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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bridge. >> people go crazy around here on friday. >> who are you again? >> i'm michelle. >> oh, yeah. >> griego. >> and that's roberta. roqui. how are you all? >> good. >> it's friday. it's 4:30 in the morning. and a little windy out there this morning. >> i'm going to blame my hair on the wind. i haven't combed it really. >> we'll blame the wind. >> and everything else going on this morning. who let the dogs out! [ laughter ] >> here's our live weather camera. we have clear skies and gusty winds and the temperatures are not as cold as 24 hours ago as the wind really mixes up the colder air out there. 40 in santa rosa for the coolest spot. 48 in livermore. 24 hours ago in the mid-30s. winds 21 miles per hour at sfo. san francisco a double white knuckling over the bay bridge winds at 19. 11-mile-per-hour winds in vallejo through benicia. now, meanwhile today the winds will remain breezy as high
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pressure nestles into the region. temperature-wise into the 50s and low 60s. we have the sunshine now. we have the clouds rolling in and we'll track that together coming up. but first, good morning to roqui. good morning. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at mass transit right now. we have limited service from the macarthur bart station in oakland heading to the richmond station due to a broken-down maintenance vehicle. so avoid this train. take alternate transportation. ace train 1, muni and caltrain are on time. on the roads, the bay bridge toll plaza we have a lot of cash lane backup there. the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 19 minutes. then no delays through the toll plaza across the span of the bridge. however, keep in mind, like roberta said, there are high winds. so make sure he keep both hands on the wheel and drive slowly. winter weather advisory on the slowly. north flynn road 50 miles.
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today marks a year since the san bernardino massacre and now there are new details about what may have triggered that terror attack. we report where the investigation stands now. >> the fire alarm was going off. sprinkler was going off. it was quite chaotic and hectic. >> reporter: san bernardino police officers say they will never forget what they saw when they responded to calls of an active shooter inside the inland regional center last year. county employees had been taking part in a mandatory training session and christmas themed lunch when syed farook and his wife opened fire. 14 people were killed and another 22 injured. >> this is just something that we think never expected to have happen here in our city. you train for it. but still don't expect that you're going to have to use that training. >> reporter: police tracked down farook and malik in a black suv several hours later. they now believe the couple were returning to the irc to try to set off explosives they had left behind. investigators believe the couple was inspired by isis to carry out the attack but they
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still don't know exactly why the christmas event was target. they found online statements that malik had written a year before the shooting when farook had been required to go to a similar hol event with his coworkers. >> he was upset about him having to participate in an event of that nature. and that muslims should not participate in what are predominantly christian events. whether or not that was the catalyst that led to this, that's entirely open for speculation. >> later this morning, san bernardino county employees will hold a moment of silence at 10:58 a.m. the time the first 911 call was placed. there will will be a memorial service. in san francisco a vigil of one year since a deadly police shooting that sparked changes in the department. last december officers cornered mario woods in the bayview after he stabbed someone minutes earlier. the city says officers were justified when they opened fire but video of the incident sparked massive protests. that shooting and other
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incidents led to the departure of police chief greg suhr as well as proposed changes in the department's use of force policies. today's vigil is at 3:30. in the south bay we have a look at the damage left behind where an escaped inmate hid before he was arrested. rogelio chavez was caught yesterday after he and laron campbell escaped from the santa clara jail a week ago. kpix 5's betty yu shows us why the duplex where chavez was captured looked like a disaster zone. >> reporter: this two-bedroom south san jose duplex is where santa clara county's most wanted fugitive spent his final hours of freedom. at one point the sheriff says rogelio chavez hid in the attic. this photo taken by a neighbor shows part of the intense standoff. tactical team members pointed weapons at the ceiling and threw tear gas into the house. daylight revealed destruction. authorities tore down the ceiling throughout the home
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where chavez was found high on drugs. his new mugshot shows that he likely used concealer to hide his prominent eye tattoo. his friend karla fernandez lives at the home and was also arrested for helping the fugitive. >> she is very responsible person but she had a few incidents that, um, really were challenging for her. >> reporter: a week ago, chavez and laron campbell broke out of the medium security jail by cutting through metal bars on the second floor and rapelling to the ground. the two shared a cell with 18 other men. the building was built in 1957. it's an older part of the main jail so there are hardly any cameras. a new jail is expected to break ground in a few years. betty yu, kpix 5. >> this week the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on whether to send $300,000 to buy new security cameras for the jail and it would take four months to install.
