epipen. it's fda-approved for the same use contains the exact same medicine, pharmacist and doctors say it's as safe and effective as the epipen brand, so why aren't they using it? >> it's like kleenex. we don't say facial tissue. when i think of an epinephrine auto injectorrer the first word that comes to mind is epipen. >> reporter: this medical director says mylan has done an exceptional job promoting the epipen. the company reportedly spends $85 million a year on marking and has contracts with schools across the country so when it comes time to prescribe one, the term epipen is top of mind easy to write and few realize the device was so expensive. >> when the store pri broke i think we were shocked -- when the store pri broke, i think we were shocked and appalled. >> reporter: complicating the matter confusion over how to write a prescription for cheaper generic. >> there are many providers who
6:36 pm
think i'll write epipen or generic substitute but they can't substitute. >> reporter: dr. jala of the american pharmacist association says even though the medication is the same the epinephrine auto injector is the generic for another brands. so if epipen is on the prescription. >> we have to fill it as epipen unless we call to have it changes. >> reporter: they don't stock the alternative because it's so rarely prescribed. a food allergy group believes competition is key. >> if you have three or four drugs in the marketplace you will have a competitive market. >> reporter: that may soon be the case. in addition to this especially any of friend auto injector they are working on an epipen generic and another brand is bringing back its auto injector after voluntarily recalling the
6:37 pm
product last year due to dosing concerns. marcus' doctor did write epinephrine auto injector so instead of the epipen she got this. now it's her turn to raise awareness. >> i'll follow up with the school to use this version. >> reporter: it is important to practice how to administer the alternative like the epipen there is a free trainer but you have to order it online. the primary difference is this generic has two caps instead of one. you must hold the injection for 10 seconds and the needle doesn't retract when you finish. if your pharmacy doesn't carry the generic, you can ask them to order it. the key is the way they write the prescription. epinephrine auto injector without the word epipen. and you can still get an epipen with that prescription. you just have more options. >> right. you need to know to ask. >> exactly. >> good information. thank you. wild pigs taking over a city park. >> a california city's confusing message to help remove the animals causing some to bring guns to the park. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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southern california park... and hunters are offering heo take care of the problem. wild boars are tearing up a southern california park. >> hunters are trying to take care of the problem. 20 to 30 boars have been found in a park last week causing serious damage. officials believe they came from the santa ana river
6:41 pm
looking for food. now hunters are asking for permission to kill the animals. but police are saying it is not an option. >> there's no hunting allowed here in the city of riverside. we don't want to risk anybody getting hurt, shot, anything. >> wild boars are not native to california. but they are listed as a game animal in the state. hunting them requires a special license. in case you're curious the moon is out tonight but more conspicuous that is convenience and just below that there's saturn. a lot of planets out tonight. the skies are clear. but ... we have one chance of rain. but it's changing. find out what's updated about your weekend forecast next. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell live outside oracle arena. tonight for one of the most anticipated games of the nba season. russell westbrook and his thunder roll in to take on kevin durant and the warriors. the preview coming up. a govern, mae gave her top executive a huge pay raise
6:42 pm
and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly.
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this morning. the u-s geological survey says: e area an earthquake in northern california jolted some people awake this morning. the usgs says a 3.8 quake hit the area of laytonville just before 6:00 in the morning. it is about 42 miles north of ukiah. no reports of any injuries or damage. paul is looking to the sky. >> looking up seeing some cloud cover rolling in. looking at the extended
6:45 pm
forecast seeing a little bit of rainfall. less than we first thought. it does impact your weekend so i'll show you futurecast. we'll go hour by hour in a second. right out heading out at this hour what a nice evening it is. that cloud cover will somewhat acts like a blanket and keep temperatures milder tonight. we have the entire bay area covered by 68 degrees with a few exceptions livermore 65 and oakland 71 degrees. you're the warm spotted oakland. oakland drops to 54. 52 for fremont. san rafael 50. napa 48 livermore 48 degrees. your first place raiders sunday night they are not playing sunday afternoon they are home sunday night football. partly cloudy skies. hosting the broncos who happen to be tied with the raiders for first place 62 degrees should be a beautiful night for sunday night football right here in the bay area. rather than show you just high pressure and low pressure areas i want to show you kind of a different view of what i look at when we get to the office. where's the action and what's
6:46 pm
going to be happening around here? very stormy. low pressure pulling up some gulf moisture and also pulling up moisture fritz pacific. a tornado warning a couple of hours ago in arizona. thunderstorms in new mexico and metroplex around dallas and fort worth wet there. to our north and west it will be 10" of rain at the british columbia coastline. in between a ridge of high pressure is wedged between these two lows. and that quiet weather will stay with us for perhaps the next week. so wet in october, november the first half of november may end up being dry around here. that's atypical. mainly sunny skies very comfortable in san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s. let's talk about that one rain chance. the ridge moves out for a few days. it's not friday. we're mainly clear tomorrow. it's not saturday. we're mainly clear until saturday evening at 7:00 the clouds begin to roll in just after sunset. a few showers for the far north bay notice the green not the yellow or red the heavy stuff and then when the front moves
6:47 pm
through, we get cloud cover. very little rainfall. couple of drips for sonoma county and toward inverness and for the rest of us, maybe a 20th of an inch of rainfall while you're sleeping. if you have outdoor plans on sunday here's the bonus. we begin to see clearing by 10:00 in the morning and by the afternoon we may be sunny again but we could use more november rainfall. that front saturday night will note yield much. tomorrow san jose 6 degrees above average 76. redwood city 74. union city 73. half moon bay 72. maybe head to sam's chowder house and take the outdoor table. san ramon 75. pittsburg 71. vallejo and martinez in the low 70s. sonoma and cloverdale 75 degrees for your friday. a little cooler saturday but still pleasant. upper 60s near the bay. mid-70s inland and cloudier by saturday night. tiny chance of showers sunday morning that's it. next week, we warm up again with lots of 70s with mainly
6:48 pm
sunny skies. it's great weather to get outside. but we could use november rainfall. i'm not seeing it. dennis live with the warriors and thunder. thunder in the forecast for sports. we'll have that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
finals.. but for sup ssell westbrook dennis o'donnell live here at oracle tonight. a rematch of the western conference finals but for superstars russell westbrook and kevin durant this games mean so much more because their fractured relationship has played out like a soap opera. >> were you aware of [ indiscernible ] when he said kevin was the only superstar on this team and how do you react to that? >> he is a idiot.