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oakland police are looking for the suspect who shot a man near city hall. officers were called to the scene near 14th and jefferson last night. when they arrived, they found the victim shot several times in the stomach. he is expected to be okay. right now there is no word on a motive or any suspect. today in tennessee, residents forced to leave their homes during a historic wildfire will get a few hours to assess the damage on their properties. 11 people have now been killed in the chimney top fire with dozens more injured. the mayor of the hard hit town of gatlinburg says leaking propane tanks plus downed trees and power lines are key concerns at this point. it's why a very famous musician who hails from the area is stepping up to help. >> to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all those families that have loves their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> even after a few days of rain, firefighters are still working to contain the flames
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that have spread more than 17,000 acres. all right. now, it's, oh, it's 4:36 on this friday morning. we have for the westerlies and westerlies about 25 miles an hour throughout. >> even gustier winds in the highest elevations in mount tam. >> what's the [ indiscernible ] >> i haven't checked. >> i can say it's really windy out there. [ laughter ] >> i didn't think that was a priority as of right now but nonetheless what is a priority out the door, definitely a double white knuckler heading over our bridges due to the gusty winds. we have the clear skies, gusty winds all as high pressure begins to build into the areas. santa rosa now 40. san francisco 53. much more mild this morning than 24 hours ago and again, that's because the winds are mixing up the colder air in the atmosphere. northwest wind at 6, not bad in oakland. but on the bay bridge towards san francisco, it's a northerly at 19, 21 sfo, 13 around the
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seashore. 12 in antioch, concord, clayton and walnut creek. so i think you get the feel. the winds are at 21 in fairfield and 15 in napa. it will remain breezy today and with the abundance of sunshine, temperatures are gradually going up today. it's no tremendous warmup. it's just we are going to see the other side of 60 in many of our neighborhoods. 59 degrees rockaway beach. good morning to you in half moon bay in the low 60s. so high 50s and low 60s will be common around the peninsula. lots of sunshine albeit breezy. 60 degrees in san jose. but today will be about the 8th consecutive day livermore has not reached 60 degrees. high 50s in throughout much of the tri-valley. low 60s in pleasanton. 62 today in the pittsburg area. with the full-on sunshine we'll have blustery winds in stinson beach. reaching out to 63 degrees in novato. upstream we go to 50s and 60s. so sunshine today, clouds will be rolling in with the potential rain showers. we'll track that together coming up. but first, let's send it over
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to roqui. >> thank you, roberta. it is 4:38. there are high winds across the bay area so let's take a look at the bridges first and foremost here starting with the bay bridge. high wind advisory across the span from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you about 18 minutes and then if you are getting in the cash lane, there's a lot of backup there. but if you rolling through fastrak you're okay across the bay bridge. moving to the golden gate bridge from marin, into san francisco that's 580 to golden gate toll plaza that will take you a quick 14 minutes but again, like i said, high winds so keep both hands on the wheels and drive slowly and carefully. and then a look at the san mateo bridge from 880 to 101, that will take you 13 minutes. now let's move over to the altamont pass, where we do have another wind advisory if you are driving from 205 in tracy on to the pass that will take you about 20 minutes at 39 miles per hour. north flynn road 41 miles per hour and frees up in livermore. minneapolis limited service from macarthur bart station in
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oakland heading to richmond station due to a broken-down maintenance vehicle. they suggest you take alternate transportation. ace train one, muni and caltrain are on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. president-elect donald trump is set to continue his thank you tour across the country today. he is doubling down on familiar campaign promises and asking for support as he prepares to go into the white house. we have the latest reporter: donald trump is back in campaign mode giving one of his signature fiery speeches to an end use that as stick crowd. he -- to an enthusiastic crowd. he is asking for support as he prepares to go into the white house. >> i am going to need to you fight as hard for these proposals as you fought for this great campaign of ours. >> reporter: he repeated familiar promises. >> we will finally end illegal immigration. [ applause and cheers ] >> we will construct a great wall. and by the way, we are repealing and replacing obamacare. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: it's the latest in trump's shifting position on
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healthcare. last month, told "60 minutes" that he would be open to keep part of obamacare. he then tapped tom price a critic of obamacare. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis [ applause and cheers ] >> as our secretary of defense! >> reporter: james mattis is a retired marine general with 44 years of service under his belt. in 2004 he let troops into fallujah the bloodiest battle in the war. he is including several megawealthy insiders. >> he is putting wall street insiders into exactly the jobs where he criticized wall street insiders before. >> reporter: but loyal supporters aren't concerned. >> yeah, they're billionaires. but they're smart with their money. we're gonna be smart with america's money. happening today, santa rosa and sonoma county lawmakers will hold a community meeting
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to discuss a proposed tax on marijuana. the ordinance will be heard tuesday by the santa rosa city council and the sonoma county board of supervisors. the board will also be considering rules on growing pot indoors and outdoors. both hope to put the issue before voters this month. starting today fishermen can catch dungeness crab across a 50-mile stretch that was previously off limits. the area from point reyes up to sea ranch has been cleared after domoic acid levels finally fell within a safe range. the department of fish & wildlife has been carefully monitoring the toxic algae since it derailed the season last year. but officials are warning that crab fishing is still banned further north between salt point and humboldt bay. the golden state warriors'12 game winning streak is history. coming to an end in oakland last night, with a double overtime loss to the houston rockets. the final score, 132-127. the game included 14 lead
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changes and 88 three-point attempts. the final overtime period was less dramatic with the rockets outscoring the warriors 9-4. ♪[ music ] now at 4:42 on this friday morning, coming up a very special honor for a local pearl harbor survivor. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't see everyday-- a great white shark leaping out of the ocean! a woman wh i would have said something worse. here's something you don't see every day, a great white shark leaping out of ocean. a woman studying in saws captured the video of it over the weekend. dog walkers in south san franciscan help crime. the police department launched the program last night. the goal is to have dog walkers serve as eyes and ears on the streets. >> the department was looking to put together a new program with community involvement reporting suspicious activity and i found this through research and thought it might
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work because there's a lot of people around town out walking regularly walking their dogs. >> if you want to take part, you just need to join the training session the next one on thursday at 6:30 p.m. well, one of the best known tourist attractions in the u.s. and canada is going high-tech. >> a $4 million renovation in niagra falls is making it more colorful at night. >> we're eliminating all the dark spots so you can see the whole rim of the falls, the whole curtain of the falls, and we're going to add a whole host of colors you couldn't get before with our old technology. >> aren't lights just lights? >> but these dazzle. >> a little history. the lighting of the falls began in 1860. you were there right, brian? to celebrate the -- >> okay. thanks, michelle. >> -- [ indiscernible ] canada by 1925. the light show became a nightly spectacle. you know i love you. >> mm-hm. >> have you been to niagra falls before? >> having trouble figuring it out. i have not. have you just been to niagra
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falls? >> no. i want to. >> my son had a hockey tournament there in january. it lives up to the billing but i have never been so cold in my life. this is from a person who worked in chicago!! but it's quite the scene. no matter where you stand, you still feel the spray. >> now it's colorful. >> what was that quote just now? aren't lights just lights? leo villareal who designed the bay bridge lights is rolling over in his bed right now as he heard that no, lights are not just lights. spectacular! hi, everybody! good morning, as you get ready to rise and shine and head out the door, you have to bundle up. but it's not quite as chilly as it was yesterday due to the very windy conditions. right now we're picking up wind speeds up to 21 in fairfield, 19 in san francisco, 53 degrees there. livermore is in the 40s. here's what you need to know today. it's going to be sunny, dry all day long. we have some cold and frosty nights ahead as cool air mass still works its way into our
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forecast. satellite and radar the coast is clear. see that right there? we have clear skies in our inland areas, as well. this is because we have this huge dome of high pressure that's building in from the west and as it does so it's encompassing the state of california. love this map. it indicates that we do have the area of low pressure right there. it's taking all the precipitation into the pacific northwest. it's leaving us on the dry side. but notice our wind flow. see this right here? the red lines? it's our wind particle map. it indicates that we're having more of a north wind and then it rotates more to the west onshore northwest. and those winds, since high pressure is coming in the low to the north of us, causing a pressure gradient to squeeze things and that's why we're picking up the wind. 50s central valley for this getaway friday. lots of sunshine, 34 degrees today in the high sierra. however, things will be a little bit warmer over the weekend just in time for your boarding or skiing plans. mid-40s on saturday. 50 sunday. and please be mindful of your
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forecast. could see some snow returning to the high sierra by sunday night as you make tracks back towards the bay area. so always carry those chains. and also some very windy conditions in the mountain areas, as well. our high temperatures today, pretty close to where they should be for the second day of the month of december. 58 degrees in pacifica. pretty blustery winds blowing some of that sand up on the great highway. northwest winds 10 to 20, stronger gusts at times. 60 around the rim of the bay. 50s will be common to the low 60s around the peninsula. low 60s santa clara valley back through cupertino, cam bow, willow glen. 60 concord, clayton and walnut creek. and low 60s around carquinez strait. we have the holiday celebration in downtown pleasanton on saturday. that's a really fun time, by the way. and holiday ice rink in san francisco, lace up those skates! in the 60s. really perfect conditions for being outdoors this weekend. increasing cloud cover on sunday, will usher in cooler air mass. next week from about monday through thursday, we are going to start seeing temperatures drop. upper 40s and low 50s as
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afternoon highs. so roqui, get out those uggs! >> oh, my goodness of! roberta, i can't take it anymore! i'm already freezing! >> it's just started! [ laughter ] it's 4:50. let's head out on the bay area roads as you start your morning. high wind advisory across the span across the bay bridge so keep both hands on the wheel and give yourself space between cars. from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze 18 minutes. if you are getting in the cash lane, look at that backup! i hope you have fastrak. let's move to the nimitz freeway, 238 to the maze will take you 16 minutes. 14-minute drive across the span of the san mateo bridge. here's a live look from hayward to foster city. that's 880 to 101. let's move now to the altamont pass. traffic coming off 205 moving at 36 miles per hour. and it doesn't get much better here once you hit north flynn road. all the way through your drive between 35 and 40 miles an hour. high wind advisory across the altamont pass as well and frees up through livermore into the dublin interchange.