6:52 pm
♪[ music ] >> reporter: with the conviction of tammy wynette she seemed bonded with him. >> there is only so far i'm willing to go. >> you know, i got a short amount of time left to play basketball. i just want to enjoy every, single day of it. >> reporter: but durant decided he need a change and came west breaking up what should have been a championship combination in okc. >> i hate to say it but i don't blame him. >> reporter: westbrook doubled down signing an extension with the thunder. >> did the fact that not only kevin left but it was to golden state did that make it sting even more? >> sting for who? >> reporter: the duo reportedly still have not spoken prefer instead to communicate through the media. last month durant said he is happy to, quote, play with a bunch of players who are selfless. westbrook took it as a jab. >> that's cute, man. cute. >> feeling very desperate. he is very angry. >> reporter: and now the first of three meetings this season for a chance to prove he is better off alone. >> are you happy that this
6:53 pm
first game is early in the season kind of get a lot of this out of the way? >> it doesn't matter to me either way. >> you're good at lying to people. [ soap opera music ] ♪[ music ] >> reporter: we'll have another episode tonight at 11:00. >> now, durant and westbrook aren't the only ones with a beef. draymond green made no friends at the cleveland loss in the world series last night. here's what happened about a minute after the final out. draymond tweeted, quote, man, three on one, 3-1 sucks. the lead the indians had against chicago. it's also the lead the warriors had against the cavs. >> it sucks. clearly. [ laughter ] >> happening too frequently. encouraging. >> reporter: now crazy is about the way to describe last
6:54 pm
night's game 7 in cleveland and for indians manager terry ran kona it was a nightmare including then. >> i was having a nightmare that somebody was breaking my ribs. and that was kind of the, you know, woke up and i mean my ribs hurt like i kind of got scared. i felt it. the remote was like the remote was like stuck in my rib cage. >> everybody's remote was stuck on game 7, the highest rated game in 25 years. cleveland clawed back from a four-run deficit when the former giant and athletic rajai davis tied the game in the 8th inning but the momentum was halted during the 17-minute rain delay. when play resumed ben zobrist got the go-ahead rbi double in the tenth. chicago scored twice in the inning. zobrist named series mvp. in the final out of the bottom of the 10th, 108 years of waiting over.
6:55 pm
>> here's the 0-1. a little bouncer slowly toward bryant. throwing to rizzo in time! and the cubs win the world series! >> reporter: the longest title drought in american sports is finally over. perhaps the happiest person, bill murray. >> there's a champagne right here. i don't know if any of you -- >> oh, no! >> congratulations everybody to back home. i feel honored. i mean that with all sincerity. i feel honored to be part of it. >> to see this team pull through in this moment, you know, not only down 3-1 but the kind of game 7 that was played out there, that should end any talk of any curse. >> now, the line is always wait until next year. for cubs fans, but next year, they are the favorites to win
6:56 pm
it all again. 3-1 odds. the giants 16:1. if you really wanted money, how about the a's at 100:1. the raiders and broncos showdown kicks off sunday at the coliseum right next to me right now. the defensive coordinator wade phillips might coach for the bucs after he broke a rib when he was drilled on the sidelines during a denver pick six. whatever you do, don't call it a collision. >> it wasn't a collision. the guy ran over me. so -- you know, so if i'm going to go out, i'd like to go out on an interception for a touchdown. you know? [ laughter ] >> that was my last play, that would be all right. >> reporter: pretty fun times right now. they got the coliseum and the big raider game sunday night, the oracle right here. no kd for okc. guys? >> sounds right. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
there aren't enough police officers to fill the ranks. ,,,,,,,, when most of us make a mistake, we own up to it. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good. how y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate you, folks. thank y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey... [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day with a total of 20,995 bucks, from cleveland, tennessee, it's the turner family... [cheering and applause] and from miami, florida, it's the batista family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash
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and somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's play. give me frances. give me melissa. top 5 answers on the board. we asked 100 women, name something you wish you could do like a man. frances: lift weights. steve: lift weights. melissa: drink. steve: drink. wow. [buzzer] frances: we're gonna play. we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. frances: yes. we are. steve: hey, frances... frances: hi. steve: how you doing? frances: great, great. steve: welcome to the show. y'all from miami. frances: yes. we are. steve: i love miami, one of my favorite cities. so introduce everybody, frances. frances: well, my delightfully dysfunctional family here--my little brother, baby brother gio and bettno


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