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here's a live look altamont pass to 680 will take you 15 minutes. now let's move to mass transit. we do have richmond trains that are delayed and have limited service if you are coming from the macarthur station in oakland due to a broken-down maintenance car on the tracks so take alternate transportation between oakland and richmond. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. boy, pearl harbor day is coming up december 7 and bay area man who survived the attack on pearl harbor heading back to hawaii. kpix 5's wilson walker spoke with the 95-year-old who hasn't forgotten a moment of that tragic day almost exactly 75 years ago. >> here is the motion picture records released by the united states navy. >> the first bombs start, we knew what was going on immediately. >> reporter: 95-year-old lou conter doesn't need a newsreel to know what happened in pearl harbor. he was right in the middle of it. >> i was a quartermaster third
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class on the 7th of december. and uss arizona, it only lasted nine minutes. >> here's the actual bombing of the mighty uss arizona. >> we took the bomb down on the starboard side number 2 turret five decks into the forward magazines and blew them up. >> reporter: 1,177 men died that morning on the arizona. and of the 335 survivors, only five are left. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: conter was given a grand sendoff to the 75th anniversary ceremony in hawaii but isn't traveling alone. along with his family he is take the ashes of another arizona survivor, clarendon hetrick who died this year at the age of 92. >> five of us left and three of us will be buried on the ship with our ashes. >> reporter: and that, he says, will be his tribute to the men
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he considers heroes. >> they call us heroes. we're not the heroes. they are the ones who gave everything, their life there. we came home and got married, have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. we're just lucky. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. ♪[ music ]♪ time now is 4:53. still ahead, the iconic home from "full house" is staying in the family. but some neighbors aren't happy about it. >> hey, what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the full house... house! jeff franklin, one of san francisco's most famous homes is purchased by the man who made it famous. it's the "full house" house. the creator bought it broderick street victorian for $4 million. he plans to put it back in the spotlight soon to film scenes for the netflix sequel "fuller house" but some local homeowners say the property has already spelled too much traffic and tourist trouble for their liking. >> over the last five years it's more of a hassle than fun. >> sometimes it creates a traffic jam. >> i live upstairs so people like at 3:00 in the morning, like, -- [ singing the theme song of "full house" ] >> it will be busy when they host a promotional event for the show's second season. cast members will arrive at 3:30. apple computer looking to make its mapping system more accurate. the tech giant is enlist the
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help of drones to get it done. bloomberg reports that drones will track construction work and other road changes [chuckling] more quickly than on the ground cameras, all in an effort to surpass google's industry leading maps program. one portland, oregon mall a hipster santa claus is smiling and posing for christmas pictures. >> while he has the classic white hair and big beard, this santa also has a man bun with black glasses, styling sweater and arm tatoos that say, naughty or nice? okay. this is hipster santa's second year in the spotlight at pioneer place mall. if you want to see the man bun in persons the santa will be posing for pictures through the 22nd. ♪[ music ] a bay area police chief taking a stance against the president-elect. who is saying immigration enforcement isn't his job. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm brian hackney. let's take a l good morning, it is friday, december 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. kenny choi is off today. as we look live outside, it's windy enough to fly an iron kite out there! my gosh! well, maybe. not quite that bad. [ laughter ] >> maybe it's signaling a few changes in the weather for the weekend. and we have just the lady to tell us about it. >> at least just one day. it's because high pressure is building in, drying out the atmosphere. did your skin feel dry this morning? very dry conditions, static cling in the hair. okay, enough about me. let's talk about you so you can prepare to get out the door this morning. [ laughter ] 49 in livermore. but do you remember this time yesterday? we were at 36 degrees with no wind. santa rosa at 42. it's 52 in san jose and redwood city. let's talk about the winds. how windy is it? north winds at 19 in san francisco. 13 in berkeley back through


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